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"In the distant future, mankind has expanded to the stars and populated much of the galaxy. But despite these advancements, man is not at peace, and soon after, the Galactic War emerges..."
— Story Description

It is now three hundred plus years into the Galactic Century. Throughout this era, mankind — which, as it turns out, exists on other planets besides Earth — has expanded well into the galaxy through various means of colonization. From planetary settlements to space colonies, man has flourished throughout the GC era, while scientific and technological breakthroughs are continuously made.

And yet, as one can tell from the description, there is no peace in this time. Due to a variety of developments, the galaxy has since been divided into two camps: the Inner Powers, who hail from the inner and middle parts of the galaxy, and the Outer Powers, who are closer to the rim. Both sets of nations would become increasingly belligerent toward each other, but, namely through the efforts of the republican Earth Federation (on the Inners' side) and the eugenicist Zeon Empire (on the Outers'), a shooting war is otherwise avoided for the last two or three centuries or so. And then, on June 7, GC 364, it would all change.

Upon the latter date, the Emperor of Zeon, Zorin Tor Daikun, and his Chancellor, Degwin Zabi, would be assassinated by an Inner Power aligned (or so it is claimed) terrorist cell. In their place, Degwin's eldest, Gihren, ascends to the throne and, virtually overnight, remakes Zeon to his image through various means of terror (namely the purging of the House of Daikun and its supporters). Once firmly in control, Gihren leads Zeon and its allies toward conquest, kicking off the Galactic War in earnest. Naturally the Earth Federation and its own allies attempt to stem the tide, but are otherwise no match for the Zeon headed blitzkrieg. Two years of bitter fighting would soon follow, through which Zeon and the rest would gain substantial gains into the galaxy, while Earth and the other Inner and Middle Rim nations can do little more than hang on for the ride.

That is, until GC 379. Working in the background before and during the war, the Earth Federation had developed a secret weapons program, codenamed Project V. The purpose of this program is to develop the ultimate mobile suit, one that, at the most basic level, can overpower Zeon and the other Outers' technologically superior machines. After years of development and refinement, this new mobile suit, the Gundam, is at last ready for field testing, and so three prototypes are shuffled off to the distant space colony of Antillia. As is the lead test pilot, an innocuous young man by the name of Amuro Ray...

Mobile Suit Gundam Alpha is an ongoing Fanfiction series by Wing Zero Alpha of Code Geass Megiddo fame. It is available on, Archive of Our Own and Spacebattles. As can be guessed from all of this, Alpha is a retelling (and huge expansion) of the original Mobile Suit Gundam story, only now with the setting revised to the galactic scale instead of just the Earthsphere. As with his earlier work, the story is told from multiple perspectives of both canon and Original Characters, with the former often expanded beyond their original forms. And, of course, the action remains incredibly detailed.

This series has a section on the Gundam Fanon wiki, which is open to editing.

This fanfic provides examples of:

  • Adaptation Expansion: Imagine every Gundam series merged together into a single story and setting. The latter based around the whole of the Milky Way.
  • Adaptational Nice Guy: Gihren's still an evil contemptible asshole but he DOES have slight redeeming qualities that his original counterpart lacked. He genuinely cares for his family and otherwise believes he is doing well for his people.
  • All Love Is Unrequited: As in the original series, Fraw has obvious feelings for Amuro. Unfortunately for her, Amuro is very much oblivious to them (even with his Newtype powers) while also being drawn toward Sayla...
  • All There in the Manual: The setting is pretty well laid out (if not entirely described) on the wiki.
  • Ascended Extra: As in Megiddo, several minor characters from the original series have been given more prominent roles. Fraw, for example, is now a prodigy medical student turned CMO of the Ark Royal, while Sayla has since become the Valkyrie of Riah, one of the Federation's top mobile suit pilots.
  • Badass Normal: Compared to Amuro and Sayla, Sleggar is a run of the mill Oldtype with no special powers. He makes up for this with sheer skill and experience, such that he can pilot his Gundam (a mobile suit meant for Newtypes) just as effectively as his wingmates.
  • The Battlestar: The Ark Royal.
  • Being Human Sucks: How Zeon typically see Lowborn (non-augmented humans). Originally just simple elitism, Gihren has since ramped up the genocidal aspects of this trope.
  • Berserk Button: Want to piss off Sayla? Say anything bad about her family's legacy, or anything positive about the Zabis. Or simply hurt Amuro in any way.
    • Delaz and the other Zeeks pushed a big one with Wakkein and his fleet (including the Ark Royal) when they blew up Juno.
  • Big Badass Battle Sequence: Already a staple of Gundam, and pretty much guaranteed to be for this story as well. Starting with the Battle of Juno.
  • Bunny-Ears Lawyer: Sleggar Law, ladies and gentleman. Eagle of Arcturus by day, mecha otaku man child by night.
  • The Cameo: Just look at the character list on the wiki. If there's a prominent Gundam character out there, then chances are he or she at least appears in the background.
    • Aiguille Delaz and Anavel Gato were present at the Battle of Juno.
    • A news bulletin reports on King Milliardo and Queen Lucrezia of the Sanc Kingdom meeting with President Jamitov Hyran.
      • Milliardo is oft remarked to be leading the Sanc war effort directly — from the cockpit of the Tallgeese. Likewise, his chief military commander is one Lord Admiral Treize Kushrenada.
    • The crew of the Ark Royal love listening to Lacus Clyne's songs when they're on break. Sleggar even jokes about broadcasting nude pictures of her to distract Garma's forces upon their arrival to Anges.
    • Bright and Sleggar hold a communique with the the Professor regarding Project V. Lowe and Kisato are also present, as well as the Junk Guild in general.
  • The Casanova: Kai Shiden of all people. He supposedly has quite a few girlfriends around the galaxy.
  • Color-Coded Characters: Besides their Greek letter designations, the three Gundams are distinguished by their pilots' personal colors. Unit Alpha is white (Amuro being the White Devil and all), Unit Beta is blue and Unit Gamma is red.
  • Colour Coded Armies: Like Megiddo, the various factions of Alpha follow a color theme:
    • Earth Federation - Dark Grey (Federal Forces) / Black (Titans)
    • Sanc Kingdom - White
    • Orb Republic - Gold
    • Freeden Confederacy - Blue
    • Soleil Commonwealth - Silver
    • Kowloon Alliance - Yellow
    • Tekkadan State - Magenta
    • Benerit Conglomerate - Teal
    • Zeon Empire - Dark Green
    • Cosmo Babylonia - Light Grey
    • Zanscare Consortium - Bronze
    • Nergal Dominion - Light Green
    • Aeolian League - Red
    • Vingolf Alignment - Purple
  • Cool Starship: The story is basically the One Year War on the galactic scale, so (like almost everything else) the resident spaceships are greatly expanded to fit the setting.
    • First and foremost, the Ark Royal. Basically the resident White Base, but tuned up to eleven; imagine what the WB would have looked like as a true analogue to a modern day aircraft carrier (i.e. a seven hundred meter long version of the Gray Phantom style Pegasus-class). With battleship level armament, a standard carrying capacity of forty-eight mobile suits and a fully professional (if initially inexperienced) crew at her helm, it's no wonder the Ark Royal keeps surviving battle after battle.
    • The Rewloola and Musaka-classes of Mobile Suit Gundam: Char's Counterattack fame are now the Zeeks' go to warships. Char himself retains a red version of the former class as his command ship.
    • The Federation utilizes the Montana-class battlecruiser (Ra Cailum) and the Chicago-class cruiser (Clop) as their main forces. And then there's the Lexington-class fleetcarrier line, which the Ark Royal is the thirteenth member of.
    • The Medea. A Plattsburgh-class transport ship (think the Columbus-class from canon) that, as its name suggests, plays the logistics role to the Ark Royal (even when the latter is deep within hostile territory).
    • The Dolowa loses cool points for being butt-ugly, but does its best to make up for that by being powerful enough to fight off entire fleets by itself.
  • Crazy Enough to Work: Char notes that the Ark Royal's (Bright's) strategies tend to be this. After all, who else would fly the space equivalent of an aircraft carrier into an asteroid belt to evade (and ambush) enemy pursuit?
    • Sleggar also has the bug, at least on Anges. Where he had the Ark Royal broadcast a jamming signal through a hastily refurbished transceiver (which was part of the ruined city that the Ark was hiding out in) with music as a carrier wave. The result not only disrupted the Zeeks' sensors and communications, but also subjected them to nonstop Battle Theme Music.
  • Curbstomp Battle: Anavel "Nightmare of Solomon" Gato vs. Sayla "Valkyrie of Riah" Mass. With the latter being a powerful Newtype, piloting a Gundam and otherwise having superior skill (essentially Char's counterpart in the Federation), this result was inevitable.
  • Death Glare: To say Sayla was thoroughly enraged upon learning of Amuro's last meeting with Kamaria would be an understatement. So much so that upon adopting one of these, she purposely turned away from he and Fraw, lest they Quake From Fear under her gaze.
  • Deliberate Injury Gambit: Char arranges to lose an arm (in-universe medical technology can grow him a new one in a few months) in the fight where Garma is killed so that the Zabis cannot fault him for failing to protect their brother.
  • Dirty Communists: The Aeolian League (or Human Reform League as it was originally known) is effectively the Galactic Century's version of the Soviet Union. Just replace Vladimir Lenin with this universe's Aeolia Schenberg.
  • The Dreaded: Amuro Ray is arguably more feared as the White Devil here than he ever was in the Universal Century.
    • As the Eagle of Arcturus and Valkyrie of Riah, Sleggar and Sayla were this before Amuro even entered the picture. Both because of their performance in their titular battles, though Sayla stands out as Riah was her first combat deployment, and she debuted by decimating twenty four Zakus (one of which was piloted by the Alpha version of Sasro Zabi) over its course.
    • For the antagonists outside of Char, there's Garma. Even Bright was visibly apprehensive when he was identified as the enemy fleet commander that's hunting the Ark Royal following Juno.
    • The Ark Royal. Even discounting the fact she's a Trojan Horse and carrying the resident Gundams, she's already garnered the reputation of an unsinkable ship. Best emphasized at Juno, where even the likes of Delaz and Gato practically soiled themselves upon her identification.
      • The Lexington-class line as a whole is notably one of the few Inner Power weapons that the Zeon truly fear (before the Gundams entered the picture of course). Bad enough that these carriers have sizeable firepower and the ability to carry forty plus mobile suits, but they're also viable force multipliers thanks to their Combat Direction Centers (a concept brought back from the "old" Anno Domini to deal with the Lexington's mobile suit load, which would have been too much for one Bridge Bunny to manage), which allow them to link to and direct literally hundreds of mobile suits (and their parent ships) at a time, making them the most effective command ships of the current era. Once more best shown at Juno, following the planet's destruction. Up to that point the Zeeks all thought it would be an easy win, even after Wakkein caught wind of their approach and deployed accordingly. It was only when the Ark Royal emerged from Juno's remains that they (up to and including Delaz himself) realized they were in for a serious fight.
    • Once more on the Zeon side, there's the Dolowa. In a deliberately similar vain to the Bismarck or the Yamato, the Dolowa largely existed early on as a boogeyman of a warship. The Federation and other Inner Powers had heard rumors of her existence, or more specifically that of a capital ship with the firepower and carrying capacity of a whole battle fleet (surpassing even the Lexingtons), but were never able to ascertain whether the Zeeks actually built her or not. At least until recently.
    • Zeon as a whole are feared by the rest of humanity. Par for course in that they're an entire race of Khan Noonien Singh level Augments that are (at least forwardly) superior in any craft or act they dedicate themselves to (up to and including galactic conquest). Kamaria Ray (formerly Flanagan) certainly dreads them, such that when Sayla reveals herself to be Zeon (simply a Zeon and not Princess Artesia), Kamaria sees it as her worst nightmare given form. And that's before Sayla also reveals she's a high level Newtype...
      • One reader claimed that the mere insinuation that Galactic Century Zeon (who, again being Augments, are already "superior" enough) are capable of becoming Newtypes themselves is more than enough justification for the Federation's fear of them and corresponding Newtype research and weaponization through the likes of Project V. Hard to argue with that, especially after Sayla's meeting with Kamaria.
  • Eaglelander: Sleggar's alluded to be a Type 1. Possibly a Texan.
  • Establishing Character Moment: Sayla's confrontation with Kamaria (and corresponding mental and physical beatdown) not only established how dangerous she truly was, but how truly dangerous Zeon were in this setting. In the Universal Century, the Zeeks loved to proclaim their supposed superiorities to everyone else, but were otherwise baseline human with the rest. In the Galactic Century, they need not proclaim any of it...
  • Everyone Can See It: More than a few people have noticed Amuro and Sayla gravitating toward each other.
  • Expy: Off and on, at least on the superficial level. Sayla, for example, is described as looking like Captain Marvel/Carol Danvers from Marvel Future Avengers.
  • A Father to His Men: Bright and Sleggar both act as this to the crew of the Ark Royal and the pilots of the 13th Carrier Assault Group respectively.
  • Fighting Your Brother: Char vs. Sayla. Neither of them (especially Char) want to fight the other, but they do so anyway in order to keep up appearances.
  • The Friend No One Likes: Kai for the Ark Royal pilots.
  • Genetic Adaptation: Zeon's eugenics based civilization stems from this. The original Zeon had to turn to selective breeding early on in order to survive their homeworld's hostile environment. When full on genetic engineering was conceived, it quickly became a social mainstay.
  • Goal-Oriented Evolution: As in the Universal Century, the Daikuns theorized that as humans expanded further into space, they would evolve into Newtypes to adapt to their environment, thus paving the way to further transcendence.
  • The Good Kingdom: Sanc. In keeping with Gundam Wing's aesthetics, it's described as being exceedingly beautiful and utopian compared to other nations.
  • Graceful Loser: Garma, especially compared to his original counterpart. Far from the Villainous Breakdown one expected, Garma not only accepted his fate while resolving to take Amuro with him, but more or less forgave Char for the backstabbing as he realized Char was actually Prince Casval and that his betrayal was driven out of misplaced vengeance. He even prays (huge for a Zeon, who are all essentially univeral agnostics) that his twin sister Galina (who's also Char's love interest here) manages to save his friend from his own inner demons.
  • Gratuitous Greek: The three (four) Gundams are each designated by a letter from the Greek alphabet. Amuro pilots Unit Alpha, Sleggar has Unit Beta, Sayla uses Unit Gamma and Emma Sheen flies Unit Delta for the Titans.
  • Green-Eyed Monster: As originally, Hayato Kobayashi to Amuro.
  • Human Popsicle: It's hinted that Sleggar was one of these, originally having been a United States Navy fighter pilot that ended up in some kind of accident and placed into cryogenic suspension for the next few hundred years.
  • Inferiority Superiority Complex: Part of Hayato's beef is that he has an idealized image of his warrior ancestors and his father. He believes the former taking part in those ancient battles helped shape the course of history, while the latter is one of the best ship captains the Federation has to offer. As such, he desperately wants to prove himself worthy of their lineage, but sees himself inferior because he's "only" survived through the Galactic War to this point (as opposed to playing some essential role in its outcome).
  • In-Universe Soundtrack: As part of the Mythology Gag (see below), real life Gundam tracks are regularly presented as modern music that the cast members listen/reference to.
  • Invisibility Cloak: One of Zeon's central advantages over its enemies is the Mirage Colloid.
  • Just for Pun: The Ark Royal, as captained by Bright Noa. Her nickname is even Noa's Ark.
  • Lady of War: Sayla is very graceful and elegant in manner, as befitting of her origins. Once she steps into Gundam Unit Gamma however...
  • Law of Chromatic Superiority: Sleggar gives a very apt explanation as to why this is the law of the land in modern Galactic Century warfare. See quotes page.
  • Leave No Survivors: Wakkein made this a direct order to Bright after Delaz blew up Juno. Bright notes that he would have refused any other time, but for once the Zeeks had it coming.
  • Meaningful Name: Another similarity to Megiddo, especially in regard to the resident starships.
    • The Ark Royal is named after a line of Royal Navy warships, including several aircraft carriers. Bonus points in that this universe's Bright Noa grew up in Portsmouth.
    • As in the original series (to some extent), Earth starships are traditionally named after ancient seafaring ships. Most notably the Lexington line, which, like the Ark Royal, are all named after World War II aircraft carriers.
    • The Montana-class is named after a United States battleship that would have been on par with the infamous Yamato, but was never produced. Likewise, the Chicago-class is named after a line of cruiser types.
  • The Medic: Fraw starts off as a prodigal med student to a family of doctors on Antillia. When the latter are killed off in a Zeon raid, Amuro and Sayla bring her aboard the Ark Royal, where she takes over as CMO (the original and much of the medical staff were also killed in said raid).
  • Mega-Corp: The Benerit Conglomerate is described as a collection of these rather than an actual unified state.
  • Military Brat: Hayato is the latest in the Kobayashi military line. Several of his ancestors took part in historical battles (including those of Feudal Japan, the Meiji Restoration and the last two World Wars), while his father is one of the most prominent ship captains in the Federal Forces (who presently commands the Ark Royal's sister ship Hiryu).
  • Mugging the Monster: Following Amuro's final meeting with (and condemnation from) his mother, Sayla, herself seeking answers to several questions pertaining, decides to confront Kamaria herself. In the process, she's cornered by three of Kamaria's fellow Rose crewmen, who naturally assume Sayla is just another Earther. A near fatal mistake obviously, even if Sayla's Berserk Button had not been pushed to breaking point...
  • Mythology Gag: The factions, characters and technology that make up the setting all stem from Gundam series past and present.
    • Several characters and events in the Galactic Century, such as Galina Zabi (Degwin's second daughter and overall youngest child) and Amuro single-handedly destroying the Colony Laser at Juno are elements taken from 0079's original 52-episode outline.
    • Amuro's screams to get the Ark Royal off of Juno before the Colony Laser destroys it directly quotes his Universal Century counterpart's own ramblings upon the Solar Ray's firing in the original anime.
    • The Alpha ver. Gundams and other Federation mobile suits being colored standardized grey (even if initially) falls back on Tomino's original intentions with the RX-78-2 and its cohorts (to emphasize they were military machinery) until Executive Meddling forced him to adopt the familiar tricolors.
  • Names to Run Away from Really Fast: So far we have:
  • No One Could Survive That!: The Zeon originally believed the Ark Royal to have been destroyed in the Battle of Arcturus. As it turns out, she was very close (Char had just attacked her), but Bright (the single surviving member of the command staff) ordered her to retreat back to Earth before the Zeeks could finish her.
  • Noodle Incident: Since much of the story takes place from the Ark Royal's perspective, a lot of the Galactic War occurs offscreen. The latest is the Tekkadan State's homeworld being conquered by the Vingolf Alignment, forcing Supreme Commander Orga Itsuka and his supporters to relocate to distant Arbrau. Likewise, it's been remarked that Sanc has made repeated gains against the Zeeks and their cohorts compared to the other Inners, up to and including Earth.
    • The Battle of Arcturus is treated as the Galactic Century analogue of Loum.
  • Number One: Being the Executive Officer of the Ark Royal, Mirai acts as this to Bright being The Captain.
  • The Obi-Wan: Whenever they're not in battle, Sayla spends much of her time mentoring Amuro on being a Newtype (and a regular human being).
  • Pop-Culture Pun Episode Title: The chapters of the Dolowa arc are all named after books from The Expanse series.
    • Chapter 23 - "Waking Leviathan" (Leviathan Wakes)
    • Chapter 24 - "Wrathful Tiamat" (Tiamat's Wrath)
    • Chapter 25 - "War Over Caliban" (Caliban's War)
    • Chapter 26 - "Nemesis Games" (Nemesis Games)
    • Chapter 27 - "Gate of Abaddon" (Abaddon's Gate)
  • The Power of Rock: Part of the Ark Royal crew's strategy on Anges was to broadcast a jamming signal that used music as a carrier wave. This resulted in the Zeeks not only losing their sensors and comms, but also being subjected to continuous Earthnoid rock and pop songs (starting with "Raise Your Flag" by the Orphans).
  • Rebellious Princess: Sayla Mass, aka Princess Artesia Som Daikun of Zeon. Not that she hates her title or lineage (far from it), but she is very much rebelling against her nation (which she sees as corrupted under Gihren's tenure).
  • The Resenter: Hayato appears as this to Amuro up front. Underneath however, he doesn't hate Amuro per se, but is simply jealous of his power as the White Devil.
  • Secret Weapon: Project V. Up front it just looks like development for a new mobile suit line, but there are numerous hints that it entails more than that...
  • Ship Tease: Amuro and Sayla, as well as Amuro and Fraw. And to a lesser extent, Sleggar and Mirai.
  • The Sixth Ranger: While the main three Gundams are aboard the Ark Royal, a fourth unit, Unit Delta is also known to exist. Rather than being sent to Antillia with Alpha, Beta and Gamma, Delta was taken over by the Titans.
  • Secret-Keeper: Sleggar (and later Amuro) are the only people on the Ark Royal who know the truth of Sayla's past.
  • The So-Called Coward: Bright was labeled as a coward by much of the Federal Forces when he had the Ark Royal retreat from Arcturus. The fact the Ark had just been decimated by Char — in which most of her major systems were destroyed and all of her command staff (except Bright) were killed off — and could no longer fight is all too often overlooked. He starts to recover his reputation after the Battle of Juno.
  • State Sec: The Titans are naturally present in the Federation, while Zeon has the Imperial Security Directorate (or Stazi), which is more or less Exactly What It Says on the Tin. The latter is noteworthy for carrying out the Daikun purges (presumably on Gihren's orders).
  • Took a Level in Badass: One could argue the entire cast has gone through this when compared to their original counterparts.
    • The one that perhaps stands out the most is Sayla. Picture, if you will, Char's little sister turning as vengeful over her father's death as him (perhaps even more), as well as taking on a Red Oni characterization to Char's Blue Oni. Then picture her actually joining the Federal Forces at the start and becoming a mobile suit pilot therein (complete with her brother's preference for red). And then, as the story actually begins, picture her as one of the Federation's leading aces (the Valkyrie of Riah) as well as the third Gundam pilot besides Amuro and Sleggar...
    • Following Sayla there's Amuro himself. Though he's still whiny and bratty at the beginning, this is played more toward his being on the Autistic Spectrum than simply being a spoiled brat. Once he gets out of his funk, he becomes one of the Ark Royal's most vital pilots, even earning his White Devil monicker early on (and through the most spectacular of means).
      • His affinity for machines is also turned up to eleven here. Most prominently during the Battle of Juno, where Amuro is able to destroy an entire Colony Laser with a single beam rifle shot by identifying one mechanical weakpoint.
    • Fraw has a major level up, going from little more than a nursemaid to the White Base orphans to becoming the Ark Royal's chief medical officer. Such are her healing skills that the Federation even granted her early license to practice medicine on Earth when the war ends.
    • Speaking of the original White Base orphans, they've since gone through an Age Lift and are now able, contributing crewmen aboard the Ark Royal. Specifically Katz is the helmsman, Letz is the navigator and Kikka is the resident Bridge Bunny (communications officer).
    • Even Char (of all people) takes one here. Reasons include fighting all three Gundams at once (and holding his own well throughout), taking a beam saber through the cockpit (and losing his right arm in the process) to enact a Batman Gambit (i.e. getting Amuro to go full White Devil on Garma, which he succeeds in) and then remaining conscious through the resultant agony of the latter (just long enough to taunt Garma, and then Amuro)...
    • And then there's Garma himself. Not only is he himself an ace (enough to fight Amuro to a standstill after Juno), but in spite of his self-proclaimed inadequacy as a fleet commander, managed to corner the Ark Royal three times (and come within a hair's breadth of destroying her and her Gundams in the last two). In fact, at the Battle of Anges, he would have very much succeeded had it not been for Char's aforementioned Batman Gambit. And even after, he would have killed Amuro himself had the latter not been in a mobile suit outfitted with the Galactic Century equivalent of a psycoframe.
    • As noted by more than one reader, Emary Noa (née Ounce) went from a bit Mobile Suit Gundam ZZ character whose only noteworthy trait (outside being the captain of the La Vie en Rose) was pining for a married Bright to a high level Anaheim executive (as well as a direct relation to its present CEO) that leads the effort in repairing and refurbishing the Ark Royal following Anges (up to and including taking the resident Rose far out from Earth to do so). As a bonus, not only is she happily married to Bright in this universe (Mirai and Sleggar are still an item more or less), but she also has two daughters with him.
  • Transhuman: The (Zeon) Highborn in a nutshell.
  • Troll: As opposed to the coward he was in the Universal Century, the GC version of Kai Shiden is more of an antagonist and self-described sociopath. Very much invoked.
    Kiki: Kai here is our resident troll. He feeds off the negative emotions emitted by the rest of us.
    Kai: What can I say? Human anguish is a delicacy.
  • Two Guys and a Girl: Amuro, Sleggar and Sayla. Par for course as they're the story's Gundam team.
  • Übermensch: The standard Zeon mentality without going too overboard (at least until Gihren starts running things).
  • Ultimate Life Form: What the Highborn see themselves as.