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Tear Jerker / The Ministry of Time

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    Episode 7 ("Time of Vengeance") 
  • Leiva's tragic past. His son died from leukemia and Leiva begged to bring up modern medicine to cure him but his request was denied.

    Episode 8 ("The Legend of Time") 
  • Julián learning that he indirectly caused the accident that killed his wife Maite when trying to save her.
  • Also, when Julián makes a deep friendly bond with Federico García Lorca in the 1920s but he knows what will happen to him (being killed in the early stages of the Spanish Civil War) and he can't do anything to save him, much like Maite.

    Episodes 15 & 16 ("Time of the Braves") 
  • The sieged soldiers of Baler, Philippines. They were simple men from all around Spain with their lives and dreams, then recruited to participate in a war, they stayed sieged inside a church for days that ended up in nothing, following the orders of an obsessed sargent. Most of them died out of starvation, disease or shot due to desertion. While Alonso and Julián made good friends in there, they just couldn't do nothing to save them because of their job to maintain History.

    Episode 18 ("Separated by Time") 
  • Salvador remembering his past. He was an orphan at the San Ildefonso School but no one would choose him for a long time to be the son of a family until a pair of diplomatics finally adopt him.
  • Julia meeting her twin sister. But she cannot contact with her in any possible way as it would cause a big historical change and a great shock to her.

    Episode 20 ("Till Time Do Us Apart") 

    Episode 21 ("Time of Change") 
  • Salvador being Killed Mid-Sentence by Philip II. Thankfully, the patrol stops the alternate timeline but seeing a beloved character shot twice and blood leaking from the back of his seat is heartbreaking.
  • The life of the Irene Larra from Philip II's Alternate History timeline. The real Irene avoided to have a miserable life of being a closeted lesbian by joining the Ministry. This Irene doesn't have this chance. She was forced to marry a man; she is not a superior, only a mere secretary, and she is controlling her homosexual feelings.
  • In the new timeline Julián and Alonso are married to their lost girlfriends, but they soon learn that the Dystopia has brainwashed them and they are no longer the women they love. When everything goes back to normal Alonso and Elena restart their relationship, but Maite stays dead.
  • Despite creating an absolutist monarchy timeline and killing Salvador, Philip II has some redemption at the end of the episode by asking Amelia to help him to die peacefully instead of having a horrible and stinky death. Amelia comforts him by telling him to remember his happiest memory, which is him asking his mother as a boy if he was going to be a great king like his father.

    Episode 22 ("With Time in Our Heels") 
  • The episode begins with a whammy: Julián dies. Amelia's tearful face at the funeral says it all.

    Episode 23 ("Time of Spies") 
  • The episode is quite a Mood Whiplash, going from funny and heartwarming in one scene, to Tear Jerker and Nightmare Fuel in the next.
  • Lola's Alas, Poor Villain moment with her dying of cancer due to the Darrow Ltd. technology exposure. She dies at the end of the episode.
  • Amelia pouring her heart into the letter she's supposedly writing to William Martin - but actually writing it to Julián.
  • Ernesto and the young Lola Mendieta stay most of the episode at a concentration camp in Gurs, France being tortured and try to stay quiet from revealing anything. When father Azcárate arrives, he gives Ernesto a knife in case Lola talks, but he just can't bring himself to harm her, let alone kill her, after she expresses her doubts over being able to withstand one more interrogation.
  • William Martin thinking that the British won't go any further in Operation Mincemeat and decides to sacrifice himself to become the corpse for the Operation to fool the Nazis. Alonso tries to convince him no to do so, but at the end he respects his decision with tears in his eyes.

    Episode 27 ("Time of Slaves") 
  • The slave house and the state of the slaves, all scared and silent.
  • Amelia discovering that her uncle is behind the attempt of assassination of King Alfonso XII.
  • The consequences of changing History come up again and it hits Amelia very hard. When Amelia's uncle is detained, her father is called as a suspect and the Government seized his businesses. This causes him to have a stroke and die leaving her family without wealth. Amelia has to leave temporarily to take care of her family and her economical situation.
    Pere: Did you tell Amelia what will happen?
    Salvador: What will happen? What has happened, imbecile!! What has happened!!
  • Amelia arrives at her house after that and sees her mother. Her mother has been spending her time alone without company or money, with only a few furnitures, sank in sadness. Amelia's mother calls her out for being away for long and Amelia gives her a hug. Then Amelia visits her father's grave and she is grieved by Alonso and Pacino who come to say goodbye until next time.

Alternative Title(s): El Ministerio Del Tiempo


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