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Continued from Made of Win (Late 2009).

Deux Hero:To Civanfan, for his addition of "First Girl Wins" under The Bible

Civanfan: Thanks.

Fidel Castro's Cigar: A nomination for Malchus for the following on Freud Was Right:
  • While metrosexuals are usually associated with some other connotation, anyone familiar with the etymology of the "metro-" part of term becomes aware of the... Oedipal connotations. For those that don't get it, metro is derived from the Greek word for mother. So a strict translation of the term metrosexual would actually mean someone with a sexual preference for his mother. Ah, geez, I just realized I found implications of the Freudian Oedipus Complex in freaking ETYMOLOGY! Damn you, Sigmund!

Malchus: Didn't notice this before. Thanks!

Seanette: Micah, for a Solomonic solution to a complaint about the page image on Why Did It Have to Be Snakes?. (OK, I was the complainer. I'm ophidiophobic, and the picture is of snakes seemingly gearing up to attack the camera. I'm not the only troper who'd be seriously bothered by that image, either.) The solution of putting the picture in a folder so those who choose to see it can and those who'd rather not don't have to avoid the page was brilliant and quite fair to all sides, IMO. The snake-lovers still get a picture to coo at, the snake-fearers can safely still use that page.
  • Joysweeper: Eeee, albino cobra babies! I did not know that they could be colorless! I want to take them home and feed them baby mice and watch them. There are about a million scarier snake pics that could have been used there, but I do get the point. If it was a collection of daddy longlegs I'd be the one glad of the folder. So, uh, second the MOW.
  • Rissa: ...Are you me? I was about to post exactly this, but then I thought "Nah. Nobody else is afraid of craneflies."
    • Joysweeper: Maybe! Craneflies/mosquitohawks, no matter how helpful they are or what family they're in, are AUGH FLYING DADDYLONGLEGS KILL IT.

Earnest: Thirded. It's like the internet version of those spring loaded snakes in peanut cans. ^_^ It could only be better if the folder tab said something like "You just won the Ophidian Sweepstakes! Click on me to claim your prize!"

Insanity Prelude: Whoever did the "What is a man?" spoof on Tropers Do It Without Notability is awesome.

Servbot: The one under Castlevania? Looking under history, Dracula's 'tribute' line was added by Willy Four Eyes, then I added the ones after that since it was just asking for it, then Chris X completed it by adding the very first Belmont line. <<

Haven: Maybe this page has just led to me looking for things like this, but I still have to give the Ad Server a Mo W for coming up with "the original pocket torch—hot enough to melt a penny!" on The Village People.
Kinitawowi: One for Dragon Quest Z, for restoring my faith in Wiki Magic and patching up the page I made for The Aristocrats - within about four minutes of my launching it. :-)
Real Slim Shadowen: Aaaaand another for the ad server. On Perverse Sexual Lust (Troper Tales), it gave me an ad for the Farscape comic. And who's featured in that ad? Why, none other than the delectable Aeryn Sun. Given that this troper was the one who added Aeryn Sun to the Troper Tales Perverse Sexual Lust, it seemed even mnore fitting.
SAMAS: To Mary Shrieks for the following exchange on Intercourse with You:

  • Incidentally, the band insists "Touch Myself" is not about masturbation, but touching other parts of yourself in a loving way. If anyone believes that, please raise your hand...
    • Can't. It's busy.

Nits: One for the Database itself, for giving me the "The database hates you right now" message on Hatedom. How appropriate!
Xander77: Whoever added "The Hedgehog is a complex case, since he is basically the all-round Russian penguin." to Russian Humour. It's funny because it's true.

Koveras: Heh, thanks, that was me. ^^ It's my fourth MOW, btw... should I be scared? :D

SpiriTsunami: Whoever put this at the end of the explanation of the censorship policies imposed on Japan by occupying American forces in the Anime Anatomy article: "It backfired somewhat." Made. Of. Win!

Also, whoever created the "NotBlue" template, as seen here, solely to facilitate the further creation of All Blue Entries. As the All Blue Entry page has been one of my pet projects for awhile now, I'm appreciative.

Looney Toons: Best as I can recall, I'm the one who wrote the whole parenthetical in which that appears, so unless someone challenges, I'll take the point, with thanks.

Willy Four Eyes: A "YOU'RE WINNER" to whoever added the image and caption to Drill Sergeant Nasty. I LOL'd.

Koveras: Seconded! :D

SpiriTsunami: Probably has already been done, but the page image on Failure Is the Only Option. Awesome.

Citizen: I've been keeping track, so nope. :)

Seanette: Gemmifer, for the writeup for Spell Book, especially the mention of the Real Life version.

Gemmifer: I only launched it :)

Mc Caber:

Looney Toons: As the one who added the Tokens, I thank you (and take a MOW point — or, given that this is a music category, maybe an OOM-PAPA-MOW-MOW point...).

SpiriTsunami: On the subject of that article, whoever described Tobias from Animorphs as an "Emohawk". It's especially funny because it's so close to "mohawk", which has nothing to do with the character at all. Yes, the intended point would've been better served by hyphenating it, but it's funnier this way!

Doug S Machina:
SpiriTsunami: To Brutticus Force for this line in Do Androids Dream?, specifically the final sentence:
  • As far as this trope applies to the Porygon line, they have natures and quirks like any other pokemon. Whether or not they dream of Mareep, is anyone's guess. (Probably not. If I were in the Mineral breeding group, I'd probably dream of Froslass.)

High Five: To whoever contributed this line in Accidental Kiss:That pothole is just brilliant.
Mark Z: A Made Of Win silver medal to vifetoile, for linking the name "Idril Celebrindal", in The Silmarillion, to Foot Focus.

Vifetoile: Thank you! That Idril. She had a lot goin' on.

Ronfar: I'd like to award one Made of Win to Evil Midnight Lurker, for his fact checking on and recent revision of the Duel Masters article.

Falcon Pain: Seconding and extending. I admit that I Did Not Do The Research when I originally wrote the first version of that article, and I'm happy that Wiki Magic kicked in over time and made it credible. So thanks to everyone who worked on it. Now to add more tropes...

Mike: One Made of Win for Haven's contribution to Supernatural Martial Arts, turning an addition by someone who didn't read the entire example list into an excellent joke on the sheer number of martial arts in Exalted.

Haven: Thankya! I was actually in the middle of a fight while I was browsing that, and my unorthodox trope-based martial art is why it shows up three times on that page.

Lord Seth: Whoever finally made a page for the Archie Sonic The Hedgehog comic.

BrightBlueInk: Seconding! That comic (along with SatAM) was my childhood.

Enlong Whoever put up the caption to the picture in Cool, Clear Water.
Warning: May contain moose.

Specialist290: The Ad Server did it again.

Donomni: Dear Ad Server: No, I'm not.

Syckls: It's pretty old and may have already been recognized, but one Mo W to whoever wrote this sentence in A Christmas Story:"Fared badly at the box office, didn't win any major awards, but has become a classic since."

Haven: Eh? I don't get it.

Mr Death: Yeah, how is a basic description of how the movie did a MOW?

Kalle: I hate being the one to explain the funny, but look closely — "didn't win any major awards". Does that help any?

Mr Death: Nope, I'm still totally lost.

Blork: Is it supposed to be a Take That! at some award it did win?

Fusion Dragon: It's a reference to the "major award" lamp in the movie, I believe.

SpiriTsunami: Agreed. When a joke goes over that many tropers' heads due to its subtlety, that's a definite Made of Win.

Redkun: Either that, or it's not funny.

Shay Guy: Or it's just an obscure in-joke.

Fast Eddie: Nice thing, it's funny if you get it, and still makes sense if you don't. Nicely rounded.

SpiriTsunami: Dragon Quest Z gets one for creating the page "Zero Wingrish".

Dragon Quest Z: Thanks. The pun just popped into my head, and the trope followed.

Skarmory The PG: Whoever put in Other: on Rule of Fun.

SpiriTsunami Point to ControversiAl for this response in the "Licked by the Dog" article (he had the second line):
  • Kind of inverted in Digimon Adventure between Kari and Gatomon. One of the few times you'll see the cat "licked" by the human.
    • Hehe... lickin' pussy...

Juvenile? Perhaps. But it was the perfect set-up, whoever made it.

Rothul: Though its in need of a little natter editing, this exchange from Layman's Terms made me smile.

  • Also, from Portal:
    GlaDOS: Momentum, a function of mass and velocity, is conserved between portals. In layman's terms, speedy thing goes in, speedy thing comes out.
    • Well, it's not like momentum means anything beyond that.
    • This is of course, assuming that your mass remains constant. If not..., odd things will happen to your speed.
      • Not really odd things. Momentum (p) = mass (m) times velocity (v) (p = mv). So if your mass somehow decreases, given constant momentum, your speed would simply increase such that they have the same product.
    • Except of course that momentum is NOT conserved, since momentum has a direction. What actually is conserved is speed.
    • From the perspective of an outside observer, perhaps. From the perspective of the object going through the portal, however, there is no change in momentum, so the analogy works. It's space that's being bent, not the thing moving through it.
      • This troper conceptualizes it thus: Directionality is conserved, but not relative to the environment. Directionality (and thus momentum) is conserved relative to the portals.
        • Can we get that in Layman's Terms, please?
          • Go in head-first, come out head-first.
T-Jack: After bursting into laughter at the two last lines, I do second this one.
Doug S. Machina: One for the image added to Freud Was Right. Lucky I wasn't drinking anything. I'm surprised it's not here already.
Doug S. Machina: Rissa, for Laconic: Polygon Ceiling. "Jumping from 2D to 3D, and falling flat."

Rissa: That would be Willy Four Eyes, I just added a link.

Doug S. Machina: Oops, misread the page history.

Rissa: Whoever put 'the State of Denial' on So Cool It's Awesome. Caught me off guard and made me giggle.
Horngeek: Whoever inserted this line on the Flash Step page:"Yourichi can shumpo out of her clothes. She taught Byakuya how to do so as well. Discuss."
Koveras: One to each contributor to The Trope History of the Universe. It should be made official science, damn it!
Mr Death: One for ughinsufferable for launcing the Ico page. I love that game, and it's about time it got some love.
Katsuhagi: One for Malchus for the Abandon Shipping image. Oh, how I laughed.

Malchus: Thanks. With The Ship Yard, Ship Sinking, Ship-to-Ship Combat, and all the naval and maritime language the wiki refers to shipping tropes it was easy to picture any pic for that trope being one from an actual ship sinking (well, okay, it's from Pearl Harbor...).

Katsuhagi: I think the best part of it is that I can totally imagining everyone jumping off saying "Oh, Crap!!"

Koveras: A MOW to whoever came up with the current illustration of Rock–Paper–Scissors. It's hilarious. :D

Doug S. Machina: Easily hilarious enough for another point.

Earnest: One Cthulhu shaped MOW to Zeta, for potholing HP Lovecraft into the following sentence of Easily Thwarted Alien Invasion:
However, the heroes and humanity can't just be dispassionately crushed under a cosmic steamroller, who would want to read that kind of story?

SAMAS: Shotgun Ninja, for the caption in Class Representative. ^_^

Inkki Bookman: While the caption may be true enough, the rest of the class more or less qualifies as Shotacon to varying degrees.

Shotgun Ninja: Thanks. And all things considered, Ayaka is probably Negima's strongest example of Shotacon, even if there are others as well. Also, funny.

The Bad Wolf: AOD for proving me wrong about a picture for Gag Penis.

Inkki Bookman: Well it certainly redefines the term prick.

Seanette: One MOW for Inkki Bookman for this pun-tastic line.

Inkki Bookman: Danke.

Regiment: The new picture on Beware the Nice Ones is absolutely awesome, and the description is just perfect. I love it. A Made Of Win to those responsible.

nomuru2d: ... Aw man, it got changed.

Shay Guy: By Fast Eddie, so I don't think we can legitimately put it back. Though I really don't think the Dark Willow pic illustrates it well either. (And why remove the quote?)

Fast Eddie: Woops. Had no idea this topic was running here. Yeah, the picture that was there was only awesome for folks who have some familiarity with that anime. I thought the Dark Willow image might have broader appeal, and sort of illustrates the idea even if you don't know about Dark Willow. If somebody can find a more direct illustration, please go for it.

Mr Death: What was wrong with the Aerith-with-a-chainsaw image that was up there before?

Rogue 7: I've got only the barest familiarity with One Piece and I think it illustrates the picture a lot better. Largely because Dark Willow as you put it (I'm not a Buffy man) looks evil, while Luffy looks like he was just getting ready to beat the snot out of someone. With the accompanying image of his crying friends, it got the point across to me.

Fast Eddie: I didn't get anything about 'nice' off either, not being familiar with the characters. Also probably imposing Willow's niceness out of my having knowledge of the character. Same problem, different medium. Does it really need a picture would be the next question.

BrightBlueInk: I personally like pictures in articles because I think they add something visually interesting to the page. Although I know I might be in the minority, and I do agree that the current picture doesn't cut it. I thought Aeris with the chain saw was perfect, because she's such a well known character. (Why was that picture taken out?) If we have to have a picture that's not the Aeris one and isn't a really well known character, maybe a "before-and-after" would be better? Like two pictures side by side showing the character when they are being nice, and the character after they snap?

Fast Eddie: Yeah. Before and after would work. Nice if it wan't anime. For the record, I have no idea who Aeris is.

Rogue 7: She dies in Final Fantasy VII. More to the point, lemme see if I can find a few good pictures of Hayate that'll work.

Haven: I thought the Aeris picture worked because even if you don't know who it is, it's still a sweet girl dressed in pink wielding a chainsaw.

Meta Four: What Haven said. I liked and "got" the old picture, even though the only thing I knew about Aeris at the time was the fact that she died. I may still have a copy of that pic somewhere... // Later: I couldn't find the old pic on the Image List, so I reuploaded it. Here.

Later later- Alright, looking at the page history and discussion, I realized something. Aeris-with-a-chainsaw, the image which was the entire inspiration for the trope in the first place, was replaced by someone or other with this pic from One Piece. Said One Piece pic was the one that Fast Eddie replaced with the current Evil Willow pic. I still think chainsaw Aeris works best.

Bob: I agree. Can we just change it back to Aeris? It's this one:

    Picture from page history
This may be just what's waiting for you in the afterlife, Sephiroth

Malchus: Problem with any pic we put up citing a specific example going berserk is that people not familiar with said example won't get it. If we need a pic, then it must have at least two frames—a mini comic strip, if you will. Sort of like the image I put up for Scope Snipe. The first frame with the example just standing there being all nice (maybe even Moe Moe for good measure) then we have the next frame with said example going batshit on everyone.

Xevon: Just put a caption under the pic with link to Aeris' bio and problem solved. Chainsaw Aeris is much better since it's recognizeable. More people that visit TV Tropes know who Aeris is than not. I didn't even realize that the current pic was of Willow and I know who she is. The One Piece was also rather ambigous on how it relates to Beware the Nice Ones.

Malchus: At some point, we're gonna have to stop shelling out MOWs to The Advertisement Server, because it's done it again.

Donomni: ...I think I got whooshed. I don't get it.

Rissa: I think the implication is that Google is the MegaCorp here.

fleb: I think it's the opposite actually; the book-publishing lobby won a settlement from Google.

alliterator: A huge Made Of Win to ninjacrat and Fast Eddie for removing the Mean And Sarcastic Jew example from Watchmen and then cutlisting it. That one page was bugging me all day and I was trying to find a way to politely explain why, but I needn't have bothered. You guys are awesome.

Dragon Quest Z: It's not as though sarcastich jewish people are not a type of character. It's just that kind of name does not fit.

alliterator: Yeah, the Sarcastic Jew is a character type, but the page seemed to be about all mean characters, no matter if they were Jewish (The Comedian? Seriously?).

whitetigah: One to whoever put the following in Cute, but Cacophonic:

  • There are several cat breeds with rather loud or grating meows. In particular, Siamese cats deserve a category all their own for their voices. They sound like they have an embedded caps lock key.

(Emphasis mine.) Best laugh I've had in a while

rsm109: Yet another (admittedly very morbid) Made Of Win to the ad server for putting a banner for a Jewish dating agency on the Nazi Germany page.
Bobby G: A win is awarded to Pentadragon for the concept that resulted in TV Tropes The TV Show and this monster of a thread.

Murky Muse: Also one to Ironeye who's collected everything we've come up with and keep the project going.

Malchus: Holy crap, how did I not not notice this?! This is just pure awesome. I second the above wins, and offer one to everyone else involved.

Midonin: I award gyrobot one Made of Win point for including "Kamen Rider" on the Always Male list. It's funny because it's true.

Cassius335: IXA's bisexual sluttiness would like a word with you. Both Yuri and Megumi have used it.

Midonin: I'm well aware of IXA's belt status. But the fact that 92% of all Riders are male is what makes its placement funny.

Redkun: Fact is, there has never been a female-exclusive Rider that has not died a horrible death in a relatively short period of time. Any other female Riders have always borrowed their belts from the guys and never keep them that long. (My favourite being that girl in Kamen Rider Faiz who transformed into Delta and got defeated in three seconds by one backhand.)

Silent Hunter: To all those who wrote Common Ranks. It's excellent.

Koveras: The current edition was written mostly by myself, thank you. ^^; Though I did get several important ideas in the YKTTW discussion.

alliterator: A win to whoever made up the name for Crapsaccharine World.

Meta Four: I was just on my way here to say the same thing. Seconded.

Specialist290: Intentional or not, the double meaning in the name of Last-Second Chance is genius. Kudos to whoever came up with that.
itsmeyouidiot: Whoever added the new image in the Magnificent Bastard page. (For those who don't get it, the image is of a Magnificent Bustard.)

Malchus: Seconded. I saw what was done there. I'm just kinda disappointed the pic wasn't of the Great bustard.

Shoebox: I dunno, I kinda like the feathered crest on the one we have now. More magnificent that way.

Malchus: True. I just kinda liked how the Great Bustard had a bunch of feathers that looked like a wise old man's beard. Still, the pic we have now does look prettier.

nomuru2d: A win to Ack Sed for making the intro for the Crowning Moment/Naruto page, and a win to Ouroboros for suitably modifying it.

Ouroboros: My first, I've lost my virginity.

Some Sort Of Troper: Er, ew!

Shay Guy: The note at the bottom of the Laconic Be as Unhelpful as Possible page amuses me, particularly since there's a link to the main Be as Unhelpful as Possible page anyway, at the top.
Mr Etaoin Shrdlu: Another win for the ad server, an ad for pest extermination showed up on What Measure Is a Non-Cute?.

Malchus: Funny, I was just about to nominate it for the somehwat ironic appearance of that "Colonize Stars" ad in The Stars Are Going Out.

Radical Taoist: Sweet merciful Ctulhu, it's got what, 4 in the last week alone?

Shay Guy: It's on every page, all the time. Stands to reason. Basic statistics.

Jojabar: At this point we might as well start an "Ad Of Win" page.

Radical Taoist: ...that's a pretty good idea! Or perhaps listing them on the server's contributor page.

ninjacrat: The Defenestrator's 'comment' at Dummied Out wins a whole lot.

ROBRAM 89: I see it and I don't get it. I get the feeling I'm missing a really subtle, funny joke.

Jojabar: In the C programming language, anything between "/*" and "*/" is ignored. It's usually used for comments, but it also serves as an easy way to remove code from a program without it becomming Lost Forever, in case it turns out to be important.

L: I don't think the Lost Forever trope really applies to programming... and if it does, you must tell me what bizarre IDE you use.

Anonymous Mc Cartneyfan: Lost Forever applies to programming in the same sense that Lost Forever applied to this very Wiki after the Great Crash and after the last cached pages disappeared from the search engines. We lost articles in the Great Crash that, even if they were restored, would never be what they had been, and a few of those articles have never been replaced - presumably because the tropers who created them lost interest of forgot important details. It's the same in programming; if you cut code entirely, you may forget what it was or where it went.

Shay Guy: Lost Forever is about items in video games.

L: Yeah, I don't know what you were thinking in assuming that Lost Forever had equivalent meaning to the words "lost forever". You haven't been on this site for very long!

Shay Guy: My cynical side observes the typical behavior of tropers adding potholes and suggests that perhaps s/he/it has been on this site too long.

Smerf: Yet another made of win for the ad server. Even Evil Has Standards has an ad for

L: Someone should get around to telling Scientology that advertising here isn't quite a good idea.

Susan Davis: That's not how Google's advertising model works. They're advertising with Google, not us, and are probably unaware (except for auditing (no pun intended) their monthly logs) that their ads are specifically appearing here, as opposed to any other page that turns up the search terms that they bought ads against.

Medinoc: A MOW to whoever Godwinized Pet the Dog. That's both disturbing and somehow morbidly awesome.
Wemmblyhogg: One point to Unknown Troper #, for almost breaking me with the last line of this exchange in Lesbian Vampire, regarding the film Lesbian Vampire Killers:

  • Though the title could stand to be more clear on whether the film is about lesbians who kill vampires or the killers of lesbian vampires.
  • Or lesbian vampires who kill people.
  • This is why everyone should speak Latin.

L: Pardon me, then, for modifying that sentence to make it more nerd-exclusive. I know, I know, but I had a moment of weakness.

Raekuul: Okay, who is and why did their terribly lazy pun on Token Trio make my laugh so hard?
  • Shale: That edit has apparently dropped out of the page history, so would you mind pointing it out?
    • Shay Guy: Click on "all." It's the "cereal" bit.

Cliché: Should have done this a long time ago, but I award a Made Of Win to Orihime for her work on the Chickification introduction. It actually mentions The Chick now!
Charm: A Made Of Win to Deek and Micah for their hard work on the Leverage entry. I know it's a bit late in the making but it's well deserved.
alliterator: A Made Of Win to whoever wrote the Laconic Wiki entry for Irony.

Some Sort Of Troper: Page history says it was WVI

Silent Hunter: One to whoever came up with the title Full-Boar Action.
Son Tenks: Another one for the ad server, which gave me an ad for the Church of Scientology... on the page Lies, Damned Lies, and Statistics.

Wascally Wabbit: The ad server is truly our master.

Malchus: I repeat my informal pitch to have the ad server named an Honorary Troper

Earnest: Well, if/when the machines do rise against us, surely the adbot will keep us alive in gratitude of our dutiful worship? Or at least give us a quick death, one hopes.

JK Roo: Are you sure it'd be a quick death, or just ads for products to kill us faster?

Malchus: It might see fit to spam us to death... with missiles (with ads plastered on them).

Shay Guy: Citizen wins again for this unnecessarily long filename.

Medinoc: Wow, seconded.

Malchus: Huh, 197 characters. Not including the ".jpg" part.

Sceboal: But there's an ed at the end of abucted...

Citizen: It's not even an image I ended up using (I tossed it into Alien Abduction Discussion), but sure, thanks for the win.

Shay Guy: I found it on the Hidamari Sketch page.

Citizen: Oh right, there too.

Rogue 7:My Sensors Indicate You Want to Tap That is made of win.

Malchus: Seconded. That title was a much needed laugh.

Dragon Quest Z: Win to the mod(s) who made the new launch feature, especially having a built-in punctuation title with simultaneous regular redirect. Bravo!

Silent Hunter: Yep. That will be handy.

Cliché: To Capn Con from the Just Bugs Me page of Zero Punctuation, THANK YOU FOR THIS ENTRY!
  • Like every other snarky reviewer on the internet? Holy fuck, people, stop acting as though Yahtzee is the first and only person to be a sarcastic, foul-mouthed critic who doesn't listen to fanboys, and stop commending him for not conforming to other peoples opinions when you rabidly shut down anyone who openly say they don't like him. And maybe people wouldn't whine about how he says what they like is shit if he wasn't so obnoxious about it.
In all honesty, I wouldn't give a dang about Yahtzee if it weren't for his having one of the most, if not the most (okay, in possible competition with a few others, but you get the point) annoying Fan Dumb on this entire wiki.

Citizen: Or the Fan Haters...

HeartBurn Kid: Yeah, seriously. It seems like Yahtzee has the most annoying Fan Haters on this wiki. The Fan Dumb seems to be confined to the Escapist forums, but on this wiki, we seem to have people running around declaring that any positive mention of Yahtzee is "cocksucking" and "worship" and all that. Seriously, guys, he's a guy who does funny reviews. Stop acting like he raped your dog and put centipedes in your vagina.

Radical Taoist: And now I have material for my own JBM on that page. Many thanks!

Cukeman: That can't be good.

  • Eh, it's relatively mild, really.
Cliché: Admittedly, Fan Haters do get out of control too. It'd be much better concerning the Flame War to Kill It with Water by having both sides simply shut up. Like I said already, I really wouldn't give a dang otherwise if I didn't constantly have to hear about him. The presence of Fan Haters doesn't invalidate the presence of Fan Dumb either.
Grimace: A good old "made me laugh noisily" MoW to whomever put this line in the Avenue Q page:

Inkki Bookman: Whoever put the motivator image in Total Party Kill deserves a MoW cookie.

L: Again?! (All it does is squick me, to be honest.)

Seanette: It's less disgusting than the balut picture in Foreign Queasine.

Epiblast: The image on Goomba Stomp is Made Of Win and gloriously, hilariously bad taste. I approve.
Rothul: Web Runner, for the following line on Loads and Loads of Rules. I dunno, it may not be entirely appropriate for the page, but I thought it sounded kinda neat:
  • Real Life: There are people whose entire job it is to figure out what the rules are. They're called scientists.

Gemmifer: I love the write up of Russian Roulette: A game of suicide and luck for 2-6 players.

Luc: You're welcome.

Bob: Shadow of the Sun gets one for the Meta example in True Neutral.
Earnest: One Win to The Great Unknown for the caption in Crush Kill Destroy.
Devil's Advocate: To Blork, for adding an inversion (which I had previously expressed my hope for in discussion) to Chekovs Gun: Gunn's Chekhov.Blork: We just need to find a Double Subversion now.
Pfat417: whoever put the little gazelle dialogue at the end of Humans Are Cthulhu . it's so true...

Joysweeper: Seconding that. I'm always happy when someone remembers that humans have excellent endurance.

Shoebox: Score one more for the adbot — visiting Bad "Bad Acting" just netted me banners for Tom Cruise's 'official site'.

Malchus: Wow, the adbot's really been racking it up. It's pretty much an Honorary Troper now.

Seanette: Has anyone actually tallied up its points? I couldn't find a listing at the bottom of the page, but might well have not looked under the correct term or just plain missed it.

Radical Taoist: The Advertising Server had 2.5 before this. Updating to 3.5

Moocow1452: As of now, It's Official. If we want to round it up to an even four, Too Dumb to Live has had a link to the Republican National Convention.

tennessean: It needs an ad for the Democratic National Convention on that page to get up to 4.5 (yes, I don't like politicians much).

Andy Waltfeld: It's already at 4.5 if we count the MoW on Design Student's Orgasm a little further down.

Citizen: Maybe you should make a separate page for this, ala Weirdest Inbound Link Of The Day, and link to hosted versions of the ads in question.

Moocow1452:Sorry, it wan't to Too Dumb to Live, it was the one with the confused penguin contemplating something or other. I forgot the Trope, but it was pretty darn funny. Also, he seems to have settled into it's The Contributors page quite nicely.

tennessean: The adbot has done it yet again, with an ad for Tom Cruise's "official site" appearing this time on Celebrity Is Overrated. Methinks that the adbot has become a walking Crowning Moment of Awesome by now, don't you think?

Malchus: Plus another for the Religion Run Amok ad in the Atheism page. It startled a laugh out of me.

Kriegsmesser: A Made Of Win to whoever got around to launching *Cough* Trope *Cough* for me.
Koveras: To whoever made the current illustration for Viral Marketing. It's just too awesome for words. :D

Medinoc: I fail to see how this is a visual pun. Unless this guy is named Viral...

Malchus: He is, actually. I took the liberty of putting it back, since it is pretty funny (and the wiki has tolderated other visually punny pics for articles), with some alteration for those who don't get it. Of course, if others think it should've stayed gone or has something better, then go right ahead and edit away.

Fast Eddie: No idea what image has to do with the trope. Some sort of in-joke? I'll pull it, again.

Mr Death: Yeah, I can't even see the "marketing" connection. I don't know what that flow-chart's supposed to be, but it certainly doesn't say "marketing" to me.

Shay Guy: Image link? (EDIT: Never mind, hadn't looked at the history.)

Dion Shmion: I uploaded that pic but didn't make it, so I guess I'll take 0.5 points. I know, doesn't have much to do with the trope, but I thought it was a funny in-joke. Your mileage certainly varies.

Sparkysharps: Only partially related but I, for one, am happily willing to give a MOW to whoever wrote the line "Has nothing to do with Beastmen in suits."

Fast Eddie: A MoW to Freezair For A Limited Time for the opening line of this YK.
Yes, yes, I know, proposing a rename, send out the rabid moles and whatnot...

Freezair For A Limited Time: Hee! I just watched City Of Ember last night, which uses enormous mutant star-nosed moles as a convenient plot device, so... That, and you have to be careful with rename topics.

Doug S Machina: A point to Jesin, for this comment in Serious Business:

  • In High School Musical, basketball is serious business. As is drama, at least in the mind of it's teacher, if not in anyone elses.
    • Don't you mean "its" and "else's"? Apostrophes are serious business.

Especially for letting the errors stand in order to make the point.

Rissa: Wouldn't it have been better to just fix it?

Shay Guy: Better? Maybe. Funnier? No.

Enlong: One point for cassius335 for the hilarious end to the self-demonstrating part of All Your Colors Combined.

L: I've put it inside a hottip box, thus making it a surprise reveal.

Cassius335: So I see. Thanks. *makes mental note of how to do small text*. Glad you liked it, Enlong.

Donomni: It's funny because it's true(At least as much as science could apply to rainbow energy blasts)!

Doug S Machina: Wow. Awesome.

Meta Four: One MOW for Fast Eddie for the shiny new Collapse Description button on YKTTW threads.

fleb: Seconded. Seeing a new shiny "eject icon" button appear was total Schmuck Bait, seeing what it did was a great surprise.

CAD: It might need some work. Since this was implemented, I've been having a problem with the YKTTW page sometimes jumping down to a random position whenever a discussion is opened.

Falcon Pain: I think it's jumping down to the first new post. It should be a nice idea, but the effect is more jarring than anything else.

Freezair For A Limited Time: It looks like they were implementing a shiny new button, which... actually looks like a parachute. Wheeeeeee!

Earnest: Another one for the adbot. Design Student's Orgasm now has a banner add for exactly this kind of shirt. (Does that make it a self demonstrating article). For once it's entirely on the ball.

Epiblast: This may have already been done, but a MOW goes to whoever potholed the picture on Love It or Hate It. I laughed. A lot.

Dark Sasami: Oh, dammit, now my coworkers are looking at me funny. Thanks a lot.

fleb: Heh. That one first showed up in Your Mileage May Vary Discussion, right? Win to jojabar.

Dragon Quest Z: Radical Taoist for this contribution to the Emoticon page:

I laughed and smiled when I saw that.

Radical Taoist: To be honest, it's not entirely my own creation. But the fellow I got it from a) isn't a Troper and b) didn't and the "n" thumbs. So someone had to do it.

Andy Waltfeld: Our ad server just turned epic again. Props to it for sticking a Dianetics advert on Happiness in Slavery.

Radical Taoist: How many is the ad server up to by now?

Andy Waltfeld: Apparently this is only its second. Second and a half counting its contribution to a Paranoia Fuel MoW in the Late '08 archive. Updating the scoreboard to reflect that, along with one in the archive that I never got around to claiming myself.

Cassius335: I think I gave it one ages back, though that might have gotten deleted in the crash.

Inkki Bookman: When this little troper checked out the Happiness in Slavery link, I found Unfortunate Implications in the form of African Romance ads.

Freezair For A Limited Time: I'm trying to collect all the strange dating ads the server pops up with; let no one say you can't find exactly what you're looking for: African, interracial, Christian, Muslim, retired, Asian (with Chinese, Japanese, and Korean subgroups), married (which seems like trouble just waiting to happen, unless you're a swinger), Ukranian, gay, lesbian, chubby gay, BBW... Am I missing any?

Rissa: People have reported seeing ads for 'gay bears' on the Colbert Report page.

Jojabar: Let's not forget Gay Thug Dating.

Silent Hunter: You forgot gay military.

Shoebox: I keep getting offers to improve my writing skills/grammar. Not entirely sure how to take those.

Blork: You Fail Logic Forever often shows ads for Christian websites.

rsm109: I think I've seen Indian and Russian dating as well. I think all the niche dating sites are the same company judging by the similar design of their banners.

Pinkbaron: Furiko Maru gains many internets for actually agreeing with me on the Jack/Goemon pairing on Crossover Ship page. I'm glad that I'm not the only one who pairs them together!

Jojabar: Writing someone up in Made Of Win just for agreeing with you is kind of masturbatory, don't you think?

Malchus: Be that as it may, Made Of Wins are supposed to be for stuff posted by tropers on this wiki someone finds, well, MOW-worthy.

Shay Guy: This is one from very, very long ago, but...I always giggle when I'm reminded that the Ninja trope is actually listed in the database as "Ninja."

L: Someone really should fix that. That and Beauty Brainsand Brawn.

Shay Guy: That, yes. But not NINJA. Because no ninja is ever just a ninja, he's a NINJA.

Citizen: I say change Pirate to PIRATE instead, to bring balance to the Force.

rsm109: Brainsand: what you do when Brain Bleach isn't enough.

Sparky Lurkdragon: Okay, Freezair For A Limited Time wins infinite Rare Candy for the Olympus Mons write up.

Dark Sasami: Aww, you beat me to it. But extra points for "TROPER mashed A!"

Freezair For A Limited Time: Despite being gratuitous? TROPER was using the Master Ball after all... :P Graciously accepted! Thank sleep deprevation, and thank Matrix for a post on the forum which described, in a similar way, an encounter between a troper and a 4channer.

Rogue 7: Made. Of. Win.

Joysweeper: That was very funny. (Of course you don't mash A for the Master Ball! If you buttonmash for anything except Safari Balls and equivalent, it doesn't work!)

Nits: Joining the choir. That made my day!

CAD: Oh man. Now I know what I'm naming my Arceus if I ever get one.

Falcon Pain: Bah! Arceus cares nothing for your all-caps proper nouns! (Except when someone hacked Pokemon Blue.)

Japanese Teeth: One for Mahmoth for the Laconic page for Badass Normal.
Cryptic Mirror: a made of win to Looney Toons for cleaning up all the mistakes I'd made when I launched When the Clock Strikes Twelve, thank you.

Looney Toons: Whoa, missed this back when it was first added. You're welcome! I hope I didn't say anything too snarky in the "edit reason" field.

Lincoln: What Nemi said in the Chrono Trigger's Entity thread in Wild Mass Guessing. Made my day and wasn't even on a trope page. Deserves a vote.

"Totally. And if he's lucky, or unlucky, he'll still exist due to either a time paradox, or overcoming reality itself and is now in the Restaurant at The End of The Universe slamming back Pan Galactic Gargle Blasters (into his left pod) at the bar with Shadow The Hedgehog"

Mr Death: Uh, where was it then?

L: Wait, Shadow the Hedgehog got erased from existence?

Silent Hunter: Whoever wrote this line in I Thought It Meant:
Yes! Pretty Cure 5 is not how the Wicked Witch of the West responded to Dorothy when she asked "So do I cure some of them? And if so, how many?"

I actually burst out laughing.

L: I refuse to believe that someone genuinely thought that was what it meant, though.

Cassius335: I'll second you on that, L.

T-Jack: The entire You Have To Burn The Rope page is awesome due to its length, but the line at its end is an absolute killer:
Oh...and take heed: If you'd just clicked the link at the beginning instead of reading all this, you'd have finished the game by now.

Grimace: Hey, neat! I've gotta give props to "L" though, as he edited that one slightly so it read better, plus it's thanks to him I put that there in the first place. That whole page should be required reading.

The Joker: Two here, one for the caption on High Octane Nightmare Fuel - Live Action TV Yes, we never should get Davros to do a Shirtless Scene. and one for this line on Animal Motifs...

Vladimir Putin's recent PR propaganda news coverage has increasingly linked him with tigers. First he saved a camera crew from an angry tiger and then there was some talk about him getting one as a pet or something. Right Hand Cat indeed.

fleb: One to Micah for pruning the Never Heard That One Before of its disproportionately vast supply of anecdotes and hear-say.
Shotgun Ninja: One for YSKTA for the following from the Avatar section of the Ship Tease page:
  • The amount of ship tease present in the finale actually confused many casual watchers as to the ending pairings, Katara and Aang don't interact except for the start and the very end of the finale.

As This Troper didn't tune in to the show until the finale was on, this was very refreshing to hear from someone else. Good to know I'm not crazy.

Rogue 7: To whoever wrote the following entry in Eyes Do Not Belong There:
  • There's a Japanese Obake / youkai who has an Eyeless Face and a single giant eye... its anus. Which it delights in showing off to passers-by by stretching its cheeks wide... Yes. The Japanese, in fact, have a Goatse monster.

Freezair For A Limited Time: Yay! That example's old, but I'll happily take that MOW.

SpiriTsunami: A Made Of Win to alliterator for the caption on the page picture for Bandage Babe. I broke out laughing loudly—which, considering the fact that it's 2 AM here, may have been slightly unfortunate. On a Painkiller Jane picture:
Our love for her now ain't hard to explain/The fueling of fetish, the gal they call Jane.

Malchus: I see what was done there, and I second the MOW.

GG Crono: Whoever made both of the pages for Eversion? You rock. Seriously. :)

Rissa: Scroll down ;-)

Donomni: Can't possibly take credit for something already awarded before, but thanks for noticing. :3

Haven: To whoever added this in A Mech by Any Other Name:

Japanese Teeth: Whoever added the caption to the picture in Face Palm.
L: Okay, someone's been having a lot of fun with this game's page. All I have to say to JET 73 L is, well played.

Rissa: Especially the Story-Driven Invulnerability entry.

Donomni: Ossley and everyone else for putting up Freeware Games. How Did We Miss This One? Well, ok, yeah... but still, I can't wait to find hidden gems
Sean Tucker: Whoever added this in Batman: The Brave and the Bold, you are awesome.

  • Survivor Guilt: Oh! You better watch out, / You better not cry, / You better not pout, I'm telling you why: YOUR PARENTS WILL GET SHOT IN CRIME ALLEY.

Haven: Someone already edited that...I want to change it to YOUR PARENTS ARE GOING...TO DIE! or something for the scan/rhyme, but, eh.

Rogue 7: I changed it to YOUR PARENTS WILL GET GUNNED DOWN to fit the original tune- "Santa Claus is coming to town", but if you prefer your version, go for it.

L: I'd like to give a small note of congratulations to the people who took a braindead, lose-lose idea and somehow made it entertaining.

Dragon Quest Z: Not quite sure what you mean. Did you mean the ykttw was bad, or the thought of what the title would mean is bad?

Rothul: A MOW to Zarian for re-alphabetizing the List Of Shows That Need Summary... an assuredly tedious undertaking that makes the page so much better.
Nits: The following statement from Worse Than It Sounds:

Sadly, too old to show up in page history. You who made this very true observation, enjoy your MOW!

Falcon Pain: You can use the "all" link on the page history to go back more than ten edits. In this case, it will also allow you to bestow great gifts upon Ray Ayanami.

Nits: Thanks! I should have tried that sometime. xP Well, at least now I know.

That Other 1 Dude: This excerpt from the Gurren Lagann examples in Meaningful Name:
  • Rinkane Jail. It may be based on "reincarnation," or the word "rinkan," which means "grand, splendid building." It is hopefully NOT based on the other, differently spelled "rinkan" which means "gangrape," or the cockblock jokes will never end.

Lurkerbunny: Whoever wrote the Laconic Robin Williams page. Ha! It's a jab, but it's a playful jab.

Freezair For A Limited Time: Hee! Does the Trope Pantheon have a god of Entry Pimps yet? Because there's really only one possible option for that one.

Lurkerbunny: Well, I think "God Of Manic Energy" or something like that would be better... I mean, don't forget what he actually does.

Rogue 7: I think Freezair was actually talking about you.

Shay Guy: Not Paul Robinson?

Freezair For A Limited Time: I think they're two diametrically opposed forces: One is a Fallen god, while the other is a member of the Pantheon proper. I guess sort of an "Entry Pimp" versus Entry Hustler / Square Peg Round Troper kind of dealie.

Matthew The Raven: That was me. If the shoe fits. :)

Lurkerbunny: Heh, well, congratulations on your MOW from me myself! Now, about this Pantheon suggestion... are Tropers even allowed to be gods? I thought that was limited to fictional characters or real life actors. And are my examples really Square Peg Round Trope? I mean, I suppose the more sexual ones probably scare people, but I mention him in Shirtless Scene because he has had Shirtless Scenes, and as for Fetish Fuel... well, everyone else is being honest there, why not me?

Nits: Ahh, no, no, Lurkerbunny. Paul Robinson is the Square Peg Round Troper, not you.

Lurkerbunny: Ah. My spaciness gets the better of me again.

Freezair For A Limited Time: OK, so Tropers probably aren't allowed to be gods (with the possible exception of the admins, who can do as they please), but I just had the most hilarious mental image of what I imagine Lurkerbunny and Paul Robinson to look like, Lurkerbunny in outrageous, Rainbow Pimp Gear, and Paul Robinson looking down at one of those kiddie "shape block" games trying to shove the wrong block into a hole. ...My imagination is a weird place.

Rissa: This is a wonderful mental image. It's the expression on Paul Robinson's face that makes it.

Japanese Teeth: One to whoever made this.

Dragon Quest Z: That was me, under my old account, Lord TNK. It's right there at the start of the page history.

Mr Death: One to whoever reformatted the Discworld page and started pages for the individual books. This was way overdue.

Silent Hunter: I started the first one or two, I believe, (a while back) but not the rest. Whoever carried them on also deserves the credit.

Dragon Quest Z: I reformatted the page, though. I noticed a lot of the book names were taken, so giving them a namespace fixed that. Plus I realized tropes could be listed as long as they were distinct from the book and character pages.

Radical Taoist: One to Unknown Seventh and Ninth for the Laconic entry to Talk to the Fist. I have been over-MO Wed multiple times for the original Self-Demonstrating Article's "interruption" gag. I might as well send a bit of the extra MOW that way for succinctly summarizing the original article and compressing the gag in true Laconic style.
Coldfire: Whoever put in that TakeThat at Ayn Rand in The Red Sonja. Paraphrasing it has won me many friends.
Zetaseal: A MOW for whoever slipped that "bad medicine" into the thirteen bit on Numerological Motif. I'm not sure if this was supposed to be a potshot at House but I will gladly take it that way.
Rain-Normally: Willy Four Eyes and Scud East get a Made of Win, and my undying love, for the picture and caption on Heroic BSoD. I laughed so, so hard.
Hinoa: Micah, take a Made of Win for adding the My Immortal Drinking Game to the otherwise completely empty category "Very Bad Ideas." I thought I was done laughing at that page!

L: There's a Drinking Game namespace now?!

Malchus: Ah, TV Tropes. I just love how it changes just a little each day.

Shay Guy: That's the only page in the namespace, though; it was previously on the main page.

Medinoc: Speaking of the drinking game, my English is failing me again and I have a comprehension problem: When the rules say to "Drain the whole glass", does it mean to drink it whole or to toss its contents down the drain?

Shay Guy: Pretty sure it's the former.

Seanette: At least in USian English, it means to consume the entire contents of the glass.

Medinoc: Thank you.

Lincoln: Finished. Took 8 bottles of Pepsi. At least half of those were Dumbledork/Hargrid/Snap/Snip/Snake. Oh yeah, and apparently having arms is extraordinary.

Sikon: Divra for adding "The world is pretty much the gritty ex-Communist concrete-a-thon we know and love" to Night Watch. As a Russian, I found this description hilarious.
Be: To whoever it was wrote this on the Wall Glower page
"Serenity: Rare humourous example with River watching Simon and Kaylee after the camera executes a Sexy Discretion Shot, making this the one and only Wall Glauer."

Grev: A MOW to the Transport Tycooner who put up the picture to Level Ate.

L: I hope you won't mind me for including a subsection of it within a screenshot montage...

Medinoc: Ironically enough, the Trope Namer is not in the pic...

L: Hey! You expect me to actually beat Puppy Love Part 1? You've got another thing coming!

Kinitawowi: Yay! My first MOW! :-D :-D :-D I tried to rig it up to include the piggy bank and boot houses and toy factory so it could double up as an image for Toy Time as well. Of course, the smart thing to do would have been a custom map designed specifically to have a toffee quarry and sugar mine too, but you can't win 'em all.

Dragon Quest Z: The trope title The Necrocracy. It's perhaps not the cleverest title, but it's just made of awesome.
nine: One for the picture in Cross Dresser, please. I had no idea that actually happened.

Citizen: Guh. I had no idea that page happened either, but I'll save that for its discussion page.

Looney Toons: That page happened within months of the Wiki's founding, before all the other more specific pages.

Haven: One to whoever put up the picture on Did You Just Punch Out Cthulhu?. It is awesome.

Regiment: Whoever made the wonderful "land-Luddite" joke in Digital Piracy Is Evil.

Civanfan: Yar! Thankee fer tha win.

Cukeman: MOW Reason: The Quotes Wiki. I've been thinking recently that there needs to be something like this.

Malchus: Seconded. That is a useful wiki compilation. And it has a fun name (well, at least to my sensibilities) as well. Henceforth, I shall call it... Qwiki (not to be confused with squicky.

Trouser Wearing Barbarian: Thirded. It's my new favorite thing on this site.

Insanity Prelude: A nice shiny MOW to whoever wrote this on Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni:
  • Berserk Button - If all the berserk buttons were on a berserk keyboard, then this series is the cat that falls asleep on that keyboard. Also, the keyboard is on fire.

Karalora: A big, beautiful Made Of Win to whomever originally posted the quick point/lengthy diatribe regarding the correlation between fat and poor health on Acceptable Hard Luck Targets. The page history is showing a couple of edits by Unknown Audrey, so I'm going to go out on a limb and assume it was her.

Antheia: Too bad it's wrong. Being overweight is unhealthy in itself. Pulling said quick point/lengthy diatribe.

Karalora: No, it fucking is not. Don't bring your bigoted crusade here, and I won't start an Edit War. Deal?

Midonin: The Laconic entry (while I'm aware of how easily these are changed) for Our Presidents Are Different. "The original president myths can't keep the details straight, either.". After reading through everything before that, this one hits just the right amount of absurdity to be perfect.

Raekuul: That one was me. Also, we have this thing called "edit history" that shows you who made what edits.

Midonin: I know, I should've done that before saying so. Nice job regardless.

Deuxhero:To Nausicaa, because "Sesame Street" Cred makes me lulz.

Nausicaa: Ayy, thank you! Having my first Made Of Win makes me feel shiny. ^^

Inkblot: To whoever added Prepare to Die. Now every part of the phrase $My Name Is Inigo Montoya. You Killed My Father. Prepare to Die.$ is a trope.

Muninn: Except that the full line is "Hello. My Name Is Inigo Montoya. You Killed My Father. Prepare to Die." I take that back. Didn't realize that Hello was a trope.

Malchus: Actually, even that's still a trope: "Hello. My Name Is Inigo Montoya. You Killed My Father. Prepare to Die." *looks at above correction* Er, never mind.

Mr Death: Whoo! My first MOW. Yeah, its absence had been bugging me for awhile, so I tossed it up one day while I was bored at work.

Kayube:Now there needs to be an index with all those tropes.

Be: I don't know who Cynthia Wakefield is, but the simple fact she agreed with me on the WMG page for Mister Rogers Neighborhood is enough for a nomination.

L: It seems a little indirectly self-congratulatory to laud someone for simply agreeing with you... but in the service of beating down lame troper memes, I'll make an exception.

Be: Oh, it is, but before I saw that I genuinely thought I was the only person who didn't find the Time Lord/Haruhi memes funny.

Matthew The Raven: Oh dear God, count me in. It's like we're doing it just to follow the "How to Delude Yourself Into Thinking You're Funny without Having to Be Creative" guidebook (By Dane Cook, Harper-Collins, 2009).

fleb: To whatever admin just added the new gray "visited link" CSS rule.

Donomni: Is there a particular reason why? Seeing most of the links grey is kinda weird... and also a bit hard to see.

Joysweeper: I like it, personally. Sites where visited links don't change colors always used to annoy me. I mean, I've gotten over that, but...

Inkki Bookman: This little troper would have made the visited tropes either teal or lime, but thats just me.

Fast Eddie: I backed out the change. It is nice to meet web standards and all, but our pages have too many links on them for them not to look some sort of weird party favor when the visited thing is serviced.

Rissa: And it completely spoiled the All Blue look at Tropers Do It Without Notability.

Inkki Bookman: Its still a great idea to have the colours change on the visited links but to keep with the All Blue Entry theme, how about a Bright Blue for fresh links and Dark Blue for visited links?

Glidergun: A MOW to alliterator, for the description of The Stars Are Going Out. Absolutely beautiful.

Haven: Seconded. And uh. Wow.

Silent Hunter: Thirded. Brilliant.

alliterator: Thanks. The first line just came to me and, uh, I found that I couldn't stop myself from writing it.

Malchus: MoW fourth-ed. That is a great and haunting description. Plus, I finally know which trope to put the Big Rip theory in.

Doug S Machina: Another point here. Wow.

Madrugada: That is positively lyrical, and yes, haunting.

Koori Renchuu: I see some Fridge Brilliance in this as well. If you live in the city, how often is it that you see the stars? I thought so.

The Toon Geekette: One MOW to whoever uploaded the picture for My Name Is Inigo Montoya. Where'd you find that, anyway?

Silent Hunter: Quite- it's a great find.

L: It doesn't really have much to do with the trope, though...

Sceboal: Yes, but it's funny.

Buttercup Is Tiny: I know you can buy the shirt at, but I don't know if that's where the product originated.

Earnest: One very scary, and funny, MOW to Civanfan for the caption in the Siren pic.

Civanfan: Thanks. I was worried it would be a bit cliché.

Kriegsmesser: A made of win to Luc for the relatively long-winded Laconic YKTTW Bump. Also, whoever changed the main article to make it longer than the Laconic, you're Completely Missing The Point.

Haven: Um. I hope that doesn't cancel it out or something.

L: I have almost no idea what either of you are talking about. Everything is as it should be!

Luc: My entry in the history is a result of me sorting through Paul Robinson's attempt to recreate YKTTW Bump. I was willing to tolerate his creation (as I couldn't find the original, so I was unable to judge it better or worse), just not at BUMP, which is where he created it. So Yeah.

SAMAS: Sean Tucker and Janitor for the following line in Starship Troopers:

The Other Anime

Blue Gender: See main page for a description.

Sean Tucker: Thankee. The hilarious thing is, I wasn't joking when I added that. Blue Gender is a better adaptation of Starship Troopers than the movie, and it's at least as good as the OVA.

Nezumi: Whoever added the TMBG lyrics to Exquisite Corpse. Not only is it funny in how simultaneously appropriate and inappropriate it is, but it gets Refuge in Audacity for being added after someone specifically said there would be no TMBG quotes on the page.

Falcon Pain: That would be alliterator's doing. I'm the one who made the initial comment on I Thought It Meant... and took mock offense when it happened.

alliterator: Ah, but I was inspired by that comment in I Thought It Meant. I had completely forgotten TMBG had that song until I read it.

Nezumi: Meant to post this a while ago, but it slipped my mind. Since it wouldn't have happened without both of you, you each get a Made Of Win.

ninjacrat: Chucat wins big for the image on Hijacked by Ganon.
Cliché: A Made Of Win to Fast Eddie for the (and Take That!, and X Just X). We're on the right track to destroying Not Self Explanatory entries and Natter.

HeartBurn Kid: OK, I get the other two, but why kill the Take Thats? Are we not allowed to snark anymore?

Rogue 7: 99 out of 100 times, it's irritating, self-gratifying, and pretentious to link a snarky comment to Take That! when making it. It's like saying "Burn!", but doing it yourself.

Fast Eddie: Especially since the article being linked to is not about what people think it is.

Shay Guy: I always interpreted it as self-mockery.

That Other 1 Dude: But you shouldn't have removed all of the potholes to Take That!. You were right to remove the ones that were the editor making an insult (hell, it'd preferable just to erase the insult), but if it was potholing something they are describing in said work that was an insult. Basically, if it's potholing something that could be an example on the Take That! page(s) it should have stayed.

Shale: Didn't the person who originally created the "Oooh, burn!" potholes get a MOW for it?

Antheia: They did, but then everybody started doing it and it got old before you could say "Oh no, not another one".

Shay Guy: Re-added the IANMTU pothole to Multi Page Tropes. That was one that shouldn't have been removed.

Sean Tucker: Fast Eddie destroyed a nice Overly Long Gag on the Shinji And Warhammer 40 K page by removing the IANMTU potholes.

Captain Crowbar: The perpetrator's name seems to be lost to history, but the line 'You may say to yourself, "Why am I wearing this beautiful house?"' in the Second Life write-up had me in hysterics.
John A Dreams: Meta4 wins for de-capitalizing the entire Pictures For Sad Children article, including the title (which I didn't know was possible). Now I'm just waiting for an editor to come by and not realize it was all on purpose.
  • Yinyang107: I have taken the liberty of adding in a source comment at the top, to prevent this.

L: Is it just me, or is this wiki ever so gradually becoming more and more like Uncyclopedia?

SAMAS: Now with 90% less Hatred.

Insanity Prelude: Only in the good ways (there have to be *some*, right?) We're still far from being a wiki of pointless nonsense. :)

Freezair For A Limited Time: Forgive me if I have it wrong, but I was under the impression that Encyclopedia Dramatic was the vicious, hateful, bile-spewing one, and Uncyclopedia was the Onion-esque, "just goofing around" one?

Meta Four: That's true, but even so, Uncyclopedia's articles have an unfortunate tendency for unfunny randomness. Wiki magic there is more likely to produce a "thundering mountain of idiocy" (to steal a phrase from Zephid) than anything coherent. But Uncyclopedia's Pages That Look Like The Things They're About are one of the things they do right.

Anyway, I think John A Dreams deserves props for writing up the article in the first place. It absence had been bugging me for quite some time, but I lacked the inspiration/motivation to do it myself.


Koveras: To Servbot for discovering the intrinsic meaning of Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha season titles!

Servbot: Next task! Predicting the plot changes in Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha The Movie 1st based on its anagrams!

Insanity Prelude: Gotta love the pun by Unknown Henning Makholm on Unwilling Suspension: "In fiction, the prisoner does not appear to suffer any particular physical discomfort. (If this bothers the reader/viewer, it is Disbelief Of Suspension)."
Koveras: A MOW goes to Fast Eddie for installing the auto-magic indexing on the Laconic Wiki.

Willy Four Eyes: Second-and-a-halfed.

K.o.R: Very cool. Is that auto-indexing everything in /Laconic/ or everything that has the Laconic index at the bottom? It'll be many many win points if you can get that working site-wide.

Grev: And another for fixing the duplicate redirect problem. (And sorry for cutlisting some of those...)

Wascally Wabbit: A big WIN! to everyone who contributed to Sean Connery Is About to Shoot You.
Kizor: I thank whoever edited Digging to China to add a point-by-point description of where people through the world would end up if they did dig through the planet. Spaniards who could strike New Zealand... hee hee hee.

Inkki Bookman: According to that map, digging a hole to the otherside in Australia leads to the Alantic Ocean... Glub! Glub!

Haven: Made Of Win to Won Sab for the description of Cosmic Horror.
The universe is a child's plaything. Remember how some of your toys ended up?

Looney Toons: <sigh> Of course, it's been changed twice since then.

Broken Chaos: That seems to happen a lot to the Laconic Wiki... I laughed at the initial Laconic Wiki I saw, being "Same tropes, but shorter." Now it just seems kinda bland...

Looney Toons: I haven't browsed it much, but every time I do and look at a page history, it seems like it's nothing more than a series of "my one-liner's better than yours!' competitions.

Kalle: A point for this line on the Toys section of So Bad Its Horrible:
  • Tragically though, it did not say "Product May Be Covered In Date Rape Drugs." Only popped-collars carry that warning.

Rothul: Thanks! Can't claim it wasn't an easy shot... fun though.

J Bridge: One point to Jethro Q Walrustitty from Fawriel and myself, for his contributions to this thread on the fora. Citizen, you're going to have to fight for your title!
Sceboal: A made of win to whoever thought of the caption to the new picture in Eye Scream and a made of lose to whoever changed the picture without me knowing until I looked it up at 2:00 AM. Yes, even if they're the same person.

Insanity Prelude: Why did I have to look? More importantly, why did I have to look at any of the examples? Do not want do not want do not want do not want D:

Inkblot: I screamed.

Rogue 7: Oh dear god, that's freaky.

Malchus: Seen freakier, but the pic is cool. It'd make an awesome forum avatar or something.

Sparkysharps: Both of them are my fault. If it makes you feel any better, she gets better. It's probably best that I don't tell you how.

Cydrius: A MOW for whoever thought up the title to 20 Bear Asses, I'm not usually one for butt humor, but that one made my day.

Medinoc: I also like how the Bible example is formulated.

Yoshi348: I brought that over from Fetch Quest as soon as I saw this MoW and realised somebody made a trope for that. I did add the "drop rate" bit, though.

Pinkbaron: A massive MOW for whomever put NEEEEEERRDDDD RAAAAAAAGGGGEEEE at the top of the Twilight page.

Inkblot: I Did What I Had to Do.

Medinoc: It has probably already been MOW'd, but the Self-Demonstrating Article of Freudian Slippery Slope is simply hilarious.

Cukeman: At least twice, I believe.

Schizo Technician: It does deserve shit, er, it, though.

NoDot: One Mo W to whoever added the picture of Xanatos to Xanatos Planned This Index. I just think it's cool.
Deuxhero:The picture at names the same, Zeke uploaded it, but I don't know who made.

Zeke: Neither do I (though I've been trying to find out), but dammit, I'll take the Mo W. Thanks!

Moocow 1452: Made of win for Furiko Maru who actually made the Non-Existent Fiction Recommendations page. I forsee fun times ahead.
Shadow of the Sun: I'd like to nominate a made of win for whosoever did the potholing of my example about Kurt Godel in Logic Bomb. You took what was a rather dry description of something and made it awesome and hilarious.

that troper: Thank you. Actually, I decided to add potholes because it was a very-very thought-provoking and interesting example in the first place.

Shadow of the Sun: I just copy-pasted it; I deserve no credit.

C Trombley: It kind of misses a rather important point that Godel embedded his program in the natural numbers (a technique called Godel Numbering) that meant that you couldn't get rid of it just by trying to make certain sentences illegal, but it's a wiki example not Godel Escher Bach.

that troper: Correct me if I'm wrong, but I thought Godel's Numbering is only needed to actually express the right statment with the symbols and notions of any given mthematical system. But in this example Magical Computer, Universal Truth Machine uses human language and that is why such artificial tool as Godel's Numbering is not needed. Also, you technically can get rid of a paradox by making your "language", your system of axioms very simple, and that is why only sufficiently complex theories contain paradoxes. But I've never studied these things properly. (If you want to continue discussion, perhaps we should do so on the Discussions page)

Freezair For A Limited Time: Fast Eddie. Preview. That is all.

Ouroboros: Could you elaborate on this please?

Freezair For A Limited Time: Check out the Wiki Tech Wish List (or the bottom of any editing page)—we finally have a Preview function!

Sceboal:I was waiting for a darn preview feature.

Rissa: And it comes with Trope-tan, too! So - what does ye olde 'draft' checkbox actually do? Anything at all?

Freezair For A Limited Time: It submits the article... But the changes aren't actually visible to anyone but you.

Silent Hunter: Lovely! Great job!

Inkki Bookman: At last this little troper check edits properly.

Rogue 7: The picture and caption in Critical Research Failure are absolutely made of win and snark.
L: I find it quite apropos that Eversion has a MoonsideWiki version of its page. (It's motivated me to create something similar for Ikaruga.)

Meta Four: And I was just about to give a MOW to you for doing exactly that.

Donomni: *Takes point and raises above head* I was in the middle of making the Eversion page when it suddenly came to me. It really fits. I should move some of the spoiled bits, though. The gag doesn't exactly work if people keep editing the main page. <_<

Rissa: Frisko. This.
Revolos55: Whoever put "I believe you have my main page", with a link back the The Red Stapler page.

Looney Toons: Where?

Shay Guy: The Troper Tales page for The Red Stapler, I would imagine.

Revolos55: Whoops. Yeah, there. My bad.

Frank 75: To Deuxhero, for adding this to Works That Need A Summary:

Could have done that myself, but didn't for some reason.

Deux Hero:Woot, made of win point! Thanks.

Micah: To Juice Box Hero, for the title of Germanic Depressives.
Regiment: To Shotgun Ninja, for this gem in the Jack Thompson Discussion:"Why is it that the more I hear about Jack, the more I keep thinking about Miko from Order Of The Stick?"

It's so true!

Shotgun Ninja: Thanks. The really weird part, though, is that that was posted prior to reading the opening to Start of Darkness, where her Jack-ness is multiplied further.

DomaDoma: To Eponymous Kid, for the line in YKKTW:"Using your incredible good looks and success with women to further your career as a serial killer is a prime example of doing it wrong."

fleb: ...Link?

Paul A: No Such Thing As An Anti-War Movie

Eponymous Kid: Hey, cool. But, seriously, it's ridiculous to say that Light lives a glamorous life in Death Note. Well, unless you count how he's the classic nerd fantasy of being cool and handsome and killing everyone who totally suxxorz11!two. But, again, the whole "shunning the attention of women" thing really breaks that one.

Radical Taoist: In the same discussion, I must MOW Jack Butler for Crossing the Line Twice and making me laugh.

D&D sales were okay but not spectacular going into the early 80s. Then Rona Jaffe and Bothered About Dungeons and Dragons popped up, and suddenly D&D was selling like oxygen tanks at an emphasyma convention.

Looney Toons: A MOW to the ad rotation script, for popping up an ad for a lawyer specializing in personal injury suits on Circling Birdies.
Sean Tucker: A Made Of Win to whoever added this line in Tsukihime:

That bit made my day. Seriously, that was hilarious. The fact that I launched the Shinji And Warhammer 40 K page helps, even if I didn't add most of the info on it.

Devil's Advocate: To JET73L for the Trident entry on WMG/Commercials. I literally LOLed.
Sean Tucker: The entire Laconic Wiki. It is awesome.

The Mimic: Seconded. Much fun can and will be had with this.

Koveras: Indeed. :D

Ack Sed: To whoever put this entry into Shrug of God:"Team Silent, Team Silent, which one of the endings to Silent Hill is canon?" "They're all canon." "Nyoro~n." *guffaws*
Dark Sasami: To Chariset, in recognition for an astonishing amount of work — finding and adding over 100 example links for the huge mass of songs on the Standard Snippet page. It's something I've always wanted to do but never had the energy. A hell of a lot more effort went into this than into some cute one-liner — I'd give you ten points if I could.

Maso Tey: Seconded. Standard Snippet's utility and entertainment value are indefinitely greater thanks to Chariset's work..

Shoebox: Thirded, both as to the value and the effort it must've taken to put it together.

  • ((Chariset)): Thank you very much — it was a labor of love, and my only regret is that, being You Tube, there's a good chance those will be dead links after a few years

Malchus: To the Unknown Troper with the IP of who posted the following in the troper tales page for Berserk Button:

  • Internet Tough Guys...oh, wait.

Seriously, nothing wrong with listing out certain things that piss you off. Heck, I even put in one of my own. The eyeroll-inducing threats of outrageous violence, however, are just plain Internet Tough Guy posturing.

Freezair For A Limited Time: A collective Made Of Win to everyone who's been working on the Exquisite Corpse project—you are doing an awesome job, guys—and an especial MOW point to Mr Guy, for the following awesome line from Chapter 20:

"She nodded slightly, before letting out a scream that sounded much like a cat being stepped on by a sleepwalking trombonist." Emphasis mine. Awesome all yours.

Shay Caron: Points to anyone and everyone involved in the Hurricane of Puns on the Sorting Algorithm of Tropes page. This former CS student could not stop laughing.

L: Already acknowledged, my friend!

Meta Four: One MOW to Koveras for suggesting and creating the Laconic Wiki, and one MOW to Lull The Conqueror for his spot-on Laconic definition of Magnificent Bastard.

L: I'd have preferred the name "Flavor Text Wiki", myself. Reading some of these entries make me wish for trope trading cards.

Insanity Prelude: And another MOW to Matrix for getting This Is SPARTA down to one word.

Cassius335: We did actually start doing trope trading cards in a forum thread, but it stalled. Partly, I suspect, because no-one knew what the fucking rules were.

Earnest: Well, we do have TV Tropes The Tabletop Game...

Haven: I dunno about "flavor text wiki", since by design it's not very...well, flavorful.

Koveras: Thank you, thank you, that's my second fifteen minutes of fame today. ^^;

The Wanderer: May have been done before, but I have to add a MOW to whoever added this example to the Oh, Crap! page.

Despite being afraid of sharks myself, it's been making me laugh like hell since I first saw it.

Piano-kun: Whoever added the picture and caption to Transformation Trauma. Oh, the horror...the pure, unadulterated horror...

L: People who played Super Paper Mario actually found Mimi frightening?

...Actually, it isn't really a fitting picture because it doesn't show the transformation sequence itself.

Rissa: I've never played it, but the mere suggestion of what seems to be happening there is enough to make me never want to.

Yoshi348: Point to whoever Pot Holed Howie Mandel to Bald of Evil in the Deal Or No Deal page.

Raekuul: I second awarding the point to Chariset

Cliché: Two words: Spurious emphasis. Thanks, Ninjacrat for summing up the attitude of the majority of tropers so succintly.
Andrusi: Useful Notes in general. The name is accurate.

Silent Hunter: Since I contributed large parts of that section, I guess I'll claim that one. Thanks.

High Five: One to whoever left this line in Video Game:

Dude, he heard you were reading a book in the dark, and thought it would help. Chill!

Furiko Maru: Messrs. trouserwearingbarbarian and alliterator, stand and be recognized for the following exchange in The Lana Lang YKTTW:

alliterator: And Mace Windu was an expy of Jules Winnfield.
trouserwearingbarbarian: "BASIC, MOTHERFUCKER, DO-YOU-SPEAK-IT?"

Idler: Unknown Firedraconian for the comment in the It Just Bugs Me! page for Pokemon about how in the Pokemon universe, you can only rape someone if your Pokemon are stronger than theirs. You made me consider the effects the existence and training of Pokemon would have on sex crimes. Awesome.
L: I'd like to give a small tip of the hat for the opening sentence of Sphere of Power. That is all.
Scud East: To Koveras for finally making a page for Weregeek, and a good one too. And to Earnest for a well-chosen image.

Koveras: Thank you! You made my day. %)

Enlong: A very well deserved made of win to whoever began the Tales section of the Trope Pantheons. Lord knows I was taking to long to get off my duff and start my own idea.

Chris X: I may be the one who created it, but the one who inspired the idea was Azxc. I feel like I'm not doing a good job on the current Tales....

whononymous2: How hard is it to remove a misplaced redirect? I don't really know, as I couldn't do it myself! Fast Eddie knows if I'm giving him more credit than he deserves, as he knows how it's done. Thanks for fixing the redirect from Characters.Doctor Who to Grandma, What Massive Hotness You Have!.

Shay Guy: Pretty simple, really — just one click from the "destination" article and a brief edit to remove the bit of markup.

whononymous2: Well, it wasn't working that way for me, and I was tearing my hair out trying to make it work. I'm not sure why. Maybe it was edit-locked?

Rissa: Probably. Edit-locked redirects are one of those problems that you just have to wait until it goes away.

Specialist290: One point for the image on Tropes on a Bus.
The Defenestrator: Whoever added the second line of this, from Morality Pet:
* Depending on the interpretation, Soundwave's cassettes are either things he tortures grotesquely, or his Morality Pets.
** Troper: poet. Status: unaware.

SAMAS: Transformer Reference: Incorrect.

Cassius335: Reference status: Close enough.

Earnest: alliterator for beating me to the punch with a much better picture for Owl Be Damned.

alliterator: Thanks. I don't even play Okami, but that owl looks freaky.

Radical Taoist: I nominate Bisected 8 for very appropriate and effective wit.

L: Umm... yeah. NEEEEEEEEERDS!

Earnest: Thanks for noticing! ^_^

Radical Taoist: I wrote Proud to Be a Geek, son. Take that out of spoiler!

Cassius335: Seconding the Win and L's remark. :p

Sceboal:Made of lose to L.

Raekuul nominates Voodoo Master for the joke on Thirty Xanatos Pileup
Now, if there's some porn about the car pile up, then it's a Thirty-four Xanatos Pileup.

Now, if the porn is on a poodle, and the poodle's eating noodles, then it is a poodle-muddle-noodle-fuddle-Thirty-four Xanatos Pileup.

Now, if a fox wearing sox is in the porn and the porn is on a poodle, and the poodle's eating noodles, then it is a poodle-muddle-noodle-fuddle-sox-fox-Thirty-four Xanatos Pileup.

Maso Tey: From Self-Demonstrating Article:Luckily, I got the joke in time to cancel the corrective edit. I may be a bit slow on the uptake, but Lemurian is Made Of Win.
  • Lemurian First made of win! All thanks to some strategically placed commas.

K.o.R: In Guns Akimbo, a MoW to whomever added "In FPSes, guns typically just drop off the bottom of the screen, click a bit, and come back up with more delicious bullets inside." I laughed a lot.
Wizard Joni: In The Power of Blood, Made Of Win to Vifetoile for changing categories C and D to AB and O. I lol'd.

Vifetoile: Thank you, but I've already been nominated.

Haven: One MoW to whoever came up with this description on The Coconut Effect.
  • The Dark Knight had fight scenes all the way through that sounded like a rather angry chef tenderising about half a cow.

L: Nobody seems to have credited the author of the trope description for Opium Den yet, have they? Permit me, then, to do so.

Maso Tey: That would be me — and thank you! (I figured since I had nothing factual to say about the subject, I'd pull the time-honored trick of framing it as fiction and making shit up.)

Maso Tey: Rothul, for the picture-caption in Atlas Pose. The "dude" is what makes it brilliant, I think.

Rothul: Thank you! I must say, I agonized for a good thirty seconds about whether the "dude" was funnier at the start or the end of the sentence. I like to think I'm not the only troper who thinks about these things.

Rissa: Whoever identified the Ironic Nursery Rhyme in Jekyll as "Boys and Girls, Come Out to Play". It's been driving me mad trying to work out what that tune was.
Seanette: Akatsuki Daybreak, for a delightfully deranged theory about the Wiki itself in TV Tropes.
Joysweeper: The picture/caption for BFG. "Sir, we have More Dakka!" sounds exactly like what a clone trooper would say.
Donomni: Chris X gets a million and one points for instigating the Civil War. I can only assume Iron Man is gonna register all the Gods soon and piss everyone off. :x

tennessean: Fixed the link coding for you.

Donomni: Wondering what I did wrong, thanks.

Chris X: ... Considering that one went off-the handle thanks to... things, can we remove it? That seems to be more of the lines of Made Of Lose when I think about it...

Cassius335: Heavens to Murgatroyd (and a MOW point) for the following from A Date With Rosie Palms:

On one board, there was an actual flame war between the Handshippers and the Otherhandshippers.]]

tennessean: Um, WHICH trope? I suspect Cargo Ship, but can you confirm for us?

Narvi: Look at the pothole, slow fellow.

Medinoc: Obviously, tennessean thought the pothole was part of the original line (as I did), and as such, the line could not have been on the referenced trope, or it would have been potholing itself.

fleb: I had the same problem. /tangent

Cassius335: Edited.

Malchus: A MoW to the Magnificent Bastard put up the "pic" in the Magnificent Bastard page.

That Other 1 Dude: Already nominated.

Justyn: Whoever changed the "examples" bar-thingy on the Warhammer 40000 page to read "Tropes for the Trope God, Examples for the Example Throne!:, come on up here.

tennessean: That was me. It was already there, I just added the little exclamation point at the beginning that makes that particular line look like it does. And now I've achieved my first Made Of Win!

Yinyang107: If we can nominate IP's, or somehow attach them to a troper, I'd like to nominate for the first lines in MS Paint Adventures:
  • MS Paint Adventures is a webcomic by Andrew Hussie which is, as the name suggests, made entirely in Adobe Photoshop.
I did a literal double take on that one.

L: Okay, I give in, it was I. (I guess my "Get Known cookie" got eaten recently.)

DomaDoma: MOW to whoever got that weird shot of Tuxedo Mask for the Dramatic Unmask picture. I've seen the Sailor Moon OP more than is entirely healthy, and I never actually noticed that before.

Earnest: It was meeee! I claim that MOW point! Miiiine, my precious... *cough* Sorry. It was actually hard to get that shot but very much worth it: I had to look for high res season one episodes, and then ended up almost randomly clicking pause to get that one perfect frame. Then I had to clean the watermark.

Shay Guy: Media Player Classic has a button to advance frame by frame, for future reference.

Fermatprime: MOW to Micah, for the incredibly obscure Godel, Escher, Bach reference in Getting Crap Past the Radar. For reference:
The Janitor steps aside to reveal the VERY ASIAN gold boxFranklyn standing behind him.

  • Mike: Damn. I just read that thing and spent some time with it last semester, and that's going right over my head. Enlighten me?

Honore DB: Got a grin out of me. There's a dialogue with a "very Asian gold box" as a MacGuffin, as a play on Bach's Goldberg Variations. There are so many Stealth Puns in that book...

  • Mike: Oh, I think I remember that dialog. That's the one that ends up with the police showing up, right? Thanks for reminding me.

Meta Four: One MOW for vifetoile, for the subtle joke about the different types of The Power of Blood.

Vifetoile: Thank you very much! A good note on which to end the old year. Now I think I'll actually go add something to that entry. *nods and scurries away*

nine: I'm not sure if it's been nominated before, but the picture for Expy not only summarizes the point, but it adds some humor to the whole "connection" between the two series. I would like to nominate this for a Made Of Win if at all possible.

Shay Guy: You already have.

Haven: Was it nine? Are you sure it wasn't just someone really similar, only with a different IP address?

nine: Just the picture to be nominated. Don't mind the caption... And I haven't seen the picture before. That's why I wanted to nominate it...

Redkun: I was the one who added the picture. Knew it would be perfect for the article (and took me five minutes to find in my wildly unorganised Pictures folder.) Thanks for the vote!

Malchus: A big MoW point to whoever started the Harry Turtledove article and to those who've contributed to it so far. I've always wanted to see an TV Tropes article about him, and I'm glad to see someone made it.

Anonymous Mc Cartneyfan: Seconded, and thank you! I'm a fan of the fella's work. Someone else started the page, but I did some major clean-up and added a few works to his list of works...

The comment to this entry on the Asexuality article:
  • As somewhat indicated by the example from Dexter, above, psychopaths are often shown as being this, probably some sort of Truth in Television. Though it's more often that they're uninterested but willing to become involved with others sexually anyway- it just means nothing to them, as just another tool for manipulation. They might not think of use of sex appeal to get to their goal, even with the same gender, as anything more than business. See: Johan Liebert. And probably Teatime, but don't tell the fangirls.
    • No. Psychopaths are usually just as sexual as most people. It's empathy that they lack, making deep love the thing they have problems with, not sexuality.
The comeback both corrects a very grave mistake and manages to get a poignant message across, doesn't it?
  • Hell yeah, it does. Second.

Radical Taoist: This leads me to suspect that a Useful Notes page on mental disorders may be sorely overdue. Too many people fail psychology forever.

Vifetoile: I'd agree, but be cautious. I think a Useful Notes on Mental Disorders would need to be split very carefully - autism, versus various emotional disorders (depression, bipolar), and the 'miscellaneous' page, to start.

Donomni: Asperger's needs one, for sure. The assburger joke is obvious and sometimes worth a chuckle, but I never bring it up anyways because people think it's just nerds faking a mental disorder.

  • Scud East: IIRC, Asperger Syndrome had a page, but there was consensus to cut it, though I forget the rationale—possibly because it might have gotten overgrown real fast. Maybe we should start with the heavy stuff like psychopathy (see above, and below) and work our way down.

Matthew The Raven: Thank you for the win. We really need to improve our psychology sections. Can we have a trope for Psychotic Vs Psychopath for that frequently confused distinction?

Perhaps a 'You Fail Psychology Forever' page with common mistakes?

This extract from asexuality (with the spoiler tags removed for convinience):

  • Shigeru Aoba from Neon Genesis Evangelion. In End of Evangelion, when everyone else subjected to Instrumentality saw friends and loved ones, Aoba simply screamed as he was embraced by nude Rei clones.
    • A better theory, however, is that he simply was not strongly attracted to or friends with anyone in particular at the time, as he is a minor character with little screen time to show such an interest.
    • Or maybe he wants to have sex with a million naked Reis. These are all valid theories.
      • Freaky violent sex involving him cowering under a desk and exploding into Tang. So Yeah.
        • Eh, Rule 34. The heart wants what the heart wants. And if it wants an exploding army of 13-year-old girls, who are we to judge?

Hieronymus: Does everyone in that natter get credit, or do they split a win? Citizen nuked it. Does he lose win, or does the natter? Questions, questions...

Citizen: "Nuke" is such a strong word... I prefer "revise". Natter gets put up here and subsequently revised on the source page with some frequency. I cannot lose win, for that would disturb the balance in the force.

Insanity Prelude: I wonder why people put "natter" up here when they know it'll get nuked if they do.

Hieronymus: Because they might get win. It is the reason for all things.

Shay Guy: You also nuked my addition to the natter.

Kizor: Well, the laughs have been preserved for posterity. No loss...

Pteryx: Props to Rann for adding this line to Urban Fantasy, for being such an excellent summation:

  • In short, put a single vampire in something, and it's horror. Put a gaggle of them in there and mention the phrase "vampire politics", it's urban fantasy."

Joysweeper: Whoever put this parenthetical comment in Precision-Guided Boomerang.

  • It gets even weirder in Marvel: Ultimate Alliance where on of Cap's abilities is to throw his shield and control it in midair. How this is accomplished (telekinesis? magic? patriotism?) this troper can't say.

Black Charizard: A point for White Rose Duelist for the writeup of Sorting Algorithm of Tropes - you managed to implement my joke of the sorting algorithms in a funny way!

This from the Girl on Girl Is Hot page:
  • There can surely be no other reason for the inclusion of Anna Friel and Calista Flockhart mud-wrestling in A Midsummer Night's Dream. Now, that was most certainly not in the original play...
    • Considering that, in Shakespeare's day, the men played all the parts, would you want a mud-wrestling scene?

yinyang107: A Mo W to whoever put this awesome Discworld reference on Sanity Has Advantages.
  • I find it horrible that while we've been talking about a vampire's complusion to stop and count whatever is thrown at them, that there has yet been no mention of Count Von Count who practically defines this weakness.
    • "I"? You aren't developing a personality on us are you?

Fast Eddie: Natter. I zapped it.

yinyang107: Aw.

Insanity Prelude: Remember when we were allowed to make a good joke now and then?

Medinoc: Actually, If the editors happen to fit the trope, then it's not natter. However, can we really say they do?

Fast Eddie: Natter away on the discussion page. It's just as funny there.

Koveras: Applause for Unknown Unknown20Troper's Real Life entry under World War II. How Did We Miss This One? :D

Sceboal:Oh come on, that joke could have been done so much better if it was done with Troper tales, infact, I think I'll do that now.

Whoever wrote this in Adaptation Decay:
  • A dark version of Matilda has already been done. It's called Carrie.

Shay Guy: You know, from my memories of the book and the movie, I'm not sure what it means by the book being darker.

fleb: Yeah, the closest thing to a "lightening" is that Matilda keeps her psychic powers at the end of the movie, eliminating the bittersweetness (and enabling future potentially whacky adventure sequels).

I can't really argue here, since I've only seen Carrie and a trailer for Matilda. But the remark is still funny to me.

Win_By_Rout: Who ever added the phrase "Narmtacular Engrishfest" to the Paused Interrupt article.
Grev: This is my thank you to Dante668 for making Sir Apropos Of Nothing. And a Mo L to me for slacking off on that...

Dante668: Thank you for that Mo W point, Grev... now I just need to reread that series, lol.

Sceboal: A made of win to whoever made the Troper Tales for the actual Troper Tales entry that gave me the idea for the current joke in it. Wouldn't be there without you. Additionally, a made of win to everyone else, especially Fermatprime. But no made of win to whoever has the IP address of
Grev: Inkki Bookman for the new caption on Large Ham. But I'm not entirely sure Shatner is actually kosher...

Shay Guy: Not unless he's grown hooves and started chewing his cud.

Malchus: And I give a MoW point to Shay Guy for the above reply. Bastard, I almost shot soda out of my nose and onto my keyboard from laughing at that. =D

Inkki Bookman: It just came to me, Inkki heard something about kosher on TV just as she reviewed Large Ham and the rest is history.

Arakhor: Whomever included the Abba parody in the Troper discussion (I believe it was Blink Dawg).
Egak: The Doctor Who Anime Amateur Music Video linked to on Some Anvils Need to Be Dropped would be MOW worthy even if three and a half minutes of David Tennant to the tune of the Flobots weren't so often just what I need to rebalance my geek intake.
L: I don't normally do this, but there was this one line in the page for Jumper:

Doug S Machina: Haven, for this link on the Grim Reaper page:

"Come on baby, don't fear the reaper."
Very good...

Haven: Thanks! There's another part to that, but it's pretty well hidden

fleb: Heh. Good one on the symmetric references.

Doug S Machina: Good one!

Mr Death: Symmetric references? I don't get it.

Rissa: Look at the very bottom of Infant Immortality, which is linked in that quote.

Unknown Troper: To the person who added the following sentence to My Immortal.

"There is a lot of sex, torture, rape, time travel (Marty McFly makes an inexplicable cameo), guns, goth concerts, ludicrous and confusing nicknames, dramatic entrances, tears of blood, wrist-cutting, homo/bisexuality, and clothing descriptions worthy of American Psycho."

I don't know how, but you managed to make My Freaking Immortal Better Than It Sounds.

That Other 1 Dude: I think you mean he made it Sound Better Than It Is.

J Irish 780: Some praise for Karalora for the wonderful Adaptation Distillation entry in the Disney Theme Parks page. Made my day.

Karalora: ^_^

Koveras: The lead section of Heävy Mëtal Ümlaut is made of pure awesome. All hail L!

Trouser Wearing Barbarian: I was just about to give L a serious Made Of Win for adding umlauts to the title (I don't know how to make ptitles.) However, while he was responsible for the sëlf-demonsträting title, I'm the one responsible for the self-demönstrating leäd-in.

Koveras: Ah, sorry, about that. You are awesome, too. ^^

Irothtin: Whoever made the Elantris page.
Insanity Prelude: Props to Unknown YYZ for their choice of page quote on No Pregger Sex.
Earnest: One MOW studded tiara to Goldfritha for the amazing contributions to Rags to Royalty. I'll be reading those fairy tales for weeks.

Inkblot: The first sentence of Lord Of The Flies is brilliant.

Vifetoile: That was me. Thank you very much!

GG Crono: The Fullmetal Alchemist example on Custom Uniform is pure, unadulterated win.

fleb: Another notch for SAMAS.

Rogue 7: Oh man, seconded. I haven't laughed that hard in a while.

SpiriTsunami A collective MOW to the final few lines of Bugs Meany Is Gonna Walk. To review, it turns into a discussion as to why there are spoiler tags on an example of the trope in the Bible. One explanation:

Because Jack hasn't finished it yet.

It ends with the following:

If the above troper's story were true, he would have know that everyone has read the Bible and that spoiler tags are unecessary. Officer, take him away!

And is then trumped a little bit afterwards with someone wondering:

I do wonder how the heck you "copulate" under a shrub, though. Seems like lower branches would, um, participate.

A Made Of Win trifecta!

Polly Nim: I added the Stargate SG-1 reference back before I was known.

Cryptic Mirror: A made of win, not for an editor, but SFX magazine which has just plugged TV Tropes in the editorial of its most recent issue. I feel it should qualify for one.

Dion Shmion: Link where?

Looney Toons: It's a magazine. You know, dead trees? You don't need a computer to read it? The web doesn't handle hyperlinks to paper well.

Freezair For A Limited Time: Can we MOW comments made in response to MOW nominations? Becayse "The web doesn't handle hyperlinks to paper well" is one of the best things I've read all week.

Dion Shmion: Okay, scan where?

Looney Toons: MOW points are for things on the wiki. That was on the wiki. <grin> I'll happily accept the point.

Seanette: I'll happily second this one. As usual, Looney, you're great.

Looney Toons: <bows> Thank you, thank you. I'm here until Thursday. Try the veal.

Doug S Machina: Another point to Looney Toons for the comment. It's deserved.

Fawriel: Sooooooooooooo............ does that mean we are Wikipedia-notable now?

Looney Toons: Thank you, Doug. (But: grrr. I can't remember what my total was, and the page history has scrolled so fast I don't know if you updated my total or not...) (some days later) Oh, what the heck, I'll take it. If it's a mistake, someone will post a nastygram within seconds.

Sikon: To whoever added this to I Have Many Names:
  • Not to forget the Tsars: "We, ——— by the grace of God, Emperor and Autocrat of all the Russias, of Moscow, Kiev, Vladimir, Novgorod, Tsar of Kazan, Tsar of Astrakhan, Tsar of Poland, Tsar of Siberia, Tsar of Tauric Chersonesos, Tsar of Georgia, Lord of Pskov, and Grand Duke of Smolensk, Lithuania, Volhynia, Podolia, and Finland, Prince of Estonia, Livonia, Courland and Semigalia, Samogitia, Belostok, Karelia, Tver, Yugra, Perm, Vyatka, Bulgaria, and other territories; Lord and Grand Duke of Nizhni Novgorod, Sovereign of Chernigov, Ryazan, Polotsk, Rostov, Yaroslavl, Beloozero, Udoria, Obdoria, Kondia, Vitebsk, Mstislavl, and all northern territories; Sovereign of Iveria, Kartalinia, and the Kabardinian lands and Armenian territories - hereditary Lord and Ruler of the Circassians and Mountain Princes and others; Lord of Turkestan, Heir of Norway, Duke of Schleswig, Holstein, Stormarn, Dithmarschen, Oldenburg, and so forth, and so forth, and so forth."
    • So that's why they got rid of the Romanovs...

Rothul: On Lies, Damned Lies, and Statistics, the troper who postulated that the reason that people are more often injured by toilets than sharks is 1. Because you're around toilets more often, so 2. They have more time to plan their attack.

Crossaffliction: That would be my first MoW. Thanks.

Ceniac: Here was my thought process after seeing the following on the SugarWiki.Crowning Music Of Awesome page:

Note: When posting links to You Tube here, make sure to strip their URLs of all unnecessary fragments - the "?v=RSsJ19sy3JI or whatever" parameter is the only one needed, really.

"Hmm, I wonder what video that points to?"(one short copy/paste later)"Of course. It was inevitable."

MoW to whoever did that.

Inkblot: You really should do what I do to avoid Rickrolls and memorize the URL.

Micah: "The" URL?

Bob: Irothtin did the edit back when it was still just Crowning Music Of Awesome. It was a link to "Missile Lock" from The Incredibles before that.

  • Korodzik: Wait a minute. Irothtin did? I would swear it was me who added this on the original page.
    • Irothtin: When I succumbed to Schmuck Bait and checked the link, it was Missile Lock. Realizing that other people would do the same as I, I edited the link to direct people to a Rick Roll.

Shay Guy: I use the Youtube Tooltip add-on for Firefox.

Irothtin: Wheeee! That makes two!

Seren Y Gogledd: Agreed. Most subtle Rickroll I've seen and a great example of Schmuck Bait too.

fleb: Citizen, for Cut-Listing Rule Thirty Six before I did. There Can Be Only One Internet Rule.

Citizen: Prompt service. :)

Mr Death: To whoever added Batman to American Law Enforcement.
Falcon Pain: I can't believe I didn't notice this for two months, but Noaqiyeum's edit to the opening of Her Heart Will Go On, turning it from randomly snarky to cleverly so with nothing more than a font change.Joysweeper: I'll second that MOW.
Maso Tey: The persons responsible for the following exchange in Historical Hero Upgrade:
  • Anyway, the point I was trying to make was that whatever you think of real life Thomas More, he was still nothing like the saintly figure that most people today seem to think he was.
    • Not just saintly. To the Catholic Church his full title is St. Thomas More, patron saint of lawyers.
      • Who else are you going to get to represent lawyers?

It may be natter, but I LOL'd.Polly Nim: I added the last line. I know it was natter, but I couldn't help adding a Take That!.

Deuxhero: The article on chess is made of win in its entirety.

Son Tenks: Seconded.

Nits: Thirded. The Monty Pythons Flying Circus reference almost killed me.

Specialist290: I started the page, but I can't claim all of the stuff on there (forgot who added the reference to "The Bishop").

Nate The Great: To whoever added the "wild guess" to the Winnie the Pooh example in Improbable Food Budget. I didn't know we got many followers of Occam's Razor in here. :)

Document N:'s natter?

Haven Screw the rules¹, we have funny!
¹about natter

Son Tenks: Screw the rules, he has hunny.

Nate The Great: Hey, somebody deleted it! Bring it back, it was a good joke!

Silent Hunter: Drac Monster, for the title Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Jack Daniels.
Doug S Machina: Who wrote the My Little Rainbow Princess Pretty Moon Shortcake page? It's definitely Made Of Win.

fleb: History says OSI. And seconded.

Malchus: I don't know if it's been done, but a big MOW to everyone who constructively contributed to the Atheism description. One of the best descriptions I've seen, and pretty neutral and objective. You made this atheist troper feel all warm and fuzzy.

Sikon: Seconded. I think it's the most well-written, unbiased, insightful and heartwarming description of atheism than anything I've read on the Internet before, and I say that as an atheist.

Rissa: Ditto. The Useful Notes pages really are useful!

Seren Y Gogledd: This one might be quite old, but whoever added this to Word Salad Title, regarding Fruits Basket:
Which almost makes this an examples of Woolseyism by "Blind Idiot" Translation, since the name "Fruit Basket" would have been rather dull.
If "an examples" was deliberate, it rocks. Hell, even if it was a typo it still caused me to almost spray my keyboard with coffee.
SpiriTsunami: To whoever wrote the final line of the intro to Nipple and Dimed:
Also, (as I believe it's required at this point): BOOBIES!!!!!11.

Rothul: Thank you! It's mine, as is most of the article. I felt it needed the brush with immaturity. :-P

Trouble Panic: to whoever added this to Freakazoid:
Candle Jack (Trope na

Cassius335: Hopefully the last Candle Jack joke like that. It's used a lot around here and it's getting very, very old.

Haven: I have it on good authority that Cassius was actually trying to write a five-paragraph essay about the meme, and though it obviously wasn't finished, at least Candle Jack waited until the end of the s

Cassius335: *chuckle* No, I just hit him with an ass-load of weaponry on another thread. He left me alone after that.

Solandra: To whoever slipped that highly fitting Easter Egg into the Troper Tales article.

Mr Death: Uh, which one for those of us who don't wanna scour the whole thing to find it?

Shay Guy: Looking at the source, I'd guess the commented-out Peek A Boo.

Solandra: Actually, I meant the commented-out UST. I didn't see the Peek A Boo one, but that works too.

Document N: I still don't get it.

Solandra: Think about how the UST isn't seen on the actual page itself and only in the markup, and think of how UST in works tend to not be in the open and instead be put in subtext.

L: I'd like to shake the hand of the inventor of the best trope name ever. I refer, of course, to this.

Looney Toons: Thank you kindly, that was mine from way back in the prehistorical days of the wiki, when I created the anime tropes section from scratch.

Rogue 7: I originally added Tsukihime to Utsuge. Someone came along and added a turn of phrase I can't help but laugh uproariously at- "Sweet Jesus on a fuck, Tsukihime".
Dion Shmion: To whoever made the new logo.

Silent Hunter: Concur.

Etrangere: Thirded.

Specialist290: ...Fourth...ed?

Dion Shmion: I see now that according to Latest Media, it was uploaded by Fast Eddie and Tangent 128.

Freezair For A Limited Time: Fifted! I can think of nothing more appropriate. Although that "TV Tropes Wiki: It's like the Hotel California" avatar that someone made over at Fandom Wank is now out-of-date...

Skazka: Sixthed?

Doug S Machina: Seventhed! It's a Crowning Moment Of Awesome Lampshading. Or something like that.

Tangent 128: It was Kilyle's idea; see this forum thread.

fleb: Freezair, there are trope-themed icons? ...Link?
Oh yeah, and the new logo's So Cool Its Awesome.

Freezair For A Limited Time: Sure, if I can FIND it. It was somewhere in the depths of a comment thread...

ETA: Here we go!

fleb: Ooh. (Probably should'a specified I was interested in the comment-thread, too. Where's that?)

Freezair For A Limited Time: It's the one about Kodomo No Jikan: "OMG THINK OF THE IMAGINARY CHILDREN!" I believe is the title.

Looney Toons: Oh, wow, how unobservant am I? I didn't even notice it until I saw this page.

xyzzy: How long before it shows up on They Changed It, Now It Sucks!?

Haven:Nlpnt, for this little snippet from the Death Note discussion page:

"Not to be confused with Brown Note (serialized in Shonen Dump magazine)."

That Other 1 Dude: The file name for the page image of Minor Injury Overreaction.

Sceboal: I just find the picture funny enough for a made of win. I always laugh at it everytime I see it.

That Other 1 Dude: Yes, I just wanted to make sure everyone saw both the picture and the file name.

Inkki Bookman: TY! TY! Inkki has been posting pictures for a fair number of picless tropes and on the odd occasion, Inkki is able to find a particularly clever or funny pic for that trope. The picture in question was derived from an anime demotivator poster.

Zeke: Oh, that's what the "mot" in the filename is for. Did you know that somehow, That Other 1 Dude, or were you only talking about the "GOATSE" part?

Coolnut: A huge THANK YOU to the tropers who wrote the more extensive writeup on The Three Stooges that's a lot more than "look it up on The Other Wiki". Nyuk, nyuk, nyuk.
Sceboal:Does That Anime Otaku saying that I'm a "freaking genius" for the not to be confused with blessed with suck line in Erotic Eating count as a Mo W point for me?

Cassius335: Not unless he comes to this page and awards you the point, no.


Insanity Prelude: Props to the Unknown Troper for this line in Soul Series:

  • The biggest (literally) anachronism of all would have to be Ivy, considering silicone won't be invented for at least another 400 years.

Eponymous Kid: Okay, I just don't get it. I mean, what, it was a fact that back in those days all women were flat, or something? Oh, I see, she's a freak because she has large breasts. Gotcha.

Rothul:I don't think it's that, so much as they keep getting bigger and deeper into the Uncanny Valley in every. Friggin. Sequel.

Insanity Prelude: Exactly, Rothul. Anyway, I thought it was a funny line.

Looney Toons: It would appear they're developing an Uncanny Valley all their own...

Insanity Prelude: If she had a Marshmallow Hell attack, it'd probably be a one-hit KO.

I lawl'd at Honore DB's response to an entry I made in Xanatos Roulette:

Honore DB: How do you end up with a mostly-spoilered entry on an Agatha Christie novel that still gives away the identity of the murderer? Spoilered.

Griffinguy24: The Don La Fontaine entry in Memetic Badass:

  • In a world .... where movie studios .... spend hundreds of millions on special effects .... but forty-five cents on a script .... one man .... must generate hype .... and keep the viewers coming back .... He is.... Don La Fontaine .

I have to admit, this would make an awesome trailer, and perhaps-as-awesome movie.

Wascally Wabbit: The caption in Winston Churchill is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy.

Silent Hunter: I already knew that before I added the caption, being a practising Christian. Thanks and may God ensure you have a Happy Christmas.

Rogue 7: To whoever put Batman into all the categories in Grappling-Hook Pistol.

That Other 1 Dude: It'd be funnier if someone didn't put all the categories in alphabetical order and complete screw up the timing. Though they could've included Gotham Knight.

fleb: Looks like Real Slim Shadowen started the gag. And another MOW point to Rissa for restoring the comic timing.

itsmeyouidiot: Another point for whoever added this category:


  • Batman.

Sceboal: Wait, did I really get a Made of Win for a cheap Follow the Leader joke like that?

Haven: "Not to be confused with Tragedy" in Deus Angst Machina. Heh :p

theorc: I have no idea if this was intentional or not, but if it was, Made Of Win to this entry in Stroke Country.
  • Fiction set in Northern Ireland that doesn't involve The Troubles:

Silent Hunter: It wasn't actually...

theorc: And it's not even true, really. But it was funny.

ROBRAM 89: Nobody ever add anything to that list. Seriously.

theorc: I can actually think of works that fit, but I'm not ruining a Crowning Moment Of Funny, intentional or not.

Earnest: This little exchange in Sugar Apocalypse had me laughing. Thanks go to This Troper and gumby_jd.

  • The page picture is part of a UNICEF campaign in Belgium using The Smurfs to raise awareness of child soldiers in Africa. The full commercial is here. Not for the faint of heart.
    • HOLY CRAP. Do not click on the above link. Do not click on the above link. Do not click on the above link. The only reason that the above commercial technically isn't Nightmare Fuel is that it will disturb you so much that you will be unable to sleep.
      • Or at least make you do a Spit take as you begin laughing so hard that your jaw begins to hurt.

Malchus: I'd say a Win point to whoever posted the link. That was just so unexpected that it had me laughing. That was not a good tactic for UNICEF if they were trying to get sympathy.

tennessean: Well, it did become an Internet meme for a while...

Cassius335: Without knowing it was UNICEF-related, I'd have assumed it was one of Gargamel's wet dreams.

Sean Tucker: The "natter" that I just put back on Hentai regarding a Neon Genesis Evangelion vid is utterly hilarious, which is the main reason why I put it back. My addition to it from a while back (namefaggery, should be obvious) is less Made Of Win, but more useful.

Janitor: I moved it to the discussion page. It's natter. Being funny on a discussion page works well, too — without encouraging Thread Mode.

alliterator: A Mo W for everyone who participated in this Hurricane of Puns from Convection Shmonvection:
  • Again played as a game of ping pong in Star Wars Episode III: Revenge Of The Sith. The climactic fight between Obiwan and Anakin above a lake of molten lava. They spend most of the fight floating above the lava on platforms with no ill effect from the heat. Multiple Techno Babble and handwave explanations exist, but mostly people don't care because it is pretty awesome. But then the trope is averted when Anakin suffers horrible burns when not touching the lava later. These inconsistencies and the confusion surrounding them has kicked off more than a few flame wars.
    • Ugh, drop me into lava after that pun.
      • I lava good joke, but that was horrible.
      • Indeed. The perpetrator cannot be adequately pumiced for his transgressions.
      • Shut up, all of you.
      • Yeah, this is no place for such a heated discussion.
      • Oooh, you just got burned.
      • Alright, I'll do it your way: Shut the hell up!

Janitor: I moved it to the discussion page. It's natter. Being funny on a discussion page works well, too — without encouraging Thread Mode.

Fawriel: Butbutbut...!

SAMAS: Yeesh, what's the magma with you people...?

BrightBlueInk: Maybe they're getting burned out by all the puns?

Specialist290: Still, that's no good reason to start flaming.

AstraKiseki: What about all of the singed feelings? No one wants to draw fire from the internet. Unless you are into that sort of ''burning'' sensation.

Shadow Warden: A line from Understatement:

"British humor involves this now and again."


Haven: My thanks for the Made Of Tie point.

The Toon Geekette: One for anyone responsible for this in Rule of Scary:

  • The xenomorph from Alien has a life cycle that makes no damn sense except to freak the audience out.
    • Though this troper's biology teacher in college compared it to he life cycle of various species of wasps.
      • There's also a species of worm (a type of fluke, to be precise) that has an overly complicated lifecycle WARNING: SERIOUS Squick FACTOR : Egg is found in animal feces. Snail eats feces. Egg hatches and attacks snail from the inside. Snail ejects parasite wrapped in mucus. Ant swallows mucus ball. Parasite hatches again, moves all the way to ant brain and controls it, Body Horror style. Zombie ant climbs atop blade of grass at night. Sheep eats grass+ant. Parasite exits the ant inside sheep guts. Parasite moves to sheep liver, matures, and feeds on it like there's no tomorrow. Adult worm lays eggs and dies. Sheep takes a dump. Human eating sheep liver can become host and lenghten the cycle by one more step.
        • Well, who eats sheep liver anyway?
          • Scots, anyone? (although it's a boiled dish)
            • So as long as nobody eats the Scots, we'll be fine.
              • Who would?
                • Hey!

Thanks for taking something so Squick-inducing, and turning it into something inexplicably funny.

  • ROBRAM 89: That last part (and the nerd rage rant following it) was me, but yeah, that's the funniest complete derailment I've seen on the wiki.
  • Polly Nim: The anti-cannibalism initiative was mine. If you notice Lector never went out for Scottish.

Janitor: One for Some Guy in this YKKTW:
Because, clearly, the wiki has gone too long without a giant, angry brawl over renames.

fleb: One to Ctrlbuild for making Write Back To The Future. So awesome.
Morgan Wick: For this in Grand Unifying Guesses:
God is everywhere, so isn't it funny how you never see him in the same room as...

Kizor: A thank you to Paul Robinson and WVI for providing a stable (and quite meta) solution to the problem of coming up with an acceptable Rape Tropes index description. That took some doing. If said solution turns out to be unstable in the wake of this Mo W, I hate you all.

Lord TNK: To nlpnt, for taking a moderately good suggestion I made in Trope Title Shows and making it awesome.
Redkun: A Mo W to Chowder for this superb, dead-on observation in Hanlon's Razor. It didn't make me laugh, but I felt it was deserving for being one of the few brief flashes of genuine insight that still occur on TV Tropes from time to time.

  • In contrast to the entry about South Park up at the top, conspiracy theories about 9/11 refuse to accept the possibility that any element, any tiny, inconsequential detail, is anything but the single piece of thread that, if unraveled, will bring the whole conspiracy down into bite-sized chunks of truth. The idea Bush is, in fact, a well-meaning idiot who screwed up not only in the 9/11 crisis but the whole of his presidency by making decisions that he thought were the right ones is poison to these people; if you can get them to accept the possibility for even a moment, they'll die, and you can be charged with Murder By Perspective.

Kriegsmesser: A Mo W to whatever Unknown Troper resides at IP Address for this epic line in Rule of Scary:

  • Why can't the blind crawlers smell the tasty humans hiding about one foot away in The Descent? Because they're too busy being goddamned terrifying, that's why.

Whatever: Aw, thankyou! I really wasn't expecting to find myself on here. And for plugging my favourite movie, too. Double thankyou!

Zander Schubert: Whoever put the Spoiler Text in the 'Spaceballs'' example in Parody Names should be given a medal. Just as long as (s)he doesn't do it to (m)any more articles.

Kalle: A point to whoever is responsible for "What Kind Of Lame Power Is Announcing The Coming Of Spring Anyway" on the Touhou character sheet. I laughed so hard I choked.

Dion Shmion: That was me. Thanks, my first MOW!

Tangent 128: to whoever is responsible for the "Hrair Xanatos Pileup" link on Watership Down.

Earnest: One free set of pipes and tubes to Harley Quinnhyenaholic for his (er, her?) tireless dedication to homogenizing the indexing of the various tropes around the site.

Looney Toons: Seconded, enthusiastically! But, Harley, could you please not break the emdash coding by turning double dashes into single ones while you're at it?

tennessean: A MOW nomination to whomever added the caption to the photo in Funny Money. If this was nominated before, I profesely apoligize in advance, but I certainly got a kick out of it!
Miss Hap: Point to Malchus for the photo and especially the caption on Foreign Queasine. I was just about to eat dinner, too.

Rissa: Seconded. When your dinner Is The Translated Foreign Word, you know you're in trouble.

Malchus: Thank you. The fact that a local dish I love wreaks such queasiness upon others always brings joy to my twisted little heart. =D

Cassius335: And a point from me to Pawsplay for coming up with the name.

Devil's Advocate: to Haven for "Averted in Buffy the Vampire Slayer" on the Chekovs Gun page.

Cassius335: I Dont Get It

Malchus: Well, this goes against Don't Explain the Joke, but here goes. Chekovs Gun refers to an item used by a character of Star Trek The Original Series, which is far removed from the Buffyverse (unless you think it's not). It just happens to be very close to the trope Chekhov's Gun (note the "h"), which is a whole other kettle fish (and does actually have a Buffy example).

Devil's Advocate: I found it funny because Chekovs Gun is "averted" by pretty much every TV series in existence except for Star Trek The Original Series, but it's only Buffy that gets the mention here, alluding to how Buffy seems to work its way into the examples list for just about every trope.

Malchus: True. By the same logic, we need a Suzumiya Haruhi trope aversion example for an anime entry. =P Seriously, though, there may yet be another actuallly pertinent entry for Chekovs Gun depending on whether the latest Star Trek film does give Chekov the chance to brandish and/or use his phaser...

Haven: Thanks! It just seemed so wrong to have a trope page without Buffy on it :p (Although it works a lot better when it's just "Live Action TV: Chekov had a phaser on Star Trek; Averted on Buffy")

Cassius335: I Still Dont Get It (I follow the logic, but not why that's supposed to be funny).

Mystyc: It's sending up Buffy for being so Trope Overdosed that it gets an entry on a page that is Just for Fun about a completely different series.

Charred Knight: I think Avatar The Last Airbender would have been a better example as I remember that having like 30 wicks that where just aversions for stuff like dumbing down.

Negative Zero: whoever put this on the This! Is! SPARTA! page:

"As is apparent, this is neither blasphemy nor madness."

deserves a made of win.

Steve The Pocket: Whoever came up with the Highlander example in the Sequelitis page.
Lincoln: A thanks to Deep Potato for correcting and editing things in Rainbow Speak and Hylarn for overall just editing my articles after launch and making huge contributions. Both deserve at least one Mo W for the Wiki Magic they've done.

And one to Micah, who apparently launched 19 successful articles on July 9th.

Red Viking: To whomever added the picture of Aquaman controlling Cthulhu in the Lethal Joke Character page.
LE Xicon 712: from the Street Fighter The Legend Of Chun Li page

  • Weird thought: in the first Street Fighter film, Guile remarked that he'd kick Julia!Bison's ass so hard that the next Bison wannabe would feel it. So did this version of Bison feel it?

Oh god this is win!7

Continued in Made of Win (Late 2008).