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    The Time Doors and Time Travel 

The Time Doors are Lost Technology

The theory that Atlantis is Tartessos is true. The doors were built by the Tartessians and abandoned after whatever cataclism ended their civilization.

Time travel was invented by the Americans.

The doors in Spain were created by accident, as a result of the Palomares Incident

The Americans discovered time travel in 1941

A nice mirror to the Spanish getting theirs in 1491.

There actually are doors to the future...

...but they lead to a barren, desolate Earth devoid of people. Finding out what happened and preventing it is one of the core missions of the Ministry.

    Future Plot and Characters 

At some point, the team will end accidentally in the Atapuerca mountains, 500,000 years ago

One will be attacked by "Miguelón" and another will save him/her by knocking the hominid with a rock.

Heinrich Müller escaped through a time door

Müller is one of the Nazis that learns about the time doors in the episode "How Time Is Rewritten". His fate after 1945 remains unknown to this day.
  • Also Marshal Ney.

Amelia won't die in 1885, but fake her death to live in the present

  • Episode 16 shows that her tombstone's name has transformed to another name, meaning her personal history has changed. In Episode 18, Amelia finds that out.

Pacino will form another patrol with Argamasilla and a third character after Julián returns

Despite missing five episode's straight, Rodolfo Sancho is still considered a main actor, and Hugo Silva is not confirmed to appear in more.
  • Jossed. Pacino has been reassigned to the 1981 Ministry, while Argamasilla remains in 2016.
    • And De-Jossed. The Facebook page has pretty much spelled out Olivares' intention to feature Pacino, Julia and Argamasilla as time patrollers. Whether they will be always together or mixed with the original patrol in different episodes is still in the air.
    • Possibly Jossed again as it has been confirmed that Rodolfo Sancho will not appear in season 3, and the first images of the season filming show Pacino reunited with Alonso and Amelia.

At some point, there will be a mission related to the 1982 FIFA World Cup in Spain

  • Hasn't happened in the series itself yet, but in the tie-in radio drama "Una llamada a tiempo" Salvador commands Pacino (who, at this point, is back in his home time in the 80s) to ensure the World Cup group draw goes without a hitch.

Catalina de Erauso was(is?) an agent of the Ministry

There will be an episode about the discovery of Altamira

The Antonio Banderas movie came out this year but the series could play a lot with the event. Marcelino Sanz de Sautuola could end buying the persistent claims of forgery of his contemporaries and come to believe that someone faked the paintings to troll him and destroy his reputation, making him decide to destroy the cave out of frustration.


In the American remake, the doors will be discovered by Benjamin Franklin shortly after independence and the idea of forming a secret department to protect the timeline will be his

The initial reason will be to make sure that history stays the same so the US becomes a nation. The first episode will be set during the American Revolution.

King Sebastian himself will be an agent of the Portuguese Ministry

He realized that his mad crusades were not leading him anywhere, but he still craved to do something besides being an unremarkable sitting king. He then decided to go missing and become a protector of time continuum himself. This way, the legend that he will return centuries later to save Portugal in dire times is... both entirely true, and done on a regular basis.

All remakes (and the original series) will be revealed to exist in the same continuity

Almost completely Jossed. Except for the nation-specific historical plots, the Portuguese remake is so similar to the original that both of them co-existing is impossible.

In the French remake (if it finally comes to being), the equivalent of Alonso will be one of Louis XIV's musketeers

Instead of Alatriste, obviously, he will be mistaken for D'Artagnan.

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