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These guesses turned out to be true. If you have a guess about something else, then

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    Word of God 
The Grand Galloping Gala is going to play a larger role in the storyline than everybody thinks.
At first, we all thought it was just a story element in "The Ticket Master" that was over and done with at the end of the episode. But then comes "Suited For Success", where it focuses on Rarity making dresses for the Gala. It then lends credence to the idea that the Grand Galloping Gala is going to play a HUGE part in the story, possibly as near or in the Season Finale.

Earth ponies bless the land.
Word of God (via Lauren Faust's DeviantArt account) says that earth ponies are not the have-nots of the world, but rather have greater strength and endurance than the other types; and moreover they have a strong connection to the land and its plants and animals in the same way that pegasi have a strong connection to the sky and weather. (Fluttershy is an odd duck pegasus for getting along with animals so well.)So the guess is that earth ponies sort of 'bless' the land they're working, just by being there. A farm run by earth ponies will generate more and better crops than the same land run by unicorns. This could also explain the tradition of not using magic in the Winter Wrap-Up — by putting in the hard work to bring in spring by hand hoof, they make the whole area more fertile for the rest of the year.
  • For that matter, given that natural processes such as weather (or the sun rising) simply do not occur without the ponies' intervention, one has to question whether a unicorn would even be capable of getting plants to grow at all.
    • Presumably a unicorn or pegasus could grow flowerbeds and small gardens if they live in the vicinity of earth ponies.
  • Apparently confirmed by Word of God [1]
    • The sub-theory that unicorns and pegasi can't grow anything is pretty much confirmed in Hearth's Warming Eve. Pre-Equestrian Unicorns and Pegasi disliked Earth Ponies, but were dependent on them for food. This must mean that only Earth Ponies are capable of growing food at all. Without them, there would be no crops, and Equestria would starve. This is further hinted at by the fact that many Earth ponies have food-based names (the Cake family, the Apple family, Pinkie Pie, Golden Harvest, etc.)
    • The sub-theory wasn't confirmed. The other tribes didn't care for earth ponies, but their attitudes made it clear that they would rather somepony else grow their food than do it themselvesnote . Their poor opinion of the earth ponies seem to revolve more around their lack of impressive flashy abilities, and the unicorns and pegasi also hated each other, so they were hardly being singled out. The episode actually kind of implied the opposite, because the territory that became Equestria had plants and weather without earth ponies or pegasi. Unless pegasi and unicorns have some magic attribute that prevents plant growth around them, which seems unlikely, they should be able to grow plants as well as anyone without magical cultivation powers.

Princess Cadence and/or Shining Armor (featured on a display seen during a party at Hasbro's world headquarters) will appear in the show.

    Episode Specific 
There will be a Cloning Gambit episode.
  • Confirmed as of "Too Many Pinkie Pies."

There will be an episode centered around the mane six's pets.
  • Confirmed in "Just For Sidekicks."

We'll be getting a Story Arc at some point in Season 3 and/or beyond...
Word of God is that Hasbro insisted that the episodes be written to be viewed in any order, meaning no story arcs. But quite a few other shows started out with this mentality only to start introducing overarching plots in later seasons once it gained enough popularity and got the ball rolling. Given the wide Periphery Demographic, this show has gained plenty of popularity to say the least.
  • Confirmed for season 4 and 5: the Rainbow Keys arc, and the Cutie Mark Magic arc.

There will be an episode where Spike meets other dragons.
He will meet other young dragons and hang out with them. Twilight will be supportive, since she knows he'll be happy having someone like himself to hang out with. Maybe she will even be the one who introduced them in the first place. But these new friends are jerks, they pressure Spike into doing things he doesn't want to do, and try to keep him from his pony friends by telling him that ponies are lame. The Mane Cast is concerned and tries to figure out what to do. Eventually he stands up to them when they take things too far and when he realizes who really cares about him, and the lesson is that true friends aren't always the ones who look and act like you.
  • Would this work better with or without one of the dragons pulling a Heel–Face Turn against the others after Spike stands up to them and becoming a semi-reoccurring character? As long as it's written well enough, of course, possibly with some subtle Foreshadowing along the way.
  • This is basically the plot of "Dragon Quest".

Discord will return, and attempt to find other ways to remove the Elements of Harmony or their bearers.
Only this time, he's going to try not to underestimate the Ponies this time. How he'll try to remove the elements or their bearers is up for speculation.
  • Confirmed as the culmination of a very long-term plan in "Princess Twilight Sparkle Part 2".

There will be another episode set during winter, or at least featuring snow.
A Hasbro Entertainment and Licensing video features a one-second clip of Fluttershy running through snowy Ponyville while flapping her wings, and Hasbro's Card Creator game features images of the ponies wearing winter outfits that they haven't yet worn in the show.
  • Parts of "The Crystal Empire" are set in the arctic north, so I guess we can call this confirmed.
    • And winter comes again early in season 5. Double-confirmed.

There will be an episode where the Mane Cast are transformed into some other species.
Might be intentional, might not be. It would just be interesting to see the Mane Cast as griffons or dragons.
  • It's recently been hinted that Fluttershy will be transformed into a dragon for a day in Season 3. However, this is just a rumor, so nopony knows for sure.
    • Well, she was turned into a vampire in Season 4, which could have been mistaken for a dragon by someone who only saw a still from the episode.
  • Confirmed in "It Ain't Easy Being Breezies".

Time Travel will be involved at some point down the road.
With one group trapped in the past, the other trapped in the future.
  • Confirmed in "It's About Time," though only one pony time-travels.

There will be another Daring Do episode.
  • Confirmed in "Daring Don't." There most likely won't be a third, though.

Rainbow Dash will have a friends-vs-society episode when she is accepted into the Wonderbolts.
In the end, she will keep her friends and be a Wonderbolt.
  • Confirmed in "Wonderbolt Academy," though this hasn't been brought up again since.

There will be a Scootaloo episode...
And it will revolve around her inability to fly. She'll see other colts and fillies flying, including very young ones like Pound Cake, and wonder why she has such a hard time flying. In the end, she'll learn that some ponies are late bloomers.
  • That is, if she manages to fly in the end. If she doesn't, she'll probably replace her wings with jets. The jets will eventually fail and she'll learn that it's better to do things the natural way.
  • Or maybe an episode about: When Rainbow blows off Scootaloo too many times for trivial things instead of helping her fly, it makes her upset and denounces Dash as an idol. Rainbow thinks nothing of it at first, but when she discovers her former fan is learning from three old bullies of hers', she feels regretful for hurting her friend. Can Rainbow find a way to win her friend back?~ episode idea by HT Ffan-101
  • Well, Scootaloo got "Sleepless in Ponyville". Which didn't address her flying, but did deal with (and upgraded) her relationship with Rainbow Dash.
  • Confirmed in "Flight to the Finish"

So just what was that mysterious book at the end of "The Crystal Empire"?
Let's have some theories.
  • An ancient, forbidden magical tome known only to the royal sisters
    • The Neighcronomicon?
  • A lesson plan for the next level of Twilight's studies
  • Twilight's diary
  • A Death Note
  • The same mysterious book from the bottle in Noki Bay
  • It has something to do with Star Swirl the Bearded.
    • Seems to have been confirmed — if it's indeed the same book, Star Swirl wrote it and it contains the unfinished spell that caused all the trouble in the season finale.

The show will not change much after season 3.
Twilight will be the same old Twilight. The episodes will still be Slice of Life episodes taking place in Ponyville. The other members of the Mane Six will get as much exposure and screentime as they do now. Twilight will still live in the library. There will be episodes focusing on the challenges and trials that come with being a powerful princess, but that's it.
  • Confirmed.

At least one future threat will come out of Tartarus.
In the episode "It's About Time", it's briefly mentioned that there is a realm called Tartarus that is full of monsters and spirits that could pretty much destroy Equestria. In Greek myth, Tartarus is a place of suffering and horror where souls are punished. It would be weird if they introduce what is basically Hell and then never bring it up again. So in future episodes, more details about Tartarus will be given and there will even be new villains and threats that come out of it. Discord might be called on to help, maybe some of the monsters will even be a match for him. Fluttershy may have to call on Cerberus, since the dog must be pretty powerful if it's assigned to guard the place. Some of the characters may even have to go inside Tartarus, and it will be full of mind screws and Nightmare Fuel.
  • Confirmed. Tirek escaped from Tartarus. Discord does get called in, he is defeated. How much Nightmare Fuel is there is a matter of opnion but he does suck the life out of ponies, locks some people in Hell and would have won if not for the perfect storm. He doesn't lose by clutching the Villain Ball; he loses to low tier Deus ex Machina.

Season 4 and beyond will show more locations outside of Ponyville.
With Twilight becoming a princess and taking the next level in her magic studies, she's gonna have a lot more to do. That could mean going to other places to explore and learn, as well as perform royal duties. This would give the writers a chance to feature the many locations that are mentioned but never shown.
  • Confirmed. And Equestria is a scarier place in reality than we've been lead to believe. There is a swamp with fire pits and chimera! Everfree forest where there are wild animals. ROFL.

"The Best Night Ever" will be Meta
Episode plot will be about the disappointment of Mane Cast because the GGG will be different than they excepted. That'll probably be the future fan reaction to that episode.
  • Confirmed, effectively. All the trouble in the episode was about the girls trying to force their high expectations of the Gala onto the rather dull reality, with predictable (and amusing) results. And sure enough, there's a lot of fans complaining the episode didn't meet their expectations.

"The Return Of Harmony Part 2" will start with Twilight being Alone in a Crowd
Discord's unleashing chaos on Equestria will do what happened to the Mane Cast to everyone, leaving Twilight, possibly out of Cruel Mercy, all alone with everyone she knows and cares about a twisted inversion of their true selves, even Spike. This would likely be one of the biggest Tear Jerkers imaginable but also lead to an epic Back from the Brink moment.
  • This did happen sadly.

The elements were never in the maze
Twilight Sparkle and Celestia both focused on the "twists and turns" part of Discords riddle. However, that makes "Back where you began" meaningless, as none of them had set foot in maze before, and it holds no signifigance to any of them. But where had they set foot? The place where they managed to recover the elements of Harmony, and the place where their friendship began - the castle in the Evergreen forest.

When Discord tried to obtain the elements of harmony, the Elements couldn't survive contact with the very embodiment of chaos. They shattered again, and their essence returned to their resting place - exactly where everything began.

  • Also, Fridge Brilliance. The twists and turns are my master plan part makes sense when you realize he wanted them to go into the maze, which was his master plan.

In the season 2 premier the elements of harmony will be striped from the six
Causing them to find the secondary elements they represent
  • Applejack: Loyalty- In Applebuck Season Applejack was so overly loyal it hurt her
  • Fluttershy: Generosity- In Green Isnt Your Color It was Fluttershy's loyalty to her friends specifically Rarity that had her modeling
  • Pinkie Pie: Loyalty- FOREVER
  • Rarity: Magic- As the only other unicorn she has to be
  • Rainbow Dash: Laughter- As seen in Fall Weather Friends she's a massive prankster
  • Twilight Sparkle: Honesty- The girl has trouble keeping secrets
    • Doubtful on ALL of these, for the following reasons:
      • Twilight's special talent, what earned her a cutie mark, what's she destined to do her ENTIRE LIFE, is magic. She knows more about it than anypony and is one of the few ponies that can do all types of magic. Rarity's magic skills are nowhere near Twlight's. There's no element, not even honesty, that fits her better.
      • Rarity may be a little snobby, but she really is the most generous pony in the mane cast. She worked hard making beautiful dresses for all her friends at no cost, she insisted on helping out Twilight with her bad hair/mane day in the first episode, she gave that dragon her tail for his mustache (without being sure if it will go back) and she constantly thinks of others. Fluttershy is nice but she hasn't exhibited the level of generosity Rarity has.
      • I can see Applejack as loyalty, but she's also the most honest pony there. No other pony fits honesty the way she does. (note that the few times she does lie to another pony, she's VERY bad about it)
      • She was bad at lying even after Discord corrupted her! Honestly, if having an obvious tic after being brainwashed into being a pathological liar doesn't at least imply that she's best suited, nothing does!
      • Like Twilight, Pinkie's element also fits her cutie mark. She's all about making people laugh and smile, not even Rainbow Dash can top her in fun and laughter.
  • Partiality Confirmed, Discord did strip 5 of the girls elements and trick the 6th into leaving

Season Two will showcase a Halloween Episode. (CONFIRMED, though referred to as "Nightmare Night")
Depending on how aware the production crew is of fanfiction, it might bear resemblance to Story of the Blanks.
  • Although it may end up marginally lighter, but scary nonetheless. Either that, or it will rely on Defanged Horrors.
    • I can totally see this happening now. For various reasons, the mane cast and the CMC all decide to take part in a stage show on Halloween. The plot of the play either closely resembles, or is, the plot of The Story of the Blanks. That way, they could make it as creepy as the game without upsetting the censors. I would totally write a fanfic on this if I was any good at writing fanfictions. In fact, I may do so anyway.
    • "And then, Applejack was a zombie."
      • Well, they didn't seem to. However there IS mention of zombies.
"But I wanted to be a Zombie next year!"
Before the end of Season 2, Princess Luna will do a Triumphant Call-Back of Nightmare Moon's surprise appearance
  • This time, the Mayor introduces Princess Luna to the crowd (they are apprehensive but polite).
  • On stage a cloud of swirling mist appears, then a clap of thunder and lightning....
  • But instead of the Evil Laugh, there will be a gleeful, happy giggle....
  • Ta-dah! It's Luna, and she gives an altered version of her previous speech (avoiding the Ironic Echo by not quoting it exactly).
  • The crowd, which remembers the last time she popped up in this manner, exhale a relieved sigh.
  • Princess Celestia is at the back of the audience, applauding (she loves a good entrance).

Most likely a monster and/or villain.

There will be episodes where Twilight is not present.
Now that the other mane characters (possibly Spike included) have been given permission to write friendship reports to the Princess without Twilight's involvement, there's no longer a requirement for Twilight to appear in a given episode.
  • I was correct, she didn't appear in Sisterhooves Social.

The first episode of Season 2 will be a Wham Episode.
This theory relies on Season 2 being more like the original idea Lauren Faust had. Most likely it would take place in Canterlot, shortly after the events of "Best Night Ever", with a new villain (Maybe even a Knight of Cerebus ) attacking.
  • Does Discord's cutie-breaking and mind-raping count as at least partially confirmed for this one?
  • I'd say it does.
  • Of course, if you consider that "Return to Harmony" was originally scheduled as Season 1 episodes, and that "Lesson Zero" is the true first episode of Season 2... well, this is still pretty much spot on.

Zecora will appear in "The Cutie Pox".
Zecora is the one they go to when they need to deal with an unusual disease or some other weird phenomena. It seems appropriate that she could offer help with Apple Bloom's cutie pox.
  • Confirmed. A trip to Zecora's was what started the mess, and Zecora's help is what ended it.

Season 2 image guesses.
Jayson Thiessen tweeted these two teasers of Season 2. They're not much, but the time for crazy speculation is NOW!
  • Twilight is still a bookworm, Spike is still her #1 assistant (Confirmed).
  • The images are from the first episode, and for whatever reason Twilight is reading up on the Elements of Harmony again (Jossed).
    • They're most likely from the sixth episode, since their filenames start with "MLP206" (Confirmed).
  • It is indeed from episode 6, "The Cutie Pox". The second image is the part where Spike finds the "Perplexing Pony Plagues" book while the first is the part where Twilight begins to explain the symptoms of Cutie Pox.

"The Cutie Pox" will end with all the marks disappearing...
...except for on her flank. Apple Bloom will initially be dismayed and think she's still sick, but after a moment will realize that she discovered her talent earlier in this outing.
  • Partially confirmed, but unfortunately, none remained.

"Sweet and Elite" will have a Sweet and Sour Grapes ending.
Where Rarity chooses her friends, but still manages to forward her business in some fashion.
  • Combined with the above theory, perhaps she puts Diamond Tiara in her place, and the relative is actually impressed with how she handles her.
    • Confirmed, just not the part about Diamond Tiara.

There will be an episode featuring the Friendship Express Train.
It has its own toy, it was added to the opening, Shout! Factory's upcoming DVD The Friendship Express is named after it & features it on its cover, and train tracks & tunnels are seen at the end of "Sweet and Elite".

The play during "Hearth's Warming Eve" will be a framing device for a flashback
Perhaps Twilight discovers the true history of Equestria while doing research for the play, or Celestia decides to tell the story to the mane cast, due to the play being dramatized and therefore not entirely accurate.
  • Confirmed as of the preview clip provided. The play itself serves as the vehicle for the flashback, however.

In "Hearth's Warming Eve", the play itself will be...
  • Not unlike the story of the Pilgrims landing at Plymouth's Rock (but with horse-related puns)
  • Not unlike the story of King Arthur, and his founding of England
  • Something involving the Princesses founding Equestria
  • Mythopoeia
  • Similar to the story of one of the G1 movies (most likely, The Movie)
  • Something completely different
  • The same story from the iOS game Twilight Sparkle: Teacher for a Day (the beginning of which can be glimpsed here)
  • Pinkie pie's cutie mark story. somehow.
  • Show the battle between the Princesses and Discord, since Discord ruled Equestria before them.
  • The literal founding of Equestria the country, not its creation.

"Hearth's Warming Eve" will be the Heartwarming Moment to end all Crowning Moments Of Heartwarming.
  • Literally true, in the sense that the magic of friendship that defeats the Wendigos and thaws the land is represented by a heart-shaped fire, literally "heart warming". In the larger sense of the show, being able to maintain that heartwarming appears to be necessary to keep the Windigos at bay.

The train will be involved at some point
It's part of The Friendship Express episode pack, and other than the first two episodes, all the episodes involved the train somehow.
  • Actually, the one in "Over a Barrel" was a different train, making it even more likely that the train will play a big role in this episode.
  • It played a major role.

The eponymous "Super Speedy Cider Squeezy 6000" is a cider-making machine built by the Flim Flam brothers.
The contest will be a Pony Versus Machine challenge between the Flim Flam brothers' invention and the Apple family's old-fashioned cider-making ways.
  • If this is the case, this makes the Aesop of the day the merits of hard work and dedication over time-saving shortcuts that may backfire.
    • Alternatively, the contest ends in a draw: the Brother's machine malfunctions, but Applejack ends up too exhausted to make cider. The Aesop is two-sided: Don't be too stubborn to try new ways of doing things, but don't skimp on hard work just to make less effort. The letter to Celestia would be written by Applejack, with the Brothers providing a post-script.
  • This is correct, but anyone could come to that conclusion.

It well be a retelling of the John Henry story, but with ponies.
Except Applejack won't die at the end.....hopefully.
  • Kinda?

Part of the episode will depict the story/-ies that Rainbow Dash is reading in an animated form (like Granny Smith's tale from "Family Appreciation Day")
If only to make her finding them interesting more relatable to the audience.
  • Confirmed as of the preview clip.

There will be an aesop about not needing to rush into romance.
At this point in the series, most of the main cast don't have any obvious Love Interests. Rather than shoehorning in a bunch of new guys, the episode will address this by showing they're content without boyfriends, and don't need to rush out and find one in order to be happy. To drive this point home, one of the girls will try and quickly strike up a new relationship, but struggle with it until she realizes she was happier before. (For extra Aesop points, this could be one of the Cutie Mark Crusaders — most likely Apple Bloom or Sweetie Belle — after getting teased for being a 'lonely loser' by Diamond Tiara.)
  • While nothing of the sort happened as described in the guess, that could be what the episode was about.

Big Macintosh will play a role in "Hearts and Hooves".
Potentially getting a chance at a Relationship Upgrade with somebody. Not necessarily one of the main cast, though.
  • Confirmed! Big Mac and Cheerilee, courtesy of the CMC.

Hearts and Hooves will revolve around a Valentine's Day type holiday.
Equestria has several holidays that resemble real life ones, and this one airs a bit before Valentine's, so it's pretty likely.
  • Title Update (adding "Day") seems to prove this true.

The CMC misunderstood either or both Big Mac and Cheerilee when they set off to try to pair them up for the holiday...
More than likely, Cheerilee will be discussing the background of Hearts & Hooves Day to the class, mentioning that she's got no one special for that day herself, prompting the CMC to take action to pair her with the most available bachelor they know, Apple Bloom's brother Big Mac. Hilarity Ensues.
  • Alternate theory: Cheerilee and Big Mac have known each other for some time but have been platonic friends. They decide to "play along" with the fillies' scheme only to discover that there is some attraction there after all.
  • The first guess was correct.

Zecora will show up in this episode. (A Friend In Deed)
After all, she was in a similar situation in season one where all the other ponies avoided her for reasons she couldn't figure out. Perhaps Pinkie Pie will go to her and ask how she dealt with it.
  • Zecora does indeed show up, but she's just passing through as a cameo and has no relevance to the plot.

Pinkie Pie's leaked "Smile" song will be in this episode. (A Friend In Deed)
Based on the synopsis alone, and the message behind the song itself, this is very likely.

There will be an episode about Rainbow Dash breaking her wing.
And being forced to live without flight until it heals, or something like that.
  • Confirmed, there's an episode where she breaks her wings.

The warning will be incomplete.
Cut off before imparting some vital information. For instance, if it concerns one of her friends facing some horrible peril in the near future, she won't learn who, sending her desperately running all through Ponyville trying to figure it out before it's too late.

The message from the future is a metaphor for the episode summaries.
Upon receiving the message, Twilight will go overboard interpreting it in the worst possible ways, predicting doom and gloom based on a tiny scrap of information. Things may be bad, but not nearly as bad as she anticipates, leading to An Aesop about not leaping to conclusions. Much like how the fandom keeps reacting to a single sentence summarizing the basic plot by predicting the absolutely WORST. POSSIBLE. THINGS.
  • Wow. This was written a year ago and it’s still so true.

This will be another one of those really meta-Brony episodes.
The moral will be something along the lines of "Don't worry about the future". Bronies are always worried about future episodes and indeed the future of the show itself, so this would be some sound advice to them.

Future!Twilight's message was...
A preview clip is out! Some guesses as to what Future!Twilight was trying to say...

"Whatever you do, don't...

...And it will remain a Stable Time Loop
  • The viewer will see Twilight *still* commit said social mistake and still travel back in time, where upon her return, her friends will tell her it wasn't anything to get worked up about.
    • Furthermore, future Twilight was trying to tell present Twilight not to go to the Canterlot archive to research time travel, and at the end she will still go back to try to give the message to herself, after which another character will inform her that she could have avoided the entire mess if she had just not gone back in time at all. Have you gone cross-eyed yet?
      • Not exactly, but I just don't know what went wrong.

The lesson of the episode...
... Will be that friends, family, and self-identity don't just come as folks who look like you, but those who love you and will do a lot for you.

Fluttershy will be forced into working on the weather team.
  • Either by Rainbow Dash or somepony else (her parents perhaps?) in order to live up to her pegasi lineage.
    • Since previous episodes have shown how she can match Dash's speed at times, she could get recruited because others think she'll work well with her friend.
    • Aside from the general idea that Fluttershy was forced to participate because she's a pegasus, neither guess listed seems completely correct.

The episode will involve a literal hurricane
  • Tornado actually, but since it was used to suck up water, it could be a hurricane anyway...

The newspaper's picture of Celestia with cake is an ad for the contest in the next episode.

The culprit is....
  • ..... Trixie!
  • ..... A Parasprite!
  • ..... Spike!
  • ..... Chuck Testa!
  • ..... Magneto!
  • ..... Bon Bon!
  • ..... Gummy! Watch him steal those corncakes here.
  • ..... Red Herring!
  • ..... Discord!
  • ..... not revealed!
  • ..... an orignal character!
  • ..... none of these guesses!
  • ..... Derpy!
  • ..... Gilda!
  • ..... Gummy!
  • ..... Everypony!
    • This is the correct guess... in a sense...
  • ..... The Butler!
  • ..... It's Decade's Fault!
  • ..... Celestia! (And possibly a deliberate foreshadowing based on her candid photo in "Ponyville Confidential" of wolfing down cake)
  • ..... the Griffon cook! Because he has a moustach!
  • ..... Joe Barbera!
  • ..... Princess Cadence!
  • ..... Winona!
  • ..... Lex Luthor!
  • ..... Agatha Christie! To collect her debt!
  • ..... Your Mum!
  • ..... The moose! It's always the one you'd least suspect.
    • Possibly supproted by the enourmous size of the missing section of the cake, combined with the grooved design that appears to indicate a large chomping bite of some sort.
  • ..... Me! I ate the cake!
  • ..... Pinkie Pie!
  • ..... The third person on the cast list of the TV page in newspapers!
    • Not in newspapers, but the third person on the cast list of the show's own credits is Fluttershy (and Pinkie Pie)'s voice Andrea Libman.

Pony Joe, who appears in a screenshot almost certainly from this episode, has something to do with the donut cake.

Pinkie's big Gasp! in the trailer is from when she sees the damaged cake.

It will be when Cerebus Syndrome will strike
It's a two parter, much like Return Of Harmony and Friendship Is Magic.
  • Confirmed... kinda. It's more:

If not that, then it will just be dark

Discord will have nothing to do with this
"Send clones to trash wedding" is a step down from his usual M.O. of "Total chaos across Equestria".
  • However, the clones go hand in hand with his "Mind Screw the protagonists" tactic.
  • It seems unlikely Discord would return. Hasbro and the Hub tend to keep tabs on the fanbase. If the series most popular villain was returning, don't you think they'd be advertising that fact?

Cadance's Dark Secret
Come one, come all! Hurr-ay hurr-ay! Eve-ry pony place your bets! Lucky win-a gets a nifty prize!!
  • Definitely something evil! Yeah, its subtle, but I mean look at her eyes! There was no pony before her that used eyeliner (save maybe Rarity...)
    • Don't forget that Celestia's eyes are pretty much the same (interestingly, Luna's aren't).
  • Only Cadance will consider her secret to be important.
  • Her alicorn-ness is due to a magical artifact. One she stole.
  • Something Cadance is unaware of. She will be behind some bad happenings, but it turns out in the end she has no idea she is. Perhaps she's got a Nightmare self like her aunt Luna, but it's more of a Split Personality as opposed to an alternate form or she's a newly ascended Alicorn who can't control her powers yet.
  • Cadance is Older Than She Looks, and Shining Armor is her Second Love.
  • It's a mistake — the truth is more innocent than Twilight realizes, but she's so worked up over the impending marriage she blows it way out of proportion.
    • Invert that, and you technically have what part of the plot is about.
  • Cadance is Discord.
  • She isn't actually Celestia's niece, and comes from a far-off land.
  • Cadance was the one who allowed Discord to take over Equestria in ancient times, however, that's only half the story, the other half is she's the princess from the Hearts And Hooves Day story and only gave it over to him due to being under the influence of the Love Poison, being too in love with her prince to realize what she was doing. Celestia hid this fact from the public to protect her niece, but Cadance is wracked with guilt about it.
  • The Cadance that appears at the wedding is an impostor. The real Cadance has been kidnapped. are you a bad enough mare to rescue the princess?
    • Alternately, Cadance is a clone originating from the same place as the Mane!Clones.
    • Both confirmed. The Cadance is actually the Changeling Queen, the real Cadance was indeed imprisoned. And the Mane!Clones were also Changelings, confirming the second part.
  • Cadance is actually Trixie. She's been training her talents (performance and illusion spells) to fool everyone...except Shining Armor. You see, he first met her while he was on patrol and Trixie was wandering through Canterlot, penniless and hopeless. Armor gave her a place to stay for a few days, and Trixie slowly started opening up to him. So while "Princess Cadance" is a sham, the wedding, and their love, isn't.
    • Partially correct: Cadance and False!Cadance/Chrysalis is voiced by Trixie's VA.
  • Cadance is a guy (Yeah, if only.)

The clones aren't as major a plot point as they seem
They're just going to show up for one scene on accident, get their flanks kicked, and the plot will continue. It may have something to do with the plot, just not as major as it seems.
  • A Part 2 clip seemingly unrelated to them has "clones" as one of its tags, though...
  • The clones were the Changeling army, but they weren't that important to the plot. However, one particular Changeling/"clone" is.

Everypony who is anypony will be there, including Luna.
In the trailer, we can see Celestia and Shining clearly waiting for the bride. Somepony of equal importance has to walk Cadance to the altar.
  • Jossed. Cadance walks down the aisle alone.
  • One of The Hub's wallpapers does include Luna, which suggests that she'll make some kind of appearance.
    • She also appears in the background of the Web Game DJ Pinkie Pie, making it even more likely that she'll be in at least one of the episodes.
    • The aforementioned desktop wallpaper has been adapted into a background used on their home page, further increasing the likelihood of her appearing.

Princess Cadance will have been kidnapped en route to the wedding and been replaced with an impostor.

Cadance created the clones as bridesmares.
She originally wanted Twilight and her friends to serve as her attendents; however, after being offended by something they do, she 'fires' them and creates the copies to serve in their place. There's originally only one of each, but circumstances grow beyond her control...
  • Not exactly, but Cadence/Chrysalis does have a group of bridesmares (turned jailors) who are either changelings or brainwashed.

Twilight dislikes Cadance.
She's glowering at her in this promotional image. Perhaps Twilight disapproves of the wedding for some reason?
  • She did, since it wasn't the real Cadance!

Twilight's solo song will be in this episode.
And it will be about her relationship with her brother. (No, not like THAT!)

And the catcher of the bouquet is...
Cheerilee, who smiles nervously at Big Mac Before Rarity yanks it out of her hooves.

If anypony objects to this union, Speak Now or Forever Hold Your Peace...
Look, this is a two-parter season finale about a huge wedding that goes off the rails. It's not a question of whether the line will appear. It's a question of how.
  • The line will be spoken by:
    • One or all of the Mane 6.
      • Seems like it was Twilight herself, and also...
    • One or all of the CMC.
    • One or all of the Mane 6's clones.
    • Some other clone. You know, just in case there are more clones running around.
    • Spike.
    • Discord
    • Princess Luna.
    • Derpy.
    • Some Stalker with a Crush for either Shining or Cadance.
    • A new villain.
    • Trixie.
    • Magneto.
    • There won't be one.
    • Luna
    • Either one of the wedding duo
    • a Canon Immigrant
    • Celestia
    • someone none saw coming.
      • The Real Cadance!
    • Derpy.
    • Nyx—((Flame War))

Princess Celestia will try to give each of the Mane Six the best night she had wanted but not gotten at the GGG fiasco.
We see Pinkie as a DJ, and Dashie's hanging out with the Wonderbolts.

Twilight's unease with Cadance marrying her brother is due to being baby set by her as a filly
It's been explained this is how they met, so Twilight knows Cadance already. That's the problem; Cadance, as her baby sitter as a foal, would probably be someone she considers more like a sister (emotionally), so seeing her brother marry her could be rather uncomfortable.
  • While there was a relationship issue, it certainly wasn't due to that.

Celestia will scold (or worse, punish) Twilight for jumping to conclusions or otherwise accusing Cadance (initially)
  • Confirmed. She gave Twilight a stern "You've got a lot to think about" as she leaves the wedding room.

The wedding, despite all the clones and whatnot, will end rather happily
This theory is based off several clips and the order they will probably go. In one preview clip, Twilight is by Shining Armor's side while the wedding starts off, complete with singing birds and flower girls. A similar clip lacked Twilight Sparkle, singing birds, and flower girls. In that clip, something goes wrong (the lack of a ringbearer) while the former clip has no screwups. This proves that something goes horribly wrong in the latter, and by the time the former happens, everything is sorted out. Not to mention that large celebration, with Pinkie and the DJ and all that. It's either a pre-wedding or post-wedding party.
  • Once the Changeling threat was eliminated, then yes, this did happen.

Half these theories for this episode will be jossed
If this show has proven us anything, jumping to conclusions isn't the best way to go, given the recurring theme of jumping to conclusions (Lesson Zero, It's About Time, MMMystery on the Friendship Express), this is probable.
  • Half? Try most. Many guesses end up being far darker then what is shown eventually.

No, not that promotional media screener, but another Shout! Factory release; they do have plans for at least one more. The two biggest toy themes of Season 2 are the Friendship Express Train and the Pony Wedding, and since their first DVD was themed around the former, it'd make sense for another DVD to be themed around the latter. Plus, the two-parter's last song "Love Is In Bloom" has an unreleased extended version, which could be used for a sing-along on the DVD (like with the Theme Tune Extended on The Friendship Express).
  • Said extended version has now been released as a music video on Hasbro's website, but it could still be used for a sing-along.
    • And now Hasbro has taken it down from their site. Perhaps it will be included on a DVD and they want it to be exclusive to that.
  • All but confirmed: Royal Pony Wedding is to be released on August 7, 2012.
  • Now confirmed!

The "Crystal Empire" is a plot element in Season 3, either as a the premiere episode or Season Finale
Some upcoming toys are tagged as part of a "Crystal Empire" set. “Welcome to the Crystal Empire, a magical place full of hidden secrets! The ponies shine and sparkle here!” Now, they made an entire toyline set for the Royal Wedding, so it makes sense they may repeat the formula. Also, much like the Royal Wedding the actual Crystal Empire episode(s?) will be much Darker and Edgier than the toys would have you believe. After all, its full of hidden secrets!

Twilight and Cadance will do their secret handshake again.
Not just as a friendly greeting, but also as a safety precaution.
  • Confirmed, though not necessarily as a safety precaution.

Okay, there's a lot to WMG about here, but I'll kick things off with this:
  • It will get either a Dark Reprise or a Triumphant Reprise. My money's on the latter: it's called the 'Failure Success Song', but what we've seen so far doesn't really evoke 'success'.
  • The entire Mane Cast will sing the song, not just Twilight. The episode will be about everyone encountering something they 'weren't prepared for'. Speculate away!

The "Crystal Heart" mentioned in the synopsis for that one DVD is....
  • An Amplifier Artifact that the ruler of the Crystal Empire needs to wield to control the realm.
    • Close enough. It's an Amplifier Artifact alright, but not required to control the realm. (Though it does help keep a ruler's subjects happy)
  • A Philosopher's Stone.
  • Cadence herself.
    • Either that or another pony. I'm all for this, terms like this in prophecies are nearly always metaphorical. It's a common trope.
  • The Fire Ruby. Come on, how could it be shaped like a heart by mere coincidence?

Cadance and Shining Armor will become the Spotlight-Stealing Squad for The Crystal Empire
Let's hope not.

"One Bad Apple" will be the episode dealing with the issue of bullying.
It could be the situation where the bully is a new character and is even worse than Diamond Tiara, being a more traditional hands/hooves-on bully. Although, judging by the title, One Bad Apple, this could mean that one of the CMC, likely Apple Bloom, after standing up to Diamond Tiara or the new bully, ends up enjoying just how powerful throwing your weight around feels and ends up being a bully, leading to a What the Hell, Hero? and My God, What Have I Done? moment near the end.
  • Confirmed.

The bullying episode is one we've already got a title for.
Such as One Bad Apple or Apple Family Reunion, with the bully being a member of their extended family dropping by for a visit — or arriving a few weeks early for the reunion. One Bad Apple could even set up tension for the reunion episode later on down the line.

"Magic Duel" is the episode wherein The Great and Powerful Trixie returns.
You honestly didn't think you could leave Trixie out of the picture for two straight seasons, now did you?
  • If that's the case, then as an extension to the original WMG, Applejacks's claim of her being "all hat and no cattle" becomes a "Funny Aneurysm" Moment when Trixie's hat becomes instrumental to her victory.

Trixie will return in the third season, and...

Even though they won't be in true opposition to each other (both will be trying to save friendships and ponies with what they learn) the mirroring aspect will be complete enough that while Twilight is focused on what makes friendships start and grow, Trixie will be finding out what makes them fail and die. Also, while Twilight has Spike as a Non-Pony Sidekick, Trixie will wind up with Snips & Snails as her assistants.

At least a fifth to a fourth of the show's Aesop endings will be submitted by Trixie to Luna, and will provide a wrap-up of what NOT to do.

  • Alternatively, she becomes a recurring antagonist, and somehow gets Snips and Snails as as her henchmen, basically making them Team Rocket for the mane cast.

  • Trixie is confirmed to be returning in series 3. Whether any of these guesses are true is unknown as of yet.

  • Confirmed that Trixie returns for revenge, but in a completely different way that appears to end in a Heel–Face Turn.

6+ Pinkie Pies will cause so much chaos that all Ponyville will be in jeopardy.
Pinkie Pie * 6 > Derpy Hooves + Thundercloud
  • Confirmed. Pinkie's clones' antics threaten to drive the whole town crazy.

Okay, serious guess this time. The Aesop will be...
That you'll wear yourself out if you try to please everypony at once. But just because you can't always spend time with all your friends doesn't make you any less of a friend.
  • Confirmed.

There will be an identity crisis over which Pinkie is the real Pinkie
This is practically standard procedure for cloning plots.
  • Confirmed. Real!Pinkie is the only one to worry about it.

The Cutie Mark Crusaders will try to get back at Babs
They will come up with a scheme to get back at her for bullying them, and it will actually work. But Babs will tell on them (as an irony, since the cmc's were scared to tell Applejack, and be labeled snitches by Babs), and get them in trouble.
  • Or alternatively, they get caught before they go through with it (possibly by Applejack), and get scolded. Bab's, finding out about this, realizes the she pushed them too far, and apologizes for bullying them.
  • Partially confirmed. While they do try and get back at Babs, the situation is played out differently. They realized that Babs was bullied herself, and that they themselves have become bullies. And they attempt to stop their plan from succeeding.

Alternatively this is a parody of Top Gun
Because that'd be awesome.
  • Among the other Wonderbolt recruits will be a mare with a near Fatal Family Photo that almost dies but is saved by Rainbow Dash but leaves the academy afterwards, a stallion that flies with Rainbow Dash that has some sort of goose related pun attached to her, she eventually is criticallyinjured in a training accident, and a mare with an icy disposition and coloring to play antagonist against Rainbow Dash.
  • Confirmed! with a twist: Rainbow Dash isn't Maverick, she is Iceman

"Just for Sidekicks" will be majorly referenced in episode 12.
That's why it's being moved to be closer to them—Hasbro doesn't think kids will remember something from three episodes ago.
  • Confirmed! The episode features the Mane 6 traveling off to the Crystal Empire to formalize some things for the Equestria Games, which is the following episode broadcast.

One or both of the Crystal Pony fillies from the projection of the past Crystal Empire in "The Crystal Empire - Part 1" will make their first live appearance in "Games Ponies Play".
If not both, then probably the one who isn't an Apple Bloom Palette Swap.
  • Confirmed for the one who isn't an Apple Bloom Palette Swap.

    Character Specific 

Applejack and Pinkie Pie are related, but distantly.
It seems a little unusual that Pinkie Pie's name has "Pie" in it despite the fact that parties don't usually involve pies. There's also the existence of a "Grandma Pie", who may be living or deceased. It may be possible that the name of Pinkie Pie's granny is/was "Apple Pie" and may have been a part of the Apple clan. This may make Applejack and Pinkie Pie cousins a few times removed depending on how related Grandma Pie and Granny Smith are/were.
  • They're both earth ponies as well, which lends credence to this theory.
  • Also? Pinkie Pie grew up on a farm. Granted, it was a rock farm, but still.
Well, a preview for season 4 includes Applejack, Apple Bloom, Granny Smith, and Big Macintosh singing with Pinkie about how they are Apples and have a close bond. Maybe they learn Pinkie is a distant Apple. Or maybe one of Pinkie's sisters will marry an Apple?
  • It could be a continuity nod to Pinkie Pie getting Applejack's cutie mark for a day.
  • Confirmed, or at least heavily implied, as of Pinkie Apple Pie.

Celestia's nephew is real.
Although most fans have dismissed Rarity's dream stallion hunk as a fantasy brought on by reading too many tabloids, there is strong evidence he does indeed exist. His cutie mark (in Rarity's fantasy) is an eight-pointed star. The astronomical model of Equestria's planetary system in the courtyard at Canterlot shows the planet in the center, with sun, moon, and a few other objects around it, including a spiky thing with a ball and some curvy lines. It looks like a comet with a star attached to it for some reason; the star is seven-pointed, but has an almost identical shape to the nephew's cutie mark.
  • Confirmed, his name is Prince Blue Blood and he's a royal Jerkass.
    • Sort of. Word of God says that he's the "great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, (and possibly even more greats) nephew on Celestia's and Luna's mother's side, about 52 times removed, roughly speaking."

Discord is...
We have a name for a new villain in Season 2 (the first two episodes anyways), but all we have a name! List any and all guesses here! Discord is...
  • The evil magic that turned Luna into Nightmare Moon (Not confirmed or jossed, needs to be moved to a third page).
  • A collective of six evil versions of the Mane Six, forming the Elements of Discord.
  • Celestia's first "most faithful student"(Not confirmed or jossed, needs to be moved to a third page)
  • Big Bad minion
  • A dragon (this is a theory created by bronies who gave a close, practically frame-by-frame examination of the "20% Cooler" scene from the promo: apparently in the upper-right corner of the screen, behind Celestia, there is a stained glass window which shows a stylized battle between the Princesses and a dragon).
    • Higher-res images of that scene have revealed that the creature in the stained glass window is less of a dragon and more of a chimera...thing. Its featured prominently in all the windows (both colored and white) except one, which depicts the Mane Six defeating Nightmare Moon, and one of the windows shows it manipulating ponies. The hallway is assumed to be an area of importance, so whatever that creature is it most likely represents Discord. One more week and we'll find out for sure!
    • We have a winner! First look at Discord.
    • And the official name of his species is "Draconequus."
  • Combining two WMGs, Discord is an evil alicorn but he fights using corrupted versions of the Mane Six (either polar opposites or just their elements taken to the extreme).
  • An Eldritch Abomination (Not confirmed or jossed PER SE, needs to be moved to a third page)
  • A literal Anthropomorphic Personification of Discord. He's refered to as "the spirit of Disharmony".
    • Pretty much, yeah. Except for the "anthropomorphic" part, but that's just a technicality.

Princess Celestia can no longer use the Elements of Harmony
Princess Celestia has been the sole ruler of Equestria for 1000 years. She is a semi-divine being at least with both pegasus wings and a unicorn horn. She has subjects, worshipers and a few students but no actual friends. As such she can no longer activate the Elements of Harmony. She gets Twilight Sparkle to send her what she has learned each episode because she can't even remember what friendship is like anymore.
  • It's probably more the fact that the other ponies who wielded the Elements of Harmony with her died of old age nearly a millennium ago. You probably can't get another shot at it with Replacement Goldfish friends.
  • Makes sense. Given that it seems normal ponies age, she probably can't sustain true friendship with people she knows she will have to watch grow old and die. Even if she can, it's likely the emotional trauma of having to banish and imprison her own sister, or the mystic symbolism of the act itself - let's face it: regardless of how good your reasons are, banishing and imprisoning your own sister is one of the harshest, coldest things you could do - has robbed her of either the required magical ability, personal fortitude or both.
  • Really, I think it was because she used them for the wrong purpose. The Elements of Harmony are meant to help two ponies understand each other and get feelings of friendship through. When that didn't work, Celestia drained their energy to give her the power to seal Nightmare Moon into the moon. However, since they were used incorrectly, they became powerless until the Secret Test of Character at the Everfree forest brought forth ponies who represented the elements to properly recharge them. Now used for their proper purpose, they have regained their potency.
    • I'm not so sure. The Elements of Harmony are meant to maintain harmony. Nightmare Moon's rebellion was an express attempt to overthrow the harmony of the universe itself: the balance of night and day, light and dark, sun and moon. Celestia used the Elements to restore cosmic harmony, as opposed to harmony within her own family.
    • Alternatively, Celestia couldn't use the Elements of Harmony to restore Luna, because Luna turned into Nightmare Moon because she was rejected by her subjects, not by her sister. As such, only her subjects, in the person (pony?) of Twilight and her friends, could bring her back.
  • Confirmed in the Return of Harmony. The same is true for Luna.

Discord's actions will get more chaotic and cruel the longer he's let loose
We're already seeing this. His first act was just to make it rain chocolate milk from cotten candy clouds. Then he's ended up turning Ponyvile on it's head and making it a chaotic (though still somewhat silly) mess (though admittingly, the floating houses were kind of scary...). And he outright says those are only his "first changes". It's implied that 1000 years he did a lot worse things, he just gets progressibly more terrible, starting from silly and gradually working his way up to the stuff he put the Mane Cast through. We'll see this in the second episode as well.
  • Appears to be true.

Applejack will be the first to break out of the spell.
She's the only one who seems to be aware that that she's not acting normally.

How Discord will be defeated...
Just give your guesses, since we've all got this on our minds I assume.

Discord's defeat will be a full blown Shout-Out to Tirek's
Let's see, the Elements Of Harmony have already been used to homage the Rainbow Of Light once and Discord is a monster like old Tirek and wields the polar opposite of the thing needed to defeat him. Why not go all out and make a full homage? Perhaps with Discord doing something simular to Tirek's Rainbow Of Darkness and it clashing with the Elements Of Harmony. This will surely invoke a Squee! reaction from older fans if it happens. Doesn't have to kill him, but it'd still be awesome.
  • Not sure if this counted or not, but he did taste a rainbow.
    • If you listen, the music is actually simular and like with Tirek, the rainbow turns into a World-Healing Wave that undoes his changes to the world.

Discord didn't corrupt Twilight as revenge on Celestia
He knows so much about the Mane Cast, it only makes sense he'd know that Twilight is Celestia's dearest and most loved student. So by breaking apart their friendship but leaving Twilight to suffer the crushing lonelyness going with knowing her friends are twisted shells of their former selves and don't care for her anymore, he's getting vengeance on Celestia for imprisoning him by forcing her to watch her student suffer that way. Likely, we'll see him do something like play on Celestia's guilt over what happened to Luna that broke their bond with the Elements Of Harmony and permitted him to escape, try to get her to accept the blame for the pain and suffering her dearest student is going through.
  • He did do this to effect, but not because the Princess had anything to do with it.

Normally, the Mane Cast could use the elements if they were just there...
That was kind of the point of the season one pilot: the elements can't be destroyed as long as the spirits of the elements were still around. Discord knew this and used manipulation and magic to turn each pony away from their respective element before they got together. Had they gotten together before he got to them, they could've summoned the elements on their own. But since Discord made it so they weren't expressing the elements (making Rarity greedy, Fluttershy mean, etc.) they won't be able to summon the power of the elements. They will be able to again once they start showing the traits of said elements.
  • Kinda confirmed?

From the new clip that's been released, he's extremely powerful but considers everything a joke and part of his game. He clearly enjoyed the scare he gave the Mane Cast by taking away their horns and wings. He was also sealed away for some reason. He's a trickster god or mischief spirit, thus why he's so powerful and is messing with them the way he is.
  • He's pretty much this.

Discord chose not to Mind Rape Twilight on purpose
Although the game has ended, he wants to see Twilight break on her own now that they have lost and her friends are no longer who they once were. Remember that the subtitle of the series is Friendship is Magic.
  • Alternatively he knows that he can’t Mind Rape Twilight because she’s the Element of Magic/ Friendship an no foul magic can change the power of true friendship. He can only defeat her if she abandons them willingly.
    • He didn't need to do anything but corrupt the other 5, but he ended up breaking her spirit anyway.

Princess Luna will take on her Nightmare Moon form again
but not become evil. She's spent all of season 1 training to gain control of this form.
  • She actually did. Although it was to scare some children for fun.

The reason why Apple Bloom gets Cutie Pox...
Is because she tried to get her Cutie Mark with magic.
  • True! She consumed a magic potion.

The Best Pet Ever.
Given that it apparently involves Dash finding a pet and she's evidently holding a race or a contest... she will become attached to the worst of them all (ie, a turtle, an attachment she will try to deny in favor of the speedier, much more athletic Cheeta cub, or something similar) or something "silly" and "undignified" like... a badger. Eventually, she will go with the one she grew attached to, because it will either in the case of the badger, show its badassery, or in the case of the turtle, it will be in danger somehow.
  • Pretty much confirmed now that the new episode has come out. She had a race and a turtle became her pet because of a Moment of Awesome on his part. Also the turtle's name is Tank. Let the Cowboy Bebop jokes commence!

Synopsis: There is a new hero in Ponyville who is masked and stealing Rainbow Dash's thunder.

Right now, my guess is that it's Derpy. I do remember hearing that Derpy would have scripted scenes and that she would be considered a "Where's Waldo"-type challenge. Maybe all the characters, even the minor background and one-shot characters, will show up at one point during the episode and but we'll never see Derpy till the end when she's revealed.

  • Derpy can't be the Mysterious Mare. Derpy has googly eyes. The Mysterious Mare wears a mask. How could she see with googly eyes under a mask? There is no way mild-mannered mailmare Derpy Hooves could be the Mysterious Mare.
    • Except that her eyes have appeared un-derped in the past. Heck, a good portion of her season 1 appearances have her un-derped and even in season 2, she occasionally shows up un-derped.
    • Jossed—-
  • Alternatively, its Spitfire or another Wonderbolt secretly testing Rainbow Dash for whatever reason.
    • Jossed—-
  • Maybe it's Trixie, looking to change her own image after the Ponyville incident.
  • Perhaps she's one of the Canon Foreigners and will become a Canon Immigrant.
    • Jossed—-
  • Maybe it's even one of the mane cast. If the trend of some of the ponies not appearing in episodes continues, this could work.
    • Confirmed
  • a completely original character
    • Jossed—-
  • never revealed
    • And said Unreveal shall spawn a million fanfics.
    • Jossed—-, may still spawn fanfics.
    • Confirmed in the case of the balloon rescue
  • Mayor mare!
    • Jossed—-
  • One of the princesses
    • Jossed—-
  • Rainbow Dash as part of the most elaborate prank ever.
    • Jossed—-
  • Two or more mares in identical disguises, seemingly performing Offscreen Teleportation.
    • Also Confirmed!
  • And the winner is: The mane cast minus Rainbow Dash, four of them taking turns as Mare Do Well. Applejack used her applebucking strength to stop a runaway carriage. Pinkie Pie used her Pinkie Sense to quickly react to the situation and save the construction workers. Twilight used her magic to repair the dam broke. Fluttershy did a quick fly-by to show that Mare Do Well could fly. Meanwhile, Rarity provided Mare Do Well's costume.
    • So, 2 out of 11? Not bad, I guess.

"Sweet and Elite" will involve Prince Blueblood.
  • Ah, no. After what happened at the Gala, she'd rather choose a bowl of prunes than Blueblood.
    • He might, at least, make an appearance. Maybe a swift gag or something.
      • Confirmed. He makes a couple cameos during Rarity's song.

Rarity will write the Friendship Report for "Sweet and Elite"
'Cause, you know, it's about her making an important decision related to her friends.
  • Confirmed, though she ends up telling it directly to Celestia rather than writing it.

Spike will have his own breakdown soon.
If his "Spikely Whiplash" moment in the Owl episode doesn't count as a breakdown, then the chances are one of the season 2 episodes will have him snap.
  • Maybe if too many episodes have him appear for the sole purpose of transporting messages, he could start feeling overworked and overlooked...
  • More or less happened with "Secret of My Excess".

Spike's greed and growth spurt in "Secret of My Excess" are connected somehow.
Why? Um... Discord?
  • Might be regular growing pains and/or a part of dragon puberty.
  • Confirmed, dragons growth is a result of greed, which causes them to get greedier.

Rainbow Dash will get a pet.
once she starts to feel jealous of her friend's pets, she will search for her own pet. i bet for a turtle.
  • I don't think RD has the time or patience to be a good pet owner. Not good with kids, not good with animals.
  • Pretty much confirmed by the upcoming episode "May The Best Pet Win".
  • Confirmed! And it was a Turtle!... or a Tortoise.. whatever.

Equestria is a lot older than Celestia's reign.
Celestia and Luna used the Elements of Harmony to make themselves into Physical Godesses and were both granted the title of princess. Along the way, there was a disagreement; Luna tried to put herself above Celestia. There was a bitter war over who would rule. In the end, Celestia won and Luna was banished to the moon, where she began forming herself into Nightmare Moon.
  • Partially confirmed. Discord is said to have ruled Equestria before he was defeated and usurped by the sisters using the Elements of Harmony.
    • Maybe not though. Under Discord's reign, there may have been so much chaos that the whole notion of the coherent passage of time may have been out the window. We saw Applejack uneat an apple, and the sun and moon rise and set in very rapid succession, you may recall. Perhaps as Discord's hold on reality progressed, time would have become more and more random, flowing at different rates and directions for different ponies. Discord's reign may have been a state of primeval chaos in which time was not a meaningful concept. In that case, it is impossible to say that anything is older than Celestia's reign, as that may have been the beginning of time.
  • "Hearth Warming Eve" pretty much confirms that the three pony tribes discovered and settled Equestria before the two sisters took the reins (no pun intended).

In "Family Appreciation Day", Granny Smith will turn out to be a Retired Badass.
There's really only two ways this can work out, either she turns out to have a very awesome past that Applebloom will be shocked about or...
  • Confirmed in that Granny, on her own, discovered the means of harvesting Zap Apples and making Zap Apple Jam just right, and...

"Family Appreciation Day" will reveal that Granny Smith's past is completely mundane, but surprisingly important and/or interesting.
The aesop, of course being that even if someone doesn't have some impressive or awesome background, they can still be important in ways you don't expect.
  • Confirmed as well, given that Granny's family at the time was the reason why Ponyville was founded.

"Family Appreciation Day" will include flashback to the days of Granny Smith's youth.
Possibly with "Mister Sandman" Sequence of Ponyville back then, parodying real life old fashions the same way as Cheerilee's school photo. Maybe it would even turn out that GS used to be a beatnik, flapper or whatever was popular at her times.
  • Confirmed, though a bit farther back than that.

The twins will say their first words at some point in the episode.
Most likely at the end, and the word being something Pinkie said, or even her name.
  • On the nose.
    • Not stated to be their first words, though.

Applejack will have a 10-Minute Retirement
If you pay attention to the dialogue in the clip, they discuss about Applejack leaving the farm.
  • Pretty much confirmed

The Flim Flam brothers are twins and perhaps palette swaps of each other
  • Alternatively, they could be Fat and Skinny.
  • Revealed to be twins, one just opting for facial hair to make their difference

The Flim Flam Brothers win, but will be revealed to have cheated
Either directly afterward or after trying, and failing, to run Sweet Apple Acres. The Aesop will be something about cheaters never prospering. Just look at where Flim Flam comes from to see the source of this WMG.
  • Kinda... They skimped on quality to increase quantity. Which really screwed them over bad.

The Flim Flam Brothers will cross the Moral Event Horizon
Let's face it, trying to take somepony's livelihood away from them is darn close already.
  • Alternatively,they realize just how bad snatching the farm away from the Apple Family really is, and give it back out of guilt.
  • Didn't happen. They just ran off to possibly con another town.
  • However, the original WMG is confirmed, (though YMMV), they definitely crossed the line by rubbing their victory, and the loss of the Apple Family's livelihood, in the Apple Family's faces. If AJ hadn't held her back, Rainbow would've kicked their flanks for it.

Iron Will will be a Drill Sergeant Nasty as well as a shout out to Gunnery Sergeant Hartman.
Bonus points if Mr. Ermey actually does the voice. He's worked on kids' shows before.

The training will turn Fluttershy into a bitch like in the Return Of Harmony.
  • Pretty much. Perhaps even worse actually.

Fluttershy will be more assertive, but in her own unique way
While she's likely to remain the kind & quiet pony we come to know & love, she'll have more of a backbone. The episode will start & end similarly showing how she developed over the course of the episode.

Fluttershy will fail miserably at asserting herself most of the episode...
And every time she does, Iron Will will be a Drill Sargeant Nasty and a bully towards her, being Fluttershy, she doesn't defend herself...Until Iron Will bully's her friends the same way and meets Mama Bear mode Fluttershy.
  • Kinda true, although there wasn't too much interaction between Iron Will and the other characters.

Iron Will will be excessively manly
Perhaps even being The Ahnold.
  • Very much so.

Fluttershy's personality will temporarily go a complete 180.
She'll become goth. It'll be funny and amazing at the same time.
  • Goth part untrue, other parts, yes.

Iron Will's training will turn out to have Gone Horribly Right
Iron Will successfully helps Fluttershy grow a spine, but she takes it too far and becomes an arrogant Jerkass and snaps out of it when she gets a What Have I Become? or a What Have I Done moment (which will most likely be her snapping at Angel, the Cutie Marks Crusaders, or one of her friends)

There will be another CMoA for Fluttershy
After all, so far two episodes that center on her that ended with her getting one.

Twilight will be shown sending the message back.
Either at the end of the episode, or in a later one.

Both the dragon from "Dragonshy" and the dragon from "Owl's Well That Ends Well" will appear in this episode.
Just throwing it out there.
  • Don't forget Steven Magnet.
  • Possibly partially confirmed by a preview clip: one of the sleeping dragons appears to be the one from from "Dragonshy".
  • Both dragons did appear to appear in the episode.

Spike will try to go alone, but...
... Some member(s) of the Mane Cast will sneak along to watch him out of a (legitimate) concern for his safety. After all, he is just a baby dragon, and past episodes have shown that dragons can and will be aggressive towards their own kind.

The ponies will wind up following Spike

This episode will show at least a few different types of dragons.
So far, the only two dragons we've seen other than Spike have been basically identical, aside from color. Considering the Art Evolution the show has gone through between seasons one and two, this episode will hopefully depict dragons with various sizes, body types, and even different breeds.

Twilight will actually support Spike's decision to join the dragon migration.
She might find it to be a good oppurtunity for him to learn more about other dragons, and she'll of course insist to come along herself both because she wants to look after him, and because it is an excellent oppurtunity for her to learn more about dragons herself.

This pony will play an important role in the episode.
But what will he be?
  • A wing trainer for Fluttershy.
  • The pony that accidentally ruins the tornado so Fluttershy can save the day.
  • a Running Gag joke character
  • Derpy's boyfriend.

The CMC's gossip will include true information about ponies they're close to.
For instance, Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle sharing some of their siblings' actual secrets.
  • Sadly yes.

The CMC's gossip will include Call Backs to various older episodes.
Such as gossiping about Fluttershy's old modeling career, or how the results of Iron Will's lessons, or the events of "Hurricane Fluttershy". And those are just examples for one of the main cast...
  • Does Big Macintosh and Smarty Pants count?

One of the hurtful stories involves Fluttershy
A preview shows her crying up a storm, and it's been mentioned (and shown in a previous episode) how sensitive she is.

Diamond Tiara will manipulate the girls into writing hurtful stories
By convincing them either no one is going to be hurt or something else. Naturally, this is just her way of getting payback at them. They're still to blame, however, for believing her, but in the end, after figuring it out, their last story will be about her having manipulated them, but she's too complacent by that time to notice until its published.
  • She did blackmail them by having embarrassing photos, but the last part doesn't come true.

Parents will show up in the next CMC episode(s).
If they will try explore past of other characters parents must be seen at some point, unless one previous WMG about parents is true.
  • Partially confirmed - in "Cutie Mark Chronicles", we see Pinkie Pie and Twilight Sparkle's respective parents.
  • Sweetie Belle & Rarity's parents make an appearance in "Sisterhooves Social."

Villains will only have a limited presence in the series.
Mostly to season openers and finales with most of the episodes in between still focusing on the slice-of-life elements.

Season 2 will have an episode in which:
Spike will yearn to learn about his dragon parents, or substitute parents, who believe in The Spartan Way. Eventually, he will realize that their way doesn't fit him, and he will have a montage of growing up with Twilight at Canterlot. This will serve as an Aesop about adoptive parents.
  • They actually did an episode very similar to this in the 80's series.
  • Alternatively, maybe his dragon parents aren't that bad at all, but even then, Spike still misses Twilight.
  • Dragon Quest.

Season 2 will have an episode where Spike goes through Dragon Puberty
Specifically: getting his wings and possibly horns. At first he'll think that he's awkward and ugly and possibly try to run away again when his clumsiness ruins some important event, only to eventually be reassured that his friends still love him anyway and went through similar phases only to come out okay themselves.
  • As mentioned under Art Evolution and Vocal Evolution Spike is one of the few characters who is visibly aging as the show progresses. Perhaps dragons age at different rates than ponies and he will eventually start going though larger growth spurts as he becomes an adolescent. It's possible his voice actor may be recast too.
  • A strong likely chance given the Spike-centric upcoming episode "The Secret of My Excess". Whether this is just growing up or growing large remains in question.
  • The Secret of My Excess

There will be a Christmas Episode.
And the Equestrian equivalent of Santa Claus will be a reindeer.
  • Real or not, they do have some sort of Santa (judging by the costume display seen in "The Ticket Master").
  • Hearth's Warming Eve

The rulers of the Crystal Empire will be...
Cadence and Shining Armor. After all, we know Cadence is a princess, but we've never been told what she's princess of. And the toy line and new song confirms she'll have a large role in the arc so...

Spike will play an important role in the Crystal Pony storyline.
Crystal Ponies have something to do with crystals. Spike eats crystals. Run, Crystal Ponies, run.
  • Well judging by all the spoilers (images, videos, etc) it seems like he will definitely play a large role in the storyline. But since it's been established that because of because of King Sombra, the crystal ponies lost their crystal-like coats he probably won't worry about eating them. He'll most likely help twilight find the crystal heart or help stall at the faire.
  • Confirmed. He saves the day!

There will be an episode confronting Spike's place in the cast
One of the big debates around Spike (even on this very wiki) is his place in the show. Is he part of the main cast or is he a secondary character? Is he his own person or is he more like Twilight's pet? There's evidence for each point in the show, and an episode (although since he's already had his A Day In The Lime Light episode for this season it may not be until season 3) will confront these issues and change the character dynamic a bit.
  • After having him essentially saving the day, getting his own stained glass window in Canterlot, and exploring his relationship with Twilight in more depth than before, it's safe to say The Crystal Empire - Part 2 did this.

We're going to see some of the Mane Cast's worst nightmares (either in an All Just a Dream episode or not) at some point.
Among them being:
  • Twilight Sparkle: Either losing her friends or absolutely losing control of her powers. Or possibly both.
    • If hers is a dream, she'll lose her magic BECAUSE she lost her friends over something silly. We already know Twilight freaks over this sort of thing. If not, she'll lose her magic because of some illness unicorns can contract, where their magic gets backed up or doesn't work right for 24 hours. This will happen on a day where her friends have all requested use of her magical ability, and she will have to try and look like she's doing magic when she can't. This will make her friends mad because she'll mess it all up (since Twilight failed so badly during Winter Wrap-Up), and they'll think she did it on purpose. All will be fixed when Twilight just breaks down and tells them, OR Rarity figures it out because she once had the same problem, or Sweetie Belle just recovered from it.
    • It's been implied in lots of episodes that Twilight's real worst fear is disappointing Princess Celestia, so it could be that instead.
    • The latter guess is officially confirmed as of "The Crystal Empire - Part 2"!]

There will be an episode focusing on Scootaloo.
Sweetie Belle and Applebloom have both had episodes this season with them as the central characters, it's only natural Scootaloo will follow suit.
  • The next episode is about Rainbow Dash hosting a flying race to see who will be her pet. Would it be surprising if Scootaloo decided to compete?
    • That's Jossed, but there could still be a Scootaloo-centric episode in the future.
    • If you take Cutie Pox as an Apple Bloom episode and Sisterhooves Social as a Sweetie Belle episode, then it would seem Scootaloo is due for a centric episode.
  • There will be an episode featuring a lot of Scootaloo, but whether it'll actually focus on her remains to be seen.
  • Maybe there could be an episode where Scootaloo is trying to learn how to fly after seeing other ponies her age flying. The moral could be that you can rush into things and you need practice.
    • If she starts too far and tries to fly off a cliff, the moral might be that if you're not careful, you will die.
  • As of Season 3, we now have one. It's "Sleepless in Ponyville".

The events of "The Best Night Ever" will have lasting effects on Fluttershy in the next season.
Her very reason for existence, her ability to communicate with and befriend animals, utterly fails her at the Gala. Once she has time to calm down and reflect, she may begin to doubt her ability to be around animals, especially after her Sanity Slippage.
  • I think Fluttershy was just a bit off that night. I'm sure that once she looked at the situation objectively, she would have seen that what she did was the wrong way to solve problems. She was just out of her comfort zone, and that's not good for very shy people.
  • It's possible the lasting effect could be a My God, What Have I Done? type thing, having to forgive herself for what happened, having an episode centered around her friends helping her through it.
  • "Lesson Zero" does show her being rather... aggressive with a bear. Okay, she was doing chiropractic therapy, but still!
  • "Sweet or Elite" finds our sweet Fluttershy staying nice and calm to attract a bevvy of Canterlot birds instead of demanding their love. Lesson learned.
    • So, Confirmed or Jossed?
      • [Same guy as above] I'm gonna go with Confirmed after all, since having learned a lesson is a lasting effect.

A musical Episode!
Even more than usual, I mean. Weird Al could make a Pony Polka!
  • Alternatively, the Mane Six lose all their voices due to the musical villain (possibly played by "Weird Al") so the plot will be mostly served by the background ponies like Octavia and DJ Pon-3.
  • Twilight Sparkle and her friends form a Six Mare Band and are eventually challenged by a more popular rock band with a male leader to a Battle of the Bands.
    • Bonus points if the leader is voiced by either a real musician or voice actor!
      • Magical Mystery Cure was pretty much a musical episode. Confirmed!
      • Doubly confirmed! Weird Al is making an appearance in the Season 4 episode "Pinkie Pride" which Word of God says is a musical episode. AND he's playing a villain (it sounds like he's serving the same sort of role to Pinkie as Trixie was to Twilight).
      • Confirmed! Weird Al does appear in Pinkie Pride, it is a musical episode and it may not be called Pony Polka officially but it is. Right down to him singing Pinkie's Smile. Though calling him a villain in the episode goes a notch or two past stretching. Pinkie is far more antagonistic than Cheese Sandwich (Weird Al) is during the episode. It turns out all he ever wanted was to be like Pinkie!
      • maybe we'll get another one in season 5, played by NeilPatrickHarris as a TheMusicMeister

There will be an episode where Dash finally gets an invite to join the Wonderbolts...
... But ends up turning it down, because she finds out that if she takes it she'll rarely ever get to see her friends again. The aesop of the episode would be something like sometimes friends are more important than one's own desires.
  • Alternatively, it could be somethinng like she finally gets an invite to join them, but something puts her friends in danger (Possibly the antagonist of season 3). She would then be forced between her friends or joining the Wonderbolts, to which she'll get a Big Damn Heroes moment when she chooses her friends.
    • You really think Discord would simply do something like that? Assuming he would come back.
    • Either that, or Dash chooses to Take a Third Option, and somehow finds a way to be loyal to her friends and the Wonderbolts at the same time (possibly performing another Sonic Rainboom on the way to and/or in order to rescue her friends), and our Aesop for the episode is something about how you can (and should) always make time for your friends.
  • Confirmed in "Wonderbolt Academy," though that's not why she turns the invitation down ... and it's never mentioned again afterwards.

Alternatively, there will be an episode involving RD and Wonderbolts but she will just hang with them or be a temporary member.
And episode will be about or conclusion from it that RD will abandon for now or forever of her dream to be Wonderbolt and stick with rest of main six as what she realizes that it is her true calling.
  • Alternatively-alternatively (Wonderbolt episode ideas are fun!), one of the Wonderbolts gets injured before an upcoming race with a rival team and Spitfire suggests having Rainbow Dash (she did win the Best Young Flyer's competition after all) fill in. As it turns out, the rival team is the best flying team of griffons, with none other than Gilda (who's still bitter about the events of "Griffon the Brush Off") among their ranks. At some point in the episode, for whatever reason, Gilda's life will be in danger and Dash will have to choose between saving Gilda or winning the race for the Wonderbolts, and of course chooses Gilda. They reconcile, Spitfire tells Dash she made the right choice even though the Wonderbolts lost the race, an Aesop is given about loyalty to friends, you get the idea.
  • Or Dash is given the chance to perform a routine with them, triggering a major "ohmygoshohmygoshohmygosh" attack. While she doesn't become a permanent mamber, she a least gets to keep the costume.
  • Confirmed original WMG as of "Rainbow Falls."

Pinkie Pie will have an episode where the Aesop will be about Poor Communication Kills
Because after the paraspite ep, it would be odd. Might show up in season 3 instead.
  • Partially Confirmed. While not the episode's focus, Season 4's Filli Vanilli does show Pinkie making Fluttershy's stage fright worse via Poor Communication Kills.

There will be an episode where Spike feels embarrassed about only hanging out with girls.
  • Some other boys (dragon, pony, or otherwise) will tease Spike about his "girly" interests, probably after he's just helped Rarity with something particularly girly, and he'll spend the episode trying to prove that he's "manly." At the end, he will learn An Aesop (possibly from Rainbow Dash) about how your real friends don't care if you're a boy who likes girly things or a girl who likes boyish things, and will accept you for who you are. The entire episode will be filled to the brim with nods to the bronies who aren't afraid to admit to enjoying "a show for little girls."
    • This story more or less happened with "Dragon Quest", although Spike wasn't embarrassed by his pony friends per-se.

Trixie and Gilda will meet up and become friends with each other and semi-friendly rivals with the Mane cast.
The "Gilda and Trixie become friends" part is CONFIRMED in Twilight Sparkle And The Crystal Heart Spell.

There will be a horror parody episode.
Which will be in Horror Anthology format, with a mysterious narrator telling three or four stories in one episode, all either borrowing from a story in the fandom or being a new one but with a few references, also being a bit marginally lighter than the source, the Twist Ending of the episode will reveal either Pinkie Pie or Fluttershy as the narrator, just telling creepy stories to her friends.
  • That could work as a Halloween special...
  • Confirmed as of "Sleepless in Ponyville".

Twilight Sparkle will become an Alicorn before the end of Season Three, likely in the last one or two episodes.
To start off with, this image. Celestia tells Luna in the first few minutes of "The Crystal Empire - Part 1": "She will succeed at her task [at saving the Crystal Empire]. And when she does, we'll know she is that much closer to being ready." Then later, to Twilight, she says "He [your brother] is [in the Crystal Empire]. And your Ponyville friends will join you there as well. I have every confidence you will succeed. And when you do, I'll know you are ready to move on to the next level of your studies." Add to this the importance they imbue on that scene, along with the odd image of Alicorn Twilight Sparkle on a poster at a Hasbro event, all point to strong evidence as to how this season will end.

Twilight is the Alicorn of Friendship
Celestia and Luna are a matched pair, sun and moon. Perhaps Cadence and Twilight are part of a similarly thematic pairing, specifically Love and Friendship?
  • Note that Cadance and Twilight are also sisters. (By marriage, yes, but they're still related.) Two pairs of alicorns, both sisters, both organized along complementary themes... (Day/Night, Love/Friendship)... there is no bucking way this is a coincidence.
  • And, confirmed! At the end of the season 4 finale, Celestia officially proclaims that Twilight is the Alicorn of Friendship. And given the Rainbow Power that Twilight unlocked in the finale Celestia ain't kiddin' about that, folks.

Sea Ponies will eventually be introduced.
  • Shoo-bee-doo-shoop-shoop-bee-doo.
  • And they'll be based off hippocampus rather than seahorses. Because then they can actually, y'know, do stuff.
  • Perhaps an episode where the mane cast befriend a hippocampus, but find it hard to do anything with her because hippocampii can't leave the water.
    • Fans have drawn cart designs so the hippocampii can wheel themselves around on land.
    • OR, these versions of sea ponies will be evil. They'll be like sirens and lure sailor ponies to their doom (or just kidnapping them, whatever makes it more kid friendly) with their haunting song (*snort*), and the mane six have to investigate why all these sailors have been disappearing.
      • I like the idea of a sea pony who's much more magically advanced than the rest of her kind, alienating her from them. When Twilight Sparkle visits thanks to a breathing spell or something, this sea pony character is so relieved to finally have somebody to relate to that she tries to prevent Twilight from going back to land.
      • Perhaps they are Kelpies?
  • Can we count this as confirmed? The Dazzlings are essentially dark versions of sea ponies.
  • Confirmed. Actual seaponies play major roles in the 2017 movie.
  • Actually confirmed and not at the same time. Sea ponies do not exist as a species...they are a magical transformation. The "sea ponies" are actually hippogriffs.

    Fandom Specific 
As an addendum to the above, someone will make a clone of Robot Unicorn Attack.
It'll star Rainbow Dash, with the plot being that Rainbow Dash, wanting to be a more versatile athelete, trains herself to be the best runner in Equestria. Crashing will not end in Rainbow Dash dying, but hospitalized, and it will actually be beatable (but Nintendo Hard).

"The 20% Cooler" scene from promo is from the first episode or its second part.
  • Pretty much confirmed.

We're all insane
Look at what we've become! Nine massive folders of pony WMGs? Extensive Episode guides? A huge list of fan fics? An elaborate character page (I'm partly responsible for the Background Ponies section!)? All after ONE season? Where does it all go? Where does it end? Is the cake a Lyra? I must know!!... I ...I need to hug Fluttershy...
  • The ponyless summer drought will do that....
    • What must you think now that the nine folders of WMGs have become several separate pages in their own right...
      • Their are 10 pages and now three tropes inspired by MLPFIM
      • That this guess is confirmed, that's what! Its OK though, I still love all our crazy Brony Tropers.
  • If the Daring Do page is any indication, I think we've transcended mere insanity at this point.
    • The line between Genius and Madness is only separated by degrees of success. Perhaps we're all geniuses?

Season 2 will prove to be a base breaker due to Executive Meddling.
We know that Lauren has reduced her involvement with the show in the second season; she says she has full confidence in the crew working on it, but she would sort of have to say that wouldn't she. I'm worried that the show may start to move away from Lauren's brand of storytelling back toward the sort of stereotypical "girlie" stuff that Lauren was trying to get away from in the first place. This will divide the base as many old-school bronies don't like it, but the target audience doesn't care as much.

(I'm very hopeful that the act of making this prediction will make the universe strive to prove me wrong.)

  • The "Equestria Girls" song proves that Hasbro (or at least the Hub) knows about the bronies, so hopefully they will continue to make it appeal to them. I almost feel that they will try too hard and fail that way.
    • But that promo was put together by the Hub, not necessarily by the people actually making the show itself. You can't tell anything about what the show's staff will do from that.
      • Yes, but so far the people who make the show have earned our trust. The promo suggests that Executive Meddling probably won't make the show take a turn for the worse.
  • The show's awesomeness is not all down to Lauren. Daniel Ingram, the animators, the writers, even the voice actresses, they all play a part in making the show what it is. And despite what Hasbro might think, little girls aren't idiots. If the show changes for the worst, they'll get as upset as the older fans, they just won't complain on the internet.
  • Actually, a clarification that Lauren posted suggested that one of the reasons she's not so involved is that the things she needed to contribute to Season 2, such as basic episode ideas, were pretty much done. So her ideas will be implemented, hopefully, and there's the rest of the very talented staff remaining. This troper is optimistic about season 2.
  • The Hub tends to really go with shows that take advantage of the Periphery Demographic. I don't think they'll want to risk messing with one of the shows they've got that does that the best.
    • It has been established that Hasbro don't get involved further than very specific an little things, like the "princess" thing.
  • After "Derpygate" can we call this one confirmed? Not quite for the same reasons as the original guesser claimed, but...
    • I think most of us will agree that the second season was just as good, perhaps even better than the first one. Though it did include a Base Breaker episode/decision (Derpygate).

Adventure Ponies! The Video Game from The Hub's commercial 8 bit will be Defictionalized.
Even if not as an official Web Game on The Hub's website, then almost certainly by the Periphery Demographic.


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