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Headscratchers / Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries

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  • How is Miss Fisher going to have a niece with the last name Fisher if her sister died as a child? The series hasn't mentioned any other siblings.
    • As explained in the first episode of the spinoff, Peregrine's mother, Anabelle Fisher, was Phryne's half-sister, the result of an affair between Baron Henry Fisher and an as-yet-unknown woman. Phryne didn't know that Anabelle existed until some time after her show ended.
  • Whatever happened to Jane? In the first episode of the spinoff, Phryne leaves her entire estate to Peregrine, a niece she never met, with no mention of her ward and adopted daughter. You would think that Jane would have received at least part of the inheritance, and as she would have only been in her early to mid fifties at the time, could easily have filled the role of Birdie (who is just about that age if they aren't using Dawson Casting with Catherine McClements).
    • Perhaps Jane died off-screen (and did not have any children of her own).
  • Why are Jack and Hugh able to report to every crime seen in the series, even taking over investigations outside the Melbourne city limits?

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