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    Cocaine Blues 
  • One of the last Establishing Character Moments for Phryne.
    Phryne: ...That man was far too charming.
    Aunt Prudence: What's the hurry? My driver is on his way.
    Phryne: I'll explain later. Goodnight, Aunt Prudence.
    Prudence: At this hour? It's not safe! Why do you think you can just run off on your own?
    Phryne: Because I'm carrying a gun! *brandishes pistol*
    Prudence: *shocked* Phryne?!
    • Phryne's gold-plated revolver. Even her gun has to be as cool as Phryne herself.
  • To hide Sasha De Liss when he's injured with a gunshot wound, Phryne poses as a prostitute.
    Evening, gentlemen. Looking for a frolic?

    The Green Mill Murder 
  • How the killer was able to take out Lenny; a modification that turned his cornet into an improvised dart gun.
  • Victor's statement when Charlie wants to go back home to face the charges for sodomy instead of hiding:
    You're right, Charlie. Hiding's for cowards. You're a braver man than I am.
  • At the end of the episode, Jack calls in Phryne.
    Jack: ...I found these plates underneath the floorboards of Leonard Stevens' apartment.
    Phryne: What do you want me to do with them?
    Jack: Have them incinerated.
    Phryne: I thought your hands were tied.
    Jack: Yes. But yours are not.

    Raisins And Almonds 
  • This exchange:
    Phryne: I gave chase, and he took a shot at me. So I did the only thing I could do under the circumstances...
    Jack: You called for help?
    Phryne: I stabbed him in the shoulder.
  • Saul discovered the formula for synthetic rubber. If he didn't die at the start of the episode, he could have potentially made a lot of money, enough to bring his family back to Jerusalem.
  • Phryne stares down the killer when he has Saul's uncle at gunpoint. In response, he pushes him out of the way and attempts to commit suicide, only to be foiled when the gun is revealed to be empty.

    Ruddy Gore 
  • Phryne overhears Lin Chung's grandmother talking her down in Cantonese, so she responds in Cantonese as well.
    Mrs. Lin: What are you doing?
    Lin: Grandmother, enough...
    Mrs. Lin: This floozy is not for you!
    Phryne : Thank you. The har gow looks delicious.
  • The reveal at the end of the episode. The killer was able to fabricate Dorothea's ghost with a film projector, and used the trickery to make the actors believe Ruddigore was cursed, while he disguised himself as a dresser for Gwilym Evans. Then, he poisoned Walter with a lethal dose of laudanum and accidentally killed Gwilym with a counterweight during a rehearsal, intending to kill Phryne instead. He did all this to discredit Bart Tarrant, who was in love with Dorothea a long time ago, and killed Dorothea when Bart came back from England.

    Murder in Montparnasse 

    Away with the Fairies 
  • After a short fight scene where Camellia and Phryne take out Camellia's captors, Lin calls out his grandmother. He no longer cares about his family's honor, instead choosing to marry for love.
  • How Phryne susses out the killer: John Bell is the Italian-to-English translation of Giovanni Campagna. Giovanni Campagna was a traitor in WWI; he spied for the Germans and was personally responsible for hundreds of Italian pilots killed in action. Miss Lavender and Letitia Prout were able to suss him out, but instead of going to the cops, Letitia tried to blackmail him and was killed for it, and Miss Lavender tried to appeal to his better nature, instead being poisoned by a mixture of cyanide and acid that turned everything it touched blue.

    Queen of the Flowers 
  • After the death of Kitty, Phryne laments that Kitty died not knowing how to defend herself on the street, instead having to learn useless things such as etiquette, dancing and table manners. Naturally, the solution is to teach the girls how to fight, without caring about the women who appear to be disgusted with such unfeminine displays.
  • Jane shows herself to be surprisingly mature in this episode; she steals from Phryne's house to give her mother money to survive, a book by Henry Lawson to read, and adoption papers to sign because she knows Phryne is in a better position to care for her than her mother.
  • Rose faces down Mayor Philips.
    He's the one. He's the one who tried to kill me.

    Death by Miss Adventure 
  • Dot has come a long way by the time of this episode. One remembers that she was afraid of answering the phone because of what her pastor said about electricity in Cocaine Blues, and has spent several episodes being a Damsel in Distress. Here, she takes on a new identity as Martha Driscoll when Phryne and Mac are barred from the factory, successfully getting several crucial pieces of evidence to help Phryne mount her case while never being suspected until the very end of the episode.
    • The reactions of Jack and Hugh make it even better: Jack is pleasantly surprised but goes along with the deception, and Hugh is speechless.
  • Phryne saves Dot from being crushed by the machines by taking an axe to the electrical board, getting blown off her feet in the process.
  • Aunt Prudence has to swallow a bitter pill when she has to announce to Mac that her suspension was lifted.
    More pie, Aunt?

    Unnatural Habits 
  • Phryne convinces Prudence to give a young girl, Mary, who is pregnant out of wedlock and has been forced to live and work in a nunnery's laundry service, a job as a housekeeper so she won't have to go back there. Though Prudence isn't too fond of the situation, when Mary goes into labor, she is nothing but supportive and helpful, coming out with this gem.
    Mary: Bless me, Father, for I have sinned! I have been bad and wicked, and God is gonna let the nuns take my baby away!
    Prudence: God will do nothing of the kind, or he'll be answerable to me!

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