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    Series 1 

  • In retrospect, "We killed our probation worker!" Watch episode one, and you'll see it was actually Kelly who killed him, but they never say it was just her. They ALWAYS say 'we' after that episode. Always.
    • Since hiding the body makes them accessories after the fact (even though it was self defense), this makes sense.
  • Kelly getting a cup of tea for an old man in the second episode. Especially the little smile she has afterwards.
    Old Man (thinking): My mouth's as dry as a badger's chuff.
    Kelly: D'you want a cup of tea? *he nods, she slides one over across the table*
    Old Man (thinking): Well bugger me.
    • On that note, the second dance. Everybody's loosened up. Kelly and the old man from above are dancing around a bit, Simon is dancing really robotically (though happily), Alisha is dancing next to a guy,and Curtis is grooving around with a woman in a turban. It's all really adorable.
  • Nathan telling a mind-controlled Kelly his feelings for her, even though she can't remember him saying it later.
  • Curtis congratulating Simon for getting a relationship with Sally. Though she's just using him, and Simon realises that he does actually have friends.
  • Simon deciding who his loyalties lie with, even if the scene doubles as a Tear Jerker.
    Simon: I can't let you go to the police.
    Sally: Simon, you don't owe them anything.
    Simon: They are the only friends I've got.
  • Simon ditches Nathan just as they're about to be overwhelmed by brainwashed Virtue minions. Nathan's "I thought we were friends!" almost makes the moment a tear jerker... until Nathan is saved by a mysterious hooded man on a bicycle. The Heartwarming Moment comes when we finally find out the identity of the biker... it's Future Simon. He really did come back to save Nathan.
  • Two more in the last episode: the CD that Simon gives to Kelly which features funny moments he filmed of Nathan. Despite how Nathan bullied him, Simon wanted to do something kind for him and Kelly. Her reaction to receiving the gift suggests she's not used to people doing nice things for her, and then seeing her watch the CD... heartbreaking. Moments before, the remaining four had been drinking in a bar, all quite depressed about their loss. Kelly says that she is leaving, and Alisha/Curtis wish her goodbye. Then Simon says he's leaving, and they do the same for him (sounding genuinely affectionate). His little smile shows how much he appreciates being treated as a friend. It's both heartwarming and a Tear Jerker to see how much the group really came to care for each other.
  • After Kelly realises that the girl who made her bald is bald herself after a disease, she immediately cools down, they apologise for hitting/insulting each other and have a nice bonding moment together talking about their condition and ripping on her douchy boyfriend, something which Kelly can certainly sympathise with.

    Series 2 
  • In series 2 episode 1, where Simon finally stands up to Nathan taunting him, and tells him he just wants to be his friend. Nathan casually accepts it, and Simon has a small smile to himself. This is all as they're preparing to kill a shapeshifter.
  • Nathan's acceptance of Jamie, his long-lost half-brother: the way he acts around him indicates he really cares.
  • Alisha discovers that Super Hoodie is a future version of Simon, who can now touch her, and is in a relationship with her in the future. He came back partly just to protect her from harm, as well as guiding all five of them. They then have the first intimate sex Alisha has had in a long time, and future Simon hints at how strong their relationship becomes.
    • Watch S3 E8 and then go back and watch S2 E3, knowing how far that Future!Simon come to be with Alisha, knowing that he's just recovered from watching Alisha die, watching Simon's face during this episode is so sweet. You can tell he's trying not to overwhelm Alisha, but also happy at being able to talk to her again after losing her so horribly. Even the moments where Alisha was basically telling him to fuck off, Simon has a tiny "I missed this and I missed you" smile on his face at random moments of this entire episode. Not to mention how incredibly intense their physical relationship is. Once you realize what is emotionally motivating him, you understand so much more of what's going on. It was extremely well-thought out and incredibly sweet.
    • In fact, Simon and Alisha's whole relationship - he's so different in the way that he treats her compared with Curtis. In the finale, when she reveals that she lied to him about Future!Simon wanting them to sell their powers, his first move is to comfort her, where Curtis and others would have shouted and railed at her for lying. It's really sweet to see the mature and gentle guy he is able to show he really is.
  • Alisha thanks Simon for protecting her and the rest by killing Sally, and he tells her he never thought she was a "bitch", despite her nastiness to him. Then he tells her he thinks she's beautiful, so we see how this apparently wildy unsuitable couple could fall in love.
  • The way that Kelly stands up for Simon when Nathan takes his teasing a little too far. It's so sweet, and shows that she does have a softer side to her.
  • Nathan and Alisha spying on Simon to make sure his new girlfriend Jessica doesn't kill him, and reveal their reasons for doing so:
    Nathan "So why are you here? It's not like you and him are big pals."
    Alisha "What and you are? Why are you here?"
    Nathan "Well maybe I like him more than I let on."
    Alisha "Yeah, well maybe I do to."
    Nathan "The little bastard gets under your skin, doesn't he?"
  • When Nathan says that he knew something was wrong with Jessica, she was actually a virgin, not a murderer as he'd thought, Simon smiles and replies that he "fixed that". Cue Nathan actually giving Simon a sincere hug. It seemed to surprise everyone.
    Simon "Maybe this is what it feels like to be a superhero."
  • Whether or not it was blunt, you have to admit that seeing the entire crew sing to the newborn baby make you realize how these characters have quickly grown into True Companions. The ending with the afterbirth only amplifies that.
  • Nathan, who throughout the series has been shown as having a rather cavalier attitude towards sex, ends up in a relatively loving and supportive relationship with Marni...even when he's taking photos of her labia while she's in labour.
    • Nathan throughout the entire childbirth scene - he's so unexpectedly supportive and loving, and basically adopts her child without ever worrying about how he wasn't the biological father.
  • Kelly's entire Mama Bear attitude towards Simon. Particularly the moment when - just after the gang have discovered the body of the probation worker Simon killed she yells after Shapeshifter!Nathan that "this is on all of us!" Sally's death was Simon's darkest moment as a character — imagine how much darker it could have gotten without the acceptance of the others.
    • And just before that, when Curtis was hitting Simon because he thought he'd attacked Alisha, Kelly comes and shoves Curtis off. She takes one look at Simon's face and says to Curtis that if he hits him again, she'll kick his balls up into his stomach.

    Series 3 
  • After she apologises for her previous poor treatment of him, Rudy performs a Heroic Sacrifice by allowing himself to be hung so that Alisha could have a chance of surviving.
  • Kelly and Seth stating their love for each other. It's in really strange circumstances, but it's cute nonetheless.
  • A small but significant moment in Episode Six, where the gang discuss the implications of Curtis' female self becoming pregnant and Simon says something about him/her eating ginger biscuits to support morning sickness. At first, this just seems like him being his usual awkward self but then you see the smile Alisha gives him and you realise the implication that he is looking up this stuff because he wants to someday start a family with her.
  • The reconciliation of Sally and Tony, and Alisha and Simon. The formers' departure is particularly sweet considering the characters' normally dark tone.
  • A Moment of Awesome as well, when Simon travels back in time to save the Misfits' lives and be with Alisha, if only for a short while.
  • Even though it was just a clip from S1, it was still nice to see Nathan with the gang as Simon travels back to the past.

    Series 4 
  • Seth relating the reason why Kelly is not back for Series 4. Turns out why they were on holiday in Africa, she saw a young boy get accidentally caught on a mine. She immediately went Mama Bear, walked right into the minefield after him and used her ability in rocket science to quickly disarm it. She's now living there, defusing landmines for the locals who utterly adore her.
  • The gang going after Finn's girlfriend and taking her power so she couldn't mind-control Finn anymore. They didn't know Finn that well, they had no reason to care, and yet they helped him anyway.
  • Rudy of all people stops having sex with with the racist blind girl when he can't convince her to stop being racist. Given his normal attitude about sex, it shows how much he values Curtis as a friend.
  • Jess kissing Alex, showing him that she still wants to be with him, even though a trangender man with a power swapped genitals with him.
  • Nadine. Any scene with Nadine.

    Series 5 
  • After discovering that his father's doppelganger has beaten and robbed a woman, Rudy and his dad give her enough money to get away and start a new life. This ends with Rudy's dad telling him how proud he is of his son.
  • Tim asks Rudy Too for help at coping with his power, and the latter readily says to call him anytime.
  • Rudy deciding to let Rudy Too meet their parents after all.
  • Rudy working out that he's in love with Jess, and giving her a pack of crisps with a note with thank you and a kiss for saving him and his dad.
  • Alex giving advice to Stuart about accepting his sexuality, rather than agreeing to his offer to fuck his embarrassing power out of him. Alex then later genuinely thanks Finn for giving him the opportunity to help someone, saying that it felt good.
    • In episode 7 Stuart comes up to Alex and thanks him again, telling him that his life is much better. He then later starts openly dancing with Greg the probation worker.
  • Abbey adopting Mark, a man transformed into a tortoise by the storm.
    • In that same episode, Rudy Too is turned into an old man with possible dementia. Rudy finally steps up and takes responsibility for him. The way he and Jess take care of him is certainly this.
  • When Rudy learns that Ecstasy reverses people's powers, he's much quicker on the uptake than usual in realising that Jess must have gone temporarily blind under the influence of the drug, and frantically races off to find her. When he does, she's huddled over in tears, not knowing that the blindness is only temporary; Rudy hugs her to calm her down and promises not to leave her while they wait it out together. (Too bad he screws it up royally in the next scene; still, until then it's the longest run of mature behaviour for Rudy over the course of the whole show.)
    • When Jess loses her sight, the first thing she does is call out for Rudy. Considering that Finn was usually her go-to guy in bad situations, it really shows how deeply their relationship has developed.
  • In the future Jess sees, Rudy and Rudy Two reconcile. They each tell the other they love them, and Rudy says how he feels "hollow" without his counterpart.
    • Greg the probation worker also proudly comes out to the gang, and seems to be in a relationship with Stuart.
  • When the group discovers that Abby is a manifestation of a woman's imagination, Rudy Two goes to talk to her on the roof about her identity crisis and tells her that he empathises with her and understands whats she's going though. After he gives her pamphlet about the support group he's been secretly attending, Abby says that he's nice. note 

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