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Personal info

  • Height: 173,5 cm / 5' 8"
  • Weight: around 62kg / 136.7 lb
  • Age: 27 (born in early '91)
  • Gender: male
  • IQ: 135+, confirmed by an official Mensa entrance exam
  • Nationality: Hungarian and NOT proud of it

I'm a university-age guy who lives with his widowed mother and has no social life. What little free time I have outside of work, I spend in front of my laptop reading fanfics and watching anime. I fit the image of a stereotypical otaku very closely. I salivate over spacecraft and mechas as well as preferring sci-fi over fantasy, big timenote . Most of it I acquired via bittorrent due to No Export for You and because I had no way to pay for it. I'm not ashamed of it; I think arbitrarily restricting culture is bull. Sure, people make a living out of it which I have no problem with but since most of that money goes to those who didn't make the stuff but want in on the profits... Or to put it in a different way: I want to pay the creators, not the copyright holders. Make no mistake, I'm not promoting piracy for profit since even I have standards: it's already illegal and those who even get money out of it are the ones who give all pirates a bad rep and deserve to get busted and jailed; I refuse to associate myself with them. In fact, I don't take sides at all since piracy versus copyright is a case of Grey-and-Gray Morality. Besides, I never gave pirated stuff to anyone nor did I ask for it from anyone; acquisition of copyrighted stuff for personal use is legal in my country, it's only the distribution that's illegal.

I absolutely hate darkfics with a passion. I'm already suffering from chronic depression and reading a darkfic (especially one with sexual exploitation) acts like a Despair Emotion Bomb for me. The main reason for this is that I'm extremely imaginative and impressionable: ever since I was a kid, whenever I read a book I subconsciously imagine the scene in my mind, providing perfect immersion. I think that this is a required personality feature to fully understand fiction. You can say that I prefer a happy ending and I won't say a word to the contrary because that's the case. However, don't think I'm all giggles-and-sunshine: I find it easier to identify with angsting characters to the point where my favorite anime is Evangelion especially because I see traits of myself in the kids. From what I understand, they were all parts of Anno's personality during his treatment; if so, I deeply respect him, for I know just what he went through. 頑張れ、庵野様!

Watched at one point:

I prefer original sound and English subtitles. I never use subtitles in my native language mainly because most of these series weren't fansubbed. Dubs are right out, as there haven't been a single dub done in my country for a decade or so. Animax was the only anime provider for several years, but even they eventually ran out of viewers (mostly because of their airtime being 8 PM - 1 AM; you know, the period when most of their target audience is asleep) and started airing reruns of crappy American game shows before going under completely. Now there is no anime scene in Hungary to speak of, aside from the occasional fansub here and there.
  • Command And Conquer, all but Twilight
  • Homeworld
    • Self-Imposed Challenge: other than mission objectives and unique (Kadeshi/Pirate) ships, don't capture enemy ships at all.
  • Nexus The Jupiter Incident
  • Haegemonia
    • Self-Imposed Challenge: in the campaign, only build as many top-class ships as you can carry over to the next mission. The rest of the military quota must be composed of lower classes. For example: if you can carry over four ships and have cruiser technology, only make four cruisers at most; the others must be corvettes or fighters. To make it even more interesting, only build ONE battleship and man it with your main hero. Trust me, not being able to mass battleships is a major debuff in the endgame.
  • Metal Fatigue
  • S.W.I.N.E.
  • Supreme Commander, original only
  • Dawn Of War, all but Soulstorm
    • Dark Crusade Self-Imposed Challenge: if you're not attacking an enemy stronghold, don't use the ultimate unit (everything that requires a Relic) no matter how tough the enemy is.
  • Earth 2150, all but 2140
    • Self-Imposed Challenge: each chassis can only have ONE variation. You're still free to decide what to put on your tanks but once you made the decision, stick with it for the rest of the game.
  • Mass Effect, only the first two
  • Halo, only played the first one but I'm familiar with the whole trilogy
    • Self-Imposed Challenge: never use Covenant weapons except if you're out of ammo. Even then, you must drop it the instant you find a UNSC weapon. Impossible on Legendary, from what I can tell.
  • Unreal Tournament
    • Self-Imposed Challenge: prefer using only one, max. two weapons in Tournament mode. And neither can be a rocket launcher but something with much less bang, preferably hitscan.
  • Fallout, every numbered installment
  • Starcraft, all but Heart of the Swarm
    • Self-Imposed Challenge: use weapon/armor upgrades as prerequisites for unit production. For example, no hydras until level 1, no lurkers until level 2 and no ultralisks until level 3.
      • Last terran mission: you're restricted to building ONE battlecruiser which you treat as mission-critical. If it gets blown up, reload the game; however, it MUST participate in all major offensives so no keeping it back*:simulates the scenario that with their revolution, Raynor's Raiders now have limited matériel and have to make do with guerrilla warfare. Last protoss mission: no building battlecruisers at all, you'll have to make due with the Hyperion only*:ditto; where the heck would a bunch of fugitives get their hands on a full BC fleet anyway?. Carriers should also be restricted to 2-3 in the last mission, none in the penultimate mission and just one before that*:first one's because the Zerg would never have been able to advance this far if the Protoss would have their entire fleet at their disposal, second's because it's supposed to be a sneak attack, third's obvious.
  • Universe At War
  • Dynasty Warriors Gundam 2
  • Gundam vs Zeta Gundam
  • MS Saga: A New Dawn
  • End War
    • Self-Imposed Challenge: when playing with an airborne battalion, play infantry, IFVs AND NOTHING ELSE. Mission supports are permitted, as is the command vehicle - but no heavy hitters: tanks, artillery or gunships are out of the game. Result: unless you're very good, enemy artillery will wipe you off the map.
  • Warcraft
  • Video Game/Oni
  • Operation Flashpoint (only the original)
  • Half Life (all of it except Decay)
  • Crysis (only the first)
  • Ace Combat, PS 2 titles only

Fanfics written or to be written by me

An Evangelion/Half-Life fusion; will start approaching MS Gundam later. Recently undergoing a complete rewrite to weed out the Super Robot-y elements in favor of something more realistic. Also has a couple-hundred kB of plain text in notes, most of which is obsolete and awaiting revision.
  • There are an untold number of fics where Shinji gets amplified into a badass and ruthlessly bulldozes his way into victory. Although there ARE some good stuff in them (Shinji and WH40K, anyone?), they are getting a bit repetitive: writers have already started to subtly move away towards other characters like Rei.
  • Well, I took my own direction too: what if Shinji switched places with Kaworu? And what if Kaworu is the one who gets badassed up instead of Shinji? I originally intended him to be a Kamina expy but then I realized that wouldn't be very entertaining. Sure, I can write comic relief, but this isn't the story for that. Therefore, he's considerably saner now than originally but still not exactly the sharpest tool in the shed. Like if you would pluck a random 14-year old from the streets, which is pretty much what happens to him anyway.
  • Long story short, things will go south in a way that arguably surpasses End of Eva; it'll be a Downer Ending but not a Kill Em All one.
    SCE S 
All I say is that the story takes place in 2058 and that this part of the saga will be the one that really makes it clear just how much of a Crapsack World the SCEverse is. To put it in perspective, if SCE is the original Gundam series, then Snote  is Zeta Gundam with a hint of Armored Core For Answer. No named characters are planned to die yet, but the humor and slice-of-life will be toned down considerably. Cast gets multiple OCs.
    SCE SS 
Another concept of a sequel, this time taking place in 2068. No canon characters appear in the cast whatsoever. Primarily inspired by Gunbuster and Star Trek Voyager.
    SCE β: Wings of Destiny 
An alternate retelling of the original, with one key change that drives everything Off the Rails.
    SCE F: (no title yet) 
The final installment, taking place far into the future and centered upon a boy with mysterious connections to a religious cult.

    The Evangelion Odyssey 
An Evangelion/Battlezone crossover partially inspired by Hakaima Sadamitsu.
  • Background
    • In 2015, the public is still kept in the dark about the Biometal War of 1969. The AAN is making sure the existence of biometal, the Cthonians and the Furies stays unknown. This ban was partially lifted after Second Impact where a limited technological disclosure occured; non-military technologies like hovercraft technology were released for civilian use.
    • Immediately after Second Impact, scientists realized that the Impact rendered the Earth tectonically unstable. Minor earthquakes are a common daily occurance and volcanoes are active all around the year. Those areas that weren't flooded by the increased sea level are battered by tsunamis. Therefore, the AAN enacted the Atlantis Project aimed at creating massive floating cities for humanity to live in.
    • Tokyo-3 is the prototype of the project, including carrying the prototype Avalon System (the in-universe equivalent of the MAGI) created to control these cities.
  • Technological background
    • NERV is funded by the ISDF to create the next-generation combat vehicle, the Evangelion-class Powered Armor. This weapon system is composed mainly of biometal with all of it's advantages, including easy maintenance and EDD armor. What the ISDF doesn't know however is that this isn't ordinary biometal, but Biometal Strain Five, the same material Furies are made of.
    • As you know, the Cthonians and the CCA created Furies by imbuing BS 5 with human DNA to induce an aggression factor; these Furies however proved to be impossible to control as they indiscriminately attack everything and everyone, deriving sadistic glee from pain and destruction. Taking Fury research to the next level, NERV substituted human DNA with Angel DNA; the resulting Evangelions are essentially Angel/Fury hybrids.
    • Evangelions are not, however, completely safe. They hate everything and everyone, especially themselves for what they are. While active, the only thing that keeps an Evangelion's destructive impulses in check is the pilot's subconscious; if cut off from it (the pilot goes unconscious or the Evangelion is shut down improperly), the Evangelion will go berserk and lapse into an omnicidal rage.
    • Control is done via a highly experimental neural interface created by ISDF scientists, expected to go into service in 2015.
    • While an Evangelion is much smaller than other ISDF vehicles, it compensates for that with its extreme mobility: it's equipped with a smaller version of the same hovercraft technology used by most ISDF and Scion tanks, enabling it to perform acrobatics nigh-impossible for its size. Additionally, it has a built-in M-Curtain emitter, making it capable of deflecting an incoming tank shell away without damage.
    • Weaponry consists of a multitude of weapon hardpoints across the body: dual-barreled miniguns on the right wrist (Unit-02 has a Pummel Gun instead), an MDM Mortar on the underside of the right forearm, a missile hardpoint on the left shoulder and a reverse-engineered Scion stasis shield on the left forearm. They also have an integrated RED Field and Phantom VIR but they can't use both at the same time and the latter only works for a limited time.
  • Characters
    • Yui was involved in the development of the Evangelions, just like in canon. She volunteered to test Unit-01 while she was nine months pregnant with Rei; when she was absorbed, Rei was left behind in a bizarrely reversed version of childbirth. This also infused Rei with biometal, rendering her part human, part Angel, part Scion and part Fury.
    • Gendo sent away Shinji (who wasn't told about Rei) the next day and raised Rei on his own. Due to her inner nature, Rei became a cold, passive-aggressive girl. Gendo hit some difficulties in reining her in with threats as her Fury origins makes Rei very short-tempered and stubborn; he learned the tricks of the trade in manipulation by controlling her in such a way to avoid accidentally provoking a temper tantrum which might very well prove fatal to him.
    • Shinji (Gender Flipped) grew up into a snarker tomboy. As I wrote above, she didn't know that she has a younger sister; she didn't even know Yui was pregnant at the time of her death. When Rei's existence is revealed, Shinji doesn't know what to think. Rei simply denies their relation and maintains a cold hostility towards the older girl. This hostility is motivated by fear: Rei knew about Shinji all her life and fears that Shinji came back to take their otōsama away from her. Gendo knows this and purposely manipulates the sisters against each other so that they can't team up against him.
    • Despite what may be expected from her gender, Shinji finds herself more comfortable around the stooges doing boyish things (inspiration here is Makoto Konno from The Girl Who Leapt Through Time).
    • Asuka (also Gender Flipped) is a Large Ham who treats his job of killing Angels as the awesomest job ever. He frequently tries to show off in order to impress the girls while at the same time loudly proclaiming that this job "belongs to real men, not little girls". Shinji simply thinks he's nuts. Also, Asuka is an abject pervert and frequently tries peeping at Shinji whenever possible; Shinji knows this and always takes measures to prevent it.
    • Later on, a Love Dodecahedron develops: Hikari realizes that she has a crush on both Touji and Asuka while Asuka is crushing on Shinji who's oblivious to it. This leads to repercussions before Arael.
    • As noted above, Rei is hostile to Shinji. This hostility changes to confusion after Bardiel when she realizes Shinji has no intention of associating with their father and didn't came back to take him away. When Gendo attempts to sacrifice Rei against Armisael, the girl survives but doesn't trust her anymore; when Kaworu befriends and tries to covertly eliminate Shinji, Rei decides to start acting like the sister she is and comes running, revealing that she's just as strong inside her Eva as outside it.

    Evangelion: Another Story 
An original story, basically Evangelion written Boku Wa Tomodachi Ga Sukunai-style with a sprinkling of Haruhi Suzumiya. No mechas, no(t much) angst and no deaths, just wacky Slice of Life humor. Despite the premise, it won't be a harem story.

Rough character drafts done.

Other fanfic ideas I probably won't get to writing

    Code Red 
A Red Alert 2/Code Geass crossover.
At the end of WW 2, the Allies imposed pretty heavy restrictions on Soviet tank production so Yuri worked around the problem: instead of designing the Apocalypse tanks, he invented the first Knightmare Frame in the Ural reserach facility, the Рк-71 Памир (Allied reporting name: Fenrir). During the war itself, the Soviets did extensive Geass research on Stalin's orders, eventually culminating in Yuri breaking the rules and aquiring a Code and two Geasses. Yuri's Geasses are: Lelouch's but purely voice-activated and Mao's but limited to within earshot of the target; both operate through phones and other machinery but only in real-time so no Geassing people through recordings. The Allies are caught by complete surprise and are steadily falling back until Einstein invents his own Knightmare Frames (Mk.I Pendragon) and the playing field is a bit more even, though the Soviets still retain technical superiority. This changes in the Yucatan operation when the SEAL team not only destroys the research facility but Suzaku (who's a member of the team) hijacks the prototype Xк-72 Волга (Allied reporting name: Jörmungand) which the Allies quickly deliver to Germany for reverse-engineering. Thanks to Suzaku's efforts, the desperate Soviet counterattack on Black Forest is repelled and Allied Knightmares experience a massive technological leap forward while the Soviets' suffer due to the loss of the Yucatan research data. Einstein's new Knightmares (Mk.III Galatine) are field-tested in Cuba during the initial Chronosphere deployment after which Suzaku and Tanya/Kallen are put into an upgraded version of the Knightmare Suzaku jacked (rechristened Heimdall) and dropped into Moscow to start Operation Chrono Storm, using the reinforcements as distraction while they bulldoze their way through the Kremlin Elite Guard led by Boris (who's a Knightmare ace in this fic) and composed of the few completed mass-production models of the very same Knightmare that Suzaku hijacked, the Рк-72 Саратов (Allied reporting name: Niddhögg).
    Code Red 2 
C&C Yuri's Revenge/Code Geass crossover, sequel to Code Red.
After the war, shit really hits the fan. Yuri was the one behind Soviet Knightmare research which means that his faction has stuff far exceeding those of the Allies and Soviets, including Geass-enhanced pilots. While time travelling manages to eliminate some of this problem, the only thing that can fight his troops on equal terms is the Allied Mk.IV Arondight and the Soviet Pк-72ф Воронеж. This season also has Boris and his new sidekick permanently teaming up with the Suzaku+Tanya/Kallen pair (speaking of which, there's some pretty heavy Belligerent Sexual Tension going on between Suzaku and Tanya/Kallen).

    My tropes 
  • Absent-Minded Professor - Minus the professor part (unless you consider a university student one). In some cases, I forgot what the other person said five seconds ago.
  • Berserk Button - Being treated unfairly from my perceptive.
    • Interesting fact: ever thought being bullied is bad? How about being bullied even by your elementary school homeroom teacher?
  • Cannot Spit It Out - The reason why I swore off relationships in the first place.
  • Celibate Hero - No comment.
  • Chaotic Neutral - Let's just say I have political and sociological views many would consider radical and/or extremist.
  • Cloud Cuckoo Lander - I can pretty much be described as someone who never grew up. Not that I have a problem with it.
    • It's my own theory that to fully comprehend abstract stuff like anime and computer science, you have to possess an abnormal mindset. If you do, however... only like-minded people will truly understand you.
    • With the relatively recent revelation that I'm in the upper 3% of the population IQ-wise, I now understand why I have trouble getting along with people. It's not them being too dumb, it's me being too smart.
    • And in an even more recent revelation, the psychologist I visited as a child confirmed that I have Asperger's she failed to diagnose back then. All the nuances in my personality suddenly made a lot of sense.
  • Hikikomori - Bordered on this one a few times, what with my usual tendency to not leave the house for the whole summer if there's no motivation to.
  • Jerkass Fa├žade - My final solution to people pointlessly testing my patience. In real life, that is; I'm not going to become an Internet Tough Guy.
  • Nerd Glasses - Higher end of low myopia.
  • Otaku - Would I even be here otherwise? I only know a single person who shares my interests in anime and TV series but even he doesn't take it this far. I actually bought a 1 TB external hard drive for storing anime; it's currently >90% full.
  • Perverse Sexual Lust - Ahem...
    • Long hair
    • Short stature
    • Pettanko (NOT lolicon; I don't like a big age difference between involved parties)
    • Meganekko
    • Shrinking Violet (cue silent squeeing)
    • Most important of all: I don't care about physical attractiveness. The smarter they are, the better.
    • When it comes to... spicier materials, I have a few reservations: no rape, exploitation, netorare, yaoi or anything that should normally be inside the body (including but not limited to guro). There are some fetishes I don't prefer but toleratenote ; due to this site's recent change of stance against erotic content, I shall not name them.
  • The Quiet One - Mostly because conversations involving me and 2+ other people tend to end up with someone repeatedly interrupting me, mostly with stuff irrelevant to the current topic.
  • The Smart Guy - According to most of my acquaintances, anyway; none of my close environment and extended family had gone further than high school while I have a software engineering course and finished university.
  • Thinking Out Loud - Not just thinking, I'm actually fairly good at fluently conversing with myself at a normal volume when no one's around. In English, which is not even my native language.
  • Videogame Caring Potential - Most of the time. No Casualties Run with Save Scumming is default for me if it means non-combatants will make it.
  • Yuri Fan - Not exactly a fan, but I'm not averse to it either.