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Continued from Made of Win (Early 2009).
Kriegsmesser: A big Made Of Win to Unknown Troper for the following line in Narm: Literature.

  • The Left Behind books are basically one long Narm. This troper was halfway through the first one before she realised it wasn't, in fact, a very clever parody. (She kept reading anyway).

Oh, how I wish it was.

Sikon: Deus Ex Biotica for coming up with the title You Make Me Sic.

Shay Guy: YES.

Malchus: Clever wordplay is always winnage for this troper!


alliterator: To whoever decided the background for the Sugar Wiki should be pink candy cane stripes. Awesome.

Morgan Wick: I'm not seeing them, but then again I have IE 7 and therefore am obviously a complete idiot who does not belong anywhere on the Internet anywhere and should be flagellated to hell and back and like it.

Malchus: Ditto. I have Opera, and I'm not seeing the background either.

Willy Four Eyes: I've got Firefox 3.0.4, and I don't see any changes except for the colors of the buttons. :(

Lord TNK: I don't see the background either, but considering the color scheme, that's enough already.

Black Charizard: Konqueror isn't showing up the background either. By the way, given that Sugar Wiki is about positive things, shouldn't Made Of Win be in there? :p

tennessean: Well, the button color changes are MOW material by themselves!

Fawriel: Don't worry, guys, your browsers are alright. Janitor just... immediately decided that the stripes are overkill and reverted the change. Forums!


Insanity Prelude: Never saw the stripes, but I like the colors.

Trouser Wearing Barbarian: The person who made this edit on the Author Appeal page can collect their free internet now.
  • You obviously missed the "By Piers Anthony, Dirty Old Man" on the cover.

Joie De Combat: I have to give my compliments to whoever is responsible for the brick joke in the examples for Chekhov's Gun. It's not a perfect example of the trope, but it's close enough, and the payoff was unexpected enough, to make me crack up laughing.

Honore DB: Thanks! Been hoping to get on the board for a while.

WWRU: Whoever added 'No-one expects the trope subversion!' in Subverted Trope.

Sceboal:That was me, I had almost forgotten that I ever wrote that.

Etrangere: I love the new feature that allows to see all the alternate titles of a page on that page. Kudos to the person who installed it!

Lord TNK: I proposed listing them, but Janitor decided to make it an auto feature, and then installed it.

Janitor: Sweet! A MoW for the code. I'm taking it.

Lord TNK: Still not on every page yet. I know because this page should have a box that says "Crowning Moment/TV Tropes" on it. Should come along soon, thought.

StClair: I'd like to nominate whoever edited the It Just Bugs Me! page for Fallout 3 to specify how the waters of the Capital Wasteland are purified:

  • This appears to be actually the case, since as you turn Project Purity on you see the statue of Jefferson inside the memorial, separating water and radiation like church and state with the force of his stony gaze.

ComputerSherpa: One big collective Made of Win to everyone who worked on the Christianity article. This is not something I expected TV Tropes to be good at, but it's one of the better summaries of the Christian faith I've found on the web. Bravo.

Seanette: As one of those editors (I did most of the LDS material, since I'm a member of that church), thanks for the appreciation.

Silent Hunter: I contributed, so thanks.

Fawriel: And a singular Made Of Win point from me to whoever wrote the part about Shakers. It gave me the biggest belly laugh I've had in a while.

The Bad Wolf: thanks that one was me (along with jump starting the slightly more sarcastic tone to that page.)

Skazka: I also thank all of you for this. Particularly the 'Does God hate them, or does He think it's a sin to call them that?' bit, and all the surrounding material.

Fawriel: A big, hearty point with a hug on top goes to Cliché for the link to the Sugar Wiki anthem.

Nightsky: Seconded. It's awesome-tastic!

Landstander: To Radical Taoist for Brilliant, but Lazy-

  • Truth In Television in the form of you. Yes, you. You were thinking it, I know you were.

I already gave my kudos on the discussion page, but this is very, very much Made Of Win. How did you know?!

Radical Taoist: You mean the zinger right under that line? I didn't come up with that specific line originally, but in the discussion page you referred only to the zinger.

Landstander: Ahh I misunderstood... oh well. it's all Made Of Win anyway.

Malchus: To whoever added the pic and caption to the Most Fanfic Writers Are Girls page, I salute you.

Rissa: One to WWRU for the Nazi Dalek at the top of Scary Dogmatic Aliens. Terrifying.

Shay Guy: I'd second it if the image were smaller. EDIT: That's better.

WWRU: I try. Thank you guys!

Wascally Wabbit: A big WIN to the Our Paradise guys for actually doing something constructive with the Darth Wiki

Georgie: I would like to award a Made Of Win to the troper who added this response to Late To The Puncline. Especially the spoilered section:

  • Animaniacs and Pinky And The Brain feature a touch of political humor that you probably won't understand until your mid-to-late teens.
    • I mean fer cryin' out loud, the lead character in Pat B was based on Orson Welles No, not Pinky, the other lead

Cherry: Because I'm too lame to find anything on the wiki proper to credit that hasn't been done already, a point to whoever it was that added the joke at the bottom of my contributor's page. somewhat lazy, but I really wish I'd thought of that. It still made me laugh.

Adam850: That was SAMAS.

Trouser Wearing Barbarian: Whoever came up with this response in Ugly Guy, Hot Wife.
  • And while we're on the subject of real-life trophy wives, two words: Donald Trump.
    • This troper found him to be inadequate as a trophy wife. He bitched and moaned about it constantly.

Zephid: A point to Ninjacrat for the caption in Doorstopper's picture.
Meta Four: To Chariset for the title of Nothing Is Scarier.
SpiriTsunami: This bit of description for Rule of Cool as it applies to the Pokémon games:

  • Rule of Cool - Many of the character designs. Taken to arguably silly extremes in the Diamond/Pearl generation (how about an anthropomorphic armored wolf in BDSM gear or a dragon that looks like a fighter jet crossed with a shark and a tyrannosaurus - with torpedoes on its head?)

L: "BDSM gear"? And, at the same time, "armored"? Yeah, I don't think so. (Original images: [1] [2])

Dark Sasami: Try Lucario and Garchomp, respectively.

Insanity Prelude: I'm still not sure where "BDSM gear" comes into play, though.

fleb: The black mask over Lucario's eyes I think.

Mr Death: Yeah, that's not even close.

ronrab: Rule of Funny. Anthropomorphic armored wolf: Not funny. Anthropomorphic armored wolf in BDSM gear: Now You're Just Being Silly.

Drascin: I got a chuckle at the deadpan description of the Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann ending in Shut Up, Hannibal!:

So a Made Of Win point to whoever the author is.

That Other 1 Dude: Someone else wrote most of that, but I changed the response from "It's cool, we won't" to that. Also worth noting that is almost exactly what was actually said (just replace "No crap" with "Of course"), and I added it after watching the dub of the finale.

Narvi: The rest was me, natch.

Koveras: Whoever wrote the Nanoha entry in Did You Just Punch Out Cthulhu? opened an entirely new perspective on it for me.

Servbot: Writer of the entry here. What perspective was that?

Koveras: Well, I can't say exactly but "Nanoha's massively overpowered party" is one way to describe them that is made of pure win. ^^ I just never considered seeing the series in role-playing terms.

Seanette: Made Of Win with LOL clusters to Ialdabaoth for the trope description for Absent-Minded Professor.

Ialdabaoth:, what's the word I'm looking for...YOU!

Nits: Okay, a huge Made Of Win to whoever put that picture in Killer Game Master. The pic itself isn't that funny, but boy, it sure fits the trope.

Doran: Thanks! Was watching the final episodes of Yugioh when I came across the trope.

Lord TNK: To Earnest for putting a better description for Never Be a Hero than I could think of, and for not letting if flounder.

Earnest: ^_^ Thank you!

Nlpnt- Whoever put that chibi L fanart at the top of Misaimed Fandom.

Morgan Wick: I only even remotely got it when I saw what that "L" linked to.

Silent Hunter: Whoever put this line in the Quantum Of Solace entry:

One could say that they were running on a Q OS.

L: Oh God no.

Cryptic Mirror: Whoever captioned the picture on the Omnicidal Maniac page, award yourself a hearty pat on the back. Thank you for reminding me why I should never read tv tropes while drinking anything.

Cassius335: Heh. You're quite welcome (or possiibly: Sorry!)

Willy Four Eyes: To whoever added the Power of Index to Everything's Better With Indexes...I tip my Nerd Glasses to you.

ninjacrat: Arigatou desu yo.

Malchus: Kudos to whoever wrote the following Naruto WMG. Sure, it's kinda ranty. But damned if it ain't hilarious.

Masashi Kishimoto was either killed or is being held captive by Uchiha fangirls who are turning the direction of the manga toward their favored characters
Certainly would explain why everything that's been revealed in the manga lately is due to the Uchihas and why the Uchihas seem to be possessed of wanked-out powers. Disproportionate amount focus on Sasuke? Check. Justifying Itachi's heinous acts as being Konoha's fault and he was just a loving big bro all along? Check. Tobi/Madara/Obito/What-the-hell-ever Uchiha being the Man Behind the Man in Akatsuki and, oh yeah, also the Mizukage? Check. Sharingan and other Uchiha abilities pretty much Deus ex Machina? Check. Finally, the whole series would not even exist as it would had not Madara unleashed the flippin' Vulpix on some serious steroids Kyuubi on Konoha in the first place. Yeah, we've got all the proof we need.

  • That Other 1 Dude: I wholeheartly disagree, as that's really freaking annoying and about that third WMG entry that's just shoehorned bitching about Sasuke.

Nits: One big win for Yoshi 348 for the epic explanation in Super Smash Bros to why Pikachu was able to trounce Ridley in Subspace Emissary:
  • Type advantage.
Yeah - Ridley, a giant Pokémon. (Dragon/Flying?)

Cassius335: No, not Dragon/Flying (Dragon is resistant to Electric, cancelling out the vulnerability of Flying).

  • Nits: That's what I thought as well, but I wasn't sure. Thanks for correcting.

Radical Taoist: Seconded. It's super effective!

Medinoc: Whoever wrote this in Plot Leveling:
  • Once Stargate SG-1 gets ships that can destroy Ha'taks with ease, in come the Ori toiletsbattlecruisers that can destroy the Tau'ri ships with ease. (There were also a few minor level-ups before that point.)
I can't keep a straight face for more than thirty seconds now.
rsm109/Darktalon: Rissa, for this in Reverse Funny Aneurysm:

  • The Fandom Wank Woman Fired for Writing Potterporn is about a Harry Potter lemon writer who resigned her job in 2003 for the sake of her boss's political career when her hobby became public knowledge, which almost certainly didn't happen. The boss? Senator Joe Biden of Delaware, as of recently the Democratic candidate for Vice President.

... because I added the original example and went to the page to make the exact same alteration.

Rissa: Heh, I was expecting that to get reverted. Right after I hit Send I realised 'Wait, not until January...'

BrightBlueInk: One for whoever made the new Troper Tales button. It's nice finally having an emblem for that instead of the awkward looking link.

Lord TNK: That was me, although there was a mix-up and the button is supposed to be for Trope Co. I have an actual one for Troper Tales. I'm just waiting for an admin to switch them.

alliterator: To whoever added the picture to Darker and Edgier. It's Made of Awesome.
Meta Four: One for Lord TNK's picture caption on The Ultimate Sexy Women Of Hollywood.

Lord TNK: Got that from Yu Gi Oh The Abridged Series.

Inkki Bookman: A MOW to Whoever included this entry in I Thought It Meant;

  • Beefgate is not a scandal in the meat-packing industry.

WVI: I don't know why this one's so charming. From Dan Browned:

  • Try watching anything when you have a crime degree and are married to a nurse. There is a reason reality TV still lives.

Haven: This has probably already gotten one, but a MoW to this response in Terrorists Without a Cause. It took me a second but I lol'd.

  • Captain Planet has this kind of terrorist. They hijack an oil ship and crash it into a beach just to pollute Mother Nature when they'd be better off selling the bloody oil.

YSKTA: From Villain Sue, this made me laugh so hard, guys
  • The fact that his Halloween costume was a Nazi uniform should have been enough to tell people that there was something wrong with him.
    • Heeeeey. So was mine. Are you implying something? ¬_¬
    • ...Prince Harry? Is that you, Your Majesty?

Psyclone: I added that last line. It HAD to be done.

Sean Tucker: A Made Of Win to the intrepid editor who redid Hulk Speak.

Real Slim Shadowen: No offense intended, but giving yourself a point is a lot like giving yourself a nickname: it completely misses the point. The scoreboard says "a tally for the egocentric", not "a tally for the masturbatory". (And it seems someone else didn't like your edit and put it back to its original state anyway. Give me a second to get the popcorn for everyone who wants to watch the Edit War before you re-reset it, 'kay?)

Looney Toons: (checks page history) Wow, he did, didn't he? That's not just chutzpah, that's tacky. Oh, and a MOW point to Citizen for putting it back — my first reaction to Sean's change was somewhat south of "Meh". Then again, I wrote the original text of the entry, so I have some personal interest in it.

Shay Guy: I am amused by the fact that most people who link to Completely Missing the Point are Completely Missing the Point of that trope. Including me just now.

Octal: For shame, sir. For shame.

Sean Tucker: The Mo W was a joke, if it wasn't obvious by the fact that I potholed "intrepid editor" to Shameless Self-Promoter. I'm not going to Edit War it back, because if the tropers don't like it, it doesn't deserve to be on the page.

theorc: A Made Of Win to this edit in Orwellian Editor.

Changed lines 9 from:The name refers specifically to the novel 1984, where one major aspect of the society was a total willingness to rewrite the past ("We are at war with Eurasia. We have always been at war with Eurasia").to:The name refers specifically to the novel 1984, where one major aspect of the society was a total willingness to rewrite the past ("We are at war with Eastasia. We have always been at war with Eastasia").

Sean Tucker: That is seconded. I lol'd like a madman.

Sean Tucker: The pic on Dwarf Fortress is decent and accurate on its own; the caption pushed it over the edge into being (in my opinion) this wiki's Crowning Moment Of Funny.
You want a dwarf? There's your god damn dwarf. You want better graphics? Screw you. Dwarves can do lots of stuff like digging. Can you dig? Hell no. Play Dwarf Fortress.

Insanity Prelude: It's from a macro (albeit with the swearing toned down a bit.). I've seen it around /tg/ a few times. But yes, it is awesome and I was happy to see someone put it here. :)

Rissa: I would like to nominate, and also possibly marry, whoever added this to the Downer Ending entry for Hitchhiker.
After covering space, time, and probability, the afterlife is the obvious final frontier. He's not dead, he's just doing research.

Cassy: The whole Darth Wiki is Made Of Win and I'm glad it's expanding, I'm enjoying it waaaaay too much. Kudos to whoever thought it up and to those who had the ideas for the subsections. To the rest: let's make the Darth Wiki bigger, darker and uselesser X-D!

Lord TNK: Then you could be the first to actually reply to this ykttw.

Cassy: You guys are utterly insane. I love you.

CodeMan38: To the Unknown Troper at who added the page image to Attention Deficit... Ooh, Shiny!. I'd seen it floating around the Internet before, but it's oh so perfect for the page.
SAMAS: To whoever made this entry in Cluster F-Bomb:

  • The Oblongs: "How could I have been such a fiddly faddly fool!? Excuse the string of F-words. Subverted, of course.

Caswin: That's it, who added Crowning Moment Of Awesome to My Immortal? Not only did it make me burst out laughing, but - and this is coming from someone who normally doesn't like uncensored swearing - it might be the best example I've ever seen of citing CMOA on the story page itself.

Inkblot: That´d be me. Thanks! Kind of ironic, since it was originally going to be deleted.

Lord TNK: To whomever gave me the title for Blunt Metaphors Trauma.
Mike: I hereby award one shiny new internets to Griff for the following edit regarding WIPP (on this page):Added lines 113:
  • Consider it as if it were a D&D campaign:
GM: Having climbed for days, your party reaches a summit in the Sierra Nevadas. There is a clearing here, with a raised dais adorned with engravings depicting horrible, ritualistic deaths. Many of them feature people touching barrels and being smote with disease and suffering. A heavy metal door hangs ajar, but it is surrounded by the contorted corpses of other mountaineers.
D&D Player: There must be fat loot in here!

Grimace: Though I tempt fate doing so, I want to give one Made Of Win to Charred Knight, for this conversation in the Sword Of Truth Discussion page. I have nothing against those who enjoy Goodkind's novels, but the simplicity of this argument just cracked me up:

  • Mr Death: Yes, but some of us actually like the books (most of them, anyway). As for the chicken, I actually did think that part was effective when I read it. Everyone who mentions it on this wiki seems to be missing the point. The way I figure it, it was as if that chicken was in its own chickeny Uncanny Valley: It was recognizable as a chicken, but something about it was just profoundly wrong. Like something trying its best to imitate a chicken, and getting pretty close, but still somehow wrong.

  • Charred Knight: It's a chicken

Charred Knight: I will point out that Mr Death caused me to crack up. All I did was point out that it was evil incarnate in the body of a chicken. Too late for regrets I am taking it.

Mr Death: Gotta admit, it cracked me up too.

fleb: What makes this Futurama bit from Cargo Ship Win is when I saw in the history that every single line was added by a different contributor. The Hive Mind demands nothing less than full transcripts!

  • Also, Fry once made out with a radiator.
    • You mean that radiator woman from the radiator planet? Yeah, she was hot.
    • Fry, that was a radiator!
    • Oh. Is there a burn ward within a couple yards of here?

Doug S. Machina: Nothing deserves a Made Of Win if the description in Freudian Slippery Slope does not, so I'll give it one. Point. I meant one point.

This heading, near the end of the Ms. Fanservice page: Literature (notice how long it took to get here?)

The Great Unknown (I think) for the picture caption in Beard of Evil. It hurts.

  • Yep, that was me. Hehe. Thanks.

Scud East: Grand kudos to whoever pointed out (on I Thought It Meant) that:
Earnest: SAMAS, for the stinger in Mexico. Now all we need to do is sneak it in.

Sean Tucker: Done. Go look at the stinger on America.

Bob: Hazel deserves one for the Mood Whiplash example in Tear Jerker/Real Life.

  • Onions. *Sniff* Ow.

Noaqiyeum: Hazel, you made me burst out laughing halfway through a tearjerker page. Mo W seconded.

Meta Four: Earnest, for the first two sentences of Non-Lethal Warfare.

Earnest: Thank you!

Lord TNK: Win to all the tropers who helped make the description for Hollywood Apocrypha.
Mr Death: To whoever added the line "It helps her take down her prey." to the discussion on why Luna hasn't gotten rid of her tusks on the Dominic Deegan It Just Bugs Me! page. Makes me giggle every time I see it.
Freezair For A Limited Time: One MOW for whomever wrote this line in Crack Is Cheaper, of Lego:
  • Also, standing on pieces of crack does not hurt your feet half as much.

I lol'd. And then rubbed the bottom of my feet in sympathy. And then remembered the time our cat knocked all my Harry Potter Lego sets off my bookshelves. I was stepping on tiny plastic books for weeks...

Riti Troll: To the person who finished this conversation:
In 4th Edition they need an attack roll and CAN miss now!
Thanks, The image of Daleks playing D&D is stuck in my head as the third crazy crossover idea this week.

Shay Guy: Daleks make everything better.

Lord TNK: What page is that conversation from? And where is the image of the Daleks playing D&D?

Nyperold: I believe it's a mental image. (And now we know why they wanted the Hand of Omega — for rolling their dice!)

Shay Guy: Took me a while to track this down through the Drunkard's Walk forums, but...

And Lord TNK, it's in the Troper Tales for Random Number God.

Riti Troll: Thank you Shay Guy,I believe for helping me with that (And for the hilarious picture) You deserve at least half a Mo W token yourself.

Golem The Troper: Whoever added the Pyro from TF 2 example to Kill It with Fire.

Real Slim Shadowen: Already been MOW'd, but it was quite deserving.

Lord TNK: To Meta Four and Heliomance for finally putting Nuking The Fridge where it belongs.
Insanity Prelude: To whoever added "Xanatos Planned This Anime: Let's just sum it up as this." to Death Note.
Frank 75: To Blork, for the Category names on Long Title.
Justyn: Inkki Bookman, for the picture and the caption in Instrumentality.

Inkki Bookman: This troper thanks you, its nice to know that some of my ideas do hit the spot.

Sikon: Kudos to whoever put "A genie did it." into Just Bugs Me/Aladdin.

Dangermike: Happy to help. Do you carry Kudos Light? I'm trying to lose weight. ;)

A K47x 2: Whoever did the writeup for the opening of No Sympathy. I don't know why, I just really like the way it's written.

Fanti Sci: Many thanks!

Lord TNK: Win to troper "dna" for this Worse Than It Sounds suggestion:

Gilligan's Island: A classic story of tragedy and hope; seven lost souls work together in a Sisyphean attempt to rejoin a society that has long since forgotten them.

Smokie: Credit to Dan Da Man, for making this imagenote in the Death Note picture: "You only wish your pants were that tight." HILARIOUS! Noone is allowed to edit that.

Antheia: Why not? Light's pants arent's especially tight ...

Smokie: That's true but... Come on, I had to laugh so hard.

Master TMO: This entry on All Love Is Unrequited::Troper Tales literally made me laugh out loud. (the two lines previous are included for context)

  • The first meeting of SURT (Society of Universally Rejected Tropers) is now in session. This Troper would like to nominate himself as Chairman...
  • I would nominate myself as vice prez then. Barely 20, no dates.
  • The positions of Chairman and Vice President of SURT reject you both, in favor of your best friend and sibling, respectively.

Ack Sed: From IANMTU Literature: "Explaining the Twilight series means never having to say you're kidding."
Real Slim Shadowen: +1 to whomever added the Vertical Horizon lyrics to the Mary Sue page. Brilliant, funny, and yet (because of the tone of the song) a little bit mournful, as if at the failure of a character to become truly great instead of being "awsum!!1!!one". Perfect.

Citizen: Heh.

Yaguar: To Otempora for adding "Blah blah this troper blah smart but lazy blah." to the Book Dumb Troper Tales page.

Radical Taoist: One to Sabre Justice for the stinger in Distress Call.
Amethyst To whomever came up with this awesome Take That! against True Art Is Angsty in Epic Fail:

  • Played with in No Country for Old Men. Both the film and book leave out an important, very emotionally charged scene that ostensibly should have been the climax of each work, featuring the final showdown of the villain and hero that the audience or reader has been waiting three-quarters of the work to see. This is, however, intentional on part of the author, generating the massive feeling of disappointment and annoyance that lesser artists could only hope to create by accident.

Grimace: Nice Mo W to whoever added this passage in Nothing but Skulls, regarding Warhammer's skull fetish;

  • Most likely, there exist daemon worlds that are composed of nothing but skulls! The surface is made out of skulls, under them are skulls crushed to pieces and then powder by the weight of the skulls above them, and the core is composed of liquid skulls! The entire planet would probably look like a skull, too.

It takes it to its logical conclusion, I think you'll find.

Electric Worry: An internet to whoever added the picture to Magnificent Bastard. Salud, friend. Salud.

jojabar: Two Mo Ws in one week? Awesome.

fleb: Someone cut it right after it was added. Here's the image. It's probably hilarious, but it is a bit of an eyesore...

Black Charizard: I don't know if has been nominated before, but the picture in Parental Favoritism is Made Of Win.

Octal: That is terrible and awesome and I love it.

Fanti Sci: Thirded. The picture sums up the trope.

Meta Four: One MOW for Janitor, for Heterosexual: "This inclination is not as rare as one might think it is from reading Fan Fic."

Pro-Mole seconds the MoW nomination. If such thing is even possible, that is...

Wascally Wabbit: Stop the wiki. The picture and caption from Planet of Hats have rendered all further discussion obsolete.

fleb: I uploaded the picture and put up the initial caption, but I still have no clue who changed it to "Planet of Nice Hats," which IMO really makes the hilarity. Page history's way too truncated to tell.

Quantum Toast: I'd like to nominate The Adversary, for this:
This troper once re-told the entire World War II as if it was a Wuxia-like martial arts movie, and mixing it with Dragon Ball Z, to the point the story ended with Super-Churchill fighting Perfect Hitler, destroying the world, and finding the last christmas tree to ask Shenron for a christmas miracle.

onyhow: inkblot, who turn House from House into House from House in the House page. Damn funny.

L: So it is. But we should change it back later for the benefit of everyone else.

Skazka: To whoever added this entry to real life Crowning Moment Of Funny. My bladder control and Diet Coke-proof keyboard salute you:
  • In a thread on fashions we don't get or like, someone mentioned very light lipstick with very dark lip liner. It made the girls who wore it look terrible. Like clowns. Evil clowns. Evil clowns with anus lips. Six posts down, someone repeated "Evil clowns with anus lips" and added "Doo dah. Doo dah." This troper died.

Trouser Wearing Barbarian: I'd like to nominate jojabar for this entry on the Punk Punk page: Weedpunk. I lol'd.

jojabar: Full credit has to go to the fine folks of FYAD.

Zordauch: Another one to cg12345, this time for coming up with the Crack Pairing of This Wiki and The Other Wiki.

bluepenguin: I was the one who initially added that, actually (... unless someone else did it farther up the page and I missed it). Which makes this my first MOW nomination — thank you!

Master TMO: It may have been nominated before, but if not, a point to the creator of Chekovs Gun, for those of us who don't know how to spell Chekhov correctly.

Paul A: It has indeed been nominated before; but thank you, it's always nice to be appreciated.

That Other 1 Dude: Point to Sabre Justice, for The Stinger on Meta DisContinuity.
Wemmblyhogg: To whoever wrote this truly awful pun about Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann in Boring Invincible Hero:

  • And there is one important sense in which they are boring.

It's going to take you a lot of good karma to pay that one off :)

Scud East: Thanks, just wanted to be the first to say it. :)

Bob: Tacitus, for the awesome write-up of Crowning Music Of Awesome Video Games, something I couldn't think up myself when I made the split.

Nits: Great work indeed! But no link to the Bubble Bobble theme? Sacrilegious!

Korodzik: This example from Infant Immortality made me laugh:


  • Truth in Television: When this troper was a baby I fell down the stairs and the babysitter just left me there (she got fired by by grandma) I wasn't hurt at all.

That Other 1 Dude: Yeah, there's nothing quite as hilarious as responding to bad grammar by adding natter insinuating that said person has some sort of mental disability!

JDubya: Normally, meme jokes get stale really fast, but Bisyss's 'samba' 300 joke on In the Style of... made me bust out laughing.

Yoshi348: Whoever(s) used Wiki Magic to turn a lame joke entry about Batman in American Law Enforcement into a place to talk about citizen's arrests.

Adam850: Appears to be Haven.

Scud East: Seconded!

Moogi: This exchange in Cool, Clear Water:
  • Parodied in the Jackie Chan film The Tuxedo. The film opens with a shot of a pure mountain stream, and then shows a deer urinating in it. We then follow the water downstream where it is bottled by a water company.

    • Lends a whole new meaning to the Deer Park logo.

Having drank a putrid-tasting bottle of Deer Park a few days ago (it hadn't been refrigerated in days), this explains a lot.

Joysweeper: Whoever did this in Paranoia Fuel:
  • You want to be really paranoid? Keep an eye on the ads at the top and left-hand side of this site. Go look up some Sexuality Tropes and watch the ads turn to stuff like Gay Spot of Tea? Ads for "Genuine Japanese Teaware". Global Currency? "Gold! at $1000 per ounce". Don't you see? We're being watched...
    • Every other time I go to the main page I see "Gay Latino Dating" on the border ads. What's the deal with that, magical ad service? Am I looking at Gay Latino tropes? When I add to the site, does my writing style just scream "I love Latino males!" without me being aware of it? Do my edits just reek of Hispanic man-lust? What can I do to make those ads go away, magical ad service?! What tropes can I view to make Heterosexual Non-Specific-Nationality Dating ads show up, magical ad service?! What do you want from me?! cold...their eyes...accusing...

fleb: Heh. Looks like cg12345 and Tacitus.

cg12345: Thanks! I second Tacitus' addition, too. I thought my bit was ok, but Tacitus really knocked it out of the park with his/her bit. Hilarious Maximus.

Haven: Radical Taoist, for this line in Talk to the Fist:
The only thing for our savvy fighter to do in this case is oof!

Radical Taoist: I already got that MOW for the line back when it was in the YKTTW stage, but as always I'm glad to have entertained my fellow tropers.

Gecko: Whoever added the picture for the anime examples. I can't look at it without cracking up.

Adam850: Another image from Citizen. For a fun time, go to the Images list and type in "Citizen" in the filter at the top.

Earnest: Alliterator for The Schlub Pub Seduction Deduction. Algebra has never been so hot or deadly!

Cassius335: And another one from me for the Tom Lehrer "New Math" reference.

alliterator: Finally! My complete knowledge of Tom Lehrer lyrics comes in handy! Now, if only being able to sing all the chemical elements to a slightly recognizable tune could be used in a situation.

theorc: A Made Of Win to this entry in Tomato in the Mirror.

  • The tomato (Solanum lycopersicum, syn. Lycopersicon lycopersicum) is a herbaceous, usually sprawling plant in the Solanaceae or nightshade family, as are its close cousins tobacco, chili peppers, and eggplant. It is a perennial, often grown outdoors in temperate climates as an annual, typically reaching to 1-3m (3 to 10 ft) in height, with a weak, woody stem that often vines over other plants. Now, did you really think there was an example here? Since it's hidden by a spoiler tag, there was no way you could have known what I was up to. Back on the subject, have you looked in a mirror lately?

  • Inkblot: I think I did this first (in Expospeak Gag), but this variation on the joke is much more well-executed. Bravo, whoever did it.

Noaqiyeum: Either I'm spending way too much time on this site or just very easily amused. Mo W for the line in Write a Romantic Comedy (slightly paraphrased):

When it comes to pitfalls, this genre is a minefield. Fortunately, many others have been through it before you (and blown themselves up).

Kriegsmesser: A MoW to Large Blunt Object for scolding Egak. Classily done.

fleb: ... Where?

Kriegsmesser: Oh, right. Sorry. *points farther down the page*

thatotherguy: I would like to thank whoever did these two little confusion clear-ups on I Thought It Meant:

An Arm Cannon is not a cannon that shoots arms at people.

The War on Straw was not begun by people suffering from hay fever.

These made me laugh so hard that I lost breath. Many times.

Dangermike: The second was mine, and I'm glad to know it inspired breath-losing laughs.

Seanette: spiritsunami deserves recognition for a lovely piece of snark in Crash-Into Hello, responding to a self-described "would-be troper" in the Real Life section.

fleb: Pasted here, since the reply was deleted.

  • Subverted in this would-be Tropers life. A girl, at my high school landed on my foot, got up glared at the person who pushed her and lefted. I never saw her again, and I was left with three hurt toes, and a smirk on my face.
    • Would-be Troper? Although, with that type of grammar, maybe "would-be" isn't such a bad idea...

Rothul: Not quite Made Of Win caliber, but still I feel the random ad generator deserves some credit for cracking me up for the endless John McCain ads on Slytherin House.
Large Blunt Object: To John A Dreams, for

  • In Farscape a scientist's computer has the DNA information for over 11 million species, which is supposed to be an impressive number. On Earth there is somewhere between 2 million and 100 million depending on whether you're a lumper or a splitter.

I laughed raucously.

Octal: So... what page was that on? *prod*

fleb: Looks like Sci-Fi Writers Have No Sense of Scale.

Real Slim Shadowen: Even though the episode clearly implies sentient species (can't remember if it spells it out), that is pretty hilarious. Seconded.

John A Dreams: Scientists actually used the term lumper and splitter before wikis did, I'm not sure if you knew that. Taxonomits get into wars with each other over where the line of a "species" is drawn (figurative wars of course). And the episode neither outright said nor implied that the 11 million species were sentient species, although that does make much more sense.

So, seeing as he now probably expects me to NOT nominate him, I would like to award KoR a Made Of Win point for the following entry in I Know You Know I Know

... you thought about mentioning Death Note a fourth time, didn't you?
I had predicted that you would say that and prepared by removing the first reference making your argument incorrect.

Got you there, haven't I? ;p

K.o.R: I don't know... have you? Clearly Fast Eddie knew that I was going to do that in order to garner a MoW from you and nuked it. Which makes the third reference to Death Note make even less sense.

Whoever added the second point repeated here in a discussion on canon:
Well played.

Enlong Darn! So close to a MOW and yet so far away. I have the first point, not the second one. Oh well. Who is that second guy, anyway?

Ack Sed: To whoever added the single-line entry for XxxHoLic in Better Than It Sounds Anime: "Smug witch makes a Weirdness Magnet her bitch.". Win.
Katsuhagi: To Citizen for the picture on Hyperspace Ears. Read the file name for the full effect, helps to be familiar with Tsukihime and the memes surrounding it.
Lord TNK: Win to Some Sort Of Troper for finally launching You Know You Read Too Much TV Tropes When. Go check that trope out.

Some Sort Of Troper: I extend my thanks by conveying Lord TNK's own MadeOfWins to Servbot for the example "You totalled your car, you got mugged on your way home, your house burned down, you discovered that you have cancer, and your Tamagotchi died, yet all you can think of is how all of this would make such a great Troper Tales example for Butt Monkey." and GALX who created the YKTTW entry.

What's funny is now I fulfill number 75 on the list.

That Other 1 Dude: Kool Kid Joe, for this bit about Pokemon in Hello, [Insert Name Here] (I recommend reading the other ones to):

  • This Troper was waiting in line to get a Mew at an event, and a younger fan ahead in line noted that he would name his some variation of Optimus Prime so he could teach him Transform and Rollout.

Joysweeper: Gah, Hivemind! That is literally exactly what I was about to put here. At any rate, seconded. That bit was awesome.

Cassius335: Thirded. Another MOW/CMoF one:

  • This Troper, since Silver, has made it tradition to name his rival "MyBalls". Mostly for the amusement of seeing "MyBalls sent out RATTATA!" or some such. But he was not prepared for Diamond & Pearl's Battle Tower, where his rival's father said (in no uncertain terms) "I remember you! You used to play with MyBalls when you were little, didn't you?"

Mini Nephthys: To Shendal, for the best definition of GAR I've ever read (over in If It's You, It's Okay).
Frank 75: This quote on Monster of the Aesop:"Elephant Monsters and Lesbians. Just another typical episode of Sailor Moon"

Cassius335: Already nominated yonks back, but thanks.

The Bad Wolf: Sparkysharps for Everything's Worse With Bears, especially the picture.

Cukeman: Second'd!

Citizen: Someone had better update the Threatdown, then.

    Made Of Win nomination 
Bob: Fast Eddie deserves a Made Of Win for creating the folder markup.

Octal: *click*... *click*... *clickclickclickclickclick* 8D

Looney Toons: I have just discovered Morally Ambiguous Ducktorate. Whoever is responsible for this wonderful trope name deserves a MOW point.

Citizen: Ha. I skimmed over this nomination several times before I finally clicked it and realized what the title really was.

Nlpnt: Proserpina FC for-"Naruto clans wear their Hats proudly... Well, headbands, technically."in The Clan.
Fast Eddie: Lost to history, whoever came up with ...
Characters with superpowers that allow their mullets to become murderous. To allow their ponytails to pummel. To allow their...OK, I'll stop now.

... in Prehensile Hair.

Freezair For A Limited Time 2WW

Creature - Human Troper

Tap: Target troper gains one (probably very late) Mow token. That troper must have written up Richard Garfield's description in Trope Pantheons/Craft.

"I know it was lifted wholesale from his Unglued card, but boy howdy, did it make me laugh to see it!"


Cassius335: Nice. Tropers as CCG cards could be a Just For Fun trope in and of itself.

Large Blunt Object: it bad that I really want to make some now?

Radical Taoist: It's only bad that you haven't started yet. In fact, I tap my two swamps to cast Perverse Impulse and give Freezair and Cassius each a MOW token just for the idea. Anyone who starts it will get an MOW on my next turn.

Freezair For A Limited Time: Here you go. Is it your upkeep yet?

Cassius335: MOW token gratefully accepted.

Large Blunt Object: Sample Troper Cards! Er, utterly meaningless since I don't even play Collectible Card Games, entirely For Fun.

    One for me, one for someone I know I absolutely will not offend with it.

Looney Toons: Cute. This sounds like a fun game. I'll have to do up one now.

Grimace: A nice, hearty Made Of Win to 9 for their commentary on a post I had made a good while back in From Real Life, as the wording made me crack up laughing. I can only hope that my rampant foolishness has not caused the loss of too many games.

9: Thanks. It's something I say often when someone refers to? ?you know?.

theorc: And yet another Made Of Win to whoever rewrote music discontiunity so it did not refer to artists dying when one declared their career had stopped, as that was in very poor taste most of the time. (Except for the musicians who are just hiding, of course...)

Anonymous Mc Cartneyfan: Thank you!

Cassius335: Gentlemans Dame 883 for "Bleach'' is not a show where doing the laundry is Serious Business." from I Thought It Meant

Gentlemens Dame 883: Hahah, thanks.

Susan Davis: The section heading title names in Shaped Like Itself.

Seren Y Gogledd: Been nominated before - but, yeah, they rock.

Noaqiyeum: From Elaborate University High:
  • Nagi's school in Hayate No Gotoku is big. Really big. You just won't believe how vastly, hugely, mind-bogglingly big it is. I mean, you may think it's a long way down the road to the drug store, but that's just peanuts to Nagi's school.
WIN for the Incredibly Lazy Reference.

That Other 1 Dude: Already nominated. Like a year ago.

Fast Eddie: Whew! Thanks for catching that, dude. We were about to run out of MoWs. It would be a shame to squander them. :-)

dupreewith2es: To whoever called Bingo on an Unpleasable Fanbase comment about how feminists read comics just to complain about them.

Not only have you introduced me to Girls Read Comics, you also proved that bitch is the new black.

Miss Hap: Seconded. Although I knew about Girls Read Comics, I'd never seen the Bingo page.

Large Blunt Object: Tanto, for We Are Not Wikipedia. THANK YOU.

onyhow: Seconded! Especially "We are not Wikipedia" is the starting point, not the finish line.

That Other 1 Dude: And now it's been deleted for being a rant!

Noaqiyeum: Are we allowed to add "Made Of Lose"s?

Tanto: You're allowed to bite me.

Noaqiyeum: ...I meant for the deletionist.

Tanto: I apologize, then. Chalk it up to frustration. I haven't been in the best of moods today.

Shay Guy: "No YKTTW, sets for a position on TV trope policy that is not widely accepted. ::Sackett"

Citizen: Aw, that's too bad. Anyone have a copy of it saved?

theorc: My second nomination today is for whoever wrote this line in Heel–Face Revolving Door, because I cracked up. (and this is one of my favorite characters, mind...)

  • Gambit tends to wemble sides, but usually his goal is whatever keeps him closest to Rogue.

Large Blunt Object: To Ninjacrat, for his(?) tireless work in removing natter.

Tanto: Seconded. I also find his edit reasons to be funnier than most real entries, these days.

theorc: Thanks to whoever made the Lone Wolf Gamebooks entry. I wish I had been clever enough to do one myself, but now I can go pimp them some more. You rule, whoever you are.

Darktalon: Seconded.

Haven: Did I not nominate this already? Huh. Well, I should have. Thirded! Those books were such a huge part of my childhood, it's crazy. The amazing thing, at least to me, is that there's going to be a video-game released near the beginning of 2009, and it looks like it's going to be ridiculously good! Joe Dever is even involved, it appears.

theorc: I think you just heard me Squee!.

Haven: Here's some articles about it. The team was at Gaming Convention Asia a month ago, but there aren't too many articles about it and all it says on the developer's blog is that he wasn't too satisfied with the showing. But I'm still pretty excited about it - I mean, you start off with Mind over Matter, and I'm a big fan of telekinesis in video games (and in real life...if only I had it)

Antheia: MOW points go to Fawriel for the picture of Trope-tan, and to everyone involved in making the Trope-tan page.

  • Looney Toons: Vigorously seconded!
    • Haven: Tropiously thirded!
      • Fawriel: Extremely modestly fourthed! ... I mean, uh, thanks!

Lord TNK: I actually started the thread that inspired it, so I'll take credit in just that regard, but Fawriel gets the Win point for the picture.

Sikon: Whoever called Shakespeare "the Blizzard of his day" in Trope Codifier.

Luc: That was me.

Frank 75: This line:

Egak: -1 MoW for not citing the source. ...Eh, let's make that just -1/2 cause it's relatively intuitive that it's from The Woobie.

Large Blunt Object: Who the fuck are you to take points from other people?

Egak: I admit I probably overreacted, but uncited MoWs are complain-worthily annoying, right?

cg12345: A-thank you, a-thank you. *bows*

Large Blunt Object: No. Don't be ridiculous. Screwing with someone else's ego-tally is about as retarded and unacceptable as editing their comments in a discussion. Do not do it.

Ninjacrat: One big Win to Satanic Hamster for troping up classic videogames. Finishing even one complete entry is tiring, but this guy's just knocking them out like a machine.

Susan Davis: Seconded.

Korodzik: This fragment from Better Than It Sounds Video Games (I haven't played the game in question, but this sounds really awesome):
  • A bartender pretends to be the world's greatest assassin on a quest to steal the power of Jesus.

Blork: Thanks for that (If anyone is wondering, the game is Assassins Creed).

cg12345: I have a couple of nominations: The first is to Korodzik (or Rogue 7) for taking the time to go through the Crowning Music Of Awesome page and removing the crud at the end of each Youtube link. That's dedication, good sir.

My second MOW is a double nomination for this comic about John williams. Not only is it absolutely hilarious, it persuaded me to check out "Tank!", and now I'm in love with Yoko Kanno — and I don't even like anime.

And lastly, one to Bob for posting the link to "Tank!" in the first place. You win at music, sir.

Bob: I did that? I don't keep track of which youtube links I add. I do know that I've done the "remove the crud at the end of each link" when the article was shorter.

Korodzik: Actually, I didn't exactly overwork myself. I just used a text editor's Find/Replace option. Still thanks tho.

Rogue 7: I'm pretty sure that I added that version of "Tank!", though the initial entry wasn't mine. I find it a shame to have examples without the actual music, and linked appropriately. And that's a fantastic AMV for it.

  • My bad — I didn't read the page history properly, I think. Fixed.

Rogue 7: Wait, what? I added Tank! a long time ago. It's not on the page history. Full credit to Korodzik for the changing of the links- I think I get Bob's.


Rogue 7: Given Bob's reaction, I think I'm justified in taking credit, evil as it is. Whee! My first MOW!

Bob: Good for you.

Scud East: From the Gao Gai Gar examples on the Hot-Blooded page: "Also Goldymarg, an AI so hot-blooded it leads this troper to wonder if they programmed him in ALL CAPS."

Freezair For A Limited Time: And an itty bitty MOW to yourself, good sir, for the thousandth edit to the MOW page!

I remember someone similarly describing BRIANBLESSED as THE MOST CAPSLOCK MAN ALIVE. I wonder if it was the same editor.

fleb: Search says it's George Hearn that's truly CAPSLOCK. Edit history's been cut off, though.

dkellis: One to Fast Eddie for folder-hiding the flamewar in Ask The Tropers.

Silent Hunter: Well done!

Citizen: Woah, I remember asking for a feature like that some time ago. Since when has that been around? o.o

Earnest: For the picture in Flying Brick, I hereby award Freezair For A Limited Time a MOW point.

Freezair For A Limited Time: You were the one who uploaded it; I merely put it where it seemed to belong. Still, thanks!

Earnest: I did? I mean, of course I did! (No wonder it looked familiar) I guess I must have forgot after uploading.

Freezair For A Limited Time: Aren't you glad you thought of it? ;)

CleverPun: A Made Of Win to whichever person/persons wrote this paragraph in The Power of Rock:
  • Yes, for some reason, music is the most capable form of creative expression when it comes to defeating the forces of evil. The battle often takes the form of a rock concert or music video. That in itself helps to explain why it's almost always music that saves the world. It'd take a very imaginative writer/director to defeat the villain with the power of Modern Expressionism.

That last line made me laugh so hard. I couldn't recover for a solid minute.

Rogue 7: One Made Of Win to That Other 1 Dude for this line in Not so Fast, Bucko!:
  • Naruto: Well Sasuke, you finally killed your brother and avenged your clan... wait Itachi was doing it because higher-ups at Kanoha told him to. Fuck.

The "fuck" really makes it hilarious.

That Other 1 Dude: Thanks to you and the power of swearing!

Kriegsmesser: A Made Of Win to Shay Guy for Incredibly Lame Pun, and the Pot Hole-fest within.

Shay Guy: WOOOOOO! My first ever full MOW! (Never did figure for sure if I should've gotten partial credit for my edits to This Is a Drill and X Meets Y.) Though I'm guessing there are still some potholes that need redirecting - as of now, Lazy has 149 wicks and Lame 63. I forget how many I added in that one burst of activity I had after making the page - have other tropers been continuing it?

Bob: I've done it a few times. You deserve the MOW for noticing and doing something about that problem.

Miss Hap: It's been on the page too long to find out who added it, but whoever added the second line in this entry from May Contain Evil:

Medinoc: While I haven't read the book, I always doubt this affirmation: In the film, Soylent Red and Yellow were soy and lentils, and only Green was people. How were Red and Yellow handled in the book ? Did they exist at all in there ?

Charred Knight: I just checked Wikipedia, and the plot is largely different, and the only mention of Soylent, is Soylent Steaks (made of Soylent, and Lentil) which is apparently something minor.

Duckluck: Kudos to whoever deleted But Can You Make It Interesting while I was in the middle of putting it in the Cut List. I went from confusion, to annoyance to joy in record time.
Hazel: I just started reading Archive Panic and could go no further before I tipped my theoretical hat to whoever coined the phrase Mother of Shakespeare! Best. Profanity. Ever.

Cassius335: Danny Phantom, I'm guessing. That One Teacher says a lot of things like that.

TClaymore: Redkun for finding the picture shown in the entry for Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne...including the big version link in the discussion!
That Other 1 Dude: The opening of Rated G for Gangsta

Pisthetairos: Thanks. I was actually going to write the whole entry like that, but I couldn't.

Coriander: Reading Commander Contrarian and stumbling upon the phrase Schroedinger's Gun Lobbyist absolutely made my last five minutes. I think this was Earnest - if so, thanks.

Earnest: Thank you! ^_^

K.o.R: And another for whomever added this gem (bolded):
* Final Fantasy is, as always, the seminal example. To start us off: Barret from VII has a gun stuck on his arm that can practically shoot cannon balls, and Vincent uses pistols as his weapon of choice, but they only cause as much damage as Tifa's fists or Cloud's oversized sword.
** It's even worse for the enemies; their guns are lucky to do a tenth of the damage that Cloud's detached helicopter rotor does.

32_Footsteps: Thanks for the MOW - that was me from quite some time ago. I only could remember it because "detatched helicopter rotor" is my epithet of choice for the Buster Sword. It's my sincerest hope that it becomes a Fan Nickname.

K.o.R: One to the troper who added the image on Friday Night Death Slot.

fleb: Seconded. Looks like Meocross wins this one.

theorc: Whoever wrote this in the Portmanteau Couple Name article:
  • This troper has only one pairing name for all of those involving the resident Emo Kid, though- the Church of Iantology. Worship at his altar. Please.

Skazka: To my own surprise, that was me. Yay, first and only Mo W!

Insanity Prelude: This has probably been there for a while, but I sporfled at the following exchange in Rule 34:
  • There's fanfic written with Biblical characters, including slash (Jesus/Judas, anyone?).
    • Oh God!
      • That, too.

Real Slim Shadowen: Request nominator suspend nomination until he defines "sporfle".

Insanity Prelude: She, actually. And "Sporfle: Similar to lol or rofl. A sudden burst of laughter, usually stifled, frequently brought on by a sight gag or rim shot.It is most often used as a verb, but may also be used as a noun."

Couldn't think of a different word at the time.

John A Dreams: I had my doubts about a "YKTTW style" forum but it's turning out quite nicely. A MOW to Fast Eddie (and to anybody else that helped make it that I don't know about it).
Scurvy Legs McGee: I was browsing through some pages when I came to The Gump and found these lines, which made me chuckle. So a Made Of Win to however wrote them and cheered up my day a bit:
  • Hercules The Legendary Journeys and to a greater extent Xena Warrior Princess each had the titular characters delving into full-on Gumpdom. This troper believes that the latter series' Jump the Shark moment came when Xena was responsible for Lucifer's fall from grace.
    • This other Troper believes she jumped when she gave a donkey to a certain pregnant couple on their way to Nazareth. By way of Greece.
      • Yes. Xena is the master chef of the Anachronism Stew. She puts a bit of herself into each delicious bowl.

Mad Prudentilla Rackham: A thousand doubloons and a jug o' rum to Large Blunt Object fer translatin' the Main Page into Pirate-speak in celebration o' National Talk Like a Pirate Day, which be today. Avast, me hearty! Ye done yer colors proud!

Mad Jack Farson, Privateer: 'Tis be seconded 'ere, yar. Was just on me way to offer the same.

Large Blunt Cutlass: It be a pleasure to serve, mateys.

Cassius335: Thirded, me hearties. Good show, lad.

Silent Hunter: Fourth-vote by this here landlubber. Arrr!

Plank o'Doom: ...Got deleted by Big T and then returned in the fastest U-turn I've yet seen on the wiki.

Grimace: Yaar! I just wanted to be part of something wonderful.

Sceboal: I thought it was ok until I saw that right was replaced with starboard. THAT. Is made of win.

Donomni: Some landlubber be tryin' t' spoil this here day. Naught but two hours t' go, me hearties.

Radical Taoist: Tha's a question o' time zone, matey. We're to save this web gold for next year's plunder, aye?

Sceboal: Yo my mates I just rather prefer talk like a posh gangster day, so shut up slags before I pop a cap on yo tea.

Large Blunt Object: Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrchived.

Real Slim Shadowen: ...I will kill you all.

Radical Taoist: *GASP* RSS is Altaïr?

Zander Schubert: To whoever wrote this about The Doctor:Blork: That would be me, thanks.
Guesss Who: Whoever wrote this line, in President Evil: . . . when Magneto headed back towards the crazy end of his personal sanity scale . . .
Wascally Wabbit: A big Thank You to everyone who worked on splitting Fanfic Recommendations. Now if only Fan Fics would stay dead.

Anonymous Mc Cartneyfan: I helped. (I'm responsible for creation of the Bleach and Discworld sections, and worked on a few others.) Thanks.

Joysweeper: I've been combing through the Tear Jerker entries, and one of the ones under Real Life got me bad. My very dear Sarah: The indications are very strong that we shall move in a few days ... Good gods, I cried like a baby. Never heard of that letter there before. Why is it that these incredibly sad ones make me feel happier afterwards?

Radical Taoist: Ah, seconded! I have the OST to that documentary and I should have thought of putting it on Tear Jerker myself. The strains of the Ashokan Farewell in the background get me every time (beautiful song on its own, too).

Rogue 7: To whomever added the following line to More Dakka-"Should not be confused with Baka, as there is definitely such a thing as Enuff Baka."

Large Blunt Object: The second part was me, though Looney Toons was the one who originally added "Should not be confused with Baka".

Looney Toons: Indeed. I was orbiting the idea, knowing I was close, but unable to get the right words. However, I'll happily take a point as I am a MOW glutton. <grin>

Rogue 7: Meaning no offense, Looney Toons, the part I felt was MOW-worthy was Large Blunt Object's contribution.

Looney Toons: If you'll consult the page history, you will note that I didn't actually take a point.

Large Blunt Object: However, *I* think you deserve one, and have added it.

Looney Toons: Well, thank you. Wow.

Meta Four: Whoever added the following bit to the Fanservice note in the Girl Genius article:
  • And let's not forget the rather lengthy section of Volume 8 where Gil was entirely naked save for a strategically placed bedsheet. I know I haven't.

Freezair For A Limited Time: Luc, for the beautiful subtlety in the title of Grey-and-Gray Morality.

Octal: Seconded!

whitetigah: A MOW for whoever wrote Purple Prose. Good job.
Lord TNK: Big win to whoever found the pic for Autobots, Rock Out!

fleb: Just... the title of Kung-Shui.

Psyclone:A pat on the back to whoever created the page on Coleman Francis, ESPECIALLY the section referring to The Beast Of Yucca Flats. A funny article was created. Win is acknowledged. Progress.

Schrodingers Duck: Win? I like win! Thanks!

Scud East: Whoever keeps adding custom back-to-the-main-page notes to the Troper Tales pages. As in, "Go back to Secret Test Of Character. Or not. It's your choice." Does a lot to differentiate a set of pages that risk sameness.

Silent Hunter: Second that!

Freezair For A Limited Time: I'm been doing some of them, but I only started after I saw someone else doing it.

Looney Toons: Likewise, and likewise.

Seanette: I've done a few. I remember the one for Failed A Spot Check and Blind Without Em as mine, and there might be a few others. Glad people like them. Adds interest, IMO.

Susan Davis: I've done a whole batch of recent ones, including the one cited. Thanks! (And I was inspired by some of the earlier ones.)

Morgan Wick: The capitalization of this pothole on Super Title Sixty Four Advance:

Zeke: Heh, I was actually coming here to nominate that one too. Very cute, even though Dragon Song is underrated.

Drakyndra: To whoever added the following line to the section on Death Note in Xanatos Roulette:
  • Seriously, Light could run a Xanatos Casino.

Kriegsmesser: A Made Of Win to whoever added this line to Paranoia Fuel:
  • One is a Mountain Dew machine. His name is Dispensor. That sound is fear shamefacedly leaving your body.

John A Dreams: Unknown 20 Troper because he created the page for Jorge Luis Borges a day before I was going to.
  • UT 20 says thank you! Feel free to add anything you would have written and I didn't... And great work in turning all the mentions to him to blue links!

Meta Four: Carltheshivan, for JustBugsMe.MysteryScienceTheater3000.
Flame_Fall: Someone made this awesome comment in Does This Remind You of Anything?
  • The Under Armour commercial from the 2008 Super Bowl has a man on a dais in the middle of a park, clothed completely in black and red, give a rousing speech to similarly-clad gatherers. The square is surrounded by red and black banners. The speech is about how 'the new prototypes' will crush their lesser competition, due to superior genetics and better equipment. Does This Remind You of Anything? in particular?
    • Ummm...graduation?

Willy Four Eyes: To Joysweeper and Spoon Of Evil for their additions of descriptions to the Houses in the Trope Pantheons. Muchas gracias.
Radical Taoist: WVI, for the first response on this YKTTW.
Egak: Ninix, for giving the first trope I ever made the Better Description it Needed
Irothtin: Of course, assuming I understand this correctly, which may or may not be the case...
One Made of Win to whoever hacked the site and held it until they could contact an admin and tell them whatever the problem was.

Earnest: Vampire Buddha, for his most excellent Mathematical Proof of vampire victory in Vampires.

Shay Guy: Contested on the grounds that I can't think of a single kind of vampire that follows those rules. Example:

Buffy: To make you a vampire they have to suck your blood. And then you have to suck their blood. It's like a whole big sucking thing.
-"Welcome to the Hellmouth," Buffy The Vampire Slayer 1x01

Plus it's been presented before.

Earnest: Well, there's From Dusk til Dawn, Blade, Ultraviolet, Salems Lot, and Dracula 2000. If it's been done before, then I guess I should have checked the Made Of Win Archive. My bad.

That Other 1 Dude: Freudian Slippery Slope; the ho hole whole. Damn. Penis.

Schrodingers Duck: Spanks Thanks!

Nits: Suckondick Seconding, was just on my way here to put it up.

Silent Hunter: To whoever rewrote The Baroness.
dupreewith2es: Under the Buffy examples of Broken Base someone wrote "Joss hits us because he loves us." Whoever you are, will you marry me? Joss already said no.

Neo Chaos: To the Unknown Troper who suggested I Know Madden Kombat for the Fighting Style: Tennis YKTTW, that is hilarious.

Mystyc: Hey, what a guy! I should really just get known at work... I spend more time on here than actually working. Anyway. *tips hat*

K.o.R: Silent Hunter, one to you for making me actually *headdesk* at the caption on Magic Skirt.

Silent Hunter: Thanks. I actually get one by trying for a change...

Cassius335: I second this nomniation.

Insanity Prelude: Whoever was responsible for the TwoXanatosPileup joke on Mind Game Ship deserves a medal.

Etrangere: It was done by Andy Waltfeld during YKTTW. (I added the Pot Hole).

That Other 1 Dude: The potholing for the caption of Foe Yay.

fleb: TClaymore, come on down and collect your prize! (I think he/she/xie made the image, too—it's the same username as the photobucket link below.)

TClaymore (is a guy): Yaaaaaaaaay! Though, I didn't draw it. I just found it via Google Image Search. I accept this MoW gratefully.

Sean Tucker: Whoever added this theory on the WMG page for Neon Genesis Evangelion, you are a fucking god.

Shinji isn't a maladjusted human
He's a Dwarf. From Dwarf Fortress. Which would actually make him rather sane, by those standards. He's moody and when he gets unhappy enough, he tantrums.
  • Evangelions are artifacts, with a masterfully done rendition of an image of a Maple Leaf done in Redroot Dye.
  • Misato drinks enough to be a dwarf.

This theory seriously had me lol'ing for 5 minutes straight.

Heliomance: I hereby endorse this Mo W.

Cukeman: This has probably been MOW'd before, but I still want to give a hurrah to whoever's responsible for the line "Who caused the Earth-Shattering Kaboom? This guy." in Omnicidal Maniac. I've gone back to the article more than once just for that.

Cassius335: That was me, IIRC, when starting the page. My article text tends to suck, so I'm glad you liked that bit.

Sean Tucker: This bit, on Refuge in Audacity:

This isn't Getting Crap Past the Radar, this is crashing the crap through the front doors and out the back doors of the radar installation, in an armored car with sunglasses-wearing flaming skull decals on every flat surface and a Hieronymus Bosch reproduction on the door, hood-mounted machine guns blazing, Motörhead blasting on the jury-rigged PA system, and one arm hanging out of the window making a rude hand gesture.

Kizor: Again? Thanks. It's been around for a couple of years, though, so less and less of it is mine.

Sean Tucker: Actually, the specific bit I was MO Wing was the Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann reference. Not sure if that specific bit's been around for very long.

Kizor: Good. Then I'll stand aside, that was another editor's addition.

Lord Incompetent: MY addition! My first MOW! And I've only made a bare handful of edits! I accept with great pleasure!

Large Blunt Object: To Charred Knight, for a hilarious line on Ctrl Alt Del:

Charred Knight: I have yet to see a single person like that story arc, so I saw no reason to pretend that its Milage May Vary.

Lord TNK: I liked it. I was surprised, but it didn't turn the series into nothing but shock and Squick that everyone assumed it was going to be.

Prfnoff: To Die Hard, for this sentence in Parody Sue:
But please don't be fooled - they were intended to be about as serious as a duck glued to a lemon used to fight crime.

And while we're on the trend of adding Wild Mass Guessing entries, may I nominate this one from the Doctor Who page:

The Doctor is a Time Lord!

Dangermike: Thank you!

That Other 1 Dude: The response to my theory in the Wild Mass Guessing of Naruto

Tobi is a Skrull
  • Seriously, not only is he Madara Uchiha and the Mizukage, there are reasonable arguments that he's also Danzo and/or Obito. How the hell else could he be possibly anyone?

Karalora: A nod to the perpetrator of this line and pothole from Expospeak Gag:

Mostly because I just re-read the book yesterday. It would have flown right over my heid (like a wee burdie—CHEEP!) otherwise.

Noaqiyeum: I seem to be running into a lot of these lately. This one is from the write-up on the Dark Knight Trilogy:
  • Gotham City: "We're Glad You're Here."
    • "...For Some Reason Everyone Keeps Moving Away."

Real Slim Shadowen: The "We're Glade You're Here" thing was someone else's, but "...for some reason" is mine. w00t to the newt.

alliterator: A MoW to Eponymous Kid for this comment in YKTTW: "Yeah, Right To Your Thighs sounds like thighs are the right of all sentient beings." Because it made me laugh so hard.

Eponymous Kid: While I thought it was funny when I wrote it, I have to say I'm surprised anyone got that.

That Other 1 Dude: Whoever launched Index Syndrome, for doing something I was too damn lazy to work all the way through like three times.
Ninjacrat: This theory from Haruhi Suzumiya:

The entire series is an Adventures of Mikuru Asahina Self-Insert Fic. Haruhi is an original-character Mary Sue.
The author, American 7th-grader Harriet Sussmeyer, ships Itsuki with the canonically minor character Kyon (yet fails to come up with an actual name for him), refuses to believe Yuki is the villain, and has a Deviant Art account full of drawings of Mikuru in random costumes. Naturally, she's much better acquainted with the conventions of anime than with those of actual Japanese society, on which she Did Not Do The Research.

because oh my god it's full of stars.

whitetigah: This theory is a thing of beauty. Heartily seconding the MOW nomination.

Wascally Wabbit: Has just fallen out of his chair from the pure concentrated WIN of this theory.

Scud East: Thanks. I merely report.

silvercat: To whoever added the Final Fantasy XI example to Infinity +1 Sword. Specifically this line: This game takes this trope, shoots it, buries it, digs it back up to slice its nuts off and shove them down its throat, brings it back to life and has it watch its daughter get raped and shot in the head, then it gets pissed on, covered in gasoline, lit on fire, then thrown into a black hole where the resident Cosmic Horror awaits to torture it until the end of eternity.

Donomni: I'll never let you go! Never, ever, ever! But honestly, FFXI seems to pride itself on extremes to the point of Sparta. Although they seem to want to take it down a peg with the next update.

alliterator: A Made Of Win to all those who added characters and tropes to The Wonderful Wizard of Oz. Man, I read all 14 of Baum's Oz books back when I was twelve and this is just bringing back memories. Of how freaking weird Baum could get.
onyhow: whoever adds the Q-Ship example in The Ship Yard.

Large Blunt Object: That whole page is utterly brilliant.

Silent Hunter: Q-Ship is a four way split, I believe. I know I added the James Bond reference. Is that a whole MOW or a quarter one?

onyhow: If there's no problem for me giving 4 of them, then each example can count as 1 whole MOW...all of them deserves it...

Silent Hunter: Thank you.

Smokie: A line from X Meets Y:
  • "Yuki Nagato: Rei Ayanami meets Agent Smith and, later, Mark Knopfler." Hilarious!

Shay Guy: I put the original version, which had "Bruce Springsteen" instead. I imagine I would've put Knopfler if I knew who he was. Does that count?

K.o.R: A MoW to whoever found the picture for Victoria's Secret Compartment. Couldn't have imagined a more perfect example.
Silent Hunter: Brickie, for adding the flags and maps in Useful Notes.
Sikon: This part of I Thought It Meant struck me as particularly funny:Bein Sane: A-thank you.
Seanette: Niakshin for this in Southern-Fried Private: "Despite the title, this trope is not a cross between Groin Attack and Kill it With Fire."

Niakshin: ^_^

Maso Tey: The troper who described Home Alone as "Straw Dogs for kids" (in Trailers Always Spoil).
Seanette: Maso Tey for this laugh-out-loud comment about Stephen King's fondness for writing stories set in the Town with a Dark Secret:"** His best known peculiar little towns are Derry (IT) and Castle Rock (good number of stories), both in Maine, which tend to redline the weird-shit-o-meter on a regular basis."

Maso Tey: Not mine, actually; all I did was pothole Lovecraft Country.

Seanette: Whups, misread the edit history and the info on whoever did add that line is now lost to posterity.

Dante668: That was mine, though i borrowed "weird-shit-o-meter term from Men in Black. Thanks for the MOW and the Pothole. ^_^

Large Blunt Object: Two utterly hilarious bits in Fan Haters.
Examples of things Fan Haters attack:

Somewhat more specific examples of things Fan Haters attack:


  • The mutual hatred between Warhammer/Warhammer 40000 fans and War Machine fans almost rivals the violent, reactionary hatred you'd get in their respective settings.
    • Now THAT'S grimdark!

Kizor: That's me for #1. Danke.

Karalora: It's not exactly a Made Of Win nomination, but I want to give a personally motivated Shout-Out to whomever linked the photo of the fan art wall at Nickelodeon Studios to the Avatar: The Last Airbender page. The people perusing the wall are my sister and brother-in-law!
Noaqiyeum: To the author of the summary of Night Watch: your choice of page quote makes me want to read that now. Congratulations.

Sikon: The quotes are actually a pretty straight adaptation of similar lead quotes to the book (I think) and the movie themselves, but as a Russian, I find it highly refreshing that there's an article on that.

Schrodingers Duck: Skyblade, for the title of An Economy Is You.
Zephid: A point to the troper(s) who added the picture and caption to Made of Explodium. A perfect combination.

Shale: That's Kalle for the picture. Not sure who added the caption, but it does rule.

Kalle: Hee, I just noticed this. Awesome. :3 (and I added the caption as well, BTW.)

Adam850: Heh, the picture caption in Grandpa God. I know it's immature, but I laughed.

Freezair For A Limited Time: Agreed with that MOW! I've often thought he looked like he was either saying that or "I'm not touching yooooou!" Have half a MOW point from me, whomever.

Mystyc: Micah, for all the pages helped out and delisted from Pages Needing Wicks. Wicks make the Wiki.

Freezair For A Limited Time: And a hearty "Hip hip hooray" and a free (digital) drink from my quarter. Both because I enjoy seeing my idea see use, and because it helps make the Wiki so much more interconnected, easy to navigate... and if you're a hapless newblet wandering in for the first time, that much more of a time suck.

Silent Hunter: Winter, for starting on the China pages.
Donomni: lordTNK gets one for having the beginning of Fan Haters actually make sense. That gigantic bolded phrase that was there was flat-out confusing.
Egak: From Older Than They Think, "Ramen, brother."

Morgan Wick: I don't get it.

{{Cassius 335}: Now you mention it, me neither. Something to do with noodles?

Haven: It's a joke that doesn't work if you try to say it out loud - the analogy is with "amen, brother", and I believe the intent was to express solidarity in the same way that the phrase "amen, brother" would do, only with geeks (since the statement it was in reply to was "...the realization that I am a complete geek).(spoiler'd because, if you got it and understood it, reading that just might ruin humor for you. Not the joke, but all humor, ever. There is a good reason why Don't Explain the Joke exists, and I have just violated that sacred maxim, and in doing so, undone the laughter of millions of little children.)

Morgan Wick: I caught the analogy with "amen, brother", I just don't see why bother to change it to "ramen" or why the change is MoW-worthy. Does it have to do with a stereotype of college students?

It was probably a reference to The Flying Spaghetti Monster. (Has he touched you with his noodly appendage?)

Darktalon: It is a Flying Spaghetti Monster reference.

Tsundere Lightning: This entry in YKTTW on hitting them while they're talking:

So, you've got a character who thinks fair fights are for suckers, and he's up against some idiot who won't shut up because he's trying to sound intimidating but comes across as a cheesy actor repeating overused lines. Or perhaps he was smart enough to trick the foe into talking too much. The only thing for our savvy fighter to do in this case is - oof!

OW! DAMN man, this was just a trope description! I wasn't offering to illustrate!

Radical Taoist: ... *says nothing just in case, but is grateful nonetheless*

Morgan Wick: Apparently Wick's Rule of Trope Co entries has been replaced by Wick's Rule of Self Demonstrating Articles.

Radical Taoist: A MOW to SAMAS for sprucing up Trying To Catch Me Fighting Dirty with a line I should have thought of. I spruced it up a little if you don't mind.
Agent CH: A MOW to Moocow for the picture caption on Most Common Superpower.

Cassius335: The picture doesn't have anything to do with the actual Wonder Twins though. It's one of those captions that's more juvenille than actually funny.

Yaguar: A MOW to idledandy for for his awesome pothole in the ykttw for Edited To Change Its Meaning:

  • A really laughable example occurred the other night after Michael Phelps won his 8th gold. NBC played a montage of all the golds set to "In Your Eyes" by Peter Gabriel, apparently only because during the 200m Butterfly, Phelps's goggles failed and he swam the whole thing with water in his eyes.

Meta Four: Pisthetairos, for describing Trainstopping as "A bit like The Worf Effect, except Worf is a train."

Pisthetairos: A Made Of Win commendation? Haha, Take That!, parents who said I'd never achieve anything! (thanks)

The Bad Wolf: to Unknown Troper for potholing the links Twenty20 matches and Test cricket in Cricket Rules.
The Toon Geekette: Whoever added the second part of this in Frothy Mugs of Water:

"*Dumbo has the titular character accidentally get drunk and start hallucinating. Off half a bottle of Champagne diluted in an entire tub of water. Which Dumbo only drinks a few trunkfuls of. Lightweight.

Made of Win because of the use of an always funny Dr. McNinja line.

Haven: Whoever added this in Thundercats, add one MoW and one ruined childhood (not really) to your tally.

Does This Remind You of Anything? (The Sword of Omens, which lengthens dramatically when it's time for action, but needs a firm hand on its grip and verbal encouragement.)

Seanette: Sunday Troper, for a very well-done and highly apropos revision of the writeup for Memento.
Earnest: A real McCoy Made of Win point to Unknown 20 Troper for the picture and caption added to The McCoy.

InkkiBookman: Thank you ^_^ I noticed the McCoy was pictureless and I remembered the perfect pic to use because you know...

griffinguy24: Whoever added the picture of Kulkulkan (aka Quetzalcoatl) to the Cue Cullen page, know that you've warmed the cockles of this Aztec/Maya/Toltec nerd's heart

Earnest: Twas I. Interestingly, the trope was named partly as an homage to Cúchulainn and Peter Cullen, which has several tin-foil tastic homophones.

BrightBlueInk: Light Warden, for adding an arrow in Pettanko pointing directly to the ad showing busty lingerie models and inviting us to "compare with [the] sidebar". I got a good laugh out of that one.

Citizen: Er... If the intention was the ad (which I would expect to change over time), it wouldn't have been compare. I believe it is referring to the flatness of the sidebar.

To whoever added in Final Speech the V for Vendetta example, and had the spoilered part say V, (this spoiler block is being lengthened so it's actually useful). So, so true.

A K47x 2: This wasn't me, but seconded. This should be standard for all One-Letter Name spoilers.

Shay Guy: Just saw the picture on Revised Ending for the first time. Kudos, Sikon.

Sikon: Thanks!

C Trombley: Bluetooth The Pirate for the following sentence: There are so many threads of repeating gag loops, fading in and out throughout the film, that it's like a comedy movie written as techno music.

Also whoever had the idea to make a Manos The Hands Of Fate page. I just stared at it for a long time.

Shale: Fly, for the pothole of "Worst. Pun. Ever." in Amateur Photographer. It's so true.
Aliaras: Whoever wrote and contributed to You Fail Logic Forever, particularly whoever added Your Head Asplode at the end. You all win. READABLE guide to logical fallacies.

Anonymous Mc Cartneyfan: I didn't start the fire, but I did add a couple of fallacies. Thanks!

Silent Hunter: To all those involved in splitting Crowning Moment Of Awesome into series entries. Overdue, really.

Charred Knight: While I was the one who pushed for it, I think Fast Eddie should take all the credit for doing the actual work.

Fast Eddie: Well, it ain't finished yet. Somebody who cares about anime can finish it. Here's a link to the index:Anime

Shay Guy: I'd still prefer a change in either definition or name. And I still wish CK would lay off the TTGL fans, being one myself. Maybe a "General Complaints" and a "General Gushing" namespace would help.

Insanity Prelude: I expect the Devil May Cry page under it to expand at least 10x now, since people are bound to take this as an excuse for General Gushing. Not that I mind, personally- it's fun to read.- edit: Or are we only splitting Anime?

Fast Eddie: No. Live-Action TV has already been split. Any of the other media could be, too.

Charred Knight: I made some splits in both Literature, Video Games, and Mecha Anime as well. I like Gurren Lagann, I find it to be refreshing, where most mecha anime now have whiny protaganist, and try to be "realistic". I just don't like it when some members are so over the top about it with caplocks, and proclaiming it the most awesome anime series ever, and want it to have special recognition.

Describe Airplane here.
It's a large box with wings, but that's not important right now.

That is an absolutely perfect way to start that article.

bluepenguin: Damn, someone's changed it now. It was funnier when it was simpler.

Ecliptor Calrissian: Whoever wrote the page quote of The McCoy. Awesome.

Earnest: Thanks! It even goes with the ones for The Kirk and The Spock.

Wascally Wabbit: It may not be the right place to say this, but a big hand to whoever's responsible for the new namespace symbols. The make the recent changes list so much easier to use that I'm already wondering how we managed without them.

Fast Eddie: Thanks, yo.

L: I have no "Made Of Win"s to offer at this time, but I would like to instead offer a "Made Of What?" to the person who described something so antiquated that it must have existed 'since God crapped out the first caveman." (source). Obviously I've been reading the wrong version of Genesis.

The Bad Wolf: Well I'll give that person a Made Of Win, who ever that is they're reading my kind of Genesis.

Eponymous Kid: That'sa The Venture Brothers reference; Hunter Gathers says that "After God crapped out the third caveman, a conspiracy was hatched against one of them."

Off the page for Intercourse with You

  • "Afternoon Delight" (Performed by The Starland Vocal Band.)
    • I love lamp.
    • Do you really love lamp?

It's not witty or clever, but I, like so many others, am just a sucker for an Anchorman reference.

Whoever wrote the following in Too Dumb to Live has won a lifetime supply of Internets:"Elaida from the Wheel Of Time might be too dumb to die—as in, she could be impaled in the head with a Blighted tree specifically charged by the True Power to kill anything it touched instantaneously and she would be too confused about what was going on to actually bother to drop dead."

Real Slim Shadowen: That was me. I dunno, I think it's kinda clunky...hey, what are you doing? I didn't say I didn't want the lifetime supply of Internets!

That Other 1 Dude: Most of the main article of Godwin's Law of Time Travel, but especially this line:

"Talked to the wrong person? Nazi victory! Left technology back before the dinosaurs were wiped out? Nazi victory! Stepped on a bug? Nazi victory! Prevented a Nazi victory? Nazi victory!"

{{Art $avage}}: On the Massive Multiplayer Crossover, specifically the example of the anti-drug commercials that featured cartoon characters helping kids stay off of drugs."if you can see Smurfs, there's a good chance you're tripping balls already."
GG Crono: Whoever wrote Those Two Bad Guys deserves an effing medal. I, as the cool kids say these days, lol'd.

alliterator: Thank you. I love writing entries that are self demonstrating.

Nits: I have to give one to the person who wrote one spoilered line in the middle of Tear Jerker examples from Harry Potter. I'm reading all those sad, heartwrenching examples and then highlight the line "I just want to join in". Talk about Mood Whiplash!
Kinitawowi: One Made Of Win and one million internets to whoever added You may be forgetting someone to "There is one character that exists in all works of fiction" on WMG.
Nausicaa: Whoever wrote the Mork And Mindy example on This Is Your Premise on Drugs, you had me bent over the keyboard laughing like a mad thing for about ten minutes straight. It's funny because it's true.

Lurkerbunny: Thank you, 'twas me. I got the idea when it was revealed Orkans have two hearts... but then I read that in a later episode they said they have three hearts. That doesn't change the fact that Mork acts like a combo of the Fourth and (early) Seventh Doctors on a mix of Pixi Stix and cocaine.

Maso Tey: alliterator for WriteAFilmNoir. Very clever . . . I especially like the ending.

alliterator: Thanks. I love Film Noir, so I decided to go for that in style as well as substance.

Silent Hunter: Good one!

Octal: Oh, that was great.

Grimace: Hate to seem like I'm jumping on the bandwagon, but that was brilliant.

Radical Taoist: It was a good setup and a better execution. I watched the police photographer snap shots of my late colleague's gutshot corpse and lit a cigarette. This trope page would have writers going at their keyboards for hours and I needed a steady typing hand.

Bob: Chris X for the objection in Playing with Fire. Sure, he could have just corrected it, but where would the fun be in that?

  • Kyo Kusanagi, Iori Yagami, and most of the Kyo clones from The King Of Fighters.
    • Orochi Shermie used fire, too, cementing her as the New Faces Team's Kyo counterpart.

Across The Stars: Fleb, for being possibly the only troper besides me to edit anything in relation to David Archuleta. And especially for editing the Ho Yay example involving the Davids.
Real Slim Shadowen: Everyone who added a fnord to Ancient Conspiracy, give yourself a pat on the back and a MoW point.

Noaqiyeum: I don't know what you're talking about and I had absolutely nothing to do with... whatever it was.

Robert Bingham: Only fnord I added was after the Feng Shui example dealing with the Ascended, to my knowledge. I'll take the MOW regardless.

Deux Hero: nlpnt for this line in Cereal Vice Reward "Truth in Television - Most parents won't care whether or not the couch got shampooed if a stranger just burst through the living room wall."
Maso Tey: Kuciwalker for the third sentence in Ravens Hate Edgar Allen Poe (in YKTTW).
That Other 1 Dude: Point to Viewer for the pic for Total Party Kill. Where the hell did you get that?

Noaqiyeum: [snicker] Seconded. I've seen that around on the internet, actually, but I don't remember where.

Rothul: Matthew The Raven for the concept of the Anthropomorphic Personification theme-party mentioned on Forgotten Trope

T-Jack: Author(s) of the Portugese/Spanish discussion in Gratuitous English.

Rothul: Red Shoe for the well placed and hilarious "Citation Needed" on the Vagina Dentata page.

Yaguar: I'd just like to second that. That was amazing.

Doug S. Machina: The writer of Her Codename Was Mary Sue deserves praise for that. And for undoubtedly being wonderful, good-looking, hugely competent and attracting a large harem.

K.o.R: Not in an entry, but still a fine example of how to do our job:

Looney Toons: How dare the infidels create and insist on keeping a fun title? This is not fun. We do not have fun here. This is the TV Tropes Wiki! We are not doing our jobs unless we make the officious little pricks at Wikipedia look like careless slackers!

Looney Toons: Thank you! You don't know how heartwarming it is to know that people appreciate my snark and sarcasm.

Scud East: From the first example in The Oner: "...filmed like a oner, it actually needed two shots... The cuts are disguised with WhipPans." I see what you did there.
Grimace: To whoever added the There Will Be Blood picture and/or caption to Devil in Plain Sight page. I usually control my humour-glands but this gave me a good laugh. My flatmate came running to found out what the fuss was about.
tennessean: One nomination to whoever wrote the Quantum Mariah Carey Problem article. This Troper was certainly laughing at the sheer brilliance of it!

The Bad Wolf: thank you, though I'd have to give some props to Dangermike for his comment in E = MC Hammer that inspired me.

Doug S. Machina: Another from me. I found it here, and envy this talent. Also, the redirect for Just For Fun called Super Serious Stuff is a nice touch.

Dangermike: Props accepted! And boomerang props back to you for running with it. I should make offhand jokes more often if it inspires whole new articles.

Bob: One MOW to whoever put the image in The Stinger.

Silent Hunter: Thanks for that, wasn't expecting it. It's, of course, a Stinger hand-held SAM launcher being fired. Seemed appropriate.

Medinoc: And I give you a second MOW, since I almost burst into laugher when I just saw it.

Wascally Wabbit: Applause to everyone who used the word Flanderisation in the This! Is! SPARTA! debacle. It's great to see the Pattern Language at work.

Bob: I just imitated Kerrah. All credit goes to him/her/it (the contributor page doesn't clarify).

CAD: My compliments to Grimace for adding the latest edit to Chekovs Gun. I actually spewed soda out of my nose.

Grimace: Cheers for that (and my apologies to your nostrils). I'd like to add my own mini-Made of Win to whoever created that page in the first place. I keep stumbling onto it, and smile every time.

Katsuhagi: From Foe Yay, which made me almost spit soda out from laughing despite the inappropriateness:

"Of course, Slade treats all his victims that way. Just ask Raven. Or Terra. Slade is, essentially, the Amber Alert from hell."

Just because it's so perfect.

That Other 1 Dude: The page image for Flame War. Bonus points for using a frame where it looks like he's flipping someone off.

Citizen: I guess this counts as my win (for the pic), then?

Freezair For A Limited Time: Whoever added the quote to the Crowning Moment Of Awesome Video Games page. It's perfect.

Bob: That was me. I saw it in the Did You Just Punch Out Cthulhu? article and thought "A dragon doesn't really count as a Did You Just Punch Out Cthulhu?. It would make a good quote for Crowning Moment Of Awesome Video Games, though."

The Trope Pantheons. Every. Single. Page. Everyone involved in dreaming that up gets a point.And an extra point for whoever wrote the description of Azula's downfall.
Japanese Teeth: A Made Of Win for whoever added this to the WMG page for Code Geass:

"The entire series is leading up to the sight of Evil Benjamin Franklin at the controls of a giant robot."

As well as the person who added:

" At this point, Good Benjamin Franklin will arrive from our continuity in his own reality-warping mecha to Set Things Right."

SAMAS: Peteman for the Azula, Revolver Ocelot, and David Xanatos entries for the Council of Shadows. Especially this line:

"And lo, when the Blue Dragon was laid low by the frost and flame, did Overlord Xanatos steeple his fingers and smirk." Xanatos 3:16. Phase two is complete.

Karalora: A probably belated mention to any and all tropers who have been contributing to the blue-shifting of the Disney Animated Canon index page. Especially whoever has been tracking down the original movie posters to use as page images.
Enlong: Not sure if WMG stuff counts, but Chuckg for this line in the Avatar WMG:
  • Why does he need to search for her personally? All he has to do is have it become widely known throughout the lands that the exile of Lady Urza is hereby lifted by decree of Fire Lord Zuko, please come home, if you still don't feel safe coming home right away then please leave a message c/o Gen.(ret.) Iroh, Jasmine Dragon Tea Shop, Ba Sing Se. Its not like Urza wanted to leave, after all.

To whomever wrote the entry on Frank Miller in Signature Style. (Dick Grayson, Age 12, would have certainly approved.

Octal: Seconded.

Eponymous Kid: Thirded. Does he ever hang out with Eikichi Onizuka, Age 22?

Maso Tey: To Specialist 290, for the Chess article. A good thing in theory, and executed well.

Silent Hunter: An excellent gambit, leading to an opponent's resignation. Exquisite.

Specialist290: Many thanks :)

Kriegsmesser: To whichever troper added the "Expect your tomatoes to be spoiled" line in Tomato in the Mirror. Just for Pun at its best.
Octochan: This one's for the person who wrote the summary of Star Wars on the Ninja Pirate Zombie Robot page.
Noaqiyeum: For the notice under Children Raise You: "Note: This can, but does not specifically, occur in Soviet Russia."

Dangermike: In Soviet Russia, you thank me!

DomaDoma: Radical Taoist, for the epic trash-talking of Joffrey on Royal Brats.

Radical Taoist: I merely named the king by his proper title, ser. *EDIT* Gods be good, someone put me down on the tally for the egocentric. Didn't expect to be there. Typo corrected.

Midonin: Redkun, a tip of the hat from me for the usage of Kenji in God-Mode Sue. If there's any article that deserves a quote and picture from Ryukendo, it's probably that one.
Seanette: Lale, for all the effort put in to undo the WMG and IJBM vandalism perpetrated earlier today (7/22/08).
Bob: The Unknown Troper who made this comment in the YKTTW "Finally Done Right".

"Well if you ask me (which I notice you're not), Evangelion without the mind screw would be like apple pie without the apples. Or the pie. In fact it would be like being in a parallel universe where neither apples nor pies exist."

Kriegsmesser: A Made Of Win to Solandra for adding about half of the examples to Fan Fic Recommendations. I'm gonna be busy...
Master Hand: Congrats to whoever added the line "Hey, you do not mess with the Metrosexuals of the Wild West!" to Frothy Mugs of Water, in response to The Lone Ranger always changing bars to cafes. I laughed so hard,, grape juice...came out of my nose.
Lord TNK: Vampire Buddha, for why The Un-Twist needs no examples: "Any plot twist can become The Untwist to a sufficiently paranoid reader."
Kizor: Zephid for An Aesop's line "War And Peace: There are no Magnificent Bastards, only bastards who think themselves magnificent." I love it when we sum something up well in our completely different terms. The line's value would be diminished by Magnificent Bastard heavy overuse due to poorly thought-out applications, but rather than using it this line explains why it isn't used.

(For another example of such a description, Crystal Spires and Togas received a note that equated it to crossing the Bishōnen Line, only with civilizations.)

Zephid: Why thank you!

Jojabar: Irothtin for his addition of a chart showing exactly how The Catapult Turtle Flying Castle Gambit worked.

That Other 1 Dude: That's actually the design for a T-shirt they started selling at the Yu-Gi-Oh The Abridged Series website.

Madacaek: I nominate Jojabar for editing "a house stuffed full with items she has stolen" in the Kleptomaniac Hero entry on the Touhou page to "a house stuffed full of precious things she has stolen", ze!
Rogue 7: to Doma Doma for recommending Dumbledore's Army and the Year of Darkness, as it is without doubt the best fan fiction I've ever read.
Silent Hunter: Long overdue this one, but it still makes me smile:
  • While we are all fond of the versatility of woodchippers, a Viking-style funeral pyre in the open air is a much classier way to send that loved one to Valhalla. Even if it does violate many, many local health and safety ordinances.

From Burn Baby Burn.

Unknown Troper: Author Existence Failure: Best title ever. It explains the purpose of the article perfectly, is succinct, and it's funny. Kudos to whoever thought of it.

Citizen: Me; I was playing off of Critical Existence Failure.

{{Andrew:}}: A nomination for our banner advertising software, which placed an ad for "Feminist Blowjob Ringtones" on the Straw Feminist page. I don't even want to know what exactly a "Feminist blowjob ringtone" sounds like, but I still got a hearty laugh when I saw that ad.

Doug S. Machina: I had to go and look, but I got "Chat With Single Arabs" instead. Say what?

Dangermike: And I saw "", a dating service for rich guys to meet pretty bimbos. Which is hilarious, especially when it's on that page. Oh, and it probably suonds like "Mmmmf, glou shouglaniff kig mastald!"

DocDragon: And I'm seeing ads for a Lesbian Dating Service... We get the most awesomely hilarious ads here.

YnK: A Made Of Win to alliterator for the intro to the Fun with Subtitles page.

alliterator: Thänk ÿøû!

The Toon Geekette: Who came up with the idea for the Sugar Bowl page's description? Because that is just brilliant.

Earnest: Thank you kindly, I wanted to do a bit more than just describe it and couldn't pass up the chance to do something a little risky.

Haven: Seconded, that was amazing.

Meocross: that was excellent was grinning when i reached the end hahahaha *gives you a cookie*

Doug S. Machina: "The Loins Sleep Tonight". Just the title justifies its existence. It is Awesome squared.

Lord TNK: It's my trope, but Duncan and Fanra helped me get the title.

J Bridge: Whoever wrote up the article on The Ring, you win one AWESOME.

Zeke: The best part is that Sadako's curse really was deleted on that page. I had put it there earlier as a placeholder. (That text is paraphrased from what appears at the end of Sadako's original video in the Japanese version; naturally, the warning got taped over. Her American equivalent, Samara, was not generous enough to provide one in the first place.) I agree, it's good to have a real article there now.

Nerdorama: A salute to the Unknown Troper responsible for the enormously ridiculous Yoshiyuki Tomino crossover theory on the Mobile Suit Gundam WMG page. In case you couldn't tell, I rather like this kind of Wild Mass Guessing. I think my very first Made of Win suggestion was directed at the Studio Gainax equivalent, actually...
Lord TNK: Whoever put the Duffman example in Third-Person Person. I still laugh when reading it out loud
Doug S. Machina: Rule of Cool: "This article brought to you by Death playing an electric guitar." Yes! Awesome.
That Other 1 Dude: Point to Red Viking in The Wesley, for explaining the fan-reaction to Sasuke Uchiha in a way that is both funnier and more accurate then any I have seen before.
kkad: The image for the RapeAsDrama page is so hilariously awful it still makes me laugh every time I think about it.

Insanity Prelude: Found it on 4chan and I just had to put it up.

That Other 1 Dude: The image in the Rambo article.

Citizen: And once again, Made Of Win serves the opposite purpose. =P It was this (hotlinked) image.

That Other 1 Dude: I can just upload that picture, right?

Specialist290: Might want to resize it a little, too, but otherwise, nothing wrong w/ saving it to your HD and uploading it here.

Citizen: It wasn't a good image, anyway. You need an actual picture of Rambo there, instead.

Cukeman: Kudos to the author of the following sentence in Emergency Weapon:
  • "Often, this weapon is your bare hands, because if you run out of bare hands, you have a whole lot more trouble on your stumps than just limited weaponry."

Cassius335: Oooh, seconded.

Real Slim Shadowen: Yay me!

Earnest: I just want to thank everyone who helped in making Fantastic Aesop, well, fantastic. All the polish is making it practically gleam!

Katsuhagi: To the Anonymous who added this line about Gankutsuou in What Do You Mean, It Wasn't Made on Drugs?, just because it's so true:
  • "That's because you haven't read the manga, which was definitely made on several substances unknown to mortals and on summoning Salvador Dali's soul after he went through the nine circles of Hell."

Sparkysharps: A made of win to whoever created the Wearing a Flag on Your Head article. Especially for the constant shoehorning of America into every example.

Lord TNK: Well Bandit Keith from Yu Gi Oh The Abridged Series actually did shoehorn mentions of America in every other line. BTW, I let the article sit for two days after launching, because I just couldn't think of something.

Freezair For A Limited Time: This exchange in Large Ham is absolutely perfect:

  • Hitler.
    • Dude, you got your Godwin in my ham!
      • Mmm, Godwin's Ham.

Dangermike: The last line was me, I don't know who was responsible for the original two.

cg12345: The second one was me. I second Dangermike's nomination for the third line. Brilliant!

Dangermike: *Blush* Thanks to you and whoever first added Hitler, without which my comment would have made no frakkin' sense at all.

Meta Four: One for the Unknown Troper who gave a hilarious and completely useless answer to my question in JustBugsMe.Hellboy.
Cukeman: Whoever made The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything article, I love you forever.

Freezair For A Limited Time: I launched it and wrote up the basic description, but it was originally an Up For Grabs YKTTW. I accidentally edited it before launching it, though, so I don't know who that original was! Oh well. *salutes them*

Meocross: This Entry: Tropers Do It Without Notability dam friggi'n WINNAGE.

alliterator: Thanks, but you have to give props to Mystyc for giving me the title and recommending I Pot Hole everything.

Mystyc: ...which you did spectacularly. That displayed impressive command of the wiki. I heartily approve this win-point.

The Stray: To whoever fixed my stupid spelling mistake in the title of Suspiciously Specific Denial. You rock, and deserve a cookie.
Scud East: To Mustex, or whoever came up with the title Your Vampires Suck. The penny took a minute to drop.
Kizor: Here I go awarding quotes again, but a warm thank you to Geoduck for the best possible opening Apocalyptic Log could possibly have.

Geoduck: Well, thanks to Shel Silverstein, then. He more than deserves it..

Heliomance: The Pot Holed Overly Long Gag on Ship-to-Ship Combat had me in tears of laughter.
Lumbargo: The person who put the picture on Twincest deserves a medal.
alliterator: To whoever wrote this in Reverse the Polarity: "Captain... we could reverse the polarity of the positron toilet and send a stream of charged crap particles toward the Romulans, rather than away..." which made me laugh out loud.
Zander Schubert: For whoever added "They could have called him Dennis!" in Shaped Like Itself.

Uknown Troper: Seconded. Kudos to Anony Monk for that one.

Freezair For A Limited Time: Everyone who's contributed to the succession of edits to the disclaimer on the TV Tropes Wiki Drinking Game. Reading them all, the person involved appears to be getting steadily more drunk, and more hilarious with it.

Radical Taoist: Thank you for my first MOW. I'm glad I could start something funny.

Deux Hero:whoever added this too "Banned in China" "Yet another way the Saudi government is like your elementary school principal."
Heliomance: Mystyc, for the name Xanatos Funeral.

Mystyc: Aw shucks, 'tweren't nothin'. Considering the only other point I was given never actually made it to this page, I think I get to join Willy Four Eyes in the between-whole-numbers limbo. :-)

That Other 1 Dude: Mascot with Attitude, for the pothole in the word "egregious".

Freezair For A Limited Time: Yay! My first Made Of Win nomination! I'd like to thank the Academy... *teary eyes*

Donomni: Whoever made these faaaaaabulous pink bars.

Large Blunt Object: That was Fast Eddie.

dockmarm: While it's still actually fresh in our brains, Ununnilium, for actually changing the asscaps in Shaped Like Itself from The Really Real World to The Actually Real World. I actually found it quite amusing.

Ununnilium: Aw, thanks. Just thought it rolled off the tongue a bit better. (Off... the monitor... yeah.)

Japanese Teeth: A Made Of Win to whoever added the line, "There's a lamp in the middle of a cave. Are you a worthy enough dude to take it?" to the Just Bugs Me entry for Aladdin. Makes me laugh every time I see it.
Seanette: E Of Pi, for the title for Reichstropen
This Troper: A Made Of Win to whoever it was on the Ratatouille article who wrote something about Linguini "being sick of the harionette treatment." (Their name is probably somewhere on the article's history, but I'm sort of a n00b and don't know how to check past edits or IP addresses.

dockmarm: At the top of each article, there are blue boxes with brown borders — check the one that says "page history". In this case, I believe the MOW goes to Haruko.

Kriegsmesser: Two Made Of Win for the I Read That As. One to Unknown Troper for his "Touch My Vorlons" IRTA, and one to an unknown troper who linked Horror Before Reason to my Rule of Scary article.
Freezair For A Limited Time: I'm probably extremely late to this, but I was looking through Better Than It Sounds and saw the description of The Emperors New Groove. Whoever chose the verb "ruminates" is completely awesome.

Karalora: *waves* (This makes two Better Than It Sounds entries I've gotten an MOW for.)

Freezair For Alimited Time: Prooving that I Fail Biology Forever, I did have to do a quick Wikipedia check to make sure that llamas are, in fact, ruminants. I was sure they were, but my mind was slipping.

Specialist290: Large Blunt Object, for More Dakka. All of it.

Donomni: Coming from someone who isn't into Warhammer, it is pretty damn hilarious.

Large Blunt Object: Thanks! Now I just need to stop a couple of zealots completely removing it...

Looney Toons: I think that's been accomplished. I hope.

Large Blunt Object: I hoped there wasn't even a debate after the first couple of people weighed in. Cosmetor is kind of persistent about such things, though. (later) Yep, there he goes... (later still) And now he tries to take the moral high ground. I'm just going to sit back and laugh.

Looney Toons: He's not going to have much success when his moral high ground is below sea level. And boggy.

Large Blunt Object: It really grates that the near-last thing on that page is him being all "reasonable" and acting like the victim after days of stubborn bullshit and ignoring absolutely everyone. Still, beats the last thing on the page me calling him out on it and looking all petty...

Etrangere: The A Knights Tale page. The whole of it (so far).
Guesss Who: the potholes in the YKTTW 'Deadly Decadent Court'

Gemmifer: Thank you - that's my first Made of Win. :D

LO Rd: Fanra gets kudos for the best possible freaking picture one could put in the Immortal Immaturity article.
Cassius335: The Bad Wolf (I think) for the following from Our Super-Strict Language Policy:

"Whether you really need the quote from the movie Narc with 9 uses of the word fuck out of a total of 11 words is a matter left up the discussion page of that article about kittens you put it on."

Glidergun: Whoever potholed "Hell Yes" to "For Science!" in the Misapplied Phlebotinum Other...thank you.
Irothtin: Whoever added the Metal Gear paragraph to Badass Bookworm.

Guy Smiley: That would be me. Glad someone liked it.

alliterator: I can't believe I just noticed this now: a Made Of Win to dockmarm for changing the asscaps in Shaped Like Itself to be actual tautologies: "Live-Action TV with People," "Japanese Anime," "Western Animated Cartoons," "Film Movies," "Written Literature," "The Really Real World," "Internet Web Animation," "Illustrated Webcomics," and "Music Songs."

dockmarm: Thanks for my first MOW! Credit where due—I started the trend, but some have been slightly tweaked since then. "The Really Real World" is entirely someone else's work.

ComputerSherpa: The second line after the quote in Large Ham made me cry. Well done, TV Tropes.
ComputerSherpa: A Made Of Win is awarded to whoever wrote this line in Freud Was Right: "And in case anyone was wondering, he is also shipping You/Your Mother."

That Other 1 Dude: The line came from listing Freud in the Trope Pantheon, and I believe was already nominated.

Zephid: A point to whoever phrased Willy Four Eyes point total in Made Of Win as 1 < x < 2.

Willy Four Eyes: That was me, but I'll withhold the point on this one. I forget who scored the other half of the MOW point.

Donomni: Whoever put in this originally in Crowning Moment Of Heartwarming:

I still wish it was in that article.

Bob: That was me.

Cassius335: And I'm the one who removed it, because that makes no sense at all in any context. "Hell Yeah!" + "Aww" =/= "Is it done yet?"

Bob: Yes, we have established that already. I know that I had a specific example in mind when I wrote it, but I can't remember what it was.

Caswin: Whoever wrote the Illuminatus! entry on Order Versus Chaos. I cracked up, such that I attracted attention to myself and had to briefly summarize the "link-fu" (not my exact words) used around here in explaining the joke. Your link-fu is strong.

Ununnilium: I can't remember if that was me or if I just tweaked someone else's entry.

Zephid: On This Is a Drill, first to whoever added the "Boooo!" in the article. Secondly, to those responsible for mentioning Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann three times in the Anime examples.

Shay Guy: I added number three, but Heliomance was the one who said "It should probably be the first example, and possibly the third, fifth and seventh as well just for fun" in the YKTTW discussion.

Heliomance: Is that a Made Of Win by proxy? If so, many thanks.

Doctor Worm: From the Oh, Crap! page: "This is the moment when they truly realise that the excremental matter is about to collide with the overhead rotational air displacement unit."

Sikon: The troper responsible for inserting this sentence indeed deserves commendation.

Heliomance: That would be me. My first Made Of Win!

Seanette: nlpnt, for this in Oven Logic: "(paging Adam Savage or Jamie Hyneman to the explosion-colored courtesy phone, please.)" referring to making ovens go much higher in temperature than they're meant to (aka the kitchen equivalent of overclocking).

Nlpnt Thanks, belatedly, for my first MoW

Moogle Gunner: Whoever put Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann under Everything's Better with Spinning subtropes. Awesome.

Prime 32: That was me, but it got taken out.

Andrew Leprich: I'm probably way late to this, but I just realized the brilliance of the title Subverted Rhyme Every Occasion.

Rothul: MOW claimed and appreciated... I was worried it might be too clever for its own good.

As far as this troper knows, there is no actor or character named "Daily" in The Daily Show.
Kudos to the writer of that line in The Eponymous Show. It's simple, but hilarious.

Medinoc: It was me. *Ahem*... YEAAAH! My first MOW!

Specialist290: GentlemensDame883, for this in Dawn Of War:

  • Suicidal Overconfidence: Squads Broken! will Keep Firing, Keep Firing! nevertheless and won't Fall Back And Regroup! without player intervention.

Gentlemens Dame 883: Thanks. It's admittedly a bit Viewers Are Geniuses-ish, as the first one needs knowledge of the (in)famous meme, while the latter two quotes will not be recognised by those not playing the game.

Real Slim Shadowen: The council of awesome logic awards 1 point to Micah for his work on Throw It In!; specifically, the combination of a massive edit-and-add, as well as the section title "Not The Singular Of Data", which we feel should be standard issue for all pages with a Real Life heading featuring tropers' personal anecdotes (perhaps one heading for "historical" anecdotes, and Not The Singular Of Data for tropers' personal experiences). Sir, we salute you!

Shay Guy: Er..."not datum?" Am I missing something?

Anonymous Mc Cartneyfan: It's based off a quote (wish I could remember whose):

"Anecdote is not the singular of data."

So we use "Not The Singular Of Data" to house Real Life anecdotes from tropers.

Real Slim Shadowen: In fact, the original quote was "The plural of anecdote is not data." Anyway, I just thought that was awesome.

Looney Toons: A Win Point to Noaqiyeum for putting the fnords into Ancient Conspiracy!

Duckluck: This is probably a dumb question, but what's a fnord and why are we spoilering it?

Meta Four: It's a Brown Note from Illuminatus!

Medinoc: Not really a Brown Note, but it's at least something you're brainwashed not to see. Or is it? I didn't read Illuminatus!, but The Other Wiki has an article about it...

Looney Toons: First, it's "brainwashed", and second, the article can be found here.

Medinoc: Whoops, typo.

Looney Toons: Ah, no problem.

Noaqiyeum: I'm sorry, now we have to kill you. There is no Ancient Conspiracy, there are no fnords, this never happened, and I was never here... Now, what I want to know is, was the stinger was incorporated to the win?

Guesss Who: in Real Life Examples, H 2 G 2-style kudos to whoever said the following: "Quantum mechanics. When physicists are reduced to saying I Am Not Making This Up, it becomes clear that the universe is the product of a deranged imagination. "
Large Blunt Object: Servitor_2152's work on Lawful Stupid, Chaotic Stupid made me laugh, as well as being extremely accurate. I love it when trope examples are both spot-on and entertaining.
"...Other Inquisitors tend to consider the Monodominants bombastic, closed-minded, and self-defeating, and note that their pogroms and witch hunts tend to bury more answers than they uncover (and, less importantly, tend to kill a lot of innocent people in the process). The Monodominants usually respond by loudly accusing their detractors of heresy and attempting to kill them (with fire)."
Caphi: It's long off the edit record by now, but I need to give kudos to the guy who described Emiya Shirou's treatment of Saber by including the phrase "Fate/Stay in the Kitchen" in the article of the same. Also, I need to apologize for repeatedly having to fix my markup, but that's a different issue.

Shay Guy: It goes back at least to the YKTTW for that page. Probably earlier. Ah, and here's another use, almost two years old.

Citizen: I wrote that example when I created the page, but I got the "Fate/Stay In The Kitchen" line from the Velox comics Shay Guy linked to. And that line's been put on the Made Of Win before, too.

Black Charizard: I'd like to nominate Die Hard for his hard work on reorganizing the Mary Sue articles. Although there's probably somebody who doesn't like the way it's turned up, it's still a very thorough classification, so I think he deserves a Made Of Win or two.

Looney Toons: Seconded, even though he beat me to the punch and I will never get to use my joke title for the page.

Shay Guy: Thirded. I was considering nominating him myself. I notice God-Mode Sue seems to have the most activity. :?

Drascin: I'd like to give one Made Of Win to whoever put that picture in Death of a Thousand Cuts. I laughed for a good minute at that.

Black Charizard: It was Citizen. You know that when the image name starts by cit_something.

The Bad Wolf:Sparkysharps for the line in Gag Penis: "Three Words: Equipable horse wiener."

Large Blunt Object: Lovely. Fixing the spelling, anyway.

Radical Taoist: Concerning SH's "littoral extreme" pun in the Ship-to-Ship Combat page, I would like to submit a request that you stop taking all the win. There'll be a shortage on the Internet and the rest of us would like a little. (Same Silent_Hunter? It's spelled with an underscore for this edit. I apologize if this is someone else, in which case you are not hoarding the win and should enjoy your spoils.)

Silent Hunter: I wasn't even trying. Silent_Hunter is my current user name, after I lost a cookie for the original name. I've reverted back.

Thanks. I have Harpoon to thank for that one. Source of the pun

((The Gryphon King)) Please edit/move at will in case I get this wrong, but I wanted to let you all know what a fine job you are doing. Larry Dixon here, Mercedes Lackey and I were just working on a new story and during research I followed a link on over and had a lot of grins. Love how you all skewered us fair and square when we deserved it, and how kind you are too. We do the best we can. Thanks everyone for the hard work, and stay cool. Oh—-and I'm glad you like gryphons. They like you too. It's good luck to feed a gryphon, by the way. Well known fact.

Ununnilium: Awww, thanks! ^-^

Fawriel: -nice guy pose- Not a problem!

Adam850: What page is this for?

Looney Toons: Welcome, Larry. We hope you and Misty decide to hang around once the real work is done!

Ununnilium: I think it's for the entire wiki.

Cassius335: Alfador, from Fetish Fuel Video Games Examples:

Lolicon/furry hybrids have actually been around for years. This troper is NOT giving any artsite links. If you want to see it, this is the Internet, you will see it eventually. If you don't want to see it, this is the Internet, you will see it eventually.

Ununnilium: Oy. That's Made Of Fail, in my opinion. >.>; What with the "actually" and the not being actually related to the subject.

Large Blunt Object: Space Ace, for "That's not just in Narm territory, that's bombing the capital and setting up a puppet government."

Cassius335: Which page?

Egak: Drama Bomb, apparently.

Shay Guy: I'd like to thank the Unknown Troper at for defining Evaism better than I ever could.

Seren Y Gogledd: Seanette for this very honest line:

  • Truth In Television: One editor's husband is like this. Yes, duct tape has been considered as a sanity-saving measure.

Seanette: After 13 years of marriage to a Pungeon Master, one gets used to it. :-)

xyzzy: We have a trope called Pungeon Master?! Oh, someone's getting a Made Of Win from me for that one.

Donomni: Well, that's just great. Now I'm trying to find a way to put ye flask in there.

Adam850: Don't you know You Can't Get Ye Flask?

That Other 1 Dude: Whoever put Unknown Troper under the subheading of "Confusion" in the U.S., in Where Are You From.

Duckluck: I believe that one's been recognized before. It is a great joke though.

Specialist290: Whoever added the "Elephants, Yeah!" example to Mondegreen. That had me in stitches :D

Prfnoff: I added that example.

Cassius335: From Abnormal Ammo:

  • Some other troper is sure they've seen a The Punisher comic where someone had a gun that shot knives.
    • That's crazy. It shot swords.

...for which someone has already found a picture of, on the same page.

Large Blunt Object: Everyone responsible for Bee Bee Gun. First thought: "We have a trope about guns that shoot bees?" Second thought: "...And it has this many examples?" Third thought: "THIS IS AWESOME, IT IS MADE OF WIN AND GOOD."

Donomni: It is pretty awesome. I don't even think it having tits or being on fire could make it cooler.

Real Slim Shadowen: Well tits, that's kinda squicky. But come on: flaming bees? ...dammit, now I wanna see something with a gun that shoots flaming bees.

Fanra: And whoever came up with the title deserves a Made Of Win mention too.

That Other 1 Dude: Meta Four, for TV Tropes Wiki Drinking Game, especially the last line.
Seanette: Looney Tunes, for this piece of primo snark in The Big List Of Booboos And Blunders Discussion: "Invest in some punctuation. It will reinforce the illusion that you are writing in standard English."

The Bad Wolf: do I get a fractional point for that snark being aimed at me?

Nyperold: Somehow, I doubt it...

Looney Toons: Thank you!

Rogue 7: alliterator, for adding the TV Tropes motivational poster to Fauxtivational Poster. I was laughing my ass off for half a minute straight. So, so true.

alliterator: Oh, wow, I didn't even notice that. I made it for the YKTTW, but Meta Four added it to the page itself. Awesome.

Earnest: My inner historian and scholar approves of the last parenthesized paragraph in Hitler's Time Travel Exemption Act. Bravo, Zander Schubert, Andyroid and whoever the heck IP is! Bravo!
Donomni: Whoever made this line in Fannage:

On the other hand, Wikipedia's $12,000 funds drives every couple of years seem to be mostly going towards rewriting the Star Wars Expanded Universe in Encyclopedia form.

I mean, really, that's all it goes to. >:D:Sockatume Soon the Wikipedia entries on the EU will have a higher word count than the entire body of EU materials. I think Wookiepedia passed that point last month, but at least they've got an excuse.

Sikon: That's Wookieepedia.

Large Blunt Object: I laughed out loud at Fading Echo's brilliant, perfect description of the C'tan on Cosmic Horror.
There are four left: the Nightbringer, the personification of death who burned his image into the psyche of virtually all life (big exception: the Orks) as such and made life afraid of death, the Deceiver, Chessmaster par excellence, the Outsider, currently batshit bonkers and locked away in a cosmic prison, and the Void Dragon, currently napping.
Noaqiyeum: I'd like to offer a kudo to whoever commented on Black Speech that the "Hastur & Cthulhu" book shop isn't doing too well.
Seanette: Star Bright, for a laugh-out-loud example in Wouldn't Hurt a Child involving Dexter.
Robert Bingham: Master Hand, for showing us exactly how a Cluster F-Bomb is done on the Cluster F-Bomb page. Fucking brilliant.

Donomni: The fuck is strong in this one.

Medinoc: Good, but needs some variety. It has too many "fucking" and very few "the fuck" or "fucked" in comparison...

Medinoc: One point to Dark Sasami, for adding some variety.

Looney Toons: And a Point of Severe FAIL to cassius335, for being a Bluenose Bowdlerizer on this passage. I've undone his vandalism, and furthermore, I suggest to cassius that if he doesn't want to see any words that wound his tender sensibilities, he go find the under-five section in his local library and leave us adults alone.

Shay Guy: Okay, that kind of rudeness is uncalled for.

Tanto: Eh, if you're offended by (fairly innocuous, all told) swearing, this is probably not the best place to be.

Cassius335: You should take that point for yourself: It was a joke. Does anyone even use "the eff" or "effed" in actual conversation? I think not.

Looney Toons: This was a principle that was established very early on in the life of the wiki — while the entry texts are and ought to be freely editable, people's comments in the discussion pages are sacrosanct. We had someone at one point going around deleting comments he didn't like, essentially trying to remove the opinions of people who didn't agree with him from the historical record. As I recall, that got him banned almost instantly. You do not alter other people's discussion comments, for any reason, ever. Least of all for lame alleged humor.

Cassius335: Yeah, kinda wasn't here back then. I'm sorry my joke rubbed you up the wrong way and I won't do it again. I'm still throwing your "Point of Severe Fail" back at you for actually going into "Burn the vandal" mode on this, especially over the word "fuck", of all things. Chill the fuck out, already.

Meocross: By the time i finished reading this entry i was laughing so badly that i could not pick my self off from the floor, my body slowly going numb with each chuckle, it took all of my will power to stop my parents from seeing the joker like grin on my face.
Willy Four Eyes: A split Made Of Win to No Dot and the Unknown Troper who wrote this entry in Purple Prose:

NoDot:Don't thank me. I just gave the setup.

Nerdorama: Citizen made me laugh out loud at work with a subtle Time Travel joke on The Unwanted Harem pagePlus, I wrote the original example, and it's good to be told I wasn't just reaching on that one.
Nlpnt: Rann for his add about Jack Chick's Dungeons And Dragons tract on Glurge:

Considering that this troper has taken a character all the way to twenty, by the tract's reasoning this troper has obviously ascended to godhood, and thus Jack Chick can start quoting this troper's scripture or shove it.

Large Blunt Object: Unknown Troper, for this line in Starship Troopers:

Only a Flesh Wound - Carmen gets impaled through the shoulder by a Bug talon the diameter of a soda can (with very little bleeding), picked up and dragged around by it, and yet minutes later throws her arms around her friends and skips away smiling. What brave new world is this, that has such painkillers in it?

Dangermike: Thanks. I have to admit, I had this page in mind when I wrote it. Shameless of me.

Large Blunt Object: I think it's awesome that MoW is an incentive to add funny, clever stuff. :D

Rissa: griffinp for this Video Games example on Kill It with Fire:
Seren Y Gogledd: Nerdspringer for blueshifting The Big Bang Theory.
Grimace: A double-award here - both Prfnoff & Kizor get kudos and a cookie for massively cleaning up Dan Browned. You just need to have a peek at the discussion page to see how much of it was simply Complaining About Shows You Dont Like.

It's all a show people, just try to relax.

RadicalTaoist: I stood up and applauded Silent Hunter's "Take Me Out at the Ball Game" song.

Silent Hunter: Thank you. I'm here till Tuesday. Which Tuesday I'm not entirely clear...

whitetigah: a Made Of Win to whoever added the following to Black Speech:
  • Shiiire... Baaaggeeeeensss... Laaryngiiteeesss...

bluepenguin: It is funny, but I'm sorry, I had to fix the spelling.

Noaqiyeum: That would be me. :bows: (I was spelling it the way I thought it would be pronounced. No hard feelings.)

Lale: From Literature under Stephen King's It — "Nothing puts your brain together after killing a demon like a seven-way pre-teen orgy."

Duckluck: Wow, that page could use some serious trimming.

Large Blunt Object: Darth Fanboy, for the entire brilliant "Parental Issues" section in Warhammer 40000.
Maso Tey: Whoever chose the wording "Things in Sleighs" for the last subheading in Real After All.
alliterator: Fanra for the title Heir Club for Men. I totally snorted when I saw it.
  • Fanra: Thank you. I was amazed it took me so long to think of it. I knew I had to go with it once I did. :)

Dangermike: To whoever wrote "Xena is the master chef of the Anachronism Stew. She puts a bit of herself into each delicious bowl." It's funny because it's true and about food!

Clendy 82: You're welcome. :)

Meocross: Who ever made the Sssssnaketalk Entry, could not stop Smiling.

Meocross: My Bad XD

Brickman: Whoever wrote TV Tropes Will Ruin Your Vocabulary. It's so true.

Seanette: [blush] Thanks. I think I came up with the original concept for that page, but Wiki Magic has as always worked wonders.

Janitor: Justin Cognito, for the intro on Useful Notes On Subcultures. Beauteous.

Justin Cognito: Thanks. I'm somewhat honored, I guess.

Shay Guy: 'A dying man helps a misanthropic woman save her home from governmental development.' Now that is what a Better Than It Sounds entry should be.

Morgan Wick: Actually, in my opinion, a Better Than It Sounds entry should plausibly be a description of the material someone would actually come up with in a good-faith effort to describe it, not people intentionally trying to come up with the most lame-sounding descriptions they can.

Though the latter may have a place...

DomaDoma: To Alliterator for the title of Awesome Moment of Crowning.

alliterator: Woo! Thanks. I've been trying to Entry Pimp it, too.

Antheia: Meta Four for the first line in Bedsheet Ghost:

"Our Ghosts Are Different, and they look like refugees from the linens aisle."

fleb: Point to the natter response to this entry on the "unusual side-effects in Real Life" section of Yes But What Does It DO:

  • There is an antidepressant called Clomipramine that can cause inadvertent orgasms while yawning.
    • Well, can you think of a better way to treat depression?

Sikon: Rocketshipper for adding this to American Idol:
Insanity Prelude: Someone known only by "This Troper" for the following line on Vagina Dentata:
  • "An alternative hypothesis advanced by This Troper is that having your penis bitten off really fucking hurts."

Duckluck: Yeah, but it would be better if it read:

  • "Alternatively, having your penis bitten off really fucking hurts."
...or something like that. Don't get me wrong, it's a good addition in a lot of ways, but the This Troper aspect really drags it down.

Cassius335: Personally, I like the first version better. More build up. Also, imagine it in Mr Spock's voice.

Maso Tey: [Trope Name]. Just . . . [Trope Name].
Bob: {{Meta4}} for the redirect "Big Words".
Sikon: Snake712 for adding this to Purple Prose, after a reallly, really long quote:
  • For those too lazy to slog through that, it's a subversion.

Rogue 7: A point to whoever double-posted the Double Post page.
Earnest: Whoever added the following to The McCoy after a list including doctors McCoy, Pulaski, Counselor Troi, and The Doctor.
  • I sense an ideological bent in Starfleet medical school...

Bright Blue Ink: This is probably a pretty old addition, but I just noticed it—the picture of Yugi Moto in Anime Hair with the caption "Why yes, I was born this way. Why do you ask?" made me laugh out loud when I first reached the page, and still makes me chuckle every time I look at it.

Meta4: To whoever put the following bit in Not Compensating for Anything, for perfectly summing up how I've felt about that phrase:

(The Moral Dissonance of defining a tool as a Expy of a man's penis, and yet claiming that others have problems they need compensating for, is left as an exercise to the reader.)

fleb: I might have cut that from the page a few days ago. >_> It took a few read-throughs to parse the sentence, so the funny was lost on me.

That Other 1 Dude: whovever Willy Four Eyes got the title for Porn Stache from in I Read That As.

Lurkerbunny: That would be me! Thank you!

Moogi: Whomever wrote this gem from the The Scrappy article:Jacen Solo from the Expanded Universe isn't thought of very highly, either, especially since he's taken up dog-raping recently.

As a Star Wars fan (and ironically, a fan of the series of novels that this happens in) I found this funny for some odd reason. I'd also like to give props to the person who put the image on the Epileptic Trees page.

Willy Four Eyes: I can only take half-credit for this one. Someone added the bit about Jacen's tendency to commit great evil... I only combined the two bullet points to form a sentence. I wish I could remember how far back the original line was added...

Deux Hero:You mean adding Jacen to the artical? That was me. At the very least I mention him as a scrappy in another artical

Katsuhagi: Citizen for making the Kara No Kyoukai article. I was actually planning to do that myself, but then I saw it and was pleasantly surprised!

Citizen: Thanks. There was only so much I can say without having read the novels (oh so tempting, but I'm holding out for the other movies), but it deserved an entry anyway. /// Though now it almost seems like everyone is crawling out of the woodwork with a draft. =P

Meta4: Earnest, for the caption on Power Crystal.

Earnest: Thanks! It just seemed natural, now if I can get them to sign off on the Robot-Shadow Engagement-Lugnut add campaign...

HeartBurn Kid: To Prfnoff, for coming up with a simple, common-sense solution to the Trope Co debacle! I've just finished putting it into practice, so welcome one and all to The TropeCo Catalog!

Medinoc: That's great. However, I feel we should provide a backlink to the "real" entries. Wasn't there a specific markup for that in WMG?

HeartBurn Kid: I was thinking the same thing; I just wanted to get it in place for now, since the pages were being lost to the edit war. I'm not sure if there's a special markup for it; we might just have to code the links manually.

Earnest: Thank you, Prfnoff.

Large Blunt Object: Gracie Lizzie, for Dr. Pedia and Mr. Trope. It's a page for understanding.

LO Rd: The opening quote of My Sister Is Off-Limits! is utterly fantastic, mainly because my filthy imagination makes it sounds like something out of a Harry/Ginny fan fic right before things get lemony. I don't know whether to credit this to JK Rowling or Wulf though.
Earnest: One a piece to Author for writing it and adding the wikiwords to this in Cunning Linguist:
I'd like to thank Google Ads, for their tasteful choice of displays in the Pettanko article.
Golem The Troper: Whoever thought up Troper Tales, win.

Ninjacrat: Aw, gosh.

Nausicaa: Whoever it was who added "Please come back next week. We're going to be doing... fractions! to the end of The Schlub Pub Seduction Deduction is definitely made of win - because I immediately thought of Tom Lehrer. And that is who you were referencing, right?
YourAverageJoe: A few months ago, I made an edit to the Jack Attack article, pointing to the existence of Heat Vision And Jack. The article didn't exist back then but I just checked and yeah, it's there, and pretty accurate too. As an added bonus, the article cites it as an example of Jack Attack. Thanks, whoever(s)!

Rothul: "Pretty" accurate? Man! :-P Thank you.

I don't know who "Odon" is, but he (she?) deserves a hand for expanding the War Against The Chtorr page. It's one of this troper's favorite series!

Skipmania: To whoever wrote the following quote on the No Yay Page:

"Unfortunately, once you put the Slash Goggles on, they have a tendency to weld themselves to your head..."

Continued in Made of Win (Early Years).

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