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Newtypes are metahumans.
The notion that humans would evolve into Newtypes by moving into space is thoroughly disputed, and even outright dismissed by Tomino. Besides this, we see quite a few Earth-born Newtypes. If one looks at Gundam X, we see Newtypes whose powers are triggered by near-death experiences, as well as D.O.M.E. declaring that they are not evolved humans but rather mutants. This would also explain why people with abilities like mental communication (the Frost brothers) and healing powers (Queen Maria) are considered Newtypes even when they don't match up with the usual set of powers that a majority of Newtypes possess.
  • Note: Despite their telepathic powers, the Frost Brothers are actually NOT considered Newtypes in-universe, because one distinguishing feature of AW Newtypes is the ability to use the Flash System, which the Frost Brothers cannot, as implicitly stated in the series.
  • Tomino also went out of his way to establish that they WERE in fact, Evolved Humans in the novelization of the original series. Furthermore, it's Char's whole thing that he believes mankind can become better by being forced into space.
    • Tomino did originally concieve Newtypes as evolved humans, but later grew disenchanted with this perception. The idea of Newtypes becomes less important the later a series is made, culminating in Tomino's Turn A Gundam having no Newtypes at all.
A similar related issue of debate is what constitutes a true Newtype. The obvious definition of "people that have Newtype reactions" is only one possible definition, where another (as explained to this troper by a friend) are humans who have adapted to exist peacefully and in their element in space. This interpretation actually cites as the quintessential Newtype not any of the normal pilots, but Bright Noa and his wife Mirai.

Newtypes are caused by minovsky particles.
Specifically, minovsky reactors give off a kind of radiation that affects the brain and reproductive organs, and has more pronounced effects the younger the exposed person is. Amuro, a teenager going through puberty, initially had no newtype tendencies, but after spending puberty almost constantly sitting on top of an extremely powerful minovsky reactor he became one of the most powerful newtypes in gundam. While Char spent more time piloting than Amuro, he didn't become a pilot until he was almost completely done puberty, and therefore was not affected to the same degree.
  • This may also justify why the best pilots in the UC timeline are teenagers who spend a lot of time around heavy machinery.
    • That's why Newtypes are from space. All that heavy equipment and high-energy radiation. The Earth-born Newtypes have all lived through the conflicts, where radiation was flying everywhere.
    • This also explains the weaker newtypes seen in the first parts of the late UC era (F91); due to the era of peace, the general use of MS was at an all time low and the people of the time were affected, but with the resuming of MS hostilities, this ended up giving rise to the stronger newtypes of the era (Tobia and Usso)
      • To even go futher, Turn A where there hasn't been MS/minovsky particles for hundreds of years, there's not really a newtype to be found.
    • A similar idea is canon in 00 Gundam. Heavy exposure to GN particles transforms humans into Innovators.

The Movies are canon, the TV series is a drama created sometime after the war.
Various exploits were added to the White Base's 5 month journey to fill up more episodes, some scenes were changed or made up by the writers, various additional vehicles that the crew never actually encountered during the war were added, such as the Big Roe, as well as incomplete prototypes that never even saw action such as the Gyan & Zakrello to make things more interesting & a few completely made up ones like the G-Fighter were added for
Merchandise-Driven reasons. The Gundam never participated in Operation Odessa, as it was tied up fighting the Black Trinary at the time, but did both in the TV show because the writers figured they had to include an important battle like that. Commandant Walkeine never imprisoned the crew, that part was added because he had joined the Titans after the war & as such the writers wanted to paint him as a villain.
  • Problem with this is that Walkeine did not join the Titans, he died in the TV series as a good guy, and in the Gihren Ambition games the What If he didn't die, he does not (Unlike certain other characters) defect to the Titans. He's also an awesome ship commander.

Japan took over South America sometime prior to the formation of the Earth Federation.
There are a few things which hint at this. Ryu & Kai both have Japanese-sounding names, but hail from Argentina & Puerto Rico respectively. Also the EFA HQ in South America has the oddly Japanese-sounding name of Jaburo. This may have been due to the massive worldwide energy crisis which preceeded the EF's formation, with Japan abandoning its post-WWII peace constitution out of desperation due to the small island chain's resources being insufficient to support its massive population density. They didn't dare go after continental Asia or North America again after what happened last time, so they took on South America instead.
  • Of course, in Real Life there is a not-insignificant number of Japanese in South America.
    • Jaburo is a real place in Brazil.

Miharu's little sister grows up to be Four Murasame.
According to the MMSV book her brother became Three Murasame & piloted the Prototype Psycho Gundam. It would make sense that if the two of them were brought in together she would become the next number.
  • As noted below, jossed.

Judau Ashta is somehow a direct relative to Dozle Zabi
Compare Dozle's last stand atop the Big Zam with a machine gun, summoning a tremendous ghastly phantom behind him to Judau's phantom thing when Haman ends up shooting Leina. Both instances caused the respective Newtype they were facing to display an Oh, Crap! look for the ages and both involved protecting a little girl, Dozle fighting for his family and Minerva and Judau furious at Haman for attacking Leina.
  • That or Dozle awakened some insanely powerful newtype abilities (on top of being really scary when angry), though his example gets points for scaring the guy a mobile suit when all he had was a machine gun.
    • Considering that Dozle had at least one mistress, not to mention that we never learn anything about Judau's parents, this is entirely possible. Although this would make it somewhat amusing that Haman is so focused on Mineva when someone she already loves in a romantic sense would be able to accomplish the same tasks she would need Mineva to do.

Char Aznable is a French singer.
Name's the Same.
  • Only Charles Aznavour could have produced a theme like Gallant Char.
  • The final battle of Char’s Counterattack has Char Aznable blasted to the distant past eventually taking the persona of Charles Aznavour.
  • Charles Aznavour lives long enough to become the legendary Mobile Suit ace Char Aznable.
  • Char Aznable is Charles Aznavour reincarnated.

Martin Prochnow is Ryu Jose's father
Remember Ryu, one of Amuro's crewmates on White Base, who sacrificed himself to save Amuro's life? Remember how well-built he was, and the sound of his voice? Now, take a look at Captain Martin Prochnow of the Jotunheim. Well-built guy, and a rather unique voice as well. It can't be a coincidence. Maybe Ryu was born on Side 3, but his mother had a falling out with his father and took him to Earth, where he lived under his mother's name, Jose. Then he later joined the Federation, signing up just before the One Year War began. Were Martin to know about the fate of his son...

Ramba Ral had Alzheimer's disease
In the middle of a battle, Ramba Ral forgot to fight.

Gouf is actually an inferior Mobile Suit compared to Zakus
Gouf pilots like Norris Packard and Ramba Ral are so awesome it doesn’t actually matter that they’re in an inferior mecha. If the Gouf design was so superior then why wasn’t it mass-produced by Zeon?
  • It was. Mass-produced units were deployed against White Base (Allowing Amuro to rake up a healthy number of kills there) and later participated in the Jaburo offensive. The problem was that Gouf was a ground-combat-based design and after Jaburo the Zeon retreated back into space.
  • The other thing about the Gouf is that it was significantly more expensive to produce than a Zaku, so it was reserved for experienced pilots, such as Norris Packard and Ramba Ral.
  • There's also the fact that mobile suit design was progressing incredibly quickly at this point. It wasn't long before the Gouf was replaced in production by the Dom.

Despite Ramba Ral’s contrary claims the Gouf is a Zaku
There really isn’t much of a difference.

  • It's just that Amuro has mental issues. Green is a color that relaxes people while some are lost in an endless blue while the read reminds him of the blood. He can easily destroy green Zakus so the enemy made a blue one which takes him a lot. Then Char comes with a Red Zaku and Amuro does so poorly that he wins by luck.

This is no Zaku, boy! No Zaku!
That thing's got more armor and power than a Zaku - it's completely different!
  • No Zaku!
It’s like a Zaku, but completely different!
  • No Zaku!
In Soviet Russia, this is a Zaku, boy.
  • No Zaku!
This is no Shout Out, boy!
  • No Zaku!
This is no Flag, boy!
  • No Zaku!
This is no Memetic Mutation, Boy!
  • No Zaku!
'Cause I'm all about White Base, 'bout White Base.
  • No Zaku!

The journey of the White Base to Jaburo was a distraction: they already had the data about the Gundam
When the White Base arrives at Jaburo, the GM was already in full production, and some had been used in Operation Odessa. Also, the White Base didn't try and take the faster way (Atlantic Ocean and then to Brazil), but circled the planet engaging in many battles, all of which useless if her actual mission was to go to Jaburo. Why that? Easy: while the White Base distracted Char, Wakkein was already delivering the data (taken while the White Base crew was imprisoned to prevent possible spies among the civilians to find out and the military crew imprisoned to make the thing more believable) using a laser communication, and when Char prevented the White Base from reaching Jaburo Revil decided to distract them from the build-up to Operation Odessa, first by threatening the factories of California Base (placed in Garma's territory) and then by assaulting M'Quve's bases from behind. Bright probably realized it between Garma's death and Ramba Ral's arrival on Earth, adding to his perpetual frustration, while M'Quve realized it right away, hence his 'let's get done with this shit' attitude when the White Base got too near his bases.

Prof. Minovsky in reality was Dr. Hell.
How else he would know how building giant robots? Instead of dying during the Final Battle in Great Mazinger he spent the next decades healing his wounds, and rebuilding his damaged face and body. However, when he was fully recovered he noticed that nobody took Humongous Mecha seriously anymore. So he created the Minovsky Particle in order to make giant mecha useful, and he worked for the first sucker he talked into hiring him (given his backstory, he would have no trouble working for someone who thinks that being compared with Hitler is flattering). Unfortunately Zeon granted him a very tight budget, so instead of Robeasts he was forced to build Zakus.

The real reason why Char was so dedicated to kill Amuro even before Lalah's death
Kai had guessed Char and Sayla's real identities, and when he stumbled on Char at Side 6 he told him that Amuro and Sayla were lovers to make him mad.

The reason Char doesn't live up the hype
Char is Gundam's counterpart the counterpart to the Red Baron not just in the colour of the vehicle and fame, but also in writing the book on how you fight with said vehicle. Thus, just like every fighter pilot of World War II and beyond still uses all of Richtofen's tricks (and a few more due the invention of the guided missile), by the following conflicts Char had to deal with people who had read his book and could predict what he'd do.
  • In the original series, his main target was always Amuro, who was hard to kill due to a mix of the Gundam's sheer durability and later his impressive piloting skills and the one mook GM was dealt with very easily in comparison.
  • There was also the factor that unlike the One Year war, there were Newtypes running around with similar piloting ability and newtype power equal or greater than Amuro.
  • His own downplaying of his own position in Zeta limited him to a sharp degree; the Hyaku Shiki was good enough to deal with most foes, but it's lacking compared to the most advanced suits of the conflict. Come CCA he does indeed get himself a high end mobile suit, but Amuro uses the data Char gave him to have an even better suit made.

Char is the reason Zeon lost.
Ace pilot or not Char actively sabotaged the Zeon war effort because of his grudge against the Zabi family.
  • He lead Garma into a trap, depriving earth-side forces of their chief commander.
  • He abandoned the battlefield following Lalah's death.
  • Instead of targeting the battleship he seeks out Gundam.
  • Kills the fleeing Kycillia who would've refused to give up.
It's pretty clear to this troper that the war failed becuse of Char's grudge.
  • A contributing factor, yes, but not the only reason - there was so much infighting in Zeon that none of the factions helped each other out (for example, Ramba Ral wanted Rick Doms when he was trying to capture White Base, but M'Queve turned down his request; the Gelgoog, Char's preferred suit, wasn't adopted until it was too late to make a difference, something that if there was a clear chain of command, wouldn't have happened) - really, if Zeon hadn't attacked Project V, the Feds could've just put in the minimum amount of effort and Zeon would've collapsed under it's own weight.

Char indirectly caused the series of Zeon Remnant uprisings that plagued the main UC era
All because he killed Kycillia in the final battle of the OYW and caused quite some confusion, resulting in an end that various Zeon hardliners refused to accept. Had she lived and been dealt with by federation officers, things would have ended in a fashion that would have limited the uprisings if not eliminated them. And then there's Char's reputation in Zeon, which was used by a few, even Char himself.

Project V would've failed without Zeon's attack.
Pretty much what it says on the tin. The reason why though? without the Zeon attack who knows who would be piloting those Mobile suits. Certainly not Amuro and friends. I'd go as far as to say that White base would've been sunk on it's first sortie against the enemy.

If more of project V's MS had survived...
Gundam is the top of it's class for it's era right? well according to the wiki there RX-78-2 was to be deployed with three of it's prototypes RX-78-1, and they were only slightly less powerful versions that used all the same technology.If Amuro had been backed up by some extra Gundams a lot of good people on the federation side would probably be alive. Those good people might be enough to make sure The titans never form or that the incident of Stardust memory never happens. I hardly think it could be worse for White Base to have had more suits to use.
  • A few extra mobile suits can only do oh so much as Amuro and Co. were in no position to stop the solar ray attack that stopped the peace meeting.

General Revil was the main bastion of morality in the Federation
His death meant that he wouldn't be able to be a good influence on the people growing up right after the OYW and with a mix of less principled leaders and the generally hostile mentality things like his slaying spawned, things like the Titans were bound to happen. If he lived through the OYW, he would have the greatest impact against the extreme sentiments that spawned the Titans.

Jossed Theories
After Kunio Okawara's MS Collection revealed that the children were taken in by the Murasame Lab it was generally assumed, based on Gil's number and his role as test pilot of the Psycho Gundam's immediate predecessor that Millie had grown up to be Four Murasame, but according to Four's Story Four is a different war orphan and Millie is dead.

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