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  • Denim's reaction to Gene's death most definitely counts. To truly understand, Denim has been spending the majority of the episode trying to get Gene under control and repeatedly telling him, they are simply there to perform reconnaissance. Even after seeing the power of the RX-78-2 Gundam, he simply tries to convince Gene that they should retreat having gotten what they came for. Unfortunately Gene doesn't heed his warning and gets curbstomped and having his Zaku effortlessly sliced in half. This results in an explosion large enough to destroy a portion of the space station and the Gundam that was closest isn't even scratched. You'd expect with the demonstration of the RX-78-2 Gundam combined with Denim's already hesitant nature to confront the Gundam, Denim would simply retreat to deliver what information he has but Gene's death causes him to forget all of that in a vein attempt at avenging his fallen comrade. Also doubles as Tearjerker.
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  • In 'Winds of War', two Zeon soldiers wave back to a Federation child. They also show great concern when the transport is seemingly damaged and has to pull off an emergency landing. To top it all off after the soldiers have done their job, they go back to check on a woman and her child and drop off supplies for them. It really shows how despite being on opposing sides, the people are no less human on either side.
  • In 'Icelina - Love's Remains', the titular Icelina spends the majority of the episode trying to avenge the death of her fiancee Garma. She nearly shoots Amuro but falls off of the Gaw to her death. Also though its minor its clear Amuro dug a grave for her despite the only thing he knows about her is that she tried to kill him for revenge. The final scene of the episode is him, Ryu, Hayato and Kai burying her.
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  • Crowley Hamon is full of this in 'Sorrow and Hatred'. After losing her boyfriend, Ramba Ral, she insists on carrying out his mission despite only having a battered Zaku, half of the Gallop and four Magella Top fighters. If that wasn't enough, she gives all of the remaining soldiers an out claiming that Ramba Ral wouldn't blame them and neither would she. When all of the soldiers decide to stay, she goes to each and every one of them thanking them for their hard work and also appears to be on a First-Name Basis with some of them. And in a moment of awesome she launches one of the most successful attacks against White Base, possibly being the reason why M'Quve was so successful in his attack the next episode and she does this all for Ramba Ral. She doesn't even seem to bare any ill-will towards Amuro.
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  • Kai of all people sticking up for Kikka, Jetz and Katz in 'A Wish of War Orphans', outlining all their strengths and describing them as family.
  • Though he may have been manipulating her for his own ends, Char did truly care about Lalah, letting out a Big "NO!" after she defends him from the Gundam and loses her life in the process. In the final episode, Char even asks Lalah for a way to defeat Amuro.
  • Its minor but even though she's essentially allowing the Federation to capture all her men just so that she can escape, Kycilia does tell Twanning that she'll get him first in a prisoner exchange.
  • The climax of the series is not the final battle against Char but rather Amuro using his powers to help his friends get to safety.
  • The final scene with Amuro, exhausted from the final battle, drifting towards the White Base crew. After all the pain and suffering he endured, he can finally rest with the surrogate family he's made for himself.
  • In the English dub of the movie trilogy, Tem Ray, seeing Gundam and White Base leave Side 6 victorious, runs outside cheering the Federation and Amuro, in that order. While it leads to a Tear Jerker, as Tem slips down a flight of stairs and dies from his injuries, it's touching to know an otherwise distant Jerkass loves his son.

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