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    Series 1 
  • Kelly had one in her very first episode: knocking Tony down with a can of paint and finishing him off with a No-Holds-Barred Beatdown, while the rest of the gang was completely useless.
  • Curtis had two in episode four when he used his powers. First he managed to avoid getting arrested, saved his girlfriend from the drug dealer by saving both the drug dealer and his drugs, saving his career and keeping Sam out of prison. The second was him getting rid of the drugs, but still have enough on him to get him back where he is meant to be saving Simon, Alisha, Nathan and Kelly. And still keep Sam out of jail...
  • Simon has one in series one, episode five when he goes after Sally who has his phone. Simon, invisible, smashes the overhead lights one by one with a broom while slowly walking towards her, as Sally screams. The whole scene is set up like something from a typical horror film except the viewers are cheering for the "monster" instead of the terrified victim.
  • Nathan, about the point he infiltrated the "Virtue" meeting and kidnapped their leader by wearing a grey suit to blend in and an I-pod so he can't hear Rachel's Compelling Voice, and then pulling a water-pistol on the leader at the opportune moment.
    • After this, his speech on the rooftop. So much. "WE WERE SO BEAUTIFUL!"
    • Also before that, when it's set up to look like he's going to leave on a train, but then the train pulls away, and we see Nathan standing his ground. Cue inspiring music...
  • Superhoodie's entrance, saving Nathan from the Virtue mob with nothing but a BMX and some impressive speed

    Series 2 
  • Superhoodie throwing a paper aeroplane from a rooftop, across the lake and into Kelly's eye.
  • Superhoodie's Big Damn Heroes moment: he kills the centre's lights, dons night vision goggles and saves Curtis from Lucy.
  • When Curtis' powers are reversed by the drug the gang takes. He goes to the future, where he is apparently now a superhero, standing on a rooftop at night in a black costume and green cape. It was a shame that it turned out that it was just a fancy dress party, but that was a very badass future the show teased us with.
  • Super Hoodie gets badly wounded by shrapnel from an exploding car, yet still manages to lead Simon to a wrong apartment and then jump from a balcony to escape him.
  • Super Hoodie is revealed to be Future! Simon, who now can free-run, has superhuman aim and is a relationship with Alisha. Both a CMOA for the buttmonkey Simon but also the show's writers, as it was a great twist yet makes absolute sense.
  • Simon gets one in the third episode of series two, where he beats (by with superhuman aim flicking a peanut into his mouth, triggering his allergy) the superpowered tattoo-artist villain while being strangled by barbed-wire.
    • Really the entire scene where he "battles" Vince should classify as one, with the rising orchestral score, never since Death Note has a savoury snack been implemented in such a grandiose affair.
  • Kelly back-chatting Tim, despite the fact he had punched her in the face, leaving her with a bloodied nose. In a wedding dress. With the clearly delusional Tim pouring her wine from a dusty, empty wine glass.
  • The gang need money to pay Tim, so they decide to rob an armoured car. Simon simply turns invisible, picks up a money box, strolls back into the car, then comments on how easy it was.
  • A great callback and reversal to the end of the first episode where they talk about being superheroes and laugh at the idea, while looking across the river with their backs to the audience. In episode 5 of series 2 it ends with them now wearing superhero costumes (though from a fancy dress party), taking the idea possibly seriously, and facing the audience.
  • Despite being a bad guy, the Lactokinesis guy going on a mad killing spree and utterly dominating everyone. Through dairy-product strangulaton. It turns out telekinetically forcing people's food back into their throats is a very effective murder method.
    • "Your cheese shit won't work on me — I'M LACTOSE INTOLERANT!"
    • Curtis punch straight to the Camera at the baddie of the week, with the rest of the team behind him was Pretty.Damn.Awesome. After seeing the villain get away with all his crimes, justice was served.
    • From the same episode, Simon's Slow Walk as he pulls his hood over his head. Which becomes incredibly badass when you take Superhoodie's apparel into account.

    Series 3 
  • Nathan showing off his new power in Vegas: Conjuring a rose for Marnie, cheating at craps (even if he did get caught rolling a seven), and shitting a live rabbit to freak out a couple of security guards.
  • Rudy and Alisha are strung up from nooses by the villain of the week, balancing on chairs and with their arms tied behind their backs. With death imminent, Rudy plays on the villain's self-doubt and brings her close so he can kick his chair into her, fracturing her skull. Now facing death by strangulation, Alisha gets Rudy to wrap her legs around her, jeapordising both their lives as she can't balance on her chair. As soon as Alisha apologises for how she treated Rudy in the past, he releases his hold to save her life. Luckily introverted Rudy comes along to save them.
  • Curtis beating the shit out of attempted date-rapist Mark, who first tried to rape Curtis (when he was Melissa) and was just about to rape Curtis' new love interest Emma. Then the two of them string up Mark naked in the stadium with the words "I drug and rape girls" written across his chest.
  • Simon in Season 3 episode 3. Not only in his Superhoodie costume does he easily beat the crap out of the rest of the gang when mind-controlled, but he beats easily beats Peter in a fight when they're both in Superhoodie outfits, despite Peter being armed with a knife.
  • Although he fails, Friedrich going back in time to try to prevent the Holocaust. His letter says it all- "I tried". For the first time in the series, we see an individual trying to really change the world for the better using their superpower, ready to sacrifice their own lives for their mission.
    • Though less epic as some of the others on this page, in 3.4, Rudy opening his door to find a bunch of Nazis. What does he do? He calmly shuts the door, turns around and climbs out of a window. It's just cool. Doubles as a Funny Moment: he just nopes out of there.
  • In the Nazi timeline, Kelly, Curtis and the two Rudys ambushing the jeeps transporting Seth wearing Hitler masks, shooting all the guards while unseen from the trees.
    • When Seth is in the Nazi prison, he hangs himself with a belt to make sure that the Nazis can't use him to get more superpowers. His Heroic Sacrifice fails when Kelly and Simon cut him down, but got to give him credit for the heroic streak.
    • Same episode - Kelly storming the community centre and killing anyone who stands in her way. She kicks some serious ass.
  • Kelly kicking the shit out of Hitler. Best time Hitler got beat up since Lets Kill Hitler.
    Kelly: (headbutt) "Why do you have to be such a dick?" (kicks Hitler while he lies on the ground)
  • Misfits vs zombies. They didn't even need to use their powers, just baseball bats.
    • That's right. The gang just saved the world. Real superhero shit.
  • Simon going back in time to save the Misfits and get Alisha to fall in love with him. We've got to know Simon for a few years, and we see the man and hero he has become and was meant to be.

    Series 4 

  • Rudy sending a message to Other Rudy when Third Rudy has absorbed the former. It clearly took a lot of effort, and Third Rudy wasn't expecting it.
  • Third Rudy stalking Other Rudy through the community centre. Never has an Ominous Walk and a ukelele been combined so effectively.
  • Jess stabbing Third Rudy with a pair of scissors. She refuses to be a typical girl victim to a horror psycho.
  • Abby stabbing the Killer Rabbit with a screwdriver, proving Rudy's sexist remarks from earlier about this being a "man's job" completely wrong.
  • Finn throwing a Horseman of the Apocalypse off Abbey into a door with his telekinesis. When the chips are down, he's the only one who can use his power in a fight.

    Series 5 

  • When Finn's tied up by a satanist cult and about to be converted, he uses his telekinesis to hurl the pen-knife of the cult leader into his cheek and get away.
  • Rudy Too is handed a jumper by a woman who can knit the future. The scene's vague naturally, but it appears to show Rudy standing on the roof of a tower block, someone in an orange jumpsuit flying through the air, a girl throwing lightning and an invisible person.
  • Finn and Alex stepping in to save a guy from a mugging. Alex acts like a genuine hero, and Finn's an absolute coward, but scares the thugs away by using his telekinesis on a trolley. The would-be victim stares at them, then flies away when their backs are turned.
    Finn: Stepping in like that, that was like being a proper superhero. [Him and Alex fist-bump.]
  • The last scene of episode 2, in the Storm support group.
    Guy in the purple hoodie: Hi. My name's Sam, and I can fly. [Rudy just stares in shock.]
    • Now that's "proper superhero shit".
  • Rudy Too is being mugged on a bridge, so Sam swoops in and carries him off. After setting him on a roof, Sam strides away, smiles, then soars off.
  • The gang are being attacked by the flying boy Sam. So Alex tackles Sam while the latter is swooping, clings on while Sam desperately flies away, then fucks his power out of him. Finn moves a dumpster to catch Alex with his telekinesis, while Sam ends up splattered on the concrete.
  • When Karen is about to stab Alex in revenge for killing Sam, Finn kills her by throwing a piano at her.
  • The last shot of the series: the gang on the community centre's rooftop in their jumpsuits, intending to become superheroes, while The Storm brews overhead.


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