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The Earth Federation of Universal Century evolved from a BRICS-dominant world
Officially the Federation is the direct successor to the current United Nations. This U.N. is in a future where India, South Africa and most of all, Brazil, rose to the same level global influence as of fellow BRICS members and UNSC members Russia and China.This explains why the flag resembles that of Brazil, why their military headquarters, Jaburo, are in Amazonas State. The surname of their first leader, Ricardo Marcenas suggests Latvian heritage however his first name may also be due to South American heritage. The influence of Brazil/South America lasts even through to Regild Century.

All the Gundam series are Mutually Fictional.
This would explain why everyone on the same levels of the Sliding Scale of Idealism Versus Cynicism get along well whenever an SD Gundam G-Generation game gets made. It also establishes the basic Gundam head traits as a Brand X of sorts: the psych warfare factor comes from the high probability that enemy soldiers saw one on TV.

Bandai Namco is staffed by Zeon sympathizers who are keeping all the good Gundam games from Americans.
The former Banpresto members, of course, are the more sympathetic AEUG sort, however, and managed to smuggle MS Saga: A New Dawn out to us. Not bad, despite some imagery clearly torn from Eureka Seven.

Not just every Gundam, but all of Yoshiyuki Tomino's work takes place in the same timeline.
This was actually the original idea for Turn-A Gundam, which was to be called Turn-A Space. Here's a possible timeline:
  • Space Runaway Ideon: The Ideon "resets" the galaxy at the end, causing Earth to be reborn and develop similarly, but slightly different to how it did before.
  • Zambot 3: Earth is visited by "aliens" who are actually descendants of people who were outside the galaxy at the time Ideon "reset" it. The Zambot is an inferior copy of Ideon's technology.
  • Daitarn 3: Using knowledge gained from studying Zambot's technology, Professor Haran creates the Daitarn 3 and the Meganoids on Mars. After the Meganoids' defeat, an international treaty bans cyborg technology and limits further exploration of Mars for fear of resurrecting the Meganoid threat. Further development of the Daitarn project proves economically impractical and technonolgy changes little over the next few years.
  • Aura Battler Dunbine: Earth is invaded by the parallel universe of Byston Well. Traces of the mystical "Aura Power" remain in the universe after the invaders are gone and various attempts are made to harness it. Arguably the most successful of these is a Super Soldier codenamed Project: D.O.M.E., a "New Type" of human with physical and mental powers rivaling those of the Meganoids. After a battery of tests, D.O.M.E.'s body is dissolved and placed in a secret storage facility on the Moon and forgotten for several years.
  • Mobile Suit Gundam and the rest of the UC timeline: Large scale space colonization is finally underway, but Mars remains untouched due to the Meganoid treaty. Scientists on the moon discover the remains of Project: D.O.M.E. and a secret project begins to spread his DNA throughout the population to cultivate new Super Soldiers, resulting in the "Newtype" phenomenon. With the development of Minovsky Paticles, newer, more cost effective ways are found for reproducing smaller, more efficient machines based on Zambot/Daitarn technology. Similarly, the Flanagan Institute manages to perfect the "Psycommu System" using research into salvaged Aura Battler components recovered during the Byston Well invasions. Six major space wars rage, with smaller conflicts in between; The One Year War of the original series, The Gryps War of Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam, the 1st Neo-Zeon Conflict/Neo-Zeon Civil War of ZZ, (following which Amuro and Judau foil a plot by Neo-Zeon partisans to resurrect the Ideon) The 2nd Neo-Zeon Conflict of Mobile Suit Gundam: Char's Counterattack, The Crossbone Uprising of F91 and The Zanscare War of V Gundam.
  • Gundam X & Sentou Mecha Xabungle: The 7th Space War. A mass Colony Drop marks the end of the 1st age of space colonization. The Lunarians, largely unaffected by the war send a group of "reverse colonists" known as "The Innocent" due to their refusal to participate in the war that ruined civilization, to Earth to begin the Humanity Restoration Plan to help Earth recover from its damaged state. The truth about Newtypes is discovered, after which they begin to fade from existence. New governments form and old ones are resurrected. The New Earth Federation is reorganized as the "United Earth Sphere Alliance" and the second age of colonization begins. The calendar is changed to the After Colony calendar.
  • Gundam Wing: Conflict begins heating up in the colonies. With most of the UC and AW era's MS technology poorly maintained and decrepit, the OZ organization recovers the surprisingly well-kept MS-01 from a museum and use it as a basis for their new line of mobile suits, remodeling it into the Tallgeese in the process. The five mad scientists, meanwhile design their gundams based on those of the previous generation. The Wing Zero is created using incomplete Blueprints from the X and Airmaster Gundams, but with Newtypes practically extinct, a new computer assist, the "Zero System" is used to replace the psycommu derived interfaces. Shortly after Wing Zero is finally built, OZ MS pilot Colin Nander is the sole survivor of one of its colony destroying assaults. He is so terrified by the experience he goes insane. He is discharged from the MS forces and used as a test subject for an experimental suspended animation process at an OZ lunar facility. The facility is above top secret, known to only a few officials and thus will be forgotten for centuries after the organization collapses. Eventually War is abolished.
  • G Gundam: ...And replaced with the Gundam Fight. Aura Power is rediscovered and used to fuel both colony designs and fighting techniques that otherwise defy the laws of physics. All goes well for many years until a second attempt to harness the power of the DG Cells results in the complete destruction of civilization yet again.
  • Brain Powerd: After civilization begins to recover, it is disrupted once again by biomechanical creations of the DG Cells: Orphan, an attempt to regrow the Devil Gundam's body inside the Earth that has been co-opted by a human organization and somehow altered into a spacecraft and the Antibodies, mechs created to protect it that have also been repurposed.
  • Overman King Gainer: The Orphan conflict has taken a terrible toll on the Earth, leaving all but a few areas a wasteland. New mechs, the Overmen are created from a fusion of traditional MS tech and Antibody-derived biomechanical parts. Eventually Earth recovers once more. The Overmen begin to fall apart as the new age of prosperity means there is little use for them. Yapan forms the Orb Union, while other governments rebuild and form the Earth Alliance and the cycle repeats again with a 3rd age of space exploration. The Cosmic Era begins.
  • Gundam SEED & the CE timeline: The D.O.M.E. project is restarted with the creation of George Glenn, but degradation of the original sample results in a lack of psychic ability. However, when the new "Coordinator" biotechnology is applied to the last of the original D.O.M.E.'s "descendants", a new power, the "SEED Factor" emerges. The Coordinator/Natural split leads to renewed conflict and the resurgence of the Mobile Suit. After almost a century of near constant warfare, the colonies elect to leave the solar system, using Genesis laser propulsion units for their original purpose and turning every single colony into a Generation Ship. The disappearance of so much manpower and resources all at once throws the economy into chaos. In desperation, the "Turn series" of MS is created, with the intention of "turning things around" for the human race. Using the forbidden technology of the DG Cells once again, the Turn-A Gundam is meant to bring everlasting peace and prosperity to Earth. It doesn't quite work out that way. With Earth decimated once more, the inhabitants of the Moon decide to bide their time until it has recovered enough to restore civilization once more. Many go into stasis in the recently rediscovered OZ hibernation facility.
  • Heavy Metal L-Gaim: The wandering space colonies eventually come upon the Pentagona Star System, with five inhabitable planets which are quickly settled. A descendant of Athrun Zala (corrupted into Wallha over the centuries) becomes the king of one of them. Interplanetary disputes begin and MS technology resurfaces again in the form of the "Heavy Metals". The king of Poseidall uses a sample of DG technology recovered from the remains of an old colony cylinder's research lab to become immortal, but with a terrible price and embarks on a campaign to conquer the entire Pentagona system before being defeated by the heir to the Wallha throne. Wallha's strength becomes renowned far and wide, and his dynasty is thus rechristened as "The Buff Clan".
  • ∀ Gundam: The Moonrace invades Earth when it has recovered enough, but the inhabitants fight back using Mobile Suits and other lost technology that somehow avoided being destroyed by the Moonlight Butterfly. Another bloody war breaks out. Eventually peace returns and a new space colonization project is declared. Rather than building new colony clusters around the Earth and repeat the mistakes of the past, humanity uses the recovered technologies of countless generations to build starships that will take mankind to the edges of the galaxy and beyond.
  • Space Runaway Ideon: Humanity has expanded toward the stars and settled many habitable planets. However, they soon come under attack from the people of the Pentagona system, who have degenerated into a gaggle of space barbarians. A giant robot is discovered hidden on a small planet and used to fight them. Their battle will once again lead to the death and rebirth of the galaxy. Earth returns to its familiar shape. But it isn't over yet...

    • Or you could make it easier on yourself by saying "UC -> Ideon -> AW -> Ideon -> Xabungle -> Ideon" and so on.

Ark from SD Force is an alternate universe of G Gundam where the Devil Gundam won.
All of the Ark Gundams are based on G Gundam designs and are made of nanotechnology. Not only that, but Humans are extinct and are only spoken of in legends. The Devil Gundam killed off all of humanity and replaced them with SD Gundams.

Combat Mecha Xabungle occurs in the aftermath of Ideon on the Buff Clan homeworld
Nearly every one of the Civilians in Xabungle is portrayed without pupils, similar to the Buff Clan. The Earth All Along revealing Zora could be Earth is a red herring, since the Buff Clan called their home Earth as well. At least enough of the Buff Clan survived off-world after Ideon created a meteor shower to destroy all life on the planet in order to return and begin the genetic experiments creating the Civilians. The Ide's lingering influence is responsible for the relative lack of deaths, and Yoshiyuki Tomino's spirit is responsible for rampant breaking of the fourth wall.

The Gundam multiverse is secretly controlled by the various Haros.
The Haros are sentient, and manipulated all the major events in Gundam to suit their mysterious agenda. They are also responsible for granting Newtype/SEED/whatever powers, and find great amusement in granting them to Wangsty teenagers.
  • It follows that the Turn A and Turn X are actually highly upgraded Haros at their core, beneath all the gundanium armoring. Evidently, they got bored of the repetition after a while and decided to blow it all up.

Rosamia really is Camille's sister.
Franklin Vidan's unseen mistress is actually that woman from the Newtype labs. She somehow found out early on that Camille had Newtype potential, so she seduced his father and allowed herself to be impregnated by him in the hopes of getting her hands on another Newtype kid to use in her experiments.
  • There's a good chance Rosamia really was Camille's sister, but she probably wasn't conceived in this way. Franklin's mistress, while unseen, is named as a woman named Margarita, while the Newtype lab chief is named Namicar.

The first opening song of Mobile Suit Victory Gundam tells us of its theme.
"Stand up to the victory". The show is about standing up to the victory. We aren't letting the victory push us around anymore. We're showing the victory who's boss!

The people of Moon-Moon are the survivors of a colony gassing.
The people have forgotten about technology and been cut off from civilization since the One Year War, despite the fact it was less than a single decade before the events of Gundam ZZ. The Zeons who were supposed to wipe out the colony bungled the job somehow and the gas didn't kill everyone, but the survivors suffered brain damage and lost their memories. They've been cut off so long because everybody on the outside assumes the colony was completely wiped out and the people there forgot how to contact the outside world.
  • I thought we had an agreement going that we NEVER EVER mention Moon-Moon again...
  • More importantly, it was never stated that Moon-Moon were abandoned only during the One Year War. It's more likely that it was abandoned/forgotten at an earlier time.

Full Frontal is Char Aznable.
Specifically the REAL Char. According to Gundam: The Origin, Char Aznable was the son of the Texas Colony's mayor who bore an uncanny resemblance to Casval Deikun. The Zabi family attempted to have Casval assassinated, but he managed to switch places with Char, who was blown up in a space shuttle "accident". Perhaps he somehow survived and is intent on retaking the identity his replacement built around him.
  • Jossed, Full Frontal is a cyber-Newtype clone engineered to resemble Char, and implanted with his memories.
    • Plus, when you see him take of his mask in episode 2 of Unicorn, his eyes are blue, like Casval's. Not red-brown like Roger Aznable's son.

Autistic/Asperger Kids are Newtypes.
Amuro certainly behaves a bit aspie-ish, especially at the beginning. Though the fact that Newtypes are meant to be more empathic than normal people seems to argue against this. Then again, in the novel version one of Amuro's biggest problems (infact what ultimately gets him KIA'd) is that though Amuro is fully capable of receiving telepathic signals, perhaps better than anybody else can, but he often misunderstands them and/or reacts inappropriately to them, suggesting the conditions may not be mutually exclusive.
  • Alternatively, Newtypism is a characteristic that manifests originally in individuals in the autistic spectrum so they are better equipped to pick up on and recognize emotions and moods.
  • The whole Asperger's bit doesn't seem to fly when you consider certain other characters though, such as Judau and possibly the rest of the Gundam Team from ZZ. Also, Seabook doesn't seem to exhibit the same tendencies that Amuro and Kamille did. Sure we can say that this is due to the fact that they didn't have time to flesh him out, but he doesn't seem to exhibit those tendencies as Kincaid in Crossbone either.

In the Universal Century timeline the word "Gundam" is a genericized trademark.
The code-name "Gundam" used for prototype Federation suits of the One Year War was never trademarked, or the trademark was never properly protected. The word "Gundam" becomes a generic term for any high performance mobile suit adopting aesthetics of the RX-78-2, no matter what company or faction built or deployed it, as we see in later UC based stories.

The Universal Century is "real life". The Alternate Universes are fiction within the UC.
  • G Gundam was produced shortly after the One Year War to cash in on the Mobile Suit collecting/modeling craze.
  • Wing was produced as a wish fulfillment fantasy of the colonies freeing themselves from Earth oppression and as a commentary on the events of Char's Counterattack.
  • Gundam X is something of a post-apocalyptic fantasy.
  • Gundam 00 is an alternate history fantasy dealing with a world with Mobile Suits, but without extensive space colonization.
  • Gundam Seed is a statement about the idea of "newtype" supremacy
  • Turn A Gundam is a crossover made in the distant future of the Universal Century once all the copyrights on the previous series expired.

Turn A Timeline guess
There is only one timeline; everything happened as it was-in-series, with no Super Robot Wars-esque crossover revisions except in the periods in-between colony wars.. Its not a matter of Turn A being an alternate universe encompassing everything else- it is the one true timeline. As for the dating inconsistencies, we're dealing with a timeline where an outside observer could set a very slow clock to the rhythm of the Earth bombing itself to near-oblivion, loss of records is rather understandable, and the change of year markers probably became a "fresh start" tradition representing a blank slate. Every time things got too hot they would dismantle the mecha and destroy all blueprints, with historical revisionism and conspiracy causing all but top-secret government records having no idea there were ever mobile suits or war with the colonies. Since we're talking about a shadow-government conspiracy, they suck at it and keep failing to suppress the technology that lead to inventing mobile suits in the first place or the social conditions that keep making colonies rebel, so mobile suits get reinvented and the colonies revolt, and everyone thinks its a brand new situation every time. Occasionally they try getting rid of the colonies, but then a few decades later overpopulation forces new colonies, and the cycle begins anew.
  • As a corollary, the same thing happens after Turn A, complete with conspiracy destroying all records and evidence, with a new dating system added. This is our era of Anno Domini, which is to be followed by 00 in a couple centuries. Whether Turn A was a few thousand years ago, and they had blown themselves to kingdom come again, or only a hundred years ago or so and our great-grandparents are liars covering up the biggest story of all time is up for debate.

Martin Prochnow is Ryu Jose's father
Remember Ryu, one of Amuro's crewmates on White Base, who sacrificed himself to save Amuro's life? Remember how well-built he was, and the sound of his voice? Now, take a look at Captain Martin Prochnow of the Jotunheim. Well-built guy, and a rather unique voice as well. It can't be a coincidence. Maybe Ryu was born on Side 3, but his mother had a falling out with his father and took him to Earth, where he lived under his mother's name, Jose. Then he later joined the Federation, signing up just before the One Year War began. Were Martin to know about the fate of his son...

The ELS are the actual creators of the Turn-X.
  • The Turn-X uses advanced nanotech and originates outside the solar system. As do the ELS. Taking it a step further, the ELS have been watching through the Dark History, and believing that the neigh-immortal Setsuna is probably still alive after all this decide to send the perfect mobile suit for him to use. One that has the capabilities of many MS.

All Scirocco's Mind Rape did was take away Camille's powers.
He's just really, really autistic. He was only able to function somewhat normally because of his latent Psychic Powers picking up the slack.
  • An interesting variation of this theory: you could argue that the psychic traumas of losing Four and Rosamia would have crippled Camille much sooner, and the only reason he wasn't catatonic before Scirocco fried him was due to his powers. As kooky as this theory is, it's supported by Tomino's manga retelling of Zeta Gundam, in which Camille totally loses it after watching Rosamia and Gates kill each other and commits suicide himself shortly thereafter.
  • Or, on the flip side of things- Scirocco's attack caused massive damage to Kamille's nervous system. When he recovered during ZZ, he didn't repair this physical damage; he couldn't. What he did learn to do, though, was to use his Psychic Powers to actually telekinetically manipulate his own muscles- eventually becoming used to this new way of doing things to the point where it's effortless, and he can function just as well with the paralysis as he could before. This also explains why Kamille is never shown to even contemplate piloting in, say, Char's Counterattack- he can't use his full Newtype powers without losing muscle control, which means that even if he wanted to he wouldn't be able to pilot a Mobile Suit the way he did before- with no desire to pilot, no use of his Newtype powers, and a state of affairs that'd have him relearning the reflexes there's no reason to bother.

The Turn-X is a possible descendant of the Devil Gundam.
The regenerative abilities, coupled with the visual similarities to the Devil Gundam Junior from the G Generation games all point towards this possibility. Not only that, but taking into consideration the Devil Gundam Junior's place of origin, it's highly likely that the Devil Gundam Junior is in fact the Shining Gundam that was left in the Guyana Highlands, heavily modified by DG Cells over a long period of time. This would also serve to explain why the Turn X is capable of using a Shining Finger-esque attack.

Originally he was supposed to be Char's grandson, but since that idea was scrapped this is the most likely explanation for why every single Action Girl is interested in a 13 year old boy. If it wasn't for a newtype power, how else would you explain the entire Shrike Team flirting (even if most of the time they are just motherly) with him, while the oldest one of them takes another's infatuation for him as normal which doesn't happen at all with his slightly older friends. It's even more notorious with the female villains: Lupe declares she (genuinely!) wants to have his baby right in the middle of the battlefield, Fuala only wants him for herself not to mention she finds him *wets lips* cute, and finally Katejina often compares him with Chronicle (her supposed love interest), clearly feels rejected after he tries to kill her, thinks that at one point shakti stole him from her and in the end believes she made Chronocle and Uso fight for her love, to list the most notorious examples.
  • At one point Uso was teased to be a potential descendant of Char Aznable, another famous Gundam antagonist who had a way with the ladies, until Tomino jossed the theory. Most of Scirocco's paramours (Sarah, Reccoa, Haman) don't end up surviving the wars, but you could make a case for that lady he appeared with in Episode 41 who was never seen again. Stranger stuff has happened in the Universal Century...
    • Tomino jossed the theory but the production team didn't and they're the ones who (among other things) wrote the scripts and did the character designs. This is probably why Muller Miguel has Char's features.
  • That, or he's the descendant of both; Char from his mother, and Scirocco from his father, in a two evil makes one good perhaps.

Everyone knows who Johnny Ridden is, they just hate him
Johnny Ridden is Kycilia's lover, and apparently boasted that his low number of kills at Loum when compared to Char was due him being in battle less time than him. It's not too difficult to imagine the other MS Aces agreeing to screw up with him by 'mistaking' him for Char, the only exception being Char himself who, being unable to mistake someone else for himself, fakes not knowing his nom de guerre.

Char paints his MS salmon pink because of a bet
Specifically, he bet with Garma he could paint his MS pink and convince everyone it's red. After he won, he kept the colors to rub it in Garma's face and screw up with Johnny Ridden (whose MS are actually painted red but everyone says are crimson, while Char's salmon pink are called red).

The Universal Century is the future of the Star Trek alternate continuity saw in the Star Trek: Deep Space Nine episode "Past Tense"
Earth's technology was considerably behind, and according to O'Brien it was much darker than in his history books. Possibly without the Bell Riots the United States became progressively darker and Zephrane Cochrane never had the chance to develope warp technology, and Earth's history went in a different way.
  • For how Earth's dominating faction failed to detect the Defiant in orbit... Well, it's a freaking warship: if the designers had any brain it already had some stealth/jamming feature created by a technology much more advanced that the one of UC Earth, and could remain undetected even when they used the transporters and had to deactivate the cloaking device that made them completely invisible.
  • Alternately, the Earth Federation might have ended up as something similar to The Federation in Star Trek...had it not been for the Laplace disaster in UC 0001. The lofty ideals embodied in the Laplace Charter and the very foundation of the Universal Century were lost as the EF grew more concerned with maintaining its power over the colonies. Thus the seeds of rebellion and bloodshed were planted, which would result in the One Year War and all subsequent conflicts in the UC timeline.

The Gundam EXA manga is either a direct prequel (or sequel) to ∀ Gundam
Considering how the manga involves the characters slipping into archives (covering various Gundam universes) that all supposedly belong to the same history as well as how technologically advanced the station holding said archives is, it is not out of the question that the data being researched is in fact the "Dark History" and that it is connected to the development of the Turn A , thus setting the stage for the Moonlight Butterfly apocalypse. On the other hand, the series could also be set in the future of the Correct Century where both Earth and the Moonrace have advanced to the point that they're actively "delving" into the Dark History to further evolve humanity such that it never happens again.
Alternative union of Gundam timelines
Excluding 00 and AGE which, unlike SEED, both of these post-Turn A series are officially not part of the Correct Century.
  • The age of Anno Domini ends and is replaced with the Universal Century at Laplace, which is later destroyed with the original charter kept safe by the family and foundation of one of the terrorists that blew up Laplace. Zeon Zum Deikun is born and develops the New-Type theory and his ideology that space colonies should secede from Earth. The Republic of Zeon is established compromising the colonies of Side 3, its leader is assassinated and the principality of Zeon is created. The one year war begins etc. After the events of Gaia Gear there is a apocalyptic war.
  • The calendar is changed from Universal Century to After War.
  • After the Seventh Space war, humanity is still devastated and rebuilds itself into a 19th century esque world. Mobile Suits are dismantled to ensure no future wars. This ultimately fails and the After Colony era begins.
  • As Mariemaia Kushrenada said, history is much like an endless waltz. The three beats of war, peace and revolution continue on forever and the 19th century esque world of AC becomes the Cosmic Era. Contary to popular belief, Gundam pilot Heero Yuy was the first coordinator not George Glenn.
  • War is then replaced with sport as the Future Century begins, where the ancestor of the Turn X, Devil Gundam is constructed.
  • The Turn A wipes out almost all of technology in the solar system while the Turn X protects the moon. The events of Turn A Gundam occur.
The Universal Century is the future of the Planetes universe.
With the deal struck between the SDF and the INTO, space development continues, leading to the development of ever larger and advanced space stations. The sharing of space resources between the nations of the world creates a space culture that becomes more aligned to its own independence than the earth. The large and cumbersome suit developed by Temara becomes more developed and more militarised, ending up as the first Mobile Suit. The SDF become Zeon - after all, the 'drop the von Braun onto Tranquility Base' plan is basically a smaller scale, averted, colony drop.

Prof. Minovsky in reality was Dr. Hell.
How else he would know how building giant robots? Instead of dying during the Final Battle in Great Mazinger he spent the next decades healing his wounds, and rebuilding his damaged face and body. However, when he was fully recovered he noticed that nobody took Humongous Mecha seriously anymore. So he created the Minovsky Particle in order to make giant mecha useful, and he worked for the first sucker he talked into hiring him (given his backstory, he would have no trouble working for someone who thinks that being compared with Hitler is flattering). Unfortunately Zeon granted him a very tight budget, so instead of Robeasts he was forced to build Zakus.

∀ Gundam is the last calm before Warhammer 40,000.
Namely, it takes place during the 5000 years that Earth/Terra and all her galactic-wide colonies were cut off from each other due to the warp-storms kicked up from the birth of Slaanesh, just before all things go straight to hell with techno-barbarian overlords, wars of dominance, and Martian raiding. It doesn't take a Gellar field to travel to the Moon; hence the continued contact between humanity's homeworld and the Lunar colony. (The older Lagrange-point colony constructs were stated in the series to have become generation ships fleeing the continued cycle of war and peace on and around Earth.) Meanwhile, the Mechanicum of Mars is carefully keeping an eye on things and planning to drop by and help themselves to the stuff the Earth-born have clearly forgotten/no idea how to use, and the being who would be Emperor of Mankind is stuck at the other end of the galactic plane. In the far-distant future there is (still) only war...

Both the Turn X and Turn A are manifestations of the Ideon.
At some point, the entity that is the Ide realized that its Ideon shtick likely wouldn't work as well as the last time, not to mention that destroying and rebooting the Universe wasn't exactly the best strategy. So instead, it took the form of the Turn X, which was then found towards the end of the Black History. It was reverse-engineered in the form of its "brother unit," the Turn A, which the Ide subsequently possessed. Put two and two together, and it's no wonder why the Moonlight Butterfly apocalypse occurred. It just couldn't quite finish the job off properly, hence why the colonists who became the Moonrace survived.

Both the Turn X and Turn A used to look different in the past.
I am guessing that they in the beginning used to look like more traditional Gundams such as this and this, but that as they took damage and rebuilt themselves they started to gradually change with each rebuild and eventually got the look we are all familiar with.

The true timeline from Turn A only includes the UC and RC shows (since Reconguista does take place in the era succeeding the UC era).
The rest of what's shown in the Dark History are just fictional shows or TV series that the people of the CC era have mistaken as being history.

Alternatively, UC and RC directly continue into Turn A, but the various other series did happen, just as alternate timelines.
What we're being shown is peeks into alternate dimensions thanks to the advanced technology of the pre-Dark History era, it was set to show anything related to the Turn A and the Turn X, which would include Gundams and the conflicts they participated in.

A New Translation is the new canon. ZZ still is canon, it just played out slightly differently
Instead of being stuck in a coma, Kamille simply decides to stop being a pilot after the last battle of Zeta (let's say he sees Scirocco's blood and entrails on the Zeta and finally realizes he's being killing actual living human beings) and to live out the rest of his days peacefully with Fa; which would still allow Judau to become the Zeta's new pilot. Everything else in ZZ happens pretty much the same.
Why Anno Domini Contradicts Correct Century
The hardest part of uniting all timelines is the fact that UC is explicitly the first era, it succeeds it's interpretation of Anno Domini that has no advanced mobile suits or space elevators.

The Anno Domini that 00 is set in has space elevators, advanced mobile suits, GN drives and more. This is because Aeoloa Schenberg is actually a time traveller who went back to prevent devastating events such as the One Year War, Seventh space war, Bloody Valentine War etc. and took with him the knowledge of technology such as advanced mobile suits and space elevators (from the Regild Century) so they could be invented long before they existed.

Cosmo Babylonia is a traditionalist revolution similar to Russias Eurasian movement
  • Zeon has many parallels with the soviet union (Zeon zum Daikuns fall is similar to how Stalinism rose from Leninism). The Eurasian Movement is a russian movement appearing after the fall of the soviet union, which on the one hand, wants to rebuild the soviet power and on the other hand, they want to return to a traditional society while destroying modernism. Similarily, Cosmo Babylonia, in principle, is a Neo Zeon movement, but while Zeon zum Daikun wanted to trigger a space age evolution of humanity, Cosmo Babylonia is basically a rebuild pre enlightenment monarchy with traditionalist concepts like warriors duty and noblese obligue. So, Cosmo Babylonia is a strong parallel to Eurasianism and in parts an accidential prediction of what will happen to russia after the soviets lost. Perhaps, the Ronah Family somewhere had their own Dugin.

    • ofcourse, the Ronah family as a monarchy essentially growing out of a Zaibatsu Corporation also parallels the fringe "dark enlightenment movement" of Curtis Jarvin in the USA, which largely consists of former libertarians/anarchocapitalists turning into monarchists. The Ronah families Buch Concern might even be considered a direct expression of Hans Hermann Hoppes statement, that monarchies are like family businesses.

We will see a female Char Clone in a main series at some point in the near future

The "Moonlight Butterfly" Incident is named not because of what happened, but rather, because of how it was resolved
Specifically, the original incident was an attempt in Interdimensional Travel that went horribly wrong, merging the UC timeline (the "original timeline") with the various other AU timelines. At first, the timelines were able to co-exist...until a previously unknown dimension was merged with the UC timeline (either they had a delayed merger, or the experiment was repeated a second time), bringing with them the Turn X.

Said dimension caused a massive outbreak in war, with the Turn A being the only thing that could stand up to the all-powerful Turn X, the former having been reverse-engineered from the latter. Deciding that it was worth stopping the side in control of the Turn X, the side possessing the Turn A activated it's Moonlight Butterfly system, causing humanity to be sent back to the stone age.

Incidentally, this is why the Anno Domini timeline contradicts the UC timeline. It's kind of hard not to when you aren't part of the same timeline in the first place.

[{WMG: The universes mentioned in Turn A are alternates of an alternate.]]

Fonse Kagatie in Mobile Suit Victory Gundam is really an elderly Paptimus Scirocco.
This may sound like an outlandish theory at first since Paptimus got impaled at the end of Zeta Gundam, but bear with me.

First off, both Scirocco and Fonse are stated to be from Jupiter and Fonse's age is recorded to be at U.C. 0088, the same year that Paptimus Scirocco's death appeared to have happened. There's also the fact that Fonse's Zanscare Empire fulfills Scirocco's ideal of a woman being the ruler of mankind, being led at least nominally by Queen Maria Pia Armonia while Scirocco/Fonse is The Man Behind the Woman. Additionally, Scirocco's age at the time ofVictory Gundam would only be 91, which isn't too old for someone in a Sci Fi future.

After apparently being killed by Kamille at the end of Zeta Gundam, Scirocco went into hiding and waited it out while the Earth Sphere was ravaged by wars against the Neo Zeons and Crossbone Vanguard before making his move once the Earth Federation had been significantly weakened. Adopting the alias of "Fonse Kagatie", Scirocco exploited Maria Pia Armonia as a figure and established the Zanscare Empire to finally make his move to conquer and control the Earth Sphere.

Harry Ord from ∀ Gundam is hard at hearing.
The one time we see his glasses off and him taking them on, we can see that they include some kind of apparatus that go over the ears. Seems kinda pointless for a fashion accessory, unless that device is an attached hearing aid to help him hear better.