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Everyone's favorite muffin-eating mailmare! She generates a lot of speculation, if you have guesses on other things, then

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     Derpy's Past, Present and Possible Future 

Derpy was a former alicorn, and the rightful heir to the throne
Which is why she has god-like powers that transcend Celestia's (time travel, immortality, immunity to poisoned muffins, the ability to appear in more than one place at once, and whatever that snowglobe thing was) and a unicorn daughter.

Ditzy Doo had a good reason to go west and north to get the southern birds for the Winter Wrap Ups.
Clearly, there's some kind of obstruction between Ponyville and the southern birds that makes the area tedious, difficult or even impossible to pass through around the time of Winter Wrap Up. During last year's Winter Wrap Up, the obstructed area was small enough for Ditzy to go west and make a U-turn to get to the southern birds, but by the following year's Winter Wrap Up (shown in episode 11) the obstructed area had grown to such a size that Ditzy had to go north and fly in a semicircle to get to the southern birds. Why do the other ponies think she went the wrong way both times, then? Well, the obstruction only developed after Ditzy took up the job of getting the southern birds for Winter Wrap Up, and Ditzy being ditzy, she never thought to say anything about it, making her going west and north look like mistakes.

Derpy Hooves will become a Heroic Bystander at some point.
It's a good way to give Derpy some focus, make her fans happy and let her be awesome, but at the same time ensure she doesn't outshine the main cast.
  • Confirmed in the movie. She helps save Twilight from petrification, giving the Mane Six a chance to seek help and fight back.

Derpy will get her own spin-off series.
However, it will only be available online and each episode is no longer than three minutes. The plot plot will most likely center on Derpy delivering and unusual package to an unusual location. Or of her doing stuff that was in the background while the Mane Cast do their thing, but in her relative POV this time.

Spike becomes sick, forcing Derpy to deliver Twilight's letters
However, she's never delivered anything outside of Ponyville before, so the episode will center around her crazy hijinx.

"Derpy" is so embarrased by her real name, she calls herself Derpy Hooves because she feels that it's less humiliating.
When you stop and think about it, there's no real reason that a pony would willingly allow herself to be called by a rather nasty little name unless the alternative is so much worse, something that implies that she's stupid when she's not is seen as a step up; this means that, much like a human named Forsythe P. Jones calls himself a word that used to mean "imbecile" before it came to mean "tall, skinny kid who eats burgers", the pony we call "Derpy" not only lives in constant fear that somepony out there will discover her real name, she's hoping that what used to mean "wall-eyed dolt" will come to mean "grey Pegasus pony who eats muffins."

Derpy Hooves is Ditzy Doo's Appropriated Appellation.
It was a nickname given to her by the same colts who made fun of Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy as foals, due to her simple-mindedness and her eyes. However, she decided she liked it, and started asking everypony to call her that.

Derpy Hooves does not especially love muffins.
Yes, granted, she was one of the many ponies who assembled to try the muffin samples in "Applebuck Season," and she may even have been the one to say "muffins," but there were a lot of ponies there; many of them were licking their lips and drooling, but Derpy was not. She was also not one of the sick ponies later at Ponyville Urgent Care, suggesting that she in the end didn't have any of the muffins.
  • Blasphemy!! I approve!
  • Alternatively: She's so muffin-obsessed that she has muffin-senses. She sensed something horribly wrong with the muffins and as such wasn't overeager like her less-enlightened peers, tasted one calmly without swallowing or spitting, left the visible area, then spat it into a garbage pail to be polite.
    • But then why didn't she warn anypony else? That seems rather thoughtless of her. Isn't the simple explanation that she didn't have any?
      • Simple, those asinine ponies would not have listened to "stupid" Derpy's warnings, and then all suffered their "just desserts" (even though muffins are a breakfast food)

Derpy is an immortal time traveler.
I don't know how or why, nor do I know whether or not Doctor Whooves is involved in this, but it's the only logical explanation of the available facts (that doesn't render her a lovecraftian horror.) One day as a fill, Derpy wondered what sort of children she would one day have and traveled forward in time to meet and hang out with Dinky for a day.

Derpy Hooves died from eating Applejack's "baked bads".
Notice how in the crowd we see Derpy, but when it shows the sick ponies, Derpy is gone. She must've eaten more muffins than the other ponies, so was affected quicker. All those times we saw Derpy in the episodes afterwards is her ghost.
  • Alternatively, she's perfectly fine. Over the course of her life she's eaten so many bad muffins that she has Acquired Muffin Immunity.
  • Maybe eating so many of the muffins are what caused her to become cross-eyed in her later appearances.
    • Jossed. She first appeared in the first episode of MLP:FIM. She was a background pony with crossed-eyes, though the creators didn't mean for that to happen.

The "filly Derpy" seen in "The Cutie Pox" is Derpy Hooves.
Whether there was a timey-wimey accident involving Doctor Whooves, or a accidental/purposeful Fountain of Youth spell/potion/whatever by Twilight/Zecora/whoever, I wouldn't know.

The "filly Derpy" in The Cutie Pox is Derpy Hooves, and she's the same age as always.
She's just far away, thus appearing smaller than normal.

Derpy appeared three or four times in "Heart's Warming Eve"...
To please people if they couldn't include in in the next few episodes like "Baby Cakes" (Unless you count the baby in the nursery that had her hair like the "Cutie Pox" example above)

Discord turned Derpy into a first-class sadist.
In The Last Roundup, she was really concerned when Rainbow Dash fell through the boards, and we know she is eager to help; things go wrong, but she really wants to help. And we know Discord inverted many ponies' personalities. So Discord would have made her a nasty character whose plans to make ponies hurt worked well.

If "The Pony formally known as Derpy" ever makes a speaking appearance once more, her personality will get a Retool.
It's doubtful if it'll ever happen again, but I'd imagine that if they ever decided to introduce her again, she won't act the same way she did in "The Last Roundup". She'll be the same Ditzy character, but she won't rely on slapstick. I'd imagine that her being an Expy of Dory from Finding Nemo would be a good fit for her character.
  • Confirmed as of Slice of Life. They gave her an adorkable vague Bronx accent to satisfy the Moral Guardians, and she kicked off the plot by hiring Pipsqueak to print wedding invitations. She's still an oafish dork, though, as a scene in Time Turner's lab has her channeling her inner Dee-dee.

Derpy was born during Discord's initial reign.
Makes perfect sense... Kind of...

Derpy's first name is actually "Derby."
Derby makes much more sense as a pony's name, since a derby is a kind of horse race. But because the 'p' and 'b' sounds are closely related, she would pronounce her name with a 'p' when she was younger, and it stuck.

The name "Derpy" is still canon.
After Derpygate a lot of people considered the name Derpy not to be canon anymore, some people even claiming that Ditzy was now the canon name. However, the name Ditzy wasn't used in the edited version of "The Last Roundup", instead there was no name used at all. And the name "Derpy" was (after some tense moments) kept on all the We Love Fine merchandise. So "Derpy" is still the only name ever given to the character in anything actually released to the public, making it still canon until further notice. To keep it that way, they'll just have to not call her by any name in the rest of her appearances. On a related note...

If Derpy's role is ever expanded again, her mother-daughter relationship with Dinky will be made canon.
She can then simply be referred to as "Dinky's mom" by the show from now on.

Derpy/Ditzy's real name is Dipsy Doodle.
Nopony uses it, and most ponies don't even know Derpy/Ditzy is a nickname.
  • This is why she hangs out with Carrot Top/Golden Harvest.

Derpy won the Best Young Fliers competition in "Sonic Rainboom".
  • Didn't Rainbow Dash win?
    • Of course not! Or at least, Rainbow WOULDN'T have, but Derpy forfited mere seconds before the winner was announced.

Derpy becomes Unstuck in Time at some point.
That's why she shows up randomly across time and space. She at one point ends up in some sort of temporal mishmash and ends up traveling randomly forward and backwards through time.
  • She gets to say, "It was really nice of you to bring me those muffins tomorrow, I really enjoyed them - Thanks."

Derpy has been spending Season Three on vacation.
Derpy had a rough season. She accidentally destroyed town hall, got trapped in a snow globe, and got caught up in an attack by evil bug-ponies. She decided that she needed a break for a while.

Derpy will have to fill in for Bulk Biceps at the Games.
  • Jossed.

In the Crystal War timeline from The Cutie Re-Mark, Derpy is a decorated war heroine.

In the Chrysalis Resistance Timeline ibid., Derpy gave her life in a Dying Moment of Awesome.
It's a less hopeful timeline than the Crystal War, and some of the Mane Cast have died.

     Derpy's Health and Mental State 

Darpy is perfectly fine.
She just acts ditzy to give those judgmental ponies want they want. Her eyes, however, are really wall-eyed, naturally leading to Derpy's very real clumsiness because she can't see properly. Also, Ditzy is her real name, Derpy is an insulting sneer the bullies came up with. As time went on she grew used to the nickname and it became something of a friendly tease among her closer friends like Rainbow Dash.

Derpy has Duane syndrome.
Hey, it fits.

Derpy Hooves has crossed eyes because she is an all-seeing, all-knowing prophet.
She just doesn't realize that no-one else is.

Derpy's health insurance won't cover surgery to correct her strabismus.
Think about it: for a predatory species whose eyes are close-set to provide the stereoscopic binocular vision necessary to gauge the distance to a target, strabismus can be a serious, even debilitating, problem. For an herbivorous herd animal like a pony, however, whose eyes are set on opposite sides of its face to provide all-around 360-degree vision so as to detect approaching predators, strabismus is really only a cosmetic problem; a pony does not have to worry about focusing both eyes on the same target, since it cannot anyway. Since it's only a cosmetic problem, her insurance carrier considers any surgery to correct it to be purely elective, and therefore will not cover it.

Most, if not all, of the more baffling things that Derpy does over the years are the direct result of a failed search for contact lenses.
As we've seen, Derpy turns up in the strangest places and is often seen looking rather foolish. While she does have a stereotypically-slow sounding voice, she might not be as full-on stupid as ultra-impatient loudmouth Rainbow Dash thinks she is. It could well be that most of her problems stem from her being not so much an imbecile as she is the local take on Mister Magoo: a pony of average intelligence cruelly hampered by defective vision. At one point, she lost her contacts (possibly during a Winter Wrap-up) and has been scrambling to find them ever since because her insurance won't pay for replacements.

Derpy Hooves is hearing-impaired.
You will no doubt have noticed that the only way to get her attention or have her follow any sort of commands is to look straight at her and have heard her slow, deliberate and somewhat stilted way of speaking. It could well be that her trademark clumsiness is the result of her getting carried away because nopony usually asks the deaf Pegasus for her help all that often.
  • Her voice seems to have the same sort of inflection quirks that pop up when one can't reference their own or other voices, and maybe whatever made her deaf threw off her equilibrium. The eye, is her eye, not much more to that.
  • Her clumsiness might also be the result of an inner ear problem. Which isn't helped by a visual impairment either.

Derpy is a stoner.
I'm very surprised this hasn't been posted yet actually. It's kinda obvious that Derpy uses medicinal marijuana (Probably for her eyes). It would explain her general behavior. Also, she's got bubbles for a cutie mark. Not to mention that she's addicted to muffins, which work great as "munchies". It's also possible that the entire show is an extended hallucination and she imagines herself and the people around her as ponies. Magic ponies.

Derpy isn't stupid, she's permanently brain-damaged.
From texting while flying...

Derpy has a glass eye
You try keeping your prosthetic eye pointing in the right direction while flying around.

Derpy Hooves has Down syndrome.
One characteristic of Down syndrome is difficulty hearing. This could explain the deeper voice. Vision problems associated with Down syndrome include lazy eye and cross-eyes. Weak muscles are another symptom, which could explain Derpy's dropping things on Twilight Sparkle in the episode "Feeling Pinkie Keen".

     Derpy's Attributes and Abilities 

Derpy's cutie mark isn't bubbles...
She's a dapple grey. Except... just on her butt.
  • A spotted (or blanket-with spots) gray Appaloosa? Hmm... If she doesn't have a cutie mark that would make sense. Maybe she does things like building and helping people move despite being so bad at them because she's like an older, less obnoxiously loud version of the Cutie Mark Crusaders.

There's nothing wrong with Derpy at all!
She can see all five dimensions just fine!

Derpy's special talent is flying.
  • She was seen waiting to perform at the flight competition. She doesn't fly like Rainbow Dash, however. She's much more graceful and smooth, so her cutie mark has bubbles, to symbolize her ability to float with ease. She is a mail carrier because she can deliver delicate packages without damaging them.
    • Her cutie mark might represent bubbles of warm air, known as thermals, which soaring birds and gliders use to attain high altitudes.

If she can't already, she'll be able to shoot lasers from her eyes.
Hey, why not?

Derpy is not actually as young as her presence in the Young Flier's Competition would indicate.
Rather, the contest is simply a contest for non-professional fliers with a Non-Indicative Name. Most entrants are not professionals because they're too young to have made it, but a few older ponies who have no interest in professional flying/racing enter too. She's actually in her late 40's or early 50's, or the pony equivalent thereof, old enough to have a fully or mostly grown daughter as well as Dinky. We know from seeing Rarity's young-looking parents that ponies age very well and don't show signs of it as quickly as do humans.
  • Alternatively, if you take the "Derpy has Special Needs" character interpretation, it might be that they don't have a Special Olympics-type contest, and the Young Flier Competition is used for that instead.
  • Alternatively alternatively, she's just so scatterbrained that she didn't notice that she was too old for the contest, and the registration thing failed to pick up on it until it was too late.

Derpy's Cutie Mark... bubbles because Derpy is a bubblehead. And suddenly it all makes sense.

Derpy's Cutie Mark...
...symbolises how fragile she considers the world to be. Notice how easily she wrecked the town hall? She just touched it.Needless to say, she's not very fond of her special talent.
  • This is also how she met the Doctor - she accidentally broke time.

Ditzy Doo is actually a brilliant philosopher and scholar, but is absent-minded.
When Rainbow Dash called her a "feather-brain" in "Winter Wrap-Up," she wasn't implying that Ditzy was stupid. Rather, Ditzy is brilliant, but she is, as such, also very absent-minded. She flew north to get the southern birds, and west the year before that, because she was contemplating the epistemology of morals or the standard model of particle physics, or some other abstruse subject, and wasn't paying attention to what she was doing.

Derpy's Cutie Mark signifies "Area of Effect."
In her first "starring" scene (in "The Last Roundup"), Derpy was shown to unintentionally cause damage to herself and the material around her. Some was due to sheer incompetence, like her constant stomping of the thundercloud, but some doesn't make sense in that regard. In particular, how come that one spot where she sat collapsed? None of the damage she caused seemed to affect that particular spot. However, what if Derpy's special talent was simply being jinxed and unintentionally jinxing everything around her? This gives some meaning to her bubbly Cutie Mark - bubbles could signify the area of effect that this "bad luck" generates.

Derpy is the pony version of Xatu.
It's said about Xatu that its right eye views the future while the left eye views the past - maybe Derpy's eyes are that way so she can see the past and future at the same time! Time travel abilities can also apply here, since Derpy was seen as she is now in Twilight's flashback in "Cutie Mark Chronicles", but appears as a filly in "The Cutie Pox" - all that time traveling thus allows her to see in the past and future at will, but she also has to stay partially focused on the present, hence her eye difference and seeming lack of coordination. She could also be able to look into other dimensions as well as the past and future.

Derpy is suffering from pegasi Power Incontinence
It seems obvious, that pegasi have magic powers related to gravity - they can pull (and stop) vehicles in mid-air, fly on wings that are obviously to small, jump on clouds and completely ignore most laws of physics once they break the sound barrier. Derpy can fly and cloudwalk too, but she breaks everything she bumps into (and at one point - sits on) - as if she was much heavier than she is.

Derpy is extremely strong, even for a pony
She was able to break the town hall with just her butt. And then there's her scene in Feeling Pinkie Keen. Sure, she dropped them due to her clumsiness, but why would she be expected to lift heavy items like a piano to begin with unless she's quite powerful? Take a look at the gruff looking "boss" pony glaring at her after she drops the items - he looks way stronger, so why didn't he take the piano? And why employ a noted klutz like Derpy to deliver heavy objects to begin with? Because if she can overcome her tendencies for a while, she's more than buff enough to do it.

Derpy's special talent is beginner's luck.
She's good at many things, but only until she starts to fall into The Centipede's Dilemma. Her skills are lovely but, like a bubble, only last a short time before they burst. This is how she manages to be allowed to do things like carpentry and mid-air moving truck packing, and why she thought she might be good enough to not make huge fool of herself in the Best Young Flyer competition. She's good at some things only for an instant or two, but with other things she succeeds just long enough for someone to give her responsibility.

Derpy's cutie mark isn't bubbles, it's wrecking balls!
They just look like bubbles because they are metallic grey on a grey background, but they are actually wrecking balls, because Derpy's special talent is demolition.

Derpy has trained herself to not look at anyone with both eyes at the same time. . .
because if she does look at you with both eyes, it's like Shutterfly's glare turned up to 11.5 and it fries your brain!

Derpy is an acronym for her real, very long name.
As we've seen, Equestria has its fair share of stoner of whom would have no problem naming her foal "Dawn's Early Rays of Perfect Yellow."

Derpy took the Jinxed trait.
Things tend to explode around her, things she drops are magnetized to ponies' heads, and even when she isn't wrecking the place her employees will do it for her.

Derpy's only really ditzy and/or klutzy when stressed out.


     Derpy's Relationships and Responsibilities 

Derpy Hooves has a huge family full of identical or similar relatives.
Every time we see more than one Derpy is because we see her sisters or cousins.
  • Same with Derpy with different colour of eyes or hair.
  • All names are canonical, one name can be true for more than one pony. So there are many ponies named Derpy Hooves, Ditzy Doo or even Bubbles (or other nicknames what animator gave them).
  • All interpretations are true:
    • There are many Derpies with Different level of intelligence or mental state.
    • One of them have one unicorn filly named Dinky.
      • This has most likely been Jossed in "Sisterhooves Social". Dinky's big sister is the grown-up unicorn Sparkler, known for leading the animal team in "Winter Wrap Up", and seen as an adult in at least one flashback. Derpy would have to be in her 50s to be Sparkler's mother, in which case she couldn't enter the Best Young Flyer Competition ("Sonic Rainboom") anymore.
      • I just handwaved the age issue as time travel. Derpy has a kid and does the sensible and responsible thing by dumping it on herself 20 or so years back (twice).
    • One (or more) is Doctor Whoof companion.
    • Few of them have mail related job.
  • Considering that Luna Eclipsed showed multiple grey-coated, yellow-maned pegasus mares wearing different costumes, I'd say this one is pretty close to confirmed. The one wearing paper bags who drained the apple barrel was the real Derpy Hooves (you can tell by the eyes) and the one dressed as a witch was her someone smarter sister.

Derpy Hooves is Celestia and Luna's mother.
If you watch "The Cutie-Mark Chronicles", you'll see Derpy on the lower left during Twilight Sparkle's flashback as Celestia is just about to raise the sun in Canterlot. She even has her characteristic derpy eyes. This means that despite appearances, Derpy is older than Twilight by quite a bit. However she hasn't aged a day between back then and now. This is because in actuality, Derpy Hooves is the depowered form of Celestia and Luna's mother, who gave up her powers and responsibilities as the one true god-ruler of Equestria thousands of years ago to her two favorite daughters as a gift when they earned their Cutie Marks. She's still alive because even after sacrificing her horn and all its magic, her body's still immortal. She was inCanterlot that day to watch Celestia raise the sun, something she does every year. This is also why Derpy was in Ponyville when Nightmare Moon returned.

Derpy's wall-eyed expression is because, even when she was the god-empress of equestria, she was known as being something of a Ditzy Genius / Cloud Cuckoo Lander, when she gave up her magic and became a normal pegasus pony, the loss of all that magical grace made what once looked like a mildly ditzy expression into classic Derpy Hooves. Also Dinky is simply her first and only daughter since she gave up most of her magic, and Dinky is a unicorn because of the trace amounts of magic Derpy still has dormant inside her.

  • Alternatively, since we didn't see Derpy's cutie mark in that scene at the Summer Sun Celebration, it's also possible that she is about the same age as Twilight, or perhaps a little older, and was just at the Summer Sun Celebration in Canterlot as one of the celebrants, just like Twilight and all the other ponies who were there.

Derpy Hooves does not work for the post office.
She works for a moving company. We see her working for a moving company in "Feeling Pinkie Keen".
  • That potentially could still be a postal service like FedEx or UPS. Just they were delivering a lot of large packages to some address. Or Derpy could have just been helping Raindrops because Raindrops's normal partner was sick that day or something.
    • It could be a private parcel company, but it's more likely that it was what it appeared to be. After all, how many private parcel companies would ship something as large and heavy as a fully assembled piano? They would probably tell you to call a moving company. And why would she be helping Raindrops if Raindrops' partner was sick? It would be the company's responsibility to assign a replacement if necessary. Why would Derpy work for free just as a favor when she presumably has her own job and other responsibilities? The simplest explanation is that she works for a moving company.
    • Alternatively, she is a hire worker for her family's company in Canterlot, along with the Mule, Hayseed Turnip Truck and good Ol' Hayseed. May it be moving, a package service, selling muffins for the Sugarcube Corner, you name it.
    • Confirmed in "Last Roundup," wherein we see the postpony for Ponyville deliver Applejack's letter to the surprise party. Needless to say, he was not Derpy Hooves.
      • Ponyville could have more than one mailpony - maybe Derpy is the second mailpony in case the one we saw got sick or something.
      • We saw another mailpony in "Putting Your Hoof Down," the one Fluttershy shoved into the mailbox, and he was wearing the same uniform as the one we saw in "Last Roundup," which we have never seen Derpy wear. On top of which, that indicates that Ponyville, which is, after all, a small town, already has two mailponies at least. It seems exceedingly unlikely at this point that Derpy is also a mailpony.
      • She still can be the mailpony for the pegasi in town that lives on clouds, or a sort of "speed delivery" since flying wouldn't have the same obstacles as walking on ground.
    • How about a compromise? She could simply be from Cloudsdale and a postmare there. Derpy might work for a moving company in Ponyville as a second job, since she won't be delivering post all day in Cloudsdale. There, a compromise that fits everypony's wants and with canon and reason. It's not unusual for someone to work two jobs, especially ones that might not pay that well.

The Mayor is Ditzy Doo's/Derpy Hooves's mother.
No idea how this came to me.
  • Maybe it has something to do with Derpy working on the City Hall reconstruction despite, y'know, the whole "probably couldn't get a construction license to save her life" thing?

Ditzy Doo/Derpy Hooves is Scootaloo's older sister.
Given what we know of her, Scootaloo sees Rainbow Dash as the cool big sister that she'd like to have; the reason for this is that the sister she does have is a not-at-all awesome mailmare with wonky eyes and a poor sense of direction. We could well have a flashback that shows us that she saved Rainbow Dash at the cost of her depth perception, ability to focus on her job and intelligible speech.

Derpy Hooves is childless.
We see in "Sonic Rainboom" that she competed in the Best Young Flyer competition: she was the original contestant fifteen. Since the contest's name implies that entrants have to be below a certain age, we can reasonably infer that Derpy is pretty young, probably around the same age as the mane six. Given that, she would have had to marry very young to already have a foal of her own and to already be back in competition shape. So if there is any relationship between her and Dinky, it is probably not that of mother and foal.
  • Derpy could possibly be Dinky's foal-sitter, whom she calls "Mama" as a term of endearment.
    • But when have we ever seen Dinky call Derpy "Mama"?
  • Seemingly confirmed by "Sisterhooves Social," wherein we see Dinky competing in the race with a pony (Sparkler, supposedly) who is presumably her older sister, and who appears to be about Applejack and Rarity's age; there really is just no way somepony young enough to compete in the Best Young Flyer competition could have an adult child already.
    • There is a very simple explanation for this. Derpy is an ageless immortal, and both Sparkler and Derpy are her daughters. ANYONE who is trying to steal Dinky from Derpy is in allegiance with Discord.
  • We don't actually know how old the Mane Six are, or at what ages Pony culture has the same stages as Human culture. They could be the pony equivalent of about 25, which makes sense with Twilight being the equivalent of a grad student in the first episode and the others having jobs (self-employment, mid-to-high-ranking familial employment, and, in Dash's and possibly Fluttershy's case, government employment) but not a super-high level of responsibility. If this is the case, Derpy could have had her daughter at the Pony equivalent age of 19 or 21 or, depending on how ponies and fillies age, even 24 (extrapolating from an "exact" comparative age of 25), which is perfectly common in Human culture.

Derpy Hooves and Ditzy Doo are not the same pony.
They are identical twins and Derpy had a head injury that screwed her eyes when they were fillies. You'll notice a lot of scenes where Derpy's eyes aren't cocked. They both have the cutie mark of bubbles because whatever their special talent is, it involves the bubbles. Perhaps they invented a new stamp glue together that can double as those Crayola play bubbles.
  • Original Guesser here, revising the Cutie Mark Meanings.
    • Derpy's bubbles reference bubble wrap, signalling how she can drop even fine china without shattering it.
      • After "The Last Roundup" this is suddenly hilarious. I still buy that it's bubblewrap, but it's probably not because she's good at not breaking things since she singlehoofedly demolished Town Hall without trying. I think she's really good at popping every single bubble on a sheet of bubblewrap. If Pokey Peirce can have a special talent of popping balloons, Derpy can be good at popping bubblewrap.
    • Ditzy's bubbles are that stamp glue thing I said before.

Derpy Hooves and Ditzy Doo are sisters, or related.
In Winter Wrap Up, this dialogue occurs:
Rainbowshine: Ditzy Doo accidentally went north to get the southern birds!
Rainbow Dash: Oh that featherbrain. Didn't she learn her lesson last year when she went west?
Later you see a Pegasus leading a flock of birds. She looks like Derpy, except she has purple hair instead of yellow. This is Ditzy Doo (she's bringing the southern birds), and since she looks like Derpy, she's her sister or related to Derpy in some way.

"Hooves" is Derpy's married name.
But it's actually spelled "Whooves." She's married to the Doctor, who is Dinky's father.

Derpy Hooves/Ditzy Doo is a close friend of Hoity Toity.
This is why Derpy, Lyra Heartstrings, and Bon Bon can be seen clearly at all of these well-to-do fashion shows Photo Finish puts on despite being plain old ponyville residents; Derps is a friend, so she and her pals can get into big events thanks to Hoity Toity pulling some strings. Derpy might do advertising for Hoity when the mail's having a slow month.

Like Scootaloo is with Rainbow Dash, Dinky Hooves is obsessed with Derpy Hooves.
Since we know there not sisters, maybe Dinky idolizes Derpy and modified her appearance to be more like her.

Derpy is a hypercompetent secret agent.
Her job as a mailmare is just a cover. Celestia sent her to Ponyville undercover in order to keep an eye on Twilight Sparkle and company. She watches them and writes weekly reports, using her position in the postal service to deliver them to Celestia covertly. If the situation calls for it, she's use her mad secret agent skillz to help out offscreen. Where was she during Nightmare Moon's return? Why, she was visitng the moon to destroy her Kill Sat! Where was she during Discord's return? Why, she was single-hoofedly defending Canterlot from an army of Discorded ponies! All her little personality quirks are still intact, she's just also a highly competent secret agent.

Derpy runs in elite Canterlot circles.
It has previously been suggested that Derpy is friends with Photo Finish, given Derpy's prime seat at the fashion show. Now, Derpy is seen in one of the squares during Rarity's "The Pony Every Pony Should Know" song. Derpy's got friends in high places.
  • She was at the Grand Galloping Gala, so that would fit.

Derpy Hooves/Ditzy Doo is a well-known performance artist.
Given that we know that she loves fashion and is seems to be part of Canterlot society, it could well be that her wearing paper bags isn't so much the result of brain damage but a pseudo-intellectual comment on how ponies have been reduced to commodities in the consumer society. Also, she wasn't actually delivering furniture when she pelted Twilight with all that stuff in Feeling Pinkie Keen; what happened is that one of her installations got crashed by a unicorn spying on an Earth pony.

Derpy is a deep-cover operative for some Guardian of the Multiverse organization.
She is to scout out threats as they appear. She is also ordered to display Obfuscating Stupidity to maintain her cover.

Amethyst Star isn't related to Dinky.
It could be that Dinky really wanted to compete in the Sisterhooves Social but was sad that she had no sister. Amethyst, a foal-sitter that Derpy hired for the day, competed with her. It would explain her appearance with another foal in the Mare-Do-Well episode where they were having a picnic.
  • Maybe she's her magic tutor? Derpy can't teach her.
  • Or the foal in Mare-Do-Well isn't related to Sparkler, and Dinky is. A mare having a picnic with a pupil/foalsittee is much easier to believe than going into a sisterhood competition with one.

At the end of Feeling Pinkie Keen, Derpy was applying for another job.
It's a wonder Twilight wasn't killed in the avalanche of stuff earlier.

Dinky's true parentage was revealed in "Last Roundup"!
If you look here at about 3:36, right when Applejack is saying "little," (Here is the relevant screencap) the camera stops on Dinky, gazing up at a white-coated, purple-maned unicorn stallion, who is gazing down at her with paternal affection. I submit that that is Dinky's father. Note also that Golden Harvest, called Carrot Top by some, is standing on the other side of Dinky. I further submit that Golden Harvest is Dinky's real mother! Derpy is not Dinky's mother, but she is Golden Harvest's best friend, and as such is like a favorite aunt to Dinky. That's why Derpy was at the Sisterhooves Social: to cheer on her favorite "nieces"!
  • I never did much see Derpy as being Dinky's mother, especially with Sparkler in Sisterhooves Social being quite a bit older than Dinky, and Derpy seems as old as the Mane 6. This theory, however, makes quite a bit of sense, I approve!

Derpy is Rainbow Dash's Autistic Older/Twin Sister
First Derpy isn't retarded, she just has moderate HFA and is of average/above average intelligence, but she lacks common sense, her voice lacks proper intonation, her verbal thought process and speech is slow, and she is very clumsy (and she has stromboisis or however you spell it). This is still disabling enough that she does not get much respect from her younger sister, Rainbow Dash. Faust has stated that RD doesn't have any younger siblings as she would make a poor older sister, but that does not disqualify her from having an older or twin sister. The two pegasi both have the same mane and body shape, they are both a bit tomboyish, and it is clear from the Last Round Up that they know each other fairly well. Even though Derpy is older or the same age Rainbow still feels like she is her responsibility due to her disabilities. Rainbow Dash was drawn to Fluttershy in summer flight camp because she reminded her of her sister. Eventually Derpy was sent to Ponyville for it's autistic social skills program for adults which may have included some of our other ponies, and Rainbow Dash moved with her because she was so loyal.

The toyline pony Lily Blossom is a relative of Derpy's
They're both pegasi, and they have a very similar color scheme.
  • Also, the McDonalds and, if I recall correctly, grab-bag miniatures only show one eye. Unless disproven by her other toys (*cough* Depending on the Artist *cough*), maybe she wears her hair like that to hide a genetic incongruity between her eyes? The McDonalds 2012 toy does seem like the bridge of her nose is wider on the right side, intruding into the edge of where her covered eye should be...

She's NOT a mail pony (sorry) .
By the 19th episode of the Season 2, we have seen two other mail ponies, and no mail deliveries by Derpy.
  • However, this doesn't mean she isn't employed with a moving and/or delivery company of another kind (as seen during Season 1).
  • Why is everypony so determined to disprove Derpy as a Mailmare? The postal service is massive, just because we haven't seen Derpy deliver post, doesn't mean she doesn't. She could be a pony who delivers to farther-away places or, you know, Cloudsdale. She's a pegasus, she's best suited to transferring mail to both locations.

Derpy's has a celebrity relative
Named Johnny Derp

Ditzy Doo is, or was, a model
It's the simplest explanation for how she got into the snow globe - some company used her likeness in a product, which is what models are for. This also explains her appearances in Canterlot high society.

Her full name is Mrs Ditzy "Derpy" Hooves nee Doo.
Her daughter, born out of wedlock before Derpy met Doctor Hooves, is called Dinky Doo.

Derpy's cutie mark represents Bubble Wrap
Moving company OR mailmare, it works. So THERE, people who are so dead set against Derpy being a mailmare.

Derpy is the Equestrian counterpart to Emperor Norton.

Derpy gave birth to Dinky at a young age.
Maybe she was taken advantage of as a teenager (a fair portion of the fandom has Derpy being, if not slow, at least rather Ditzy and gullible), or she might not have gotten good sex ed from her parents, or some such. So she had a filly when she was already pretty young herself, so she tried to raise Dinky.

But eventually she realized she couldn't raise a daughter by herself (because of her own age, or perhaps related to her possible disabilities (depending on how the fans are interpreting it at the time)) and decided to solve the problem by getting another daughter (which makes exactly as much sense as it sounds like, but it works out with the magic of love and family). She adopts the older filly Sparkler, who helps take care of Dinky gets a job so she can provide for her growing family.

This is why Derpy can enter the Young Flyer's Competition—despite having started a family of her own, she's actually not very old at all.

Derpy Hooves and Ditzy Doo are two separate ponies.
Ditzy and Derpy are identical twins, who share a cutie mark, job, voice, love of muffins, and cross-eyed expression. As a result, they are constantly confused for each-other; so much so that they don't even mind being called the wrong name. The only difference is that Ditzy is slightly lighter-colored than her sister, and her 'derp face' is less pronounced. Derpy is married to Doctor Whooves, and due to some timey-wimey stuff the filly version of her briefly appeared in the present during The Cutie Pox (or whatever episode filly Derpy appeared in).

Derpy is actually bullied by the mane cast.
Sure, they may be nice on-screen, but off-screen, they treat her badly. Kind of in the same way that the Sugar Rush Racers from Wreck-It Ralph treated Vanellope. Why? because she's a glitch who isn't supposed to exist. Why would I think this? Taffyta Muttonfudge and Twilight Sparkle's voices are eerily similar...

Derpy is Ponyville's village idiot.
That is, she's a professional village idiot. Part of her act is to mess around with mailboxes and accepts muffins as currency. She may be an idiot, but she's no fool.

Dinky and Amethyst Star are Derpy's Kids From the Future.
A possible explanation as to why Derpy and Amethyst seem to be about the same age. They probably came back in time with the Doctor to visit their mom.

Derpy is Dinky's aunt.
Her Parents are Written Script and Golden Harvest/Carrot Top. Written script is Derpy's brother or half brother, and Golden Harvest is Derpy's sister-in-law. Amethyst Star is adopted.


Derpy Doo is the Pony Version of The Slender Man Mythos
A normal day while cleaning your attic, your collection of memories or what-you-get, you stumble in an photograph of a very private party last year. Almost burn to a crisp by an accident (odd) there is only a small spot still distinguishable. It takes you a moment to realize is Derpy Doo, a small acquaintance of one of your friends...probably. A normal pony at first sight, except you can't help feeling that there is something not quite right about her. Curious about it (it has been a slow week), you try to investigate about her but all your inquiries came to an abrut stop. Apparently all everypony know of her is her name and that she works in the Mail pony. Baffled at this (why she was invited to such party when nopony knows squat about her?), you take time to review the photograph of parties and small reunions of not only you but of your friends and family, the small Pressure in the back of your head about this mystery becoming an irritation. Soon you realize (for the first time) that she is always present, in many occasions where she shouldn't, couldn't be there. In fact you don't remember how you meet her or inviting her to any reunion but she is always present, either floating or simply standing in the room, never interacting with other ponies as if she weren't there. While the small Pressure in the back of your head become worse with each passing day, the desire to know who (or...what) is Derpy Doo transform from a small pique of curiosity to an obsesion. A pattern appears, a tragedy or injury befall a pony (in this lasts months, the six chosen) and she is always in the background, not quite watching like a emphasized shadow. Now the Pressure so madenning, you decided to takle the problem head on but nopony knows where she lives (no surprising at this point) and her boss is as unhelpful as possible. You decide then to wait her in her morning route but no matter how early you wake up or even if you don't sleep, never see her enter or leave the Post Office and your letters keep appearing in your box, even when in desesperation you remove it and throw it in the floor, letters are sticking out as if mocking you. You snap. You try to forget but the Pressure gets worse and worse so you leave Ponyville to some city who-know-where. You are a mess, can't remember when was the last time you eated or bathed or sleep more than half and hour and there is papers and papers around the house, insane rambling most of them and the Pressure is like a shiv to your brain. In your table you Found an old portrait. Its from the time of the foundation of Poniville but your eyes are instantly glued to the small, almost invisible figure in the shadows, down in the woods. It is almost indistinguishible, void like shape except for its eyes, looking straight at you, looking straight at you and you realize why that feeling in the back of your neck is so familiar and that she has found you... and you put the wrong stamps in the last package.
  • I always KNEW that pony was creepy! I knew it! I had a feeling! I must inform everyone of this! Quick! To the Fanfic Archives!

Derpy Hooves/Ditzy Doo is related to Fattest Pony.
They're both Ensemble Darkponies with a derpy face, so why not?

Derpy Hooves is (the blond-haired veil of) UBOA.
Don't mess with the lights.

Derpy is not a pony, but a disease.
Ditzy Doo is "patient zero".Symptoms include Derpy Eyes, Muffin addiction, scrambled sense of direction.
  • Screwball is also infected.

"Derpy Hooves" is a Reality Warper Eldritch Abomination locked outside of time and space.
In The Cutie Pox, we see "Derpy" in the form of a filly when she should be an adut. Derp eyes also appear on other characters as well, such as on Pinkie Pie when she is suffering from Sanity Slippage. Also, there are frequent instances of ponies that look almost exactly like "Derpy," minus the Derp eyes.

I hereby propose that "Derpy Hooves" is actually an extradimensional horror a la Yog-Sothoth, which is beyond omnipotent and omniscient, but cannot fully manifest a physical form in the material universe. Instead, it manifests itself by altering realityon a fundamental level, turning a pony into an avatar of itself. When this happens, the altered pony will possess Derp eyes and become an agent of completely random and inexplicable events that further the goals of Derpy Hooves. Being an Eldritch Abomination, these goals are incomprehensible to ordinary Ponies or Humans. We only catch a glimpse of the true horror and insanity before the manifestation inexplicably vanishes again without a trace. The duration of the manifestation can vary, from an extended period of time to a mere split second, such as when Derpy temporarily manifested as Rainbow Dash in Fall Weather Friends.

There is more, however. When Derpy Hooves alters reality to create an avatar, it also retroactively alters the timeline. The altered pony will, after Derpy's manifestation, have always possessed Derp eyes ever since birth. This is part of why absolutely nopony ever points out said Derp eyes: as far as they're concerned, that's the way it always was and therefore they have become accustomed to it. Similarly, when Derpy releases its manifestation in the physical world, the timeline changes again, the Derpy avatar returns to normal, and it is as if nothing had ever happened. However, the Human audience viewing the show is capable of observing events from outside of the Equestrian timeline. This is why we can notice Derpy's various appearances.

There is, as pointed out, a large population of ponies that closely resemble "Derpy Hooves", sans Derp eyes. There are multiple ways to explain their presence, and why the most commonly seen form of "Derpy Hooves" resembles them:Explanation 1: The Derpy clones are in fact descended from the first manifestation of Derpy Hooves. Thus, this makes them easier targets for the Derpy Hooves entity to alter, and hence why it almost always appears in such a form.Explanation 2: The physical appearance of the Derpy clones is a simple coincidence. The Derpy One simply prefers such an appearance and chooses to alter such ponies when possible. It is also possible that Derpy altered reality purely for the purpose of creating a high proportion of suitable avatars in the pony population.Explanation 3: The Derpy clones are actually the results of Derpy's manifestations. When The Derpy One manifests and then releases its avatar, the pony in question is not restored to its previous form but instead is turned into a Derpy clone. There may be some ulterior purpose to the creation of said clones, as well. This raises some questions as to how Mane Cast members such as Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie remained unchanged. It's possible the transformation was prevented by the Elements of Harmony. This raises a question: how many of the Derpy clones had friends that don't remember them anymore? What if one or more of them was a friend of the Mane Cast?

Also, a certain pony, Carrot Top, is frequently seen accompanying the Derpy avatars. There are two explanations for this.Explanation 1: Carrot Top is High Priestess to The Derpy One, Prophet of Doom, and Herald of Armageddon.//Explanation 2: Carrot Top is aware of The Derpy One's existence. She opposes The Derpy One by providing its avatars with a certain irresistable foodstuff that incidentally inhibits their abilities and intelligence, preventing chaos from being unleashed upon the world. The food in question? Muffins.//Addendum 2.5: After extensive contact with Carrot Top through multiple manifestations, the Derpy avatars have begun developing a new personality which is friendly towards her, and therefore will possibly serve her instead of The Derpy One's will. This is EXACTLY according to Carrot Top's plans.

TL,DR: Derpy Hooves is actually not one pony but an Eldritch Abomination that manifests through Derp eyes. Said manifestations become much easiler on targets going through Sanity Slippage. If you make a Derp face, you risk being erased from existence and replaced with a Derpy clone. And no one will ever notice. After all, you never existed.Fortunately, Carrot Top is working to oppose Derpy and defeat it with The Power of Friendship.

Derpy Hooves is actually Princess Cadence doing a run-away bride thing.
As we've learned, the Season Two closeout is a Shout-Out to the recent royal wedding. It could be possible that most of the second half of the season would have as a linking theme the need to find a bride with a severe case of the jitters. Eventually, of course, her disguise as a cross-eyed Pegasus pony would slip and we'd be off to the races.

Derpy is actually Rainbow Dash's Split Personality.
You think Pinkie Pie was the only one with a Split Personality? Think again. Ever notice how the only time they've really interacted with each other in canon was at the beginning of The Last Roundup? and even then, they only seemed to be just the two of them. Perhaps it's a case of Unreliable Narrator and in reality, it was Rainbow Dash who damaged the town hall (She does fly into buildings alot, just ask Rarity). Why does she have a alternate personality that's so... Uncool? Rainbow Dash became so "cool" that her "uncoolness" was purged and then manifested itself into another pegasus that was everything not Rainbow Dash, "Derpy".
  • DO WANT!!! I LIKE IT!!
    • ...except Derpy popped out of the hole her butt made in the balcony during Applejack's send-off, when everypony in town was there...
      • Nopony else really acknowledged her, though, unless the fact that no one cheered after the Mayor thanked Applejack in advance until after Derpy said "Yeah, Applejack, whoohoo!" was just them all looking at her.... plus there's the matter of her appearance in Luna Eclipsed where it was clearly her who drained the pool... unless maybe Derpy is Rainbow's Split from a sort of magical mishap... eh, it's WMG.

Altered Derpy Hooves is a time traveling changling
Derpy Hooves Prime has gone missing either via Starswirl's spell or some other time traveler knocking her out of her normal course of events. A good changeling from the future traveled back to try and make sure that there is a "Derpy Hooves" present when and where she's supposed to be at fixed moments in time, thereby insuring that time stays wibbly-wobbly and not unraveled. This is why her voice is a little different, her eyes a little less crossed, and Dash's response is also slightly different. The changeling is doing her best, but she's just not a perfect Derpy Hooves.

Derpy is the equivalent to Virgo Shaka
She keeps her eyes crossed to concentrate on limiting her power and it reaches it's fullest when her eyes become normal again.

Derpy has been put out to pasture.
There's been a complete lack of Derpy in Season 3. Perhaps instead of just being reduced to non-speaking cameos, she's just not going to appear at all. Probably because she's too distracting and people will only obsess over her appearance rather then the rest of the episode. Good going. Jossed.
  • She's made reappearances in Season 4, so

Derpy's left eye is the Space Core from Portal 2.
No real reasoning outside of her being cross eyed and having yellow eyes. Plus it's funny.
  • Celestia and Luna are physical incarnations of the sun and moon, things that are in space. Therefore by being in Equestria the space core can always technically be in space. It's just crazy enough to work....

Derpy will get a Hot Minute episode.
After all of the Mane 6 get their episodes, there will be a surprise Hot Minute with Derpy! I mean, if a guy from a deleted scene in the Powerpuff Girls movie can get interviewed, why not her?

Derpy is the Nostalgia Critic's favourite pony.
Her cutie mark is fucking bubbles!

Derpy is the pony version of Frank Spencer.
She means well, but is incredibly clumsy.

Derpy was born on July 11.

Meaning she was born on national Bluberry Month


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