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Mr. Rogers is a Gendo Ikari
And his Rei is Henrietta Pussycat. Daniel the Striped Tiger is Shinji.
  • Which would make Lady Elaine Fairchild Asuka.

Mister Rogers is Captain America's Brother
Mister Rogers (Fred) was born in 1928. Captain Rogers (Steve) was born in 1922. They are brothers. Think about it.

Mister Rogers can defeat anyone in combat, fair or otherwise. Captain Rogers, although strong, is only at "peak human" ability; yet he fights enemies powered by the Cosmic Cube and wins. The character of Mister Rogers has been said to be consistently gentle and empathic. Captain Rogers enlisted in the Army because he was horrified by the suffering of the Nazi's victims. Mister Rogers went into children's TV and developed puppets, music, and characters; Captain Rogers had civilian careers such as WPA artist, history teacher, and freelance illustrator. Mister Rogers talked through the fourth wall to his audience; Captain Rogers penciled his own comic and complained to the editors that they were making him too violent.


Mister Rogers died in 2001. Captain Rogers, in 2007. The reason why Steve died second despite being older is that he spent somewhere between twenty and sixty years in suspended animation, and no superhero ages in suspended animation.

  • That, and Steve was, y'know, shot.
  • This would also explain how the Urban Legend developed that Mister Rogers was a sniper in the special ops: It wasn't him, but there was a family resemblance. And of course the Government couldn't confirm or deny anything about it.

Mister Rogers is Chuck Norris' older brother.
  • Think about it, who else is the one person you just Don't DARE Mess With? Who else is one of those happy few who has truly earned the status of being an Unacceptable Target through almost sheer charisma alone? Who says he is your friend and neighbor, and MEANS it?
    • That story about Fred Rogers being a sniper in the Korean War? It's supposedly been disproven— and what better way to disguise the truth than Officially Denying It? Let's just say that Mister Rogers is not afraid to put himself out for his friends.
    • Chuck Norris is the Perfect Aggressive, Mister Rogers the Perfect Passive, the yin to balance the yang. If the Universe is allowed to exist because Chuck Norris wants it to, then it works because Mister Rogers makes sure we know how important it is we all do our best to make it work. And it's very, very wrong to disappoint Mister Rogers.

Mister Rogers was the Tank Man
Can you think of anyone else those tanks would have stopped for?

Mister Rogers is a normal human being who really does happen to be that nice.
  • And not Gendo.

Mister Rogers is The Doctor.

Think about it! Mister Rogers is a kindly yet eccentric figure who looks old and hascertain mannerisms (putting on his shoes)! We're really looking inside his TARDIS when we watch the show.

  • If the neighborhood of make believe is inside his house through that tunnel trolley passes through, then it truly is Bigger on the Inside.

Mister Rogers is Jack Ryan
From the Bioshock WMG Page:

"He wears a sweater (a bloodstained sweater), puts himself in danger to rescue little girls from a life of terror, and witnessed a truly terrible place where people are treated as objects and either killed or turned into monsters. Its pretty obvious that after his experience in Rapture he would have to give some thought as to how to properly raise the Little Sisters and how society can avoid having another Rapture happen. So he took on the name of Mister Rogers and worked to teach children how to be good neighbors. However, while his new life is dedicated to peace and understanding, he's still every bit of a badass he was in Rapture. That is why he always wins in the Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny."

Mister Rogers is a Sufficiently Advanced Alien. The viewer sees him as the perfect embodiment of all that is right and good in the world.
And the funny thing is, his natural personality actually matches this.

The Land of Make Believe is all a drug trip
That trolley is just there to distract us from watching him lick a stamp.

The viewer is a prisoner of Mr. Rogers.
Think about it. When Mr. Rogers arrives at the beginning of the episode, the viewer is already there in his house. When Mr. Rogers leaves at the end of the episode, he leaves the viewer there and locks the door behind him. The viewer is obviously strapped to a rack on the Fourth Wall, which must have some wheels and a mechanism to move it into the kitchen and back when the need be. Obviously short trips down the street (with Fred) are allowed, and either Mister McFeely and Mr. Negri are in on the plot, or the viewer has a bad case of Stockholm Syndrome.
Viewer, pleading quietly: "I hear you about being kind and thoughtful and all, Fred, BUT CAN I PLEASE GO HOME??"

The viewer is Mr. Rogers' (non-human) pet.
A less dramatic and disturbing take on the above observation is that the viewer is simply Mr. Rogers' dog, cat, hamster, etc. We can rule out fish, as he announces when he is "feeding the fish" and does not offer any fish food to the viewer, so we can infer that the viewer is not aquatic. A very lazy and well-behaved dog or cat seems the most likely. Mr. Rogers is just a weird old guy with no friends, who spends his free time talking to his pet about random trivia facts, and playing with his puppets.

At the start of every episode, Mister Rogers has just come back from doing some illegal activity.
He's always changing shirts. Because witnesses saw him and can describe his suit? Because his clothes smell like meth? Because they're bloody? All three?
  • Yes, because doing the same crime wearing the same clothing without wearing a mask is a flawless criminal plan.
    • Agreed. Also, it would be unwise to even joke about the above.

Mr. Rogers was one of the thirty-six Tzaddikim.
Self-explanatory if you know what that word means. To quote Death, "They say that the world rests on the back of 36 living saints, 36 unselfish men and women. Because of them the world continues to exist."

Mister Rogers will someday be declared a saint by the Catholic Church.
Oh, come on. Of course he will. He's the kindest man who ever lived.
  • Well, if there's any non-Catholic who could earn a sainthood from the Catholic Church, it's him.
    • Active Catholic troper here (of the "practically ethnically Catholic/Catholic for all eternity" variety). I would not only approve of Mr. Rogers's canonization, I would do whatever I could to make it to the Vatican if/when that happens.
      • Seconded. I'm an active Christian troper (though not Catholic, Presbyterian, same as he was though I wish I had half his goodness) and I'd head to the Vatican to see that.

Mr. Rogers could have been able to wield at least the Element of Kindness.
Maybe even all the Elements of Harmony.

Mr. Rogers is a Daedric Prince.
The neighborhood is his plane, the population of Makebelieve are his daedric minions.

He won the Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny NON-violently.
The reason his sweater was blood-stained is that he was caring for the wounded and comforting the dying. The rest gradually, one-by-one, saw his kind deeds and saw that he was better than them, so they ceased the violence out of shame and declared him the winner. It is the only explanation that fits his personality, and thus the only one I will accept.

Mr. Rogers has become a Psychopomp for children who died in traumatic circumstances.
I can easily see him as well-fitted for this task in the hereafter.

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