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"I adore the future!!"
Alonso de Entrerríos after riding his first motorcycle.
At your left you can see a veteran from the Army of Flanders disguised as a Civil Guard having Heinrich Himmler at knife point.

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    Episode 1 ("El tiempo es el que es") 
  • After Thibaud shoots Empecinado with a stolen modern pistol, he apologizes that it wasn't a fatal hit.
    Thibaud: [pointing gun] I'm sorry, monsieur, but I'm not yet an expert with these modern weapons. [a shot is fired]
    Alonso: I am. [He shoots him again, this time in the heart]

    Episode 2 ("Tiempo de gloria") 
  • Julián proves his worth as a fighter here, knocking out Lope de Vega with one punch and doing the same with Alonso (who was, admittedly, quite drunk), after which he gets the soldiers nearby to help him by offering money.

    Episode 3 ("Cómo se reescribe el tiempo") 
  • The "security service", formed by Army of Flanders' soldiers and led by General Ambrogio Spinola, manages to kill or reduce the entire Nazi corps that has taken over the Ministry.

    Episode 4 ("Una negociación a tiempo") 

    Episode 6 ("Tiempo de pícaros") 
  • Alonso saving Lázaro from the hidalgos.
  • Julián's Refuge in Audacity-based plan to save Lázaro and arrest Díaz Bueno, which makes excellent use of Alonso's ability with guns.

    Episode 8 ("La leyenda del tiempo") 

    Episode 9 ("Tiempo de leyenda") 
  • Amelia putting Spinola in his place, fully establishing herself as team leader.
  • Rogelio Buendía effectively taking over El Cid's life, without causing undue suspicion, for more than twenty years, and ending up creating the heroic character that would serve as inspiration for centuries to come.
  • Alonso replacing El Cid and leading the Christian army in the defense of Valencia, winning the battle (and indirectly creating the El Cid Ploy).

    Episode 10 ("El tiempo en sus manos") 
  • The double Mexican Standoff between 1886 (Pacino and Morán's father) and 1946 (Alonso and Morán), with Amelia offering herself as a hostage in 1946 and ending with Pacino killing Morán's father.

    Episode 11 ("Tiempo de hidalgos") 
  • Cervantes' visit to the future, learning that his novel Don Quixote would become one of the most influential books ever written in history.

    Episode 12 ("El monasterio del tiempo") 
  • Angustias utterly charming Napoleon Bonaparte himself and convincing him to free the prisoners. And she had been scared about it earlier!

    Episode 14 ("Tiempo de magia") 
  • Harry Houdini saving the day with his magic (and potentially showing some Mental Time Travel powers).

    Episodes 15 & 16 ("Tiempo de valientes") 
  • The Siege of Baler. Yes, they were there for far longer than they should have, but they held that small church for more than a year on very limited supplies - and only left because they decided to give up when they realized the truth.

    Episode 20 ("Hasta que el tiempo nos separe") 
  • Alonso's swordfight with Fadrique, to stop him from taking his girlfriend Elena to the past.
    • With some awesome work by the shooting team. To demonstrate the dinamism of the fight, they stuck a couple of GoPro cameras to the swords. Simple, yet effective.

    Episode 21 ("Cambio de tiempo") 
  • The Plan, where all three main characters risk their lives to restore the original timeline: Amelia goes back in time, tells Philip II that she would rather die than live in the timeline he has created and allows the Inquisition to torture her with an electric chair, and yet she says nothing; Julián does the same in the alternative 2016, allowing Ernesto to brutally attack him just to distract him from Alonso going back in time and threaten the King's younger self if he won't stop the entire lunacy that has led to this episode's events.

    Episode 23 ("Tiempo de espías") 
  • Even though she's being told to escape, young Lola Mendieta stays back to help Ernesto, even if it leads to her capture.
  • William Martin's willingness to commit a Heroic Sacrifice so Operation Mincemeat is completed. Doubles as Tear Jerker.
  • Lola facing her death without showing any fear. Followed by Salvador bringing in The Cavalry to rescue her and Ernesto.

    Episode 24 ("Tiempo de hechizos") 
  • This line from Mencía to the Trasmoz townsfolk while chasing her: "Sons of Satan! Is that all the fast you can run?!"

    Episode 25 ("Tiempo de ilustrados") 

    Episode 26 ("Tiempo de esplendor") 
  • Amelia breaking up a fight between Lope and Cervantes with an epic "The Reason You Suck" Speech against both of them.
    Amelia: You look like ill-mannered children. Thankfully it is your works and not your actions that will live on, because otherwise... what a shame. The two most important geniuses in our literature brawling to see who gets the glory. Like there was not enough room for both there. [...] If I could live with the same freedom as a man and had your talent, I would not waste my time on ridiculous quarrels and envies. But, of course, that is up to you. [storms out of the room]
    Episode 30 ("El cisma del tiempo") 
  • The fight between the Ángel Exterminador and the Templar Knights. The latter, using crossbows and swords, with some help by Alonso's and Pacino's handguns, manage to force the Ángel Exterminador people to run away, but they pay for it with their lives.

    Episode 33 ("Contratiempos") 
  • Knowing that Bosco has bugged their phones and Salvador's office, the Ministry runs an incredibly successful gambit to trick both the Sons of Padilla and the Ángel Exterminador into invading the 2017 Ministry, only for them to lay a trap on both of them - and capturing Bosco, getting an Engineered Public Confession out of him. And, as a final touch, the one who gets to interrogate him is Alonso, who he had earlier blackmailed, threatening to murder Elena if he did not obey his orders, and whose death was faked.

    Episode 34 ("Entre dos tiempos") 
  • This was the Grand Finale, and it certainly showed.
  • Alonso, Ernesto, Lola and Pacino are forced to be The Most Dangerous Game by the Villain of the Week... only for an Eyepatch of Power-wearing Irene to stop the hunters in their tracks, saving the foursome and the other survivors.
  • How they get Ureña to realize how much his actions are going to screw everything up: they infect the time traveling tourists with a supervirus Angustias has contracted and send them to the present, and then take Ureña to 2019 (the first and only time the show goes to the future) so he can see the results: a Regional Societal Collapse (or possibly even Human Species Extinction) that destroys all of Spain.

  • The fact that, with relatively little money (when compared with series such as Águila Roja), it is garnering an almost unanimous support from both fans and critics.
  • With each episode, its impact in the social network grows. Episode 20, for example, remained Twitter's worldwide biggest Trending Topic for the duration of the episode. And episode 21 broke all records, more than doubling its number of tweets.
  • The Grand Finale left both records in the dust: it entered the Trending Topic list for Spain more than seven hours before the episode started, and after a hard-fought battle against no less than Real Madrid, finally achieved the worldwide Trending Topic just as the episode reached its ending.

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