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For all intents and purposes, Fred Rogers was a walking version of a Heartwarming Moment....

The series

  • Lady Aberlin's entire relationship with Daniel, truly making them the pure heart and soul of the Neighborhood of Make-Believe.
    • ANY of the Ugga-Mugga moments.
    • Most of the time, Lady Aberlin helps Daniel with his problems, but in one episode (#1093), she is feeling frustrated because she can't knit properly. Through a true sign of give-and-take in their relationship, Daniel helps her make a punching bag.
    • In a similar situation (in episode #1548), King Friday wants to hold a bass violin music festival, but Lady Aberlin is struggling to play her own. She shares her worries with Daniel and is nervous to tell her uncle about it. Daniel convinces his gal pal to tell him the truth as it will make her feel better. And it works.
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    • From episodes #1628-1630, Lady Aberlin ends up turning into a tiger and nobody recognizes her at all, except for Daniel who eventually finds out who she really is in episode #1630 when she shares an "ugga mugga" with him. Feeling bad that she has unintentionally been scaring people, she reveals that even though she wants to return to her normal self, part of her wants to remain a tiger so she can be a part of Daniel's family. Daniel explains that they are related by their hearts, and with that, Lady Aberlin turns back into herself. It especially gets sweet when Princess Zelda arrives on the scene and Lady Aberlin acknowledges Daniel as her relative.
    Daniel Tiger: You're part of my family no matter what you are. That's the way it is with a family of friends. They don't look alike. They feel for each other.
    • In episode 1578, Lady Aberlin and Daniel Tiger sing the stunningly beautiful duet "Sometimes I Wonder If I'm A Mistake." Daniel plaintively wonders if he is a mistake because he is not like anyone else, but Lady Aberlin reassures him that that is exactly what she loves about him. At the end, in a rare moment, Lady Aberlin gives Daniel not just an "ugga mugga" nose rub but an actual kiss, and tells him how much she loves him. Yeah, grab a tissue for this one. As well, the intricate two-voice counterpoint qualifies it as some Awesome Music.
  • Neighbor Aber, being a slight secondary Mister Rogers, with his compassion and kindness. He even fills in for Mister Rogers for a few minutes in episode #1578, when the latter has to go to a meeting.
    • He's also to Prince Tuesday what Lady Aberlin is to Daniel, being the boy's confidant and sounding board when he has thoughts and feelings he has trouble expressing to his parents. For all intents and purposes he's Tuesday's big brother.
    • While Lady Aberlin sometimes could be considered a surrogate mother to Daniel, sometimes Neighbor Aber serves as a surrogate father to him, as Daniel doesn't have the parental figures his classmates have. In fact, in the Opera "A Granddad for Daniel" in #1535, they play his mother and father.
  • His visit to the set of The Incredible Hulk was heartwarming. To add bonus points, Fred Rogers shaking hands with Lou Ferrigno in full Hulk make up. To an adult watching this show, it's no big deal since it's two actors shaking hands, and one is dressed up at the time. But to any kid watching this, rerun or no rerun, it's Mister Rogers and The Hulk shaking hands, Rogers showing no fear of him whatsoever.
  • King Friday and Sara Saturday's announcement of their engagement in episode #1008, and later their wedding in #1015.
    • Also in #1008, Lady Aberlin and Sara Saturday share a touching moment after the announcement, as the two accept each other as niece and aunt respectively.
    • King Friday and Sara Saturday also share a heartwarming moment in episode #1014, expressing their love for each other.
  • Despite Lady Elaine's mischievous behavior, she does genuinely care about her Neighborhood friends and has her sweet moments.
    • She and Handyman Negri generally share a good relationship, as well as a buddy-buddy song ("A Handy Lady and a Handy Man").
    • Before she moves into the Museum Go-Round in episode #1004, she, along with Lady Aberlin, wishes Mr. and Mrs. Frogg and Tadpole good luck as they prepare to move to Westwood.
    • In episode #1171, she compliments King Friday on being a "pretty good father" as he plays with his (then-infant) son, Prince Tuesday.
  • In episode #1162, Mr. Rogers' wife and kids come to visit, and they all have their family pictures taken.
  • In episode #1247, Mr. McFeely falls ill from exhaustion and Mister Rogers stops by to visit. Mr. McFeely asks him if he wants to see a film, but Mister Rogers lets him know that he came only to see him.
  • His duet of "It's Such a Good Feeling" with Mr. McFeely in episode #1607. You can really see it in their expressions how much joy the two of them are having in finally getting to perform together. Also afterwards when Fred gives his usual "You're the only person in the world like you" ending speech and adds that there's nobody like Mr. McFeely either.
    • They also shared a duet of "Tomorrow" back during the show's first season in episode #87.
    • Actually, during the show's first three seasons, Mister Rogers occasionally shared duets of "Tomorrow" with Chef Brockett, at least one time with Officer Clemmons and Bob Trow each, and a few times with his son Jamie Rogers. (This was discontinued after 1971.)
  • A scene in episode #1591 has a moment that counts as both this and a slight Tear Jerker. Mr. McFeely delivers Mister Rogers a videotape, which was supposed to show how harmonicas were made. After he leaves, Mister Rogers finds out he received the wrong tape, but being ever so flexible, watches it anyway, which shows how gardening hoses are made. However, Mr. McFeely returns, feeling very upset when a customer who was supposed to receive the gardening hose tape, had reprimanded him for receiving the wrong copy. The rest of the scene with Fred being so understanding is just too precious for words, as he even sings him "You Are Special".
    Mister Rogers: You've certainly made a lot of deliveries for me.
    Mr. McFeely: They haven't been so bad, have they?
    Mister Rogers: Bad? Why, you're so special to me, I don't know what I'd do without you and your Delivery Service.
    Mr. McFeely: But I've made some mistakes for you too.
    Mister Rogers: Well, who hasn't made mistakes in his work?
    Mr. McFeely: Well, I guess we all make mistakes sometimes. But, those people made me feel so bad. I mean, they made me feel so small... not worth anything.
    Mister Rogers: Maybe they were having a hard day too, Mr. McFeely.
  • In episode #1600, Mr. McFeely delivers Mister Rogers a suitcase, with an alarm inside. The alarm beeps later during the episode after the Make-Believe segment, and Mister Rogers opens the suitcase to find a note attached to the alarm, instructing him to change out of his sweater (while singing "It's Such a Good Feeling") and go outside. He follows the instructions and is touched to find all of his neighbors (sans Mr. McFeely himself) throwing him a Surprise Party. The look on his face is just so full of pride.
    • His birthday wish? That everyone knows how special they are to him.
    • Everyone sings the first part of "It's Such a Good Feeling" together, while Mister Rogers stays behind to sing the second part with the "Weekend" lyrics and say his usual " just your being yourself" closing speech to the television viewer. He further adds, "Whenever it's your birthday, I'll be pleased; the way they made me so pleased here today".
  • In episode #1554, Bob Dog is downhearted that he doesn't have any cousins. He talks to Ana Platypus about this, and she offers to "adopt" him as her cousin. Awww...
  • How does the very last storyline in the Neighborhood of Make-Believe resolve? With Lady Elaine learning to love herself. D'awwww.
  • Mister Rogers' trip with Daniel Tiger to Moscow, including his visit to the set of the Russian children's program, Good Night, Little Ones in episode #1587. Also, the interaction between Daniel Tiger and Khrusha the piglet is just ADORABLE.
    • In turn, the show's presenter (Tatiana Vedeneyeva) visiting Mister Rogers' house with Stepashka the hare, two episodes later in #1589.
  • Mister Rogers' visit with Koko the Gorilla in episode #1727 counts as this big time.
  • LeVar Burton from Reading Rainbow visiting Mister Rogers and sharing "The Daddy Book" by Ann Morris.


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