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King Friday the XIII: Chuck Aber, I presume!
Neighbor Aber: Correct as usual, King Friday.
— One the catchphrase of the show.

Fred Rogers: (As he was playing the piano) It looks a lot like mine.
Joe Negri: It does look a lot like yours. And it does play like a regular piano. But piano has, as I told you, there is an extra thing. If you open the slide door, you will see what I mean.
[Fred opens the piano slide door]
Fred Rogers: Oh, I see.
Joe Negri: And It goes on easily. (He attaches the scroll to the bottom catch) Uh, We have to put it on this end on the top. It goes up here. One here, and one here.
Fred Rogers: Look at those little holes on the brass bar.
Joe Negri: Why yes! The holes are very important because each hole represents the keys on the piano. You have 88 keys and 88 holes. And we have to turn it a little, So the scroll will be comfortably seated on. And this is loud lever. And this is our tempo marking, and should put it between 70 and 100, about 75. And if you open the bottom sliding door, you will see the pedals. (Fred opens and sets up the foot pedal) That's it. While you pedal on the foot pedal, it will make the scroll blow through the holes, which will make the music play. So just pump your way (As Fred pedals, the scroll rewinds and snaps off from the catch) Oops, I forgot to one more thing. I am going to set it back again. And we are going to set the lever from rewind to play.
Fred Rogers: And then pump.
Joe Negri: And now, You can pump!
[Fred Rogers pedals the piano and it plays "Hello Ma Baby", a jazz standard.]
—From the episode where they showed how Player Piano Scrolls are made.

Eliot A. Daley: The people who gave/give the money to make Mister Rogers' Neighborhood are the people of / the people who contribute to this, and other Public Television/PBS Stations, (The Corporation for Public Broadcasting), and the Sears-Roebuck Foundation. (In 2000, the announcer adds We Thank You.)
— The funding phrase for the show from 1979 to 2001.

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