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Proof that the remaining 10% is worth dying for here.

These are recommendations made by Tropers for Mobile Suit Gundam fanfics, all of which have to be signed to stay on the page. Feel free to add a fanfic of your own to the list, but remember to use the template found here.

You can also add to the current recommendations if you want. Refrain from posting Conversation in the Main Page though; that goes in the discussion page.



Mobile Suit Gundam Alpha by Wing Zero Alpha

  • Recommended by GrantMK2, Amitakartok
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Synopsis: A re-imagined version of the original Mobile Suit Gundam, featuring the same premise, but several hundreds or thousands of years into the future and on a galactic scale.


  • Synopsis: A What If? Play-by-Post Games in which the Principality of Zeon becomes the victor of the One Year War.
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