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  • Enforced Method Acting: There's a rumor that during production for the remake movie, Toru Furuya was beaten up to prepare him for the scene where Bright slaps Amuro for refusing to pilot the Gundam. As a result, his lines have much more emotion behind them than they did in the original TV show.
  • Fan Nickname:
    • The Bright Slap for the one-two that Bright gave Amuro to snap him out of his Wangst funk. Ironically for all its claims to make "men of destiny", the very first one...didn't work out.
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    • "Last Shooting" - The final shot that a headless and left armless Gundam fired at Char's Zeong at the end of the anime which quickly became its most iconic moment and spawned many tributes and imitators.
  • Fountain of Expies: Char Aznable has been oft-imitated, both in the Gundam franchise itself and in other shows.
  • Inspiration for the Work: The idea of Mobile Suits were inspired by the Power Suits of Starship Troopers.
  • Life Imitates Art: Two months after the Colony Drop episode aired, parts of Skylab fell on Australia - though the results were thankfully nowhere near as devastating.
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  • Missing Episode: Episode 15, "Kukuruz Doan's Island", was removed from the US release by request of Yoshiyuki Tomino himself. While most rumors claim it's due to the horrendous Off-Model animation, Tomino himself said it was due to an issue between himself and a certain member of the staff, but he's not willing to elaborate any further as long as that other person is still alive. Note that this doesn't stop Doan from popping up in video games like G Generation and Extreme Vs., and even having his own spin-off to the Origin manga.
  • No Export for You:
    • Depending on whether Madman licenses by the series or franchise, this could be the case in Australia. Their staff seem to find it too dated to be worth releasing.
    • Bandai of America has had fun with this: the movie compilations are only available in Japanese with subtitles. Meanwhile, due to Bandai of Japan not wanting the US DVDs imported into Japan (where Mobile Suit Gundam had not come out yet on DVD) refusing to give Bandai of America the Japanese audio tracks, resulting in a English dub only release in the states. Only later did the series is get a bilingual release, though are now out-of-print.
  • The Other Darrin: The TV series was dubbed by the Vancouver-based Ocean Studios whilst the movies were dubbed in California. The TV series in this case, are the replacement voices as the films were dubbed a few years before.
    • In particular: to date, Char has been portrayed by four different actors in English, Michael Kopsa being the only one to ever reprise the role (in Anime.Mobile Suit Gundam Chars Counterattack). Oddly appropriate for a guy who changes identities so often.
  • Referenced by...: The Japan Animator Expo would dedicate its fifth short to showcasing the animation of series and movie animators Yoshikazu Yasuhiko and Ichiro Itano.
  • Screwed by the Network:
    • In it's original run in Japan, low ratings got the show's episode numbers cut from 52 to 43 episodes. And the production staff was lucky to get four more episodes to close up the series.
    • In America, it didn't do too much better on Toonami. Low ratings (and 9/11) also led to early cancellation. It would later be shown on [adult swim]'s Action block back in 2002 (when it was mostly comprised of former Toonami shows and shows meant to air on Toonami) but they skipped an episode and pulled it before it could finish its run.
  • Self-Adaptation: Series creator Yoshiyuki Tomino also wrote the Mobile Suit Gundam novel adaptation.
  • Talking to Himself: Kaneto Shiozawa, voiced both M'Quve and Cameron Bloom. In the original series, they even get to briefly interact, with Cameron calling M'Quve out on his bullshit before leaving.
  • Trolling Creator: "The Zakrello is the strongest machine in the One Year War." - Yoshiyuki Tomino
    • For those not in the know, Amuro manages to destroy the Zakrello in about a minute. Afterwards Char says he's not bothered about the destruction of a suit he didn't even know existed.
  • What Could Have Been: The early preproduction notes and the planned 52 episode version include a lot of weird stuff that never made it into the final product, including:
    • The Gundam was originally going to be a somewhat less flashy-looking red and black robot with a blank, GM-like face called the Gunboy, but this was changed at Bandai's request into the more Toyetic samurai-like design we all know and love. The Guntank, by contrast, was much sillier looking, with its cannons sticking out of its chest and big, pipe-like arms with humanoid hands. Oddly enough, the Guncannon's early designs look about the same, except that it was supposed to be painted white.
      • Even after the Gundam's design was finalized its paintjob went through numerous revisions. The Zeon characters constantly referring to it as "The White Mobile Suit", despite a large portion of it being blue is an artifact of earlier script drafts that assumed Tomino's preferred color scheme of white with red highlights (the idea would seem to be resurrected in the far future with the Unicorn Gundam). There were also plans for an olive drab version known as the "Real Type" colors before pressure from the sponsors cemented the bright, primary colors of the finished product (which later sourcebooks explain away as "Demo" or "Parade Colors" intended to ensure maximum visibility when showing the new prototype's capabilities off to the brass).
    • Miharu was originally going to be a very different character, the only element surviving into the finished series being that she was still a redhead. In the original plot outline, Miharu Zabi was the youngest child of Degwin Zabi, a naive but sweet girl totally at odds with her warlike siblings. This version of the character was later retooled into Dozle's daughter, Princess Mineva in Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam.
    • Char was supposed to pilot a Dom (which he does in the novelization instead of the Gelgoog, which was cut out) and even the Gundam itself in addition to the other suits he uses.
    • The battle of A Baoa Qu went quite a bit differently, featuring numerous new mobile suits that were eventually rolled into the MSV model kit line MSX (which at one point was going to become the basis for a proposed sequel before Zeta got made). The stand-out moment has to be when the Gundam is destroyed not in a final duel with Char, but by the MS-12 Gigan, Zeon's goofy response to the Guntank — and it wasn't even in the hands of a named character, to boot.
      • One major part of this would have included Degwin Zabi (who doesn't get killed by the Solar Ray in this version) breaking down in front of Sayla and begging her forgiveness for killing her father. The final version leaves the question of whether Zeon Deikun was assassinated or died of a heart attack more open-ended.
      • This version would have provided additional characterization for Sayla, as Degwin would have asked her to kill him, so as to end the fighting but she refuses, saying she's not vengeful, like her brother, Char.
    • Another massive Aborted Arc from the original 52 episode outline of the series, was the Newtypes. Originally, they would have dominated the last 1/3rd of the series and given a more complete introduction as far as being mentioned early on in the series as opposed to just being mentioned in the last seven episodes of the series. In particular, there would be multiple Zeon Newtypes and one of which would end up being responsible for Layah's death; as she would be executed once her friendship with Amuro was discovered and setting Char up for his roaring rampage of revenge during the battle of A Baoa Qu.
    • Perhaps most infamously, in the original draft of the series (pre-dating the original 52 episode outline), Amuro was going to be a Decoy Protagonist who dies about half-way through the story. The White Base would then go into an Enemy Mine alliance with Char. This original concept was used as the basis for the Novel Adaptations.
      • Interestingly, said concept was only used because Tomino didn't know how popular the series would become, thinking that the series cancellation was the end of it. He's stated that had he known how popular Gundam would've become, he would've had Amuro live.
    • On the other hand, we were saved from Char's arc being a "Shaggy Dog" Story. Originally he was supposed to betray Kycilia and end up working directly for Ghiren. While this fits his M.O. up until this point, he actually starts earnestly fighting on Ghiren's behalf, since by this point it's very obvious that the Zeon are going to lose. The series ends with Char chiding himself for not finishing off the Zabi's when he had the chance.
    • Shuichi Ikeda, Char's voice actor, actually auditioned for Amuro but felt he's unsuited for the role because Amuro is young. But after seeing Char's character design, he auditioned for him instead and the rest is history.


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