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Headscratchers / The Ministry of Time

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  • After Don Fadrique crashes Ortigosa's wedding, Julián finds the real actors who were going to recreate Constanza's legend on the ground. He rushes to them and says that they are alive, but we never see them again. What happened to them? If Don Fadrique's guards had attacked them, they would be dead for sure.

  • In the 5th episode, "Cualquier tiempo pasado", why did Amelia have the receipt sent to Irene in 1981? Why didn't she just take it with her back to the Ministry? After all the trouble they went through to get this document, you'd think she'd be unwilling to let it out of her sight.
    • The receipt had to look old enough to be legitimate. If she had merely brought it back through a time door, then it would look like it had just been written a few hours ago (thus an obvious forgery, instead of the decades-old historical document as it was supposed to be).

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  • Why don't the American agents buy the original 'El Quijote' after it was officially printed? Their plan was to simply buy it off Cervantes and bring it back to the present, but since the origial book was then never printed, the book wouldn't exist in the unfolding History and so, in the new present the original woud only be valued as an undiscovered novel by a slightly-higher-than-average XVI century Spanish author (still rare and valuable, but only a minuscule fraction of the price it could aspire to). Did they really lack the foresight, did they not understand the concequences of changing History?
  • In the Season 2 finale: Why would Philip II prevent/eliminate Don Quixote, Lazarillo de Tormes, or purge Goya? And why would "fútbol" be called that and not "balompié"?
  • Why did Pacino give up on his third attempt at saving Lola? While the moral of the episode is that changing history only makes it take a worse turn every time, in reality characters are constantly changing it either by following or disobeying orders; and this is even proven within this episode, since the second attempt's outcome, while bizarre, was certainly better than all the others including the original one! Case in point, after learning that Díaz Bueno planted a bomb in the Ministry HQ (he even told them where and how!), they only needed to remove this hazzard, repeat the last scenario and hope for the best. Considering Pacino's personality, he would certainly have given it a try.
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  • In the Season 4 finale: What's with Salvador taking the Death Is the Only Option approach in regards to the great-grandfather of the season's Big Bad? Or why didn't any of the other agents, who are in possession of all ranges of experience and morality, think of a less bloody alternative? Even though they never adressed what he'd do with the baby, the childmurder implications were all but subtle. Did it really take an outsider with no background or experience to realize all they had to do was to remove the child from the timeline?

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