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Everyone who was in the city when the storm hit has superpowers. They either don't know it or they're hiding it
  • It would explain why we meet so many powered people. After all, the amount of people the Misfits meet who have superpowers is statistically impossible if they all got their powers from one storm, several powers are activated only under very specific circumstances, an unobservant person may not notice when their power is activated (say, if a normally persuasive person got super-persuasion and used it on accident) and there are many reasons to keep their powers secret.

People who got superpowers are drawn to each other
  • That is the other explanation as to why powered individuals end up meeting each other so often. Perhaps some force is drawing them together in some sort of game? Perhaps this is a twist on Highlander, where the participants in the game have a shorter timeframe and more power but don't know what the prize is, or even that they're playing a game. It would explain why so many of them end up killing each other...

Nathan will get out of his grave by having Kelly hear his thoughts
  • The other misfits will visit his grave, Kelly will hear his thoughts, and they will dig him up. He probably says something rude like 'what the fuck took you so long?". Not really a WMG since it's probably fairly obvious.
    • Confirmed. It's not quite as simple as that though. The masked biker dude, also awesome at parkour, told her to do it.

Nathan really did have a tingling sensation in his anus
  • The kind of fear you feel in a storm like that is bound to affect you in some way, and in Nathan's case it was this, but he was ashamed of it so he said it in his sarcastic tone as a double-bluff.

Curtis' power isn't actually time manipulation
  • It's the ability to mentally hop back into the body of his past self, which explains why his memories didn't change when he redid the night he got arrested, among other bits of Fridge Logic.
    • That would explain how his past self had the power of time travel even if his past self existed in a point of time before he got his powers. He was just downloading his mind in a past body and when he finished his adjustments reality rebooted with the changes he made.
    • Jossed: His power is later transplanted to another person who uses it to go back in time to a place he had never been and while maintaining the same age as when he started.

The mysterious hoodie is in fact BMX Bandit from That Mitchell and Webb Look

Apart from Simon, the group will never learn to control their powers
  • Simon can invoke his power voluntarily because it requires an emotional trigger, which he has become able to harness, unlike Curtis who can only rewind time when he feels personally responsible for it (he could stop Sam's arrest because he blamed himself for it, but was unable to prevent Nathan's death because he didn't feel it was his fault.) Kelly and Alisha's powers cannot be switched off, and Nathan's is a Defense Mechanism Superpower.
    • Partly Jossed, Curtis still lacks control but Kelly is much more skilful in series 2.
    • Semi-confirmed? Sort of? The group sold their powers, so any chance of them learning to control their old powers is now gone. On the other hand, they got all new powers by the end of season 2. Interestingly, it seems that the only one out the five who can't control their new power is Simon.

Super Hoodie is Bev
  • Remember how he talked about his misspent youth? How frustrated he seemed in his current job? Maybe the storm made him young and agile and so he quit his job and took to the streets as a masked vigilante. Plus, when he saved Nathan he purposely dropped him on the floor (payback for the stapler incident..?)
    • Jossed as of 2x03. Not surprisingly.

Super Hoodie is Curtis
  • First off, he's always in the right place at the right time, which would require either knowing things before they happen and thus precognitive powers, or having already lived through them and coming "Back". In one scene he is seen with pictures of the group and massive LED clocks, which could be used to allow him to know when events will occur and/or what time he has jumped back to. Curtis is athletic, and him learning le parkour isn't a stretch. When Nathan jumps to the future we see him standing on a roof "about to jump off it" (in his own words) and wearing a suit that looks strikingly similar to super hoodie.
    • Jossed, but not far off - Super-Hoodie is Simon travelled back from the future.

Simon will become evil
  • He's shown to be emotionally and maybe mentally unstable after all the bullying he's been through. Not to mention Sally's probably given him a few (more?) trust issues, which isn't a good sign considering his devotion to and trust in his not-quite-as-overtly-devoted True Companions seems to be the only thing keeping him together. Hell, that's not necessarily even a redeeming factor for him- his trying to protect them led to accidentally killing someone, and he seems to think the incident was 'justified' because he was protecting his friends. One way or another, it's not such a stretch to think he'll finally cross the Moral Event Horizon at some point and become truly evil.
    • Possibly, although we now know he's Super Hoodie, who's come back to make sure everything happens when it should.
      • Though he could actually be manipulating things in the past to his own evil means...
    • Sally's death isn't really represented as 'justified', even from Simon's perspective. The moment the situation became violent was when Sally smashed Simon's head into the mirror; before that point it's unclear whether his feelings for Sally are stronger than his feelings for the other Misfits and he seems on the verge of agreeing to turn them in. After she injures him and runs away with his phone, he realizes that she didn't have genuine feelings for him and decides to protect the others. He also doesn't set out to kill her, like you said, it was an accidental death. But it's never represented as justified because of the amount of guilt and regret that Simon clearly feels over what happened. The justified deaths in the series tend to be a group effort, like with Tony, and if Simon had felt that Sally's death was necessary he would have gone to them for help disposing of the body. Instead, he keeps her death and the body hidden from the others, and has a meltdown when they eventually find out about it a long time afterward. It's also clear that he still had strong feelings for her after her death, judging by the time he spent with her body and the symbolic 'moving on' scene where he deletes all the videos of her from his computer. The death is treated very differently from other deaths in the series BECAUSE Simon doesn't think it was justified.
  • Interestingly enough, according to Word of God, this was actually supposed to happen, with Sally's death being his Moral Event Horizon. However, Simon proved more popular than they thought, and the S 1 E 6 was re-written.

All the powers are actually psychic-based
  • Two flavours of insanity-as-a-superpower, one of telepathy, and three of mind control makes me suspect that it's all just different applications of mental abilities. The counterexamples can be explained as follows:
  • Simon can't turn invisible, but he can psychically convince people nearby that he's not there.
    • Fits with the effect of the Fantastic Drug - his power reversed makes him irresistibly attractive, so it figures that his usual power is supernatural ignorability...
      • This would make sense. Invisibility is one thing, while not being seen OR heard is a whole other power.
  • Nathan isn't immortal. He wasn't just impaled, he was impaled, then filled with sawdust and preservatives, and THEN given a limited air supply. No amount of lightning could let him stay alive like that. Instead, his ability is to cloud-compute himself in other people's heads once his body breathes its last, basically acting as a Tyler Durden with multiple hosts.
  • That old lady can't become young again, she can only give the illusion that she did.
  • Curtis can't time-travel. But when he's worried, he can let his subconscious "save his game" and project with superhuman accuracy how the next few hours/years/months are likely to happen, letting him return to his "save point" and continue for real when he realises he made a mistake. However, since he once rewound to before the storm struck, this would imply that . . .
    • Quite a lot of words to come to that conclusion. Also, Nathan seemed pretty conscious when he was buried (without air, as said) and there was nobody to download into too, was there?

The storm was a decoy
  • Everyone got their superpowers before the storm, but most of them were only 'activated' by whoever/whatever gave them out when the storm hit. The storm was a red herring to stop people working out how they really got their power. This makes more sense because it explains why the storm targeted people who were right next to a building with metal on its roof. If everyone got their powers on the night Curtis rewound to, it would also explain why everyone was making their Early-Bird Cameo in the same building.
    • Possibly one of the thousands of people who got empowered got weather powers, and the storm was just the expression of that. Would mean the Super Empowering Event wasn't instantaneous though, as the storm was already in progress when the Misfits got hit.
      • Could be instantaneous. The misfits' powers could've activated prior to the storm and not been noticed until after. None of them were noticed right away. This is true of every power encountered so far that has been explicitly blamed on the storm.

Superhoodie is Nathan from the future
  • Nathan can't stay dead, and presumably, can't age either (or will age, die and regen at his current age). He lives until a time in the future when time machines are invented, comes back and keeps the gang out of some of the more difficult-to-avoid scrapes.
    • Jossed, but good guess. Simon from the future is Superhoodie.

Superhoodie has the power of Hyper-Awareness
  • Would come in very handy for Le Parkour and trick biking, plus how else can they keep track of that Room Full of Crazy without, well, going crazy? Also makes the Improbable Aiming Skills with the paper plane more believable.
  • Isn´t he more likely to have the ability to see into the future? He knows where and when he has to be so everything turnes out how he wants, has big clocks on the walls of his earlier mentioned crazy room and if you assume he sees different alternative futures, he can even figure out how to shoot a paper plane so it will fly over great distances exactly where he wants it to (here: Kelly´s eye). Probably he had one or more visions, saw some Big Unpleasant Thing in the future and made it his mission to prevent this from happening. (And the Misfits seem to play a part in it, but he also had a bunch of other photos on his nice walls.)
    • Yeah, actually that works a lot better...
  • All of the above is sort-of confirmed: Simon is revealed to have always had a power, which he keeps after selling his invisibility, which allows him to be super-accurate (at least when throwing things), and Super-Hoodie is him from some possible future. Episode 3x01 shows him looking into the future and seeing his own death from falling off a building whilst practicing his Le Parkour skills.

Simon knows Superhoodie
  • Remember when Simon showed Sally some videos he made? He´s got some bike stunts on there. Also there has to be a reason why Le Parkour is always masked.
    • Jossed. Simon is Superhoodie through some unknown time travel method.
    • It was close though.

Lucy is Superhoodie
  • Yes, I know Superhoodie is revealed to be future!Simon. But I still think this answers some questions, such as why Superhoodie can touch Alisha - it's never really been mentioned in the show, but I'm assuming her power applies only to men. Also, maybe Superhoodie having sex with Alisha was just her further attempts to mess with the group dynamic. Of course, it doesn't explain a lot of the other stuff Superhoodie can do...
    • Actually, in the second episode, Alisha is at the club touching girls and boys, showing that her power works on both sexes.
    • The Superhoodie stuff could be explained by Lucy taking on the body of an existing le Parkour practitioner or altering her body to be like one. The skills may take some getting used to, but having the body of an exceptional athelete could've been a helpful shortcut.

Curtis will get teleportation
  • It's been shown before that Ollie's power can be transferred to another person via heart transplant. Curtis will find himself in a situation where he needs a heart transplant. Nikki will die and have her/Ollie's heart donated to Curtis. He may then rewind time and fix things so that the event where he gets teleportation doesn't happen... while still retaining teleportation.
    • Jossed with Nikki's death, but another teleportation organ donor or using Seth's ability is feasible.

Shaun knows what's going on to an extent
  • With everything he's done for the gang (ie, not caring about their shady activities, letting them take his car, etc) it's possible he knows more than he appears to and wants to help them out secretly. Either he knows about those effected by the storm and is smart enough to connect that with their suspicous behavior, or he has a power that allows him to know certain things (i;e the gang needing a car to save Kelly...but not them mistaking him for a shapeshifter and bashing his head in).
    • Alternatively, he could be a really good tactician who has the power to see into the future. So he knows about the group's powers, and therefore knows that/gambles that Curtis will go back in time to stop him being bashed to death, and does things like give them his car keys to let them rescue Kelly. In fact, maybe the reason that he's not sad about Ollie's death is that he knew it would happen and decided not to prevent it. This could even link to the next WMG, and Shaun could actually be the Big Bad, masquerading as a completely normal guy while gathering info on the misfits and secretly guiding them to do what he wants.
      • Jossed with Shaun's death scene, where he expresses surprise at their powers.

The future!Simon plot is the proof that
Misfits has a Big Bad operating somewhere (or that Curtis' power screws things up somehow)
  • At some point by circumstances beyond imagination Alisha and the present Simon fall in love (perhaps it started with the Lucy shapeshifting thing), and in the the future when most of them are Badasses the Big Bad decides to take them out when they are they're more useless past selves ultimately culminating in Alisha's death and causing a timeloop where Simon goes back and saves her. Why it is important 'time' and 'plotwise' that he must die at that particular moment in order to ensure their future'''-who knows.
  • To expand the second possibility, rather than a Big Bad it could simply be that Curtis messes up when he goes back in time—causing the timeloop, or the combination of both Curtis and a Big Bad. 'There's also a possible chance that it's Alisha's death (together or instead of her love) that turns Simon into a Superhoodie.

Future!Simon not actually Superhoodie.
  • This is very similar to an above WMG (the one about Lucy being Superhoodie). I can't see Alisha ever allowing Simon to go back in time, knowing that he will die in the past. Instead, I think that it is possible that there will be someone (maybe Lucy, maybe someone with the power to copy other people's powers, maybe a different shapeshifter) who volunteers to go back in time instead of Simon for some reason. If their power is to copy someone else's , then it's reasonable to think someone has the 'power' of nullification. If their power is shapeshifting, remember how good an actress Lucy was? Maybe shapeshifters have a hard time keeping ahold of their sense of identity- so Superhoodie actually starts believing that he's Simon, and acts accordingly (initiating a relationship with Alisha, for instance...
    • It's heavily implied that Alisha dies in the future, which would be a major reason for Superhoodie to go back (and because she's dead, there'd be no Alisha to stop him from doing so.)
    • Jossed as of the season 3 finale.

OK, I admit it, I just don't want to believe that Simon dies so tragically.

Future Simon
had the attraction power
  • After figuring out powers can be transfered through organ donation Simon gets a piece of Alisha. The two powers cancel each other out.
    • Jossed: it's revealed in the season 3 finale that immediately after travelling back in time he bought immunity from other people's powers.

gains the power to gain other people's powers through emotional connection like that fella in Heroes
  • This is in response to the above; perhaps Future Simon was able to gain Alisha's attraction power and thus cancel it out. He gains other powers through relationships that will be formed in later series.
    • Jossed: as above, Future!Simon's ability is the immunity to other powers.

The Personality Powers are not set in stone
  • This seems to be heavily implied by Super Hoodie showing different powers to Simon. Radical shifts in personality will trigger new powers. Specifically this means that:
  • Future Simon developed immunity to Alisha's powers because he fell in love with her. He loved her so much he developed the powers to be with her.
  • Future Simon never uses his invisibility because he doesn't have it, he no longer feels ignored because of his friends.
  • Future Simon's amazing gymnastics and aiming skills relate to some unknown aspect of his new personality.
  • This does make a lot of sense. In fact,Nathan's new ability to see ghosts might be more evidence of this. Reflecting the fact that he's warming up to people little by little and wanting to help them out. After all, what better way is there to help out a person than putting their ghost to rest?
  • This is brilliant. Nathan's newer power of seeing the dead is because his immortality is causing him to think about death more and in a completely new light. In the same way that Curtis' power is driven by regret, Simon feels a desperate need to repair the past and suddenly finds he can.
    • Jossed: the gang later meets a person with the ability to transfer powers to and from people, which is how Future!Simon changed his powers. The powers themselves remain the same.

  • Full of spoilers and wishful thinking. isn't dead yet. Simon wanted Alisha to think he was. He had received a transplant from Nathan. Which means, he's going to show up again. Maybe. Please?
    • Making his sacrifice to save Alisha pointless, not to mention traumatising the poor girl by making her set fire to his body? Come the events of the recent episodes, it's pretty clear that present!Simon is already growing to be more like his future self. Can't we be happy with that?
    • ... Joanne? That you? Anyway the sacrifice wouldn't be pointless, he'd just be ensuring a stable loop would happen. Simon seems like he'd plan that out.
      • Simon got said he needed to "get some new powers". He picked up time travel, and immunity in the past; he might've picked up immortality as well. We have no confirmation that Seth's sold that one except Curtis' insistence in 1.03 that sex swapping was "the only one left"; he may have meant the only one in their price range (immortality is definitely A-list). With Seth now a friend who believes in his mission and has vowed not to sell powers any more, he might be happy to give it to Simon, who he can trust to use it responsibly. Then he can dig himself out of his (probably shallow and coffinless) grave after he regenerates.

The Power Dealer
  • The guy who takes the powers from the Misfits will be fought after draining the 'Jesus' character, after which Simon will steal the powers for himself by drugging him, thus reversing the draining power, becoming Super Hoodie.

Brian Can Turn Into Milk To Move Around
  • Before he kills certain people there is always some sort of milk nearby, indicating this is how he was able to move around in air vents and into people's rooms.]]

The manager from the Series 2 finale will come back with a more prominent role
  • Now that time is reversed, and she's perfectly alive, who's to think she won't come back to stick a thorn on the side of the kids?

Super!Hoodie is from an alternate timeline that will no longer come to pass.
  • He had footage of the 'Asbo Five' interviews, despite the fact that it no longer happened. As Alisha was wearing her community service jumpsuit, it can be reasonably assumed that if they do get 'outed', that exact interview will not be produced. Therefore Future!Simon is from a timeline wherein the Asbo Five thing did happen, but the outcome was different - Simon and Alisha and some or all of the other Misfits survived, possibly due to the fact that Simon and Alisha were not affected by the knowledge that Simon was Super!Hoodie. Simon and Alisha then became a couple, the timeline progressed, and eventually something happened which caused Simon to go back in time, creating the current timeline. It may appear to be a stable timeloop, but it isn't - his intervention has shifted the timeline enough that whatever would have happened to Alisha in the future has now been prevented.
    • Consider Simon at some point has to become Future!Simon, which means there was a Simon #1 who decided to go back in time to be with Alisha - no one said he had to be from the same timeline- what if, somehow Alisha got out of the situation somehow with the Video Game Guy or never got into the situation because there was no Superhoodie/Future!Simon to interfere in the first place (remember, he had been in the mix since Series 1) and they all continued on their timeline eventually falling in love, AND getting famous. Something goes wrong, maybe Mr. Grand Frommage, maybe something else, and Simon #1 decides to go back in time to change things bringing the footage. He changes things so much they get stuck in an endless time loop handing down the footage from one Simon to the next without actually experiencing the famous future, but get artifacts from the previous timeline because the Simons keep handing down the items to one another.
    • Jossed: In the season 3 finale we see the loop closed as Alisha dies, Simon reaffirming his dedication to keeping the time loop stable, and him travelling back in time and buying the immunity power.

Jesus had an extra power that the Misfits didn't find out about
  • He's playing the role of Jesus, has multiple Misfit powers, and didn't pick up immortality so that he can resurrect himself and antagonize the group long term?

Nathan becomes a psychopomp
  • Since Nathan can see dead people, he can easily use his powers to help lead the deceased onto the next life, which can also work with his immortality.

Simon buys the power to nullify other powers from the dealer
  • After the season 2 finale, he decides to pick that from the lot being offered. This is why he is able to touch Alisha in the past and possibly survive for as long as he has. It also explains why a simple bullet wound is what kills him.
    • Confirmed. In the season 3 finale we see Simon travel back in time and purchase the immunity power from the broker.

What powers will everyone get??? Let's discuss!!!
  • Alisha already said at the end of the Christmas special that her power died with Jesus. Nathan and Kelly's obviously didn't.
  • Curtis will probably change because it seems like time travel is causing the writers all kinds of difficulties. They've already built in that whole 'he can't control it' get out clause, and it still causes Fridge Logic situations. Maybe he'll get something that will allow him to bring his girlfriend back?
    • Curtis's power has to change - it's already been sold and presumably can't be got back easily.
  • Nathan will probably keep his old powers because it's one of the showiest ones that they use all the time. Also they only just added the bit about him seeing dead people and it's only happened twice.
  • Other ideas?
  • Simon would be likely to keep his, since he uses it a lot and seems to enjoy it, but since he seems to be more or less over the shyness now and future!Simon never used it onscreen, it's possible that he'll go for something else (maybe as described in the above WMG?).
    • Maybe he gets Nathan's, and therefore Superhoodie lives!
  • Kelly will keep her power. They're already changing at least two, maybe three, of the main cast's powers, and hers seems to be used quite a lot.
  • My guesses:
    • Future!Simon said that someone SENT him back. Curtis' power was very specific - he could travel back as long as he felt guilty. And if there's a time traveling power out there that's THAT specific, there must be other ones - like the ability to send someone else forward or back. Time manipulation has been too useful to the group; I don't see them losing it now. It's all in the small print.
    • Alisha's #1 motivation now is going to be to keep Simon alive, so I'm guessing healing/bringing someone back from the dead/shielding powers. If she remembers and casts a shield on him right before he is sent back to the past, the timeline could change, and he could survive the gun shot.
      • If, in Superhoodie's timeline, Alisha got rid of her old power and got the new 'shielding' power you're describing, that might explain why Future!Simon could touch Alisha: he had had a shield around him that deflected others' powers. (Or...his power was the ability to not be affected by anyone else's power.)
    • Kelly's tough; I don't think she's going to want her old power back. She's very insecure, and given how shocked everyone was with her transformation after she got her money, I'm thinking she'll want some power that allows her to affect how others see her. Maybe some sort of compulsion, like the Virtue girl.
    • Nathan likes his power too damned much to give it up.
    • Simon is tricky. That locker had a LOT more money in it than they needed; I'm going to go out on a limb and guess that Alisha, knowing what he becomes, gets everyone to allow the extra money to be used on him. So, some sort of hyper awareness, and also an invincibility to others' powers (which explains how he can touch Alisha).
  • If I could give this a shot:
    • Nathan's not gonna give up his power for anything, and I really can't imagine him without it. But what about the others...
    • Before Alisha's power was based on physical contact. The next guess would be the opposite: intangibility.
    • Curtis would want the power to heal/bring people back from the dead in order to ressurect Nikki.
    • Kelly might want her old power back, but another possibly is something to help her in a confrontation like enhanced reflexes.
    • Simon could take more than one power with all the money they've got. He might buy both his super aim back and an immunity to other powers.
  • My turn! But I only will do Nathan.
    • Nathan will most likely keep his, because it will be hard not to imagine him without it.
  • Depending on how much cash there was, this Troper wonders if they'll get several powers each.
    • Alisha: Some sort of protective, shielding or healing powers as mentioned above, and maybe something for vanity like a lesser version of her powers that makes people just think well of her when she touches them, or a lesser compelling voice.
    • Kelly: Same power, but able to be turned on or off, and then maybe something like coordination or reflexes for funzies.
    • Curtis: Probably time-travel things, and a resurrection. He might try to do something with Nathan's old power if Nathan doesn't keep it. Eg, he might go with Seeing Ghosts + Causing Body/Soul Swaps so that he can put Nikki in another body. This would invariably lead to complications.
    • Simon: If not invisibility, then various physical things (Reflexes, strength, jumping, etc) and probably power immunity as well.
    • Nathan: He'll likely use some sort of Good Thing You Can Heal power, but likely also something active. Pyrotechnics, telekinesis, water bending, baleful polymorphs....

Curtis is adopted.
  • Pretty minor compared to most things people are theorizing on here, but I've seen 2.1 about three or four times now, and every time I notice that when Nathan says 'adopted kids are nutjobs!' Curtis gets a very offended look. He often has an expression to Nathan's comments, but usually they're more like mild disbelief at Nathan's audacity as opposed to being personally offended. Every time I've seen that scene I found it a bit strange that Curtis seemed so offended by Nathan's comment, especially knowing what a deliberate douchebag Nathan is and that he almost never means what he's saying. It just strikes me that Curtis might be adopted, himself.
    • This is actually a pretty valid theory. In the first episode, when Alisha,Nathan and Curtis are all by the vending machine and talking about Curtis' drug bust,Nathan goes "You let the kids down,you let your parents dow——" Before he can finish his sentance Curtis flips out and tries to hit him.
Superhoodie and Alisha were never actually together in the future.
  • Simon regretted never making a move on Alisha while he had the chance,so he came back from the future to secure something between them. Alisha was the only character prior to the whole Superhoodie incident had never had a single Pet the Dog moment with him before,so her feelings were heavily influenced because she knew who Simon would eventually become.

Superhoodie had his 'costume' made when he arrived from the future
  • When Superhoodie returns from the future he can't take anything with him, and has only a limited amount of time before he has to make his first appearance and rescue Nathan from the Virtue group. For this, he uses an orange hoodie and a ski mask which can easily be bought. His fancy armour can't be bought off the rack so he has to get this made by a sort of private contractor, which takes several days. This is why his appearances in the first two series differ.

Should the gang end up in community service again...
  • ...the reason will be for beating up Gary (the milk guy) in episode 6.

Curtis creates Parallel Universes
  • He doesn't mentally hop back or time travel but he can psychically alter his own decisions from his past and create a new parallel universe. Curtis can make different choices and spawn new parallel universes.

's time travel power is similar to the dimension cannon from Doctor Who.
  • Relating to the above WMG, the dimension cannon in Doctor Who is shown to make people jump between parallel universes. In the episode Turn Left we see someone using the dimension cannon to appear in an alternate timeline to the show's canon, where the only difference is that Donna never met the Doctor. If Superhoodie's method of timetravel were similar - hopping between timelines but relying on luck to get you to the one you want - it would explain why he has the video of Alisha on his computer.

Alisha dies in the future
  • This is what actually turns Simon into Superhoodie. He goes on a roaring rampage of revenge to avenge her death before going back in time to complete his mission...and then hopefully they ride blissfully off into the afterlife like Jamie and Lily did in Series 2.
    • [spoiler: Confirmed, but minus the revenge part, as Alisha is killed by the ghost of the mind-controlling girl which completes her unfinished business and causes her to immediately vanish back into the afterlife. Simon immediately resolve to go back and become Future!Simon.]]

Kelly will build a Jet Pack
  • Kelly's power is that she became a rocket scientist, but designing rockets is all she can do. She will discover loopholes in this limitation and realize that a Jet Pack is still a type of rocket. If this comes true, it will be awesome.

Curtis has Lucy's power
And the power broker is just messing with him. Because really, What Kind Of Lame Power is Gender Bending Anyway?
  • In fact, the power broker could be doing this to everyone. For example, perhaps Alisha's power actually allows her to take over over people's bodies and Kelly can create futuristic rockets.
  • It's possible that Seth (the power broker) is able to divide powers into seperate ones. He could have just given Curtis some of Lucy's power, the part of it that allows her to switch genders. Kelly's power was probably super-intellect, but Seth split it up and gave her the part that focused on Rocket Science.

The Misfit's new powers
are based on what they want to be (Curtis wants to be someone else, Kelly wants to be smarter, Simon wants to become his future-self, etc.), and their [[spoiler: old powers were based on what they were (Simon was never noticed, , Alisha was promiscuous, Curtis was always looking to the past, etc.)]]

There's a reason why Nathan was arrested in Las Vegas
  • In the season 3 Online Short, Nathan was arrested for using his powers to cheat. Who do we know will definitely pay that place a visit? Alisha and Simon, of course. This was set up so that if Robert Sheehan ever decides to come back, the writers will have a perfectly valid way to reintroduce his character back into the show.
    • The photo of Alisha and Simon in Las Vegas has been taken. The whole gang went to LV between the end of season 2 and the start of season 3. Nathan stayed longer to get money for his wedding to Marnie.

Rudy has more "people" inside of him
It would be pretty interesting to see him arguing with two versions of himself, and finally deciding to have a vote on what he should do.
  • Confirmed in E03 S04

The Superhoodie fanboy in the next episode will be what the writers would have done for evil!Simon
The original ending of season one would have had Simon turn evil. With this guy wanting to take Simon's place as Superhoodie it would seem like what the writers are doing.
  • Confirmed.

Simon will acquire Rudy's power
Allowing one version of him to go back and save Alisha and the other to continue in the series.

The events of the next episode (Season 3 Episode 4) were 'written' by Peter, the Superhoodie fanboy,
Because the idea of Misfits vs. Nazis is a little too fantastic for Misfits. Simon told Peter about Curtis' time-travel power being sold to a man who planned to use it to kill Hitler, and Peter wrote a comic about it. He originally wanted to stick around and watch it happen, but that changed when he went a little crazy and then killed himself.

Simon will have Kelly design / build him a time machine
Alisha dies, and Simon is unable to save her. He convinces Kelly to design for him a time machine. He may plan to just go far enough back to save her, but the machine sends him all the way back to series 1, or he may plan to go all the way back, intentionally meddling enough to save her future life.Secondary thought: if the time machine is built in Simon's flat, or even is Simon's flat, the residual temporal energy might explain why Simon and Alisha remember her telling him that he's Super!Hoodie even though Curtis rewound time.
  • Jossed: Simon is given a one-way time travel power by Seth, which he then trades in for immunity to other powers.

Simon will be given the time travel power by Seth
We've seen now in Series 3 that Curtis' power can be used for physical, and not just mental, time-travel. Something will occur that will cause Simon to convince Seth to break his promise to Kelly, and Future!Simon will then physically time-travel back to Series 1.
  • Confirmed.

Seth's pet lizard will travel back in time and change history so the world is ruled by Lizard Folk
  • Because of what Seth said about his pet lizard at the end of the Nazi-episode.
  • Jossed: [[the lizard is eaten by a zombie, causing the time travel power to be lost forever.]]

Shaun won't be dead
for long.

Shaun is, or was, a trans man before the show started.
  • He's long since done transitioning, but he still remembers having a female body. He was likely also sexually abused at one point, these two things may have some connection. This would explain several of his comments and actions, as he tends to cease his normal mood of extreme apathy for Berserk Button rage when these issues are brought up. Assuming Shaun stays dead we'll probably never know, but the WMG is still there.

Kelly's power is the same as Sylar's
  • They both work on a similar basis, understanding things by looking at them (Kelly with machines, Sylar with brains). Although Sylar's was more biological in aspect, it is possible that Kelly's could evolve into a Sylar-esque ability, and she'll learn how to steal powers.

Simon's power isn't precognition
  • It's the ability to see the worst case scenario to a situation.
    • Evidenced by: when we first see Simon use his power, he forsees himself trying to jump between buildings and fall to his death. The other time we see it is when he forsees Rudy succumbing to the super-STD. Both times were the worst thing that could happen, but never did.

The Misfits' new powers will come from dead people
  • In episode 3.7, Curtis obtained the power to raise people from the dead. The problem was that they turned into zombies after a while. What they could do with this power, instead, is to raise dead people who had powers starting with Tanya. They can dig up them up, have Curtis bring them back to life, then have Seth quickly take away their powers. After that they can kill them off as quickly as possible. They could potentially do this with Tanya first, since her power will make obtaining the other powers easier. The next possible dead person they could try this on would be "Jesus" since he has a whole bunch of powers they could take.

There are easier ways than Superhoodie for Simon to return to the past without locking them in a Stable Time Loop
  • He can go back a manner of minutes and punch the dead!Virtue Girl in the head before she picks up the knife, or preferably, punch Rudy in the head before he opens his stupid mouth yet again.
  • He can go back far enough to stop Sally from mindgaming Almost-Broken!Simon and explain to her that killing Tony was self-defense. That way she never becomes a vengeful spirit, and the revenge issue doesn't generate fallout.
    • Problem is, he doesn't go back just to save her. He saved them all multiple times, in particular, saving his own life from GTA guy.

Simon can easily return to the future
  • It's been shown that ecstasy (at least I think it was ecstasy) reverses powers. Simon could take some, then his power would switch from past-only time travel to future-only time travel.
    • Maybe Simon tried that, but found he was trapped in the ASBO-Five timeline, which would also explain how he got the footage.

Simon and Alisha can't escape the time loop.
  • Superhoodie had something from the timeline in which they all became famous, which implies that he was from that timeline and Alisha died there as well. Even though the timeline was changed, Alisha was still killed. No matter what they do, or what they change, Alisha is always going to die and Simon will always go back to try and save her.
    • Meaning that Rudy, Kelly and Curtis were right in the finale. They're going to be repeating it forever.

The caffeine-guy will destroy civilization as we know it.
  • To elaborate: in series 3, episode 8, Seth tells Kelly he sold a man the power to caffeinate beverages. How will this lead to the destruction of civilization? Simple. The man will use his power to create a caffeinated drink that will put coffee and energy-drink manufacturers out of business, causing many people to be unemployed, which is just the start of society's collapse. Then, there will be an investigation into Caffeine-guy's business, and he won't be able to show how he makes the caffeinated drink, and he'll be arrested for fraud. Meanwhile, the world is suddenly without an easy source of caffeine. People will be tired at work, falling asleep while driving, and become more hostile. Tensions between countries will arise, war will break out, nuclear weapons, biological warfare...basically, end of the world.
    • Actually, I think his power was to carbonate drinks, not caffeinate them. Which could effortlessly sink ships if it turned out to work on seawater, or insta-kill people from the bends if it worked on blood. So not dangerous at all, then.

Super Hoodie's trip back to the past is evolving every time.
  • Despite saying "this is the way it has to be", every iteration of the Hoodie that travels back is from a different future, and travelled back at a different age, meaning that it's a ultimately different Hoodie, changing things in a different way (even if they do the same things, they'll do it with different methods to avert the crises that they know about in their timeline). Ultimately, an infinite series of Hoodie-Loops later, with each loop increasing in size, this will result in a "perfect future", where Super Hoodie is a grandpa travelling back from his wife's deathbed.

Kelly has invisibility in the Nazi timeline.
  • She is always hanging out in the background when the Nazis are making plans and basically being dicks. Either Nazism is terrible for peripheral vision, or Kelly must have been invisible.

Shaun is one of Rudy's clones.
  • Shaun looks enough like Rudy to be a close relative, or even an older version of him. Obviously he's another clone that got permanently separated and prematurely aged somehow.

Rudy is gay or bi, or at least questioning.
  • The signs are there; he pretty exclusively likes anal sex, wasn't that phased about female!Curtis being Curtis... I'd say he's a little bit gay.
    • Anal sex isn't a "gay thing". Plenty of straight people do it, and plenty of gay men don't.

Series 4 will begin with Kelly being arrested for treason/terrorism.
  • Something will happen that prompts the police to search her apartment, and they'll find plans for rockets/missiles (courtesy of her 'rocket scientist' power), which will get her arrested. She'll try to explain that she drew the plans herself, but no one will believe her, instead thinking she stole them. Since it's been confirmed that Lauren Socha won't be returning for S4, this will most likely happen offscreen.
    • Jossed.

Curtis will be the new probation officer!
  • Unsure how it works in England or what kind of requirements are needed, but perhaps with Seth's help and some new powers, Curtis was able to meet the requirements during the period between season 3 and season 4. It'd also be... disappointing if Curtis ended up having to do community service a third time. It'd also put a nice neat spin to the series.
    • Given the average life span of a Misfits probation officer, I doubt Curtis wold put himself in that position.

Sadie really is a dog
  • The storm transformed her into a human, just like how it turned Bruno into a human.
    • Jossed.

Curtis has a new power
Or will get one. In the season four trailer we see after images of the Misfits power in effect. Rudy splitting up, Jesse's X-ray power etc. On Curtis we see a series of electrical sparks, his new power will be electric based.
  • That might just be symbolic for his waking-the-dead power, symbolizing a 'spark of life'.
    • Seems to be the case. The preview for episode 4 talks about him bringing someone back to life.

Lola has a power
  • She has the gender shifting power Curtis used. She's actually Alex, the bartender friend of Curtis.
    • Jossed. The preview for series 4 episode 3 shows Lola and Alex in the same room.
    • Lola is a persona that she became from the storm (it's always that storm!). She was an actress practising for the character at the time the storm hit, taking the desire to be Lola and actually becoming her.
    • Would have been an awesome reference, though (DUN, DUN, DA DA DA DUN DA DA DUN!!!).

Barman Alex is Finn's real dad
Just going by what it showed in the next time trailer for episode 5 and what we've seen of Alex so far. Which if true would have a major affect on...
  • They're pretty much the same age.
    • yeah and it isn't like there's been anyone shown who has the power to change their age.

Alex will take Curtis' place in the misfits group
highly likely.

Curtis is still alive
Mostly wishful thinking, but it's possible that unlike the other zombies, Curtis can still automatically resurrect himself with his own powers.
  • Doesn't make sense, and would overlap too much with Nathan's power. Now, his power making him immune to becoming a zombie would have made a lot of sense, but apparently not.

Kelly will return - Sort of
While the events of episode 4 were happening Seth was returning to Africa to be with Kelly, while he's been gone she got herself into trouble in her usual manner, to get out of it he gives her the sex change power and they flee back to England and rejoin the group with "Kelly" being played by Michael Socha instead.

Alex was raped.
By a man. The man was wearing a mask (or Alex somehow didn't see his face) but he had some distinguishing mark on his penis. He gave Alex AIDS. Alex is now looking for the man, so he can get revenge.
  • Jossed

The superheroes on the jumper are actually the Misfits
  • Either Seth or someone with his power will transfer the powers shown on the jumper to the gang.
  • The flying figure looks like Abby in a jumpsuit, as it has redder hair than Sam
  • The electric girl could be Jess instead of Helen, as they both have dark hair.
  • The camouflaged character could be Finn or Alex instead of Karen, as they don't have any features beyond the power.
  • The only problem with this theory is that either Finn or Alex are missing from the jumper.

The guy who originally had the power to remove other people's powers via sex was a rapist.
His was another personality power, as the act of rape is disempowering to whoever is being raped. Then maybe someone killed him out of revenge, so Alex got his lung.

The three dead people in orange jumpsuits are the Jumper Posse, not the Misfits
  • That's all of them, not including Rudy Two.
  • Photos for upcoming episodes shows them in jumpsuits
  • The man and the girl in the dark hair are Sam and Helen instead of Finn/Alex and Jess.
  • The one with short blond hair has to be Karen.

Finn became a Trainee probation worker to find Jess
In the alternate future in the finale, Finn has become a trainee-probation worker. It's certainly not because he likes his superior, a psychotic gay man who tries to hit on him. It's not because he couldn't get a better job with his 8 GCSEs. It's because he knew that if Jess returned then the community centre is the first place she would go.

The Community Centre itself has some sort of power

The storm also gave power to places turning the centre into a Eldritch Location. In the Community Centre's case it got the power of being a Weirdness Censor. This helps explain how so many people could die/go missing and the public at large not notice or care.


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