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Guesses about the Mane Cast.

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     Rainbow Dash 
Rainbow Dash will be paired with one of the Wonderbolts.
She may or may not join the group, but if she ever considered dating someone, this would be what she'd most likely want.
Gilda and Rainbow Dash had a romantic thing in flight school.
Which probably ended when Rainbow Dash got booted out, or never did end. I just get the vibe that Gilda thinks of Rainbow Dash as more than a friend.
  • Gilda isn't a pony, therefore she did not live in Cloudsdale. Rainbow Dash probably met her on the racing circut or on a joy-flight after she got her cutie mark.
    • However they originally met, we know they were at a flight school together because 'only for Dash' would Gilda recite the chant.
  • I'm amazed this wasn't already on here. No one wants to see WMG taken over by pairings (because, let's face it, it could go on for pages) but it's certainly more valid than most ships.
    • Another possibility is that Gilda has a crush on Rainbow Dash, but never said anything. That also expalins why she hates Pinkie Pie so much: She thinks Her and Rainbow are in a relationship and naturally wouldn't be happy with it. This also explains why Gilda looks down on everypony but Rainbow.
  • Going on from that idea, Gilda was bullied at flight school too and her attachment to Rainbow grew from that. She has the same massive chip on her shoulder as Rainbow does only much worse, and is pointlessly aggressive to everyone save for her. Makes me wonder if they didn't have some kind of 'You and me against the world, screw the system, not gonna get us' kind of thing going, and that Rainbow might not have returned the feelings back then out of simple camaderie and desire for affection. The problem is that Rainbow Dash has since acquired some actual Character Development and realised the whole world isn't out to get her, and that she doesn't have to project this bitch queen persona to defend herself (within reason, this is Rainbow 'I'm awesome, yay me' Dash). Unfortunately Gilda... hasn't.
  • Perhaps Gilda has become so attached to Dash because she is one of the few, perhaps only, pony she's met who isn't intimidated by a big and rather scary-looking (from a pony perspective) griffon. We know Dash would face anything regardless of what anypony else would think. Trouble is Gilda doesn't know when to back down, has a temper, and doesn't want to share Dash. If so, one has to wonder how Gilda fares amongst her own kind.

There was a truly spectacular Rainbow Dash/Pinkie Pie fight offscreen during "Party Of One".
So apparently, Rainbow Dash had to drag an unwilling Pinkie Pie to the party offscreen. But this is Pinkie Pie we're talking about here. Surely she was able to put up a better fight then just moping. Clearly, Pinkie Pie turned her bakery into a Humongous Mecha, piloted by herself and her "new friends," terrorizing Ponyville while singing an amazing and spine-chilling Villain Song. Rainbow Dash was barely able to defeat her by decapitating the robot with a Sonic Rainboom, and dragged the defeated Pinkie Pie from there. The main cast never noticed because the barn is soundproof, and no one pressed charges because it was Pinkie's birthday.
  • Suddenly, it's Sugar CRUSH CORNER! Rainbow has to fly back to the Library ... which becomes the Fortress of Knowledge! PINKIE PIEEE!!
    • Seems unlikely. This is the sort of thing Pinkie would probably be more capable of in her normal state of mind.

Rainbow Dash is related to Princess Celestia in some way.
The existence of Prince Blueblood proves that Celestia can, in fact, have younger relatives. Who is to say she doesn't have more? Rainbow Dash does have something special about her, if not for the rainbow mane, (she is the only pony we see who has one) for the fact that she's been the only pegasi known to pull off a Sonic Rainboom. Seeing how many pegasi not only have flying as a special talent, but do it professionally and are known all through Equestria for it, the fact that Rainbow Dash has been the only one to do a Sonic Rainboom could imply that there is something unique and perhaps magical about her.
  • To be sure, if Celestia has been around for a thousand years and has any living relatives, then statistically speaking it is overwhelmingly likely that everypony is related to her in about the same way, give or take a few links.

The Sonic Rainboom is powered by the element of loyalty.
This is why Rainbow Dash has only ever managed to perform the Sonic Rainboom twice, even after she's put all that effort and training into her flying. The effect will only happen when you combine supersonic speed with unselfish loyalty to others. The first time it happened, she was concentrating on standing up for Fluttershy, and the second was done while attempting to rescue Rarity (and her Wonderbolt idols).
  • Jossed by A Canterlot Wedding part one and two. Rainbow Dash is able to perform the Sonic Rainboom at will, now. It appears to take very little effort at this point, as well.
    • Perhaps it's like the Patronus Charm of Harry Potter. The spell is cast by calling upon happy thoughts in order to combat creatures who suck those very memories out of your head. After a lot of initial difficulty it became one of Harry's signature spells that he could cast at will. In the same vein, if/when Rainbow Dash came to understand it was feelings of loyalty (protecting Fluttershy as a filly and saving Rarity as an adult) that triggered the Sonic Rainboom, she would merely have to learn to call on those feelings at will.

Rainbow Dash is a trans mare.
Which is to say, born physically a stallion but identifying as a mare. She comes across as less of a tomboy and more like an actual boy, judging by her voice note  (she sounds like a prepubescent boy, like Spike) and way of movement (she seems to fly and fight more like the way a stallion would). Stallions are also noticeably more aggressive than mares, and Dash is the most aggressive, both physically and socially. Dash may have been born a stallion, but stallion mentality may simply not have felt right to her, whereas interacting with the rest of the mane cast as a mare gives her the social network that feels right. (It's also possible that she's a gelding, but try explaining that to the kids.)
  • Considering the main reason for gelding is to make a colt calmer and more manageable (and m-to-f sex changes involve castration) I'd say it's more likely she's a transstallion who just started testosterone therapy.
    • This was Jossed; Rainbow Dash was shown, as a young child, to be female. Her bullies referred to her as female, she looked and sounded female, and she isn't that manly. In the episode where her parents are introduced, they refer to her as female consistently from the point where she is an infant.
    • Rainbow isn't *that* much of a tomboy. Applejack is more of a tomboy than Rainbow is. Sure, at least in the early seasons, she hides her emotions, and puts on a "tough, emotionless" exterior. But she is actually pretty feminine even if she tries (and usually fails hard) to hide it. She has *plenty* of feminine mannerisms. Once she is more comfortable showing her feelings in later seasons, it's even more obvious that she's a lot more feminine than she wants people to think. Anyone who doesn't think it's obvious she's a girl (with absolutely zero exposure to the series before the first episode, not even knowing character names before they were introduced, this troper could tell within 2 seconds of her first scene) hasn't paid very close attention. TL;DR: Rainbow Dash is a girl, and very obviously always has been. As Jack Sparrow would say, "She's a woman. A girl. Of the female persuasion."
    • This troper did an informal poll among a couple coworkers that not only hadn't seen the show, they weren't even aware of it, and weren't even from the US. The most gender-neutral picture of Rainbow available was shown (about to attack the dragon in Dragonshy, looking angry), along with her first scene in episode 1. The response was pretty much the same for both coworkers when asked "Do you think this character is male or female?" "What kind of question is that, she is OBVIOUSLY female."
  • Spike is voiced by Cathy Weseluck (that is, a woman).
  • She doesn't need to be a trans mare or trans stallion to be as aggressive as she is. I think she may just be more of a "boss mare" type pony.
    • Rainbow Dash is how she is because that's how she is! a per-er, pony's personality has NOTHING to do with gender. A man can feminine and natural and straight just as a female can be masculine and natural and straight. She doesn't need to be a transgender to be who she is.

Rainbow Dash has a monochromatic sibling.
This sibling is basically a black, white, and gray recolor of Rainbow Dash's colors. This is all for Rule of Funny.

Rainbow Dash had a serious crush on Fluttershy back in summer flight camp.
We know that Fluttershy is considered supermodel-level beautiful by Equestrian standards. Might not that have been why Dash was so motivated to come to Fluttershy's defense in the flashback in "The Cutie Mark Chronicles"? Also, consider the language Dash uses when describing the incident: "I stood alone against all odds to defend Fluttershy's honor." "Defend Fluttershy's honor"? That's the language of courtly love, the sort of thing that a knight might say when describing fighting a duel to defend his lady-love.
  • I disagree. We've seen how honor is a large thing among pegasi from Hearth's Warming Eve, and one must note that Rainbow Dash is much more respectful than the bullies. She didn't like seeing a meek pegasus get bullied. If anything, Rainbow Dash does like being a heroine.
    • Ah, but consider how Fluttershy reacts when Dash wakes her up at the beginning of "Super Speedy Cider Squeezy 6000": she blushes and covers herself with her blanket. Now, granted, Fluttershy is a modest, timid pony, but she nevertheless normally has no qualms about walking around naked in public. In this case, presumably because she is in bed, and the two of them are alone, she reacts quite differently, rather as a human woman might react to being seen naked in bed by a man not her husband or lover. It's as though Fluttershy is aware, perhaps unconsciously, that Dash has, or at least had, a thing for her.
    • Yet Dash's response at Fluttershy's reaction is just to frown and look annoyed, not aroused or embarrassed.
    • Rainbow's tone as she declares her defense of Flutters' honor is one of excitement to tell the story, not one of "courtly love". Also, 1: It's the crack of dawn and her best friend, whom she might feel is like a sister, just leapt in through her window and woke her up. 2: STILL GROGGY. 3: Flutters is a shy, timid pony. She's just waking up; Flutters' fur might just be messy, which I'm sure you can proceed to overthink or just strap your Shipping Goggles back on. Either way, your claims can be disproved with simple logic and a mind that isn't strapped down by stereotypes. Really, I'm sick of people making Rainbow a lesbian so much. It's preposterous. Lauren Faust herself basically flipped a giant sign saying "Rainbow is Straight" when she commented on the Tomboy=Lesbian stereotype.
    • Rainbow and Fluttershy have been friends for a LONG time, as in since they were young children. Of course Rainbow is going to defend her. Plus, consider the fact that Rainbow was probably between 10-12 when the first Sonic Rainboom was done, it's unlikely that there were any "crushes" involved.

Rainbow Dash is nowhere near the fastest flier in Equestria.
It seems to be implied that by performing a Sonic Rainboom (and being the only one who has ever done so), Dash is the fastest flier ever. However, you would think that the Wonderbolts would jump at the chance to integrate her into their team, wouldn't you? Instead, they almost completely forgot about her in a very short period of time, not remembering her name at all by the time the Gala came around. It's much more likely that she's the first person to perform a Sonic Rainboom simply because she's the fastest pony with a rainbow color scheme to produce the effect with; she's fast, but the Wonderbolts may be able to run circles around her.
  • The Wonderbolts are stunt fliers. Speed isn't as important to them as agility or technique. Dash's technique might still need some work despite her being the fastest.
  • It's possible that the Wonderbolts are, traditionally, a team of six, no more or less. There's just no room on the team for a seventh member. However, if/when one of the Wonderbolts retires/dies/suffers a career ending injury, Dash is the first one they'd call. Considering they've been around since Dash was a filly, they probably have had members looking to retire. I could see Dash having mixed feelings about replacing a dead/injured Wonderbolt. She might worry if her desire to be a Wonderbolt somehow jinxed the one she's replacing.
    • Confirmed that the Wonderbolts were just waiting for an opening to enlist Rainbow Dash as a full member.
  • Also, she has performed the sonic rainboom twice, the first time unintentionally, and the second time in extremis. She was not able to do it in practice. The Wonderbolts might love to incorporate the rainboom into their act, but how can they until Dash can perform it consistently on demand?
    • Fixed by the Royal Wedding - it's shown that Dash can perform the Rainboom at will.
  • Maybe they're already trying to induct her. It just requires a lot of paperwork.
  • The Wonderbolts are FORMATION Fliers. The ability to coordinate as a team is probably more important to them than INDIVIDUAL stunt ability. Rainbow Dash has yet to demonstrate the ability to perform as a subordinate in a stunt group.
    • On the other hand, she has demonstrated a tendency to crash into things. Even if her tricks are downright dazzling, it's entirely possible that she'd be an absolute disaster as part of a stunt team; there's too many other ponies, too close, and even just grazing each other's wings could cause them to spiral out of control and result in a mid-air domino effect that would result in the entire squad getting a faceful of cloud, and that's if they're lucky.
      • I think this is the most likely explanation. Sure, she's fast, but she has little to no experience in formation flying - only alone. Even in Winter Wrap Up she's seen to be the captain, but does little flying of her own, just pointing the squads where to go.
  • Also, she won the Young Fliers' Competition. It's possible ponies just don't join the Wonderbolts until they're older.

"Rainbow Dash" isn't her real name / Rainbow Dash is a natural blunette/violette with really girly hair.
As a filly, she grew up hearing myths and stories about various flying feats and legends, but the one that stuck out the most to her was the Sonic Rainboom. Shortly after enrolling in her first flight schools, she stylized her mane and dyed it rainbow, partly to come off as more masculine (note the focus of hot colors on her head), partly because of bullies and partly because she hoped it would make the Rainboom easier to perform in the future (tying into the above WMG) and make her performances cooler. She also took on "Rainbow Dash" as a sort of stage name, only for it to stick for the rest of her life, and never told any of the other mane 6 about her real name (Firefly?) because her childhood bullying left her embarrassed about her natural appearance.
  • I was just coming here to point out almost the same thing. I don't know about the girly mane, but I do believe that her hair is naturally a darker blue than her body, corresponding to the outline of her mane. It looks to me like she dyes it for the other colors to look cooler, seeing as all the other ponies have 2-3 color max. Actually, I'd be willing to bet that all - or at least most - ponies naturally have single-colored manes, and dying in a second color is just in style. Dash just took that to its logical extreme. (RD with an all blue mane actually does look a bit more feminine to me, actually. Look.)
  • Jossed. As of season 7, we see her parents, and her hair color is a family trait. From her *dad*. She gets her coat and eye color from her mom. And Rainbow Dash is definitely her real name.

Rainbow Dash can only go slightly faster than the speed of sound, not Mach five, three, or even two.
Assuming that the Sonic Rainboom needs to g at least mach 1.7; Rainbow Dash can do tis with difficulty if she goes straight down. therefore, Rainbow can only go at Mach 1-1.5 speeds regardless of the apearance of the cone.
  • As of the season 2 finale Rainbow Dash is capable of busting out Sonic Rainbooms at will, while flying straight up.
  • Using the mach cone to calculate speed is bad idea, both because it doesn't act like a real mach cone and because Rainbow hadn't started causing the other signs of a sonic boom when it showed up.

Rainbow Dash is a faster flyer than Fluttershy, but Fluttershy is more powerful.
Just as a Lamborghini is faster than a Mack truck, but the truck is more powerful. Of course, a fully-loaded truck would be able to overtake a sports car that was towing an equal amount of weight, or even a vaguely comparable amount of weight; sports cars just aren't designed for freight hauling. Rainbow Dash has spent years training to maximize her airspeed and racing abilities, whereas Fluttershy is constantly carrying the animals she cares for from one place to another, and is constantly transporting their food, and so forth. As a result, when Fluttershy was chasing Dash in "The Return of Harmony, Part 2", she was able to overtake her despite the fact that Dash was only hauling two ponies while Fluttershy was dragging an entire hot-air balloon; Dash was slowed down much more than Fluttershy was.
  • Debatable, as a hot air balloon has to be able to rise by itself, and does so by being lighter than air, so Fluttershy might have only had to deal with drag, while Rainbow Dash had to carry the actual weight of Rarity and Pinkie Pie (and let's not forget that Pinkie Pie might be heavier than she looks, given her fondness for desserts.)
    • No, not really, because the drag caused by an entire hot-air balloon would be much greater. Compare running while towing, say, 300 pounds of weight on a wheeled cart versus running with a fully opened parachute behind you.
      • So that means Fluttershy had to deal with more drag when moving horizontally, but Rainbow Dash had to work harder just to keep herself in the air due to the extra weight. The question is: which is harder?
      • When flying, the easiest way to go faster is to fly downward, trading altitude for speed; having more weight on her doesn't really prevent Dash from doing that; having a buoyant hot-air balloon attached to her does make that a lot harder for Fluttershy.
      • But there is no sign of Rainbow Dash attempting to do that. If anything, she seems to be trying to climb even higher - which would be made more difficult with extra weight.
    • Rainbow Dash was trolling the others at first during the balloon chase scene- she was busy zooming around on a cloud for the first half of it. I think if Dash had decided to get serious, it would NOT have been anywhere near as easy for the others to catch her.
      • She really COULDN'T get serious at that point. Discord had basically drained all her emotions by that point. And it's been pointed out in the show that magic is emotion based (and pegasus flight depends on magic). Rainbow was crippled by Discord at that point so she was nowhere near full power.

The mushroom cloud that occurred when Dash demolished Applejack's barn in "Lesson Zero" was not an atomic explosion or its equivalent.
It was a form of fuel-air explosion because, realistically, Ponyville would have been destroyed by even a nominal yield atomic explosion. But it is entirely possible to create mushroom clouds with conventional explosives. Granted, "atomic rainbomb" sounds cool, but there's no reason to think that that's what it was.
  • Well Duh! We know that already, but Atomic Rainboom flows better then Fuel-Air Rainboom.
    • I like the name: Massive Ordnance Air Rainboom AKA: Mother Of All Rainbooms AKA: MOAR!

Rainbow Dash will set up an annual rivalry with Princess Luna that will have them pranking each other every Nightmare Night
Because the only thing better than spending the night pranking random passerby is spending the night pranking the all-powerful Physical Goddess who's supposed to be scaring everypony else. And also because Rainbow Dash owes Luna one.

There will be a solo song for Rainbow Dash.
Everypony would like this. Perhaps in episodes from above WMG.
  • Oh god, do want!
  • The first song in S2 was a duet between Rainbow and Fluttershy in 'May The Best Pet Win', and so it had a bigger singing part for Dash than any, IIRC, of the other songs. Perhaps a solo - if given a 'cool' enough excuse - isn't far off?
    • Confirmed. It's "I'll Fly" from Season 5's "Tanks for the Memories".

Rainbow Dash will have to deal with feelings of rivalry towards Scootaloo
We already know that Scootaloo can put out a ridiculous amount of thrust; she's capable of towing the combined weight of all the Cutie Mark Crusaders plus Pinkie Pie at ludicrous land speeds without looking like its any particular effort for her. Once Scoot learns how to get proper lift as well as thrust, she's going to fly like a rocket. And Rainbow Dash, who's been encouraging Scootaloo the whole time, will have to suddenly confront feelings of jealousy as her young sort-of-protege is suddenly busting her air speed records (unless Rainbow Dash uses the Sonic Rainboom, of course, but Dash doesn't want to be a one-trick pony in the air). Possibly this could be ameliorated by Dash still being more maneuverable (as Scootaloo is also probably going to corner like a lead brick on a roller skate), but the basic moral challenge for Rainbow Dash will still be the same; can you be satisfied with just being one of the best, or do you have to be the best? Can you take pride in being the best at some things or do you need to be the best at every thing related to what you do? And if the latter, how can you do that at the expense of being jealous of your own student, and somepony who completely idolizes you?
  • Eh, if Scootaloo does manage to become faster than Rainbow Dash, I could see Dash taking it as proof she's so awesome it's contagious. Which is the better boast, after all? Faster flier, or second-fastest, and I taught the only one who beat me everything she knows.
  • That's assuming Rainbow Dash is secure enough in herself not to let her ego be bruised by Scootaloo's overshadowing. Previous episodes inidicate that she isn't.
  • Jossed. Rainbow is VERY supportive of Scootaloo, especially in the later seasons. And while she does still like winning, she is NOT willing to "do anything to win" if it comes at the expense of hurting someone else. She is willing to throw away her dreams (the Wonderbolts) and walk away if it means hurting someone. When a fellow pegasus that she has been paired with puts others (including her friends) in danger in the name of "competitiveness", Rainbow goes up to Spitfire, chews her out, throws her Wonderbolt academy badge on the ground, and walks away. She may have an ego, but it's extremely tempered by loyalty (loyalty is the core of her being after all), and, in the later seasons, genuine kindness.

Rainbow Dash wouldn't be a bad sister - just a very, very dangerous one.
The real reason she wouldn't be a very nice sibling to have is that she doesn't seem to understand that not everyone can handle the sort of thing she does on daily basis. Any little sister of hers would end up getting dragged through areas filled with dangers and monsters. While Rainbow would naturally do her best to protect her sibling, it probably wouldn't be a particularly good growing-up experience for the kid.
  • Alternatively, she would just be a very bad influence.
    • Or she really would be a bad sister. Rainbow Dash is a good pony to look up to, but being someone's sister is different than being their hero; she'd feel worn down by Scootaloo's constant hounding, and might even take her bad days out on her. Rainbow Dash lacks the maturity that Applejack has (and Rarity tries to develop) in being a big sister. Some of her interactions with Scootaloo almost have a "Yeah, that's sweet…but don't get too big for your britches, or the kid gloves come off," undertone to them.
  • Jossed. Rainbow takes a massive numbers of levels in kindness starting in mid season 2. By the later seasons, she is a genuine Nice Girl who is no longer afraid to show her feelings and be openly kind. She is also a Friend to All Children.

Rainbow Dash has only just begun tricking people after "The Mysterious Mare Do Well"
For as badly as her feelings were apparently hurt, she seems to let it go pretty easily. Clearly there is more to it. Even though she sees why her friends pulled their stunt, she's planning to trick them all in turn just to restore the karmic balance. Pinkie Pie and Spike just went first because they're really easy.
  • Retroactively jossed? She clearly has a thing for pranks in "Griffon the Brush-off"

Rainbow Dash is constantly training to compensate for past failures
Which is to say she's making sure she can do things she's failed at doing once. For instance, in "Ticket Master" she and Applejack seem evenly matched at hoof wrestling, but by "Fall Weather Friends" she's able to win handily. In "May The Best Pet Win" she gets caught in an avalanche and pinned - and then in "The Mysterious Masked Mare Do Well" she successfully dodges the falling construction equipment. And now that she can dive bomb with enough force to demolish a building, the next time she decides to pick a fight with a dragon, it probably won't be nearly as one-sided as in "Dragonshy."

When Rainbow Dash has her total psychotic breakdown, it will be the most destructive of all.
You'll be seeing (atomic) rainbooms.
  • At first she'll just act depressed and try to withdraw as usual, but somepony will follow her and just keep annoying her until she won't be able to take it anymore.
  • She does seem like the kinda pony to want to destroy everything in sight when she's angry.

Zap Apples are connected to RD
How could they not? They're electric, speedy rainbow colored apples. For all we know they were made by one or both of RD's parents, with RD being a lab accident or someone who on purpose ate a prototype and gained her powers.
  • Rainbow Dash is basically what happens when a pregnant pegasus indulges her Zap Apple craving.
    • That is my new favourite theory
    • Fan comic here
  • Or like the Asterix comic, Rainbow Dash fell into a couldron of Zap Apple brew and now permanently has Zap Apple/Rainbow hair. She might even be the reason for a "CAUTION!: Do not give to new foals, pregnant or nurshing mares!" warning.
    • Wouldn't the brew have dyed her skin rainbow-coloured too, though?
  • Jossed. Her hair color is natural, and a family trait. It comes from her dad (and most likely his side of the family before that).

Dash is related to Lady Rainicorn

Rainbow Dash is just too young to join the Wonderbolts
Remember, she won the Young Fliers' competition, and Spitfire calls her 'little' pony. However talented she is, she's probably expected to grow up a little more before flying teams seriously look into recruiting her.
  • Or maybe she's old enough, but the Wonderbolts want her to mature a little bit before she joins them.

The reason Rainbow Dash can never get any cider is that she just doesn't want it badly enough.
Those ponies who manage to get in front of Dash? They're the ones really into Apple cider. And we should all be happy they're getting it.
  • She tried drinking cider that had been spilled on the floor, how could she have wanted it any more?

Rainbow will attempt to write Daring Do Fanfiction.
Whether or not it's any good is up to anyone right now...

Rainbow Dash will get a "very special somepony."
The problem of the episode will be RD trying to find a balance between her loyalty to her new Boyfriend (girlfriend?) and her true platonic ones.
  • I don't think this will happen because one of the show's main goals is that there is more to being a girl then being obsessed with boys. Also, Rainbow Dash is probably the least likely one to be be caught up in romance anyway.
  • At Shinning Armor and Princess Cadence's wedding, she's shown dancing with Soarin.
  • This is most likely not going to happen in the series, only fanon. Soarin is shown to be a lot closer to Spitfire than Rainbow (the comics confirm that while they are friends, they aren't any more - in fact Rainbow acts more or less as a counselor for Soarin/Spitfire in the Friends Forever series).

Rainbow Dash is uncomfortable around those that could be considered "disabled".
The iTunes redub changed plenty of things with the scene, but one change that doesn't seem to gel well with the rest of the edits is the fact that Rainbow is nicer to Derpy/Ditzy. Which can paint a very different picture from before: Rather then being exasperated by Derpy's klutzy behavior, which would be normal for someone like Rainbow Dash, she now appears to be gentler with her, never mind the fact that it appears that Derpy/Ditzy now has no obvious signs of being disabled. This could raise a few eyebrows and gives the suggestion that Rainbow is giving "special treatment" for somepony who is perceived as being disabled. This can rub people the wrong way. However, this isn't necessarily a bad thing as it could the basis of an entire episode's lesson. (You need to take other's needs into account, but it isn't good to take pity on their circumstances).

"20% cooler!" will become Dash's Catchphrase.
Just as a little Fandom Nod.
  • Seeing that it's been over three seasons and it's only been used once, likely not going to happen.
  • She did use the phrase in an IDW comic, though.

Rainbow Dash has a surpressed form of Asperger's Syndrome.
To complete the triangle, RD isn't exactly the most social pony and is prone to dorky moments such as in "May the Best Pet Win" and "Read it and Weep". The reason it's not as apparent as Fluttershy? She lives in an abusive home with an abusive father/mother who beat it out of her. That could explain her insensitivity at times to other ponies. Plus she's pretty close with animals in "May the Best Pet Win". Her memory has yet to be shown and will be revealed in a new episode.
  • Jossed as of season 7. Her parents are NOT abusive at all. Quite the opposite. If anything, they love her a little too much. They were too supportive. Their constant support (for every tiny thing she did, including *hanging a towel*) over her entire childhood made her absolutely terrified of failure and did cause her a lot of self confidence issues, but they were certainly NOT abusive. They come to an understanding in season 7, and while it's clear that they did cause her a lot of stress (unintentionally), it's also clear that she does really love them.

Rainbow Dash was one of the ponies who teased Fluttershy about her flying in flight school.
She's so sympathetic to Fluttershy's angst in "Hurricane Fluttershy" partly because of her guilt in being part of what made her so self-conscious in the first place.
  • Probably not, or at least not to the same extent as the others. The pegasus race in The Cutie Mark Chronicles started with Rainbow sticking up for her, after all. In fact, she could have been sympathetic toward Fluttershy because she was always the one who stuck up for her.
    • This could be like in Community's "Advanced Dungeons and Dragons" where Jeff gave Neil the moniker of "Fat Neil" just to distinguish him from two or three other Neils. Everyone kept making fun of him and Jeff feared he could kill himself and wanted to make amends.
  • Jossed in season 1 (Cutie Mark Chronicles). Loyalty is at the very core of her being. She was childhood friends with Fluttershy. She was the one that stuck up for her when she was bullied, she wasn't the one that did the bullying.

Rainbow Dash is the last descendant of an ancient race of special Pegasus.
These Pegasus are now mostly extinct. They were more powerful than other Pegasus, Rainbow colored and the only ones ever capable of creating the Sonic Rainboom. As they all do, the Rainbow Pegasus mingled with other ponies. Over the centuries after the last pure Rainbow Pegasus passed, the race was forgotten, but the Sonic Rainboom was legend because no Pegasus alive could do it. Along comes this plucky little rainbow-colored filly who's Rainbow Pegasus genes have completely resurfaced.

The Wonderbolts would accept Rainbow Dash into their ranks, but they don't want her to lose heart.

The Wonderbolts do not accept her, not because of her not being good enough, but with her own good in mind. They like Rainbow Dash enough, but they know that joining them is her dream, and if they take away her dream but letting her fulfill it, they take away her drive and spirit. The Wonderbolts want Rainbow Dash to still have something to shoot for, still have a dream, which is the real reason they don't accept her.

  • Unlikely as the Wonderbolts invited Rainbow Dash, among many others, to take part in the Wonderbolt Academy for one week.

The reason Rainbow Dash often takes naps during the day is because she works more often than any of the others.
Celestia may have to raise the sun each day, but the pegasi control the weather basically manually. Perhaps they wake up earlier than all the other ponies to move all the cold nighttime air out or perform some other early-morning weather manipulation. In fact, considering that keeping the weather going is the pegasi's job, one might wonder when RD actually gets any sleep. When she goes on shift, it messes with her circadian rhythm so much that she has no difficulty dozing off in the middle of the day. It's the same principle as Applejack with her family's apple orchard, but since we see the series more from the earth pony perspective, we see a lot more of Applejack's handiwork firsthand than RD's.
  • There could be an episode focusing on this in a future season. Everybody thinks Dash is just habitually lazy, but when somepony (probably Twilight) tries to figure out why, they figure out that Dash is more hard-working than any other pony in Ponyville. They apologize for calling Dash lazy, dear Princess Celestia, roll credits.
  • Also, when Rainbow Dash isn't working, she's training. Even if you are an Olympic-caliber athlete you can't do that all the time without needing to rest. So Rainbow Dash operates on the 'go until you can't go any more, then catch some Z's, then get up and go again' system... which also fits her temperament.

Rainbow Dash doesn't want to be a Wonderbolt.
Either she's never applied to join them, or was rejected on her first attempt. Now she doesn't actually want to be one of them, she just wants their admiration and friendship. After all, joining them would mean she'd have to leave Ponyville behind, which is something she is very reluctant to do.

The original Sonic Rainboom was a fluke, and she wasn't actually able to really do it until the Young Fliers' Competition.
Allow me to explain. If you noticed in "The Cutie Mark Chronicles", the Sonic Rainboom occured when Rainbow Dash made the sudden change in direction at the bottom of the race course. This caused her to break through the bow shock/barrier a lot easier, and produced the Sonic Rainboom. In future attempts to do it, she did not comprehend the change in direction being part of the equation in the past, and attempts to break the barrier in linear flight proved to be far more difficult. The YFC was actually the first time she was able to accomplish one in linear flight, and she was able to develop it from there.
  • Oddly, this was somewhat supported by the second season finale, where she performed a Sonic Rainboom on a curved trajectory. Maybe she's learned what the more efficient way to produce it is?

The reason that Rainbow Dash hasn't gotten into the Wonderbolts...
Is because she never finished flight school. What, did you think that you could get into an outfit like the Wonderbolts without at least a diploma? Get real. And remember kids, stay in school!

Rainbow Dash will eventually lose her temper with Fluttershy.
After putting up with Fluttershy running away from almost everything for so long, Rainbow Dash finally gets so fed up with it all that she completely gives up on her and/or, even worse, lashes out on her calling her a useless coward saying that she doesn't need her anymore.
  • Fluttershy often felt like a burden to her friends at times, but would still be naturally shocked by Rainbow Dash's sudden outburst especially after being there for her since they were both fillies. Bonus points if she tries to remind Rainbow Dash of the times when she tried to convince her that she did need her in episodes like Dragon Quest and Hurricane Fluttershy.
  • If the rest of the Mane 6 are present or eventually find out, they would naturally chew her out for lashing out on Fluttershy.
    • However, Rainbow Dash might then lash out of them and counter with a Shut Up, Kirk! speech claiming that Fluttershy had it coming for a long time. Fluttershy may then suddenly interrupt Rainbow Dash's rant telling her to leave Twilight and the others alone as they have nothing to do with this.
  • This predicament may then culminate in a fight between the two pegasi with Rainbow Dash trying to attack her own friend and Fluttershy blocking, dodging and parrying almost her every move. The fight then ends with Fluttershy pinning Rainbow Dash down in hopes of calming her down. She then tells her that she understands why she is angry and is sorry for running away but fighting her own friends won't do anypony any good.
    • ...What?

The branch of the Wonderbolts Dash is currently in is the Reserves.
As long as nothing disastrous happens, it's a "One weekend a month" deal.
  • The Wonderbolts are a performing group, so it's more likely that she's listed as a substitute Wonderbolt for now. If one of the full timers gets injured, she'd be called in to fly in their place.

Who are Rainbow Dash's parents?
Her mother is Daring Do. Anyone who saw that episode had to of at least considered the possibility. Due to Daring's adventures and who knows how many enemies she's made left her unable to raise Dash so she left her to a sibling of hers.Father? While it’s possible Daring could have had romantic interest with any stallion that adventured with her, Dash just seems a little more supernatural than any other Pegasus. It’s possible that Daring encountered more than lost relics in those ancient temples (i.e. Deities). So who does this troper believe is Dash’s father? Quetzalcoatl, Mesoamerican god of light (Rainbows), mercy and wind (flight).
  • There hasn't been any evidence that Daring Do is anything other than a fictional character, so that somewhat puts a damper on this theory.
  • We've already seen her father in a flashback. He's named "Rainbow Blaze" in the merch.
    • It's now confirmed from the show's character designer that Rainbow Blaze isn't her father.
  • All jossed. Her parents are named Bow Hothoof and Windy Whistles, and they show up in season 7. They are regular pegasi living in Cloudsdale, and they are Happily Married. Her hair color is natural (coming from her dad). She got her coat and eye color from her mom. Rainbow's abilities don't come from a special family or deities, they just come from hard work, loyalty, and determination.

Rainbow Dash has sleep apnea.
"Sleepless in Ponyville" showed us that Rainbow Dash snores quite loudly, which is a telltale symptom of sleep apnea. She takes naps during the day not because she's lazy, but because she can't sleep properly at night and needs to get her rest whenever she can.

Rainbow Dash has a WellDoneDaughterGirl relationship with her parents.
This is just a personal theory, but it would go a long way to explaining why Rainbow Dash is so afraid of failure and thinks Second Place Is for Losers- maybe her parents are/were a flying elite too and she desperately wants to impress them and make them proud of her, which is why she indentifies with Scootaloo so much in "Sleepless in Ponyville" and why she puts on the tough front that she has. Perhaps Dash's father wanted a boy and Dash abhors "girly" things because of this?

Rainbow Dash will become a Princess.
Her Rainbow contrail marks her as the embodiment of the power of the Elements of Harmony, and she is responsible for giving all the others their cutie marks, without which they would not have become the Bearers of the Elements. Obviously, this marks her for a greater fate than the rest of her friends, and what fate would be greater than becoming a Princess?

Rainbow Dash is a Type-A Stepford Smiler
She's just like Eddy from Ed, Edd n Eddy. Think about it. She went through a lot of bullying in the past as a filly just like Fluttershy and she only acts prideful and like a jerk sometimes because she’s trying to hide how depressed she really is, especially when she felt doubtful in the episode “Sonic Rainboom” because she felt she wouldn't win the competition. She really doesn't think highly of herself and her flying skills, so she always acts confident.

The Wonderbolts won't be accepting Rainbow Dash...
Not because she isn't qualified, but because as she holds the Element of Loyalty she's needed by Princess Celestia herself and they recognize this importance outweighs their own meager status as stunt flyers. They want her for her skills and the sonic rainboom being at her command, but she has to answer to a higher calling.Alternatively, they will tell RD to her face that she would serve the Wonderbolts better by being a Worthy Opponent to compete against.

Rainbow Dash was bullied just as badly as Fluttershy...
Maybe that's why she acts all brash and prideful? She could be fighting back the tears of the times when she was bullied. It would explain why she defended Fluttershy, because she found somepony she could relate to. She may have Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and we'll get an episode dedicated to these memories resurfacing and Rainbow Dash having to put them behind her.
  • Confirmed.
    • Not only confirmed (she was BADLY bullied when she was younger, with her bullies calling her Rainbow Crash), but part of a serious Heartwarming in Hindsight moment in season 6. When she joins the Wonderbolts, she is given the same embarassing nickname the bullies gave her (though the rest of the Wonderbolts didn't know that). She then learns that ALL the Wonderbolts have embarassing nicknames (based on the first embarassing thing they did as part of the group), and accepts it. By accepting that as her official Wonderbolt call sign, her former bullies have now lost their ammunition.

Rainbow Dash will become Captain of the Wonderbolts from the get-go.
Many of Rainbow Dash's interactions with the Wonderbolts emphasise Rainbow's leadership qualities. What better way to capitalise on this than to make her the leader of her favourite flight team? Perhaps Spitfire will suffer an injury that effectively ends her career as a professional flyer and decides that none of the current Wonderbolts would be a good leader.

Rainbow Dash flunked Flight School on purpose.
She might be trying to impress the Wonderbolts now, but episodes show that beneath Rainbow Dash's bravado, she is very, very insecure. A younger Dash who only pulled off the Sonic Rainboom once, by accident, simply might not have been able to handle the pressure she no doubt felt after performing such a feat at such a young age. She may even have been worried that she'd hit her peak right there, and after that she was kicked out because she would rather leave on her own terms rather than outright fail. She boasts about her awesomeness because she doesn't want others to know what a sore subject Flight School is for her, and maybe if she insists it enough, maybe it will come true. Now she's older and knows that she's going to keep getting better and better (and can do the Sonic Rainboom on demand), she can finally begin chasing her dream once again, especially now she has close friends to pick her up when she falls.

Rainbow Dash is an Unreliable Narrator when it comes to her original Sonic Rainboom story.
If you pay attention, you'll notice a couple of discrepancies. First are the Unicorns and Earth Ponies that are up in the clouds. How would they have gotten there? It's not until Sonic Rainboom that Rainbow Dash is introduced to the notion of non-pegasus ponies being able to walk on clouds. The second, and more important one, however, is that Fluttershy is on the same side as Rainbow Dash just before the race begins, but is on Dumb Bell's side when it actually starts. The reason being is that it was actually Rainbow Dash that knocked her off the cloud, but Rainbow Dash wasn't paying attention at the time, and when she asked Fluttershy, Fluttershy lied to spare Dash's feelings because she knew it was an accident, but it would probably break RD if she knew the truth. As such, Fluttershy tells the story the same way.

Rainbow Dash's character will end up being The Scrappy of the Daring Do books.
Based solely on the Short Round-esque costume.

Rainbow is heading for a Broken Pedestal with the Wonderbolts
Both "Wonderbolt Academy" and "Rainbow Falls" have shown less than admirable traits of the Wonderbolts and ended with Dash calling them out for it. On both occassions Spitfire seems to have taken this to heart, but it could ultimately lead up to Rainbow changing her mind about wanting to be a Wonderbolt after all.
  • Alternatively, early episodes referring to Rainbow's desire to join the Wonderbolts put it as something she would need to prove herself worthy of. Now we've seen them as characters, as fallible but capable of learning from their mistakes (Spitfire does acknowledge they have already and could still learn from Rainbow). So instead Rainbow will need to find out whether the Wonderbolts are truly worthy of her; not just her evident talent, but her loyalty.

Rainbow is a Nightmare Fetishist, by pony standards anyway
Her best friend in Junior Flight School was a griffon, despite complaining about the "lameness" of watching a butterfly migration, she's downright eager to see a dragon migration, and then there's the icing on the cake: when she learns Twilight can turn ponies into other races, she excitedly mentions she'd like to become a dragon or a griffon. The most likely reason for the latter, in particular, is that Rainbow Dash thinks griffons and dragons are both awesome, despite the fact that other ponies think of them as scary and intimidating.

Rainbow will be a future villain's first choice in turning against the rest of the Mane 6
...for a bunch of reasons going from the fact that she's the one that brought them together to the fact that she's the Element of Loyalty.

Rainbow is a descendant of General Firefly.
There's been speculation that her mother was G1 Firefly, but that name was given to the founder of the Wonderbolts from ancient times. You can draw the conclusion from there.

Rainbow Dash's maternal grandparents were so big on the Wonderbolts...
...that they named all their foals for major historical figures therein. Firefly was the spittin' image of General Firefly, too.

Rainbow won't get to join the Wonderbolts, but instead will be in charge of them.
Now that Twilight seems to be officially in charge of Ponyville, and the other five appear to be working as her advisors (hence the new thrones), Rainbow will be too busy to be able to sign up for the Wonderbolts. But in her new position, she may technically outrank them and get to assign them missions as she sees fit.

Rainbow Dash's house in Ponyville is granted by her job
Rainbow Dash's floating cloud house has been noticed to be quite big and lavishly furnished inside, not quite in the style you'd expect from RD, compared to her friends' houses which are quite personalized. That's because it's an old pegasus mansion that is automatically granted to whoever is the weather pony in charge of Ponyville. It's a perk of Rainbow Dash's job, but probably not the home she'd have chosen for herself.

Rainbow Dash is a reservist Royal Guard, and met Gilda at boot camp
The Wonderbolts are Equestria's top aerobatic patrol (not unlike the Blue Angels), and the best aerobatic patrols in the world are part of the military of their respective countries. Not a stretch from that to guess that the Wonderbolts are Royal Guards too... And Rainbow Dash being at their flight camp would indicate she's already part of the Royal Guard, just not on active duty, or for some reason part of an auxiliary branch that deals with weather control.
As for Gilda being in the Royal Guard and having met Rainbow Dash at boot camp... Well, her one appearance shows she doesn't know Fluttershy, thus they can't have met at Cloudsdale (as she would otherwise be at least familiar with her), and the military would be a likely place. That, and it would explain why she wasn't around earlier: she's in active service and posted away from Ponyville, and would have just got a leave she used to visit her friend instead that her family.

Rainbow will become General of the Wonderbolts.
In "Newbie Dash", when she looks at General Firefly's cap in the display case, her reflection looks like it's wearing the cap. I can't be the only one who immediately noticed the foreshadowing.
  • Corollary: Her drive will end up steering them farther back into the military role they originally served, and consequently they won't get worfed as much.

Rainbow Dash's father is Zeus.
Her personality perfectly matches that of a demigod in Percy Jackson. (Just look at the books' depiction of ADHD. Sound like anypony you know?) Her profession relates to weather and she can control lightning. She even has Zeus' lightning bolt in her cutie mark. She can read, sure, but Equestria's writing has been shown to be made of pictograms, which dyslexic people can in fact read. It's also now been confirmed that Rainbow Blaze isn't her father.
  • Jossed. Her father's name is Bow Hothoof. He looks exactly like an older version of "Rainbow Blaze". This troper thinks that "Rainbow Blaze" (who was never named in show and only shows up in a blurry flashback) is actually Bow, using a generic model. When Bow shows up in the present time in season 7, he was just given a background character to main character makeover/unique model. It's also possible that "Rainbow Blaze" is an uncle or something like that (as Rainbow's hair color is definitely a family trait from her dad's side of the family). But he has the same coat color, same eye color, and the same hair as Bow.

Zephyr Breeze's delusion that Rainbow has a crush on him actually has some truth in it, as RD very briefly had a crush on him when she was a filly, or at least when she was younger, before she really got to know him.
The pair have very clearly known each other for a long time, probably starting when Rainbow and Fluttershy first knew each other, so it would make sense. It'd also explain why Fluttershy and Zephyr's parents seem to think Rainbow has a crush on him too.
  • This is unlikely. Rainbow has NEVER shown to have any interest in him, and in fact she was annoyed when she first found out he showed up, BEFORE he started acting creepy toward her. Wishful thinking on his parents' part.
  • Dear god, this is Jossed HARD in season 9. It's Jossed so hard it goes Up to Eleven. She finds him the most annoying person she has ever seen. She is fully aware he is obsessed with her in a creepy way (he doesn't actually care about or even like her...Rainbow is fully aware of what he wants and it makes her want to puke), and just being around him makes her nauseous. His presence bothers her so much that she doesn't even offer to be friends. The element of loyalty doesn't even want to be his friend, let alone anything more. That should say something. As for Fluttershy's parents thinking there's something there...well Rainbow and Fluttershy are Childhood Friends, they probably just assumed she would date Fluttershy's brother when they grew up. Parents expect and are naive about that sort of thing.
Rainbow Dash will only get two episodes that revolve around her in Season 9.
She always keeps getting the most episodes since Season 6! This needs to stop.

In "Applebuck Season", at least a few of the times that Twilight showed up to talk to Applejack were hallucinations.
The example I was thinking of was when Twilight used a series of Teleport Spam to maintain a conversation with Applejack, when it would have probably taken a lot less energy and time to simply walk alongside Applejack and continue the conversation that way. The hallucinations were simply AJ's mind being so exhausted that her subconscious was conjuring up a reasonable authority figure to convince her to rest. And if that one was a hallucination... why not others?
  • Twilight was using Teleport Spam to keep Applejack's attention. A pony randomly appearing in front of you in a flash of light would be surprising enough to keep AJ awake and listening to Twi'.

Applejack is made of Dark Matter.
How else could she be heavy enough to launch Rainbow Dash into the stratosphere, regardless of how tired she was?
  • Here's why this is true
    • Well consider how light a pegasus must be. If they can fly using wings that small and stand on clouds, the must have a very low density. Earth ponies, on the other hand, are much tougher and heavier than unicorns or pegasi, which has been all but outright stated in-series. Exactly how high Rainbow was launched was exaggerated for comic effect. She was really only launched onto Twilight's balcony on the other side of town, and only because she had fallen over on the platform and wasn't able to control her flight.
      • The counter point to this is air resistance. Suppose Applejack weighs as much as a regular pony and Rainbow Dash weighs a negligible amount. Since they're on a see-saw, Rainbow Dash cannot go up faster than Applejack goes down, this in effect puts a cap on her initial launch speed. Now if her mass is very low and her initial velocity is limited, her Kinetic Energy and Momentum are consequently very low. However Rainbow Dash still has the surface area of a normal sized pony, meaning she'll experience drag similar to a normal pony, who aren't particularly aerodynamic. Thus air resistance would rapidly slow her down if she wasn't actively applying thrust. Since the drag force is broadly similar to a normal pony and her kinetic energy is significantly lower.

Applejack is really Apple Bloom's mother.
The Apple parents never seem to be around. In "Bridle Gossip", Applejack tells Apple Bloom she'll tell Big Macintosh on her, conforming that Big Macintosh is the highest authority figure, and that the parents aren't just off-camera. As seen in the flashback in "The Cutie Mark Chronicles", AJ's parents weren't around when she was a filly either, suggesting they died when she was still young. Significantly, Apple Bloom isn't around too. This leads to the conclusion that Apple Bloom is in fact the result of a teenage pregnancy, and they're just passing her off as Applejack's sister to avoid embarressment. As for who the father is, well, considering Applejack's love for her family...
  • Maybe the father is just some ex-coltfriend AJ had in the pony-version of high school. Either way, its unlikely Hasbro would approve of any hint of teenage pregnancy in the show.
    • Applejack only seems to be in her early twenties in the show (in human years), and Apple Bloom seems to be about eleven or so, just by how she acts and talks. Unless ponies can reproduce very early, this is unlikely, though something Applejack might do.
      • In Apple Family Reunion the shooting stars seem to imply that AJ, Big mac, and Apple Bloom's parents are dead. Word of god confirms that was their intention.
  • Alternatively, Apple Bloom is Big Macintosh's daughter, from a previously relationship with a mare who may now be dead.
    • But can you really see that happening to Big Macintosh?
    • Another possibility is that Apple Bloom is the daughter of Big Macintosh AND Applejack, they're just telling her that their siblings in order to hide the fact that Applejack got pregnant at a really young age, and they were forced to get married. This would also account for the fact that Apple Bloom's coat is a combination of Big Mac and Applejack.
      • You'd expect that someone else in the small town of Ponyville would tell her that her "big brother and sister" are actually married. Incest would be slightly easier to cover up from everyone.
      • Open secret, which is why Miss Cheerilee was extremely uncorfortable with the shipping of her and Big Mac by the CMC.
    • Alternatively, Applejack is just barely old enough to be Apple Bloom's mother. Being at a time in her life when she was experiencing a lot of confusing changes and emotions, the only one she had to turn to was Macintosh. Hilarity ensues and Applejack discovers that she is pregnant. Her 'leaving' the farm was so that she could quietly have the baby, and come back with a new 'sister.' Since the age gap isn't great enough to be suspicious, (there is a similar age gap between Rarity and Sweetie Belle) they could pretend that Apple Bloom is their sister because that will allow her to have a normal life.

Applejack and Big Macintosh were originally designed to be husband and wife, not brother and sister, but this was stopped by Executive Meddling.
  • They wanted an unattached Applejack for a broader appeal.
  • Like the above WMG, Apple Bloom was going to be their daughter.

The reason Applejack couldn't sell anything at the Gala was not because everypony there was too stuck-up.
It was because there was a free buffet inside. Seriously, if you were invited to a very nice party in which there was a free buffet inside, would you pay money for a snack outside? Prince Blueblood was a jerk about it, but none of the guests were really being unreasonable.

Applejack will sing with a band called "Hello Seapony"
And Rainbow Dash will snark about being able to sing better.

Applejack and Princess Luna are the Same Pony
Long ago, Sir Isaac Newton proved that the same force with pulls an apple from a tree, is also the same force that causes the moon to stay in orbit. Apple-buckin' is actually a Gravity Master trick that Applejack makes people think is just her kicking the apples off. Why else would they all fall perfectly into whatever buckets happen to be by the tree? Applejack controls Gravity Luna controls Gravity it is not a coincidnece!!!
  • ALSO. Luna is best pony. Applejack is best pony. Quid pro quo.
    • But Newton never said anything about an apple, that was an example someone made later. Which means...Applejack doesn't really exist!

AJ is a reincarnated Sandy Cheeks.
  • This right here is my favorite Applejack WMG. I really hope it's canon.

Applejack is a robot.
  • She was obviously made by other ponies for manual farm labor that no one else wants to do. That's why she's the element of honesty. Unless programmed to, a robot is basically incapable of lying. The episode where she was "tired" was obviously a malfunction in her processor that made her work and work at the expense of rest, which even a robot needs because most machines need to replenish their fuel reserves somehow. I'm guessing that AJ is solar powered and needs to "sleep" out in the sun to recharge her batteries.

Applejack is immortal.
This is why she's the only remaining G1 pony.The other member's of the Apple clan are in on the masquerade (Apple Bloom might not be, yet), and the flashback to when she got her cutie mark was a lie.

Applejack cannot swim at all.
Going with the "Applejack is made of dark matter" theme, perhaps Applejack is unable to swim and sinks like a rock when in water. It would also be interesting to see her be awful at a certain physical activity.

Applejack does not think of herself as a "tomboy."
While she's less of a girly girl than most of the cast, her "boyish" traits are all perfectly natural traits for a "country girl" to have. Traits that the city ponies, including the openly tomboyish Rainbow Dash, see as "boyish" are, to Applejack, perfectly consistent with the usual gender roles of the culture she was raised in.

Applejack's real name is Jacklyn Apple
As her family is constantly referred to as "The Apple Family" or "The Apples", Apple is their family name. Since "Applejack Apple" sounds a bit odd, it is my belief that "Applejack" is a nickname for something along the lines of "Jacklyn Apple"
  • Alternatively, their surname comes first, meaning that Jack and Bloom are actually their last names, and that Big Macintosh and Granny also have the first name Apple.

Apple Bloom and Applejack are half-siblings
This is why Applejack keeps referencing Babs Seed as "your cousin" rather than "our cousin".
  • On the other hand, this could be related to parents who refer to a child as 'your kid' when they misbehave and 'mine/ours' only when they are being good.
  • Going along with a WMG above about Applejack being Apple Bloom's mother, then this could be an unconcious acknowlegement that they are not actually siblings.
    • But that would mean Applejack has another sibling in Manehattan who was never mentioned.

Applejack's unfinished novel involves...
  • ...a really awesome earth pony who's the best cowpony ever and goes on to become the best farmer in Equestria.
  • ...two strange creatures called humans who live in a garden and are told by their god not to eat the fruit of a certain tree. There's other stuff after that, but the plot got away from her.
    • That is now my favourite WMG ever.
  • ...a girl falling in love with a sparkly vampire. She got the title from somepony she knows.
  • ...glaring spelling errors and typos, one-dimensional wooden characters and plot-holes big enough to drive a wagon through.
    • The big dragging am winning again! I am the greetest! Now, I am leaving Equestria for no raisin!
    • Wait does this mean Applejack is Tara Gillespie?

Applejack will become a Princess.
As the most level headed and reliable of her friends, she's the only one that could handle the strain.

Alternatively, Applejack is The Unchosen One.
As previously stated, Applejack is the most level headed and reliable of the Mane Cast. (Seriously, her character flaws are practically nonexistent at this point.) When Celestia was assessing the Mane Cast as candidates for princesshood, both Applejack and Twilight fit all the qualifications. Celestia unconsciously let her personal bias affect her judgement and chose to prepare Twilight for the job.

So yeah, Applejack is the new Neville Longbottom. Hopefully this means Applejack gets to pull a sword out of her hat.

Applejack is a Ghost.
Whatever killed Applejack's parents wouldn't just settle for 2 of the ponies it would go whole hog on all potential meals except possibly Apple Bloom who might not make much of a meal(of course Apple Bloom could be dead too heh heh heh......).

Applejack will eventually become Mayor of Ponyville.

Applejack is adopted.
She suffers from fears of abandonment as a result, which is why she's so dedicated to the Apple family. Also, her trip to Manehattan was an attempt to find her real parents.

The Apple Family is an Assassin family.
That's why they're so obsessed with apples. They may be Templars instead/also.
  • One of her focus episodes is called "Leap of Faith"...

Applejack's last name is Smith.
If Granny Smith is her paternal grandmother, that would make Smith the family name. The term "Apple Family" simply applies to the entire clan.

Applejack has a latent Sixth Sense
The Gift of Maud Pie shows us that Maud as a "Maud sense", much like Pinkie's "Pinkie sense", indicating that it's a family trait. Since it's been implied that the three are distant cousins, it's possible that A.J might have some kind of "Apple sense", but she's just unaware of it.
  • Furthermore, her relation to the Pie line might come from Granny Smith's side of the family. That would explain how Granny Smith figured out the seemingly-nonsensical methods to producing great Zap Apple jam.

If/when The Cutie Map is dubbed into a language where the stock country dialect retains grammatical inflections lost from the standard dialect, the equalization spell will prevent Applejack from using them.
Can't have anypony using more complex grammar in our town.


Rarity's accent is… "fake" is such an ugly word, darling. Let's say "deliberately cultivated."
The ability to change yourself into a better person by clever accessorizing is a key part of her character, and there is evidence behind it. Many people have noticed that her accent vanishes when she sings, and during her mental breakdown it goes all over the place. Her sister doesn't seem to share it either.
  • This is almost necessarily true. Her accent is known as a Trans-Atlantic (Tidewater) or Mid-Atlantic accent, which simply does not occur in nature. It can develop if you spend a lot of time living in both the eastern American seaboard and in various parts of Europe, but most commonly it is taught specifically as a way to sound high-class.
    • A continuation from this idea. We will meet her parents, and they will have some painfully hick accent that she's desperately tried to escape from.
      • Or she just wanted to sound sophisticated.
      • Assuming that she's from Ponyville too, I can imagine her natural accent being similar to Applejack's. Maybe that's why they didn't get along at first.
      • And now we've seen her parents, her mother sounds like she's from Long Island and her father sounds like he's from Wisconsin
  • Highly likely, given that Sweetie Belle doesn't share the accent.
  • Keep in mind Rarity has a song actress
    • She can't do an accent? Then again, people often lose their accents when singing.
  • Rarity mainly lacked her accent as a Filly, when at that age your accent should more-or-less be set. She also looses her accent way too much to not be intentional.
  • As I mentioned on the headscratchers page, her friends seem to be aware of this too. In the imagine spots in A Dog and Pony show, it seems the rest of the cast imagine her with a slightly more exaggerated accent than normal, such a caricature suggests they find it a bit silly.
  • Well, judging by her parents, this seems pretty much Confirmed.
    • In response to everyone above; What does where her accent is from have to do with its legitimacy?
    • Mid-Atlantic accents are very, very rarely a natural accent. You learn it later in life, after you've acquired an accent.


Rarity went to design school at a place where the locals used a Trans Atlantic accent.
Her current accent is therefore the combination of her original Ponyville accent combined with that accent, and it fluctuates based on her emotional state and how much she wants to emphasize it.
  • This is plausible - a lot of people who go to college or boarding school out of state find themselves losing their accent or gaining the one from where they now live. I don't see why it would be different with ponies.

Everything that happened in Sonic Rainboom was exactly according to Rarity's plan.
She realized Rainbow Dash wouldn't be able to pull of the titular move unless the life of her friend depended on it, so she had to ensure that without Dash pulling off the Sonic Rainbow, Rarity would die. Hence why she made sure she was the one to be given wings with Twilight's spell, why she went on a massive ego trip upon arriving in Cloudsdale (joining the Best Young Flyers Competition out of the blue would've raised too many eyebrows), why she pulled an Icarus, and why she kicked the Wonderbolts out of commission when they came to her rescue. It was all part of her brilliant plan.
  • Since she couldn't be sure that Rainbow Dash would be able to pull it of, calling this a brilliant plan is somehow inadequate.
    • Gambit Pileup? There's no guarantees that she could get up to Cloudsdale, get herself entered in the tournament, or that her wings would burn up (if that even WAS part of her plan). I think it was more along the lines of… "she entered the contest to help her friend shine, she took so long in the dressing booth because she only knows how to make herself look fabulous, and really needed to try looking as she does." It may also be that when she flew up, all she was planning to do was pretend to faint, counting on RD's loyalty to come save her. The wings disintegrating may not have been part of her plan, and the entire thing felt like some kind of Indy Ploy from the time she agreed to enter the contest.
    • Why would Rarity even think that desperation would allow Dash to perform a Rainboom? They don't hear about the circumstances of the first Rainboom until later, and even if Rainbow saved her, that wouldn't guarantee a Sonic Rainboom.

Rarity was originally a human who somehow ended up in Equestria and got transformed into a unicorn. Sweetie Belle is her sister by adoption.
Consider these facts. Rarity and Sweetie Bell have different accents. In "Suited for Success" Rarity wonders what ponies are supposed to wallow in. And, in "Best Night Ever" she's the only one who cares that they're getting dressed when Spike wants to come in.
  • Do Want an episode about!
  • A. She's got a Mid-Atlantic accent, a hybrid of American and British used by people trying to sound "cultured", and she didn't have the accent as a filly. B. She was trying to say "wallow in self-pity" but wasn't exactly in her right mind. C. She's a fashionista.
    • Will you stop trying to Joss all these theories!?
      • A. Why does no one else have a Trans-Atlantic accent?
      • Because it's a fake accent that you need to apply yourself. No-one else has a reason to.
B. Thats no excuse.and C. The only fashionista is Ponyville.
  • Ponyville is a fashionista?

Rarity is far-sighted.
It's a mild case, but it's the only practical reason I can think of her wearing glasses for dressmaking when she doesn't wear them normally. Either that, or she normally has contacts.
  • Maybe her eyesight just isn't that bad, so she can still see things okay. She has problems with fine details, which is why she wears her glasses when she works. Furthermore, it's a lot harder to make glasses for ponies that don't fall off, on account of the height differential between eyes and ears, which is why she doesn't wear them when she's out and about.
  • Rarity has perfect eyesight, but wears glasses while she works because she feels more focused that way.

Rarity only uses her first name for branding purposes.
Rarity's surname is Belle, but she only goes by Rarity, and never Rarity Belle, because she is trying to become a famous fashion designer, and, like many designers, artists, and celebrities, only uses her first name.
  • Mh, let's see… most members of the Apple Family have their family name positioned before their personal name (Apple Jack note , Apple Bloom, etc.). If we assume that this is common practice in Equestria and not just an eccentricity of the Apple family, shouldn't Rarity's full name be Sweetie Rarity?
    • There's not really any evidence that this is a common practice in Equestria. It seems to be an eccentricity, as you put it, of the Apple clan to have apple-themed names as family markers rather than a specific family name; after all, many members of the Apple clan, such as Granny Smith, Big Macintosh, Braeburn, Red Gallant, Red Delicious, and Golden Delicious, do not have the word "apple" in their names at all, while Baked Apples has Apples as a last name. The norm seems to be that if there is any kind of surname at all, it is a family name, as with Mr. and Mrs. Cake, or as when Twilight is referred to as "Miss Sparkle" by one of the test administrators in "Cutie Mark Chronicles"; in other words, Equestrian nomenclature typically, although obviously not always, follows modern American norms and expectations.
  • I always thought Rarity's surname was Carousel, for Carousel Boutique, and thus her sister was Sweetie Belle Carousel. Then again, that's not much justification, is it?
    • Well, in the planning stages of the show, it was originally called Carousel Boutique because, in that plan, Rarity designed and made saddles and bridles like you see on carousel horses. But since they changed that, maybe her last name IS carousel. It sounds good as Sweetie Belle's last name.
  • It's possible, but we see a lot of ponies with two names so it's hard to tell which ones are using their full name and which ones are only using first names that happen to have two words.
  • There seems to be a certain amount of fanon going around that Rarity's father's name is "Magnum Fantastic" because of his glorious Selleck 'stache. So, Rarity Fantastic and Sweetie Belle Fantastic. And Mrs. Fantastic.
  • Maybe ponies don't have surnames because all of their first names are so unique? They don't need surnames. Keep in mind that the ONLY family we ever hear called "the [blank] family" is the Apples, and that includes Aunt and Uncle Orange and Hayseed Turnip Truck (and in the toyline a pony with peaches as her theme name), who do sing that they're part of the "Apple Family" in "Apple Family Reunion". "Apple Family" simply means that most of the family is in the business of selling apples, not their surname or whatever. Rarity's family is not the "Belle" family nor the "Carousel" family (which not every store is named after the proprietor; it was probably named because the exterior looks like a carousel), nor is it the "Fantastic" family. She's Rarity and "Rarity's family". Some ponies just have two first names, and some don't, just like in real life, except for ponies, two first names is far more common than one which makes Rarity a, you guessed it, rarity. Just because humans have surnames doesn't mean ponies work the same way, especially when you consider that IRL horses don't usually get their owner's surname and often have two first names. It's a tiny bit of Fridge Brilliance.
    • In "Where the Apple Lies", we learn that Spoiled Rich's name was Spoiled Milk, so yes, sometimes they do follow surnaming conventions like ours. The Cakes probably did the same thing. Equestria seems to be a melting pot of what to do with the family name: put it before, put it after, leave it off entirely; replace it when you get married, leave it as it is.
  • Though I agree with the above, I like to think Rarity's full name is 'Fair Rarity'.

Rarity was in the Nightmare Night episode.
We just didn't see her because her costume was just THAT good.
  • That or she hadn't finished it yet/could not for the life of her get it right and was at home being melodramatic as she does. Exactly like with the nest Twilight made in Winter Wrap-Up. Because it was too fantastic to make properly, much like a Final Fantasy outfit can be to certain people. She just made it too awesome to actually make.
  • I'd like to imagine that she designed most of the costumes worn in the episode. She made so many that by the time she finished her own costume, she became tired, fell asleep, and missed the whole event. By the time she awoke, it was morning, but Sweetie Belle left her a bag of candy.

Rarity is an amateur fashion designer.
That is, she works solely for her love of beauty and her craft, not for profit. She appears to be a small business owner, but unlike Applejack, she never talks about money at all. She wants her creations to be worn all over Equestria, and gets worried when her deliveries may be late, but the financial side of her work never seems to come up in conversation. Her family is either independently comfortable enough for Rarity to sell all of her dresses at cost, or actually wealthy enough that she can literally make them for free, and simply give them to whomever she wants.
  • The financial side does come up plenty of times. In "Suited for Success", her friends talk about how the fashion show could get her a lot of business. When the fashion show results in disaster, she talks about how her business is ruined, not how it hurts her status as a fashion designer. (though that does come up) It's possible that she makes plenty of money from the dresses so doesn't usually have to worry about finances. And while finances don't come up as often, it's likely that Rarity cares about the art of the craft along with making money. And unlike Applejack, she doesn't have other people who depend on her business.

Rarity's OCD makes her an Unreliable Narrator.
In both "The Stare Master" and "Sisterhooves Social", Sweetie Belle manages to cause a disaster that takes hours for Rarity to clean up... at least, that's the way Rarity remembers it. Consider Twilight's bird nest in "Winter Wrap-Up" - it was just one badly made nest, and yet Rarity felt compelled to spend all day "fixing" it. More likely, Sweetie Belle made a minor mess in the boutique - spilling a basket of fabric samples, for example - and Rarity felt compelled to spend hours getting everything back into her perfect order. Likewise, this explains why Rarity's family were all fine with eating Sweetie Belle's charcoal breakfast - it actually wasn't that bad, Rarity is just compulsively picky about her food.
  • This is supported by the fact that Rarity found the smells of the cooking very pleasant—"divine" was the word she chose—while she was still lying in bed, half-asleep. As soon as she smelled a little smoke, and raced downstairs to see that it was Sweetie Belle doing the cooking, she decided breakfast must have been ruined, even though it was probably only slightly burnt. The bubbling bowl of charcoal that Sweetie Belle called toast was probably just perfectly good oatmeal that had been slightly charred on the very top only; Sweetie Belle was probably being ironical when she said "toast." After all, her sister had just guessed that something that was obviously oatmeal was applesauce, and Sweetie Belle probably thought that Rarity was making a joke, and that she herself was playing along. Because if Sweetie Belle were so catastrophically bad a cook as to turn bread into a bubbling bowl of black goop while trying to make toast, there is no way she could have produced the pleasant scents that Rarity identified as pancakes and spiced warm apple cider.

Rarity has a crush on Big Macintosh
After her Disastrous Date with Prince Blueblood, She quickly learned that it was traits, not titles, who made the pony more attractive. She then focuses her attention to the more likable bachelor ponies in Ponyville. She decides on Big Macintosh because he's strong, hardworking, gentle and wise. Her sleep-mutterings in "The Sisterhooves Social" were proof of this. She was dreaming that she and Big Macintosh had spirited away to a cider mill in some exotic locale, Why else would she be talking about so many apple-related scents?
  • Well, there's also the common fan shipping of RariJack...

At the moment Pinkie Pie accidentally kicked the pianist there, Rarity was seriously considering deliberately doing the same to Prince Blueblood.

Rarity is becoming a Breakout Character due to reflecting an artist’s struggle to become successful.
The show is made due to different types of artists working together, correct? As Rarity’s goal is to become a successful fashion designer, she is the most relatable to the show crew. Plus, almost each one of her episodes showcases one slice of life in that of a growing artist.
  • Sweet and Elite shows the difficult balance in keeping her hometown friends and connections while developing connections with those that can buy her work and advance her career.
  • Sisterhooves Social, while focused on Sweetie Belle, shows how an artist can get inspired by the most random of things like an organized drawer or a shrunken sweater.
  • Green Isn’t Your Color, shared with Fluttershy, shows how an artist can get envious of another’s success, and how acceptance over envy looks to be the better choice.
  • A Dog and Pony Show warns how if you try to steal another artist’s efforts, that same artist will make your life a living hell as hilarious as possible.
  • Suited for Success already had an interpretation before the assumed above theories. It was that fan-annotated MLP FIM episode on Youtube where it shows the different types of Executive Meddling an artist may have to confront in making their dreams concrete. It showed that while an artist should work and compromise to make his/her friends happy, the sacrifices should not go so far as to make the art suffer and take the artist for granted.
  • Look Before You Sleep was more about personal relationships than professional artistry. Although if you were looking for one concerning artistry, Rarity’s talent in topiary contributed to cleaning up the mess in the library, leading to never underestimate the skill set of an artist.

Rarity uses her gem-finding ability to stay financially solvent.
Because no one wears clothes except for special occasions, and she lives in a very small town instead of, say, Canterlot, where you could actually thrive as a fashion designer. When the cash gets lows, she just digs up some more gems and sells them to a jeweler. Easy Money.
  • Well, Rarity is a jeweler herself (her designs often include jewellery in one form or other; plus, she made a necklace with Spike's heart-shaped ruby), but she fairly often pays directly with gemstones, or even gives them out as tips.

Rarity will end up with Fancy Pants (assuming Fleur's not his wife) or with a prince
Spike will be jealous at first, but by the episode's end will decide he wants Rarity to be happy.

Rarity is hideously ugly by pony standards.
In Green Isn't Your Color she was completely ignored and trampled on while Fluttershy (Who is apparently an absolute stunner by pony standards) got tons of attention. It would also help to explain why she never seems to get famous or successful no matter how hard she tries or how many connections she makes; her looks just aren't good enough to sell her products. And if Spike is known for having very strange taste in food, why not also in ladies?
  • Unlikely, she did pretty well in "Sweet and Elite" as long as no one knew she was from Ponyville.
    • Not to mention she has a lot of Background ponies crushing on her, or at the very least she's able to charm them into helping her out.
      • Pretty unlikely, Discord describe Rarity as beautiful despite his Trickster motif he probably wasn't being sarcastic. She also seduced the nerdy pony into give her asparagus and many ponies seem to flirt openly with her (I.E. Pony Joe) there where a few other case I can't remember. Also Rartiy's design is more aesthetically feminine then her friends(i.e. noticeable eyeliner). As for her being chosen over Fluttershy. Shy was a very popular model at the time. Imagine if you saw (insert famous celebrity or your favorite Musical Artist ect.) you would pick them out of the crowd and probably ignore an attractive person.Also, considering how much time and effort go into her outfits and how many toiletries she has and her prissy character she must be at the very least somewhat attractive.
  • Sisterhooves Social shows that Rarity has about the same build as Applejack. While that hardly qualifies her as hideous, she doesn't have the delicate supermodel build that Fluttershy is supposed to have.
  • It's more that Rarity is the girl who works a lot to get her looks(make up, expensive hair product and stylist) and would look "plain" without it, while Fluttershy is more naturally pretty, and using make up is a total stunner.
    • Yet she's shown looking great when she does get dirty and has a dripping wet mane at the end of "Sisterhooves Social."

Rarity is really Sweetie Belle's mother.
This explains the awkward nature of their "sisterly" relationship, and why Sweetie Belle is constantly seeking attention and affection.
  • Jossed as of "Sisterhooves Social".
    • Course, it could just be a well-hidden secret that everyone sans Sweetie is aware of.

Rarity's natural hair color is green. The purple is only a dye.
It's very important for Rarity that she looks appealing and stylish. We know that she wears fake eyelashes and her accent is probably fake, too. It also explains why she was so shocked as Trixie turned her hair green.
  • Jossed, but the reverse is true in Rarity and the Curious Case of Charity: Charity has a green mane, but at one point dyes it purple, while Rarity has a purple mane, but at one point wears a green wig!

Rarity trains in some form of martial arts as a hobby.
Whenever she gets into a serious fight, she prefers to get physical rather than use magic, and has a smile on her face as she does so. Sure, her magic isn't as strong as Twilight's but that doesn't explain her skill or enjoyment of combat. This also goes a ways towards explaining why she's in such good shape despite not caring for physical labor.
  • Rarity knows martial arts, not as a hobby, but for self defense. After being captured by the Diamond Dogs, she was worried about what would happen if she was ponynapped by someone who was not easy to manipulate. So she went to self defense classes.
  • Even in the pilot, she attacked that manticore right away. That implies that she's been practicing since before the start of the series, and she certainly seems to enjoy a fight, even if she doesn't start them.

Rarity will get married in Season 3
In part 2 of A Canterlot Wedding, she caught the bouquet. Subtle Foreshadowing, perhaps?


Rarity will play Runaway Bride some time in the near future.
Just because Rarity caught the bouquet doesn't mean all will be Happily Ever After when she finds that "very special somepony". Besides, she does like a good deal of drama. Seems like something she'd do.

Rarity doesn't realize how well connected she is.
Despite being an aspiring social climber, Rarity isn't the sort to use her friends for personal gain, which means she has yet to realize that Twilight Sparkle is THE best pony she could possibly have as a best friend. Twilight is Celestia's personal protégé, from a good family (she had a princess as a foalsitter), and as of the royal wedding, actually part of the royal family. Twilight, being more interested in studies than high society, hasn't realized it either, but the day one of them figures it out will be Rarity's big break.
  • Oddly, Spike might be better for social climbing. As well as traveling in all the same social circles as Twilight, his more social nature means that he actually tries to make connections. Additionally, he's actually on speaking terms with the fashion bigwig Hoity Toity.

Rarity is several years older than the rest of the mane cast.
(Based off the assumption that the rest of the Mane Six are in their late teens.)

In "The Cutie Mark Chronicles," we see her designing costumes for a school play. One of the foals on stage is clearly recognizable as a young Cheerilee. Now, if we assume that teachers in Equestria have to go through roughly the same sort of credential process that teachers in the United States do, Cheerilee would have to be at least 24 (human) years old. Now, Cheerilee might be a bit older than Rarity while still attending the same school (foals seem to look roughly the same until they suddenly become young adults), but that would still likely put Rarity in her early 20's. Additionally, of the Mane Six, Rarity is the only one who owns her own home and business. (The Apple family as a whole seems to own and run Sweet Apple Acres.)

Not that it makes any real difference in the show, but it might make some of the Rule 34 stuff a bit less squicky.

  • Unlikely - Fluttershy is clearly the oldest of the group, just based on physical appearance. During their flashbacks to their cutie mark stories, Fluttershy is very obviously much larger than all the others, and now she's the same size as everyone else.

  • As for the business and home, well...
    • Twilight owns and runs the Ponyville library.
    • Applejack may not OWN Sweet Apple Acres, but she's fairly obviously the manager of their business.
    • Rainbow Dash owns a cloud mansion as a home. She's also the captain of the weather team - now, we don't know what "captain" actually means, but that is not an average job.
    • Fluttershy owns the cottage and obviously has some kind of business in order to feed and home literally hundreds of pets. Her actions and the fact that she has stocks of pills in the episode with Celestia's phoenix suggest she may be a vet.
    • In fact, the only of the mane six who DOESN'T own their own home or business is Pinkie.

  • I agree at either Rarity or Fluttershy is the eldest of the Mane Six, and how old Cheerilee is in Rarity's flashback is the crux.
  • Rarity has always struck me as the kind of person that would act more mature than she is. A lot of her image is a front. Even aside from her accent of dubious origin, she wears fake eyelashes and doesn't hesitate to manipulate the truth about her friends to look good. Really, there are a lot of times where her facade of maturity cracks, showing her to just as childish, if not more so, as the rest of the cast. Saying that she is older than the rest of the manes, is not really supported by her actions.
    • The same could also be said for her downplaying her age, the same way women hoping to embrace the beauty of their youth try shaving a couple of years off their final tally. They often emulate youthful behaviors and surround themselves with younger friends. I could very well see this being the case for Rarity too (if she really is as beautiful as how she is treated then she could easily pass for being the same age as the Mane 6).

Rarity is adopted, and her birth parents are Fleur-de-Lis and Fancypants.
She seems to resemble Fancypants and Fleur a lot more than she does her parents from "Sisterhooves Social", after all.
  • Don't they seem too young?
    • This troper noted that during Suite and Elite, Fancy Pants was presented as a father-figure role (and was very squicked at the possibility of them being shipped that episode). Fancy Pants at least, appears to be significantly older than Rarity.

Rarity's special talent is not finding gemstones, or really applying them to clothing, but seeing that clothing modelled
After all, she only got her Cutie Mark when she saw that clothing she made on stage, not when she found the gemstones.
  • Picture it this way: You're a songwriter. You can find inspiration and go through the process of writing music all you want, but when you finally start to record - or maybe perform on stage - that's when you find it's all worthwhile and that making music is who you are. Seeing her creations on stage is probably what made it click that fashion design was Rarity's special talent. And besides, "seeing clothing being modelled" is not in anyway definable as a talent.

Rarity is a trans mare
She seems to lack the long eyelashes that all other female characters naturally have. What if she transitioned mid-puberty? She cares so much about being treated like a lady, while no one else seems to care, because it's validation to her.
  • You're basing this on Tertiary Sexual Characteristics? Which are just an animation hint in case Viewers Are Morons?
  • It seems more likely she just plucks her natural eyelashes and wears fakes to replace them - sort of like how some women shave their eyebrows and draw them in.
  • Anyways it might explain why she became a tailor in a society where nearly everypony just goes about naked. Picked up a passion for dresses before the transition.

Rarity will become a Princess.
Her generous nature means that she will give her time and resources to help other ponies more capably than her friends. Additionally, she's the only one that's ever expressed any interest in titles, and the only one that wouldn't run for the hills to avoid it.
  • Additionally, her "gem" cutie mark bears no resemblance to any jewel so far seen except the one in Celestia's necklace, and its design (which somewhat resembles a sun) appears on the leaves of the Tree of Harmony in the proximity of those of Celestia, Luna and Twilight. This and a preponderance of other visual cues and thematic oddities pointing in this direction are collected here (or, in briefer form, here and partly in the author's other videos).

Rarity's cutie mark means fashion, not finding gems
In the Cutie Mark chronicles, it was suggested Rarity's special talent was gem-finding. However, she didn't actually recieve her mark until she'd incorporated it into the costumes and the play was successful, showing how her true destiny was fashion/being a seamstress. This would explain why when AJ recieves her cutie mark, she attempts to be a tailor instead of search for gems.
  • There's a pretty gaping flaw in that. Rarity herself was trapped doing weather duty when she got RD's cutie mark, which by that logic would imply Rainbow's special talent is making weather patterns, when it's quite obviously not. It's more that Rarity and AJ had to do tasks that Rainbow and Rarity could actually help them with and fix so they could remember who they really are. You can't exactly fix an inability to find gems and remember who you are, especially since practically any unicorn can probably learn the spell. It's also plausible that AJ, as an Earth Pony, might not have any (or much) trouble gem-hunting. However, AJ doesn't have any sense of high-class fashion and you can raise a dress shop from the grave with good designs. Likewise, you can't fix somepony's inability to race or breach the soundbarrier, but you can fix their really bad "weather patterns". There's also the fact that they were all stuck doing each other's job, not special talent. Fluttershy and AJ are the only ones whose special talent directly IS her job. Pinkie's talent is throwing parties, but her day job is that of an entertainer and occasional baker. Rainbow's talent is racing/performing Sonic Rainbooms but her day job is head of weather patrol. Twilight's special talent is magic, and her job is librarian. Rarity's special talent is gemstone finding, with her job being a seamstress.

Rarity used to be the Alpha Bitch of Ponyville
Assuming Rarity has been refined all her life, it is possible that she spent her earliest years looking down on everything and everypony she considered beneath her, not unlike what Diamond Tiara does today. However, she eventually saw the error of her ways and developed a personality more befitting of the future element of generosity, one of her earliest philanthropic acts being the costume design of the school play.

Rarity was NOT an immortal god-horse in Sonic Rainboom.
The wings she was given seemed far too fragile to use long-term (in fact, didn't the spell only last three days?), nor did they come with the other abilities of pegasi. They were purely for decoration.

Rarity has a hoof fetish.
I'm not sure why, but I think it would be funny.
  • That might actually help explain Rarity's Emergency Edible Boots.

Rarity has a background in professional wrestling.
If we're taking the comics as having any effect on canon, Rarity displayed herself as an at least competent professional wrestler in issue #29. While one could make the claim that her opponents were professionals that made it easier, Cheerilee still required some training in order to be able to perform successfully, and any wrestler requires at least some.

Beyond that, Rarity was with Cheerilee at all times while she was training, and thus had no displayed time where she trained. So, when she shows up fully garbed in wrestling attire to aid Cheerilee in a tag-team match, I have to wonder where this ability came from. The obvious answer is that she already had background and training in professional wrestling; there's no other way she'd have the ability to believably perform.

Not to mention, how did Rarity manage to slip through the bookers? While Cheerliee may have slipped through them because she looked so much like her sister, where's no way a professional booker would let anyone who couldn't demonstrate some ability in the ring to pass through. So how did she do it? Easy: She has contacts, which she used to secure a spot on the card.

Cherry couldn't have used her contacts, since any contacts in the business are unlikely to put an untrained individual in the ring even as a favor for a friend. Therefore, the only option is that Rarity has contacts of her own, which she would have had to have gained from previously performing.

But that doesn't answer why Rarity would even be a wrestler in the first place. After all, at the start of the comic, she displayed disinterest in the match that was happening at that time. While that is true, it's entirely possible that she didn't want to watch because she'd left the business. As to why she'd be wrestler I can only guess, but she does possess the hammy charisma required and has at several points demonstrated that she is physically inclined.

This may have led her into the business at one point or another. She also may have been attracted by the money. As to why she left, I couldn't say. Maybe she was injured, maybe she decided to retire early to focus on her aspirations as a designer.

Rarity will get no more episodes with Applejack.
She already has had a lot of these, her last one being Honest Apple.

    Starlight Glimmer 
Starlight Glimmer is Driven by Envy
From her name and color scheme, Starlight is meant to be an Evil Counterpart to Twilight Sparkle, who already has a foil in the ex-villain Sunset Shimmer. They differ because Twilight is a humble bookworm, while Sunset was ambitious with a sense of entitlement. If Starlight is a second foil to Twilight, then her reasons for her cruel actions are the alternate extreme to Sunset Shimmer: a pony with crippling low self-esteem. She does not make everypony (aside from herself) the same to be equal, but to make herself superior.

Like Twilight and Sunset, Starlight was a student of magic, (though not under Celestia I imagine,) but her talents always seemed to be second-best in her eyes. She tried to make friends, but finding ponies who could do amazing things that she either struggled with or couldn’t do at all made for one bitter little unicorn. So in her town, there is no-one who could show her up again.

Starlight intended to use the Equal Ponies' Cutie Marks for herself
Twilight's skill in magic means that she can replicate any spell performed by other unicorns, such as when we see her use (and amplify) Rarity's gem-finding spell way back in season 1. Starlight also acquires the skills of others...but by literally removing them from the original owners in the form of their cutie marks.

It's unclear what Starlight's true intentions were, but her dialogue about Twilight's cutie mark being useful would suggest it either isn't 'equality across Equestria' or wasn't actually going to stop there. Perhaps she intends to use the acquired cutie marks for herself. And as she escaped at the end of 'Cutie Map', maybe she still can…

If and when Starlight returns, Twilight will give her a taste of Shut Up, Hannibal! as an Ironic Echo to her Shut Up, Kirk! moment from "The Cutie Map pt. 2".
For no other reason than to give Twilight a Moment of Awesome.

In addition, she might try to outperform herself when she returns. Meaning she might try a spell to equallize all of Equestria at once. And for good measure she might even try to absorb all the aquired cutie marks into herself, only to realise after dominating and gloating over the Mane 6 for a short while (4-5 minutes), that there is something deeply wrong within her.

Starlight Glimmer's special talent is soul magic.
Since we don't know what her Cutie Mark is, this could be a distinct possibility.

Maybe in her past, she was shunned for her special talent and fascination with soul magic (which is hypothetically illegal), even when she has proven to be a very magically potent Unicorn. This would lead to her resenting the idea of special talents as a whole, and founded the town as a way to try to do away with them altogether. As Magical Mystery Cure as well as Cutie Map has shown, Cutie Marks have at least some connection to a pony's soul. Maybe the Cutie Mark removing spell that Starlight cast was a spell that she had developed as part of her talent in soul magic.

Starlight Glimmer had access to Starswirl's unfinished spell at some moment.
In both cases, the spell in question substitutes the original cutie mark with a fake cutie mark, that forces the pony with the switched cutie mark to use their new "talent", despite not giving them any skill. And she is Twilight's Evil Counterpart, after all.

Starlight Glimmer experienced some traumatic event in the past that led to her adopting her current philosophy.
Perhaps when she was just a filly, she saw her friends or parents arguing because they had differences of opinion, or because some of them were better at certain things than others, causing jealousy between them. She was so shaken by seeing them fight that she decided that making them equal would be the only solution to make them stop fighting. This would later become the philosophy she would adopt, which led to her leading the equal town far into the future.

Starlight will return in the season 5 finale.
Since the premiere didn't really that far into Starlight's story, or why she thinks the way she does. Also, her name seems to be very similar to Twilight's, which may be a sign that she was somehow related to Princess Celestia, and will thus be expanded upon in the future.

Starlight Glimmer's spell uses the pony's Cutie Mark as a medium to rob them of their special talents.
Trying to reconcile the "a cutie mark doesn't change who you are" and the "losing/changing your cutie mark messes with what makes you special" theories that have both been shown on the show - cutie marks reflect what was already there, so they don't change you, but they can be used as a medium to get to your talent/destiny and be used to change you that way. So Starlight's spell doesn't just change a pony's cutie mark, it sucks out all their individuality along with the mark.

Starlight's Freudian Excuse is that her signature spell/talent is something most ponies would not want or see as useful.
She spent years studying magic to find her talent, and when she finally discovered that it was manipulating cutie marks and other pony's talents, she was rejected by her peers because who would want to change who they are? Maybe she used it on somepony and they freaked out and got everyone else to turn on her. Seeing that her talent was something no pony liked while all these other ponies had talents that were appreciated was her Start of Darkness.

Starlight Glimmer is a victim of Tall Poppy Syndrome and Cutie Mark Failure Insanity Syndrome.
Starlight Glimmer is a very powerful magic user and she knows that. Before meeting Twilight, she probably never meet somepony more powerful than herself (and Twilight even said the main difference between the two of them was that Starlight never opened herself to the magic of friendship).

But, if her philosophy is any indication, Starlight thinks other ponies will never really befriend with her if she don't give up all of that talent.

It sounds very similar to the situation that Twilight faced back in "Boast Busters", when she was afraid her friends would hate her if she displayed her real power. Maybe Starlight's talent did indeed alienate her from her peers. Maybe she was snubbed or even bullied over her accomplishments and decided to start hiding her gift.

The rejection of her talent caused Starlight to suffer from Cutie Mark Failure Insanity Syndrome and she decided that if she had give up her talent, then other ponies should give up their talents too, wanting or not. She created a spell that can remove Cutie Marks and block talents, but since she never removed her own Cutie Mark, she never actually stopped suffering CMFIS.

Starlight will be set up as an evil counterpart to the Cutie Mark Crusaders
Given that they finally got their marks, what better way to emphasize it by showing Starlight go through her own version of the 'blank flank' mockery, only without friends and family with her.

Starlight had other friends besides Sun Burst. All ended in disaster.
After Sun Burst moved away, Starlight made friends with Blue Moon, a unicorn of unpromising magic skills and a bit behind academically. Starlight often offered to help her with her homework, only to find herself doing it outright. Blue Moon's family was also of more modest means than Starlight's, but Starlight was always happy to share with a friend. She would often lend things to Blue Moon without asking for their return. When Blue Moon asked for something special to Starlight that made her finally say no, Blue Moon cried, called Starlight "mean and stingy" and said she didn't want to be friends anymore.

Starlight then decided to try her luck with pegasi, since that meant no magic at all to compete over. She made friends with Tumble Free, a bold and charismatic pegasus who was very much into aerobatics. Starlight loved watching Tumble Free perform and would always cheer her on. However, Tumble Free always degraded magic whenever Starlight brought it up, calling it a "lame cheat". Starlight tried to keep from doing magic or bringing it up around her friend. When Tumble Free was set to be in an aerobatics competition, Starlight decided to surprise her friend by casting a spell to give herself wings so she could attend the event. Instead of being flattered, Tumble Free insulted Starlight's wings (she was secretly jealous) and told Starlight off for using magic to give herself wings she didn't really deserve. Starlight flew home without even seeing the event.

Starlight made friends with another pegasus called Prism Dart who was a quick flier, but not as good at aerobatics and not nearly as arrogant as Tumble Free. Prism Dart was actually impressed by magic and would often cheer Starlight on. Everything might've been great if Prism hadn't met Tumble Free. Tumble Free convinced Prism Dart that she should only be friends with other pegasi and ditch the unicorn. She offered to teach Prism better aerobatics, on the condition that she stopped being friends with Starlight. Prism Dart avoided Starlight soon after. The friendship was over before Starlight even realized it.

Starlight thought earth ponies might be more down to earth. So, she made friends with a filly named Peanut Brittle. Peanut seemed nice and was a lot of fun. However, Starlight started to notice that random items would go missing whenever Peanut visited her home. Peanut would claim she had no idea what happened. When Starlight found missing items at Peanut's home, Peanut would claim it fell into her saddle bag by mistake and give it back. When Starlight caught Peanut shoplifting, she told Peanut's mother who grounded the filly, gave back everything she stole and apologized for her daughter. Even after the grounding was up, Peanut had to go to after school therapy sessions. This caused Peanut Brittle to resent Starlight and no longer be her friend.

Starlight then decided to make friends with Key Lime, a pony who was sort of the class clown. The two loved hanging out and laughing together and trading secrets. Then, Starlight found out Key Lime was telling other ponies her secrets and making fun of her behind her back. Starlight got sick of the teasing real quick and decided this was it, no more friends. What's more, she realized that many of her friendships ended over inequality.

The two ponies she's most likely to rekindle a friendship with are Sun Burst and Peanut Brittle. Sun Burst is now a professor at Canterlot University and occasionally wonders about the filly he used to know. Peanut Brittle now realizes she had a problem and really needed professional help. She now lives on a peanut farm where she makes honest money and now wishes she could both thank and apologize to Starlight Glimmer. As for the others: Blue Moon married a wealthy stallion and has two foals who are practically raised by a nanny. Blue Moon is a bored house mare with a small group of "friends" who are just as shallow and self-centered as her. Tumble Free is a professional aerialist who would rather have fans than friends. Prism Dart is Tumble Free's valet and personal lackey, not knowing how to be anything else. Key Lime is currently in hiding due to a string of firecrackers laid beneath the chair of the Prince of Yakastonia, whereabouts unknown.

Starlight didn't get her cutie mark until she was an adult.
She was delusional and insecure to begin with, and never getting her cutie mark strengthened this. The main reason for her not making any friends was that she felt that she, a blank-flank, had no right to socialize with regular ponies. As it became increasingly clear that she was an extremely late bloomer, Starlight became obsessed with cutie marks. Her insecurity shifted into resentment, and she began to hate ponies with special talents. On her sixteenth birthday, she ran away alone into the desert and built herself a house. Soon after, she encountered Double Diamond, who had broken his leg in a skiing accident. She brought the injured skier into her house, offering him food and a place to rest. As he slept, Starlight found herself staring angrily at his cutie mark. Her resentment activated the cutie-demarking spell for the first time, draining him of his individuality and earning Starlight her cutie mark. When Double Diamond woke up and asked what had happened, Starlight smiled, picked up a nearby piece of wood, and improvised the lore that became her town's philosophy.

Starlight is a direct descendant of Starswirl the Bearded
Both of their names the begin with the word "star",both of them created a spell that can swap cutie marks and are very powerful even by unicorn standards. Her inheriting the magical genes of the most powerful unicorn of Equestrian history would explain how Starlight was able to upgrade his Time Travel spell, and even rival the Queen of Magic herself.

Starlight is a reincarnated version of Starswirl the Bearded
Add everything already mentioned above about being a descendant, and add in the not-so-subtle allusion from "A Hearth's Warming Tail" that Starlight (well, Snowfall but close enough) rivals Starswirl in magic ability. It may be some event in the future will wake up the Starswirl personality but if this is the case, she's clearly unaware of how important she is. This may be a Long Game that Starswirl was playing to bring himself into the future

Does that mean Starlight is a ...TIME LORD?!?

Starlight is now the most powerful pony in Equestria
Since Twilight has already ascended to alicornhood and that we don't know the current status of Starswirl the Bearded, Starlight is currently the most powerful unicorn in all of Equestria .

Starlight will put her Equalization spell to use for a good cause...
As a jailer. It would be a way to punish and neutralize extremely dangerous criminals by making them too weak to break out, and a way to brand them if they somehow do escape. Then when their sentence is served, they get their Mark back.


     The Mane Cast 
Rainbow Dash wasn't the reason the rest of the mane six got their cutie marks. Rather, it was...
The bully who didn't crash into a pillar. Rainbow Dash wouldn't have made her first Sonic Rainboom if she hadn't had to beat him.
  • It was both of the bullies. If they hadn't been making fun of Fluttershy, Rainbow Dash wouldn't have needed to stand up for her.
    • No, it was Rainbow Dash. If she hadn't stood up for Fluttershy, the race wouldn't have happened in the first place.
      • Actually, it was Fluttershy. If she hadn't been there, she wouldn't have been made fun of by the bullies.
      • Really, it was summer flight camp. If it hadn't existed, all the pegasi there would've been in different places.
      • Post hoc ergo propter hoc?

The mane six got their Cutie Marks because of their Elements
  • Rainbow was being loyal towards Fluttershy by "defending her honor"
  • Applejack had to be honest with her feelings and realize she belonged at the farm
  • Fluttershy helped out the scared animals by being kind to them
  • Rarity was generous because she was single-hoofedly sewing costumes for the school play
    • Also she found a whole rock full of probably valuable gems and used them to make costumes she made others look nice rather than hoarding them or using them herself.
  • Pinkie wanted to spread laughter to her family by throwing them a party
  • And Twilight was just plain magical
    • And, because Friendship is magic, she also met her first friend, Spike.

Each element is a two-edged sword.
  • Honesty: The wielder of Honesty can't consciously lie, but that doesn't prevent her from misjudging the situation and giving promises she can't keep (like in "Applebuck Season").
    • Doubtful, she gave the most convincing lie in "Party of One". Unless you think she sort of botched that lie too.
      • Look again; nothing she says in the entire episode is actually untrue, she's just selective with the truth. Not only that, Pinkie Pie clearly had the hardest time believing her excuse (which wasn't even technically a lie, and also quite in-character for Pinkie Pie, since she conversely buys Rainbow Dash's and Fluttershy's "house-sitting for a vacationing bear" excuse without a second thought) if the intense stare-downs are any indication; Applejack came very close to cracking.
  • Kindness: The downside of Kindness is, of course, indecisiveness and shyness. (Maybe this point needs some further thought.)
  • Laughter: As we have seen, the wielder of Laughter is prone to mental instability as soon as no one laughs with her.
    • She also seems to have trouble taking things seriously.
  • Generosity: In order to give, you first have to acquire. That's why Rarity is always in search for more gems. So yes, paradoxically, the downside of Generosity is Greed.
  • Loyalty: Rainbow Dash's loyalty is permanently put to the test. For example, she dreams of joining another group (the Wonderbolts) that would most probably occupy all of her time. And what about her relationship to her old friend Gilda? The downside of loyality is that you can't prevent it to be constantly challenged.
    • Discord took full advantage of this one. The downside to loyalty is when two conflicting loyalties come to a head (The Mane Six vs. Cloudsdale in this case.)
  • Magic: Hm, that's a tough one. Can't come up with anything right now.
    • Inability to believe anything that she can't explain, maybe?
    • The downside of Magic appears to be Social Awkwardness. It's hard to say how exactly those two things tie together though.
    • Remember, Magic is also Friendship. And with Friendship comes the fear of doing something that might upset or offend your friends, losing them FOREVER — hence, social awkwardness. It feeds into what held Twilight back from challenging Trixie, or her inner turmoil over keeping a secret she saw tearing two of her friends apart — and then there was how she wanted to throw an absolutely perfect slumber party, and wanted to help out so badly during Winter Wrap-Up...
    • A more fitting one. Twilight is often the Only Sane Pony and the one smoothing the group together. This means she's doomed to have to act as the Mediator and bear the burden of having to settle disputes from her friends and make choices over them (as in Ticket Master).
      • "And Magic makes it all complete"?
  • Think about things more akin to the theological argument that overabundance of a virtue is just as much a vice as a lack of the trait. Applejack is Honest, but Honest to the point where keeping the truth harms everypony more than taking back her word openly did in Applebuck Season. Fluttershy's Kindness makes her a great friend, but it leads her to either holding even the slightest criticism in or letting an overwhelming flood of critique out on request (see her discussion of Rarity's dress for her). When she tries to be kind to animals that want to sleep, it leads to a massive negative feedback loop. Pinkie Pie's obsession with Fun exhausts others (at the Gala) and leaves her in a very bad state when left alone (in Party of One). Rarity's Generosity leads to her giving away too much in Suited For Success, throwing her ideas, time, and a big chance away to fit the mildest desires of others. Rainbow Dash's Loyalty makes her fall apart when competing with friends, and prevents her from realizing when a friend is being mean. Twilight Sparkle's interest in Magic leads her to try solving problems with magic that should not be (see Winter Wrap Up), get overwhelmed when such doesn't work (see Feeling Pinkie Keen), and leap to explanations involving magic when she shouldn't (see how she judged a book in Zecora's first episode).
    • So wait, the Mane Cast are Alphas? Best theory ever.

All six of the main ponies run between a little weird and occasionally psychotic.
Not to be over analytical, but... here goes nothing. I'll rate them on 1 to 5, based on possible danger.
  • There's a guess above that says that Twilight has Asperger Syndrome, which is a ball I'll roll with. I'm gonna rate her a 1, since she hasn't done anything that could hurt somepony. Also gonna say she has no trigger.
    • I guess it is time to rate her 5, or even, 6. the compilation video of her being mentally unstable is here:
    • AND that episode does establish her personal trigger: the fear of failing and dissapointing her teacher, Celestia.
  • There's also one that says Rarity has OCD. I'll roll with that one too and say the unicorns got the long end of the stick. Again, rated 1 with no trigger.
  • Applejack had that time she overworked herself and became sleep deprived. I don't know what to call this other than being too bullheaded for her own good. She probably wouldn't be hard to help if ponies caught on and stopped asking her to do stuff. It's also probably not a stretch to say her trigger (overly competitive) is not something you could easily pull on accident if you watch your tongue. I'll rate Applejack a 3, since she never did anything bad on purpose, but still did over propel that pegasus and practically poison plenty of ponies.
  • Pinkie Pie is very obviously weird, but not so obvious until it rears its head is how reliant she is on her friends. When she got it in her mind that her friends didn't like her anymore, she completely snapped and made surrogate friends out of a bunch of stuff. Add that with the hostility she acted with when Rainbow Dash showed up, and I think we've got a pony with the potential to be legitimately dangerous. I'm gonna give her a 5, with a hard trigger unless she gets panicky like she did.
    • I think that Pinkie Pie is more of a danger to herself' than to others when depressed; she's never shown honestly violent tendencies, and I'd say her reaction to Rainbow Dash showing up was less "bloodthirst" than it was thinly-veiled bitterness and resentment. What's much more likely is that Pinkie Pie would become a complete recluse, cutting off all contact with the world and perhaps negelcting to take care of herself.
  • Fluttershy cannot stand the idea of animals not liking her. The way she acts when this happens is pretty damn unnerving, and it seems like she could accidentally hurt somepony over this fury. Fluttershy gets a 3, since it doesn't seem like she'd do anything bad out of actual malice. Her trigger is probably hard to pull, since animals (save the ones at the Gala) generally do like her.
  • Rainbow Dash seems to rely on her ego to remain stable. When her ego was damaged in Sonic Rainboom, she had quite a panic attack. I think she'd be just as if not more demure than Fluttershy if her ego were eviscerated. I'll give her a 2, with a varying trigger (Rarity pulled it on accident, but it'd take a braggart capable of beating her to pull it on purpose) since it seems like she would hurt herself after a while.
    • Rainbow doesn't actually have as big of an ego as it seems. She's a lot more complex than that. Her greatest fear is actually failure. Rainbow has an extreme lack of self confidence. She has self respect, she doesn't experience self loathing, but she does have a lot of issues with self confidence. What seems to be ego, is actually false bravado. It's a facade she puts up in public, and it's her way of trying to give herself confidence when she doesn't actually have it. This gradually starts to go away when she starts to gain legitimate confidence in herself. Rainbow is actually a totally different person on the inside than what her facade might imply. You see signs of her true inner personality all the time, but mainly when she is alone...she is kind, caring, quiet, and emotional.
    • I'd bump her up to a 3, given that she moves with enough speed that there's a potential for her to cause, at the very least, a great deal of property damage were she to crash in the wrong place.
    • You want to know why they're all such colorful (but potentially dangerous) nuts? They're time lords! We've even seen past regenerations of three of them: Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie and Rarity. Just look at them in the G3 videos. The same, but different.

The Cast's Approximate Human Age.
While Word of God (Lauren Faust) says she wants to maintain certain ambiguity about their age, she stated that they are young adults. horses tend to reach maturity between age 6 ór 7 an average lifespan of 25 years, for this estimation I am making a 3:1 age ratio, a human reaches maturity between the 18 and 21 years old and average lifespan 75 (pretty fitting if you ask me).

Now, we know Fluttershy is the oldest of the ponies, and when the events of the sonic rainboom took place, she seemed like she was starting puberty, so i'll just say she's the oldest for now.

As for Applejack, we know that she had enough age to be allowed to go to live with a relative by her own choice. However, we know she was both a late bloomer (last on her class to get a cutie mark) yet younger than Apple Bloom when she left (Apple Bloom still obviously a Elementrary school child, and I would not say older than say 4th grade, so that restricts the age span between 6/2 or 10/3.1/3 age). Now, I'll assume a 9/3.0 age when she left, and that she probably spend a lot more of time that it was showed on the flashback with their Aunt and Uncle Orange. Let's say she lasted 1 Year/4 Months, so when the sonic rainboom happened she was 10/3.1/3 years.

Now, Rarity Seems to be a similar age to Applejack or Fluttershy. As an adult, she seems to be one of the more mature ones (her NeatFreakness and occacional hamminess being a permanent aspect of her personality. Also note that despite Sweetie Belles's accidents related to her clumsiness, she takes it quite well. And in fact, she's quite supportive with her and the Cutie Mark Crussaders). Meanwhile as a filly, she was already old enough for be starting her own business (or at least being the one in charge of the school dresses) it seemed like she had being doing it for quite some time already, so I'll say, and since it's probably in the middle school/trimester year(more details on Twilight's guess) I guess she was 11/3.2/3 years old by then).

Now, as For Pinkie pie it has been stated that she's 1 year younger than Fluttershy. However, when most people talk about age differences, they tend to make big roundups, gennerally towards the lower number, so 1 year may be something between 9 months to 1 year and 9 months, in this case, I'm taking the wider option and say 1.7 human years and 5 pony years) and giving pinkie an age of 8/2.3 years and Fluttershy 13/4.1/ years, a good age for a girl starting puberty.

Rainbow Dash Was Starting on the Equestria's Junior Flyers Camp, I'll just take that as first grade of elementary school, 6/2 years.

And Finally, Twilight Sparkle. We know that when the events of the sonic rainboom happened, she was on the middle of her entrance exam, so I'll take it as that she was not on Elementary school yet. If you ask me that how did she learn to read and write if she wasn't on school yet, think about this; she was going to enter not on any school, bun on a high performance academy directed by the Goddess/Empress herself, so it is expected that any candidate has enough potential her/himself, so Twi probably learned at home and read a lot of books before ingressing (She probably started studying since age 4/1.1/3 when she saw Celestia and entered to kindergarden).

Now, in many important academies, the process would start with quite some anticipation, I am asuming the School system of Equestria also has the same ratio as the pony:human age, so a scholar cycle would last 1 year/4 months, that being said, i'm asuming they did twilights audition 1 cycle before starting her first elementary school year, at Age 5/1.2/3)

So also assuming 4/12 year passed since them, the actual human ages of the ponies would be:

Fluttershy - 8.1/3 - 25 years
Rarity - 7.2/3 - 23(almost 24)
Applejak- 7.1/3 22
Pinkie Pie - 6.2/3 - 20 (barely)
Rainbow Dash - 18
Twilight Sparkle 17

Also I got another guesses of other characters:
Trixie - 8.2/3 26(barely)
Big Macintosh - 9 - 27 years(almost 28)(he was already on the puberty when applejack leaved the farm)
Zecora - 9.1/3-28

Apple Bloom - 2.2/3 ->9(almost 10)
Scootaloo - 2.2/3 -> 9
Sweetie Belle 2.2/3 - 9 (barely)

As for the Princesess, I am thinking a 1:100 ratio, that originally, Luna was "only" 300/3 years younger than luna, but when she got corrupted/sealed, she got age locked, and didn't age until released, while Celestia spend those 1000/10 years on the normal world aging. I also want to point out that 1000 is not their age, but the time passed since Luna's rebellion. I think they both were "teenagers" by that time at ages 1700/1400 respectively, and in the present and due the age lock of Luna, their actual ages are 2700 and 1400 respectively.

  • Nope, sounds like a load to me. Word of God clearly states that their ages are between 12-18 (In human years, since these ponies age like us{Also Word of God).
Rarity would be the oldest due to having AN ACTUAL OCCUPATION leaving her at the 18 mark.Twilight is, we assume in the pony equivalent of High School, so 17 would work out for her.Rainbow Dash is a rebellious Tomboy and a possible lesbian, her need for air-speed could be considered the equivalent of a new driver with a shiny car. That would peg her at 16.Applejack does backbreaking labor on an apple farm, meaning she's still young and vigourous. She is 14 or 15.Fluttershy is shy and afraid of her own shadow, she adores woodland life and has moments that are just plain wierd. I would estimate she's at least 13.Pinkie Pie is borderline insane, always pumped with energy, aware of the 4th wall, has to be told what to do sometimes, random and the literal life of the party. She either has a stash of cocaine unlike the world has ever seen, or she's the youngest of the bunch. I peg her at 12 if she was the latter.
  • Word of God said they're young adults, but they're mentally 12-18 (Depending on what works for the plot, I guess). Also that they develop different than humans.
  • That's very close to my guess, but I guessed Twilight closer to 24, influenced by the Grad student idea.
  • I don't think it's a good idea to assume ponies age faster than humans. Even though Pinkie Pie is a year younger than Fluttershy, they look about the same in age. That would not be possible if 1 pony year=4 human years.
  • As far as age goes, there's no reason the rather advanced Equestrian ponies should have the same life spans as wild ponies. Average human life spans are about double the average lifespans of bonobos, probably our closest relatives among the primates.
  • I'm curious as to why you place Fluttershy at an age that's older than the other mane ponies. You don't really explain why Fluttershy is the oldest other than "she seemed" like it.
    • Fluttershy flat out states that she is a year older than Pinkie Pie in "Griffon The Brush Off", and we assume that Pinkie Pie is roughly the same age as everyone else (granted, Pinkie might simply be younger than the rest).
      • I know, but in this WMG, Pinkie is almost a complete 2 human years younger than Fluttershy. You wouldn't round 1.7 human years down to one; you would round them up to two.
  • That's good. However, I would have ordered them:
Fluttershy and Rarity: 24 or 25. They seem to be the same age, and Rarity generally acts more sophisticated and older than the others.
Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash: 23 or 24. If Fluttershy was held back a year in flight came (likely), she would have been in the same grade as Rainbow Dash. Pinkie Pie is a year younger than Fluttershy.
Applejack: 22 or 23. She seems to be a bit younger, though this may be because she's always been the "little sister" and has a desire to prove herself.
Twilight Sparkle: 19-21. I always imagined her as the youngest of the group (though she's the cleverest). At the very least, she recently graduated or is still enrolled in Celestia's school, but is old enough to be trusted with responsibilities like helping prepare for festivals. It would also make sense that this is her first GGG (Grand Galloping Gala) (in season one), because students 18 and under cannot attend.
Also, Big Macintosh is probably between three and seven years older than Applejack, or old enough that he is a wise figure and she looks up to him, but close enough in age that their childhoods overalapped. The Cutie Mark Crusaders actually seem like they're eleven or twelve to me, both in the way they act and in the way they speak. Zecora seemed older, between her thirties and fifties, to me.

  • While it gives no solid numbers, The Cutie Mark Chronicles could be interpreted as establishing the relative ages of the cast to each other: Twilight being enrolled in the unicorn school (presumably start of secondary education), Pinkie is "a year younger" than Fluttershy (beyond that no other clues to age), Rarity working on a school production, Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash being at Flight Camp at the same time (all three presumably during their secondary education, possibly all same age) and Applejack old enough her family would let her move out on her own without any obstacle (she'd been established prior as the last in her class to get a mark, so late or maybe just-post school here). Based on a couple of assumptions this gives a rough order of the Mane cast's ages.
    • I assume that for pegasi, flight camp is a big part of their primary education. They probably do study some academics, but learning how to fly is most important, and I wouldn't be surprised if some, perhaps even most, never spent any time on the ground at all. Rarity looked like she was in a class similar to the CMC's, but with a different teacher.
    • Since it has the words "summer" and "camp" in it, summer flight camp is probably something outside of the usual pony academics. Since all types of ponies seem to go to school together, pegasi probably learn flight outside of school. It also could be skill-based rather than age-based, so Fluttershy could be in the same class with Rainbow Dash and still be a couple years older.

  • Fluttershy is noticeably lankier than the other five, but she could have just developed more quickly, or maybe she was just that way as a kid.
    • Fluttershy's proportions in the flashback are more like those of an actual young horse than any of the other ponies. Make of that fact what you will.
    • It's puberty. During those years, children of the same ages can vary drastically in height and other developments. You see this in Cheerilee's classroom. So the different proportions in the flashback don't necessarily say anything about the Mane 6's relative ages.

  • We have to remember, Applejack said she was younger than the CMC's currently are when she got her cutie mark. I don't buy Pinkie Pie being younger than her, either. My own guess (Kitch) would be, oldest-to-youngest: Fluttershy -> Rarity -> Rainbow Dash -> Pinkie Pie -> Twilight Sparkle -> Applejack
    • Applejack also said she was the last student in her class to earn their cutie mark. She makes a big point of it in "Call of the Cutie." She was probably just exaggerating when she said she was even littler than the CMC. So Applejack is probably the oldest, and Rainbow Dash (who said she was the first in her class with a cutie mark) is probably the youngest.

  • Spike was born the day the Mane 6 got their cutie marks. The CMC are somewhat past the average age in which ponies get their cutie marks. So the average age of the Mane 6 equals Spike's age plus the CMC's age minus however far behind the norm the CMC are.
    • By my best guess, that's 13+12-1=24.

  • This troper is going with the following ages for the first episode. Not going to try to get into how much time has passed in 9 seasons of the show (a LOT less than 9 years) since then, so just their starting ages. Also, comparing them to horses is pretty ridiculous, since it's obvious that we are dealing with sentient alien beings (some of which have 6 limbs) from another planet. That's actually WORSE than saying humans and Klingons are the same thing. They have very few equine traits (hooves, which don't work like equine hooves, and an equine-ish tail). Limbs are FAR more flexible and durable than what equines have. Their facial features, body language, and general body structure are more feline (though they are obviously not cats any more than they are horses). Comparing their lifespans to horses is also ridiculous, because all evidence points to them outliving humans, let alone horses. We only know that Fluttershy is "about" a year older than Pinkie. And we know Dash moved to Ponyville on her birthday, so it's likely she moved out as soon as she turned 16.
    • Rainbow Dash: 16 (very recently turned 16).
    • Pinkie: 16-17
    • Twilight: 17
    • Fluttershy: 17-18
    • Applejack: 18
    • Rarity: 18-19

One of the mane 6 will fall in love with someone.

Without the Sonic Rainboom, the ponies would have had different cutie marks.
  • Rainbow Dash- Her love of flying but without causing a Rainboom would've caused a storm cloud with a red lightning bolt.
  • Fluttershy- Without the Rainboom to focus her love of the ground would of decided to help all ground things grow and be health animals and plants resulting in Posies as her cutie mark with bonus points for a Mythology Gag.
  • Rarity- After her magic brought her to the rock, instead of finding the gems she was inspired to make more eclectic designs, making her cutie mark needle and thread
  • Applejack- Without the rainbow leading back to Ponyville, she found a passion for cooking apples, to help her get over her homesickness, her cutie mark became an baked apple slice
  • Twilight Sparkle- Without the Rainboom, she failed the entrance exam and devoted her efforts to study, more so than before, resulting in an Open Book cutiemark.
  • Pinkie Pie- Without discovering joy, Pinkamena didn't find what she was meant for until she was fully grown. Pinkie hit the bottle hard and her cutie mark is a bottle of Whiskeys.

The mane characters' journey through the Everfree Forest to the old palace in "The Elements of Harmony" took the equivalent of several days.
It appeared to be one night, but the night didn't end until they won, so it easily could have been longer. It seems highly unlikely that the palace could be only a single day's ride from Ponyville; that would imply that either the palace is on the very edge of the forest or the forest is quite small, neither one of which seems very likely.

Princess Celestia will eventually grant titles of nobility to the mane cast in recognition of their services to the crown.
Applejack will receive the title of Lady Williams (Lady Hamilton would just be creepy).

The Mane Six are sisters.
Their "father" is the Elements of Harmony.
  • So how would they have been born? And if there was a mother, who was it? Princess Celestia?
    • easy, the elements of harmony made 6 female ponies pregnant, not necessarily at the same time. this probably would made them half-sisters, but sisters at the end.
      • We've seen both Twilight's and Pinkie's parents in "Cutie Mark Chronicles", and we have seen Applejack's grandmother. We know they are not sisters; they're friends.
      • Yes, they have parents, but their fathers aren't the biological fathers.
      • Holy crap, you guys. The mane six are Jesus!!!
      • Or Anakin Skywalker...

The mane six were vulnerable to Discord because they had already betrayed the Element of Harmony they stood for.
In small ways, the mane six betrayed their ideals: Applejack lied to Pinkie in "Party of One", even though it was meant to be a harmless little white lie, she still lied. Likewise, Pinkie became depressed and morose in that same episode, abandoning her ideal of laughter and joy. Fluttershy was unkind to the animals in "Best Night Ever": she wanted them to love her to gratify her own ego, and she was unkind to them when they did not. Rarity has been selfish and self-centered in a couple of small ways, most obviously in "Sonic Rainboom", when she was supposed to be there to cheer on Rainbow Dash, but instead made it all about her. I admit I can't think of a time when Dash was ever disloyal, but the others seem to fit. Even small deviations from the ideals the Elements represent might have rendered them vulnerable to Discord.
  • A better Rarity example (for greed rather than vanity) might have been Dragonshy, where she was less concerned about convincing the dragon to move on and more about looting its hoard.
  • I could think of a couple of Dash examples. Dash attempting to cheat in Fall Weather Friends, her being the ONLY pony not to immediately decline the ticket (But instead gloat about it, since she's the only one left) in The Ticket Master, her constantly trying to get away from Pinkie Pie at the beginning of Griffon the Brush Off, the "picking up the trash" line from Owl's Well That Ends Well, not listening to the Appaloosa side of the argument in Over a Barrel, or finding a way to get out of Gummy's after-birthday party in Party of One. There's a good reason for the latter two, but much like the Applejack answer above, she was still disloyal in a way.

The Aesop of "Luna Eclipsed" will help Twilight realize she can be more open and relaxed around Princess Celestia.
Since really, it would be a completely idiotic case of Aesop Amnesia if she applies the aesop to one princess and not the other. Also notice she Twilight seemed quite comfortable addressing Luna, in contrast to how she normally behaves around Celestia.
  • Twilight is tense around Princess Celestia because Celestia is her teacher, not her because she's a ruler or deity. Twilight isn't likely to lighten up around Celestia unless that changes.

The Mane Six are Decoy Protagonists.
The real protagonists of the series are the Cutie Mark Crusaders, on the search for their cutie marks. Sometime later in the series, something bad will happen to the Mane Six, and the Cutie Mark Crusaders will have a Take Up My Sword situation with the Elements of Harmony. After all, why else would they have an Early-Bird Cameo?

All of the mane six will be alicorns by the end of the show.
Instead of just Twilight Sparkle becoming one, in the Grand Finale Princess Celestia will grant each of the six ponies immortality and basically make them demigoddesses under herself and Princess Luna. This would keep the Elements of Harmony together forever without worrying about what happens after the ponies die. Of course, they'd be the same size and not grow as big as Celestia or Luna, being only demigoddesses.

Alternately, The Mane Six will replace Luna and Celestia.
At some point or another, Luna and Celestia will, bit by bit, turn the Mane Six into alicorns, and turn themselves into a normal pegasus and normal unicorn. The Mane Six will take over their places, with Twilight, Fluttershy, and Applejack ruling the day, and Rarity, Rainbow Dash, and Pinkie ruling the night. Twilight and Pinkie will control the actual sun and moon, and Pinkie will probably turn the moon into a giant disco ball.

All of the mane cast learnt how to sew during or after "Suited for Success".
At the start of "Suited for Success", Twilight Sparkle needs Rarity to sew a button onto a dress for her, displaying a painful lack of sewing skills. In "Luna Eclipsed", however, she indignantly protests that her costume is "hoof-stitched", implying that she sewed it herself and is rather proud of the (not too shabby) results. Likewise, Rainbow Dash's Shadowbolt costume looks like she made it herself, judging by the visible stitches. This suggests that after "Suited for Success", they (and probably Applejack and Pinkie Pie) learned enough sewing to be able to get by in day-to-day life, having learned their lesson about not treating Rarity like a sentient sewing machine. Either that, or when they all put Rarity's dress together, it really was a group effort, and Fluttershy taught them the skills they needed to help.
  • She said it was hoof-stitched, but she didn't say "I hoof-stitched them." She might have asked Rarity to make her costume for her.
  • Sewing is easy to learn and hard to master. Most people could whip up a simple Halloween costume with some guidance from someone who knows what they're doing, but being able to make an outfit suitable for the Gala is on a much different level.
    • Amusingly, this was jossed by the fact that AJ can't sew that well in "Magical Mystery Cure" but then confirmed in "Rarity Takes Manehattan", all five of Rarity's friends are seen sewing for her and the result is professional.

The mane characters' Cutie Marks are the source of their mental instability
Someone posted something sort of similar above, but didn't go this far into detail. It seems that whenever a pony is breaking down, it's because something in relation to their cutie mark is going wrong.
  • Pinkie's mark has to do with her skill with parties, and when she thinks her friends don't like her parties anymore, her hair goes flat, she delusionally pretends inanimate objects are her friends, and completely rejects her real friends.
  • Fluttershy's frustration and violent rage when the animals stay away from her happens because her cutie mark deals with the fact that she loves and is good with animals.
  • I think Applejack enters a tunnel-vision sort of state where she MUST complete the task, under the conditions she's set, even though those conditions might be ridiculous. Unfortunately for her, her natural stubbornness and independence makes her predisposed to having to do it on her own.
  • Twilight is difficult, 'cause her cutie mark has to do with her magic. But thinking about it, her completely neurotic and destructive behavior stemmed from the fact that she was about to miss an assignment deadline. Her fear about missing the deadline stemmed from the irrational fear that missing that one assignment was going to get her sent back to magic kindergarten, meaning she would fail her cutie mark.
  • Rarity's cutie mark is related to the fact that she can sew epic stuff with gems. When this goes wrong, she falls into a state of self-deprecation, and wallows in... whatever it is ponies are supposed to wallow in.
  • Rainbow Dash gets crippling fear and self-doubt when she starts worrying that she's going to mess up in her flying routine/not win the tournament.

Each of the mane cast's psychotic breaks were opposites of their usual personalities.
  • Twilight, who is normally level-headed and rational, starts freaking out and making ridiculous suggestions in "Lesson Zero" and "Swarm of the Century"
  • Appljack, the most dependable of all ponies, is suddenly very unreliable in "Applebuck Season"
  • Rainbow Dash, the confident show-off, is actually hiding in a corner in "Sonic Rainboom"
  • Rarity, the sophisticated and regal pony, is whining and throwing an overdramatic temper tantrum in "Suited for Success"
  • Fluttershy, who is normally quiet and reserved, goes all out PSYCHOSHY in "The Best Night Ever"
  • Pinkie Pie, fun-loving and always happy, is depressed and, well, not having fun in "Party of One"

The Ponies' Last Names
The ponies that have a double name have their second name as either their last name or middle name. For example, Pinkie Pie's full name "Pinkamena Diane Pie". This could be the case for Rainbow Dash, Sweetie Belle, etc. The only weird one is Apple Bloom. Her first name being just "Apple" in a family full of apple-related names would be weird, so if this WMG is true, she might just have a double first name.
  • Here's a thought: A lot of the Apple clan has "Apple" first. Maybe the original Apples hail from a region where it's customary to put the surname first, like Japan does in the real world.
    • This would, of course, result in Apple Macintosh, which is kinda awesome, and Apple Smith, which isn't so much (assuming Pony names follow the same Marriage Traditions as Western and Central European and North American nations). Of course, Applejack and Apple Bloom are generally presented as a single word so that theory may break down slightly there.
    • This is a cool idea, but I do agree with the fact that "Applejack" and "Apple Bloom" are one-word names. An alternative would be that the family's last name is Smith, or something. Big Macintosh could just be a nickname; his first name could just be Macintosh.
      • Alternatively, Applejack is just a nickname, and her real name is Jacqueline Apple (she may have been in a class with five other Jacks/Jackies). Don't know about Apple Bloom — maybe she just wanted to be like her big sister.
      • Based on the theory above (with their last name being Smith) Applejack, Big Mac and Apple Bloom have a different surname than Granny Smith, but they just happen to be called the "Apple Family". Granny Smith's daughter (AJ's, Big Mac's and Apple Bloom's mother) married into the "Apple Family" from Appleloosa.
  • Further proof, perhaps? When Rainbow Dash says "her middle name is danger," she gives her full name as then being "Rainbow Danger Dash." It's also possible that the producers just did this for the sake of it sounding better when she said it.
    • Rainbow was just making a joke. It's no different from talking to a winning Formula 1 driver, and having them say "speed is my middle name". It's an idiom, not meant to be taken literally.
  • Additionally, the Cakes. Mr. Cake's full name is Carrot Cake, and Mrs. Cake's is Cup Cake, probably meaning that onetook the other's last name.

Were it not for each other, everypony in the Mane Cast would have gone plumb loca.

  • Under a night that would last...FOREVER!

The events of "The Mysterious Mare-Do-Well" took place over the course of several months, if not longer.
It's not that Ponyville is so dangerous, it's just that the episode compressed the events of several months into twenty-two minutes. In fact, there were probably other episodes, some of which have not aired yet, going on in the interval.

One of the reasons why the "Mare-Do-Well" act was created was because the other ponies secretly enjoy excluding Rainbow Dash
Once Rainbow Dash got a pet and became a part of their pet play-time, they were no longer able to do that without her, and they had come to enjoy spending time together with just the five of them. So, they decided to do it again with the "Mare-Do-Well" both to teach Rainbow Dash some humility and to do something that she could be excluded from.

The Mane Cast are all descendants of the founders of Equestria
And probably have an uncanny resemblance to them too, it's why Celestia asked them to play the leading roles in the pageant.

Alternatively, the mane cast are reincarnations of the six founders
The six founders would therefore have invented the Elements of Harmony, from their own spirits. This is why the mane cast are said to be the "spirit" of whatever element they are; because they are literally manifestations of some ancient spirits that have reincarnated through generations of ponies, bringing harmony to each.
  • Perhaps their spirits are part of a jāti in the style of The Years of Rice and Salt, always reincarnating together.
    • Judging by the banner in the play, Princess Celestia and Luna were both present at the founding. Maybe Celestia recognised them, and that's partly how she knew where Twilight would find her friends/ the other elements?
    • Pinkie Pie's offhand comment about "And that's how Equestria was formed"- maybe on some level, she really does remember?
    • It would also explain Twilight's admiration of Star Swirl the Bearded. She remembers being taught by him on some level.

When performed by the Elements of Harmony, the Pageant became more than just a symbol of on-going Equestrian unity
On some level, the Power of Harmony/Friendship was annually re-enforced in Equestria for as long as the pageants were performed across the land. But there is some indication in 'Hearth's Warming Eve' that the Windigos could still return if conflict arises between the three races. And if their separation is what draws the Windigos attentions then the Princesses alone cannot, by definition, be of much help. Knowing of this, Celestia arranged for the modern-day bearers of the Elements of Harmony to act in the Pageant in order to further deter the Windigos with their inherent traits - they don't even need to do the whole Magical Girl thing. There doesn't appear to be an imminent threat of conflict in Equestria, but if Celestia had a chance to protect her land (however it became 'hers' to rule in the first place?) through an innocent play performed by her most trusted student and friends, then it seems like the sort of thing the Princess would do.
  • Also, we will perhaps see the Windigos again because a) they were neat-looking Eldritch threats and b) they're just too appropriate for the show to be one-episode baddies.

The mane six will find a way to use the fires of friendship in conjunction with the Elements of Harmony.
Either that, or they will use the fires of friendship instead of the Elements if they face off against another enemy who somehow manages to steal the Elements.

The Mane Six are not being groomed as princesses at all
Fluttershy has been observed to lose her marbles on being rejected, Pinkie Pie has been observed to lose hers at the mere appearance of rejection, and Twilight Sparkle has been observed lose her marbles when she's about to miss a deadline. Not what you want in national leaders.
  • Well, that's why you groom them. Each lesson they learn is one less mistake they'll make when something big is on the line.
  • Who ever said that they are being groomed as princesses?

Rainbow Dash not being able to get her cider? That's Rarity's fault.
Rarity said she was going to get vengeance on Dash in the previous episode...
  • Mind you, she did eventually relent, and she wasn't behind every misfortune that came Dash's way (she had no way of knowing about the Flim Flam Brothers).

Alternate theory on the Element of Magic. (Borrowed from Friendship is Dragons)
The general agreement on how Magic fits in with the other Elements is that it's a Title Drop - but what if that's not it? The thing is that Friendship is not just one thing. It's many elements coming together that make up a bond between people (or ponies, as the case may be). So how is Magic connected? Well, think about it. The Mane Cast are as different as different can be - a socially awkward nerd, a flamboyant fashionista, a down-to-earth cowfilly, a silly Reality Warper, a shy but kind girl, and a brash athlete. And yet, they all get on, despite the fact that their personalities SHOULD, by all rights, be incompatible. All of these ponies, coming together, getting on... it's just like magic.

The Mane Six are a subtle example of feminism.
This is mostly about how none of them are featured in Hearts and Hooves Day, but also about their lack of love lives in general. They are concentrating on their own identities before settling down with a man.
  • Applejack is still coming to terms with being the functional matriarch of Sweet Apple Acres, preparing for the day when Granny kicks it and AJ becomes the official matriarch. (Extra stress since she's probably a little young for the job.)
  • Twilight has just left school. She's still in a learning role, but it's more transitioning towards the real world.
  • Rarity is focused on breaking into the fashion industry. When she was flirting with Blueblood, she just wanted to play with her more romantic side, and would have had a tough choice if it had actually worked out.
  • Rainbow Dash just seems to not be interested. She has some maturing to do anyway, since nopony could probably match her coolness expectations.
  • Pinkie Pie is just Pinkie Pie, and also has some settling to do for anypony to catch her attention in that way. She's probably more likely to start wanting her own children before she even starts looking.
  • Fluttershy is probably the biggest exception. There is a small hope that someone could approach her in that way, but she's just as likely to spend the rest of her life just as she is. Kindhearted Cat Lover

  • I was totally under the impression this was going to be a WMG about what type of feminist each represents. They really just show girls that they don't have to be super girly to be a girl, but if girly is your thing, werk it gurl. Allow me to explain:
    • AJ teaches girls that they CAN work in a male-dominated field and kick all sorts of ass. She can be stubborn and hard-working, tomboyish and playful but she's still a girl. It's okay for girls to get more than a little dirty and uncouth; you're no less a girl for it. She teaches girls that a girl can genuinely like working, that it's okay for a girl to ask for help. A girl can have responsibilities and still have fun. A girl can be sloppy, a girl can be level-headed. A girl can be dependable, a girl can be loving and motherly.
    • Twilight teaches girls that they CAN be smart, and don't have to dumb themselves down to be well-liked. Girls can be neurotic and insecure, girls can be excited over the silliest things, and it's more than okay to be a bit of an "egghead". Nerds can be girly, or tomboyish, it doesn't matter. She shows that it's okay to have people you look up to, it's okay to have passions, it's okay to just love to learn. It's okay to overreact, but you should also still be able to recognise when you're doing it before it gets too out of hoof. A girl can be socially impaired, a smart girl is allowed to be clueless.
    • Rarity says that you can be a girly girl and that's just fine. She also teaches girls that a girly-girl doesn't have to have a man to exist. Rarity also teaches girls that a girly-girl can be her own person and support herself; she doesn't need her boyfriend to do everything for her. Rarity also shows girls that it's okay to get dirty, even girly girls. As Twilight points out in Rarity's first spotlight episode, a girly girl doesn't have to be weak. Even if she's physically weak, she still has her brain, wits, and voice (even if Rarity used her voice for whining, she still used her brain to weaponise her whine, seeing it as a weak spot). It's okay for a girl to want to be treated like a lady and to be dignified. Rarity is also the most prone to flirting, and shows girls that it's a-okay to be a little boy-crazy, while showing them that they don't need men. A girl can be independent, no matter how feminine she is. A girl can be hammy, a girl can like to act. It's okay for a girl to be a little greedy.
    • Rainbow teaches girls that it's okay to be boyish and sporty, it's okay to have ambitions, and that hard work and perseverance can reward you. She tells girls that it's okay to be reckless, but to remember the risks. She tells girls that it's okay to be competitive, it's okay to like roughing it up, and that a girl CAN stand up for not just herself, but her friends. A girl is not weak. A girl doesn't have to wear a dress to be girly, and her Equestria girls getup shows that skirts aren't necessarily girly (considering that her skirt looks like it's made of the same material as sweatpants; me, I think she just finds that easier to move in than anything else). A girl can be confident, even arrogant.
    • Pinkie Pie teaches girls it's okay to have fun, it's more than okay to be passionate, and it's okay to be kooky and weird. It's okay to adore your friends, and that insecurities don't define that. She also teaches girls that your insecurities are probably unfounded (talking about her insecurities in her friends in Party of One), it's okay to be girly and hyperactive, and that there's more than one way to be girly. A girly girl doesn't have to be dignified. A girl can be chatty, a girl can be odd, a girly girl can be sporty. A girl can enjoy silly things and have passions in the strangest things. It's okay to like parties and cake, and a girl is very much allowed to enjoy eating whatever she likes to, no matter how weird it might be. A girl can like eating. A hyperactive girl can enjoy calmness once in a while. She (along with Dash) teaches girls that it's okay to enjoy pranks, as long as you know the person being pranked will be able to laugh at themselves. A ditzy girl is more than capable of being very bright. A girl can love company.
    • Fluttershy shows that a girl can be modest, meek, shy, soft-spoken, and quiet. A girl can be weak, a girl doesn't have to be extroverted. A girl can enjoy the company of animals more than people, a girl can love animals. A girl can work as a naturalist and zookeeper. A girl can be feminine and sweet. A girl can be innocent. A girl can be comfortable with the roles traditionally assigned to a girl. A girl doesn't have to enjoy the company of many.

Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy are sisters
  • Rather than a romantic couple, as some have speculated, Dash and Fluttershy are actually sisters. It's why RD stuck up for Fluttershy at flight school, why she insisted that Fluttershy was her number one flier, why she was so enthused to see Fluttershy unhurt after the incident with the Changelings. In fact, it may well have been her desire to look out for her sister that caused Rainbow Dash to leave Cloudsdale and move to Ponyville. After discovering her talent for helping animals, Fluttershy saw no need for staying in Cloudsdale. Rainbow Dash could have stayed and worked more on her flying to fulfill her dream to join the Wonderbolts. But her Loyalty to her sister drove her to move to Ponyville as well.
  • Kind of the opposite of the usual older-younger sibling dynamic then? Considering how much taller Fluttershy was as a filly.
    • Finally and thoroughly Jossed as off "Flutter Brutter", where it is confirmed that Fluttershy has a brother, and that Dash is the subject of his unwanted advances.
Their "Friendship" Magic is interchangable.
  • They do not monopolize all the virtues (and vices) of Honesty, Kindess, Loyalty, Laughter, Generosity, etc. Each can actually show traits that others are supposed to be examples of.

If One of the Six Die, The Friendship Magic Dies Too.
  • Not likely. Celestia and Luna were able to wield the Elements on their own against Discord. They could always find someone else.

If One of the Six Die, as long as the rest remember the fallen (and their virutes) the Magic lives on.

In "Return of Harmony", the Mane Six were Fighting from the Inside, at least at first.
  • When the girls are brainwashed by Discord into acting against their respective Elements, in most cases the effect is subtle at first: Applejack (Honesty) is a liar, but an even more transparent one than usual; Pinkie Pie (Laughter) becomes a grump, but is also The Comically Serious ("This may look like fun, but it's not!" she says while sliding around on the soapy roads); Rarity (Generosity) becomes selfishly obsessed with what she thinks is a giant diamond, but is at least willing to accept Twilight's help in carrying the rock around; and Fluttershy (Kindness) becomes mean and cruel, but initially limits herself to childish insults and pranks. As time went on and they slipped further into Discord's influence, they became worse and worse: Applejack stopped making her "poker face", Pinkie Pie became even angrier, Rarity refused to let anypony else alone with her precious "Tom", and Fluttershy became even nastier ("What's soaking wet and clueless? Your face!") Even Twilight Sparkle (Magic) tried to be true to her friends, but steadily became more cross and short-tempered with them, until the Elements of Harmony failed and she gave up on them completely. The exception to this pattern is Rainbow Dash, and that's only because she left the group and wasn't seen again until she was completely under Discord's influence.

Each member of the Mane Cast represents a different socieoeconomic status.
Twilight Sparkle: Upper-class, old nobility. Her family is clearly on the higher steps of the socioeconomic ladder (her brother is captain of the guard and married a princess, she's the personal student of Celestia herself; one WMG above elaborates). It can be assumed that the family is not new to this class (again, see above).

Rarity: Also upper-class, but representative of "new money". Her family is presented as prosperous, but is seemingly not as highly-regarded as Twilight's. Given her Mid-Atlantic accent and propensity for glamor, she comes pretty close to a true caricature of her family's place in society. Her family has probably acquired its wealth within the last generation, probably in some sort of modern-ish business.

Rainbow Dash: Middle-class. The source of her/her family's place in society is not really hinted at, but it's pretty obvious that she is neither rich nor poor. She apparently lives in a rather-sizable house outside of the city and has both interest in and time for leisure activities. Her personality and lifestyle seem perfectly fitting of a stereotypical American suburban tomboy.

Applejack: Middle-class. Far from being the typical starving peasants or hick farmers, she and her family are hardworking, if rurally-cultured, businessponies. They own large fields of apples, which they always seem to be selling in some form. The cider line in "Super Speedy Cider Squeezy 6000" suggests that their family business is highly popular, and her relatives in "Cutie Mark Chronicles" appear to be already-wealthy, which seems unfitting for a poor family, and are clearly richer than the Apples as well.

Pinkie Pie: Working-class (or "poor"). Her family before her seems to have been poor farmers. She may be perfectly happy doing it, but she works a low-level job for other ponies' benefit. Her mannerisms and forms of entertainment also seem rather lowly, no matter how much she enjoys them.

Fluttershy: Similarly poor. Like Pinkie Pie, she is perfectly happy with her lifestyle, but that doesn't stop it from being rather meager. She lives like a hermit in the forest, and doesn't even seem to have a proper occupation. She has no given family background, so it is unclear whether this was her choice or her family's history.

  • Fluttershy is debatable: She has a rather big country house outside the town, and seems to own the lands surrounding it, not to mention the fact that she takes care of a rather sizable amount of animals(Both local and "exotic") as pets, and has other creatures under her care, like chickens. Either she is rich, has a profitable job on the side(Or has profits from stuff made by the animals, like eggs and honey) or is somehow endorsed by the government.
    • Fluttershy is a vet. A vet in private practice can typically earn $110,000 per year. I would guess that she would be a Self-Made Pony, in that she probably built everything up herself. ( purchased the cottage, however she gains the animals...) which also explains how come she could offer such a wide variety of pets to Rainbow Dash- Fluttershy also functions as the Equestrian equivalent of an animal shelter.
      • Fluttershy is explicitly not a veterinarian. We've seen Ponyville's vet, and it isn't her. Fluttershy's cottage probably didn't cost too much. It's far from town, and right next to the Everfree Forest, which can't be good for property values. She does seem to be running an animal shelter/pet adoption center.
  • Rarity is also debatable, as the show never presents her or her family as particularly well off. She has wealthy clients, yes, but has no helpers or assistants beyond her friends, implying that she is still a struggling newcomer. While Rarity would probably prefer to do as much of the construction on her own as possible, she doesn't have anyone to help around the shop or even to help dig up gems on a consistent basis. Her parents also fail to display any sign of wealth, seeming to be nothing more than a pair of small town hicks. The interactions between Sweetie Belle and Diamond Tiara also imply that Tiara is, or thinks that she is, on a higher socioeconomic level.
    • I would peg Rarity as self-made as well- Rarity isn't exactly a newcomer at the beginning of the series (Rarity was in charge of decorations for the yummer Sun Celebration- she is at least locally known) while she is gaining prominence as the show goes on (Rarity was tasked with Cadence's headdress, not something to be trusted to just anypony...) As for Diamond Tiara, she's stereotypical New Money- especially idiotic in her case, since it was her father who made the money. ( Filthy Rich earned most of his money by reselling the Apple Family's Zap Apple Jam. He also knows it, being unfailingly polite to the Apple Family. (I'm guessing he doesn't know his daughter is a bully, and that he married soeone after his money, as otherwise Diamond Tiara's behaviour makes no sense)

After Best Night Ever, both Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash had to fend off charges of sexual harassment.
From North Star and Caesar, respectively.

Prior to the start of the series, none of the Mane cast had close friends.
After the series begins, they only ever hang out with each other and their families. Making for a somewhat conspicuous absence of other people.

Rarity and Applejack: Both are workaholics without time for much socializing. Applejack does spend time with her family, who are also her coworkers, which precludes the need to socialize with others. Rarity spends little time with her family, who kinda sorta epitomize the aspects of Ponyville that she wants to leave behind.

Twilight Sparkle and Spike: Twilight is too busy studying to go out and meet people. Spike is too busy helping Twilight to do much socializing, but seems to have met at least a few people despite that.

Pinkie Pie: Her manic extroversion scares people off. She appears to be on good terms with everyone in town, but doesn't seem to meet with anyone outside of parties.

Rainbow Dash: Has a very offputting personality to anyone that doesn't get to see her good points. She was also completely unaware of how unpleasant Gilda could be to others, which means that she either hung with a very different crowd in the past or didn't have other friends to compare her to.

Fluttershy: Obviously, too shy to meet others of her own volition. While she did attend the same flight camp as Dash, Dash's lack of familiarity with Fluttershy's quirks make significant contact unlikely. Additionally, she and Gilda didn't seem to know each other.

The rest of the Mane Six are going to form the nucleus of Twilight Sparkle's court.
There's a good reason that Twilight won't have to say good-bye to her friends after her ascension. That's because they're eventually going to become her five principal courtiers once she's established herself.

Rainbow Dash: Captain of the Guard.

Applejack: Chamberlain.

Rarity: Lady in Waiting.

Fluttershy: Chief counselor.

Pinkie Pie: Chef.

  • They have their own lives to lead, and not ones which necessarily fit with working with one pony princess (would Applejack abandon her family's farm, Rainbow sacrifice her progress towards joining the Wonderbolts?). Plus the idea of Twilight's closest friends becoming her servants seems a little...wrong, no matter how casual Twilight might be about the whole Princess business.

A seventh character will be promoted to the mane cast

The six were evenly split between the tribes, with two of each. With Twilight's promotion, they're short one unicorn.

(Though far-fetched because of the "elements of harmony" thing, since extending that would be very difficult to explain.)

  • May I suggest the element of humility with the bearer being Trixie?
    • If you're going for irony maybe.

As support for this theory, notice that in Magical Mystery Cure a new version of Twilight's cutie mark is shown - one which has six stars instead of five.

  • Addendum to my guess: Maybe not the Element of Humility, but Trixie indeed sounds like a prime candidate. Though I'd suspect she'd first become a recurring antihero, like Discord.
  • Rainbow Rocks has brought up a new possibility: Sunset Shimmer. Given how prominently she was featured in this movie, and how popular her character became with the fans, it seems likely that she would eventually visit Equestria again (if only to unite with Celestia) or even come back permanently. Also, the whole "only six elements of harmony" is no longer a concern because they're not technically bearers anymore.
  • Half-confirmed with the addition of Starlight Glimmer, who is indeed a unicorn, she just isn't an element.

Magical Mystery Cure Cutie Mark explanations
How Each characters remembered getting the wrong cutie mark in their altered state (Because it's mental some may contradict)
  • RAINBOW DASH: During the race at flight camp she got a wing cramp and fell to the ground where Fluttershy's normal story takes over.
  • FLUTTERSHY: Bullied for being a week flier she became a class clown to get them to stop.
  • PINKIE PIE: The Rock farm was so grey and one day she found an apple, she hadn't seen color like that before.
  • APPLEJACK: When she was living with the Oranges the upper crust life didn't suit her and she wound up getting a job, she liked the lower class citified ponies and connected with a down to earth fashion design job.
  • RARITY: The Sonic Rainboom didn't break the rock but it did inspire her to make art out of the weather.

Some of the Mane Cast are/will be dead
if the Fluttershy's parents were killed off by a Shadowy monster WMG, the Applejack is a Ghost WMG, the Pinkie is a ghost WMG and the Twilight Sparkle actually died when she cast her version of the change destiny spell WMG are all true then Rarity and Rainbow Dash are next...

Mane 6 are nothing special after all
What if the reason Mane 6 aren't honoured in episodes like Sweet and Elite or Putting Your Hoof Down is because Equestria has multiple ponies saving it every day and one more group just causes yawns, not cheers? This occurred to me after Daring Don't - Daring Do, according to Twilight and Rainbow, handles alone dozens of dangerous artefacts, battles criminal bands and supernatural monsters weekly, as opposed to Mane 6 having one artefact and fighting lone villains as a band.

Also, when you think about it, Chrysalis and Sombra were defeated by Cadance, not Mane 6. Nightmare Moon and Discord were defeated by tools Celestia left in place - on their own, Mane 6 stood no chance at all. Maybe other ponies act indifferent not because they are rude, but because Mane 6 rank rather low in terms of accomplishments and coolness among Equestria's champions? Look at how much cooler Power Ponies are - Mane 6 don't even have ave-inspiring unforgettable alter ego like Daring Do or Trixie have.

Mane 5 Special Talents vs Jobs.
Because for some reason these are up for debate? After some of them have been repeatedly stated as to what they are in the show? Except Twilight, anyway, people seem a little confused so lets review what we've been told. Rarity's the primary one I want to talk about, so I'll start with her.

  • Rarity: For the love of Luna, her special talent is gemstone hunting. It's not fashion. It's not got anything to do with fashion directly. Recall in "Cutie Mark Chronicles", she says that unicorn magic doesn't happen without a reason, and states that her horn is taking her to her destiny. Twice in that episode does she say that. Twice. A quote for you: "A rock!? That's my destiny?! What is your problem, horn!?" Keep in mind that you have to acknowledge your special talent before you get your Cutie Mark (this being why the CMC don't have theirs). Rarity probably wasn't sure gemstone hunting was her special talent until she saw how happy it made everypony. When she realised it made the audience happy, she realised it must be her talent. Rarity can use the sewing machines and whatnot because the magic she uses with them is probably no more powerful than a mere levitation spell. Being a seamstress is just her job, but I'll get to the job thing in a bit. The three gemstones on her flank represent that she is good at finding them.

  • Applejack: She states in "Call of the Cutie" that she's destined is running Sweet Apple Acres, and as soon as she realised that was her special talent/destiny she earned her Cutie Mark. Applebucking is Big Mac's special talent, based off the fact that "Applebuck Season" makes it sound like he does the bulk of the work applebucking, if not all of it by himself, without getting tired. Applebucking is just part of the job for her. The apples represent the family business.

  • Rainbow Dash: Racing. Her talent isn't Sonic Rainbooms, it's racing. She says says that she earned it "when she discovered racing" and that flying at full speed felt good. Sonic Rainbooms are to RD as applebucking is to AJ. It's only part of her talent. The cloud and lightning bolt represent that she's faster than light itself and physically light as a cloud.

  • Pinkie Pie: Her special talent is the only one not verbally given in "Cutie Mark Chronicles", but considering that she didn't get it until they were midway through the party and that it's three balloons, her talent is party-throwing, not entertaining which is, well, her job because even Pinkie probably can't just throw party after party after party day in and day out. Entertaining is just part of her job with the Cakes.

  • Fluttershy: Her special talent isn't exactly caring for animals, it's communicating with them. She says as much twice. Once in "Cutie Mark Chronicles" and once in "Magical Mystery Cure". Caring for them is, you guessed it, her job. Her Cutie Mark of three pink butterflies represent the first creatures she encountered and communicated with (albeit via screaming as she fell to her near death).

Now, back to the job thing: I know somepony is going to say "But OP, remember Magical Mystery Cure!" and I'm ready for you. I noted above already that what they actually do in MMC is the other's job, which is particularly glaring in the fact that Rarity is working with weather, which no matter what you believe her Cutie Mark represents (racing or Sonic Rainbooms), isn't her special talent.

"I'm in love with weather patterns but the others have concerns/For I just gave them frostbite over top of their sunburns. I have to keep on trying, for everyone can see/It's got to be my destiny, and it's what my Cutie Mark is telling me."
Rainbow herself is shown attempting to care for the animals, but we don't actually see her communicate with them. She throws them in cages or chases them about. Her lyrics, on the other hand, suggest she tried talking but as it's Rainbow, I'm willing to bet my Rainbow Dash figurine that what happened was Angel got out of hand after about three seconds and Dash started chasing him around, yelling.
"These animals don't listen, no not one little bit!/They run around out of control and throw their hissy fits. It's up to me to stop them, 'cause plainly you can see/It's got to be my destiny, and it's what my Cutie Mark is telling me""
Fluttershy is shown to be trying to entertain. She's not exactly throwing a party. Her lyrics, like Rarity's, show this much. Fluttershy might actually be better at organising and throwing a party than she is trying to be an entertainer, since being a hostess to a party doesn't require you to be the focal of all the attention in the room.
"I try to keep them laughing, put a smile upon their face/But no matter what I try it seems a bit of a disgrace. I have to entertain them, it's there for all to see/It has to be my destiny, and it's what my Cutie Mark is telling me"
Pinkie, too, is shown trying to actually do the job she was given which in her case, actually WAS the talent: running the farm. However, AJ actually has help running the farm, something Pinkie Pie didn't have (My theory for this is that because AJ was at Carousel Boutique, her family were elsewhere, either at the Boutique or in the market shopping for her). Pinkie was shown on several occasions to be pretty good at both Applebucking and catching apples in baskets when she's got help.
"I don't care much for pickin' fruit and plowin' fields ain't such a hoot/But no matter what I try I cannot fix this busted water chute/I have so many chores to do, it's no fun being me/But it has to be my destiny, 'cause it's what my Cutie Mark is telling me."
AJ's task is also Rarity's job: sewing. Note that AJ doesn't do a damn thing that involves the gemstones on her flank, and the only one who actually did something involving their cutie mark's image was Pinkie because AJ's talent is her job. It's because they're doing jobs, not special talents, though a balloon does cameo in Fluttershy's segment.
"Lookie here at what I made I think that it's a dress?/I know it doesn't look like much I'm under some distress/If you could all give me a hand here, and help me fix this mess?/My destiny is not pretty, but it's what my Cutie Mark is telling me."

  • Likely the biggest reason they completely failed at their new "destinies" is they completely misinterpreted their Cutie Marks, and like the CMC when they try to do something that isn't their special talent, were trying way too hard. On a good day, Rarity can probably manage the weather just dandy in an emergency; also, part of her problem was likely that her true talent isn't geared towards weather, meaning her magic outside it is limited which may have also factored in. "Rarity Takes Manehattan" shows that AJ is more than capable of sewing (though not designing), we saw in "The Super Speedy Cider Squeezy 6000" that Pinkie Pie is pretty good at catching falling apples and "Applebuck Season" showed she's more than capable of taking apples out of trees; since Pinkie is probably pretty good with animals she shouldn't have had a problem with the chickens, either and Pinkie can make truly bizarre inventions, which makes it odd that she couldn't fix the water chute. These three were, quite simply, trying way, way, way too hard to do these jobs. Failing at something when you try way too hard is something that's consistent with the show. An incomplete list would be: "Winter Wrap-Up" (everything Twilight does), "Suited for Success" (Rarity trying to please her friends), "Feeling Pinkie Keen" (everything Twilight does), "Sonic Rainboom" (the titular event), "The Best Night Ever" (the only Mane 6 who doesn't suffer this is Twilight), "Lesson Zero" (Twilight again), "Luna Eclipsed" (Woona trying to be liked), "Baby Cakes" (Pinkie Pie foalsitting), "The Last Roundup" (AJ's turn at the helm), "A Friend In Deed" has traces of this (as Pinkie only gets what she wanted when she stops trying too hard), "Putting Your Hoof Down" (oh, Fluttershy), "It's About Time" (Twilight once more), "Too Many Pinkie Pies" (Pinkie trying to have fun with all of her friends), "Apple Family Reunion" (AJ trying to organise the titular reunion), "Spike at Your Service" (most everything Spike does), "Bats!" (AJ trying to get rid of the bats), and nearly every single CMC episode except "One Bad Apple". It was, simply put, a bad mix of trying too hard and misinterpreting a cutie mark. Rainbow and Fluttershy were also trying too hard, but they were also doing jobs they could probably never do because of their personalities.

The Elements of Harmony, and by extension the Mane Six, also represent the Six Perfections in Buddhism
  • Dana/ "Generosity": Rarity, obviously
  • Sila/ "Morality", "Self Discipline": Applejack
  • Kshanti/ "Patience": Fluttershy
  • Virya/ "Energy", "Enthusiasm": Pinkie Pie
  • Dhyana/ "Focus", "Concentration": Rainbow Dash
  • Prajna/ "Wisdom": Twilight Sparkle

The Mane Six will all become alicorns.

Every character will end up with their own page.
This will be dedicated to guesses that apply to the entire cast.
  • We're halfway there with pages for Pinkie pie, Twilight, Fluttershy and Spike

Princess Celestia originally planned for Rainbow Dash to be the Element of Laughter and for Spike to be the Element of Loyalty.

First: Pinkie Pie was the only one of the Elements to not participate on the organization of the party that Princess Celestia sent Twilight to oversee. Second: Spike was the one most likely to follow Twilight into a dark forest, and he is one of the characters most strongly associated with Loyalty in the series. Third: Pinkie's "test", "laugh at scary things", was the kind of "test" that someone who knew Rainbow Dash's local reputation would be likely to believe she would pass. Pinkie Pie being the Element of Laughter was a surprise to Princess Celestia (as her original name - Surprise - hints), probably because she frequently pretended to be scared of things less scary than the Everfree Forest in the night, or because Princess Celestia feared that Twilight would not be likely to bond with her so swiftly (as actually ocurred with Maud).

There's a deeper reason behind Applejack and Rarity's enemity.

The arguments between these two often seem way to bitter to be caused simply by having different hobbies and interests. My theory is that they were both in the same class when they were younger (it's implied that they've both lived in Ponyville pretty much their whole lives) and perhaps they didn't get along at the time. In fact one of them may have even been a bully to the other (Like Apple Bloom and Diamond Tiara?). Perhaps Rarity teased A.J for being working class or A.J teased Rarity for being prissy (or possibly both).

I imagine this stopped when Applejack's parents died (A.J would be too distracted to continue the rivalry and Rarity would be considerate enough to leave her alone), but rather than become friends, they just go their seperate ways.

The discovery of the Elements and their sisters becoming friends leads to them both burying the hatchet to an extent, but there are still some old scars that haven't been properly healed. As a result, these resentments occasionally bubble to the surface, but they try their best to put the past behind them and move on.

Mane 6's birthdays

Twilight Sparkle: August 7 (Friendship Day)

Pinkie Pie: May 17 (World Baking Day) or October 7 World Smile Day

Applejack:(October 1st) or early November

Rarity: August 5 or September 13

Rainbow Dash: February 1st

Fluttershy: November 13 (World Kindess Day) April 29 (Arbor Day) or April 22 (Earth Day)

Spike: February 19 or January 16 (During Chinese New Year)

The elements are completely arbitrary
The main six aren't actually the ultimate manifestation of their designated elements, Twilight just said they were such. Sure, they had some traits of the elements, but what really made them such is that they believed they were as such. Truth is, all the elements live in ALL of us.


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