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  • In the title sequence, the characters are stood together and their shadows hint at their powers. However, it is not immediately obvious what Curtis's shadow (at a different angle from the rest) is supposed to signify. After a while, it may start to sink in that his shadow is wonky because he has gone back in time and therefore the sun is in a different position in the sky.
    • Could it also represent a hand on a clock, signifying time travel? Granted, it goes forwards in time, but still.
  • Ok, we know that Nathan has trouble thinking clearly when under pressure, such as his inability to remember he's immortal when threatened with life threatening situations... but exactly how long after the "Vegas Special" will it take it to sink in that his new ability of being a Reality Warper means that he could easily walk out of that prison at any time.
    • Until the day before he is supposed to be released, he will attempt to escape, get captured, and sentenced to 10 more years.
  • Assuming that he also got his powers during the storm, how did Tim, the GTA guy, go so long without capture? Fridge Brilliance: He literally sees life as a video game and video games usually supply maps and warn against obstacles.
    • He has more GTA powers than it seems, every time he gets arrested, the cops just take his weapons and let him go. Can you say "recurring villain"?
  • Bit of fridge horror: in the first episode of season 3 we see Tanya freeze/paralyse two policemen in order to escape. For all we know, they're now stuck in unresponsive comas.
    • Her power probably has a limited radius, so as soon as she was far enough away the effects should have worn off.
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    • When people who have powers are killed then their power dies with them, they would be out of their paralysis either way.
  • In hindsight it's kinda obvious that Superhoodie is future!Simon. He knows future events, has a heroic personality and is deathly pale. Plus we already knew time-travel is possible.
  • In Series 3 episode 2 one might wonder why Curtis didn't just change back to his male form for the drug test rather than pee all over the bathroom floor as Melissa. The test data would've revealed male hormones.
  • Of course Nathan never realised his power was immortality when he was testing what his power would be. What kind of insane person would go through the test needed for that?
  • Asking Peter if he would like to be his best friend seems to be a weird thing to say even for Simon. Turns out the whole dialogue was scripted by Peter. Potential Fridge Horror: How many of the events in that episode happened according to Peter's drawings?
    • Basically all of them, except for the part where the other Misfits rip up his drawings. He just drew new ones for the ending of the episode.
  • Season 3 episode 4 takes place in an alternative reality where the Nazis won World War II. In this episode we can see that Gary, who was killed in the pilot by the crazed probation officer, is still alive. Although it may look a bit random, it makes a lot of sense once you realize that said probation worker was a black man, and there is no way the ridiculously racist Nazis would have ever allowed a black man in that kind of position of power; therefore, he never had the chance to kill Gary.
    • On a similar note Curtis has the most different personality in the Nazi timeline, acting generally paranoid, desperate and more violent (particularly in comparison to Kelly, whose life is most similar), willing to kill innocents in order to weaken the Nazis. This is probably due to the fact that he's had a much, much harsher life in this more racist Britain.
      • It is unlikely Alisha would have had a job working as a secretary in a government office in such a Britain. On the other hand, it is quite likely that she could be the personal slave of Nazi officer Shaun. Her conversation with Simon about doing what you have to in order to survive certainly seems to point that way. She's also mixed race, which might put her slightly above someone who's black on both sides of their family.
  • Why did Kelly never realise Superhoodie's identity by reading his mind? Because the first thing Simon did when he went back in time was to buy immunity to others' powers.
  • At first it seem a bit of FridgeLogic why Simon would go back in time just to die saving Alisha. Meaning that he left Alisha in the Future alone. Turns out he was closing the loop. And that he was not leaving Alisha in the Future alone, as she was dead. Making the reason he went back make much more sense.
    • Except why didn't Simon try to change events so they would both be alive in the future? It's not like the misfits have never messed around with time travel before and created alternate timelines? Why is he certain that changing things would create some kind of paradox and things must happen the same way they did before? From that point of view, it comes across as a rather Stupid Sacrifice since as the others pointed out, at the end of the day, they are both still dead!
    • If he doesn't go back in time, she never falls in love with him, and he never becomes Superhoodie, and he saved more than just her when he went back in time. If he doesn't let GTA guy kill him, GTA guy kills the past him and the whole thing collapses.
      • There was nothing stopping him wearing a bullet-proof vest and a fake blood pouch thing to FAKE his death, telling Alisha in his "dying words" to run away at once. She STILL would have been affected by future Simon's death and fallen in love with present Simon but Future Simon would have simply gotten up again and spent all the time until the date he knows Alisha was killed to stop the events of happening, thus allowing "present" Simon to leave happily with Alisha. Stopping the "Bring Back Ghosts" guy from ever coming to the centre would have been a simple sure way of preventing her death.
        • Unless Tim's power implies also really knowing when the mission ended. No corpse, no win.
  • Where does the photo of Simon and Alisha at Vegas come from?
    • This was explained in one of the earlier episodes of season three that they went with Nathan to Vegas. Of course one of the more confusing ones is how did Simon have footage of them being interviewed in the timeline where they where exposed if Curtis erased that timeline with a reset ?
      • Also a possibility, consider Simon at some point has to become Future!Simon, which means there was a Simon #1 who decided to go back in time to be with Alisha - no one said he had to be from the same timeline- what if, somehow Alisha got out of the situation somehow with the Video Game Guy or never got into the situation because there was no Superhoodie/Future!Simon to interfere in the first place (remember, he had been in the mix since Series 1) and they all continued on their timeline eventually falling in love, AND getting famous. Something goes wrong, maybe Mr. Grand Frommage, maybe something else, and Simon #1 decides to go back in time to change things bringing the footage. He changes things so much they get stuck in an endless time loop handing down the footage from one Simon to the next without actually experiencing the famous future, but get artifacts from the previous timeline because the Simons keep handing down the items to one another. Could be Wild Mass Guessing, but with this show - who knows?
  • Ok this is a bit of FridgeLogic yeah. Simon brought the power to be immune from other powers from Seth. How the hell did Seth manage to get it from its original owner if the original owner power blocked other powers being used on him?
    • The only potential answer I've been able to come up with for this one is that it is a voluntary immunity, aka, the person could choose to allow a power to affect him/her. Which sort of makes sense as some of these powers can be useful for others (like the healing power from 2.06).
      • But why sell that power at all. To even know they had this power, they must have experienced other people with powers too. It's not even like it would stop someone who can heal, from healing you, because as we've established, it's likely one the user can turn off and on at will. Power Immunity seems to be the most useful power and it makes next to no sense that they would ever sell it.
      • We saw Seth have a man kidnapped and force him to hand over his power at gunpoint. However, seeing as immunity was among the first powers Seth acquired, it may have come from a desperate junkie.
  • Curtis being lactose-intolerant and thus impervious to lactokinesis, putting him in a position to undo Big Cheese's murderous rampage may seem a bit of a cop-out until you realise that lactase persistence (the ability to digest lactose into adulthood) is actually somewhat of an anomaly, commonly found in people with Western or Northern European ancestry, but the exception rather than the rule worldwide, and Curtis is the only character with fully non-European ancestry.
  • Once Superhoodie's identity is revealed, one might wonder why he jumps around as a Highly Visible Ninja without bothering to turn invisible. Later, we find out that he swapped that power for one which, along with the other two he later buys, allows him to fulfill Superhoodie's heroic responsibilities more reliably. This is both a smart move, and (due to the protective power he gives up) a very brave one.
    • The main reason he becomes highly visible is that he wants to attract attention, specifically Alisha's attention, so that she'll fall in love with him.
  • At first, I was a little confused as to how Friedrich could send himself into Hitler's office- or how Kelly could do the same thing- using Curtis' original power, which was based around Mental Time Travel. Then I looked back on a few other occasions where Seth bought and sold a power, and noticed this wasn't the first time this happened: Nikki's teleportation was almost completely uncontrollable, but it was transferred to "Jesus," he was able to use it at will; Lily's cryokinesis power had a nasty tendency to activate when she didn't want it to, but the Nazis forcibly transferred it Captain Smith, he showed no signs of accidentally freezing things at a touch. Then, I looked back on how Seth had mentioned that he'd wanted to be "The Ulimate Dealer" or something along those lines, and it made perfect sense: his power actually improves the ones he absorbs- after all, he doesn't want to deal in low-grade product, does he?
    • In the same vein, it's a bit confusing that somebody actually had the power to resurrect the dead as zombies and didn't accidentally start some kind of Zombie Apocalypse before they figured out how to control their powers. On the other hand, if you accept the theory that Seth's power-transfer abilities actually enhance the powers, and the whole thing takes on a great deal of Fridge Horror: the original user's power was simple resurrection, with no zombification involved; if Seth had just asked the guy to resurrect Shannon rather than stealing his power, everything would have been fine!
    • Or not? Given how the Misfits' universe tends to have an evil sense of humour, you can't discount the possibility that the original holder of that power could bring people back to life, but still in a state of decomposition. Which would definitely explain why they wanted rid of it!
    • ... The original holder was tied up and gagged in the boot of a car, having been kidnapped just so Seth could steal the power off him. I very much doubt he wanted rid of it, giving how much the man was whimpering at the time.
  • In Season 2, Episode 2, Superhoodie saves Nathan's life outside of the rave, despite the fact that he is immortal. Why? Superhoodie knew that the drugs were still reversing his powers; Nathan would have died permanently!
  • Small thing but I just realized it. I never understood why Nathan's jumpsuit was so much more mucked up than the other's (beyond Nathan's general disgusting-ness). Just realized that it is GARY'S BLOOD. He never washed it off! Not only is that foolish as they are trying to get away with murder (spending every day covered in blood evidence is a bad murder plan) but Nathan is even more disgusting than I first realized.
  • The fact that there are Three Rudys. His power is that the hidden parts of his personality manifest themselves physically. He was already hiding the best part of himself. Makes sense that he was hiding the worst, too.
    • His story line with Alisha also makes more sense. Separate or combined, the two Rudy's didn't seem like the type to become creepily fixated for years on a girl they had never met and then try to commit suicide when rejected. It seemed much more feasible when the third Rudy appeared. He's the violent, obsessive part that could have done that.
  • Could just be a coincidence or I might be looking too closely into it, but during Season 4, Episode 4, Curtis was wearing a hoodie. When he was contemplating his fate after turning into a zombie, he had his hood on, possibly to signify his vulnerability. It could also signify his transformation into a superhero in that he has become a bit more like Future Simon / Super Hoodie. It could also signify that he and Super Hoodie share the same destiny.
  • Fridge Horror in the last episode: after coming back from the future, Jess sleeps with the father of her future son to ensure the pregnancy happens, then she stabs the guy to prevent his power abuse. But a specific pregnancy is very vulnerable to the exact circumstances in which it happened - the probability of one specific sperm reaching the egg is extremely small. Even a very tiny change in the timeline (position of bodies, exact timing of copulation etc.) would almost certainly prevent the same baby from being born. And she did change the timeline quite a bit before the sex happened! So Jess' son was wiped out from the timeline despite her best effort to protect him, with near certainty! It's not even clear there would be another baby or that it would even be a boy. Jess slept with the guy she hated - and stabbed him - for no good reason, and the son she came to love is eliminated forever!
  • Nathan thinking Simon's name is Barry seems to have come out of nowhere, but there might a real reason for it. The other ASBO in the first episode is called Gary. It's possible that Nathan made the effort to learn Kelly and Alicia's names (they're two attractive women), and Curtis's (he's Nathan's likeliest romantic rival), and then he glossed over Gary and Simon. "What are they called? I'm pretty sure one of them said his name is Gary or Barry or something like that."
  • Bit of fridge horror: powers seem to generally come from the wearer's deepest desire. Emma, the accident causation girl? Either self-harming or possibly looking for an alibi for an abusive partner.


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