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The folders are separated into what the character is in during the games and at the very start of the story, due to how there are spoilers. This page is under construction.)

Alex Wesker (Placed here, since nobody knows what side Alex is on)


Jill Valentine

One of the Original Eleven members of the BSAA.

Chris Redfield

One of the Original Eleven members of the BSAA.

Parker Luciani

An SOA agent from the BSAA's European Branch transferred to the city in the story. His mission at the start of the story is to find information on the Wolfpack to take them down. During the story, he ends up joining Wesker to protect BSAA members in the area. He also ends up infected with the Progenitor Virus. Later, during the incident involving Theta-Med, he ends up infected with a strain of the t-Abyss Virus. He eventually mutates into something like an Ooze or Sea Creeper and cured. He's now trying to get a job for The Organization, due to them curing him.

Sheva Alomar

A member of the West African branch of the BSAA as an SOA Agent.

Jessica Sherawat

Revelations spoilers: A former member of the BSAA, she is currently working for The Global Pharmaceutical Consortium.

Quint Cetcham

An SOA Agent from the European Branch of the BSAA. He's known for being rather geeky and constantly making references to movies.

Keith Lumley

An SOA Agent from the European Branch of the BSAA.

Charlotte "Charlie" Belway

An orignial character and member of the BSAA, she is involved with gathering intelligence. She ends up captured by BOW-creating scientists who want to use her resistance to certain viruses as a way of studying them and creating more powerful BO Ws.

     The Wolfpack 


The commander of USS Delta Team, AKA the Wolfpack. Her real name is Karena Lesproux.

Four Eyes

The Wolfpack's field scientist. Her real name is Christine Yamata. She is rather obsessed with figuring out what makes BO Ws tick.


The Wolfpack's field medic. She shows up later in the story due to how she was in Germany, tending to some affairs. She is fond of causing pain, but says at one point that she does not take it to the bedroom.


The Wolfpack's demolitions expert. His real name is Hector Hivers. He has a love for explosions that is unparalleled and likes to joke around quite a lot.


The Wolfpack's stealth specialist. His real name is unknown. He is HUNK's protege and seems to take after his teacher.


USS's surveillance expert and sniper.

Lone Wolf

The USS's helicopter pilot



Spec-Ops commanding
  • Interchangeable Asian Cultures: He takes this trope and implies that Four-Eyes is Chinese, despite being Japanese.
  • Lovable Sex Maniac: He has flirted with many of the female characters. And he started kissing Claire, despite her clear lack of interest.

Party Girl

Spec-Ops surveilance expert.


Spec-Ops heavy weapons expert.


Spec-Ops virologist.


Spec-Ops stealth specialist.


Rebecca Chambers

Forest Speyer

Brad Vickers


     Unaffiliated/Different faction characters 

Claire Redfield


A member of the FBC who mutated on the ship. Somehow, she turned back to normal. Now, she works freelance as a Knowledge Broker.

Ashley Graham

Kevin Ryman

Il Veltro

The leader of the terrorist group Veltro, Jack Norman. He really wants revenge on certain characters due to what happened in Revelations. He's also going to help try to kill Wesker.

Raymond Vester

A member of the FBC. He turns out to be working for the Organization.

Steve Burnside

Harold Ingram

A member of the MPS.

Daria Tomsa

Lenoire Trivalle

Erika Rea

A fourteen year old girl infected with the t-Veronica virus.

Jake Muller

Albert Wesker's biological son. He's a mercenary.

     Government Agents 

Leon S. Kennedy

A US government agent. He was administered a rare poison and part of his character arc is him trying to find a cure while dealing with the biohazards at hand.

Helena Harper

One of Leon's coworkers.

Sherry Birkin

After the events of Resident Evil 2, Sherry became a government agent.

  • Continuity Reboot: See below.
  • The Other Darrin: Two people have roleplayed this character. The former player went with the interpretation, before the reveal in Resident Evil 6, that she was taken by Wesker and trained to become an assassin. The latter player has gone with the reveal's information.


Albert Wesker


The lone surviving member of USS Alpha Team. He's known for constantly wearing his gas mask.


A sentient, bipedal licker. Among other things, he loves the Ghostbusters and believes in Santa Claus. He was a former RPD officer. When he first transformed, he killed civilians, so he took the name RPD in their honor. Later, he ends up being forced to work for Wesker when he had tried to leave, due to him mutating and needing a stabilizer. After running through the city unmasked, Wesker ended up hunting him down and forcing him to mutate into a beast described as licker-Tyrant hybrid and is forced not to remember who he is and what he's experienced.

Carlos Oliviera

An operative in the USBC. He eventually starts working alongside the USS.

Sergei Vladimir

Nicholai Ginovaef

Excella Gionne

Andrei Dragunov

Ada Wong


Alfred Ashford


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