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  • One of the biggest headscratchers of all: Where did the storm come from? There have been a few theories and so forth but seeing as far as im aware we aren't getting anymore Misfits, where do you think it came from?
  • How come Kelly is the one who killed two people by hitting them with hard objects on the head, and doesn't understand that a simple fire extinguisher on the head can kill someone? They are always surprised, but it's common sense that when heavy objects hit on someone's skull, that person usually...well..doesn't survive ? She should think about hitting people with hard objects on the stomach, or ribs, before killing them and acting all surprised afterwards...
  • What happens when Alisha uses her power on someone who doesn't know about sex like a baby or a kid?
    • Her power doesn't seem to work on straight women (and we haven't seen her use it on any women), so presumably it just amplifies sexual attention hundredfold. Therefore, it wouldn't work on pre-pubescents.
    • I don't recall her actually touching any females skin on skin, but seeing as she only seems to crave adult male attention and powers tend to have a pretty narrow focus, her power would only work to give her adult male attention. Pre-pubescents can feel sexual arousal, but since Alisha doesn't desire their attention, her power wouldn't work on them.
      • No, that isn't how the power works. After she gives it away in the Christmas special the bad guy buys it and uses it on women (including Alisha herself). So clearly it has the potential on anyone - if it only applies to the people the possessor is sexually attracted to is still up for debate.
      • Not necessarily; selling powers seems to have the effect of changing them. The powers are always at least a little different when someone else is using them.
      • I think it does work on women (straight or not is another matter - would it work on a gay guy?). Two reasons. One: when the purity gang brainwash Alisha, Nathan/Simon/Kelly wear rubber gloves when they go to get her out. It makes sense with the guys, since they can't touch her, but why would Kelly put on the gloves if Alisha's power doesn't affect her? Two: when they take drugs that reverse the effect of their powers (meaning that people are repulsed by Alisha's touch instead of aroused), women are affected too. We just don't see the effect on women because Alisha doesn't have much interaction with other women in the series. And since she's straight herself, we're more likely to see it activated with men. The way she talks about how isolating it is to never be touched definitely makes it sound like she isn't being touched by anyone anymore, even just platonically with female friends.
      • Early in the first season she is seen walking through a club(?) touching people as she walks by. At least one woman is shown being affected by her power in that scene.
  • Considering Simon dresses like a member of Joy Division, who weren't even in style for the time, how does he managed to be ignored so much? People notice unusual dress styles.
    • Simon's dress style was "all dark colors" and "denim" and "really neatly buttoned up". He had the overly tidy haircut. That's fashion speak for "hopeless geek, beneath the notice of cool people."
    • It's true that Simon's style isn't exactly in fashion, but neither is it outlandish enough for people to notice much. Plus, it's likely that his "invisibility complex" was established through being a social outcast at school, where he probably didn't dress like a member of Joy Division. And in the months or years between leaving school and starting community service, he probably never went anywhere to get noticed - it's well established that he had no friends and zero confidence, and spent all his time online in his room.
    • Simon's shirt, trousers, shoes and denim jacket combination doesn't really fit the hoodies, trainers, and trackies of the council estate on which the series is set, but it's hardly going around in fancy dress either. He looks smart, but not garish enough to attract attention. Kids on the estate might notice him, but no more than they'd notice any other young adult who wasn't in a tracksuit.
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    • Prior to community service but after his crime, he was in a psychiatric ward. It's unlikely he was under much scrutiny for his sartorial choices there, and it may have even influenced his habits: he always buttons his shirts up right to the neck, wears long sleeves and ark colours, etc. While it works to create a visual joke on Ian Curtis, it's also at least a little reminiscent of institutional uniforms.
  • Why does Alisha's power have no effect on Superhoodie?
    • Superhoodie/Simon bought a power that nullifies the powers of other people.
  • Alisha knows Superhoodie's true identity, and given the weirdness of the situation, she must think about it a lot, especially if she is with the other misfits. How come Kelly never found out?
    • Kelly can't hear every thought from every person. In fact, most of what she heard was about her, at least indirectly. She's also surrounded by three people other than Alisha, and Alisha is only going to be having the passing thought through out the day. Kelly would be hearing things out of context and therefore not know that the Simon that Alisha was thinking about was Superhoodie. Coupled with the fact that Alisha only had to keep Simon out of her thoughts for a few's plausible.
  • Detective Pete. Let's take a look at the facts here: two probation workers and two young offenders, all who worked in the same community centre with the same five young offenders, have vanished. One is a friend of yours who mentioned how worried she was and insisted her boyfriend wouldn't have just skipped town. Not to mention, you arrested one of these kids yourself, so if there is a "firing line" you're bound to be next. And what does the detective do? He makes some light enquiries, keeps talking about a "bad feeling" and threatens to investigate further. And...he doesn't. He never even got the warrant that he promised to search the community centre. Interviews with the five were, this troper remembers, informal. Surely with this much evidence, his first action would have been to haul Nathan and the others in and interrogate them one at a time, especially after Ollie's death? He doesn't even arrest "Simon" after the events of 2x1. I'm pretty sure abusing a police officer at least affords you a night in the cells.
    • I know, right ? Police are Useless in the Misfitsverse, apparently. And dumb as well. I think it's the biggest hole of this series.
      • It's actually pretty realistic in that murder investigations require a lot of time and resources and most police departments would rather rack up arrests by stopping and frisking, random sweeps, and other "broken windows" policing tactics than devote all that time to arresting one person. It just feels unrealistic because events that are really convenient for the protagonists typically feel unrealistic.
  • How did Seth get the "power-immunity" power? If other peoples' powers don't work on you, how do you use Seth's power to take away your power?
    • Maybe Seth's power has the ability to negate all other powers even the ones that would usually be immune to all other powers?
    • Or the immunity power isn't an "always on" one and the owner voluntarily gave it up?
      • It's the first one. When he takes Alisha's power, he holds her hands but shows no sign of being affected by her power. Whether this is a constant side effect of his power or only applies when he's taking a power is still up for debate.
  • Bit of an awkward and inconsequential one really, but given we've been shown by Brunno the gorilla in S2, animals can also use powers, do we think it was possible that Seth's iguana could have used the time travel power when he was getting eaten by zombie-girlfriend?
    • One explanation: iguanas are simple minded, smart enough to STORE the power but not smart enough to use it. Bruno was able to use the power because gorillas are smarter than iguanas.
      • I get that to some extent, but it's not as if Curtis "knew" how to use the power either - it just seemingly kicked in when he was faced with extreme regret/danger.
      • It's not really a question of being smart, it's more about having higher-evolved emotions.
      • It kicked in when he had regret. The iguana may not have felt regret, been able to distinguish what caused it, or been able to act fast enough.
  • Why couldn't Alisha have just worn gloves? It wouldn't have canceled out her powers completely, but it would have helped a lot.
    • And maybe wearing a bit less revealing clothing would've helped.
    • Might not have. If somebody bumped into her and her face touched them - power activates. Besides, comfort also is an issue, and clearly they were in warmish time of year, because Curtis usually kept his suit only half on, and Nathan wore his open to the navel most of the time.
      • How often do you have people bumping into your face? At any rate, some light cotton gloves wouldn't make it much more uncomfortable, especially considering the trouble she'd save.
      • No, she definitely should've worn long sleeves at least, preferably with gloves. People lightly touch each others' arms to gain their attention or take each other's elbows to halt them all the time. Even bumping skin against people in crowds is a common occurence, especially given how much she likes nightclubs. In one episode a policeman took her forearm to arrest her. Her face was probably safe but her arms and hands should've been covered as often as possible.
    • I think she was in denial about the whole thing. Changing her behaviour (flirting and promiscuity) was hard enough, but changing her clothing was probably too much in her mind. Then the power would have taken over her whole life. So, yes it would have been more sensible to cover up, but that would involve accepting that the power is part of her life now.
  • The opening credits have symbolic representations of everyone's superpowers (Simon's disappearing shadow, for instance), but Nathan is shown being pursued by a wolf. How does this relate to his immortality?
    • It could be a hellhound? You know, when you see a hellhound it's an omen of death. Considering he can't die, he's constantly being chased by death, but never caught.
    • Since part of the first series is Nathan trying to work out his powers, his shadow can't be too literal, but it can symbolise his rather wild, reckless nature, coupled with his constant hunt for exactly what his powers are.
  • How could the empowering have remained a secret for so long? Surely Brian (the cheese guy) couldn't have been the only one stupid enough to expose their powers or have them exposed by accident? We see that even babies and animals get them, and yet no public discharges? That is if none of the empowered happened to be from authorities, so they could start searching for the others properly.

Series 1

  • In Episode 1, why don't they just tell the police? Obviously they'll be under suspicion, but all the evidence and their testimonies aren't going to be disregarded just because they're young offenders. It's not like their story is impossible without them admiting a freak storm gave them powers - people snap and go crazy all the time. They may have buried the bodies, but there were still signs of a fight and two missing people they could be linked back to.
    • They're teenagers who just killed their probation worker. They panicked and of course they're not going to be thinking clearly. Going to the police seems like a hard option when lying is so much easier.
    • Disagree, it IS reasonable to expect that young offenders wouldn't be considered reliable witnesses. It's certainly reasonable to expect that they would never expect the police to believe them.
  • Somewhere in Episode 5 they mention that it has only been two weeks since the storm. Then could Kelly's hair grow back so fast? Yeah, there was some serious meddling in the timestream in between, and at first I thought that the whole bald incident simply dissolved and didn't happenned in this variant, but no - Nathan refers to it in S2.
    • Kelly's twitter account makes mention of her hair growing back over the course of a couple of days.
    • Jodie says at the end of that particular episode that it should grow back in a couple of days.
  • The Season 1 finale. All main heroes except Nathan and Simon turn "good" for a few days. Shouldn't they have gone to police and admitted to murder?
    • Being part of a creepy purist cult hivemind isn't the same as having a conscience, and having a conscience doesn't always mean deferring to authority. In a way, that's kind of the point of the episode.
    • They weren't "good." They were "better" and "well behaved." Virtue Girl's focus was on sex, drugs, and vandalism. So there was no compulsion to do anything other than not behave sluttily.

Series 2

  • How come Simon didn't realise it wasn't the real Alisha who was blowing him? Since his *cough cough* was touching Alisha's mouth, if it was the real one, we would've been under the influence of her power and gone sexually mad...He should've realised earlier...
    • It's Simon. He was probably so taken back by it that he totally forgot about Alisha's power.
  • How did Lucy know that Kelly could read minds?
    • Presumably she did some sort of espionage as a mouse or similar creature before she started imitating the gang. She happened to know quite a few of the characteristics of each of them, so it's not unreasonable.
    • It was mentioned in her presence. When Kelly overhears Simon thinking about "Alisha" giving him a blowjob, Lucy was there, disguised as Nathan. But yes, it's also quite probable that she'd been watching them at other times too.
  • This is a minor one, but Jamie's accent is unusual in context, as it's fairly definitely an inner-city Dublin one. Now, while it makes sense thematically that they'd give Nathan's brother an Irish accent, the one he has is actually fairly different from Nathan's, and it requires that, for Nathan's dad to see him soon after his birth, either Jamie was born in England and he moved back to Dublin with his mam, or that Nathan's dad somehow managed to visit an Irish hospital without Nathan's mam noticing. It's not neccesarily inexplicable, just never explained. Incidentally, what is up with Nathan's accent? It makes sense from a Doylist point of view if Robert Sheehan couldn't do a decent accent, but in-show it's never explained why a London Irish teenager would have such a distinct accent, even if they spent a lot of time with their mam growing up.
    • Considering Nathan's mum also has an Irish accent, it seems that Nathan and his family actually lived in Ireland during and for some time after his birth, which Nathan confirms in the Christmas special, when he begins a sentence with "When I was growing up in Ireland...". Since Jamie doesn't seem to be too far away from Nathan's age, it's not unlikely that Nathan and his family moved to England around his mid-teens and that Jamie was born in Ireland and just crossed the Irish Sea. If he took a ferry, he could even take his car with him.
  • In Episode 6 the gang becomes famous due to their powers. This leads to Alisha having a conversation with Nathan about their fame and how Simon was right about it not being the right path. All while Simon was in the room, invisible. She quotes something Future!Simon said as if Present!Simon said it, then leaves. Simon, confused, follows her to Future!Simon's flat where he finds out from Alisha that Superhoodie was him from the future. By the end of the episode, the whole cast but Curtis dies, leading Curtis to hit the Reset Button to before any of the fame occurred. So now nobody knows about their powers, meaning that their fame, the conversation Simon eavesdropped on between Alisha and Nathan, and Simon finding out about Superhoodie never happened. And yet in the next episode Simon and Alisha are a couple and Simon is training and comparing himself to Superhoodie. What? Did I miss something here?
    • Well, there is a three month gap between the two episodes. We can assume that Alisha visited the Hoodycave and was followed by Simon, much in the same way as Episode 6.
      • It's still confusing - this troper did assume that they'd talked about it in the mean time, but still had a couple of issues:
      • 1: Future!Simon told Alisha to never ever tell Simon who he was, and she kept to this until he caught her in the "hoodycave" and demanded an explanation. Her telling him would thus require special circumstances, which would seem to require more explanation.
      • 2: Simon and Alisha's relationship pretty much developed offscreen! C'mon, they were nowhere near at that stage in Episode 6.
      • 3: Future!Simon had footage of interviews like those in the Asbo Five timeline...despite the fact that that no longer happened. Alisha was still wearing her community service jumpsuit in the footage, so something weird is going on there.
      • That's possibly explained by Future!Simon possessing the ability of immunity to other people's powers. So maybe when Curtis changes the past Future!Simon interacts strangely with it, being from a different timeline, and thus can bring objects back with him?
      • The "previously" clips for Episode 7 seemed to treat parts of Episode 6 as if they had actually happened, despite Curtis having reversed them.
      • Wouldn't Simon just have followed Alsiha back to the Hoodie Lair?
    • What Happened to the Mouse?? Assuming they killed Monsieur Grand Fromage, what happened to the girl who was going to heal the world? Presumably, that wasn't solely because the milk freak was famous. In fact, the Episode 6 reset button left so many glaring holes I'm starting to think (or at least hope) that they're building something out of it.
      • Since the milk guy never came out about his powers, neither did she. Simple as that. He was the first one to show off his powers to the media, because of how mediocre his life was otherwise, it's possible that no-one else has had the guts to. As for the healing girl, she's probably still using her powers on the sly.
    • As the Curtis-having-two-girlfriends incident in season 1 showed Curtis's powers seams to try to keep the new timeline as close as possible to the original timeline except when dealing with tings directly related to the change Curtis made. The Hoodie Lair reveal wasn't really related to the milk guy and thus probably still happened.
  • How did the milk guy wrap Alisha up in cellophane if he couldn't touch her skin?
  • Do these guys have two brain cells between them? They. Sold. Their. Freaking. Powers. A chimpanzee would be smarter than that. No, wait. I'm sorry, I grievously insulted chimpanzees, because they're intelligent animals. Curtis can freaking travel backwards in time. JUST MEMORIZE LOTTERY NUMBERS EVERYDAY. That takes all of five minutes and about two brain cells to figure out. Yes, I know he doesn't control it. But, sooner or later he's going to do something he regrets and go back a day or two. He can just buy a lottery ticket then and guess what? That's millions of reasons to keep your powers Curtis. Judging by the frequency of his power use during the series, he wouldn't have to wait more than a couple of weeks for that to happen. Or, hey Kelly, say hello to POKER. If you can read the minds of your opponents you're going to be the best poker player ever, easily.
    I can understand Alisha giving up her power because it sucks. Maybe, just maybe, Nikki because she has little control over it. But the others? They have no excuse whatsoever.
    • Agreed, especially with Curtis. Curtis' powers have been nothing but good to him. Sure, he can't control his powers, but even in that state it was useful! From the way they talked, it sounded like their powers were the cause of all their problems, except it wasn't. What they failed to realize, was that the cause of all their problems was everyone else's powers. Alisha and Simon, at the least, can be excused. Simon can be excuse because Alisha told him that Future Simon said that they were supposed to sell their powers. Alisha's powers sucked and it's (somewhat) understanding why she'd convince everyone else to sell their powers. Her reasoning probably went along the lines that Simon might not go back in time and die if they all stayed out of the super powers business.
      • Ayup. I can totally understand Alisha and Simon and maybe Nikki due to her lack of control.
        And yes, Curtis is especially stupid in that regard. His entire power is based on being able to reverse decisions he regrets. What, did he think that he would never ever do something he regrets in the future? Is he really that stupid? And hey, I just realized as well. Nathan can see dead people. If he had two brain cells, he could find out what makes it possible for him to see dead people and then? Guess what? He can become the most successful medium ever. People already pay unimaginable sums of money to fake mediums! He's an actual, real one! He could be rolling around in cash if he learned to control the power, but noooo... Being stupid is great!
        So, in conclusion - What were they thinking? I realize that on the meta level this was supposed to be the episode that justified them getting different powers... But, couldn't they have done so in a more intelligent fashion? Why did the writers present the characters as utterly idiotic? Sure, they never were geniuses before but their decisions in Christmas special were just so bafflingly stupid.
      • I was under the impression that Nathan can only see dead people if he saw them die. Wouldn't make him a very lucrative medium!
    • I think you're giving the characters too much credit. I agree that Alisha, Simon (by way of Alisha's lie), and Nikki all had a decent reason to give up their powers, but the other three selling them is justified, too. Hearing what people think of her does nothing for Kelly's self-esteem (although I do think that should have been developed more). Nathan's always holding the Idiot Ball, so a poorly-thought-out decision like that, especially when he wanted to impress Marnie, was perfectly in-character. And Curtis is the most 'normal' of our Misfits, and it seems like that's all he wants to be. Maybe he really did believe that if they got rid of their powers they'd stop getting caught up in the messes caused by other people's, and even if they did, they'd be nothing but innocent bystanders. Also, it's implied that those three months after getting out of community service were pretty normal, maybe he wasn't getting much use out of it and would rather just not worry about it anymore?
    • In all fairness, they weren't the only or even the worst offenders. At least their powers could be troublesome. But someone sold perfectly good telekinesis and reality warping! I suppose the promise of easy cash right there and then can be more alluring than the uncertain prospective of cashing in on their powers, which, more likely than not, would force them to expose themselves, which as we've already seen could go terribly wrong.
    • The other problem is that this is back to the original Aesop of the show itself: the misfits ended up in community service because they couldn't or wouldn't think past their immediate needs at the moment. And that appears to be the case in the Christmas episode as well. They all regret all the killing. They all regret the problems they feel their powers have caused. So they think of what would make them happy based on their past and their present without stopping to think through what the future might hold.
  • In the episode with the GTA guy, what happened to all the money they stole to pay his ransom? It would've really come in handy for the Christmas Special.
    • Maybe they gave it back? That sounds like something Simon would do.
    • Or the GTA guy might have taken it with him when he left to brake into that prison.
  • Nathan's brain death in Episode 6. Couldn't Simon snap his neck and thus revive him to normal?
    • Nathan wasn't brain dead, his brain was encased in cheese so no electrical signals could get from it to the rest of the body. Snapping his neck would just heal his neck...though if they ripped out his brain, that might work - but nobody really knew what happened to him, so they might not even be able to figure out to do that.
      • What about an operation to remove the cheese? Some of the brain would probably have to come off, but it would just grow back after. It was public knowledge that he was able to heal, so that shouldn't have been a problem.
  • Seth, the power dealer. I don't understand how this makes sense. He has the ability to take people's powers, sure, and give them to others, okay. That part makes sense. But all someone would need to do is get one particular power - like invisibility - and use it to steal as much money as they want to buy more powers. Why aren't more people doing this? We saw Simon steal money for the GTA guy, it was laughably easy. I don't see Simon doing this sort of thing, but as we saw with Jesus, it's not especially hard for someone to do and it doesn't make sense to me that more people AREN'T doing it. This show isn't exactly about showcasing the inner good in people, after all. Why aren't there loads of self-made supervillains running around?(Though I guess it could be argued that this is the future plot of the show..?)
    • The Jesus impersonator was already an example of someone doing this and with the power dealer still being around, there'll probably be more self-made supervillains running around in S3. However, it's perfectly understandable why Simon doesn't do this sort of thing: he wants to be a superhero. Well...This is technically the case with the S2 finale. They took "Jesus" money and went back to the power dealer.
      • Plus it seemed likely the market was just getting started. Also, as "everyone has a power!" as this show seems, they may not be as plentiful as you'd think, especially specific really useful powers like invisibility.

Series 3

  • Episode 3 is impossible. Does no know know what "Paradigm Shift" means? Any technology developed after the birth of some technologies is impossible to understand to tech levels before that technology was invented. There is absolutely no way someone who'd never heard of a computer could possibly understand a microprocessor. That, and that cell phone would have lost it's charge in a few hours and no one would have been able to generate the power needed to restart it. Almost any attempt to do so would have fried the circuits of the system for good.
  • The end of Episode 4 is a bit unclear. Is Friedrich now powerless, or in this ever so slightly different timeline has he decided not to go back in time, or will he now go back in time and be stabbed to death by Hitler?
    • He was already stabbed so he was probably dying. And he was back in the 40s and probably did not have the energy. If he did, he would have used it again during the episode.
    • At the end of the episode Friedrich walks away from the cenotaph with his hat, instead of leaving his hat and time travelling as soon as he stood up. So presumably in this timeline he won't go back in time.
  • Why were Alisha and Curtis, as non-whites, treated equally (or even in existence) in a Nazi-controlled Britain?
    • They weren't. It's subtle, but its there. Now, whether Alicia should exist at all in a world where there is so much more racism is another question...
      • Even under Apartheid (a sufficiently close analogue) mixed race relationships still occurred. There's also...darker reasons.
    • Alisha mentions that she was going to go to prison for drink-driving, instead of receiving community service, which clearly still exists as Kelly had it. So either drink-driving laws are harsher in Nazi Britain, or people from minorities are discriminated against in the justice system.
    • Shaun also acted more harshly to Curtis too, suspiciously demanding what he was doing in his own bar.
    • Whites clearly do have a better deal in Nazi Britain as well. All of the Nazi's mooks and officers were white.
  • Where's Nathan in Episode 6? I mean, in our timeline he's in Vegas, but in that one, who knows?
    • I guess we're supposed to just assume so many changes to the timeline lead to him leading a different life. Or, knowing Nathan, he made too many smart-alec comments to Nazi police offiers and got himself shot in the head.
      • I think it's best to just consider this as a Just For Fun Episode of sorts - nothing about it makes any sense by real world logic or the internal logic of the show. The Nazi trajectory follows the normal trajectory so closely, it makes you wonder why Nazis being in power is even a bad thing in this universe (obviously it had no effect on any of the characters' ancestors meeting, having children, and developing their neighbourhoods/relationships).
  • So, shouldn't the Kelly that ended up back in the show have the memories of the Nazi timeline, and not the real one?
    • It's possible that Nazi timeline Kelly merged with original timeline Kelly as soon as she went back into the present. Maybe having memories of both timelines came with the power, but Curtis wasn't able to take advantage of that when he first had it due to his lack of control of those powers.
      • But someone using the power for the first time was?
      • Fridge Brilliance moment: When Curtis got the power, all he wanted was to correct his own mistakes, so that's exactly what he got. He can only travel back to places he'd been already. The Jewish guy felt bad because he did nothing about the Holocaust, so the power allows him to change what he couldn't before. And when Kelly got it, she wanted to set things back the way they were, so she gained the knowledge of both timelines so she could know the differences.
      • The Jewish guy was alive and well during the Holocaust, and would probably have been ten times better off if he had used his power the way Curtis did, his motivation was the same as well, he regretted his mistake of not doing anything. As to Kelly, that makes even less sense, Curtis never had knowledge of the timeline changes he made, and the Jewish guy clearly didn't either, it's like saying someone who ended up with Simon's power would be able to walk through walls if they wanted to.
      • The Jewish guy was a child hiding out with a German family during the Holocaust. He literally couldn't have done anything to stop it. So he wanted to be able to change things that he couldn't before. That's why the power worked that way for him. Curtis is The Atoner, who wished that he knew then what he knew now, so he could have made different decisions. And that's exactly what his power did. And since Kelly was told of an alternate timeline, she had the intention to be a part of that timeline, so she got the knowledge of what her alternate self had done in the alternate timeline. Also, comparing Simon's power to this is like apples and oranges. There are so many different interpretations of Time Travel that different people can Time Travel in different ways. Also, by technicality, it depends on whether Simon's power was actual invisibility or just being Ignored and Weirdness Censored out by people (Note that when his power got reversed, everyone became totally and unnaturally interested in him, or when he opened and closed a door and the probation worker thought nothing of it). Someone would be able to walk through walls by making the wall "ignore" him.
      • It's possible that Seth's ability has some sort of filtering effect, or that the same power affects different people differently. The teleportation power was alternately controllable and uncontrollable depending on the carrier.
  • Body switching and clumsiness YMMV, but I've always wondered why when a power is involved in 'using' another person's body, they aren't really clumsy. I mean think about it, with Kelly and Jen for instance, Kelly has a much different body shape to Jen, who has also been in a coma. Wouldn't your sense of balance and body position in space be completely distorted? Your brain has been used to your body for many years, even growth spurts in puberty are known to cause clumsiness. I know it's not very dramatic to show but you'd think the body swappers would bump into things occasionally.
    • Close your eyes and touch your nose with your finger. Your body is aware of its own position in space, its called proprioception, and is about as natural as sight or any of the other sense. Some slight clumsiness would be expected, but it would not take long to get used to.
      • It's also possible that only the memories and personality are affected. If the new user has the old user's muscle memory, adaptation should be extremely easy.
  • So as suspected, the power Seth was looking for was to bring his ex-girlfiend back to life. Now if only he had access to a time travel power...he even gives the power to Curtis, how did he not think of it? It made sense the way the power was originally depicted, wanting to reverse a decision so it would have been difficult to find someone who could go back to the right time, but the old Jewish man and Kelly both show that the power can be directed pretty accurately.
    • It's entirely possible that back inside Curtis, the power would have worked as it did before.
  • Just how inbred would Curtis' baby have been? Do his chromosomes change completely when he switches, meaning everything would have been okay? Would it have had the same risk of deformities as brother/sister inbreeding? Or would the dangers have been even higher? Essentially, how much do you think he biologically changes when his man parts go away?
    • It really depends. If he changes but his DNA effectively stays the same, it'd be more of a clone (sorta) than anything else - there would literally be no randomness involved as with a normal birth. If his DNA does change, it depends on how much Melissa is a new person.
      • Assuming identical genetics, it wouldn't be a clone, it would be the most inbred baby possible. The risk would be twice that of a sibling incest (25% per lethal recessive instead of 12.5%). He has at least one lethal recessive - his Y chromosome (not a problem in normal humans since normal possessors of Y chromosomes can't reproduce with each other). Of course, since it's a sex swap, it's possible that this chromosome was switched (possibly eliminated and his X duplicated), instead raising the risk for lethal recessives on the X chromosome to 50%. But he could only carry lethal recessives on the X chromosome that there are Y loci for as well (or he'd express the recessives, being XY), so this isn't as big a risk as it sounds.
  • Another Curtis's baby one: what was happening to the zygote when he switched to being a man at first? Was it just hanging out in his liver or something?
    • If it was, it would still be there now. Misfits doesn't seem to concern itself with such things.
    • Absorbed into the body perhaps.
  • Question: The "zombies" are essentially living human beings who occasionally have the desire to eat flesh and drink blood. What's stopping them from feeding on each other?
    • Not so much explained, but handwaved during the scene with Seth and his girlfriend hiding in his recently zombified neighbours' apartment - we hear the ominous heartbeat sound from the two zombies POV when they look at Seth, but not each other. So it could be assumed their "zombie-hunger" whatever it is only applies to the flesh of not-zombies.
  • Another time travel related one - in the third series finale, Kelly mentions the guy who had the power to manipulate cheese and mentions he was a psycho. Didn't Curtis erase the timeline so that the only thing she'd have to go on is Curtis' word (which, granted, was clearly enough to accompany Curtis when he punches him in the face back at the end of that episode) but surely she should have had no idea how "psycho" he really was?
    • I'd imagine Curtis told them everything the cheese guy did, which would make him sound pretty psychotic even if the others weren't there to witness it. That, or she read Curtis' mind and understood the exact extent of the nuttery that went down.
    • It doesn't really matter if they knew exactly how psycho he is though. By that point they had pretty well established that Curtis doesn't time travel just because he stubbed his toe. If he wandered over to them out of the blue and said, "some kid has freaky cheese powers and he's going to go nuts unless we stop him," odds are they'd take his word for it.
  • Is it just me, or does the necklace that Future!Simon gives to Alicia, almost identical to Jamie's neck tattoo?
  • The money Seth gave Simon to give to him in the past only exists in a Stable Time Loop. Should I bother to ask where it originally came from or what happens after several loops when it starts to age and degrade?
    • Okay, I'm pretty sure Seth didn't give the exact same set of bills to Simon. At least not in the sense that Seth kept the exact same set of cash that Future!Simon gave him.
  • What is the point of Simon's big time travel plan? From an IRL perspective, clearly it was to write Simon and Alisha out of the series when they had to, but in universe? Right before Simon goes back in time, he tells the others "Everything needs to happen exactly as it did." But if he isn't actually going to change any outcomes, then why go back at all? How does Superhoodie!Simon justify his being in the past, if he's just going to maintain the status quo and then die?
    • Because the point *is* to maintain the status quo. If he doesn't go back the timeline changes. Superhoodie doesn't save the gang countless times, so they end up either brainwashed or dead, and Simon and Alisha probably don't get together. And unlike Curtis, Simon's time-travel power doesn't have an undo button. So he can't go back with the intention to alter the timeline in any other way, because the changes he makes are permanent and could have negative consequences he didn't predict. The safest thing is to do what he remembers Superhoodie doing and absolutely nothing else. He closes the loop and the brief but happy relationship he had with Alisha continues to exist.

Series 4

  • So how does Rudy's power work exactly? Evil!Rudy absorbed Nice!Rudy, and then jumped into Normal!Rudy and took over his body. They were all wearing different clothes. When Evil!Rudy was stabbed he released Normal!Rudy and Nice!Rudy and they were all wearing the same clothes, and Evil Rudy was the one to die.
    • I assume that when they split, they're physically cloned from the host body. And when they're absorbed, they enter the host body, and take its physical form, clothes and all. When Evil!Rudy entered Normal!Rudy's body, Normal!Rudy was the host, but Evil!Rudy was the dominant personality. Therefore, he controlled Normal!Rudy's body, which then absorbed Nice!Rudy.
      • So Rudy could in theory put on a bunch of gold jewelry, and then clone it repeatedly?
  • Nadine's powers: 1) How do they work? Are the Four Horsemen meant to be killing the specific people who committed the cruelty or violence Nadine saw, or do they just kill random people in her immediate vicinity? 2) If the only way to get them to go away is for Nadine to die, how did she and the other nuns survive all the other times they were summoned?
  • Why didn't the genital swapping transman just swap with a transgirl? they would both get what they want.
    • IIRC Alex actually did something to piss him off. That is probably what he ended up doing afterwards though.

Series 5

  • Twice in Episode 1 Jess is trying to trying to see something that someone else is hiding from her, once when Abbey is hiding a chicken and again when Finn is leading her around with his hands over her eyes. And possibly again when Alex blindfolds her, though she might just not have wanted to see it. What's her power again?
    • In the chicken's case, it's never been established that Jess can see through people.
  • Why didn't Rudy!Two just ask Alex to fuck Tim/GTA Guy's power out of him? He clearly didn't want it, and it was a danger to everyone around him.
    • Was it a power though? Or was he just a proper mentalist and the Powers Support Group was the only place he could cope, or that could cope with him?
  • Jess has very classic, very useful power that's being almost laughably ignored, considering the nature of the program. In addition addition to the formentioned 5.1 incidents, in 5.5 when Leah downloads herself into Alex and is chasing everyone with a nail gun, Jess (OF ALL PEOPLE) nearly loses an eye due to a nail through a peephole. One of the others might have understandably gone up to the door, but everyone would have been safer if she'd just looked through the walls to see if Alex was still out there.
  • In the season finale, how on earth does Jess send a message to herself in the past? Luke's power should work by either "resetting" Jess to an earlier point in her timeline (thus her phone wouldn't contain the message), or by sending her back to take her old self's place (in which case her wrists would still be cut). It doesn't make sense for it to work the way it does.

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