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  • Mr. Rogers Flipping the Bird (during a playing of "Where is Thumbkin?")
  • The 2017 Twitch marathon spawned several memes in the chat, such as...
    • Jokes about Sears (mostly praise though), due to being the main funding source and getting credited in every episode up until the early-1990s.
    • Mr. Rogers being referred to as everyone's "TV dad". As a result, the chat would say "Hi Dad/Bye Dad" whenever he began or ended an episode.
    • NET vs. PBS jokes, and how PBS "killed" NET (not helped by the fact that most of the early color NET-era episodes were replastered with the 1971 PBS logo, despite still having the model NET building in the opening and closing)Logo replacement explanation 
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    • Speaking of NET, the appearance of that logo was greeted with the chat spamming "NET HYPE", "SKYNET", "NOW LOOK AT THIS NET", "NYET", "HET" and such.
    • Chat spamming the word "SNAPPY" during the corresponding line in both ending songs: "'Til then, I hope your day is snappy" in "Tomorrow", and "I think I'll make a snappy new day" in "It's Such a Good Feeling".
    • During the later episodes, saying "D O I N K" while either of the two original green-tinted PBS Kids bumpers from 1999 would play. This may have applied to the logo with Dot, the girl, in a spacesuit as well.
    • General appreciation for music director Johnny Costa's piano skills. During the ending credits of each episode, chatters would comment things like "Take us home, Johnny!" or "TICKLE THEM IVORIES COSTA". Betty Aberlin, when she would show up in chat, participated in this as well, often saying a simple "COSTA!".
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    • "Feels(something)Man" (most often FeelsGoodMan, simply just because of how feel-good the show is)
    • "18+" or "lewd" (mentioned any time something was referred to as a "grown-up thing" in the show)
    • "MUTED" (mentioned any time a Twitch streamer cameo'd during a break)
    • Everyone saying "Don't go!" whenever an episode ended.
    • Everytime King Friday XIII mentions the "R" Room or "M" room, twitch chat would flare up and joke about them. R and M, being of course, the rating for adult content for movies and video games respectively.
    • People would also complain if Mr. Rogers forgot to feed the fishes at any point of the episode. This escalated as the first marathon went on, with dozens of users spamming fish emotes and sending desperate messages such as "WE'RE STARVING" and "FATHER WE HAVEN'T BEEN FED IN DAYS".note 
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    • Whenever a live animal would appear on camera, several chatters would inevitably mention that "that (insert animal here) is dead now."
    • Chanting "X Gon Give It to Ya" everytime X the Owl is mentioned.
    • Anytime Lady Aberlin appears. See Ms. Fanservice on the YMMV page.
    • "R O Y A L W O R D", "G R E E T I N G S" or some variation of the two every time the Twitch Greetings bumper played (which was after every episode in the 2017 marathon).
      • Also occurred during the actual episode that the "greetings" scene was in, prompting chat to go absolutely nuts.
    • "4K quality" whenever Picture Picture shows a film. Seemed to die out once they moved to VHS tapes, since VHS is decidedly not 4K.
    • Darude - Sandstorm coming up in chat every time a musical instrument appears in the show, likely stemming from the Ask a Stupid Question... meme. Equally frequent is the Lynyrd Skynyrd classic Freebird coming up.
    • "Get in the Ram, kids" or a variant of it every time Mr. Rogers travels to a different location in the neighborhood.
    • "T H I S", a Who's on First? type joke from the funding credits ("The people who give the money to make Mister Rogers' Neighborhood are the people of...this, and other public television stations...") where people pretend to thank a PBS station literally called "This".
    • At the start of each episode the Twitch chat would often bet on what color of cardigan sweater Mister Rogers would wear.
    • KING FRIDAY IS A DESPOT/TYRANT/FASCIST whenever strange edicts are issued (such as "Everyone must wear purple gloves" or banning all yo-yos).
    • 2 GENDERS and BINARY whenever he would mention that girls grow up to be women and boys grow up to be men in said song. This would inevitably lead to TRIGGERED appearing in the chat along with claims that Tumblr is pissed/wrong/going to riot.
    • Memes from the "Garden of your Mind" remix:
      • The slide whistle solo segment, accompanied by comments such as "S O L O" and "RAP GOD" note .
      • "I didn't order any X!" based on the line that precedes the solo ("I didn't order any whistles!")
      • "CAT'S EEEEEYES" and many cat emotes during the line "Did you ever see a cat's eyes in the dark and wonder what they were?"
  • The 2018 90th Birthday Marathon stream saw the return of many of the 2017 memes, plus several new ones:
    • "PBS was THIS all along!": A new meme, that followed up on the 2017 "T H I S" meme. It briefly popped up during the early part of the stream (during the 90-best episodes), when the 1989 "This is PBS" glass-layer vanity plate finally got noticed by the chat. The PBS logo in question was often plastered over older logos on TV reruns at the time.
    • Mishearing Sears-Roebuck Foundation as Sears-Robot Foundation and spamming robot emoticons in chat when said foundation was mentioned.
    • THE VOID: The 2018 90th Birthday Marathon suffered a 9-hour outage several days into the stream, on March 27. Strange ambient sci-fi music began to play on a black screen until the stream resumed in the morning. Chat jokingly suggested that they've been sucked into the void. Even after the stream resumed, some people in chat kept fearing that the outage will reoccur and will start talking/joking about it around the time the original occurred (at midnight Pacific Daylight Time). Granted though, things were a mess after the outage as episodes were repeated, then skipped over (which angered a number of viewers) and finally adjusted so the skipped episodes were shown, which does give chat a reason to worry about another outage occurring.
      • X the Owl and his tree were often associated with the Void through frequent use of the X emoticon, which is exclusive to subscribers of the Twitch account.
      • Another blackout happened at 4:20 am Pacific Daylight Time on April 8, causing the Void jokes to flare up again. This time the screen was silent and lasted only a half hour— the length of an episode, but none were skipped, at least not immediately.
  • Memetic Badass:
    The fight raged on for a century
    Many lives were claimed, but eventually
    The champion stood, the rest saw their better:
    Mr. Rogers in a blood-stained sweater
  • A persistent Urban Legend (of the Glurge variety) holds that a pair of thieves stole Mr. Rogers' car, realized who the victim was, and returned it.

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