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Drinking Game / Misfits

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  • Anytime someone uses a power, take a drink
    • Anytime someone tries to use a power, but can't, take two drinks
  • Anytime someone dies, take a drink
    • Take two if it's someone doing community service
      • Take three if it's a probation worker
  • Everytime someone swears, take a drink (this is one of the heavier rules)
    • Take two if it's a reference to Kelly being a "fookin' rocket scientist"
  • Everytime someone has or refers to sex, take a drink
    • Take two if it's not Alisha
  • Anytime someone drinks, smokes or take drugs, drink
  • Anytime Nathan addresses Simon with something other than his name e.g. "Barry", "weird kid", take a drink
    • If Nathan at any point says "Simon", down what you've got in your glass
  • Everytime Superhoodie appears in costume, you drink
    • Whenever his lair is shown, you drink
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  • Anytime someone mentions the word "power" or "the storm", you drink
  • Anytime Kelly hurts or threatens someone, drink
    • If it's Hitler, down your drink
  • Whenever the words "Conti", "prick", "you're immortal", "superhero", "kill" or "doin' my head in" are said, drink
  • Whenever some say "young offenders" take a drink.
    • Two if it's not Nathan.

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