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"You know when you're a monster... when you stand alone on top of the world with nothing left to destroy. Maybe I am not that monster yet maybe I am. I contemplate that every single day. I can stand on top of the world knowing my enemy has been defeated but does that make me the monster of his world? Who knows?"
Mr. Thorn at the beginning of Chapter 21.

Entropy is a Sonic the Hedgehog Adventure / Angst Fanfic by Experiment 282. Sonic questions himself with his relationship with Amy Rose after a series of dreams involving Amy look-a-likes lead him down a dangerous path to uncover an ancient conspiracy.


The story begins with Sonic in a dream and for some reason keeps encountering people who look like Amy but aren't. He wakes up and finds an invite to Creams birthday party, where he meets up with Tails with some information on Muriel's Garden, situated somewhere in Holoska. They visit these ruins which starts off a very weird adventure on solving puzzles, finding artifacts, battling Abbadonia and Dr. Eggman as well as some other issues. From then on, it follows Sonic on a downward spiral as he's mentally tested and begins to have serious doubts about his heroic lifestyle. Especially now that he finds out Amy is dating Shadow, much to his surprise, as well as many other events that chip away at his sanity. He also meets the Femme Fatalex a trio of masked, leather clad Action Girls who work for GUN and are aiming in taking down the newest threat, the previously mentioned Abbadonia who is getting help from Dr. Eggman.


Following the events of the first fic, which ended with a bizarre Cliffhanger, the second fic, Chaoskampf, deals with Sonic reawakening from cryosleep and off to find the Chaos Emeralds which are located in different parts of time.

This Fanfic provides examples of:

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  • Absurdly Sharp Blade: Mr. Thorn's Handsword cuts through buildings.
  • Accidental Murder: Sonic murders the populace of Haren after being possessed by Mephiles.
  • Action Girl: The Femme Fatalex, Amy and Rouge.
    • If you can take their real identities into account: Vanilla as Bazza and Amy as Olly.
  • Adaptational Angst Upgrade: Sonic. Heck, he loses it, and actually turns evil as a result. To be blunt, he's worse than Shinji!
  • Alphabetical Theme Naming:
    • The Roses. You've got Amy Rose, her older sister, Dr. Asher Rose and their morally questionable mother, Supreme Commander Asmos Rose. In Chapter 24 we meet Andrew Rose and his wife Anise, as well as Aceste Rose. Also fits with Theme Initials.
    • We also know the father's name is Aiden Rose in Chaoskampf.
  • Amazon Brigade: The Femme Fatalex.
  • Ambiguously Gay: Cubot when his voice box is altered by Espio.
  • Ambiguous Gender: NiGHTS of course.
  • Another Dimension: The Tetherstorms.
    • It's also implied that Agent's Anchor and Carmine were 'transplanted' from some other place thanks to Diga the Dragon.
  • Ancient Artifacts: Many come in the story, including the classic Chaos Emeralds. There are also seven artifacts of Abbadonia, who needs them to gain full power so most of the time the heroes are trying to prevent her from collecting them.
    • The White Necklace, which is said to be the source of a Prophets power. It also prevented Abbadonia from possessing the Prophets, as Gabriel described that as soon as Shizaru took the necklace off, she went mad.
  • Arc Words:
    • Do you like the colour red?
    • In bated breath comes the child's flower, sowing seeds of chaotic order.
    • You don't know what you've got until it's gone.
    • (Bring) Order to Chaos.
  • Aroused by Their Voice: Moore Prower is said to have a voice similar to Morgan Freeman. The Femme Fatalex and Rouge swoon over it. He does it again in Chapter 14, same results. And in C15. To an unconscious Drainer.
  • Backstory: Bazza's history is explained as that she is a widow, and her husband died in service to GUN, and that she had one child.
  • Battle Discretion Shot: We never see the battle between Olly and Thork the Carbrute Cheiftain, according to the narration the battle was over before it even started.
  • Beautiful Dreamer: Sonic and Amy run up Ice Cap and decide to wait out until to the sun rises, and continue to glimpse at the view around them. Sonic falls asleep on Amy's shoulder.
  • Being Tortured Makes You Evil: Sonic.
  • Better as Friends: Sonic's belief on his relationship with Amy. See Just Friends below.
  • Betty and Veronica: Sonic as Betty and Shadow as Veronica.
  • BFS: Mr. Thorn's Handsword. It slices buildings in half!!!
  • Big Bad: Abbadonia
  • Big Damn Heroes: Big White appears in Chapter 15 to save Steampunk City From a falling Garden of Voi.
  • Bizarre Puzzle Game: Both the Garden of Rosales and Hydrocity have these.
    • Teamwork Puzzle Game: One of the puzzles in Hydrocity require standing on coloured square lights in order to proceed.
  • Bookends: "Do you like the colour red?"
  • Bouquet Toss: Made for a good plan by Milo.
  • Breaking the Fourth Wall: NiGHTS seems to talk to the reader in chapter 16 for not particular reason.
    • Other than to confuse Sonic and Gabriel.
  • Call-Back:
  • The Cameo: Hatsune Miku is a pinball machine simulator theme and Ulala is a DJ at Rob'os Club. In chapter 11 [1].
    • Ulala turns up again at Vector and Vanillas wedding reception.
    • The author hints at two more in Chapter 13, but no one has correctly guessed who they were.
  • Cannot Dream: Sonic experiences this to an extent. Where he tries to sleep but since events send him out of whack, it always feels like he's awake even if he does fall asleep.
    • In Chaoskampf this begins to happen to Amy, except she actually does dream nothing.
  • Can't Live With Them, Can't Live Without Them: Implied to the case with Sonic and Amy, but Sonic prefers to be in complete denial about it.
  • Casual Danger Dialogue: Whilst fighting Demons in an alternate dimension, Bazza somehow goes from talking about Neptune's chest Arc Reactor to her adopting another kid.
  • Celebrity Is Overrated
  • Character Focus: The story follows Sonic's journey and his progression of thought, dealing with his feelings and deconstructing personality.
  • Chekhov's Gun: The Dream Catcher
  • Childhood Friends: Prince Hayden and Morpheus
    • Chaoskampf reveals that Asmos Rose and Vanilla the Rabbit were part of a team when they were Sonic's age.
  • The Chosen One: Amy is the74th Prophetess, a mystical seer that has the power to see into the past, present and future of the world and can fully understand the power of the tarot cards.
  • Clingy Jealous Girl: Amy has lost this...but does show very small signs of it still.
  • Cloudcuckoolander: Cubot and Neptune.
  • Colour-Coded Characters: Invoked somewhat with several characters:
    • White for Shizaru, light blue for Kikazaru, Yellow for Iwazaru and Green for Mizaru
    • Purple for NiGHTS
  • The Conspiracy: OPERATION : LUCID. Tails first mentions it in in his will, then Milo brings it up, in C13. But its hardly mentioned again. Tails claims Shadow was planning to usurp GUN.
    • Chaoskampf says otherwise: NiGHTS, Knuckles, Maria and several others were also in on the op.
  • Cool Big Bro: Milo Prower. If not to Tails then to Sonic, who has taken a liking to him
  • Cool Old Lady: Muriel Rose until The Reveal
  • Cool Sword: The Sword of Visions:
    It looked strange, with fangs and bones, twisted and contorted with the base and handle concealing a crimson jewel in a one eye socket demon skull.
  • Crossover: Minor but part of a plot point Sonic and NiGHTS, plus Lag Seeing, Niche, and Kratos Aurion.
  • Cry into Chest: Sonic ends up at Amy's apartment as he is exposed to Abbadonia's Fury and allows him to rest with her on her bed, letting him release his pain and anguish.
  • Cryptic Conversation: Shizaru is loaded with these.
  • Cyberspace: ARKINTRA Zone.
  • Cycle of Hatred: Grey /Morpheus accuses GUN murdering his family. So he wants to murder Big Mama's.
    • Abbadonia held hatred for the Stupilites for sealing the artifacts and can possibly be related to the genocide of the Blue Hedgehogs on Christmas Island.

  • A Date with Rosie Palms: Morpheus has a thing for Eldritch Abominations. In the worst way imaginable.
  • Deadpan Snarker: Sonic.
    • Olly as well.
  • Declaration of Protection: Sonic says he will protect Amy from Abbadonia's intention to possess her.
  • Demon Slaying: The Heroes get to smash some demons in some parts of the story.
  • Description Porn: Bazza loves weapons and robots and all things mecha.
    • Not to mention the entire story, according from general reviewer consensus.
  • Despair Event Horizon: Sonic
    • Amy suffers this after Rouge's death and almost overdoses on her meds meant to help stablise her emotions.
  • Deus ex Machina: Literal one with Big White coming out of nowhere to prevent the Garden of Voi from destroying Steampunk City.
  • Disney Death: Neptune. How he came back is unexplained after being stabbed by Mephiles.
  • Dramatic Irony: Mr. Thorn /Sonic employs Bazza's bad puns against her after she fires a rocket at him and he destroys it with with his handdrill
    Mr. Thorn: "You know what, Bazza? SCREW YOU!"
  • Dream Land: Sonic envisions his as an endless field for him to run on.
  • Dreaming the Truth
  • Dream Tells You to Wake Up: Sonic keeps getting told to wake up in mysterious ways. In Chaoskampf he meets Diga the Dragon during their trip in time who says to solve the issue he has he needs to wake up (alongside other things he has to do) in what this means in context is left quite ambiguous to Sonic and the reader.
  • Dream Weaver: NiGHTS
    NiGHTS: I can show you the door, but you are the one who must walk through it.
  • Dream Within a Dream
  • Driving Question: Perhaps many:
    • Amy reading Olly's tarot cards. Amy is Olly. So who was actually who? Was it real? Or a vision? Or a Dream?
    • Who's side is Morpheus on?
    • What is OPERATION: LUCID?
  • Early-Bird Cameo: That gaunt fox in Chapter 12? It was Tails' older brother Milo.
    • The Ghostly figure in the same chapter? Turns out he is a Fox God.
  • Elaborate Underground Base: Eggmans Kimmibot factory near the Ninja Village in the Garden of Sakura.
  • Elders: Seem to be a Rosoideae Political group that have a need for power.
  • Eldritch Abomination: Mr. Thorn.
  • Energy Weapon: Neptune does this multiple times in Chapter 19 against Mr. Thorn. From his chest too.
  • Erotic Dream:
    • Sonic has one involving Amy. It involves a pole and lingerie...and himself tied to a chair.
    • He has another one whilst being knocked out... Although this was probably the climax out of all the other dreams due the sheer... intensity of it.
  • Eternal Engine: The ARK.
  • Evil Plan: Scratch and Grounder, Becoe and Decoe, and Orbot and Cubot set up a big one for Sonic.
  • Face–Heel Turn: Sonic the Hedgehog. He gets better.
    • And from the looks of things Princess Elise
      • That one's pretty much clarified.
    • Evil Makeover: Both Sonic and Elise
  • Fallen Hero: Mr. Thorn/Sonic the Hedgehog
    Mr.Thorn/ Sonic: I am someone who can no longer be helped. I've murdered thousands in the name of truth. And truth be told I am...tempted to murder more...I've succumbed to my rage and my sorrow. But...if I could...if I would...upon knowing Amy survived the attack on Central City, it gave me...regret...but... if she plans to kill herself, I feel that there is nothing worthy left in this world in getting the mantle. As the old saying goes, You either die a hero or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain."
  • Fantastic Drug: What ever meds Asmos Rose makes her daughter take is treated as a type of medication but its clearer that its then treated as an addictive drug in Chaoskampf due to trauma as Amy takes a whole bunch of pills after Rouge dies in an attempt to block everything out.
  • Fantastic Racism: The Rosoideaes (Pink Hedgehogs) questionable treatment of the Stupilites (Blue Hedgehogs)
  • Femme Fatalex: Consists of Agent Mjöllnir or Olly, Agent Bazooka or Bazza and Agent Drainer. Sonic has trouble thinking of a nickname for her.
    Sonic*After Drainer gets rid of the AF Toxin* "Don't sweat it Dee...Rainer. Drainer..."
  • Fighting Your Friend: Sonic VS. KitsuneTails.
    • Chapter 19: Femme Fatalex VS. Sonic.
  • Flower from the Mountaintop. Sort of. Abbadonia's Roses can only be found in Muriels' Garden/Garden of Rosales, which is situated in Holoska within a circle of mountains. But many more are found around the Portal Entrances.
  • Forgotten Birthday: The story starts off after Sonic wakes up from a weird ass dream and finds an invite to Creams Birthday.
  • Foreshadowing: Amy's tarot cards have shown to quite accurate so far.
  • Floating Continent: Garden of Voi/Space Greens Zone. Bonus points for it actually setting itself somewhat outside the atmosphere. Also, Angel Island.
    • As of Chapter 15, the Garden of Voi has now settled into the empty chasm behind Steampunk City.
  • Free-Fall Fight: Sonic and Bazza battle it out with Eggman's Robots this way in the Cold Oil Zone.
  • French Maid: Lily the Maid.
  • Fun with Acronyms: SAI-001 mentions they are part of the Marginal Artificial Intelligence of the Ark.



  • Just Fine Without You: Amy appears to be rather independent, with a job and can kick ass by herself.
  • Just Friends: Sonic's unshakable belief in response to his relationship with Amy. Even after Milo manages to get Sonic to realize that he's actually in love with her, he still swears by it. Milo points out the reasons for it.
    Sonic "I can't have feelings for her. Amy's a friend, a bit crazy at times but still a friend."
    • In Chaoskampf Sonic discovers that he while he couldn't deny it, he tried to ignore it instead in the hopes that the feelings would go away. This ended up failing for him, as her saving him from...well, himself as well as many events that they had shared together meant more to him than he originally realized.
    "The odd feeling in his heart spread to his veins. It was like on the dance floor, it was like going through ruins and fighting together, so in sync that he really enjoyed it. He enjoyed being with her."
  • Killed Off for Real: Mild at first, but then Chaoskampf brings in much more poignant deaths.
    • Prince Hayden.
    • Red Herring: His death was staged by Grey.
    • Rouge the Bat dies from a combination of toxins and childbirth.
    • Knuckles the Echidna is killed by a raging demonic Elise.
  • Like Brother and Sister: Shadow and Rouge.
  • Lady Drunk: Elise. She calls herself the Party Pilot Princess.
    • Suggested by this:
    Elise: I usually fall flat on the floor when I'm drunk! That way I'm numb...and its the perfect explanation for unknown bruises!
  • Leaning on the Fourth Wall: Sonic jokingly fears he's become a sell out after he signed a contract with Sega who made games and merchandise off his character.
  • Light Is Good
  • Living Emotional Crutch: Sonic and Amy to each other
    • Especially Amy to Sonic during Chapter 5.
      • Chaoskampf develops this further.Due to all the trauma that had been inflicted on him, he realizes he's anchored himself onto Amy quite deeply, not having this kind of dependence on someone else before.
  • Locked Out of the Loop
  • Love Hurts: The fic establishes Amy trying to not love Sonic anymore and letting go especially with her new role. The foundations of this screwy universe aims to push and pull at their feelings quite cruelly, especially Sonic's.
    • Amy establishes in Chapter 11 whilst drunk, that despite being a relationship with Shadow, she was still in love with Sonic but she couldn't stop doing so, describing it as a disease. She also claimed that Shadow had been distant. Sonic was slightly offended, although given he knew she was drunk, he would state to claim her true words once she was sober.
    • Sonic also denies being in love with Amy, then Milo would push him to admit his true feelings. Even then, he couldn't afford to love her and would always remain her friend.
    • Chaoskampf then develops Sonic's revelation that no matter hard he tried, he couldn't ignore or push away those feelings, instead he ends up embracing them.
  • Love Triangle: Sonic <> Amy <> Shadow
    • By Chaoskampf Amy and Shadow had broken up, but Shadow had to let her go out of guilt of the real reason of her dating him, but end up falling in love with her. Juries still out on whether or he still has feelings for her still.
  • Love Is a Weakness: Implied from Amy's point of view. Her affection of Sonic has blinded her as she dedicates herself transform herself entirely and attempted to try and rid of herself of feelings. Lets say its an eternal struggle riddled with tension.
  • Luke, I Am Your Father: Eggman is Elise' father. It's implied in Chapter 19 that he told her before the air crash incident.

  • MacGuffin Location: Doubling as location call backs, a lot of places characters need to get to, especially with Chaoskampf, but is once visited before. Sonic randomly finds himself taken in the past (Which is a common occurrence in this fic) where he sees Prophetess Shizaru speaking with Pachacamac. Later in Chaoskampf they end up going back there to find a Chaos Emerald but in a different time.
  • Mama Bear: Big Mama towards Amy when she finds out that Amy was planning to sacrifice herself and blames Muriel for it..
  • The Medic: Drainer....sort of.
  • Mental Time Travel
  • Mental World: We often look into Sonic's, which surrounds his mental perception of his friends. Tails has a small, homely cottage, and for some reason Amy has a gigantic mansion but Sonic isn't allowed in it. It was originally named the Street, then MorpheusSt.
  • Mind Rape: The function of Abbadonia's Fury, a potent gas made from an Abbadonia Rose that when inhaled does this. It affects Sonic more than most due to his species (Stupilite) It was used by the Rosoideae to keep them under control.
  • Mind Screw: This could be called Mind Screw : The fanfic.
    • Amy reading Olly's tarot cards seem to be something not too unusual. But you find out Amy IS Olly. Was this a vision?
  • Missing Time: Sonic appears to have these but chooses to ignore them.
  • The Mole: Lily the Maid/General Lilith
  • My Friends... and Zoidberg: The Burning Miles:
    Hedgehog, Fox and...Probationary Agent.
  • Mysterious Watcher: The Femme Fatalex at the end of the first chapter.
    • The end of chapter 12, the ghostly figure that Neptune waves to that stands above the Fox God Statue.
  • Never Found the Body: Tails
  • The Nicknamer: Olly and Bazza are the nick names of Agent Mjöllnir and Agent Bazooka given to by Sonic.
  • Nightmare Fetishist: Morpheus. In the squickiest way possible.
  • Nightmare Sequence: Sonic after he's exposed to Abbadonia's Fury
  • No-Holds-Barred Beatdown: Bazza bashes the brains out of Elise after her, Vector and Charmy break free when witnessing Elise placing Cream in a machine. It's hinted that Bazza knows what the machine is capable of but never mentions it. Being shot in the back would place a problem. Unfortunately this one was a clone.
  • Not So Different: In Chaoskampf, Big Mama, or Asmos Rose, notes that she was very similar to him when she was his age, including having her own Team.
  • Or Was It a Dream?




Tropes exclusive to the sequel, Chaoskampf: (warning will contain spoilers from the first fic.)

  • Acid-Trip Dimension: What ever the hell Sonic falls into when he's corrupted by the Thorn Virus and ultimately, when he's all but consumed by the Virus, his fight with Amy's new form is described is a type of hellish dimension with a checker board like sky, spikes and chains. Even before that, NiGHTRoSE flies through a mirrored destroyed Station Square, where the sky was also an upside version of the city, filled with water falls and Dark Sonic's, and Bloody Sonic.
  • A.I. Is a Crapshoot: Elise's raid on the ARK was helped by an AI that helped her infiltrate the space station. Diga tells Shadow that it was the Tikal AI, since that AI is rather weak, but Tikal herself was unlikely to know what she was doing and has since been under review.
  • Ascend to a Higher Plane of Existence: Tails didn't die in the first fic. Turns out, after killing the corrupted Demisune, the original Fox God, Tails then became the new Fox God.
    • And despite dying a chapter before, Knuckles becomes the new Avatar for the Master Emerald.
  • Automatic Crossbows: Aceste has this as her weapon of choice, although she had stolen it from her mother whom we only see use it in the flash back.
  • Beauty Equals Goodness: Amy's High Prophetess form.
  • Benevolent A.I.: A series of AI's were made in the aftermath of the world going to hell. Namely, Maria of the ARK, built by the original Maria, Little IT, Amy's emotionless AI, Tikal which was made for Angel Island. Doesn't stop the AI from being hacked though.
    • Chapter 12 states that within five thousand years, Maria would be the salvation of the worlds cracking as she was fused the Giga Emerald (the cyber dimensions version of the Master Emerald). She saved a lot of lives and people revere her as their protector and Goddess.
  • Be Yourself: Amy tells Sonic, who had just asked him if he had changed a lot throughout this whole experience, that she will know who Sonic is, as long as Sonic the Hedgehog knows who he is. By this point, he's wracked with so much guilt and anger over everything, he couldn't recognize himself. Amy herself had gone through this after speaking with her father (a dream version) especially with her love for Sonic being reinforced. But she wants to determine that when she's complete again, so her telling Sonic to not let doubt win comes from personal experience.
    • C13 turns this to Amy herself when another dream shifts this view quickly where she believes she's been a burden to Sonic, when he brings her words to the forefront and will carry her with him no matter what
  • Big Damn Kiss: Chapter 13 finally seals a proper passionate kiss after much tension and build up between the two main leads.
  • Broken Hero: Many times Sonic's just contemplated on giving up but instead of that, he's just replaced it with no caring. He complains about having no control over anything more. Losses such as Tails, Knuckles and perhaps even Rouge weigh heavily on him and his intentions to allow Amy to become the hero and outright telling her so. It doesn't help with all the trauma deliberately inflicted on him that made him this way.
  • Call-Back: A few between the first and second fics:
    • The confession scene mirrors the scene where Milo gets Sonic to admit his love for Amy through repetition.
  • The Corruption: Its looked it in the first fic as Sonic becomes Mr. Thorn but here, its more apparent that what ever turned Sonic evil has been a given a tangible explanation. It's a virus that imbues one with Pure evil through corruption. Chapter 11 demonstrates Sonic's struggle against fighting it as it threatens to consume him. After Amy purges it out with a newfound power, it wasn't completely destroyed. It simply left and instantly corrupts Elise, who instead embraces the power instead of rejecting it like Sonic did.
    • Shadow is revealed to have been corrupted by Mephiles in the future, but Shadow himself is made with corruption elements thanks to Black Doom being corrupted himself. Since its in his blood, purifying Shadow ended up killing him.
  • Daddy's Little Villain: After finding out her father was actually Dr. Eggman, Princess Elise opts to become this. Although Glitch criticizes her attempts.
  • Dance of Romance: While it had been confirmed that Sonic definitely had feelings for Amy as established in the first fic, the amount of trauma each character had gone through never let them be close enough to actually proper display their true feelings or even vaguely hint them.When the group visit Afterlife, a facility with a dance club as a front, Sonic and Amy find themselves on the dance floor, feeling all sorts of things and unsure of what to make the situation so they end up dancing together as a result. Their blushes indicate part of their feelings had begun to resurface. Doesn't help that Amy's sister Aceste was busy singing a quite appropriate Ariana Grande song to go with it.
  • Dead Guy Junior: Rouge and Knuckles' son Gerald is named after the scientist.
  • Deal with the Devil: Mephiles was once a Rosoideae Elder who was corrupted by Abbadonia in exchange for power.
  • Death by Childbirth: Rouge gives birth to a boy but due to complications involving toxins it ended up killing her as a result.
  • Death of Personality: Due to the events at the end of the first fic, Chaoskampf details the aftermath of which Amy Rose's mind being splintered, with her personality being rather dull. They have infected the Chaos Emeralds, who, in turn reach out to Sonic to get rid of the fragments to purify the Emeralds properly. However, it didn't leave her an Empty Shell, but rather, an Emotionless Girl.
  • Deceased Parents Are the Best: Amy meets her father, Aiden Rose, in one of her dreams after she has a break down after raging against her perception of her mother. He actually explains the Prophets role to her and the reasons why Abbadonia seeks to possess them. He had previously been described as being very similar in nature, before he was killed by Mephiles in the past.
  • Dragons Are Demonic: The title, Chaoskampf comes from the Great Dragon Demon, who apparently out to devour the world. Not much is said about it doing so, but it has something to do with Abbadonia collecting all her artifacts.
  • Drugs Are Bad: Amy's change in personality is due her mother giving her medication to make her more stable as established on the first fic. This is frowned upon, due to how much had Amy had changed as result, especially when Rouge dies she attempts to overdose to deal with a huge wave of emotions in the aftermath.
  • Dying Declaration of Love: Shadow (future version) reveals to Amy that he really did love her before she's forced to purify (aka kill him) due to his total corruption.
  • Face Hell Turn: Princess Elise's has fully accepted her role as Eggman's biological daughter. As the Eggm Empire was left without their leader, due to Abbadonia possessing Eggman in the last fic, she took up the reigns and makes attempts at diabolical villainy. It assumed she went mad with the knowledge once she found out the truth.
  • Family Theme Naming: Since Cream and Vanilla are named after sweets, its only fitting that the deceased father/husband be named Orio.
  • Functional Magic: Chapter 10 has an interesting discussion about the different forms of power that exist in this universe. What's established as well known powers are Chaos, Kronon (using the Time Stones.) Cyber (from the Cyber Emeralds.) Sol (from the Sol Emeralds) and Primal (said only certain individuals could use it.) The Purest Power is another, relatively unknown how or what its for but its able to conquer any corruption.
    • Chapter 11 demonstrates what could be the Purest Power as Amy cleanses Sonic's mind from the Thorn Virus via a powerful new form.
  • Fusion Dance: When Sonic is corrupted by the Thorn Virus, NiGHTS uses the Yellow and Magenta Emeralds to fuse with Amy, as they become NiGHTRoSE. Sonic does this as well in C13 as they become Sonights.
  • God Was My Copilot: Turns out, Tails didn't die after all. He became the new Fox God we've seen previously in the first fic.
  • Gotta Catch 'Em All: Chaoskampf emphasis's in collecting the Chaos Emeralds across time to help defeat Abbadonia,meeting several possible ancestors along the way.:
    • The Grey Emerald in ancient Mazuri, a thousand years before the story
    • The Blue Emerald in Steampunk City, 150 years ago. We meet Orville, a possible ancestor of Tails.
    • The Red Emerald in ancient Soleanna
    • The Cyan Emerald in Hydrocity Zone. Set at the same time as Sonic 3 & Knuckles as we meet Classic Sonic.
    • The Yellow Emerald and the Magenta/Purple Emerald turned up in Afterlife, an underground facility built underneath the ruins of Twinkle Park. The Yellow Emerald was being used to translate a slab, while Morpheus had the Magenta Emerald the entire time. Which contained NiGHTS.
    • Lastly, the Green Emerald is located five thousand years to which they find the planet has...sort of exploded.
  • It Was a Gift: Chapter 10 confirms Amy inherited the Piko-Piko Hammer from her father. Although the context into why she gives it to Sonic when she gets the Smish-Smasher could have a tonne of meaning to it, even if she says she doesn't need the Piko-Piko anymore.
  • Love Confession: After all the trauma and crap they went through, Sonic reveals his vulnerabilities (aka all the visions and hallucinations) to Amy then after their Big Damn Kiss, Amy still needs to hear him say it. She forces him to repeat himself until the words sink in. He then does the same to her, only for laughs however. But the love is indeed genuine.
  • Love Redeems: Implied as Amy purifies Sonic's corruption with a kiss. It also helped that Sonic had begun to accept his love for her.
    • Future Shadow's love for Amy allowed him to reach out and admit that he did love her and in the process, purify him. Unfortunately due the nature of his biology, such a ritual would kill him. But he didn't want it any other way.
  • Love Revelation Epiphany: The first fic does has Sonic admit his love, he doesn't visit that road properly until Amy goes through the process to purify him of his corruption that he can no longer deny his feelings no matter how hard he tried to suppress them.
  • The Man Behind the Man: The start of chapter 12 implies General Lilith is pulling all the strings, and somehow with great difficulty plucked Mephiles from somewhere to screw everything up. She knows Diga, who is also implied to be working in the background to work against Lilith's schemes.
  • Meaningful Echo: "I don't want to lose you." comes up once in the first fic as Sonic saves Amy from Abbadonia's grasp, he's still recovering from a Mind Rape and worries about losing Amy to the demoness. The second time Sonic mentions it he's in a mess from Knuckles death, his corruption and with Amy almost dying. and without Tails as well, Amy is really the only one left that he's ever been really close to, but by this point, he's fallen for her so he's more concerned for her more of out of love than he was before.
  • Nepotism: Discussed as how Andrew Rose became Chief of Engineering and possibly how Asher Rose became Chief of Medicine due to the influence of their mother.
    Milo: (Talking about how the resistance base was built) We had a lot of help. Andrew is not the perfect engineer, but he's a good designer.
    Sonic: Why weren't you made Chief then?
    Milo: Take a guess...
  • Non-Human Humanoid Hybrid:
    • Rouge gives birth to a baby Bat-Echidna, with the the father being Knuckles.
    • Razer Rosewire-Prower. Half cyber-wolf, half Inarian fox, future daughter of Glitch the Hacker and Milo Prower. Also part cyborg.
  • Odd Friendship: Its implied a friendship grew between Amy and Rouge, who in the games hardly speak or get along well. It was thanks to Rouge who got Amy into GUN, and helped train her to get her mothers attention. Her death hits Amy hard.
  • Our Dragons Are Different: We're introduced to Diga the Dragon, who seems well mannered and is from the Dragon Monk clan, who meets Sonic when they go back to Ancient Soleanna. She seems to be able to go through time with no assistance, so she's aptly mysterious at the same time with no known motive. Its implied she's involved with something to do with Rouge's death, but its not mentioned how. Contrasting with the foretold Chaoskampf, Diga seems to spout exposition and cryptic information regarding the story. She seems motherly to Sonic and Amy more so than Amy's own mother.
  • The Remnant: The Binary Lycans are a faction made in the future where Glitch and Milo have multiple children, hybrids (Being half Cyber Wolf and half Inarian Twin-Tailed Fox in nature) and Glitch names her oldest son as her successor. Hexa was named as the first leader who had built an army of like-minded individuals who believed only pure bloods should hold the role of Guardian. This lead to a Civil War to which the Inarians (read Fox) were hesitant to help out in a war they had no part in, but were implied to have been convinced by their Fox God (who we know by this point is Milo's famous brother Tails.) to help out. The Cyber Wolves at some point had the AI Maria fuse with the Giga Emerald which infuriated them further. While the Binary Lycans were defeated, their descendants would cling on to their campaign until Qubit, their latest descendant would ironically be forced to work with Razer, one of the main points of contention that started the war, to stop an insane Shadow from going rampant.
  • The Resistance: The Rozen Resistance was formed after Eggadon, the newly merged Eggman and Abbadonia, started ravaging the world. With Sonic frozen as part of his punishment in the first fic, no one was able to properly fight back against not only the hordes of demons at their disposal, but also Princess Elise, who'd since taken a Face–Heel Turn and took hold of her (real) fathers Empire and his assortment of machines and robots.
  • Sealed Evil in a Can: According to Elise, they extracted the dark force which is called the Thorn Virus (after Mr. Thorn, Sonic's evil persona) from Sonic himself whilst he was in stasis. This bites them in the ass when Aceste tries to kill Sonic but ends up hitting Amy AND the casing the virus was in, with Sonic instantly absorbing the virus once again.
    • Shadow the Hedgehog is this in the distant future, where he was sealed originally to help out Razer in the future, but a combination of factors, including being merged with Mephiles, forced characters to reseal him as he had gone insane. Gerald finds him at the Binary Lycans base and accidentally unleashed him during his fight with Omega (Which in itself was a Call-Back to Sonic Heroes.)
  • Senseless Sacrifice: In the scene where Amy witnesses her father being manipulated by her grandmother, her mother and Orio the Rabbit attempt to save him as Muriel attempts to transfer the prophets power (read: transfer Abbadonia to her son) but she turns into Abbadonia and attacks. Orio sacrifices his life to try and kill them, but its a Foregone Conclusion since it's obvious Muriel/Abbadonia survived.
  • Super Mode: Amy's High Prophetess form, thanks to an energy source as well as contributions from the Wisers and Shizaru which was used to purify Sonic from corruption.
  • Took a Level in Cynic: Sonic, Even more so from the first fic. After Diga's crytic conversation about being asleep and incapacitated while not really explaining the context, somehow calls to lack of caring on his part. He'll go on missions for sure, but out of obligation and not out of saving a world that continues to toy with him. Doesn't matter if he dies, the world will find some other way to screw with him.
  • Transformation Trinket: The White Necklace. Turns Amy into something incredible powerful that it uses the Purest Power to purge the Thorn Virus, although it was used in tandem from help from the Time Stones, Shizaru and the Wisers.
  • Tricked-Out Shoes: Sonic brings out his Soap Shoes and gives them to Amy in exchange for her Hammer since he never wears them.
  • Unresolved Sexual Tension: Its clear after dance scene that there is indeed something brewing between Sonic and Amy that neither are currently willing to explore.
  • Unstoppable Rage: Aceste accidentally shoots Amy with the crossbows, which then shoots the case which contains the Thorn Virus, which instantly tries to corrupt Sonic who loses his mind as he attempts to kill Aceste for hurting her sister.

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