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Guesses about the show's production and crossover mass guesses. If you have a guess about something else, then

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Season Four will be the final season of Friendship Is Magic.

Because Four Is Death, and the fourth season of Generation 4 ends in 2014.

No, actually it has more to do with cold, hard math. Season Three was a massively divisive, with no reports of new bronies having started watching during Season Three, and it's quite possible that the existing brony population has dropped by a third. Season Four is set to be more of the same. Although it may seem like losing the Periphery Demographic is no big deal, it's a sign of something much more serious, that the show is slowly slipping into Girl-Show Ghetto. It is a place where good shows go to die.

Twicorn, C&D'ing Fighting is Magic and Equestria Girls were all symptoms of severe Executive Meddling played straight. What many fail to appreciate is how Lauren Faust's tenure as Head of MLP Brand Redevelopment gave the production team and fans unprecedented independence from a public corporation's executives. For example, Glimmer Wings Rarity in S1E16 "Sonic Rainboom" was mandated from the top as a tie-in for the toy. Only Lauren Faust could have burnt those wings off in such an unflattering way and gotten away with it. Remember how passionately she insisted Rarity to be a fashion designer, not a clothing-obsessed shopaholic? It is because of her will, and her will alone that the show has been so popular with the target demographic and everyone else.

Hasbro's shortsightness will kill Lauren Faust's vision. There are only two options for averting that:

A) The production team gathers the will to do something revolutionary, something along the lines of declaring independence from the crown, granting full suffrage to cattle and sheep, and founding the United States of Equestria. Not going to happen.

B) They bring Lauren Faust back. Unlikely, because she did not leave for no reason.

Alas, all good things must come to an end. It's been quite a ride, a gift from our brave /co/mrades, and a much appreciated one at that. Perhaps one day, there'll be some other ostensibly young girl's show to pick up from where we all left off. Milky Way and the Galaxy Girls, anyone?

  • William Anderson (the composer for the BGM besides the songs) implied in a poem on his deviantart (posted during Season 3 when some worried that would be the last season due to its short length) that there will be "many seasons". With that in mind, it's unlikely Season 4 will be the last,
    • Expect the Unexpected. Remember how many shows thought they were going to go for a few more seasons, but wound up canceled? The same can happen for MLP. Just a few things for what could happen:
      1): More of the show's writers leave for whatever reason(s), and are replaced with writers who are more inclined to write what Hasbro wants. Even if it's good writing, the strong Periphery Demographic decides Seasonal Rot has kicked in and abandons it.
      2): The writers stay, but eventually become bored of MLP, and as a result, the show suffers a drop in writing quality. (Worse than the drop in quality between the show itself and Equestria Girls]]) Bronies and TV Tropes declare Seasonal Rot has kicked in, and abandon it, causing ratings to drop.
      3): The Hub picks up another franchise that looks like it might catch the attention of girls more, they adore the hell out of it, and decide My Little Pony has run its course and drop it to a time slot where its ratings will surely drop enough for them to justify canceling it. The Periphery Demographic is not enough to save it, and it comes to a close.
      4): Bronies simply get tired of MLP, and its strong Periphery Demographic is no longer enough to carry it through accidents like Equestria Girls.
      • The difference here however, is that MLP is still easily the Hub's most popular program. Most shows that get cancelled out of nowhere usually aren't the pride and joy of the network. If Spongebob Squarepants has taught us anything, it's that TV stations will milk their biggest successes for all their worth, regardless of whether or not their glory days are long gone.
      • Some of those options are much more likely than others. Personally what I think is more likely is that because it's so Adored by the Network, they crank out more spinoffs (including scrapping a few entirely new franchises that sound promising because they'd rather make more My Little Pony) and more and more seasons, only to result in what happened to Spongebob: Seasonal Rot. (To those who liked it - I know a few who argue Seasonal Rot or Spongebob set in the first episode, but they were like fifteen when it started)
      • Not to mention that we are the Periphery Demographic. The kids are who watch it most religiously and buy (or beg their parents to buy) the lion's share of the toys. If every brony in the entire world dropped dead right now, Hasbro would never notice or care.
  • Jossed, as it's confirmed for a fifth season.
  • Besides, Lauren is hardly the only reason the show is as awesome as it is now. Lauren Faust is not god.
    • Her OC used to be Fausticorn, but she did say Alicorns are not gods...
    • What if Fausticorn isn't a god, but Lauren Herself is one...?

The Second Coming of Lauren Faust...
As director, ushering in a Big Damn Movie, big enough for a theatrical Q3 2013-14 (summer) release. With massive cross-demographic appeal, from the target audience of young girls and their families, to the typical Brony and their friends; big enough to permanently codify Lauren Faust's vision for media and society, entertain the target audience, establish Hasbro Studios, and provide an opportunity for Hasbro to cash in on the Periphery Demographic. Also, settling any Internet Debates once and for all.

tl;dr, if Lauren Faust is commissioned by Hasbro again, it will be to write, direct or produce a My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic feature film. With Transformers, G.I. Joe and even Battleship receiving film adaptations, it's only fitting that their most popular franchise for men receives one done right.

In keeping with the sadly dropped Magical Girl elements of the series, the sequence where Rarity's designs were revealed in "Suited for Success" were recycled from ideas of what the mane cast's henshin sequences were going to be.
Because, why waste an idea for a cool visual?
  • In addition, this troper, as a big fan of magic girl shows, can tell you that all of the girl's dress reveals (save Applejack's) in the fashion show take classic elements from henshin sequences, Pinkie's and Twilight's in particular.

The show runs on UST
Specifically between the main characters. Hence its popularity with young men.
  • And the end of "Cutie Mark Chronicles" seems to support this hypothesis.
  • Keep in mind that all season 1 episodes were written before the first ep aired. The creators became aware of the fan reaction in time to derp a few eyes for "Rainboom" and make Derpy the dropper in "Pinkie Keen", but the scripts and voice acting were long since finished.
  • Or maybe, just maybe, boys like it because it's genuinely good and the writing is great? Maybe it has to do with the fact that despite what society would like you to think, all men have many pink things in their lives that they like, but have to hide because it's "unmanly" and "gay" to enjoy it? And this, due to the strong writing and great characters, is no different than girls proclaiming they like Transformers? And maybe, just maybe, not all boys need lesbians to keep them entertained because not all men are Girl-on-Girl Is Hot-fetishising pigs? There's probably quite a few men who enjoy Littlest Pet Shop (2012), too, only it's not as OK to admit you like it. Try watching the show, or any show, without your shipper goggles, people.

"Feeling Pinkie Keen" is an elaborate MST3K Mantra.
The whole episode seems to encourage simply accepting the silliness inherent in a show about magical horses that can control the weather using force of will,and to point out the absurdity of over analysis of the show (Not the fun kind of course). The fact that the episode was accused of trying to discourage skepticism is pretty hilarious in this context. Because,There simply no room for a no nonsense/ serious attitude when trying to enjoy this show.There is no deep hidden agenda to the show. "They should really just relax".

In the second part of the pilot for Friendship is Magic, all the obstacles are, in fact, a Secret Test of Character
Note how all the 'obstacles' seemed tailor-made for each aspect of the Elements of Harmony. Twilight was saved when she trusted that Applejack was being honest, the Manticore just needed Fluttershy's kindness, the creepy trees returned to normal when Pinkie Pie (followed by the rest of the ponies) laughed at them, the sea serpent's mustache was restored by Rarity's generosity, and to fix the bridge, Rainbow Dash had to prove her loyalty. Coincidental Plot Tailored to the Party, or some kind of gambit on Nightmare Moon/Princess Luna's part?
  • Maybe Nightmare Moon isn't Luna but a being of terror à la Parallax that took her over and they were all set up by Luna trying to free herself
    • This would be interesting given some of Twilight's similarities to Jean Grey allowing a possible Dark Twilight Saga. But not very likely outside Fan Fics.
  • Since the obstacles showed the ponies' natures rather than creating them, perhaps Nightmare Moon knew they were already capable of activating the Elements, and set the obstacles to try to pit other traits against them. For instance, imagine if she had known enough about Fluttershy to use a dragon instead of a manticore.
    • The key point of the Elements of Harmony came when Twilight realized that her friends embodied the elements. Luna could have set up the obstacles to reveal the answer to Twilight. It could be that the Batman Gambit talent runs in the family.
  • Maybe the Elements themselves affected Nightmare Moon's judgement somehow.
  • Alternatively, the evil influence on Luna only could/dared influence her so far. She wanted to win a perfect victory if possible. If one also assumes that the alicorns have access to every ability from all of the three races, but taken up to eleven, then that means that they could be per-cognitive in a manner better than demonstrated in "Feeling Pinkie Keen". Combine the two with a bit of psychological insight on Luna's part, and she would be looking for the path that would grant her greatest happiness in the future, without actually knowing what the physical RESULT would be per se. The evil influence lacked her degree of tactical genius, and thus didn't/couldn't influence her away from thinking she was going to defeat all comers in the most humiliatingly non-lethal fashion possible, rather than sow the seeds of her own defeat, resulting in a reunion with her beloved sister that was, ultimately, joyous.
  • I thought everyone knew that.

"Call of the Cutie" has a secret message about virginity.
Think about it. Apple Bloom is the last one in her class without cutie mark, so she's so obsessed with getting one as fast as possible just for the sake of having it that she is willing to have just about everything for her cutie mark (including eating cupcakes) even though this decision will affect her whole life. Then at the end, she learns that earning your cutie mark is way more serious than just keeping up with others and decides to wait for the right moment. Does This Remind You of Anything?
  • If this is the case, then it makes the Cutie Mark Crusaders seem more than a little disturbing...
  • Um, probably not. It was a fairly obvious message about puberty and not worrying if you go through the process slower than the other kids.
    • The language used pretty much echoed the girls in "Are You There, God? It's Me, Margret" when they're talking about their periods. So puberty's the likely candidate.
    • Getting a cutie mark is essentially the Equestrian equivalent of puberty anyway. Getting one basically shows what your skill is. In a less magical world, that would be a sign of leaving the innocence of childhood.

This show will become fairly popular in Japan
Some western animation shows like The Powerpuff Girls became popular in Japan. The same thing might occur with this show. Although I'm not sure if My Little Pony itself has ever been introduced there...
  • Makes tons of sense considering how much Japan seems to love cuteness and how much of the characters could fit nicely with established anime character archetypes.
  • And with the inevitable Japanese dub:
  • New OP and ED themes recorded by AKB48 and JAM Project respectively (the Themes single CD includes JAM Project's take on the AKB48 theme, cranking everything Up to Eleven For the Lulz.) And Hironobu Kageyama voices Doctor Whoof.
  • Related to the above, Isao Sasaki also releases a single for the Japanese "Evil Enchantress", including his take on other songs like the JAM Project theme or maybe 'Art of the Dress' in classic style.
    • For season 2, a more elaborate album with more songs in more different styles ("The Pony Everypony Should Know" as a march, "Smile Song" as a deliberately melancholic theme, "Find a Pet" as a duet with Mitsuko Horie in Enka style)
  • And apart from the same toyline the US gets (but in pearl and metallic colors instead), Takara Tomy (being Hasbro's Japan equivalent) adds Japan-exclusive items to that line, like the Mane Six in kimonos and a sushi car for the Friendship Express, along with a whole other line of chibi figures. At the same time, other companies go after the license to make more high-end collectors' items like statues or fully poseable Figma and Revoltech ponies.
  • Some actual attempts here.
    • Will there be a My Little Pony Z?
    • If there is, it will hopefully be a magical girl anime and more based on the Elements of Harmony.
    • Already starting to become popular according to this Tumblr.
    • The only official link that Japan has to the fourth generation of My Little Pony so far is through the Gameloft game instead of the show. Does this signify an eventual Japanese dub of the show? Time will tell.
    • The merchandise and the show have both been confirmed for an April release according to this article.

The mane six ponies will face off against evil versions of themselves.
It is rumored that Lauren Faust the mane six ponies are based off of six different archetypes of Romance Genre Heroines. If the show goes for the standard "alternate dimension" episode, the main group will be forced against basically Psycho Rangers versions on themselves based on the villainous versions of their archetypes:

  • Evil Applejack will be the Bitch, who runs her family's apple business like a corporate monopoly, acting like a stereotypical Texan Corrupt Corporate Executive oil tycoon, working scores of faceless employees like slaves instead of doing the work herself with Ponyville being merely where all the workers live, including her private army led by Big Macintosh and willing to use any means necessary to get to the bottom line. Her company will be so powerful and influential it would have taken over the planet if not for Celestia's existence.
  • Evil Rarity will be the Parasite/Parasprite, a former rough and tough freedom fighter who at first was opposed to Evil!Applejack's family run monopoly, but once captured she immediately caved after being offered anything she wanted. Years of being in the lap of luxury corrupted her to the point where she had forgotten why she fought against Applejack and even her former allies.
  • Evil Pinkie Pie will be the Lunatic, a giggling, drooling, sugar addicted psychopath with no morals and finds hilarity and laughter in everything from piles of dust to unspeakable atrocities, sometimes through her own hooves. Only the other evil ponies have the ability to even control her, she is sometimes used by Applejack to silence her enemies and make it look like wild animal attacks.
  • Evil Rainbow Dash will be the Fanatic, an emotionless, stoic, violent enforcer of Applejack's dictatorship prone to bouts of uncontrollable yet emotionally blank fits of rage over the slightest insult against any of her "friends."
  • Evil Fluttershy will be the Matriarch, a seemingly gentle being who regularly abuses all the animals and foals in her care on an emotional and psychological manner, often times using tactics that will drain out any freewill and individual thought to the point where the victims become incurably dependent upon her. She is the one who make the citizens and animals of Ponyville unwaveringly loyal to Applejack's corporation.
  • Evil Twilight Sparkle will be the Schemer, the one who is the main brains behind Applejack's monopoly and the one of runs all the logistics and details, both legitimate and criminal, running the year's quarterly reports while simultaneously ordering different contract hits without missing a beat. In her freetime she is diligently plotting the downfall of Princess Celestia herself and stealing her powers, making Applejack's company the sole power in Equestria and essentially dominate the planet. Also instead of taking care of her Spike, she uses him merely as a weapon of mass destruction.
The only thing remaining completely unchanged between the good and evil versionsis their unbreakable friendship towards each other. In fact, one of the main plot points would be the revelation that Evil!Twilight initially wanted to rule the world by herself, but came to truly wanting to share the powers with the other evil ponies.
  • It might be more effective if the mirror ponies fail to defeat their evil Queen Celestia because they're not good friends, but just a bunch of vengeful backstabbers, and in the end the good ponies have to teach them the power of true friendship.
    • Would this all count as confirmed if they battled evil clones of themselves?

Counterpart to the above—we've seen the start of a team of Psycho Rangers ponies and non-ponies.
So far, The Great and Powerful Trixie and Gilda are basically evil versions of Twilight Sparkle and Rainbow Dash—Trixie having Twilight's talent but lack of humility and willingness/eagerness to study, Gilda having Rainbow Dash's athleticism and skill with none of her loyalty. As more episodes roll along, evil/jackass counterparts of the mane six will show up, first as Long-Lost Uncle Aesop or Monster of the Aesop characters, and later acting in concert for whatever obscure reason.
  • Diamond dogs for Rarity
By this reasoning, the other Psycho Ranger ponies/non-ponies will have each pony's talents and abilities, perhaps even greater than their corresponding pony, but not their virtues and good qualities. Counter-Rarity would be fashion-obsessed and highly judgmental/classist, counter-Pinkie exhaustively or disruptively party-oriented or with a very mean sense of humor, counter-Applejack strong and durable but Andrew-Ryan-level disinterested in charity or helping others without ample compensation, and counter-Fluttershy extremely good with animals but utterly misanthropic.
  • Well, there are a few Twitter accounts (probably non-canon though) that suggest Trixie is Princess Luna's (and possibly Nightmare Moon's) apprentice.
  • Couldn't Photo Finish be considered a Counter-Rarity of sorts? A pony obsessed with showing off her model and in the process completely ignoring her as a pony.
    • She isn't really a villain. She's just doing a career that she loves and was over-enthusiastic about her new model. If you really wanted a Counter-Rarity, the Diamond Dogs are what you're looking for. Why? They love gems just as much as Rarity but they're extremely greedy and not to mention filthy as well.
      • The perfect choice for a "Counter-Rarity" would be Prince Blueblood.
      • Alternatively, Trixie, Gilda, and Blueblood are each the evil counterpart of two of the mane cast.
    • Trixie is clearly the counterpart to Twilight, using her magic for selfish gains and self-aggrandizement. She is also the counterpart to Applejack's honesty, as Trixie is a liar and uses her magic for deceit.
    • Gilda is Rainbow's counterpart, being athletic but not loyal. Her introduction episode also establishes her as Pinkie's counterpart; where Pinkie wants everyone to have fun, Gilda only seeks to have fun at the expense of others.
    • Blueblood is Rarity's counterpart, being posh and noble without the generosity. His selfish and jerkish behavior also makes him the counterpart to Fluttershy's kindness.
  • Despite his being an omnipotent Big Bad who is really more an Evil Counterpart to Celestia if anyone, I could see Discord being this to Pinkie Pie. Both are chaotic pranksters with a strong sense of humor. Both seem to have reality warping powers (obviously much more overt in Discord's case). And Discord acknowledges that Laughter is his favorite Element of Harmony, while Pinkie finds some of his antics (chocolate rain, standing on Twilight's head in the window) to be Actually Pretty Funny, so they can act as foils to one another. Like most evil counterparts, the personalities are similar, but the moralities are different; Pinkie Pie would never intentionally harm someone for a laugh, and Discord does nothing else.

In continuation with the previous two Guesses, The main cast will meet Bizzaro versions of themselves.
If Hasbro is thinking about making more money off the show, then they might want to shoehorn in more characters; They've already introduced some pony toys that are recolors of established characters, so why not include them as actual cast members? They aren't evil, but they are eerily similar, but different, in both personality and appearance. They don't need to be strictly based on the toys either, background ponies can be bumped to secondary character status.
  • Bizzaro Twilight is Dewdrop Dazzle: a pony that appears as a recolored Twilight Sparkle. Instead of a night sky theme, she has an ocean/rain theme.
  • Bizzaro Applejack can be Bonbon: Instead of an apple motif, she has a candy motif going for her.
  • Bizzaro Rainbow Dash is Blossomforth: She controls weather but is far more girly. She appears as a recolor of Rainbow Dash.
  • Bizzaro Rarity can be Lyra Heartstrings: She is an artist much like Rarity, but instead of clothes as her medium, it's music. She's also a lot more eccentric and a lot less self-controlled though.
  • Bizzaro Fluttershy is Cupcake: This pony is another recolor, this time of Fluttershy, but without wings.
  • And finally, Bizzaro Pinkie Pie is none other then Derpy Hooves/Ditzy Doo: Both are Meme fountains and very scatterbrained.

Speaking of Bizarro versions...
The mane cast will somehow open up a portal to Bizarro Ponyville, which is located in the same dimension as the Bizarros from Sealab 2021. Exactly what you think will happen happens.

Building off of the WMG above this one...
The mane cast will "go through the looking glass" and find their Elements Of Harmony counterparts (Elements of Discord/Chaos/Havoc, maybe?) The looking-glass Ponyville could be a gritty, almost Crapsack World mega-city, to compare/contrast with the small-town Sugar Bowl Ponyville. Here's some suggestions; add, delete, and modify this WMG as you wish.
  • Twilight (Friendship, Magic): A hermit living on the outskirts of town, often seen working on her latest rambling, disjointed plan or project to, for lack of a better phrase, "stick it to the man (pony?)".
  • Rainbow Dash (Loyalty): Possibly a mercenary lending her speed (perhaps working as a messenger or a Courier?) to the highest bidder. All about the money...Yes, the similarities to Mirror's Edge are intentional. And awesome.
  • Rarity (Generosity): Has a major Money Fetish, and enjoys hoarding all sorts of weird things, whether they're actually useful to ponies other then herself, or just kitsch. Gems and jewels are personal favorites of hers. Very protective of her collection.
  • Applejack (Honesty): Owner of the local Honest John's Dealership. Totally not the Consummate Liar, or anything like that.
  • Pinkie Pie (Laughter): The Stoic, the Perpetual Frowner, and The Comically Serious. The Straight Pony of the group. Incredibly sarcastic, is the head of a major corporation.
  • Fluttershy (Kindness): A bullying police officer who uses a bit more force than is strictly necessary...though, she's a bit of a coward if fairly confronted.
    • And then Season 2 happened. Discord turns the ponies into their own counterparts.
I'm probably going to be roasted alive by the flames the fans of the series will send my way. You have to admit, it's interesting fanfic material, even though it will never happen in the series canon.

Following on the trend...
We have already got a glance into the dark side of several ponies. This will eventually lead to an episode where all mane six ponies turn psycho simultaneously, only to be slapped back to their senses by the Cutie Mark Crusaders.
  • Twilight Sparkle will again become a puppet to her own powers. She may briefly follow into the steps of Nightmare Moon.
  • Applejack will overwork herself once more. She will be so tired she won't realize what's happening to Twilight and will just follow commands like a robot.
  • Pinkie Pie will revert to her gloomy self. Hopefully her true friends, like Rocky, will all be there for her.
  • Fluttershy's need for attention will break through, unleashing terror on the Everfree Forest and beyond.
  • Do we really want to know about Rainbow Dash and Rarity?

The "evil counterparts" will be the Shadow Archetype sort.
Rather than opposites, these counterparts represent the worst each of the Mane Six has the potential to be, what they would have become if their lives had taken a wrong turn somewhere.

  • The dark side of Rarity is embodied as Rhinestone, an Evil Diva who combines sorcery with needlework to create outfits that, rather than reflecting the wearer, change the wearer to reflect the outfit. She has a bit of the Mad Artist about her. Devoid of Generosity, she wishes to bring everyone into her clique, creating an army of mind-controlled fashion zombies who bow to her every whim.
  • Rainbow Dash's counterpart, Thunderclash, has nothing to lose and everything to prove. She'll challenge anyone, anywhere, to anything, anytime. Without Loyalty, Thunder's only concern is proving that she's number one, unbeatable, and she'll stop at nothing to prove herself. As a contrast to Rainbow, she leaves a trail of thunder, lightning, and stormclouds in her wake, and can pull off a Sonic Thundercracker that can send waves of sound and lashes of electricity in all directions.
    • Confirmed. You just described Lighting Dust from "Wonderbolt Academy". Are you psychic?
  • The shadow counterpart to Fluttershy, Bittersweet is the Hedgehog's Dilemma in pony form. Frightened, confused, and frustrated by other ponies, she retreats into herself, with only her plants for company. She has never felt Kindness, and as a result is a bitter cynic who keeps other ponies away with her rotten attitude and angry glare.
  • Chuckles, is, at first glance, just Pinkie Pie through a funhouse mirror, cranked up to eleven. Unlike the rest of the Shadow Ponies, she's got a strong connection to her counterpart's element, and lives for laughter... But she doesn't care who gets hurt as long as she gets her giggles. If you're thinking of a pony version of The Joker, you're not far off.
  • Applejack's other side... Yeah, used car dealer, what they said. I got nothin' for this one. Maybe a white collar con-pony, maybe an angry farmer... I dunno.
    • Possibly a caricature of big agriculture? There's all sorts of shady business practices she could use.
      • Possibly confirmed? Flim and Flam are salesponies that run a family business centered around applesnote  who are Spirited Competitors that are only interested in earning money,even if it meant that others would lose their home and livelihood in the process, and use dishonest business practices.
  • Twilight's dark side, Eclipse, is a creature of solitude and silence. She rarely speaks, and when she does, it's cold and lifeless, as though all emotion has faded from her. In pursuit of absolute knowledge and total magical mastery, she has shut herself off from all distractions... including Friendship. Once she is unable to increase her own mystic might any further, she turns to her knowledge of the dark arts, to things ponies were never meant to know. On a night with no stars, she plans to conduct a ritual than can drain away the magic in other ponies... and give it to the unicorn conducting the ceremony. But for all her studies... Does Eclipse truly understand what dark powers she's invoking?
  • Someone write this, now.

Someone with a role in the show keeps track of what the internet spews out.
Specifically, things which can be addressed in the show. What with everyone's favorite screwy-eyed pony, it's probably not a stretch to assume SOMEONE is watching.
  • You mean Lauren Faust and at least a few other animators who occasionally leave comments?
  • How about one of the actual characters in the show keeping track of what the internet spews out?
    • There's a fanfic along those lines. Fluttershy spends most of it hiding under a box so the audience can't see her.

Each pony in Suited For Success represented a specific kind of Executive Meddling.
  • Twilight Sparkle was the exec without a MST3K Mantra. Everything had to be perfectly scientifically accurate, almost to an OCD-like formula.
    • Example: "Lauren, for the last time, Twilight Sparkle cannot be purple! Horses aren't purple! Unless you fix all of your concept artwork right now, I'm pulling funding!"
  • Pinkie Pie was the exec who has no idea what he or she is doing. Like those with Attention Deficit... Ooh, Shiny!, they look at an idea and want it done now, no matter how bad it ends up looking.
    • Example: "Lauren! Oh my god, I just saw a woman in the park sit on her own baby! Oh, you need to make Pinkie Pie do that! What? No, the kids will love it!"
  • Applejack was the exec with no taste. Everything had to be practical, without any razzle dazzle. To this exec, Real Is Brown and people are okay with it. As long as the show fits its demographic and people buy the toys, everything will be fine.
    • Example: "Lauren, does Applejack really need a hat? I know how much you like the hat, but it's just not practical to sell a hat along with her doll. Besides, girls hate cowboy hats. But if you must, at least make it pink."
  • Fluttershy was the exec who wants to mimic the success of one show by making a new show exactly the same. If the show doesn't look the same, it's the writer's fault for not making everything exactly the same.
    • Example: "Lauren, I told you! Fluttershy needs to be more like Sailor Mercury! You know, from Sailor Moon? I know you gave her a sailor outfit, but she needs more! Yeah, look, I just think that if you give her blue hair and water powers, her popularity will skyrocket...What do you mean you hated Sailor Moon?! You're fired!"
  • Rainbow Dash was the exec with no idea what to do but pretends he or she does. He/she says vague, cryptic things to the writers, trying to get them to understand the (empty) words coming out of his/her mouth.
    • Example: "Lauren, Rainbow Dash is just too unpopular with the girls. It's just...she...she needs know, a thing. A je ne sais quoi! She just...she just needs to be about 20% cooler. How? That's your job, isn't it?"
  • And Rarity, obviously, represents those victim to mindless Executive Meddling, who eventually has to say to herself that, "I'm working to make something good. Trying to tailor to all these Executives over and over will end up with a zombie rather than a pony." As for her friends coming in to help, that's a quick role switch for them all demonstrating that cartoon productions are a team effort, and that you can't rely on only one person to make a good show.
In addition to the above each pony in Suited For Success represented as a specific kind of Unpleasable Fanbase
  • Twilight Sparkle as the fan whom everything must be perfectly accurate, and if they're not...
"No, ponies don't have the same sleep cycle of humans! That totally breaks the Willing Suspension of Disbelief! This show sucks so much!"
  • Pinkie Pie as the fan who just spew off whatever random idea is in there head, with no regard to how feasible or stopping to think twice about the idea. "Ooh, Ooh, you know what this show needs? A crossover with transformers, with all the original voice actors? What do you mean, the original voice actors are retired/busy/cost a bucket load!? It'll be easy peasy, why aren't you doing this?! Oooh! And Rarity and Starscream should be best friends because they both like purple! Oh, and Applejack needs a boyfriend, too! Ooh, I have an even better idea! Let's create another show with my ideas and everyone else's ideas so we can all be happy! What are you waiting for? Do it!"
  • Applejack is the "story economist." Who needs everything in the story to solve a specific narrative purpose. If anypony doesn't, they are considered "useless" and "unnecessary" and resulting in a flat, generic tale with no flavor or anyway to really "stand out." "Do we really need Pinkie Pie in this shot? She's not helping anyone out, I think Fluttershy has mandatory main character in the background' covered. In fact, she doesn't really do anything important in this episode. Just cut her out entirely. Oh, and you need to rewrite Owl's Well That Ends Well. Spike needs to be cut because he just causes trouble for everyone. What do you mean, it'll be boring? It's much better this way! Nothing bad happens to anybody! An episode with problems is problematic and therefore, poorly written!"
  • Fluttershy is the fan who is ridiculously nitpicky about everything, and has a desire for everything to be "mature". For them, there is no such thing as an adult enjoying anything silly just for the sake of it, and it reflects in the shows. "This gag is written poorly, Twilight was out of character for three seconds in episode 18, this exchange totally kills the tension..." Also, this show has recently been lacking in dark, adult themes. Don't be afraid of pushing the line, we can handle it. What do you mean, this show is for little kids too? They don't matter! only us!"
  • Rainbow Dash is the fan that has many negative and positive opinions, but is incredibly vague about it, and when ask they just answer with more vagueness. "Huh? Oh, yeah, the show totally started sucking after season four...why? Oh,'s just dumb now. It's not cool anymore. Oh, and Pinkie Pie is really annoying...Why she annoying? Oh, yeah, she just is. No reason why, she just is. Maybe if she were like 20% less annoying...I dunno how. Why do you ask?"
  • Rarity is the creator being pulled in 5 different directions,

Several characters invoke the Seven Deadly Sins
Take a look at several of the characters and tell me if they don't invoke at least one of them sooner or later.
  • Pride - Twilight Sparkle, especially in "Feeling Pinkie Keen" and even moreso, Applejack.
  • Sloth - Rainbow Dash in "The Ticket Master", though it's implied that she constantly slacks off.
  • Gluttony - Pinkie Pie. Did you see how she eats?
  • Greed - Pinkie Pie again, owing to her constantly eating way more than she'd actually need.
    • Rarity is more fitting of Greed, as she DID try to trick that dragon out of his hoard in Dragonshy.
  • Lust - Spike does this constantly when it comes to Rarity.
  • Envy - Nightmare Moon.
  • Wrath - Rainbow Dash again, Applejack constantly has to restrain her whenever the former has a Leeroy Jenkins moment.
    • There's a fanfiction story called Patchwork with a similar premise running at Equestria Daily.

Several characters invoke the Seven Heavenly Virtues
Heck, two of them are Elements of Harmony.
  • Charity - Rarity. Same reason as her element.
  • Kindness - Fluttershy. Also element.
  • Diligence - Applejack is practically the definition.
  • Chastity - Twilight. In the sense of being unhindered by worldly desires and focusing on education.
  • Patience - Rainbow Dash. She KNOWS she's faster than the other ponies, but is willing to keep pace with them with minimal grumbles.
  • Humility - Pinkie Pie. She only throws parties for other people. Even with her own trademark party going on, she diverts all attention to the guest of honor
  • Temperance - Okay, you got me there.
    • Possibly Spike? The other dragons we've seen so far have some rather nasty behaviors that Spike (largely) manages to contain and lives in a civilized manner.

One or more of the people who work on the series read these entries. Maybe even Lauren Faust herself. They may even be One of Us!
It's been semi-confirmed that Lauren Faust has been to the /co/ board of 4chan. It's common knowledge that she does read (and often reply to) the comments left by the series' fans (and her fans) on her DeviantArt page. And yes, I know she has stepped down from her previous position as Executive Producer (I think she's Consulting Producer now...) It will be interesting to see how many references to the fandom, its memes and its Fanon will be in the second season...

There were four stars that moved closer to the moon, then they slid behind it and the Nightmare Moon design disappeared.
  • Although there are lots of jokes by fans and other sources, my guess is that, given the show's original magical girl show premise, they really are a part of the program's story.
  • Nightmare Moon was defeated, but they were never revealed, so they are still out there.
  • The show itself will never actually refer to them as the Ponies of the Apocalypse (it's still a kid's program).
    • But they'll at least invoke said Ponies of the Apocalypse in appearance or modus operandi.
  • These are the real keepers of the Elements of Discord (for what the elements might be, see other guesses on this page).
  • Trixie is one of the Ponies of the Apocalypse, and she was scouting to see how the keepers of the Elements of Harmony would do against a covert attack.
    • Or maybe she actually thought she could take them on all by herself.
    • If this is correct, the fan's interest in her and the show's White and Grey Morality strongly suggests that she'll break ranks and join the Main Cast.
  • The other three ponies weren't revealed in the first season.
  • If the show returns to the premise set up in the pilot, they will be back to push Princess Luna and cause Nightmare Moon to become a threat again.
  • Really? You want to go down that road? Okay...
  • Wait, four stars?
    • In that case, the moon is subliminally telling them to make an Abridged Series of Friendship Is Magic, but the message only works if all the current members of the group see the episode, and I'm pretty sure that hasn't happened.

The characters from the tv show and toy series are from two different universes
It would explain why the main cast looks slightly different, why many ponies seen on the show don't appear in the toyline or vice-versa, why Celestia is pink (as well as act strange), AJ's lack of/different versions of her hat, the many pets/animals not seen in the show, the character's toy versions doing things their cartoon counterparts probably won't be doing, among many others. The only thing linking the two is the artwork on the box, which is most of the time just a recolor anyway, mainly on Hasbro's fault. Yeah, yeah, I know their supposed to be cheap recolors, but take a good look at the ponies on My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic. Not only do a majority all have the same face, but there are recolors everywhere! Not necessarily the main cast but a good deal of the background ponies, but now I'm getting off track.

Someone who works on the show is writing fanfics to make certain things Hilarious in Hindsight and troll us
Possibly multiple someones, posting under multiple aliases. Take a look at these examples...

  • Someone wrote a short fanfic about Derpy early on when the fandom was young stating her to be mail mare. An animator has stated that Derpy was already in the infamous scene in Feeling Pinkie Keen and the only change made was derping her eyes. She was a mail mare from the beginning.
  • Cupcakes - Someone working on the show knew about Party of One, and wrote an over the top gruesome fanfic involving Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash as part of a grand Batman Gambit to make that party scene all the more uncomfortable for fans to watch.
  • The Party Hasn't Ended - A Pinkie/Dash shipping fanfic that was finished and uploaded before "Cutie Mark Chronicles" whose climax involves Rainbow Dash using a Sonic Rainboom to clear away a bunch of dark clouds. Not only does this happen in "Chronicles", its what started the party in Pinkie Pie!

What say you, Brony Tropers? Coincidence... or CONSPIRACY?!?

  • I say they'll make an episode which seems similar to Story of the Blanks (a My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic Creepypasta that can easily be found on Newgrounds, about Applebloom finding herself in a village with ponies without Cutie Marks, they turn out to be cursed zombies.).
    • That'd make a pretty kick-ass Halloween Episode .
    • Well, the episode "The Cutie Pox" gave a surprisingly plausible explanation for Story of the Blanks (with the cutie marks being like a disease and forcing the ponies to perform the talents that the various cutie marks represented), soooo... we may get more of a Shout-Out sometime in the future though.

Lauren Faust made a Deal with the Devil to make the show such a success, even with those who would be sneering at it.
The incredible internet success that shines into the darkest corners, the way it rolls over any objections and assimilates the Periphery Demographic: demonic forces are at work here. Come on, it's right there in her name!

Alternatively, Lauren Faust made a deal with an Angel(or some other powerful, Always Lawful Good entity. Do we have a trope for that?)
It agreed to make her show so good, that it would steamroll all opposition, as long as she agreed to use it to spread the virtues of friendship and love to our rapidly degrading world.Plus, what devil would not only condone, but assist a show who's main effect on humanity has been to encourage love and tolerance?

Yet Another Alternately, Lauren Faust made a CONTRACT with Kyubey of all beings.
She made a wish based around reviving My Little Pony. The upside is, thus far the reboot has been wildly sucessful. The downside is, with this much hope generated by the show, the Despair Backlash is going to be a serious doozy. On the other hand, the disproportionate fan nerdrage reactions might be the Equal Despair to her massive hope creation.

  • This also makes her leaving the show a little more ominous. Does she need more free time to go and hunt Witches?!
  • Lauren's inevitable Witch form will somewhat resemble Nightmare Moon, and her Witch realm will resemble the Discord-corrupted Ponyville. Her familiars are basically ponies.

Meghan McCarthy is the original G1 Megan, and Lauren got her in on the show to make sure the stories are told properly.
Clearly the "h" was dropped from her in-show avatar in the G1 cartoon for various legal reasons.

The Periphery Demographic gets a nod in the toyline.
Hasbro's got more than enough experience with boys' toys, they can just apply some ideas from the Transformers toyline. Marketing a line of fully-poseable Ponies as "Deluxe Figures", in two sizes corresponding to Deluxe and Voyager class, while the actual packaging still resembles the rest of the MLP line from a distance. The mane cast and any supporting characters come in Deluxe size, while Princess Celestia, Nightmare Moon and ponies with large props (eg. Applejack and a horse-drawn cart that unfolds into an apple stand) come under Voyager class, complete with lights and sounds. To help differentiate, these toys actually have the full title on the boxes (including "Friendship Is Magic" unlike the mainline thus far).

Lauren steps from being in charge because she realisated that others could lead this show in better direction
Most of fandom prefer Slice of Life plot, many don't like much pilot episodes, only episodes writen by Lauren, some her ideas for show (like Magical Girl stuff) are not thing what fandom whant. So she decided to let others to take charge and be only part of creative team for show what can be best for everypony.
  • Hulk concur.

Every species has their own elements, and each holder resembles one of a different species' element.
Ponies of course, being the dominant species, have elements relevant to keeping the world at peace. Please help me finish these!

  • Twilight - Zebras - Different nessecities to their brews. Accuracy, Patience...
  • Rarity - Dragons - Relevant to their hoards. Judgement of value...
  • Applejack - Diamond Dogs - Gem-based. They probably thought Rarity was almost one of them.
  • Rainbow Dash - Griffons - Related to being the best and athletics. Power, Speed, Agility...
  • Fluttershy - Buffalo - Nature-related.
  • Pinkie - Draconiqui - Assuming Discord isn't the only one, they'd probably have elements related to fun... Oh my, channeled Zecora there for a second.

The stories in "The Cutie Mark Chronicles" were either false, mostly false or the actual episode never happened.
Think about it, this episode came later in the first season as the fourth-to-last episode and outside of a few minor aspects mentioned or hinted at in some of the other episodes (such as Rainbow Dash having done the Sonic Rainboom before or Pinkie's hair going flat), nothing that was mentioned in this episode's stories has appeared elsewhere in the series, so it's hard to be sure that ANY of these stories are reliable yet. Basically saying, until there's more proof that any of this actually happened, everything we know about their past is wrong. Fluttershy was never from Cloudsdale, Pinkie Pie was never from a Rock Farm, Applejack was never interested in the high-class life, Twilight never had parents, that kinda thing. There are a few different theories behind this claim, some of which will probably tie together:
  • The rock farm and Twilight's parents have appeared in other episodes, so those parts likely weren't fabricated ("Magic Duel" for the rock farm, Shining Armor's wedding and Twilight's coronation for the parents)

  • The entire episode was a dream that a curious Twilight Sparkle had consisting of wild theories about how each of her friends got their cutie marks that involved the Cutie Mark Crusaders going around and asking them. Her own cutie mark origin was different from how she remembered it as well. Upon remembering this dream, she would then go out to ask her friends how they got their cutie marks. Simply put, the creators tricked us with this episode and didn't even bother to reveal it.
  • The stories tying together was all an elaborate, complicated lie made so that Twilight would be able to come up with something to write for Princess Celestia this week, since she was suffering from writer's block and needed help. (Don't ask how that's possible.)
    • You mean she managed to avert one instance of "Lesson Zero"?
  • All of them are hiding something much more dark and tragic that had happened to them before, and they didn't want to cause the Cutie Mark Crusaders any worry or concern about it.
  • Everyone was acting like Edward Bloom, telling tall tales that had at least SOME relation to what really happened, but were overly embellished and exaggerated to make them seem more interesting, so we don't really know very much about what really happened.
  • And yes, that means that there's a possibility that even Applejack, the Element of Honesty herself, has lied to the curious young fillies about her cutie mark.
  • There will be an episode in the future that serves as a continuation to this one that rebukes the majority of everything that was present in the original episode. They all get together and confessed their real cutie mark stories to each other and revealed that they all had actually lied and/or told half-lies to the Cutie Mark Crusaders. It turns out, however, that the three young fillies were eavesdropping the whole time, and are incredibly hurt to learn that they had been lied to, Apple Bloom especially, since Applejack has usually been so honest to her. Eventually, they all forgive the mares and the moral would probably relate to lying and forgiveness or something, since "Green Isn't Your Color" already discussed keeping secrets.
  • Rainbow Dash's first Sonic Rainboom DID cause something extraordinary to happen, but it was not in any way related to the other fillies' cutie marks, nor would it have done anything different if she hadn't done it.
  • The whole episode was a hallucination Pinkie Pie had after overdosing on sweets. She'd wake up the next morning with a sugar hangover (Don't ask how that's possible, either) and nothing more about it.
  • This episode will ultimately be this series' BizarroEpisode. And if not, some of the actual stories will wind up being Bizarro SUB-Episodes, most likely Pinkie Pie's.
  • The Stories are completely true, only distorted by the fact that they don't have photographic memories.

Peter Cullen and Frank Welker will voice on the show at some point.
Possibly even as enemy ponies.
  • Peter Cullen voiced the Crabnasty Captain in My Little Pony n' Friends who was red & blue like his most famous role, helped save the day and got a Smooch of Victory from Posey, Fluttershy's predecessornote , and Frank Welker voiced some minor characters in the 80's movie. It is certainly in the realm of possibility!
  • Frank Welker eventually appearing in any animated production is close to certainty in itself.

Peter Cullen will play Starswirl The Bearded.
Mostly because it would be awesome.

MLP's success with males 18-25 was the result of a Faustian Bargain made by show's creator Lauren Faust
The usual suspects are Beelzebub and Mephistopheles, but its possible that newer demons were contacted, such as Anon: Lord of the Trolls. The subsequent 4-chan backlash might be the result of the devil getting his due. And fandoms such as this are vulnerable to massive fandom backlash, we'll see how the second season goes...

Celestia's reputation for imprisoning people will skyrocket after the premiere is over.
Except now people will be imprisoned in, like, trees. Or statues. Or whatever.

The popularity of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic will motivate Hasbro to renew the copyrights on the G1 ponies...
...leading to a Generation Xerox flashback episode starring the concept art ponies.

Discord is the cause of animation errors in the show
Missing cutie marks? Discord. Disappearing and reappearing saddle bags? Discord. Donny Psyclops? Discord trolling Blues.I think you see where I'm going with all this.

There will be a video game. Aside from that one. I'm talking CONSOLES here.
Admit it. It's gonna happen eventually.
  • And it shall be EPIC!

Both parts of "The Return of Harmony" were meant to be the end of Season 1, and...
  • Originally, there was never supposed to be a Season 2. Hasbro was going to collect the series onto a DVD, and "The Return of Harmony" was going to be the bonus material.
    • "The Return of Harmony" episodes being made for Season 1 has been Jossed by Jayson Thiessen; they were always part of Season 2.
  • Lauren Faust, like everyone else, was surprised by the popularity of the program, and had already made plans to move on to other projects before the bronies appeared on the radar. She didn't leave the show at a whim; she had already signed contracts and now has other obligations she's required to fulfill.

Lauren was a fan of Daria
  • The mane character is a bookish, snarky, fashion loathing gal who, at first, is not interested in making friends. It would explain why the useless, boring rock Rarity falls in love with is called "Tom".

The Return Of Harmony was originally meant to be a three parter or a movie
The episodes seem a tad bit rushed, like there's a lot more stuff they WANTED to put in but couldn't with the time limits per episode and Hasbro wouldn't permit them to make three or a movie.

Tom Kane will voice in the show at some point...
...But only briefly as Angel, Fluttershy's bunny, Fluttershy will hit her head at some point and hear Angel speaking like Mr. Herriman.

The show's success comes from Lauren Faust using an Artifact of Doom
Sometime prior to working on the series, Lauren stumbled onto an artifact, which she held onto while working on the series; which is part of what lead to the show's success. The artifact in question is likely something along the lines of Walt Disney's paintbrush, which Lauren's use of it somehow fell under the radar of Warehouse 13; hence why it hasn't been recovered yet.

There will be a made-for-TV movie.
A lot of popular TV shows end up getting made-for-TV movies, not to mention the fact that the My Little Pony franchise has always been putting out movies. There will almost certainly be a movie using the characters and story of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic, seeing as how it's the most well-recieved shows out of the entire franchise. It will likely be a Big Damn Movie that involves the Mane cast having to save the entire world.

There Will be a Rule 63 Episode
This show is full of Ascended Fanon, and there is precedent. I think a Rule 63 cast would be:

the series's success will led to a Made For Tv movie
and one or more of the next things will happen:
  • A Bronies reference would appear.
  • Discord would return.
  • We discover the truth about 1000 years ago.
  • The mane six's parents would appear together in one room.
  • In order to defeat the movie's Big Bad the ponies would need the help of some very special new friends...
  • The Elements of Harmony would be stolen...again
  • Sea ponies would make an appearance.
  • Luna would try to use a Microwave.

Obsidian Entertainment will release a video game based on the franchise.
See here.

The series will at some point get a Point And Click Adventure Game.
Filled with plenty of fandom injokes and references, and would be episodic.
  • And one episode will troll us with it being a pony version of Clock Tower.

THE ENTIRE SHOW is a story
The "Once upon a time in the magical land of Equestria" story isn't the "Old Mare's Tale", it is the entire show! In the final scene of the show, we will see the same book closing.
  • To expand on this, after the credits, it will show Spike with the book, who has finished reading it to a group of young ponies, and they will perform a round of applause, and then the camera shifts out to show the Mane 6 also applauding.
    • Perhaps the final episode will be narrated by Spike, setting this up. His introduction will begin, as the camera descends onto Ponyville.
    • Alternatively, its narrated by Spike as an adult and its many years after the series ended. It will end on a bittersweet tone as everyone but Twilight Sparkle has long since died and Spike is telling it to a new generation of ponies.

Celestia's Parents will be seen in the show, either in a photo or flashback...
They won't just look like Lauren and Craig, but they'll behave similarly to this picture.

The Ponies will appear as humans at some point.
Some of them fulfilling Fanon such as Twilight Sparkle being black and Luna being pale (if she appears.).
  • Confirmed... much to everyone's dismay.

This series will spawn a movie.
It will probably be direct-to-DVD, but there will at some point be a full-length movie that will be made for this series. Perhaps several.

Later seasons will have more Sondheim Shout Out songs.
Season One already has two songs that are clear takes on songs from two of his shows. Clearly it's only a matter of time before we get songs such as Everybody Ought to Have a Laugh by Pinkie Pie, or Poor Kitten by Fluttershy.

Discord was behind many of the episodes of Season 1.
He was using his powers to bring chaos to make it easier for him to be free.
  • THIS HAS SURPRISING MERIT. In "Look Before You Sleep", after the tree crashes through Twilight's window but before AJ and Rarity get together to solve to problem, listen to the music. Sound familiar? Yup! It's possible, even probable, that I'm getting the causality backwards - that this is the generic theme for 'conflict' that William Anderson made for Season 1 (it may be present in other episodes, since I haven't combed through all of them yet), and when a character (Discord) was made that embodied conflict, he decided to attribute this theme to him. But I just had to put this here because this WMG is the first thing I thought of when I heard that music again.

The next two part episode's ending will be an homage to The Empire Strikes Back.
The ending of the Nightmare Moon two parter had a The Phantom Menace-esque party ending complete with similar music and a couple similar shots, the Discord two parter ended with a shot for shot homage to the ending of A New Hope with similar music and iris out, by this train of thought the next two parter will either go for the later two prequels or later two original trilogy.
  • I think we can rule out Attack of the Clones. As much as I love the idea of Celestia saying "Begun, the Pony Wars have," I don't think the shows gonna go with an army of ponies marching into spaceships off to war. Also Revenge of the Sith, somepony losing 3 limbs, probably not gonna happen.
  • Really the only episode left with a celebratory ending is Return of the Jedi, which would make it the obvious choice for the next homage(unless of course Cerebus strikes the series hard and fast), although if that's the case it'd be interesting to see if they homage the original version of the ending or one of the remastered versions.

The writers are posting the synopses of future episodes on the WMG page to mess with us.
Take a look at some of the theories in the Season 2 WMG page. Some of them are rather specific for theories, to the point where some of them specifically name characters that the writers predict will appear in future episodes. But if they wanted things to turn out that specifically, you'd think they'd just write fanfiction. Maybe the reason they're so specific is because that is exactly how they'll turn out? Maybe the writers go on this site, pretending to be Bronies, and sneak in the plots for future episodes onto the Season 2 WMG page!

If there are any further waves of blind bag toys, at least one wave will include fillies.
The brushable toys already include a few fillies, and the third and fourth waves of the blind bags include stallions, who aren't in the brushables at all. Perhaps fillies will be in the next wave(s).
  • And if the Cutie Mark Crusaders ever get blind bags, maybe Hasbro will get Apple Bloom and Scootaloo mixed up again (though hopefully not on the actual cards that come with the toys).

The song that was leaked on the weekend of November 5th will eventually be released on a CD album.
The song's title is unofficially known as "Smile, Smile, Smile" or "Pinkie Pie's Smile Song". Because of its length (over three and a half minutes) and the fact that contextless it doesn't seem to fit into a story, it may be an Image Song that reflects Pinkie's character rather than be part of an episode.

One of the upcoming Shout! Factory DVDs will include a full-length Equestria Girls music video.

The third season will be the last one for Friendship is Magic.
  • The series may continue as a movie or a direct to DVD series, but otherwise that will be it for new episodes of the original show on television, which will go into perpetual reruns.
  • My Little Pony, of course, won't end, but will simply go on hiatus until a few years down the road when they decide to revamp the toy line again.
  • After the episode Wonderbolts Academy, this is plausible. In this episode, Rainbow Dash takes the first steps to fulfill what has been her greatest dream throughout the series: joining the Wonderbolts. After this episode, there are 6 left in season 3: enough for one episode for each of the rest of the mane six to fulfill their dreams, and one more episode for a series finale.
  • According to this report, this is not the case.

The series will officially end with a Big Damn Movie.
  • Likely in the form of a TV special. It will involve the mane cast taking on the biggest threat yet, one that threatens to destroy the entire universe. It will have some Darker and Edgier moments, but it wouldn't completely take over the movie. Twilight Sparkle will sacrifice herself (possibly either being turned to stone or getting trapped in another universe) to save all that she loves. Whether she will face a Disney Death or get Killed Off for Real, only time will tell.

The reason Fluttershy, Applejack, and Pinkie Pie haven't been getting as many Season 2 episodes is because...
  • ... As characters, they aren't really as flawed. Unlike Rainbow Dash and Rarity, they don't have as many things to learn about friendship, kindness, generosity, or similar things. Rarity and RD both have degrees of shallowness to them, so they're more likely to get into situations where they don't act in the most selfless manner.
    • Applejack in particular. Most of the episodes about her pertain to her being uncomfortable with dishonesty—The Last Roundup especially, where she desperately hides a broken promise. In fact, she's even had an entire episode devoted to how right she is. She doesn't have serious instability issues, either—unlike her fellow straight mares, Twilight and Fluttershy.

Season 1 episodes will eventually be updated with assets from Season 2 for consistency
  • For future broadcast, some Season 1 episodes will have some minor updates to bring them into consistency with Season 2, such as replacing all instances of every unicorn's old Color-Coded Wizardry glow with the current ones, and/or replacing Rarity's old wet appearance from "Look Before You Sleep" with the one from "Sisterhooves Social".

The recent CMC episodes are rehashed scripts from the preschool spinoff.
It's mentioned in What Could Have Been that Lauren Faust had wanted to make a spinoff with the Cutie Mark Crusaders, appealing to younger audiences. 3 recent episodes- "Sisterhooves Social", "The Cutie Pox", and "Family Appreciation Day"- all feature the Cutie Mark Crusaders in a starring role, and are generally lighter than usual episodes. It's possible some scripts were made for the spinoff, but when the show wasn't made, the scripts were remade into normal My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic episodes.

The writers subtly turned the very title of the show into something that encourages the target demographic to rise above the minimalist expectations that the middle generations of the show placed on them when playing with the toys.
"MY little pony"... "MY"..."MINE", obviously the target demographic is supposed to experience a sense of ownership of some sort over characters most of whom are acting as fairly functional adults. Making the ponies adults in some sense in this version allowed more advanced plotlines. Ones that call out to the target demographic with what they COULD be in years to come (while the CMC remind them not to fret over it), rather than who they want to be in the short term (as a mostly-younger cast would tend towards). So how is this not screwed up at a fairly basic level, thus invalidating any lessons that might be learned internalizing the lessons of the show TOO well? Because the character who uses the phrase the most, despite her relative lack of screen time is Celestia... that's right, the benevolence, and delicate batman gambits of "her momjesty" is what the creators twisted the meaning of the inherited title around to mean. They are LITERALLY making into the highest "who I want to be when I go up" rolemodel, the character who FIGURATIVELY an adult Winston Churchhill would have "wanted to be when he grew up". This could even apply as an upgrade over the original series, not just the middle generations, although that is less certain since Megan was actually highly competent as a leader.

The characters' moments of temporary insanity have a covert educational purpose.
It's intended to make it easier for preteens to talk about mental illness. Because of the nature of the show, a full-scale Very Special Episode of "what to do if a friend or family member goes crazy" would be Narmful at best, and the writers are probably more interested in making the characters interesting than in clinical accuracy in any case. However, the cast's various moments of Sanity Slippage, while not accurate portrayals of any specific disorder, do show that mental health issues aren't restricted to Talkative Loons and cartoon supervillains.

The alleged Spongebob Squarepants shout outs were intentional.
Luna's line from Luna Eclipsed (What is this "fun" thou speakest of?) is a reference to the FUN Song, as well as Rainbow Dash's line from Sonic Rainboom (Best day ever!) is a reference to the Spongebob song of the same name. Also, Applebloom's line from The Cutie Pox, (I call this one, the Hoopla!). Anything else?

The book series featured in the episode "Read It And Weep" was originally going to be a parody of Harry Potter instead of Indiana Jones but they couldn't afford to get the rights.
As opposed to the Harry Potter books and movies, which are recent, the rights for Indiana Jones are not as popular and are more classis, leading more people to recognize them. What a better example of a series getting young children interested in reading than Harry Potter for an episode about Rainbow Dash discovering a Guilty Pleasure and wondering why she'd so interested in something against her nature? At least they managed to fit in the "Griffin's Goblet" title at the end of the episode as a nod.
  • I might be wrong, but that would fall under "parody" laws, which means they don't have to pay anything at all. And while Harry Potter is more popular and yes, it made reading a "cool" thing to do IRL, it wouldn't made that much sense for Rainbow Dash to become delighted with a series about a pony who can do magic(Any unicorn can do that, and one of her best friends is basically that). Indiana Jones (Or Lara Croft, as the case might be) are adventurers, something RD can clearly identify with, and idealize herself as(Her imagination shows Daring Do as a recolor of herself, something I doubt she would have done with Harry Hoofer)

Next series will be targeted at older audience.
The next generation or half generation will be reimaged for an older audience and will have a much stronger continuity. This next version may be more of a soap opera, maybe pushing the content rating as high as PG.

Twilight Sparkle was originally intended to actually be Put on a Bus to Hell at the end of "Lesson Zero".
Twilight's Sanity Slippage would have been so severe that she'd be too far gone by the end of the episode and put in an insane asylum. Her friends, in her honor, vow to carry on her friendship research. The season finale would have a case of The Bus Came Back, in that Twilight would somehow escape and her friends would've had to battle her. Eventually, she'll discover her friends' friendship reports, finally come to her senses, and have a tragic My God, What Have I Done? moment. She gives a heartfelt apology to everypony and promises to try to work on her neuroses.

Rainbow Dash was originally supposed to be male.
Everything about Rainbow Dash seems to suggest 'guy', to the point where 'her' gender is an Informed Attribute. Either Executive Meddling dictated that all the ponies be female, or Faust knew what the fanbase would do with one male pony and five female ponies. Unfortunately, given the rising popularity of fictional homosexuality in western fandoms, this may have backfired...
  • Unlikely. She based the imagined characters of her toy ponies back when she was just a little girl, and back then they didn't have any male ponies (do they even have male ones NOW?) Her earliest version of Rainbow Dash we have seen, before she was called Rainbow Dash ([1] as seen here: ) was just as female as all the rest.
    • Yes, there were male ponies in the lineup for the G1 toyline, the Big Brother Ponies. They also made an appearance in the later seasons of the G1 cartoon. Also, Word of God is that Dashie was originally meant to be based on G1 Firefly, Lauren's favourite pony and also the inspiration for her Deviantart handle, so this WMG is Jossed.

Season three was shorter so they would have more time to work on an My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic feature film.
  • It will be the first Flash Animated movie to win an Oscar.
    • Jossed hard.

Voice actors that will later appear in the series will include...

This show has ruined the Marvel Comics cartoon universe
Bitchy side fan coming in, but here me out. This show demonstrated that it was possible to do a continuity light show without a real overarching plot but still become unbelievably popular. When the executives at Marvel saw this, they thought it could become a perpetual money machine for people to follow forever. And thus, Earth's Mightiest Heroes probably will end up more like Ultimate Spiderman all because of a bunch of ponies.

  • Continuity light?!? This show has conservation of detail from episode to episode on a scale I haven't seen since Mark Gruenwald was Marvel's continuity editor.

A side effect of Derpygate was increased sales for the Friendship Express DVD
It has the original, non-Changeling Derpy, after all.

Especially since Lauren Faust is no longer on the show, the crew has or will have a set of vulgar Ascended Meme background ponies that they never, ever mention online or in front of executives.
For example, a pony with an alouette (game lark) cutie mark named Sugar Tits: His talent is cooking small game birds with delicious sweet glazes, but if anyone "not in the know" asks, he's something like "Sky Lark". If it's already happening, it probably started because of "Derpygate".

Season 3 will not start until November, 2012.
I think so because the new MLP:FiM comic is scheduled to be released in November. The comic debut is probably meant to coincide with the season's first episodes in order to boost sales.

There will be a shout-out to The Aquabats! at one point in the future.
Pinkie Pie all ready appears twice in The Aquabats! Super Show! in "Cowboy Android!" and "Showtime!" as a cameo so why not make it go full circle? It can be as simple as a reference to one of their songs or even a background character that looks suspiciously like one of the band members or Lil' Bat.

Season 3 is being delayed due to the sweeps.
Season three, apparently, will air sometime in November. Guess when the sweeps are... November. It's completely normal for TV networks to broadcast their best and most anticipated programs during this time, so obviously the Hub is delaying the season three opening so that more people will watch the show than normal during the sweeps, artificially inflating their ratings like every station does to make more money off of advertising.

Pumpkin Cake and Pound Cake were originally intended to be adopted, but the script was changed
Although they have Vague Age, the Cakes always seemed to be significantly older than the Mane Cast, perhaps middle aged, so it seems slightly unlikely (by no means impossible, mind you) that they'd have kids. Word of God is also that they basically view Pinkie Pie as a daughter; now that she's an adult herself (physically, anyway), maybe they were looking into adoption since they never had kids of their own. It would explain A) why they are having kids later in life, B) why we never got any indication that Mrs. Cake was pregnant before she actually gave birth, C) why their new kids are not earth ponies like them (given a Hand Wave in the episode itself) and D) why the kids possess a much remarked upon resemblance to Pebbles and Bam-Bam (Bam-Bam was adopted himself). As for why it would have been changed, I can't imagine this show shying away from a positive message about adoption, but maybe someone felt uncomfortable with the concept of a pony orphanage and thus dead pony parents; note that Word of God is that Applejack's parents are deceased, but we've never had it mentioned in canon.

The show is developing a Myth Arc
  • We've seen more and more of Equestria's history being revealed. This may be the beginning of a Myth Arc of sorts, which deals with exactly what happened all those years ago.

Provided a fourth season happens, the opening credits animation will undergo heavy revisions
  • Due to the changes in the status quo in season 3 the following characters will receive a Promotion to Opening Titles:
    • Luna- Perhaps in the throne room with Celestia.
    • Zecora- walking though Ponyville with the rest of the standard cast.
    • Shining Armor and Cadance- in an eye catch doing something in the Crystal Empire.
    • Babs Seed - in with the rest of the CMC.
    • Discord - doing something crazy in a background somewhere.
Also the group shots where the Mane Six are all together will now feature Alicorn Twilight and perhaps seeing the prominince put on them in the last couple of episodes of season 3 the cast will be wearing their elements.
  • Confirmed for some, Jossed for others: Luna does appear in the throne with Celestia, Zecora is in the final picture, Shining and Cadance don't make an appearance in the opening, Babs doesn't either, and Discord has a blink-and-you'll-miss-it appearance during Fluttershy's line in the song.

A multi-part "Magical Mystery Cure" was almost finished in production, but cut to a single episode at the last minute
The highly rushed pacing of this episode has already contributed to rumors that the episode was meant to be multiple parts. However, if you listen closely at about halfway through the song "I've Got To Find A Way", you can hear a very amateur audio cut between the first and second part of the song note . It resembles the type of edit that is made almost literally at the last minute to shave the running time off a final product.

Having made it to 65 episodes, the series will get a dose of Cerebus Syndrome
Having made it to syndication, as well as the success of the series overall, the writers will finally be able to take the series in a direction with more focus on the Mane 6's goals, have at least 1 Big Bad who will be a threat for more than 2 episodes a season as well as bring back other antagonists like Gilda, more attention to side characters, elaboration of stuff like Starswhirl the Bearded and the past of Celestia+Luna, etc. Also, while the series will still have episodes like Green Isn't Your Color alongside ones like The Crystal Empire, the series will go even farther than Season 3 did when it comes to continuity.

The next pony to receive a upgrade will be Rainbow Dash.
Right now, they've been focusing a lot of Twilight Sparkle. Becoming an Alicorn Princess is quite a huge boost in power, but it wouldn't be fair to the other 5 if Twilight is the only one to get attention. Also, there's been a bunch of patents that have been bought that are related to Rainbow. "Rainbooms" and "Rainbow Rocks" specifically. Are these signs that something big is going to happen to Rainbow?

The show's writers are starting to get fatigued
How else would you explain Equestria Girls?

You can expect to see Vinyl scratch and Derpy a lot more in season 4
Because Equestria Girls was an experiment to see if the fandom would notice that the writers didn't care about it, and since it was well received with a good number of bronies who even pointed out "Fandom drops" like Derpy, they realized something. That something? That they can put Derpy and Vinyl Scratch in... and bronies won't even notice (Or care!) about the writing quality - just as long as they can put "Fandom drops" like Lyra, Derpy, or Vinyl in, it automatically appeals to bronies. Hasbro has realized they can put in fandom drops and bronies will gobble it up anyways.

Megan McCarthy being credited for "Bats" instead of Merriwether Williams was deliberate.
Merriwether's other episodes weren't well received, so the producers worried that viewers would just nitpick this episode if they knew the true writer right away. To counter this, they credited Megan, a much more popular writer, at the start. Then, after everyone was done gushing about the episode, revealed the true writer when it was too late for the viewers to backpedal. They had Megan herself do the reveal so that the viewers couldn't claim the producers were just trolling them.

Dave Polsky injected some Reality Subtext into Spike's friendship lesson from "Equestria Games".
Spike says "Sometimes to feel good about yourself, you gotta let go of the past." This could be Polsky's reaction to the way his early episodes weren't well-received.

William Anderson used Princess Cadance's Leitmotif to do a little editorializing.
The background music in Twilight's flashback to being foalsat by Cadance sounds very much like the classic My Little Pony theme with two extra notes inserted into every bar. This symbolizes the way Cadance and Shining Armor are two extra characters inserted into the storyline.

The show will eventually receive a release on Blu-Ray
Since it hasn't gotten Blu-Ray season-sets like Transformers: Prime has, it's possible we might see a "Complete Series" Blu-Ray set instead once the series has definitely finished.

Birthday Guesses
It was conformed on Hasbro's Twitter that Pinkie Pie's birthday is May 3, which is coincidently the same day the episode"Party of One " airedMeaning other ponies's birthdays is the same as the airdate for certain episodes

Twilight Sparkle: December 3 ( "Sweet and Elite")Rainbow Dash: Febraury 1 ("Pinkie Pride")Pound Cake and Pumpkin Cake: Januray 14 ( "Baby Cakes")Spike: December 10( "Secret To My Excess")Princess Flurry Heart: March 26 ( "The Crystalling")

Other Birthday Guesses

Princess Celestia: June 21Princess Luna: December 21Applejack: March 11 or September 26Rarity: May 4Sweetie Bell: March 22Fluttershy: July 15Discord: March 20Ocatvia: August 8 or January 27Countless Colorature: March 28Vinly Scratch: January 15Derpy Hooves: July 11Time Turner: April 18

The show was designed to normalize public nudity in the western world.
Think about it for a minute. None of the characters wear clothes. Any time they do, the entire fandom gets hot and bothered. Any pony that wears socks is fawned over. Yes, they are ponies. However, they also act like humans every chance they get. The only time any pony needs to wear anything is when on the job, when it's cold outside, or when they're not old enough to not need diapers. If this kind of thing happened in the real world, there would be multiple charges of indecent exposure for going about their day not wearing anything. So by having naked ponies going about their business like it ain't no thing, it desensitizes kids and some adults that public nudity isn't that big of a deal. By doing so, perhaps any people in government who have seen the show would be more lenient on clothing being optional when outside. At least, when the weather permits. It was pretty sneaky of Lauren Faust to do this, and I approve.

The Cutie Mark Crusaders will eventually usurp the Mane 6 as the show's main characters.
Yes, the show's title is "Friendship is Magic". But as more and more about friendship is learned, the more and more applications there are. In addition to being the perfect vehicle for this, the whole point of the CMC's character arcs have been about finding one's purpose in life, and after "Crusaders of the Lost Mark" they practically run a business based off this. So the overall tone of the show will change from "Friendship is Magic" to "divining one's true purpose using the power of friendship" with the CMC at the forefront.

The show will last 25-30 seasons
It'll have the same lifespan as a horse.

    Possible Time Lords 
One of the Characters is a Timelord.
You know *ehem* Whoof.Ok, everypony with Hourglass Cute Mark is My Little Time Lord.

Doctor Whooves is the Doctor...
... under the affects of a Chameleon arch. The arch can re-write the Doctor's DNA, supposedly into anything that will help him blend in, so this time it made him a pony with an American accent. However, like he carries a watch in his human form, he's got an hourglass cutie mark containing his real identity.

The Earth pony is the 10th Doctor, and the Pegasus is the 11th after having to go under the radar to avoid the same enemy. He's got a younger voice as a Pegasus, and he's always open to trying new accessories like wings.

Doctor Whooves is the Doctor...
... disguised by the perception filter. When watching Doctor Who, the audience travels along with the TARDIS, causing us to see the doctor in his true form. However, through timelord science, he is capable of taking on the appearance of any race with the help of his trusty perception filter. This is also true for his entire cast of companions.

The Donna of the Ponyverse universe is a Pegasus.
All events from the usual Whoniverse happened in Ponyverse. Thus, the earth pony Doctor Whooves is 10, and the pegasus Whooves is Metacrisis/10.5/Handsy (Whoovsy?).

The Donna of the Ponyverse is Fluttershy.
At one point in the episode "Dragonshy", Fluttershy got scared of her own shadow. Why? Because she subconsciously remembered Doctor Whooves encounter with the Vashta Nerada in the Library.

Every pony with a hourglass cutie mark is a Time Lord
So far 4 ponies have been spotted with hourglass cutie marks each one is a time lord.
  • So by that logic, only two humanoid time lords survived, but a whole heard of equine time lords is still left.
  • Who's to say that they didn't escape into the ponyverse to flee the Time War? After all, the Doctor stated that before the Time Lords died out travel between universes was rather easy.

Pegasus Doctor Whoof is some kind half pegasus/pony time lord hybrid or clone.
Yes, he is not next (or previous) regeneration. He's Whooves copy created from his DNA and DNA of some pegasus, he probably also become child and growing as normal pegasus (that explain his young voice).

Derpy is equivalent to both Rose and Donna for Doctor Whoof
Fandom sees her as a Doctor companion, and someone like Rose or Donna (ignoring Derpy Retard). And she is a pegasus (thanks to her we got Pegasus Doctor).

Dr. Whooves is a Time Lord...
But only because Lauren Faust is a troper and noticed every show has a time lord WMG so she decided to provide a outlet to prevent "Twilight Sparkle is a Time Lord" WM Gs.

Twilight Sparkle is a Time Lord
I see what you did there...

Doctor Whoof/Whooves is a television show in Equestria
And the Pony we keep seeing with the spikey mane and hourglass mark stars as The Doctor in the show.
  • Does that make Rose and Colgate his co-stars?

Rarity is a Time Lord.
She is the regeneration of Rarity from The Runaway Rainbow. Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie are Time Lord regenerations of their namesakes, too. All three are just as eccentric as the Doctor.

Everybody is a Timelord in Purgatory.
Because its the only WMG left.

DISCORD is a Time Lord
Well, to be more specific... Discord is the Master to Doctor Whooves'... Doctor. Ties in nicely with the Doctor theory above that he battled Discord in the past. How? Discord is the Master, who picked up a few tips from Q and some others, and those tips he took are what changed him into the Mix-and-Match Critter that he is, voice included. He accepted this as the perfect guise to hide from the Doctor under, since he would not expect it.

The Princesses are Time Lords.
The combined Elements of Harmony are the TARDIS. Both are well over one thousand years old, and Celestia looks quite different compared to her original apppearance from the story Twilight first reads in the pilot. The reason for this is by using the Elements all by herself, Celestia had taken on more power than her body could handle, forcing a Regeneration. Her influence on the timeline is much more indirect once Twilight and company come along, preferring to direct them through her various letters. Until then, she began all the legends of Nightmare Moon, purposely including the story that she would return in 1000 years. After that, all she had to do was wait.

As for Princess Luna, she hasn't been around because she's been busy traveling through the 1000 years during which she was imprisoned.

The Doctor is responsible for Doctor Whooves and the other Time Lord ponies being in the show.
The Doctor asked Lauren Faust or the animation team to sneak in his own pony designs, as part of his comical off-screen adventures to catch Amy and Rory's attention in The Impossible Astronaut, and a subtle way of implying he's stopped by present day/very near future times once or twice to check up on them in secret.

This had the unintended effect of turning Rory into a brony much to Amy's confusion.

Equestrian 'Time Ponies' are the Ponyverse's counterpart species to the Time Lords we are familiar with, but not otherwise biologically or historically related to them.
They're obviously native to the planet Gallopfrey, located right in the same universe as Equestria and possibly even orbiting a star visible in the latter's night sky. There is even a specific Time Pony whose (mis)adventures bear a more than passing resemblance to those familiar to us from assorted BBC documentaries...but he's not the same individual as the humanoid Doctor we know, and the two could conceivably run into each other without having to invoke Time Travel to do so.

The Elements of Harmony were made from the Eye of Harmony

The names are a good hint.

    Crossovers with other series 

Equestria is Chell's dying dream.
When she jumped into the pit at Wheatley's request, all she could think of as she died was his promise of ponies.
Fluttershy's Stare is a watered-down Penance Stare.
Hence why anybody affected by her Stare suffers intense, crippling amounts of guilt. Maybe that's how Fluttershy's Moe factor works.
The Entire My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic Universe exists within Nanoha's mind
  • And that's why Nanoha's magic is so powerful, and why everything is wonderful in Equestria. The Nightmare Moon incident is her mind summing up the events of Season 1. The Discord incident is her mind summing up the events of Season 2.
Magic: The Gathering character alignments
  • Twilight Sparkle is White/Blue; this is particularly more obvious when she goes neurotic, because when that happens it has always to do with some duty she failed to fullfill. The scene where she is talking with her reflection at the puddle in "Lesson Zero" is so totally her White and Blue side fighting.
  • Applejack is Green. Same for most of her family, with Braeburn being Red/White and the Oranges being Blue instead.
    • She could also be Green/White, due to the importance she puts in her friends and family.
    • Regular Green also cares about those things, and friendship is more of a Red thing...
  • Rainbow Dash is Red.
    • Or maybe Red/Black. She has a self-centered and impulsive personilty, she does show the positive traits of this color combination. She is extremely loyal to her friends and has the ambition to dream of joining an elite group of flyers someday.
      • Rainbow Dash is an excellent flyer, which definitely points against mono-red (yes, this kind of stuff matters). I'd say she is white/red.
      • This could also be seen as the reason why Scootaloo can't fly.
      • Not really (there are several flying Red creatures, for starters). Also, she doesn't seem White besides loyalty (which the staff also claims to be Red)
      • I'd put Season 1 Rainbow Dash personality-wise squarely into mono-Red, but she shifted to Red/White in most recent seasons as she underwent character development. Most notably when she's compared against Lightning Dust, another very Red character - what makes her different from Lightning Dust and ultimately the point of the episode is her ideals and ethics.
  • Spike is Red or Green/Black.
    • Red/Black seems more likely. He's naturally prone to greed thanks to his draconic nature, and giving in to it turns him into a powerful out of control monster, and he sometimes comes across as a little brat (he is still a child after all). He can also be pretty selfish too, willing to shirk his responsibilities in favor of doing what he wants. Spike is also very devoted to his friends, especially his foster sister/mother figure Twilight, to the point that he gets very jealous and insecure when his position as her "Number One assistant" is threatened, and his crush Rarity, to the point that being reminded of a gift he gave her snaps him out of his aforementioned Superpowered Evil Side.
  • Pinkie Pie is Red/Black. Since her breakdown at "Party of One" heavily implies that her friendship is also used as self-validation.
    • While I mostly agree, there is something about her that doesn't quite fit red or black.
    • Black is debatable (she's not exactly ambitious, amoral or self-centered), but otherwise she's Red mana incarnate. She's moved completely by her feelings and does what she wants to do when she wants to do - pretty much every Red mage's dream.
  • Rarity is Blue/Red, the combination most associated with art.
    • I think Rarity is Blue/White/Red. Somehow, she reminds me a bit of Zedruu the Great-Hearted. Giving away stuff freely (Element of Generosity), but still also having her own benefit in mind.
    • Rarity could also be mono-Black, possibly Grixis. A bit selfish and vain, puts herself before anyone else, but fiercely protects things that she holds dear and knows how having friends and doing good things do pay off. Shares many of her Guile Hero tendencies as Toshiro, another Black hero, and one of her most defining traits, her ambitions to become a fashionista and become "as popular as popular can be", just screams Black.
  • Fluttershy is Green (possibly Green/White or Green/Blue, depending on the interpretation).
    • Green/White is more likely, since she really cares for her animals.
      • Care can be white or green. Since Fluttershy shuns society, I would even say she is mono-green. This is also the reason why she is a bad flyer despite being a Pegasus.
      • Fluttershy doesn't shuns society, she's just... well, shy. While her care for nature does puts her somewhat into Green, she shows concerns for her pony (or draconeequus) friends just as well and shows a more idealistic and self-sacrificing personality than a Green character would. She doesn't shows many common Green character traits as well (like decisiveness, stubborness or Darwinistic attitude). If anything, I'd say she's actually far more White than Green. Even her angry assertive outbursts sound really elitistic and uncaring, usually White's most negative traits.
  • Celestia is White, with either a shade of Red or Blue depending how much her "trolling" aspect is a part of her personality.
  • Nightmare Moon was Blue/Red, being a short-sighted Omnicidal Maniac more concerned with adoration than anything else (Niv-Mizzet from Ravnica would sympathise) and having clearly Blue magics of illusion and shape-shifting, while Luna is presumably White/Black (we'll find out soon enough).
    • She appears to be Blue/Red herself-Nightmare Moon is simply her normal personality taken to extremes and with a bit of malice. She's short-tempered and proud, as well as intelligent and adaptable.
  • Trixie was the same, perhaps replacing Red with Black.
    • I think Trixie is even more obviously red than Nightmare Moon.
  • The Diamond Dogs were Black/Red.
    • Or black/red/white, depending on how organized they really are. Also, black, red and white are the three colors with the most Hound type creatures so far.
  • Discord was clearly at least part Red, combined either Black, Blue or both.
    • Discord has the same colors as Nicol Bolas. In fact, Planeswalker Nicol Bolas' abilities (and card art) would fit Discord to a tee.
  • Queen Chrysalis is Green/Blue/Black. She has strong shapshifting and manipulative abilities and is very intelligent (Blue), is very ambitious and cruel (Black), but also cares about her swarm, which drives her to invade Canterlot (Green). Also, she has many insectoid features, which are usually Green/Black.

Speaking of which, there could eventually be a My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic-themed Magic: The Gathering set
Think about it: Wizards of the Coast is owned by Hasbro. If Hasbro really wanted there to be an MLP/M:TG crossover, they would be fully capable of making it happen.

Someone will make a Dissidia Final Fantasy crossover with this show.
If only due to connecting the Elements of Harmony with Cosmos. That, and the show's and games this show is combined with tend to have a rather actiony feel to them.
  • It's happened.
  • This is halfway to canon, what with Season 2's opening villain being Discord (aka Chaos).

Equestria will become involved in Time War
All these Time Ponies in background are preparing for it.
  • Fridge Brilliance: This might also somehow explain how Luna can have a son (Celestia's nephew) although she was imprisoned for 1000 years.
    • Word of God (Lauren Faust) states that there's an unknown sibling on their mother's side, IIRC.
      • To quote the show directly: 'a distant nephew on her mother's side.' Naught to do with Luna, 'cept being her distant nephew as well.

Somewhere in Equestria, there lives a trio of unicorns, one of whom is named Charlie.
At some point, Pinkie Pie will appear and sing a song for Charlie, before exploding for no apparent reason. (What if she explodes... and then explodes again?!)
  • Can you do that? Can you explode twice?
  • If the producers manage to get the original voices for the three, that would be beyond awesome! Even if it's just a cameo, it still would be pretty awesome.
  • The three unicorns don't necessarily "live" within the setting. You see, Charlie thinks he died long ago, and those two are his eternal punishment. Perhaps he was a supporter of Nightmare Moon during her rebellion?

The Parasprites are a Tyranid bioform
They breed explosively, eat everything in sight, and have no origin story. In addition, they are insectile, with four legs and a set of wings, maintaining the 'six legs each' theme of Tyranids. Clearly, Equestria has been seeded by the Tyranids, and the Parasprites are an adapted version of Rippers, meant to devour plant life to make the invasion swifter and to claim new biomass. And it will be a lot grimdark.

The Parasprites are Tribbles
They're endearing, make cute noises, and reproduce at a ridiculous rate.

Sooner or later, there will be a South Park episode about the male Periphery Demographic of shows like My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic.
...because this is just the kind of weirdness South Park likes to deal with. (Also, it would be cool.)
  • Said demographic will be depicted either as
    • a) Pathetic sexually repressed manchildren (who nevertheless have a point of some sort) — if the creators haven't watched this show, or
    • b) actually perfectly respectable people with good taste, albeit very embarrassed about what they're fans of and trying to hide it, because Pooping Pink Ponies or whatever the show they will be watching is called is actually mysteriously awesome — if the creators of South Park do happen to watch this show first.
    • Or Randy will be a HUGE fan because he's Randy, and possibly Butters, (or, just to be completely insane, Cartman turns out to be a fan!), and everyone will look at him funny. I'm actually surprised SP hasn't made fun of the Brony Phenomenon already, honestly.
    • And it will never air in Japan!

One of the pony's will fall in battle in a later episode...
But since Fluttershy got a Phoenix Pinion at the end of "A Bird in the Hoof" it won't be a series changing event, making the entire thing pointlessly traumatic.

- Applejack / Earth Pony / Fighter
- Twilight Sparkle / Unicorn Pony / Mage
- Rainbow Dash / Pegasus Pony / Rogue
- Pinkie Pie / Earth Pony / Bard
- Rarity / Unicorn Pony / Illusionist
- Fluttershy / Pegasus Pony / Ranger
In Pinkie's words, the party is ready!
  • Fluttershy could be either Ranger or Druid. If you consider her character, Druid might even be more probable. Also, Twilight might be Mage/Cleric double class, considering that she is a student of Celestia, who is essentially a Sun Goddess. Also, if this is D&D, Rarity might be a sorceress because unlike mages, sorcerers rely on Charisma instead of Intelligence as their primary attribute.
  • Also, Rainbow Dash being a rogue is somewhat strange since she's a Leeroy Jenkins.
    • Rogues can charge in blindly, too. Perhaps Rainbow Dash is a Berserker (speed + power), and Rarity gets Rogue (detection and appraisal skills)?

  • This would be easier if we could link them to their main attributes.
    • Twilight: Intelligence. 18 if she could get away with it.
    • Applejack: Strength, with decent Constitution. Intelligence is passable.
    • Rainbow Dash: Dexterity, but enough Strength and Constitution to at least make it a contest against Applejack.
    • Rarity: Charisma. It's all about projecting yourself, darling. Enough Intelligence for Craft rolls, too.
    • Fluttershy: Wisdom, if I had to put one on, although enough Charisma to help out with the Intimidate skill. And an object lesson to not use Dexterity as your dump stat.
    • Pinkie Pie: Is probably playing Toon instead. That said, she's so all over she probably just went with straight 13s (or whatever your version lets you do).
Based on this, here's my guesses:
  • Twilight: Um, wizard?
  • Applejack: Fighter. Not all fighters are Leeroy Jenkins, either, explaining why she knows better than to charge the dark goddesses that show up every so often.
  • Rainbow Dash: Monk or Rogue. Fighting based on outmanoeuvring and outspeeding.
  • Rarity: First one to break the scale; the closest I can think of is an NPC class. If you must make her a PC, I'd go with Rogue as well, but with a more 'social' build.
  • Fluttershy: Cleric or druid. Paladin at the outside.
  • Pinkie Pie: Bard seems the most obvious.
  • Personally, I think Pinkie Pie's a Psion. If Equestria uses the "Psionics are Different" variant rules, that would explain why Twilight wasn't able to figure out how her powers work - essentially, she was casting Detect Magic when the situation called for Detect Psionics. Pinkie's psionic discipline is probably Psychoportation. (How else could she appear in places she shouldn't be able to get to, fit in spaces too small for her, and keep up with Rainbow "the fastest pony in Equestria" Dash while sprinting on hoof?

  • There is a series of articles on the Lurking Rhythmically blog explaining which Mane Cast member maps to which Pathfinder class, complete with youtube clips and callbacks to significant events from the canon.
    • Twilight Sparkle is a Wizard. That's an easy one to guess, yes.
    • Pinkie Pie is a Bard. She uses songs to banish fear ('Giggle at the Ghostly') and inspire competence ('Hop, Skip, and Jump!')
    • Rarity is a Rogue. ... bear with the author, there is method to her madness. She's a social rogue, you see.
      • Well, she loves gems, tried to steal some from a dragon by sweet-talking him, and intends on marrying into the royal family...before it was revealed that Prince Blueblood is an Upper-Class Twit.
    • Applejack is a Ranger. Tough, outdoorsy, guides the rest of the party through the wilderness, has the smartest and most useful animal companion (Spike is an improved familiar, not an animal companion).
    • Fluttershy is a Druid. ... what? What's her defining trait? Wild Empathy. What's her day-to-day job? Managing the ecological welfare of the nearby wilderness. Druid. Just, a Charisma- rather than Wisdom-focused druid.
    • And, that leaves Rainbow Dash as the Barbarian. Not only is it the only class other than Monk (and Rainbow Dash is definitely not Lawful in alignment) to get all the movement-buffing powers, "if she isn't going fast, she's being a jerk, charging ahead without thinking, or generally making a mess of things". Totally the party barbarian!

Equestria is not located anywhere near Federation territory.
If it were, the Federation would have tried to establish First Contact after the first Sonic Rainboom.
  • The Federation is looking for faster than light travel, not sound. The Vulcans didn't show up when Chuck Yeager broke the sound barrier.
    • If the Sonic Rainboom is just faster than sound, why does it create a (colored) light flash?

Equestria will be contacted by the Federation.
They're just so far apart that it won't happen for a long time. At some point in the future, after Equestria has established its own space presence, they will be 'discovered' by the Federation. The Solar Empire and New Lunar Republic will be at war with the King Sombra's Crystal Empire when it happens. First Contact will be celebrated with a Boarding Party.

"We are armed with Friendship and shielded by Love and Tolerance. In the name of Celestia, you will not threaten my little ponies again!"

"Set phasers to Harmony."

Rainbow Dash's first Sonic Rainboom linked her to the Speed Force.
That's why the event had such weird effects on Pinkie Pie and Twilight Sparkle. It also explains the lightning bolt on Rainbow Dash's cutie mark.

Nightmare Moon is/was actually an avatar of the Lord of Apokolips.
Or even better, when Darkseid foresaw his defeat in the Final Crisis, he left part of himself hidden away in another universe so he could return from even the ultimate defeat. Who is the Queen of Anti-Harmony, now and forever?

"A Dog and Pony Show" is Ruthless People (or even The Ransom of Red Chief) told by an Unreliable Narrator.

Ponyville is the Ponyverse's version of Hinamizawa, and/or Friendship is Magic is Higurashi: When They Cry told by an Unreliable Narrator.
That's why the Mane Cast all have tendencies to go crazy to varying degrees.

Don't believe me? LOOK! See for yourself! There he is, in the background! And here, capped by yours truly, encircled in white. And here, that's what he'd look like! It's coming together...
  • So it would seem. Except it's a lot more obvious that he's there than in the above images.

The small, but growing amount of Slender Mane fanart out there can be at least partially attributed to the Slender Man references on this page.
I've counted at least two Slender Mane fanfics and quite a bit of fanart out there, and Slendy happens to be referenced at least twice on this page. My guess is that a few tropers were checking out the WMGs here, happened to notice the Slender Man links, and were struck with inspiration.

The whole My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic phenomenon is a real life version of the events of Paranoia Agent.
I'm getting some Maromi parallels from the show: Utterly cute figures that everyone is seemingly latching on to, as if it's some form of escape from troubles... All it needs is a Lil'Slugger figure.
  • The Big Bad of the first two episodes was Luna or Nightmare Moon, and the japanese word for moon is tsuki. Yes, like in Tsukiko Sagi-san. And dreams and nightmares also play an important role in Paranoia Agent.
  • Would fit in a subversive kind of way. One way to look at Paranoia Agent ('one' because it is a very odd show) is that people need to accept reality, their mistakes and faults, not hide behind false - in this case 'cute' - stories and personas. This sort of thing, presumably not so cruel and cynical, could easily work here in some fashion.

It's all a fanfiction by Osaka.
While studying in America, Chiyo-Chan became a fan of My Little Pony and told all her friends about it during one of her visits to Japan. Inspired by her ramblings, Osaka decided to make a fanfiction and based the mane cast off herself and her friends:

Twilight Sparkle is Chiyo and is made to have her smarts. Osaka decided to translate Chiyo's naiveté into being new in town rather than being younger than the rest of cast.

Applejack is Yomi and is made to be the one is most down to earth. Also Osaka thinks Yomi would make a good cowboy for some reason.

Rainbow Dash is based off Kagura and has her athletic ability and competitive streak turned up to eleven.

Rarity is Tomo. Originally she was a hyperactive jerkass, but Tomo asked (in other words demanded) that Rarity would be changed into a sophisticated fashion designer loved by all. Osaka did so but decided to keep her narcissistic streak (probably as a jab towards Tomo's executive meddling.

Flutter Shy is Sakaki. Originally she was a tough stoic who was even more athletic than Rainbow Dash, but was changed into a shy, moe animal lover (who was loved by animals back) at Sakaki's request.

And of course, Osaka made herself into Pinkie Pie, who is basically Osaka on a 24 hour sugar rush.

  • Some of those roles hardly make sense to me. Applejack is more like Kagura (athletic and competitive) Rainbow Dash fits Tomo (Excitable with Jerkass tendencies) and Rarity is most like Yomi (Extremely self-conscious of her appearance).
  • Y'know, there is a pic that seems to confirm all that.

Nella from The Nostalgia Chick will eventually guest star
Someone who works for the show will eventually see the episode with her Pony Melodrama and ask her to guest star. Possibly as a weird pony who plays with dolls and have similar (adept kid friendly version) Melodramas.

The 4 stars that freed Nightmare Moon where Robot Chicken's Apocalypse Pony
I know this isn't the right place to put this but I dont know what is

The mane cast is a party of Exalted.
This theory began with the canon Exalted rules having a set of powers that involve taking constant "dash" actions, one of which creates a multicolored shockwave behind you. Which would make Rainbow Dash an Infernal Malefactor of Adorjan. Which would make Fluttershy a Lunar, Applejack a Terrestrial (Earth aspect), Pinkie Pie a precognitive, reality-warping Siderial (claiming to represent the "Maiden of Cupcakes"), and Twilight Sparkle a Solar sorceress, Twilight caste, servant of the Unconquered Sun.

Derpy Hooves is an agent of the Ice King.
She's been sent to scout out for princesses that the Ice King can kidnap and try to marry.
  • Alternatively, she's been sent to scout for princes for the Ice Queen. Since the only apparent candidate is Prince Blueblood, no one will mind.

Tsukishima will appear in Pony form.
And try to ruin one of the Mane Cast's life.

John DeLancie's voicing of Discord will lead to MLP/Star Trek crossover fics to rival the MLP/Doctor Who fics.
With Discord and Q being one and the same. Expect Rainbow Dash to fight Worf.
  • On that same note, Discord's fandom nick name with be "Dis Qord."

This show will be the subject of a Cross Through between two other shows at some point.
With one of the other shows being Transformers: Prime.
  • Which would make Dan Vs. the other likely choice, since that seems to be the Hub's third-favorite show.

If on the off chance Death appears in the series
It will be a pony grim reaper, named Binky.
  • There's actually this great fanfiction where Binky (DEATH's horse) is revealed to be Pinkie Pie's grandfather. He taught her how to move great distances in the blink of an eye (a nod to Pinkie's fourth-wall-breaking abilities). Read it here.

The ponies are actually the characters from Lucky Star.
  • Konata = Rainbow Dash
  • Kagami = Twilight Sparkle
  • Miyuki = Fluttershy
  • Tsukasa = ...Derpy Hooves?
    • Tsukasa is more likely to be Fluttershy herself, while Miyuki is a merger of both Fluttershy and Twilight.

Twilight Sparkle is the alternate-universe version of Daenerys Targaryen.
They both have violet eyes. They both are natural leaders. They both magically hatched dragon eggs, producing dragons who are, for all intents and purposes, their children.
  • Pinkie Pie is Tyrion Lannister. Very pleasure-oriented, somewhat opportunistic, but always caring for her friends.
  • Rainbow Dash is Viserys Targaryen. The type of person for which career ambition is a matter of life and death. ( In case of Viserys, quite literally.)
  • Rarity is what Sansa Stark should be. Both make dresses, and both are treated badly by their respective Lust Objects. Of course, Rarity is a strong character and perfectly able to deal with it while Sansa...not so much.
  • Applejack is John Snow. Honest and hard-working, virtually married to their job.
  • Fluttershy is Catelyn Tully-Stark. The type that deeply cares for the beings she loves and does everything to protect them.
    • The whole hatching dragons thing seems like a fairly concrete parallel. The rest come across as kind of ambiguous and highly open to interpretation.
  • The windigos are the Others. They will return, and Twilight will lead the fight against them. Her studies of friendship are training for this purpose.

Twilight Sparkle is a spark.
Or a magical variant of one, at least. She had her breakthrough at her entrance exam, complete with its typical danger to bystanders. Since then she's been obsessed with studying magic, has a loyal minion in Spike, doesn't hesitate to use him (or her friends) as guinea pigs in her magical experiments, has a lab with unusual equipment in the basement, and she even improvises spells on the spot. Her magic is of such strength that Celestia has never seen it's like before, and she has the charisma to bring all of the most important ponies in Ponyville to her in her first day in town, and bosses the rest around during Winter Wrap-up. She even has a tendandcy to go to the madness place when things don't quite go as expected. The parasprite incident is pretty much straight-up sparkiness.
  • Plus, that name. Twilight Sparkle is exactly the kind of name a mad scientist would give to their kid.
  • See "Pinkie Pie is Inspired" below.
  • Alternately, the entire Mane Cast (or possibly even EVERY pony with a cutie mark) are minor sparks like the ones in the circus—just skilled enough in their area of expertise for impossible feats, not enough to topple the government. They are all prone to bouts of acute madness when under enough stress. And hey, we already know from the "Mad Social Scientist" that the spark can be focused on pretty much anything.

Twilight Sparkle is a planeswalker.
She's a very skilled mage, able to use all types of magic, and a "spark" was "ignited" within her when something signifigant happened to her (in her case, an epiphany). She isn't wandering the planes either because she doesn't know she can or she doesn't want to leave her friends in Equestria.
  • Alternatively, only the Elements of Harmony combined can actually planeswalk, and none of them is aware of this ability (except maybe Pinkie Pie).
  • Her mentor does have what is basically a mirrored white mana symbol for her cutie mark...

Fluttershy's Stare is a Geass.
Because we don't have anywhere near enough tie-ins on this page. She is the Ponyville equivalent of Lelouche Vi Brittania, albeit she has a much gentler nature. Exhibit A
  • Given that she used it on a tree in "Applebuck Season", it has to be an area of effect geass.
    • So who did she get it from?
  • So, considering the hamminess of the world of Code Geass, I can imagine that the actual thought processes between Fluttershy and her animals go like this:
Fluttershy: Fluttershy vi Equestria commands you... to LOVE ME!
Animals: YES! MY LADY!

Spike is somehow related to Spyro the Dragon.
Ancient ancestor maybe? With the events of the spyro games taking place long after the ponies too, have been wiped out as the humans were before them?

Rainbow Dash is Sonic The Hedgehog
A little less experienced though, I'd imagine Rainbow Dash is what Sonic would be like at 12 years old, she has the 'tude' well and truly going, and a grossly obese ego, she LOVES speed and has loads of energy, despite this she can actually be quite lazy sometimes, she can be a bit of a jerk but can actually be really sweet, hopefully she won't develop the same tendency towards narm.There are some differences that make me think of her as a younger version of Sonic, though.
  • Does this make Scootaloo Tails? Applejack Knuckles? Pinkie Pie Amy Rose? Rarity Rouge? Sweetie Belle Cream?
  • Now you have me wondering what would happen if she got her hooves on the Chaos Emeralds...
    • A Supersonic Rainboom, among other things.

Playing off the above, Rainbow Dash will race Sonic for the title of "Fastest thing alive."
Can you say, Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny?

The parasprites are decedents of the Metroids
Before the entire Chozo race was destroyed by Space Pirates, one Chozo tribesmen escaped to a far away planet to hopefully keep the organism away from the clutches of Ridley and his crew. He offered the Metroid to the ruler of that world, Princess Celestia, who confined it to the Everfree forest. Thousands of years has caused it to adapt and change shape to match it's environment. The result is the seemingly harmless little Extreme Omnivore we know today.

Alternatively, Twilight is a cross between Patchouli and Marisa.
Both of Twilight's dresses for the Grand Galloping Gala had astronomy motifs and Marisa's spell cards also have an astronomy motif. Both are able to copy other characters spells. And, in Touhou Soccer 2, Marisa's Mentor Mima has a variation of "Master Spark" called "Twlight Spark".

Patchouli Knowledge is a failed attempt by Twilight Sparkle to create a magical clone of herself.
Twilight Sparkle comes across a magical duplication spell while reading a spellbook. Being Twilight Sparkle, she is always trying for more powerful magic, so she decides to test it out. Again, being the magical prodigy she is, she is able to creates a stable, permanent construct. But it turns out she's not quite experienced enough yet to perform such hypercomplex magic and thus her final creation is a magician entity not completely unlike herself in personality and magical power, but severely altered in terms of shape. This duplicate learns to travel between worlds and phases out of Equestria and into Gensokyo, where she has resided ever since.

Why the idea? Two powerful magical girls with purple hair, both physically weak, who like books a lot. They even both have magical companions.

Why this way around and not the other? Because Touhou characters tend to have a very vague origin which allows us fans to shape them as we please.

Discord is a Chaos God.
Specifically, Tzeentch. He's certainly enough of a Manipulative Bastard.
  • It's more likely that he's a Lord of Change, a Greater Daemon of Tzeentch. Of course, that leads to MANY implications. The episode said that Luna and Celestia freed Equestria from his rule using the Elements of Harmony, so Discord must have created Equestria. And all the Equestrians are horses/eagles/etc, mutated by the power of the Warp. Which brings us to another question: What are Luna and Celestia then, and why did they oppose this Greater Daemon, or even get the power to bring order to this planet overrun by Chaos?
    • Lost Primarchs? Or perhaps Old Ones :P
    • Rebellion and usurpation of the throne are hardly unknown among the servants of Chaos. Celestia and Luna overthrew Discord and turned his daemon world into a place where they and their kin could live more comfortably, and by this act, they earned their own apotheosis. This is why the two are princesses, not queens: they're daemon princesses, ranked in a hierarchy that extends beyond their world. Note that both Celestia and Luna are significantly larger than their subjects, and that Celestia's cutie mark is a sun with eight flares coming off it — or, in other words, an eight-pointed star.
    • Chaos includes everything, including order. There's nothing wrong with the warp producing bastions or champions of order. It's just relatively rare. Heck, some of the sourcebooks include mentions of chaos gods of stasis, although they don't do much.

Discord is a member of the Q Continuum who was assigned the task of testing ponykind.
Given that he seems to love to play games and used simple hand gestures to turn all six of the main cast into Earth Ponies, the self-described Embodiment of Chaos might be putting them through all the tests to prepare them for something far worse than a Draconequus with a penchant for head games.
  • Given that John de Lancie is voicing the character, he might actually be the Q we know and love using a form designed to creep out pastel ponies.
  • Whether its the same Q or a different Q, he's clearly being even harsher with the Ponies than with Starfleet; presumably this is because the ponies are a less "developed" species, not having achieved spaceflight yet, and as such are either less deserving of respect or need to be pushed harder.
    • Alternatively, the ponies are just so much stronger than humans due to magical powers that a more potent Q-induced-disaster/test is required to get the same effect.
Alternatively, Discord has some connection to Joshua, AKA the Composer.
  • Think about it. Both are malicious godlike reality-warpers who set up chaotic "games" for The Mane Cast/the people of Shibuya, respectively. I bet Discord was planning on letting Noise loose all over the place and turning ponies into Players and Reapers.
Sparklelord is in fact the result of Twilight Sparkle accidentally fusing the mane 6 into one pony.
  • She then used her newfound abilities to travel to the Radical Land, which she began to despise for its lack of other ponies. One unexplained gender-flip later, and the story picks back up in the Dr.Mcninja comic.

Discord is a Decepticon creation

My Little Pony is government propaganda from the pigs of Animal Farm.
Horses are the working class on Animal Farm, and the ruling pigs need a way to keep them all in line, working hard and believing in a bright future while they're being exploited for their labour. Not all the animals believe in the Sugarcandy Mountain religion, so the pigs spread My Little Pony as a story to give the horses something to believe in. Applejack and Big Macintosh, in particular, are held up as paragons of the horse work ethic. Also, Celestia Is Always Right, just like Comrade Napoleon.

Rarity is a Spy and used her abilities last ep.
She camped in the mud, used Eternal Reward when AJ stepped, then stole her team colours (brown) until she won the match.
  • But she didn't win the race; Berry Punch did.

Friendship rangers colors and zords
  • Applejack: Red with the Ox Zord.
  • Rarity: Blue with the Peacock Zord.
  • Rainbow Dash: Green with the Hawk Zord.
  • Pinkie Pie: Pink (obviously) with the Croc Zord.
  • Fluttershy: Yellow with the Manticore Zord.
  • Twilight: Violet with the Dragon Zord that looks like Spike grown up.
  • Luna: Midnight (black) with the Nocturne Zord (bat).

Equestria is the future of the land of Houyhnhnms from Gulliver's Travels.
  • After Gulliver's visit, the once-perfect utopia, run entirely on reason, without emotion or passion, begins to change. The Houyhnhnms begin to behave regarding emotion and opinion, much like the bizarre, animalistic Yahoos. In an attempt to stop this, the Houyhnhnm government exterminates the Yahoos, but the genocide does nothing, as Houyhnhnm society deteriorates unto a very humanistic place, complete with emotion, opinion, argument and conflict. Centuries later, Equestria is the place we now know and love.
  • The extermination also only drives the Yahoos underground, where they evolve into the Diamond Dogs.

The ponies are the ancestors of the Minbari.
They have a Worker Caste(the Earth Ponies), a Religious Caste (The Unicorns), and a Warrior Caste (The Pegasi). Okay, that last one is a bit forced, but work with me here!

Fluttershy is a Dragonborn.
Long time ago a prophecy was told to the Dragons of Equestria, speaking of a being yet to be born who would have a dragon soul and the power to destroy the race of Dragons forever. Now, while some of the dragons went out hunting for this being others were a bit wiser and instead asked the Vanquishers of Discord, Princess Celestia and Princess Luna, for help.

They came up with an arrangement; Luna and Celestia would use the Elements of Harmony to ensure that the Dragonborn would be one of their pony subjects, thus making it much easier to find and guide them. In return for mitigating the Dragonborn threat, the Princesses extracted a pact from almost all the dragons of Equestria that stopped the violent hunts and treasure raids that the draconian race had been inflicting upon ponykind.

The last part of the deal was the gift of a dragon egg to the Royal Sisters, and egg that would be hatched by the rightful Heir of Princesses, an egg who would grow up to be the acknowledged Ruler of all Dragons in Equestria (Which turned out to be Twilight Sparkle and Spike.)The young dragon would be under the guardianship of the Heir and would learn the culture and ways of the more peaceful and organized ponies.

With the Dragonborn backing the Royal Sisters and their Heir, and the Heir protecting and supporting the future Draconian Monarch, the goal was an eventual strengthening of the ties between the two races and the foundation of the first peaceable Dragon Kingdom.

Going from the above, the reason why Twilight and her friends were sent to shoo off the dragon was because…
… dragons are notoriously proud, stubborn, and violent beings. In the past this meant that Celestia or Luna would have dealt with them personally for the safely of everyone involved, but now that the Dragonborn is all grown up and also the Element of Kindness, she can be sent to deal with the contrary dragons: Both to cut the Princesses some slack, and to remind the dragons of their arrangement with the Equestrian Royalty.

Fluttershy’s Stare allows her to ‘read’ the True Name of any one she focuses it on.
And aside from the actual uses she unconsciously puts this to (see below), having your soul looked at is never a pleasant feeling, and when the one looking is both capable of warping the reality of you with words AND very, very angry at you…. Makes sense you’d be scared and intimidated by them.

Fluttershy has a slight Thu’um accent…
..that she unconsciously reverts to when angry. It’s not an accent like what we would understand, not actually audible to most creatures and using normal everyday words, but when combined with Fluttershy’s Stare it is enough to invoke some of Fluttershy’s Dragon Soul (see above) and affect changes on the world. She is unknowingly forcing things to be the way she wills them to be.

Why no-pony has given Fluttershy any real training in Thu’um.
If she knew what she was doing, Fluttershy would be absolutely devastated and would only learn enough to properly control and suppress her powers. After all, Thu’um is all about affecting things, whether they want to be affected or not. To Fluttershy it would be the worst form of bullying, and as we’ve seen with Discord, the one thing Fluttershy hates more than anything else is a bully.Plus she’s, well, shy and the Element of Kindness.Now, the Dragonborn wouldn’t be nearly as useful in her role of helping to maintain the Pony/Dragon Peace Pact if she didn’t occasionally express her powers, so Celestia is keeping Fluttershy, and most ponies, in the dark about the whole arrangement for now.

Yes this series of Wild Mare Guesses was inspired by the Ponyborn picture.

Obligatory Neon Genesis Evangelion theory

Equestria was the true aftermath of Third Impact.
Why? Because Shinji was a closet Brony. After Third Impact, Shinji and Asuka eventually tussled into the LCL fluid, where they saw what the other humans cooked up while Shinji and Asuka were gone. Rei was reincarnated into Princess Celestia, Asuka into Nightmare Moon/Luna or Rarity, and Shinji as...Spike. And thus, for thousands of years, humanity has been trapped in the world of Equestria. But one man stands between this Sugar Bowl and reality: Gendo, now reincarnated as Discord, will awaken humanity to the truth.

Equestria is part of the Star Wars galaxy
Dunno, it's just a big galaxy... In my crazy little mind, I've placed many of my favorite so-called universes inside the Star Wars galaxy - specifically, the unknown regions. That region is literally one of the best places to hide entire storylines - also good for hiding Earth, maybe? Not saying they'll interact with one another, but it's a pretty cool thought, in my opinion.

There will be a Crossover with My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic, G1 My Little Pony and My Little Pony Tales

Mjolnir exists in Equestria
Why else would a pony have it for a cutie mark?

"The Elements of Harmony" is Equestria's equivalent of the Avatar Spirit.
They're just executed slightly different. One Avatar gets to control all four physical elements (earth, air, water, fire), while the Elements of Harmony are more emotional, and can be distributed to different individuals. Whoever weilds the spirit has the duty to protect their land, and their 'activated' state looks pretty similar. See? Glowing eyes.

Discord is The Pyro's true form.
Think about it. Discord can shapeshift, and Pyro is easily the most "chaotic" class in the game (unintelligible speech, weaponizes fire, almost nothing is really known about them). Not to mention they both have a Psychopathic Manchild vibe to them. (Cotton-candy clouds anyone? And don't forget Pyro's beanie hat!)

Equestria is in fact located in Federation territory...'s just that instead of a planet, it's a runaway holodeck simulation whose inhabitants have become accidentally self-aware but not yet realized that there's a bigger reality beyond their own little world.

Shining Armor is a Key
This would explain the fact that we haven't heard anything from Twilight before "A Canterlot Wedding" about her big brother who was her "only friend" before she came to Ponyville. Even if Queen Chrysalis's brainwashing explained why Shining Armor didn't care about Twi, it didn't explain why Twilight never mentioned him. It's clearly because he's not actually her brother, but someone has implanted false memories of their sibling relationship in both of their heads (and Cadance's) because Shining is, like Dawn, the Key.

All six of the mane cast are based on Zelda.
Since there have been about 10 different Zeldas in the series, each of them have personalities that fit with our heroines:

1. Applejack is based on the Princess Zelda from the original game: They're both technically the oldest iteration of the character since both were around when both franchises were introduced. Also, this particular Zelda was the basis for Marin, who in turn was the basis for Malon, a farm girl much like Applejack.

2. Rainbow Dash is the Zelda from The Wind Waker, better known as Tetra. Both are best known as tomboys who won't easily go down without a fight.

3. Twilight Sparkle might be the Zelda from Ocarina Of Time. Both are associated with the color purple, very intelligent and practical, plus having highly magical abilities.

4. Rarity may be hard to place, but she could be the Zelda from Twilight Princess (rather then Twilight Sparkle). Rarity represents the spirit of generosity while this Zelda ends up sacrificing herself to save Midna.

5. Pinkie Pie could be the Zelda from The Minish Cap, in that both tended to be fun loving and have short attention spans.

6. Finally, Fluttershy is the Zelda from Skyward Sword. Both characters are described as fitting the Proper Lady mold and both came from the sky to and learn to love the world below.

Ponies are 40k Orks.
Idea source.

The planet that contains Equestria is similar to the planets described in the short story Hostess by Isaac Asimov
The ponies are, similar to the residents of Hawkin's Planet, evolved from hooved creatures. They breathe cyanide gas just as all the others, though you won't get any indication from the series that they do. Long, long ago, the humans (or some similar species) visited the planet, causing the Inhibition Death to somehow spread to all members of the population except Celestia and Luna, who continued to age and grow (thus explaining why they're so much taller than everyone else). The parasite thrives on the planet much like it did on Earth, living and reproducing for over a thousand years, infecting everypony except for the Princesses, who are somehow immune.

Princess Luna was taken over by an EM Being
Word of God has been quoted many times saying that Luna was corrupted by an outside force, causing her to turn into Nightmare Moon. Word of God was also quoted again by saying that Luna would have to have been voluntarily corrupted. In the first Mega Man Star Force game, EM beings (That is, aliens made of electromagnetic radiation) begin taking over humans who are going through some sort of emotional stress, much like Luna did. In Starforce, some people are tricked into being taken over by EM bodies, so Luna could've been tricked in the same fashion.

Applejack's Mom and Dad are the rulers of the land of Sweet Apple Acres
They left to battle evil and now Applejack is the... boss.

Equestria takes place in the same multiverse as Homestuck
Luna and Celestia were ordinary siblings living in gen 3.5 Equestria. Finding a copy of sburb, they started up a session, which destroyed their version of Equestria and threw them into the medium. The two of them ran a successful session, with both of them achieving God Tier in the process. This made them into the idealized version of their species, which would be an Alicorn. They then used frog breeding to create the gen 4 Equestria and descended to it as it's immortal Gods.

If the Mane Cast were Pokémon trainers...
Just what sort of Pokémon would they have?

1. Twilight Sparkle seems like the type that is methodical, and prefers Pokémon with a high special attack:

  • Alakazam
  • Noctowl
  • Chandelure
  • Umbreon
  • Lucario
2. Applejack would probably prefer Pokémon with high physical stats:
  • Torterra
  • Arcanine
  • Sawk
  • Electivire
3. Rainbow Dash would definitely go for speedy ones, with one exception...:
  • Staraptor
  • Salamence
  • Blastoise
  • Whimsicott
  • Emolga
4. Rarity could probably be a great Pokémon Coordinator:
  • Cinccino
  • Sableye
  • Empoleon
  • Vanilluxe
  • Roserade
5. Fluttershy would definitely be a Pokémon breeder here. She would probably have oodles of Pokémon actually, but these are her main ones:
  • Altaria
  • Leavanny
  • Lopunny
  • Espeon
  • Ampharos
  • Audino
6. It's hard to say what Pinkie Pie might train, but maybe...:
  • Feraligatr
  • Wigglytuff
  • Gigalith
  • Drifblim
  • Grumpig
  • Chatot
7. Spike is still training his Pokémon, but they are still fairly strong:
  • Charmeleon
  • Seadra
  • Fraxure
8. Celestia would definitely be the Champion in the setting:
  • Dragonite
  • Metagross
  • Milotic
  • Garchomp
  • Volcarona

Discord created Snowflame
I just felt like putting this here. Discord certainly seems crazy enough to create Snowflame.

Evilina got her father to force Hasbro execs to make her the toys she wanted.
In The Nostalgia Critic's Son of the Mask review we found out that Satan's daughter loves Friendship is Magic. Her next appearance in the review of The Cat in the Hat shows her playing with a white Playful Pony sized Celestia toy. For a long time Hasbro only offered Celestia in pink, and then the white version was only in the larger size. If Evilina wanted a better toy she may have gotten her father to insist that the more show-accurate version be marketed, and that may be why it's finally available.

feel free to add any more that might fit...

Fluttershy is a reformed Incubator
.This was originally posted in Fluttershy's section of the Mane Six WMG, but the long and short is that Madoka wished that Kyubey would learn empathy and Celestia agreed to take in Kyubey (now Fluttershy) as an experimental process. The various personality querks that Kyubeyshy has developed from a combination of discovering that Good Feels Good, massive guilt from contracting all those Magical Girls and being so indifferent to their fates, and a loss of inherent meaning from becoming a Rogue Drone. Plotwise, maybe Walpurgisnacht shows up and Fluttershy contracts one of the other Mane Six out of desperation, and then later the Puella Magi come along and Fluttershy is terrified of meeting Homura again.

Yes, this is from the fact that the two have the same seiyu.

Entering the My Little Pony universe alters your species.
If you happen to be the dominant species on your planet, entering an AU version of said planet turns you into the dominant species on that. In Equestria's case, Earth's dominant species (human) becomes Equestria's dominant species (pony/horse/whatever). Beings resembling Earth's dominant species now resemble Equestria's dominant species. Anything in the same genus or related sub-species become a related species to the pony — for example, a Neanderthal would become a zebra. This also applies if a pony goes to our universe, so Pinkie Pie would be human there. This applies for other universes-going to a universe where the dominant species is the vehicle, or duck.
  • Perhaps it's region locked when entering the MLP world, at least at first. Entering into the Griffon Kingdom will more likely turn you into a griffon. Entering into Diamond Dog territory will turn you into a Diamond Dog. Entering into Zebra lands turns you into a zebra. Entering into Buffalo Stampeding Grounds turns you into a Buffalo. However, your species becomes locked after the first time.

The reason why Derpy appeared as a filly in "Cutie Pox" was...
She somehow managed to get Apotoxin'd, and reverted to a filly. However, she managed to get Zecora to make an antidote by the following episode and now has returned to normal. Possibly the reason why the antidote got made so fast was because Twilight used magic to determine the makeup of the drug in Derpy's system, allowing Zecora to make an appropriate antidote.

Silver Shill will soon become the wealthiest pony ever.
Applejack will have to defend his first bit against Magica De Spell.

Rainbow Dash is an Expy of Guy Gardner.
Both are loud, aggressive, cocky, hot-blooded, confident, and above all else, loyal. Rainbow Dash is very athletic, and Guy Gardner, before some injuries, was a football player at one point. They place their friends and loved ones above all else. Both are usually very abrasive to talk to. The similarities are astounding.

Either the show or another movie will incorporate an unused joke from My Little Pony: The Movie (1986)
The unused joke was that Shipwreck from G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero would encounter one of the little ponies... and then decide he's had enough to drink. Considering the kind of things that Friendship is Magic and its writers have gotten away with while getting only a TV-Y rating, as well as the references to past generations of the My Little Pony franchise, I wouldn't put it past them to try and use that joke again.

The Mane Six will learn about the Slender Man and his Equestrian equivalent eventually.
The information will either come from a series of tapes from the human world, a package marked with purple duct-tape, or a hollowed shell of a stallion with a strange aversion to boardwalks...

Discord is Nyarlathotep
There is only one Eldritch Abomiation with a tendency to be a Troll.

The Mane Six technically qualify as a ka-tet
All of them were tied together by fate, all of them have a special connection that goes beyond mere words, and all of them are called to protect multiple realms (Equestria and the Human World) from harms way by tapping into said connection on a regular basis.

The series is All Just a Dream of an autistic Smarty Pants
Which has evolved into one of the greatest Self Insert Fics in history. Inspired by this pic.
  • This also explains any out-of-character moments or continuity errors on the show- you can't expect a little donkey to remember all the details.

This page will eventually have a ridiculously dark interpretation of the show's premise.
There's some pointlessly depressing stuff here now, but I want to hear about how the show must actually be the Dying Dream of a terminally ill child rape victim. Get to it, people!
  • Here's a go: The entire series is a Dying Dream by Nightmare Moon as the Elements of Harmony tear her apart. In her dream she is redeemed instead, and the ponies go on to have wonderful adventures building their friendship and thinking their way out of problems. In truth she is obliterated, and the ponies go on to be lovable, friendly Heroic Comedic Sociopath types instead.
  • "It is the 41st Millennium. For more than a hundred centuries the Princess Celestia has sat immobile in the Golden Stable of Equestria, laid low by the Twilight Heresy. In the bright, happy future there is only friendship."
    • I'm pretty sure you mean the Luna Heresy.
      • No, it fits better for Celestia's brightest student to turn against her.
    • She is the mistress of ponykind by the will of the gods, and the mistress of a thousand paddocks by the might of her inexhaustible herds.
      • The Rainbow Marines are her living weapons; the Sisters Of Fluttershy burn out heresy wherever it hides. Between them they shall destroy Hive Fleet Changeling and the Pinkie cultists of Discord.
      • Also, the Big Macrines and Pinkie cultist Pon-3 Party Marines. But still, Celestia Protects!
      • Parties for the Party God! Cupcakes for the Cupcake Throne!
      • Right, next you'll be saying Equestria has some sort of Chaos God that warps living creatures.
  • "Ph'nglui mglw'nafh N'ghtm're M'n Luna wgah'nagl fhtagn"
    • Dude, clear your throat. Seriously.
  • The entire series is a daydream of an autistic Pinkamena. She never really left the rock farm, or witnessed a sonic rainboom. She just spends the whole day staring at a snowglobe of Ponyville.
  • Celestia is a dictator, drugging everyone with hallucinogenics making them think they live in a dream world and they're ponies (because seriously, do you really think ponies can read and write?) and having happy adventures, while she oppresses everyone in their ignorance. "Nightmare Moon" was actually a leader of La Résistance, but "Twilight Sparkle" was tricked into bringing her in to be drugged. Or she was actually executed, while Celestia told everyone she had been integrated into society. That's why we never see Luna again.
    • Or Celestia got a fake Luna and executed the real one. If there's some change in Luna's initial appearance and later appearances, we'll know for sure.
  • You want depressing? I'll give you depressing! Back in "A Dog and Pony Show", rather than put up with Rarity's annoyances, the Diamond Dogs just killed her. The reason she appears to still be alive in the rest of the series is because when Spike saw her body, he rejected the reality of her being dead and began having another fantasy sequence about Rarity being freed and living a normal life in Ponyville. Every episode since then has all been in his imagination while in reality he is in a catatonic state and none of the other ponies can wake him up.
  • Glue is made from horses...magical horses, why don't we see any ponies over the age of 20ish with only 2 exceptions (the Mayor an Granny apple) when they reach a certain age they either have to leave or are harvested for their hides and hooves. Pinky may or may not know this explaining her craziness as she may be a part of the recycling program. The city is a deconstruction of a dystopia, as everything from the weather to the season is control either via the god pony Celestia or the Pegasus weather crew. A few token adults are kept around to teach the new generation but the rest are harvested to make glue, fertilizer, leather, and meat. Ground up unicorn horns are seeded into the ground and they are the source of the gemstones. Other gems are mined by a few exceptional older ponies who escaped the time tables which are then secretly, along with the unicorn horn gems seeded into the ground. Rarity was drawn to the rock because it was full of the ground up remains of her fellow unicorns but she doesn't know this so she continues to use glue from their hooves, leather from their flanks, and gems from their horns to make her fashion. Twin for sewing is pony manes.
  • How about this: Pony society is dominated by a rigid caste structure. Unicorns are the aristocracy. Their abilities to wield magic have enabled them to dominate Equestria. Twilight Sparkle and Rarity are clearly both mares of leisure. Neither works for a living, but Twilight has the time to devote herself to her research, and has a young dragon as her servant; she is furthermore a member of the royal court and, indeed, a favorite of the princess regnant. Rarity likewise possesses sufficient wealth to live independently and in luxury without having to work, while spending money on expensive clothing and jewelry. Pegasi, with their ability to fly, are the gentry or perhaps the professional or merchant class. They generally have to work, but at jobs that are socially prestigious and interesting. Rainbow Dash, for example, is responsible for manipulating the weather for Ponyville, clearly a position of prestige and honor, while Fluttershy is some combination of naturalist and park ranger, a position clearly requiring some liberal education and one that is intellectually stimulating. The earth ponies, by contrast, are clearly the commoners and workers. Applejack is a farmer, as is her entire family. Pinkie Pie is an apprentice baker. It's also clear from the way they speak that the unicorns and pegasi have received more extensive formal education than have the earth ponies. Consider furthermore their respective dreams and ambitions: Rarity fantasizes about marrying into the royal family. Rainbow Dash dreams of someday joining the Wonderbolts and being a famous performer. Applejack hopes to someday be able to afford hip-replacement surgery for her grandmother. Think about that for a second.
    • Rarity does work. She's a fashion designer. Plus she has a natural talent for finding valuable pre-cut gems, so the cost of acquiring them is significantly reduced.
      • Rarity owns a dress shop in a society where no one wears clothing on a regular basis. Clearly this is a vanity project for her: she does it because she is a clothes-horse (sorry, I just couldn't resist) who can afford to spend a great deal of money on what is, essentially, a hobby.
      • She puts a lot of work into a "hobby", there are tailors who only work with fine clothing you know (which is essentially her job).
    • I shall deflate this, because I am bored. One: Twilight is quite explicitly stated as a student. Besides that, she runs the Ponyville library. Two: as has been said, Rarity is a fine clothier, working on formal-wear, amongst other things. In addition, jewels appear to be much more common in Equestria. Two, Applejack and Pinkie quite clearly enjoy their respective careers. It was not forced upon them, as shown when Applejack ran away to live with her high-class.. cousins(?) The Oranges. The Oranges were apparently fabulously wealthy. Four: Hip replacement surgery for a pony in a world inhabited by ponies is probably expensive; the synthetic materials required are likely costly, and an experienced surgeon pony would be rare, because, considering that ponies appear to be hard to injure, and that only Unicorns could really be qualified for it. Five: The only Unicorns we've really seen are the mane cast, who are quite well-off, being the personal student of a living goddess and a fine clothier, respectively. Oh, and The GREAT AND POWERFUL TRIXIE is a showpony. Being all prideful is what she does. Six: Doctor Whooves is an Earth Pony, in at least one regeneration. Your argument is invalid. Sorry about that, just needed that to keep the show happy for me.
    • Oddly enough, this guess is mostly correct. For pre-Equestrian society, that is. Modern Equestria no longer has a rigid caste system.
  • This fic really takes a tearjerker view of Equestria. Equestria is actually the elaborate fantasy world that was to be the setting of a series of stories planned by a woman who was emotionally abused by her mother. She never got around to writing it and the emotional abuse that she suffered drove her into her dream world. There, she was no longer Tara Muschel but Twilight Sparkle. As a result of this she is institutionalized for a few years, causing her fantasy to grow even deeper. When she is finally ready to leave the mental hospital she is hit by a car and suffers severe brain damage or ends up comatose but at the same time she gets to stay in Equestria and live an ideal life.
    • As to what the Mane Six represent:
      • Twilight Sparkle - Tara's avatar and her ideal self
      • Fluttershy - Tara's nervousness and shyness around people.
      • Rarity - Her sense of superiority stemming from her intelligence.
      • Rainbow Dash - Her frustration at her lack of exercise while institutionalized. Alternatively, her sexual frustration.
      • Applejack - Her childhood memories of being forced to work.
      • Pinkie Pie - Her desire to remain in this dream world.
    • ...This troper seriously hopes the cast/crew never, ever read this page.
  • My take on it: Twilight never actually arrived in Ponyville. The pegasus carriage that was supposed to take her there crashed and she has been in a coma ever since, dreaming about what it would be like to have friends. Nightmare Moon really was just an old mare’s tale, and Pinkie Pie, Apple Jack, Rainbow Dash, Rarity, and Fluttershy don’t exist, either.
  • The whole series is the product of Rainbow Dash's psychotic break after she destroyed Ponyville. She was a double-agent for an evil entity never mentioned in the series. She became friends with some of the ponies in town, but the friendships were nowhere near the intensity of her relationships with the mane cast. In "The Cutie Mark Chronicles," the Sonic Rainboom is actually a nuclear device, destroying Ponyville when it detonated. She barely escaped its effects and went back to her home base, but the guilt of killing a town filled with innocents, including ponies she was developing friendships with, was too much.. The bombing run on Ponyville turned out to be her last, and she left the evil entity's Air Force. But that didn't ease her consience, and she started to lose her grip on reality. At some point, to reconcile what she did internally, she retconned the bombing as the Sonic Rainboom, and instead of destroying the town, it spread light and joy and Cutie Marks to the group of ponies she would call her best friends. Everything that happened since has been a figment of her imagination. Occasionally, though, the truth of her actions pokes through her subconscious — witness the second Sonic Rainboom actually looking like a mushroom, or Pinkie Pie's ostensible non sequitir "And that's how Equestria was made!". Cloud Cuckoolander has a point.
  • And that dying victim is none other than Yin herself! Right before/after seeing her thirteen birthday, a war broke out where her family and friends had lived were driven off by a Corrupt Corporate Executive selling weapons to both sides of the conflict and despite fighting to keep their homes, she was captured and gang-raped relentlessly by her tormentors even though she had gotten pregnant a few times and survived abortions made against her will. Rainbow Mane was her favorite toy animal that she had clutched onto since childhood made in the likeness of said and within the mind of madness it had became Rainbow Dash in a ditch effort to save what was left of her innocence. The select few notable others were based off of hybridizing herself and her friends/family that she knew, only loosely:
    • Celestia <—- her dead mother
    • Luna <—- Saranoia
    • Spike <—- her dying brother Yang
    • Pinkie Pie <—- her innocence
    • Twilight Sparkle <—- her intelligence
    • Rainbow Dash <—- her dead friend Lena
    • Applejack <—- her diligence and Jobeaux
    • Fluttershy <—- her compassion and Dave
    • Rarity <—- her femininity and Melodia
    • Big Mac <—- her father Master Yo
    • Apple Bloom <—- her desire for a younger sister Suzie
    • Granny Apple Smith <—- her father's Aunt Petunia
    • Winona <—- Fuzzy Thunder

The final season will either suggest her survival and rescue and/or her death from such trauma.

The Internet will soon have a My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic Dating Sim.
And you will play it just to find out why people would ever play that.

Before season 2 is over, we'll have to add a MLP Villains WMG page

Discord actually represents the Brony community
His actions in the show may be cruel, but if you look at some of the stuff that Bronies have produced, you can find that we've done things that are just as awful:

  • Applejack: Through fanart and fanfiction, we've made her act in ways that isn't true to herself.
  • Pinkie Pie: By putting her through various unflattering situations such as Cupcakes, We've all been laughing at her as our personal clown.
  • Rarity: We've played up her greedy side quite a bit, since we find it so amusing.
  • Fluttershy: Again, in attempts to make her seem more tough, we tend to mention many times over when she has been "mean" to others, such as her outburst at the Grand Galloping Gala.
  • Rainbow Dash: We've really played up her glory-seeking qualities, such as her need to be "20% cooler" then everyone else.

So while we find it terrible that Discord has been doing awful things to these characters... We haven't been treating them properly ourselves. Don't take this WMG seriously. The fans are still cool people.

Everyone who contributes to this page needs to go write some My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic fanfic!
  • Including myself.
    • What if they already wrote a fanfic?
      • Then you write another one.

"Krastos the Glue Maker" is (post your ideas):
  • Pony version of Tall Man
  • Pony version of Hannibal Lecter
  • A G1 Villain in disguise.
  • A maker of grues.
  • Chester.
  • A Corrupt Corporate Executive at a glue making company. The glue may or may not be made from ponies.
  • A Professional Wrestler.
  • Pony version of Slender Man
  • a woman
  • The pony version of an undertaker and probably as good and pleasant as any other pony. Ponies are "recycled" in whatever manners are most economically and environmentally effective. Consider that they:
    • Live "close to nature"
    • Are ruled by immortal demi-gods (or perhaps more relevantly, possibly semi-fallen archangels) who may very well have direct knowledge of what lies on the other side of death thus negating much of the superstition and leading to a very pragmatic attitude to the mortal remains once the soul has departed.
  • Pony version of Tabuu from Super Smash Bros.
  • An evil expy of Kratos with glued on wings and a horn from different alicorns
  • Voiced by Bill Clinton

There will be something like My Immortal with ponies.
Before the end of Season 2, even.

People will make a somber/sad version of "Who's A Silly Pony"
Perhaps sometime after "The Last Roundup" if the WMGs on that page are to be true.

Before this is over, a musical parody of My Little Pony will be made.
Possibly low-budget, taking hilarious liberties with the characters, and featuring various musical numbers.
  • And considering at least one half of the Lang Brothers happens to be a brony...
    • Starkid will do this.

Discord was responsible for The Mysterious Mare Do Well
It makes perfect sense given the reaction to the episode.

Thousands of fanfiction versions of the Daring Doo series will now pop up.
And some will no doubt be better than others.
  • It will also be a Fanon rule of thumb to play the Indiana Jones theme while reading said fanfics.

The "Big Mac" issue was settled by Hasbro striking a cross-promotion deal with McDonald's
My Little Pony toys are coming back to McDonald's in March, but this time they'll also use the cartoon's massive popularity and publicity to push their signature sandwich. The deal involves allowing the show to use the name "Big Mac" in exchange for using the character from the show to sell Big Mac sandwiches as a tie-in with their upcoming happy meal promotion.

iTunes will restore Derpy Hooves to her proper self eventually.

The Hearts and Hooves Day episode was a Take That! to shippers and Crack Pairings in general.
Best shown in this comic.

Hiromu freezing at Scootaloo will become a popular meme
Hiromu (Freezes at chickens) + Scootaloo (The mimetic chicken LITERALLY) = Pure Gold

Some of the ponies went crazy from the Hinamwizawa Syndrome.
  • Wouldn't it be the Ponyville Syndrome in this case?

The ponies with hourglass cutie marks aren't Time Lords...
  • They're History Monks! Just as earth ponies look after the plants and animals and pegasus ponies control the weather, these "time ponies" help keep the passage of time running smoothly.

The extended opening is a subtle reference to the bronies.
The obvious meaning of the song is "Twilight thought friendship sucked but now it's awesome". However, look closely at the lyrics. It's possible to interpret as it being about bronies. The first verse is about how people become bronies - they think it's dumb, but when you actually look it turns out to be awesome, "and it's such a wonderful surprise". The bit with the Mane Cast puns are about the brony community, who defend each other (When danger makes me wanna hide/You'll Rainbow Dash to my side), are kind and caring to each other (Kindness is never in short supply/Once smitten, twice Fluttershy), honest about the show and how much they love it (For honesty no pony can deny/You are the Applejack of my eye), share their creative skills and creations related to the show (A heart that shines so beautiful/A Rarity to come by), and finally they love to laugh and joke (And you all make fun and laughter/As easy as Pinkie Pie!). The line "What a wonderful wonder friendship brings" is about how awesome the brony community can be. Finally, the "you're my very best friends" is about how bronies are united by friendship - you run into another brony, and you are bound to at least get a brohoof if not a new friend. The line "What a wonderful wonder friendship brings" is about how awesome the brony community can be.

TLDR: The opening theme is about the creation of bronies and also about our community. Nuts but possible.

The show owes much of its popularity with its Periphery Demographic to Yu-Gi-Oh! The Abridged Series.
The creators noticed how meme-savvy the Internet community is with their creation of numerous abridged series, with the veritable Mayflower of these being the renowned Yugioh Abridged. In an attempt to make the show more palatable as a family show, My Little Pony adopted the abridged style of pop culture references as a kind of Parental Bonus. When the Internet community discovered the show, noticed the memes, and turned the series itself into a Fountain of Memes (if only for the cheesiness of it all), the first generation of bronies were born.

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is a show for kids.
Every WMG about the internal universe of Equestria is wrong, or at least very unlikely to be accurate. The show was not and is not made for bronies, and any attempts to get more out of it than officially stated are, simply put, wild mass guesses. As a rule of thumb, if it's too complex for a five-year-old girl to understand, it's probably just the fanbase's overactive imagination.

All the characters are inspired by the characters in Higurashi: When They Cry

This show is being used to TAKE OVER THE WORLD

Before they find me, you have to listen. The spread and popularity of this show shouldn't be possible for a normal show. The Friendship is Magic was built in Area 51 so the man can control us, addicting us all to the cuteness of Fluttershy and the silliness of Pinkie Pie, a dependence on the dolls, and force us to make fan videos at the drop of a hat. WE ARE BEING ENSLAVED PEOPLE!

We must act quick before it's too late, when we get Season 3, we must all..






He... ahem, I take all those statements back. There is no conspiracy, no involvement by the CIA, FBI, SCP, or other government organizations that do and don't exist to control your mind and make you into sheep who will baw on command.

Excuse me, this carbon based troper who calls himself a "human," I need to go jump in front of a truck for a very good reason.

  • Consider this interview with FIM-Fiction author Horse Voice, and in particular, his answer to the question, "How did you discover My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic? When did you realize you were a fan of the show?"

    "I promised myself I wouldn't start watching, since everyone who tried it seemed to get addicted... what could be the harm in checking out some fandom weirdness? ... I was only modestly amused when I wasn't annoyed, and intended to only watch enough to understand... my mind began drifting back to what I had been watching, and even looking forward to seeing what came next."

    "They get under your skin, man, and then they've got you."

Luna Eclipsed is set a few months after the Mare in the Moon and the Elements of Harmony (aka Friendship is Magic, part 1 & 2)
The Elements of Harmony happened during the Summer Solstice. Judging by the crops, the length of the night, and several other factors (not to mention the fact that it's a clear parallel of Halloween), Nightmare Night is in the Fall. I posit that they happened in the same year—the release of Discord hadn't happened yet, nor had the Gala, nor anything in S2 or a lot of S1. Luna had only been awake for three or four months, explaining her accent, vocabulary and demeanor.

Someone in Major League Baseball will use a song from My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic as a Leitmotif

There will eventually be pony-themed Gak.
A bunch of other stuff has already been pony-ifed, and with Gak now becoming a meme...

Gak is related to the Smooze.
It appears to be spreading and taking things over.
  • It's the 'offspring' of Smooze, that will eventually expand Little Shop of Horrors style and overtake none-believers so that only followers may see the great Smooze.

"Putting your Hoof Down" was intended as An Aesop with the primary audience being some of the more mentally unhinged bronies.
Iron Will represents some of the bronies who really really love the show, and are trying to share it with their friends. Fluttershy becoming more assertive is one of these friends who tries MLP out but doesn't like it. Iron Will trying to collect payment is the brony pushing harder and harder, unable to understand that "no" means "no". The "No" means "No" Aesop was specifically targeted at those bronies. Trust know these types. And well, given how vocal the MLP Fanbase was targeted at them. Some Anvils Need to Be Dropped.

The series as a whole isn't current events.

It's really the epic backstory of beloved Equestrian Princess Twilight.

Seasons 1-3 all take place in the same year
Multiple mentions of the Summer Sun Celebration in the 4th Season Premiere heavily implies that this is the first celebration after Luna's return, because if multiple SSCs have passed, most of those mentions would lose their weight, especially Celestia's own mention, when she stated it to formerly be a reminder of her greatest failure.

Alternate to the above: seasons 1-3 take place over two years.
The Summer Sun celebration was canceled on account of Discord, and Luna had been still too weak to participate anyway.
  • Both of those things are irrelevant. Nightmare Moon's attack only resulting in postponement, and Luna wasn't required for the old ceremony, so Celestia could have done it without her.

Equestria is actually part of a simulated reality deep within the internet.

They use Bits as currency and from the side they look like BI Tcoins. Also anything can happen or exist on the internet. Also there's this: [2]

Equestria is the afterlife for horses.

Whenever any horse is "put out to pasture" or killed by natural causes in the human world, they get sent to live out their days in the paradise called Equestria. That's why you never hear about anyone dying and you don't see any cemeteries. There I said it.

  • Jossed, there's a pony funeral briefly seen in Hearts and Hooves Day. Plus, it would make them worrying about danger kinda pointless if they weren't going to die anyway

It's About Time was made for another reason.

Even though the moral was not to stress about the future, keep in mind that the episode was released in 2012, and it could be a Take That! to the 2012 apocalypse. In short, the episode was secretly saying not to believe in the apocalypse.

The Li'l Miss Rarity Tumblrpasta blog's main arc—that is, before the revelation—takes place in an alternate Bad End to "Whom the Sweetie Belle Tolls".

If Luna didn't manage to reform Sweetie Belle and Rarity ended up disgraced before Sapphire Shores and became the recluse we saw in Sweetie Belle's nightmare, the pressure from her friends and the community to start making dresses again would force her to at least try to make one more dress. It is at this point when she is scratched by Opal and discovers her sadomasochistic side, and sometime after she makes Opal's skin into her Pinkamina doll she decides to start making dresses again. But, being that she threw out most of her material before and had only bought enough for the one that was ruined when Opal scratched her, she needed to get more... By this point, Sweetie Belle had felt sorry for what she had put her sister through and confessed to Sapphire Shores that she was the reason the headdress fell apart. When Sapphire finally found the time to pay Rarity a visit and apologize to offer her another opportunity, she had no idea that she would be helping with some of Rarity's new dresses in a very big way... That was the last anypony ever saw of Sapphire Shores...

Mommy's still pretty...

The Princesses represent The Four Loves
Pretty self-explanatory, and provided that there are no more Alicorn Princesses, each of the Princesses corresponds to on of the Four Loves

  • To wit:
    • Twilight represents Philia, obviously
    • Cadance is Eros, again obviously.
    • Luna is Storge, as she wished to be loved by her subjects.
    • And Celestia is Agape, she would do anything for the betterment of Equestria.

Birthday Guesses
Since Pinkie Pie’s birthday is May 3, according to Hasbro’s Twitter I decided in exclude her and guess other characters DOB

Twilight Sparkle: August 7

Rainbow Dash: February 1

Fluttershy: March 19-21 March 27, July 15

Applejack: Octet 1st

Rarity: September 8

Spike:January 16

Princess Cadence: February 14

Princess Flurry Heart: March 26

Princess Celestia: June 21

Princess Luna: December 21

Shining Armor:Febuary 14

Sweetie Bell: March 22

Applebloom: March 11 or December 1

Scootaloo: November 21, October 17, or December 3

Discord: March 20, September 28, or February 1

Tirek: April 14

Queen Chrysalis: May 10, October 14, January 27, or June 28

King Sombra: July 29 or September 15

Whinnyaplois Delegate Pony: June 23

Manehatten Delegate pony: February 9

Octavia: August 8 or January 27

Countless Coloratura: March 28

Iron Will: May 2, May 20-21, August 11, or February 29

Maud Pie: January 7

Trixie: June 1

Granny Smith: November 16

Pound Cake and Pumpkin Cake: January 14

Mr. Cake: January 23

Mrs. Cake: December 1

Coco Pommel: August 19

Vinyl Scratch: January 15 or April 10 or 13

Derpy Hooves: July 11

Zecora: January 10

Lyra Heartstrings: April 4-7

Jeff "The Dude" Letrotski: December 4

Jesús Pezuña: February 28

Walter Sobchak: June 20

Theodore Donald Kerabatsos: December 13

Golden Harvest: February 3

Photo Finish: November 3 or March 28

Tenderhoof: June 25

Cheerilee: May 6

Time Turner: April or June 18

Colgate/Minuette: January 25

Daring Do/AK Yearling: July 1, February 14, January 11, or July 31

Cheese Sandwich: October 23 or April 12

Joe: June 3

Applejack's father is a Darth Vader Clone

Future Favorites Collection sets
  • Rainbow Rocks set with Pony!Sunset and Pony!Dazzlings
  • Background Six set



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