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Here's where you can find the theories on RWBY settings and plot. Make sure to put your theories in the folders they fit best.

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The other kingdoms will represent different regions of the world IRL
Vale thus far encompasses stories in, of, and by authors from Europe/Asia. There will be kingdoms that represent the Americas, Africa, etc. (perhaps Australia and Greenland).
  • Vacuo seems to be located in a desert region (possibly Mistral) and may combine Asia and Africa
  • Confirmed in World of Remnant; Vale's reminiscent of mainland Europe, with Mistral clearly the expy for East Asia, Vacuo as the Middle East and Northern Africa, Atlas as America with a hint of Germany and Scandinavia, and Menagerie as the counterpart to Australia. The Fridge/RWBY page has more information on this.

There will be a forest representative of the Summer season
So far, we know of Forever Fall from the Black Trailer, the Snowy Forest from the Red Trailer, and the Emerald Forest from the Initiation. The seasons must have balance.
  • They will call it the Forest of Yellowbrick.
  • Maybe the Yellowbrick Desert...

The RWBY world revolves around magic.
If the assumption that Ruby's (and possibly Adam's) use of rose petals is some kind of magic is correct, then that makes Blake the only character introduced so far who has displayed no magical abilities. And the lyrics of her song suggest that she is some kind of outcast. It could be that magic ability is prized in the RWBY universe, or even the norm, and the inability to use it limits one's social standing. (It should also be noted that this would make Blake the group's Badass Normal, given that she's still rather powerful).
  • The word is dust, not magic. It powers everything in the universe, from the weapons to huge airships. It also seems to have been monopolized by the Schnee Dust Company...
    • How much is Dust, and how much is Aura? Pyrrha said all the hunters' tools and equipment are conduits for Aura.

Something happened to the moon.
When we see it in the Red Trailer it's full,in Black it seems there are pieces of it scattered...Could it mean something?
  • Ruby shot the moon with hundreds of her mini-blackhole bullets.
  • "Oh, you know... phases and shit" -Monty on the RT Podcast.
  • According to the Yellow trailer there are two moons, one of which is broken. Maybe RWBY are trying to keep the other one intact?
  • What this troper finds weird is how gravity doesn't affect those fragments. (Specifically, how, at the moment of fragmentation, did they not just immediately crash into the still-intact moon.) Then again, if weapons defy and outright not give a fuck about physics already in this universe, why not an entire celestial body?
  • The moon used to be tide-locked (only one side faced the planet) and whole like ours is, but an extremely powerful blast shattered part of it and changed its rotation. This give it different phases in which it appears to shatter and come back together.
    • So the fragments are not affected by the larger body's gravitational pull, but that of the planet's? Then why haven't they become meteorites yet?
  • Maybe Korosensei destroyed the moon?
  • Maybe it's not actually broken. Maybe only chunks of one side are actually reflective.
  • Maybe Doctor Eggman shot it?

The moons will be very important at some point.
Each girl gets a defined shot with the moon behind them, plus the fact that one is destroyed and another intact means at some point something is going to show up involving them.
  • Monty was asked about the significance of the moon on the RT Podcast, and he responded by saying the apparent "destruction" of it is actually just moon phases. However, he has been known to have some minor Trolling Creator tendencies, so I'm not ready to say that this is Jossed.
    • Yellow trailer shows a shattered moon, so...
    • Our moon has phases due to the difference in position between the Earth, Sun and Moon, showing different faces as the part that reflects light is more or less visible from the Earth. So maybe Monty was pointing out that only a portion of the moon is destroyed, and that it's only visible during certain phases?

The moon is the origin of Dust
The moon has been symbolic since day one, and displays many interesting properties that you wouldn't expect to see from a normal moon.

  • 1. The moon is literally broken. There are large fragments of the moon that float around it, but never fall down to Remnant as meteors or crash back into each other as they were pulled towards a common center of mass.
  • 2. Despite this, the moon exhibits "phases", sometimes appearing whole, sometimes half-broken, and sometimes almost completely broken on multiple occasions, in no particular order (i.e. the moon isn't steadily breaking up, it can appear more whole at times that clearly take place after it was less whole.)

The phases can be explained simply, if we assume that the moon isn't tidally locked to Remnant like our moon is locked to us. For instance,let's assume that, in reality, half the moon is broken apart. Rather than phases we're used to (caused by the Earth's shadow on the moon), Remnant's moon rotates in relation to Remnant, sometimes showing it's entirely whole side to the planet and at other times showing it's mostly broken side. Assuming the fragments all revolve around a common central axis with the rest of the moon, this would effectively give the illusion of the moon appearing more or less broken up as it rotated.

However, that still doesn't explain why the fragments of the moon haven't gravitated towards a center of mass, either the broken moon's or Remnant's. That's where this guess comes in.

We know that dust has the ability to make things levitate. Both with the airships and the Vytal Stadium revealed in the latest World of Remnant video (neither of these technologies have been directly confirmed to use dust, but it's stated elsewhere that Dust is the basis for all forms of technology). Let's assume this could, theoretically, occur naturally, with something like dust crystals enabling the rocks they're embedded in to float or otherwise give them the energy needed to defy gravity to that extent. What if that's what the fragments of the moon are? Giant dust-infused rocks that push against the gravity of the moon's center of mass?

But it gets worse.

Our Earth moon became... well... a moon when it crashed into our planet, leaving behind a bit of itself (and when I say a bit of itself, I mean a significant portion of it's surface) here on Earth. Then it kind of tumbled off and stuck itself in a stable orbit around the planet. Well, what if that's how Remnant got it's moon? What if some giant space-faring rock carrying all the Dust ever known to mankind smashed into the planet violently while it was young and left a significant amount of that Dust on Remnant. What if whatever happened to the moon to make it fragment like we see it was from some sort of Dust-based explosion (I mean RWBY Dust, not like an ACTUAL dust explosion, of course) caused by... something someone did in the Great War literally blew the moon apart. This would explain the moon's strange behavior AND the moon's heavy symbolism throughout the series, literally being the source of mankind's hope.

The Dust could have come from the bits of the broken moon raining down onto Remnant shown near the beginning of Volume 6.

Trailers take place after the series begins.
Black seems to be a prequel, but it might not be. Red trailer is nothing but Ruby showing her scythe off, so it may or may not be in the timeline somewhere. Weiss does not appear to have her scar from her trailer in the first episode. Yellow might well take place before or after the beginning. It is thus possible that all of them take place after episode 1.
  • Weiss does have her scar in her debut episode. It may be a bit tricky to notice, but it is visible when the video is paused.
    • Ah. Yes you are correct. White's trailer seems to just be about her past, Ruby's may not mean anything, Black appears to be a prequel and Yellow is still completely unknown.
      • Weiss mentions that Yang blew up a club as of the second episode of Volume 2.
      • And Yang comes to see Junior again in episode 4, explicitly showing that "Yellow" previously happened.

Dust comes from the moon.
Either chunks of it broke/were blown off and fell to Earth (well not Earth, but you know what I mean), or it looks the way it does because it's been steadily eroded from some sort of lunar mining operation (given the airships, tablet/mobile phones and Impossibly Cool Weapons a space program's not that farfetched). This would, of course, make it Moon Dust.
  • Dust doesn't work outside space. Ozpin mentioned in World of Remnant: Dust that there was never a space programme.

Humans are not native to Vytal.
The faunus are clearly targets of Fantastic Racism, but not the types one typically sees. They are indeed treated as lesser beings and given terrible jobs, but the way the Schnee corporation treats them sounds less like an evil slave-driver and more like an evil Wal-Mart. Moreover, for much of their recent history, they were confined to the Menagerie. This heavily-enforced, seemingly-non-slavery-including isolation is odd...but it is reminiscent of two prominent real-world cases of racism: Apartheid in South Africa, and more precisely various reservations of Native Americans. Moreover, the number of faunus in the general population is remarkably low; there are only a handful of them in all of Beacon, and the only ones we see elsewhere are Sun Wukong and members of the White Fang. Why is this?If humans spread from other continents to Vytal, this can be explained rather easily. They came to Vytal; warfare and disease wiped out most of the natuve faunus, with the rest being corralled in the Menagerie. They took the tools the humans brought with them and managed to fight back (much like how Native Americans were much less defenseless against Europeans once they adopted their firearms and horses), which lead them to being nominally equal citizens of Vale. However, they're still treated as subhuman by many, and there are still open sores from the war; thus, most still stick to the Menagerie and surrounding areas.

The Grimm are aliens that lived in the moon. Something shattered it, and they all fell out and down to Earth. They saw the native Earthlings as pests, and tried to wipe them out.

Robots forced a stale-mate with the Faunus.
The Faunus were winning up to a point; they had gotten out of the exile in Menagerie; but as they started pushing back; mass-produced robots started to win major victories on the field for humans. The problem is, a robot army is _expensive_ (they consume dust at an incredible rate) and can't just be sent everywhere. By this time, some Faunus families immigrated away from Menagerie; and the White Fang started doing smaller, guerrilla terrorist actions; each too small and quick to send a squad to respond.
  • The Schnee family provided the dust that the robots run on; making them a major target for the White Fang, in addition to their mining.

Vacuo has had a crackdown on the White Fang or Faunus in general
Sun left Vacuo at some point, despite clearly being proud of coming from there, and is bitter about the WF getting other faunus lumped in with them (as Weiss demonstrated; Faunus + criminal = White Fang for most people). Tukson was planning to flee there, so the WF presumably have less influence than elsewhere (and since his animal feature's retractable claws, he can pass for a human and wouldn't need to worry about anti-Faunus discrimination).
  • Jossed. Out of everywhere in the world of Remnant besides Menagerie, it seems Vacuo has the least anti-Faunus discrimination. Though, that may indicate that the White Fang has very little influence in Vacuo, since there is very little racial tension in Vacuo.

Things on Remnant are even worse than we've been led to believe from the opening narration.
Bad enough that they're using child soldiers to fight the Grimm. Much like in Attack on Titan, it may be because they simply don't have enough adults to conscript and train. Atlas using mech armies commanded by humans in Mini-Mecha seems to only further support this. Humankind and the faunus might've bounced back, but they're still on the brink and the Breach might have been the moment the Goliaths were waiting for to make a push to wipe humans and faunus off the map.

Beacon stands where the old wizard's hut once stood.
When we're first introduced to the hut, we're told it's in a great forest, near a great river, and we see a mountain range in the distance. When we were first introduced to Beacon, we see that it is surrounded by forest, near a great river and there's a mountain range in the distance behind it.

Beacon Tower houses some kind of advanced technology that Ozpin uses to control the kingdom.
Before facing Cinder, the last thing Ozpin says to Pyrrha is, "The tower cannot fall!" This implies there's something special about Beacon Tower aside from being a mere building, school, and symbol of the kingdom's prosperity. Ozpin's namesake, the Wizard of Oz, was revealed to be just a man behind the curtain using technology and trickery to make himself appear as a more impressive ruler. What if Ozpin is doing the same, and using Beacon Tower for something just as grand and false?
  • Beacon is one of the four main CCT towers. If one of the main towers goes down, global communications goes with it.

The continents are shaped like dragons for a reason.
As Battle of Beacon shows, there's a HUGE dragon Grimm living INSIDE Mountain Glenn. That could very well mean the continents have more, bigger, dragon Grimm underneath.
  • Jossed. Monty was asked if there's a reason behind the dragon-shaped continents. Monty denied this and stated the origin of the geography is as random as a dirty napkin. Literally.

The Great War
Ozpin explains that, in the Great War, individual freedoms and artistic expression were among the things at stake, which led to the Color Naming Rule used for the vast majority of the characters. However, this wasn't simply some Bonfire of the Vanities style religious fanaticism at work, but rather a result of overzealous pragmatism. Art is meant to evoke emotions, but not all artwork is meant to evoke positive emotions. Think about how different things must be on Remnant. Are there horror films or any form of entertainment based around the evocation of fear? In a setting where negative emotions, especially fear, summon swarms of man-eating monsters out of the woodwork, how would such a form of entertainment and its fans be viewed? They could be perceived as deviants at best and an active threat to the community at worst. Proactive authorities wanting to prevent Grimm attacks would naturally be moved to censor such forms of entertainment to protect their communities. However, art is subjective and even a piece meant to inspire positive emotions can incite negative ones in the wrong people. Where do they draw the line? At some point, certain people in power must have thought that the only way to keep the people safe was to stamp down artistic expression entirely in order to avoid any risk of drawing the Grimm. Other groups opposed this, conflict erupted and the Great War began.
  • Confirmed in the Wo R episode on the Great War. After a Grimm attack on a lucrative shipping line, Mantle decreed that art and self-expression needed to be suppressed in order to prevent Grimm attacks. Mistral, with whom Atlas were trading with, agreed and enforced the same ban in spite of its rich artistic culture. Vale had beef with this and other things the two allies had been doing (slave labour and so on), but it didn't spark the war. What did was the colonisation of Sanus's eastern shores by Mistral; Vale had already settled the area, a riot between the two bands of settlers erupted and it escalated into war, with Vacuo siding with Vale because they feared being conquered after Vale fell.

Remnant is Earth after some kind of apocalypse.
The name 'Remnant' implies that the world is a remnant of something. In addition, Ruby wears crosses, suggesting that some form of Christianity exists in this world (though, of course, it could just look cool, or mean something completely different in this world). Combine this with the moon being shattered to pieces, and things get suspicious.

As for what happened, it was probably the result of a combination of a massive natural disaster (namely, the moon shattering—that second moon might have slammed into the first one, or have resulted from an impact with some large object, which would not be good for Earth) and the ensuing global chaos. Clearly, authoritarian governments without a bickering congress would have an advantage after an apocalypse, hence the Great War and implied return to monarchy (the four nations being called kingdoms). And if any human society still had technology intact, it would probably be working on a lot of projects to get things back to normal (mostly genetic engineering), some more successful than others, resulting in Grimm, aura, the Faunus, etc. The impossible contintential structure is harder to justify, but it might be a result of the changes to the Earth following the lunar impact (debris hitting the earth, messed-up tides and so on).

The Grimm and light creatures are symmetrical
Just as humans see Grimm as mindless monochrome monsters, Grimm see humans, Faunus and animals, all creatures with auras, as monochrome, mostly white, mindless monsters who react to them with hostility. Some of them, the Huntsmen and Huntresses, are especially dangerous and aggressive. Grimm have auras with dark hues, but can not perceive the light auras, just like humans can notperceive the dark auras of the Grimm.

Remnant is a slightly-lower-gravity Lost Colony.
The characters are canonically taller than the average real human, they use gun recoil as propulsion, and wield some impressively large weapons even considering that. There does seem to be a degree of schizotech, as well—possibly explained by the Grimm destroying the original colony's infrastructure and the discovery of magic/dust.

Dust is made of people
Think about it. Dust is a form of alchemy that allows humans to cast spells using pre-programmed magic runes that normalize the effects. Humans / Faunus in Remnant can use their Aura as energy to trigger a superpower spell, known as a Semblance. If Dust is mined from crystals in the earth, and Remnant (as the name implies) suffered an apocalypse that buried millions of Semblance-equipped people alive, is it possible that their corpses crystallized over time into Dust much like compressed organic matter eventually decomposes into oil?

The world of Remnant is an MMORPG
The shades in Volume 1, representing people that the team didn't have the time or resources to design and animate, are the same default shadows that you get in many an MMORPG if your game is suffering massive lag and all the character data for other players isn't fully downloaded. An endless horde of monsters for a few legendary heroines with eccentric weapons and costumes just screams MMORPG, anyway.

Dust is derived from the Remnant's version of the Lifestream.
Dust is based on Materia from FFVII, so the comparison may extend to it being mined from the planet's life force/afterlife. This would make President Schnee based on President Shinra. The narrator says that using Dust "will ultimately change the world of Remnant" which could mean a number of negative things.

Dust is a finite resource and cutting it's supply would lead to chaos
The only way that uncut Dust crystals is obtained is through mining. Do you see any other sources for Dust? This might have some parallel to real life resources such as oil.

The relic of knowledge might be opposite of relic of choice
  • It might be a relic of precognition and future sight robing one of free will.

Remnant may have aura of it's own
Probably why dust fails after a certain altitude

The relics may corespond to the items fairy tales asociated with team RWBY
  • Weiss gets a mirror representing knowlege (Snow White)

  • Yang gets 3 Bowls representing Choice (Goldilocks).
    • alternatively her song

  • Blake gets a rotting flower representing Destruction in the form of decay (Beauty and the Beast )

  • Ruby gets a bountiful cornucopia basket representing Creation (red riding hood)
    • None of the team are associated with those particular seasons though. If anything;
  • Yang = Summer/Destruction (she burns hot, is an aggressive fighter),
  • Weiss = Winter/Creation (obvious Ice Queen themes aside, she is also a summoner, which fits with creation),
  • Ruby = Spring/Knowledge (she is much like the original Maiden from the fairytale, being the youngest and hardest working to actively make the world better, and the loss of innocence by gaining knowledge of the harshness of the world is likely to affect her more as the story progresses) and;
  • Blake = Fall/Choice (her aloof personality is similar to the original Maidens and more than any other character Blake is defined by her choices (choosing to stay with the White Fang once they turned to violence, choosing to run away from her problems whilst also wrestling with her desire to help and protect people, she walks the line of light and dark more than anyone, which lines up with the Relics purpose of choosing which path to walk)).

The seasons relates to the settings of each volume, and sets the pacing for the plot
Much like in Avatar;The Last Airbender and its books, RWBY will follow a similar pattern to its story.

Each of the kingdoms represents a season. Atlas and Vacuo are located in icy tundra and desert, respectively, representing winter and summer. Vale and Mistral represent autumn and spring. Vale has a nearby forest called Forever Fall, and in the World of Remnant short Qrow talks about the people of Mistral having a great respect for nature and life, implying spring. These are also the locations of the relics and their associated Maidens, with the Spring/Knowledge vault confirmed to be under Haven in Mistral. The first three volumes were set in Vale, and represented the first three months of the school year, ie, fall. They also dealt with the then Big Bad Cinder, the Fall Maiden.

The next two, possibly three, volumes were set in and around Mistral, or focused on the group re-uniting in Mistral, in the spring time (team RNJR were travelling across Anima for an unknown number of months, but since we saw the time skip over winter at the end of volume three, it must be at least spring by the start volume 4). These two, possibly three, volumes also introduced us to the Spring Maiden.

This implies that the next major story arc will take place in the summer, and possibly take the group to Vacuo, introducing us to the Summer Maiden. The story may then take another time skip over fall of that year, starting the next volume off in winter time, in Atlas, where we will see the Winter Maiden.

Alternatively we will take a much bigger time skip from spring to winter, and then from winter to summer, but that covers a much longer time period between story arcs.

Each of these arcs will likely be either 2 or 3 volumes in length, taking the series up to at least volume 9, possibly 12.

Remnant is Earth, thousands of years after a nuclear war.
In the distant past, the United States and Russia engaged in a global nuclear war that cast civilization into ruin.

Now, thousands of years later, mankind has re-established some form of civilization, limited to a single continent that doesn't resemble any known continent because all of those groundbursts played havoc with the tectonic plates.

As for the so-called "magic", there is none. Dust, Aura, and Semblences are all postwar Weird Science. The Grimm are actually animals that have been heavily mutated by radiation. The story of the two brothers and the Four Maidens are myths passed down over thousands of years since, without the Catholic church, creationism was widely accepted while evolution was rejected as pagan propaganda. Of course, Christianity still exists since Ruby and Qrow have crosses on their persons, but it's mainly because many feel the Grimm are Satanic entities (nobody's actually taken the time to study Grimm biology).

The faunus were not the result of radioactive mutation, but gene-splicing to create humans who could survive in harsher environments. This project was destroyed by the last gasp of fascism, and soon, the faunus became an oppressed minority.

The landmasses we see in the series are the only ones inhabited by humans. All the other continents and islands are either infested with Grimm or have been reclaimed by nature. Nobody's tried sending out expeditions because they're too busy either fighting Salem or amongst themselves.

As for the shattered moon? At some point after the war, Apophis collided with the moon, which forever changed Earth's geography. If you look closely at a map of Remnant, you can see alot of similarities with Earth's continents, so it stands to reason that, after the moon was destroyed, the tides changed, and areas that were once underwater became new landmasses, and vice-versa. It's also likely that large chunks of the moon impacted Earth; for example: Lake Matsu in Anima is a massive crater formed by one of these impacts.

Remnant is an isolated human colony in the Halo/RVB-verse.
The Grimm are the native life, stripped of sapience by humans killing them early in their long lifecycle, with even those who live long enough to gain it (such as the goliaths outside Mountain Glenn) now being the equivalent of grown feral children. Salem is the last survivor of what the Grimm once were. Aura and semblance are products of advanced bioengineering intended to combat the Grimm, which is why aura and Grimm are incompatible. (The Faunus, of course, are also bioengineered, possibly a supersoldier program predating the colony, with some colonists happening to be from that program.) The maidens are the remains of a botched attempt at an apprenticeship-based Amazon Brigade. The slaughter of the Grimm, and the in-fighting that followed, left the colonists disillusioned with humanity, and they took great pains to replace their true history with fairy tales, even giving a romantic cause to the Great War, in reality the same sort of conflagration of petty factionalism as... well, most wars, in particular its namesake. Ozpin is an AI projection given false memories to advance these tales.

Originally thought lost, the rest of humanity have rediscovered the colony and, seeing how far they've come in their isolation, and how thorough their isolation has become, have decided it makes an interesting case study and banned breaking their isolation. The... odd system of "huntsmen" and "huntresses," especially their training, is a source of particular fascination, and this is what Dylan's boss wanted her to cover (from orbit, of course).

The Brother Gods aren't the only gods around.
As of V 6 E 3, the brother gods are revealed to take forms akin to eastern and western dragons. Two of the continents on Remnant have been noted to be shaped like eastern and western dragons. But that still leaves a number of undefined landmasses; they could just be natural, but both Menagerie and Solitas look like the vague outlines of something.

Dinosaurs are a thing
In certain "Just for fun" pics Monty himself made, there's a recurring velociraptor that shows up- the RWB Ysaurus. What if dinosaurs are a living species on Remnant? While there's no definitive proof, the series does have "Rapier Wasps", which are probably not normal bugs, so other unusual animals could be possible. And RWBY runs on Rule of Cool, and what's cooler than dinosaurs?


    Volume 1 

The trailers all occur on the same night as the first episode.
When Roman shows up at From Dust to Dawn, he complains about how hard it is to find a dust shop open that late, which would imply he hasn't planned this in advance. Given he was speaking to Junior in the Yellow trailer (and uses his mooks), it makes sense that he hired them and set off to do some heistin' on the spot at once (otherwise he could have checked the opening times). Ruby (a schoolgirl) is out pretty late...why would that be? Given Yang was out on a mission of some sort, perhaps Ruby took the time to visit the gravesite and had just got back into town at the end of the Yellow trailer. As for Roman's poor planning; what could force his hand, and for that matter, why might a shop decide to stay open that late? This could be explained by an incoming shipment of dust. If Roman knew that the next shipment of dust was going to be blown up (Cinder could easily have had something to do with Blake and Adam's raid and told him), he might have impulsively decided to grab some while he could (or maybe he agreed to strike out against a Dust store as a good will gesture towards the White Fang), and the shopkeeper kept his shop open so he could get his new stock in before closing up for the night (a train large enough to need two sets of tracks might only be able to travel every so often). Meanwhile, Weiss's father hears about the train job and makes her childhood difficult (this would explain why she mentioned a simple act of sabotage as if it was the worst thing on a list including the murder of family friends). In summary the day could have gone something like this;
  • Yang sets off looking for leads on...whoever she was looking for. With her sister gone, Ruby decides to visit Summer Rose's grave. Blake sits down on a tree stump and broods.
  • Yang spends the day searching for leads and hears that Junior "knows everything".
  • Ruby's battle ends and she heads back to town. Adam and Blake begin their Train Job.
  • Roman hears about the train job (or knew in advance and decided to take advantage of it on a whim) and decides to rob a dust store. He heads to Junior's nightclub to get hold of some mooks.
  • Yang arrives at Junior's club as Roman leaves to rendezvous with the mooks Junior rented him.
  • Ruby meets Yang (as per the end of the Yellow trailer). News of the train job reaches Weiss's father.
  • Mr. Schnee takes out his frustration on his daughter, possibly via making her fight a giant mechanical knightAlternative Theory  Other Alternative Theory 
  • Ruby finds a dust shop that's open late (waiting for a shipment of dust) and decides to see if the new issue of Weapons Magazine's in.
  • Roman and his shiny new goons head towards the shop and the events of episode 1 happen.
"This will be the day", indeed....
  • One very, very minor detail sort of trips this theory up, though: The moons in each trailer and the first episode all show different phases. (Hell, the Yellow trailer shows two!) Unless it rotates really, really fast, it would make it very unlikely for all these to have happened within just one night...
    • Technically there's nothing which indicates that one of Vytal's moon's rotation isn't of a similar or shorter length to the planet's. In fact, far from having to go really fast, it would logically only need to spin at a similar rate to the planet to have a change of phase which lasts one night (accounting for any differences in size).
  • About your seventh point's first theory: The Schnee are apparently wealthy and powerful enough that they can oppress Faunus and mostly survive the White Fang's attacks. And Weiss is their heiress: she'd get the best protection they could allow her. Is it really likely that something so big could attack her indoors, and no-one would notice or care?
  • Jossed. Weiss' scar that's obtained in her trailer is present in the first episode, and Blake's trailer takes place before her defection from the White Fang.

Shit's about to hit the fan.
They delayed episode 15 by a week, and it's going to air on Halloween night. Do the math.
  • If the intent behind this is that the conflict occur on the Halloween episode, then it's jossed. Nothing big happened. Unless you count Blake's blurtage.
  • The big hit came in the season's finale. We learn more about Blake, Penny, Roman, and Cinder. Mostly Blake.
  • And then the cliff hanger... guess we will have to wait till summer of 2014 at the earliest.
  • And they're back and Cinder has moved their operation into Beacon. At this point, I now agree it's safe to say things are about to blow up.

The academy will hold a ball at some point.
There's no real justification for this guess, I just think more Costume Porn would be really cool. Bonus points if said ball is interrupted by a demon attack and all the students have to fight in formal dress.
  • with the international competition held at the school..cough harry potter cough...this is almost a guarantee
  • It happened. And it had Jaune in drag.

RWBY will hold or participate in a concert.
There's already indications that this may happen. Weiss is already shown singing (and her own song, no less), and this picture shows that each team member has their own instrument models. Songs will play out in the style of the Yellow trailer: Ruby sings "Red Like Roses," Weiss follows up with "Mirror, Mirror," Blake sings "From Shadows," and Yang does "I Burn," followed up with a full band effort for "This Will Be the Day."
  • All with just Casey Lee Williams's voice alone? That oughta sound weird. That said, I'd rather hear duets of "Red Like Roses Part II" and "From Shadows". And I wonder who's gonna be the rapper for "I Burn"? And... oh, yeah, Yang singing "Gold" for Ruby would be awesome too. As well as "I May Fall" before "This Will Be the Day".
  • Sort of. It seems (though it may not end up happening) that Weiss will be performing, though it will only be her and not the whole team.

There will be a flashback episode centered around Ozpin's days at Beacon.
And he will be revealed to have been almost exactly like Ruby in terms of personality.

Beacon will fall out of the sky.
Because Monty Oum.
  • Except... Beacon isn't the airship, it's the castle-like structure overlooking the cliff at the end of episode 1 with an emerald beacon.
    • Which doesn't prevent it from falling out of the sky; if it's overlooking the cliff that means it could be forced over it.
      • Or the cliff could be undermined, by, say, the White Fang with some Dust-infused explosives, or a really REALLY big Grimm...

Signal will be destroyed and be a Break the Cutie moment for Ruby Rose.
The full "This Will Be the Day" lyrics and the opening narration both mention how brilliant lights can be snuffed out... and what are the names of different academies? Things like "Beacon" and "Signal" - probable light sources. Hearing that Signal fell to the Grim (or otherwise) and consequently learning (or assuming) that her uncle Qrow was killed will either cause Ruby Rose to either become a Broken Bird or suffer a Heroic BSoD.
  • Well... Beacon definitely was destroyed, though the rest of it hasn't happened. Ruby is hanging in there.

There will, at some point, be a huge Dust explosion.
I mean, epic. Continent destroying. If a single sneeze can make a vial of it explode, imagine what our heroes' guns could do in, say, a factory. Besides, explosions and high action go together like bread and butter.
  • Well, Roman IS stockpiling the stuff...someone rolls a grenade into that warehouse of his and the blast is going to leave one HELL of a crater.
  • Well, it didn't really "make a vial of it explode"; it just caused petty combustion and knocked the rest of the vial away to be retrieved by Blake. Granted, still a potential scenario with the right components, but let's not *Glasses Pull* blow things out of proportion. *cue The Who*
    • It should be noted that Weiss was shaking dust?... with the way she was shaking the vial to punctuate her point...which made a nice fuel-air explosive mixture for the sneeze to trigger.
      • You mean SOOT?

One or several of the named weapons will be broken, and Ruby will have a Forging Scene to fix them.
Bonus points if she upgrades to Ultimate Blacksmith in the process.
  • Well, Yang replaced the gauntlet she lost in Volume 3 with a new one in Volume 4.

The 2nd verse of "This Will Be the Day" is prophetic.
[note]also building on the "Signal will be destroyed" and "The trailers took place after Episode 1" WMGs above[/note]Something bad will happen (most likely being the "Signal being destroyed" theory above), bad enough for the girls to go their separate ways, leading to the events from the trailers, but in a different order (explained by Ruby trying to put the band back together). But nothing will ever be the same again, mostly due to lingering tensions and the fact that this world will face an Apocalypse, or the aforementioned Doomed Hometown theory.
  • The trailers do not take place after Episode 1. Weiss' scar is present from her first in-series appearance.

Either Beacon will be taken over by a hostile, mind-controlling force, or the other students will believe the girls have been.
Or the girls actually will be - this is based on the scene in the intro where the RWBY team is surrounding some sort of pulsating, hovering energy-ball thing - or maybe it's a portal - and they're facing outwards, in defensive positions. Either the Happy Fun Ball is not a threat, or they believe it isn't, and they're protecting it against something or someone who is a threat. When combined with the 'brilliant lights (Beacon?) will cease to burn' bit in the theme song, the implications are a bit...interesting, to say the least, especially if Ozpin is the foreshadowed "man with two souls".
  • Said Happy Fun Ball explodes seconds later. Judging from the facial expressions Ruby makes before it does, team RWBY had no idea it was there until it blew up. And then they attacked it, which means they thought it was hostile.
    • Actually (now that I've watched the rest of the "credits" again), Ruby abruptly turns and slashes at it, causing it to explode; the team then runs at a quite larger SBPT (Swirley Black Portal Thing) that may or may not be a result of the explosion. Given that a moment before they're pretty obviously surrounding it and facing out in defensive positions, surrounded by Grim (pause the video and the red eyes everywhere are obvious),they knew it was there, the question is was it mind-controlling them and Ruby shook it off, or was it a "if we can't keep it, they won't get it" moment.
    • That wasn't a slashing motion. Ruby noticed the ball, saw it was about to explode, and she used Crescent Rose to shield herself from it. I don't think they knew it was there until it blew up. Also, it might be worth noting that one it explodes, every pair of Grimm eyes that used to surround them suddenly vanishes.
      • The thing is, if they previously hadn't known it was there, why were they in a perfect defensive circle around it?
      • Because they were being back to back badasses, and someone threw a black hole grenade in the middle of them.
  • Song now appears to be foreshadowing the soul/aura transfer technology seen in "Fall."

Blake and Weiss will find themselves at the center of the Schnee vs. WF conflict.
Sometime after they make up and reconcile their differences, a future episode will feature the above mentioned conflict. Both girls will be called traitors by their respective sides "for working with the enemy" as the girls try to explain how the conflict isn't so black and white and that a resolution can be reached. Their proof? Both girls have managed to work together on team RWBY, and therefore the Schnee Dust Company and the White Fang can also learn to cooperate by following the girls' example. While the episode may not end with everything magically patched, the girls' actions will cause the conflict to move towards a positive conclusion.

Ozpin and the other Beacon staff spy on students with Crows
They've only ever been shown watching students who are outside and a small, flying Animal Eye Spy would be able to get the wide range of angles (and be innocuous enough that nobody noticed them. "Birdy, no!" could have been foreshadowing.
  • Alternatively, these spycrows are Grimm-sent as a theory goes they are not the mindless beasts we're led to believe they are. This troper has had doubts about these little birds being "actual Grimm" but a subset used for infiltration and reconnaissance sounds plausible.
  • Well, not quite. Qrow is implied to be the crow that keeps appearing, but it doesn't seem like it's under Ozpin's orders.

Yang and Nora will team up at one point.
They're both energetic, outgoing, and more powerful than they look, and their fighting styles rely on overwhelming force, moreso for Nora than Yang. It would be pretty awesome to see them team up against some behemoth Grimm, or a Hate Sink who beats the shit out of both Ruby and Ren and gloats about it. Alternatively, they could just get up to wild hijinks outside of battle.

The show will move in seven-episode cycles
Six episodes of character development/comedy/filler, one episode of fight scene. We'll see in episode fifteen.
  • There was a fight scene in Episode 10.
    • True, but it lasted about 30 seconds and the rest was character development.
      • Jossed as of episode 14, which had a respectable fight one week ahead of schedule.
      • Respectable, yet not epic. Episode 16 contained a fairly epic fight scene.

Team CFVY (minus Velvet) beat the shit out of Team CRDL for bullying Velvet.
The one thing that stopped them from being severely paralysed was Velvet stopping her teammates at the last second, making CRDL somewhat nicer.

Then Nora broke their legs offscreen.

    Volume 2 

Penny will be outed as a robot in the tournament when she takes damage.
Tournament rules use how much energy the combatants auras' have left to determine when one of them has lost. Penny, as a robot, has no aura and this will be exposed when one of the competitors manages to land a hit on her. The blow may or may not hurt her, but the fact that her life bar won't go down will make it clear that she's not human.
  • Actually, Penny can generate aura. She says so in the episode after she stops the truck from squishing Ruby: "I'm the world's first synthetic person capable of generating an aura." Therefore, she should still be able to take damage just as any human could, but she may or may not be able to tank more of it.
  • Like the above commenter says, Penny can generate an aura. But yes, she was outed as a robot in the tournament due to taking damage...
  • Confirmed: Volume 3 episode 9 PvP has Penny's Status as a robot reveled after she is torn in half Pyrrha's semblance

Penny will be accused of cheating.
Alternative to the above, Penny will be accused of rigging the aura-measuring devices.
  • Jossed.

And it is NOT gonna be pretty.

The food fight scene will get a Call-Back in a serious fight.
Ozpin's speech to Glynda after the food fight seems to suggest that the series will become bit more serious in the future. And where the food fight might be funny due of how ridiculous it was, imagine the fight with actual weapons and a serious reasoning for the battle to happen.
  • One possibility is that Ruby fights Pyrrha. As she starts losing, Ruby notices that her swings seem to keep veering just a bit off because she needs both arms to use her scythe, and would feel a pull on both arms and not one like everyone else. Then she remembers Pyrrha's actions with Jaune's shield and the food fight and realizes what's going on, ditching her scythe and just speed-blizting Pyrrha into a wall like in the food fight. Depending on when this happens, this could ruin Pyrrha's reputation as people debate over her actual level of skill: is she the prodigy they think, or is she just good at using a simple trick to supplement average abilities?
  • Well, Ruby definitely won't be fighting Pyrrha.

Volume 2 will be a deconstruction of the first volume.
Similar to Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty, the first Volume will be deconstructed to make it more serious and darker than it's predecessor. It will probably try to explore the characters personalities too Eva style. In terms of personalities, I predict that...
  • Ruby's craziness and personality is a result of her trying to cope with her mother's death, which Red Like Roses II reveals.
  • Weiss' attitude is a result of not being well liked by her parents or friends, and thus she takes out her anger on others.
  • Blake's past as a Faunus will be explored more, and something bad might've happened to her if she was part of a race that many people hate.
  • Yang is actually Ruby's step sister (why else would she have a different last name) and will be asked that question by others in-universe. In terms of personality, she craves battles, and will probably beat up someone rather graphically.
    • Monty confirmed Yang is Ruby's half-sister.
  • Jaune's already a deconstruction of the Butt-Monkey, but maybe he'll get better in his combat skills as the series progresses.
  • Nora has a serious case of ADHD. Why else is she so energetic?
  • Pyrrha's status as The Ace will be deconstructed by showing how hard it is to be that good of a fighter/athlete.
    • Alternatively, Pyrrha's arc in Volume 2 may involve we dealing with how hard it is to be an Achilles.
  • Lie Ren's stoicism will be put to the test when something horrible happens to him and his team, especially Nora.
  • And of course, Volume 2 will probably have blood. The trailer to Volume 2 looked like the heroes were battling humans anyway, so them bleeding would show that this is not the nice and happy, if dark land of RWBY Volume 1 as you remembered. This would also be a reference to Monty Oum's other series, Dead Fantasy, which used blood in the same way as I described it above.
    • Of course, it may not happen, but it would be interesting.

Ruby has already realized who Cinder is.
When Ruby bumped into Cinder at the end of chapter two between the hesitation and the look on her face Ruby has probably already recognized Cinder as her as the woman whom Glynda dueled with from the first episode. At the absolute least there's an awareness that something is amiss.

Jaune will pull an eleventh hour superpower and be the hero of Volume 2
Cinder's dialogue at the end of Extracurricular carries some kind of implication like she has a plot to rob the more capable students like Pyrrha of their powers. In the same episode it's mentioned that Jaune still hasn't found his semblance. It's possible that he'll discover his semblance at the last possible moment and that it will be something powerful enough to turn the entire battle on its head and protect his friends.
  • Well not in Volume 2 sadly (though he DID go all out on an Ursa), but maybe 3?
    • Not Volume 3 either.

Episode Eight will involve an extended fight between Cinder, Emerald and Mercury against the whole of Beacon's student body and the teachers.
It's likely, probable even, that Ruby was able to recognize Cinder as both the witch Glynda fought and as the student from Haven. Cinder pulls off the same bullet block trick as she did in episode one. Additionally, while the room may not be well lit, it was certainly bright enough for Ruby to see Cinder's mask. It's not too had to notice that the long black hair and gold eyes also happen to match up neatly with the girl that Ruby met in the hallways of Beacon. Furthermore, Ruby is a sniper: her eyes have probably been conditioned to be able to assess a local and person rapidly and retain the information. And Ruby got an extended look at Cinder just before the fight. Take into account the fact that Ironwood appeared seconds after Ruby, and it's very likely that Ozpin, the staff, and soon enough the students will know Cinder's real intentions.
  • There's also a meta reason for this: the three act structure. If you examine each episode, you see a basic rising action and falling action format. Episode one had dark beginnings but light hearted action, episode two had no action but heavy drama with Blake's fears and the twist of Cinder and company in Beacon, three was character building with angst with Weiss and drama with Penny, four was basically a vehicle for an enormous mecha fight, five was back to episode two's drama with Blake, Pyrrha and Jaune and action with Pyrrha and CRDL, six was mostly drama (Yang's back story, Blake's own pains, and Jaune's worry about Weiss) and comedy ("Lady stilts", Ren in a towel, Yang and Weiss setting up the dance), seven was drama with Pyrrha's Jaune's Neptune's and Weiss's feelings, comedy with Jaune's dancing a cross dressing, and villainous action with Cinder. All of this built up to episode four, and now it's building up to episode eight, which looks to continue the trend of a heavy action sequence as we transition into the third act of volume two.
  • Jossed.

Ruby and Jaune's lineage will prove to be a central plot point
In the stinger of the Season 2 finale, we see Raven Branwen standing at the statue of the Arc ancestor and his comrade—specifically, she's right under the woman next to Arc. It's fairly obvious at this point that she's related to Ruby and/or Yang. That got me thinking, are there some secrets between the two bloodlines tied to the fate of things we haven't seen yet?
  • Well, Ruby's lineage seems important with the reveal of what silver eyes mean.

Weiss WILL eventually warm up to Jaune... Once Jaune and Pyrrha become a couple
Why? Because this is the exact thing Weiss would do. Once she recognizes that Jaune has something important that Pyrrha has recognized in him, he will become a target for her affections due to her desire to control those with more ability than her. This will probably end badly.
  • Alternatively, they'll become friends because Jaune will finally stop hitting on her (poorly).
  • Jossed, since Pyrrha is dead and Weiss presumably never noticed Pyrrha's crush on Jaune.

    Volume 3 

Future episodes will continue and there will be a nice tribute to Monty Oum
  • Because if Avatar: The Last Airbender can do something for Mako, why not have RWBY do something for Monty! Since Matt Hullum said that the company plans to continue RWBY and that Monty was very open with his co-workers on writing the story all the way out through volume five, the team know what was planned for later episodes. This means more episodes are coming, so there should be a tribute to Monty to honor his memories and the hard work that he put himself through to make RWBY the way it is today.
    • Confirmed.

Season 3 will be Academies vs. Atlas Military vs. White Fang
As of the end of Season 2, Roman is now in the custody of Ironwood and the Atlas Military, Cinder, Mercury and Emerald have the White Fang at their beck-and-call due to having influence on Adam, and the Huntsman Academies students are all at Beacon for the tournament and Vital festival. I'm willing to bet that Roman is either in league with Ironwood, or will spread mistrust through the Atlas Military towards the Academies while in custody, thus causing a '3 faction' dynamic that will either be the focus or a main plot point of the next season.
  • Half-and-half. Cinder hacked the Atlas military force, taking the robotic troops under her control, while Ironwood and the rest of the humans on Atlas' side joined the Academies in their fight against Cinder and the allied White Fang. So it was Academies and Human Atlesians vs. Cinder and her forces(the hijacked Atlas robots and the White fang).

The fact that Jaune has not yet unlocked his semblance is going to be a Spanner in the Works to Cinder's plan to take away the Beacon students' powers.
If Cinder's plan to take away the students' powers requires assessing them first, it's probably not going to be some kind of blanket effect. It's also not unreasonable for her to assume that any student good enough for Beacon will have already discovered their Semblance. Since Jaune has not yet unlocked any powers beyond letting his Aura help him heal, and yet managed to fake his way into Beacon, she's probably working off largely false information about his abilities, and there is a very good chance that whatever she does to the other students won't take for Jaune. The likely result is that while everyone else gets Brought Down to Normal, Jaune will remain empowered or at least not be prevented from unlocking and using his semblance afterwards, which would be a huge Jaune-shaped hole in any plan that involves depowering all the trainee Huntsmen in Beacon at a key moment, especially since it's been more than hinted that Jaune's powers are going to be pretty badass once he comes into them.

Theories on Ruby's friends arriving in the third year of Beacon (so quite a few volumes into the future).
  • Ruby's friends from Signal Academy will turn up as first-years, leading to Ruby having to balance time between her team and her friends, which might lead to some conflicts. Either that or she finds that though they're still friends, the two year gap between her and them means they aren't as close as they used to be.

Also to do with the third year, though in this instance about the next Vytal Festival.
  • The 41st Vytal Festival will be held in the home nation of a previous introduced important character, such as Sun Wukong's.
    • Also, if we include the above bit about Ruby's friends, Team RWBY don't go over to the tournament until much closer to the festival (so late 2nd semester/going into the 3rd semester (unless Volume 3 isn't in the third semester), in order to give time for drama to play out.

Cinder and her group are going to destroy the Amity Colosseum to trigger another war.
  • It's been revealed that Cinder has not only hacked the tournament match-ups, but Ironwood's Scroll. It could give her access to the tournament's defenses - the fleet of armed airships, robot soldiers, and Penny - and turn it against them. The Amity Colosseum is a gigantic structure floating over Vale. Just imagine what would happen if it crashed...
  • Yes and no. While Cinder definitely hacked the robotic soldiers and turned them against the civilians and students to attract Grimm, her immediate goal was to reach Amber in the ensuing chaos.

Cinder was planning on Team NDGO winning.
Now that we know Cinder’s been controlling the match-ups and the arena for each round, it’s clear that she’s been skewing the fights in a certain team’s favor. (Weiss having Ice, Nora having Electricity.) Considering how much Cinder seems to know about the people around her, it wouldn’t be unreasonable to think she would have knowledge of Neptune’s fear of water, and she gave NDGO an edge on top of that by giving them the Desert biome. (“Alright, home-field advantage!”) With all this in mind, it seems like Cinder intended for Team NDGO to be the victor, but Team SSSN ended up winning against the odds. This may lead to them becoming Spanners in the Works.

Alternatively to the above, Cinder’s plan would have the same result whether Team SSSN or Team NDGO won.
True, the two biomes chosen for their fight give NDGO an advantage, but Sun has spent plenty of time in the desert as well (“Don’t get too cocky! That’s my turf too!”) and Neptune has an electric weapon, which is how Team SSSN won. Maybe Cinder didn’t care who won either way and gave each team clear advantages and disadvantages with the two chosen biomes for a more interesting fight.

Gernal Ironwood is The Mole and working for Cinder.
If you read the Freeze-Frame Bonus entry on his page, you know that Ironwood's scroll flashed Cinder's Queen symbol just as he took it off the headmaster's computer/desk, and when we see Cinder plotting with her cronies, her scroll show's Ironwood's picture and now has access into the Vytal festival's operating systems. This was all Ironwood's doing, taking advantage of the position he's in to give Cinder a further edge. And not just for the above. Thanks to Roman's machinations in Volume 2, the Council has taken a large portion of power from Ozpin and gave it to Ironwood, and more alarmingly, to Cinder. It will eventually come to a head where Beacon faces its Darkest Hour and Ironwood shows his true allegiance.
  • Or Cinder's virus was already in the school's system, as it was put there last season during the dance, and Ironwood connecting his scroll to Ozpin's desk which is part of the school's network allowed Cinder's virus to transfer to it and give her a new access point.
  • Ironwood is just a rube who needs to get a better Scroll password.
  • Seems jossed. Ironwood really did just have his system hacked.

The character arcs:
Vol. 1: Weiss gets over herself, Blake reveals her past with the White Fang, Jaune deals with the fallout from his transcripts being faked.

Vol. 2: Blake learns that she can't do everything herself, Yang reveals that she almost got Ruby and herself killed, Pyrrha opens up and reveals that she was put on a pedestal.

Vol. 3: Ruby learns that Qrow isn't the hero she thought, Weiss reveals her history with Winter, Nora stops being a Stepford Smiler (either becoming truly happy or expressing what she's hiding).

Vol. 4: Yang finds something worth fighting for, Ruby reveals the circumstances of Summer's death, Ren grows somehow.

What the crowd saw at the end of the Yang/Mercury fight was 'reality', what Yang saw was the illusion
Instead of trying to alter camera records and the view of everyone in attendence, instead the illusion was centered on Yang. She thought she was being attacked, but instead she fired on the unmoving Mercury, giving them damning evidence.
  • Wait, there are people who think it is the other way around? How would that work? Sure, you could alter the camera feeds, but how would you make the crowd see what was on screen?
  • The one illusionist (Neo) we've seen can create pretty large illusions (the one in Painting the Town was large enough to cover Neo and Roman's escape to an aircraft some distance away) that seem to have a solid element to them, so Neo's illusions probably aren't limited by the scale of the audience that can see them, but just the distance the illusion has to cover - meaning all she'd have to do is create an illusion around the arena as the fight ended and dispel it once the intended effect was achieved. This would also avoid complications, as the last time Yang punched an illusion, it shattered quite spectacularly, not to mention that making an illusion that only Yang could see would be incredibly complex to set up in a way that wouldn't be picked up in some manner by the cameras, either as a weird reflection or something else.
    • Yang's movements as the fight ends also don't entirely match up with what the replay shows, as we see her exiting the arena in a straight line before whipping around to defend herself, whilst in the replay she walks a curved path around Mercury before hitting him. Also if what Yang saw was the illusion, then the illusion would have to have been cast earlier in the fight for Mercury to be alongside her when she whips around, meaning the audience would've seen Yang randomly unloading moves at nothing for a good while towards the end.
  • Confirmed. The actual fight happened, and Emerald. who can manipulate people's perception, made Yang think that Mercury attacked her right at the very end. Also, Mercury's leg isn't really broken, Season 3 Episode 7 revealed that he has cybernetic legs.
    • Debatable; the only time we definitely know Emerald uses an illusion, in episodes 4 and 7, is when she's close by the target, which she couldn't have been for Yang, as Yang and Merc were center stage. Additionally, from how we saw her illusions work, this would put Mercury at an unnecessary risk of genuine injury, as there's no guarantee that where Yang would attempt to hit the illusion is where Mercury's leg is going to be (and as mentioned above, the footage still doesn't line up). This, in addition to the significance given to Cinder's comment about Neo at the end of the ambulance scene, implies that Neo had some involvement in what went on on-stage (there's some build up and Neo isn't even hinted to be there until the end, if all she'd done was stolen the ambulance there'd be no need for that), which would put Mercury at less risk as well - her illusions are physical structures that would surround the stage, showing the world Mercury being attacked for no reason, while Mercury could ensure that Yang would hit him where she needs to by actually attacking her. Emerald's part in this plan seemed to be on the two medics (which is why she's there almost immediately), to make them see Mercury's bleeding knee until they can get him to the ambulance.

The Identity of the Maidens is an Open Secret.

This one is simple we were told basically straight out who they are. They take their season as part of their name, but due to the fact that the story is considered a fairy tail, no one would believe they are who they say they are even when introduced. This would of course mean that Winter Schnee is the Winter Maiden, Cinder Fall is the one who stole the Autumn Maiden's Powers (Her full name is probably Amber Fall or something like it), Summer Rose is the previous Summer Maiden. (Probably meaning that Ruby is the current one if Red Like Roses would imply that the person that Summer thought about was Ruby.) The only one we haven't seen is Spring.

And the next Summer Maiden is...

Yang. Yes, if we go by the guess that Summer Rose was the previous Summer Maiden, then Ruby as her biological daughter makes more sense... BUT!

Yang has more sun motifs in my opinion—between the fire element, her golden hair, her sunny disposition... plus we've also been told that the powers of the maidens are straight up separate from semblance or dust ability. Yang has just been "seen" to break the rules of engagement in a friendly tournament. It isn't beyond belief that some sort of punishment may be in order, such as confiscation of her dust weapons or some sort of power nullifier depending on how badly they take it, or how badly the situation spirals out of control. What if she assumes/awakens the mantle to power up?

  • Adding to this. Yang got it when Summer Rose died. Her last thought was...."Take Care of Ruby....*Yang*...."

The Callus old man from the four seasons story will be revealed to be ether the true villain of the series or at lest some kind of humanoid abomination.

surprised no one is at all curious about the character in the supposablely true story about an old man who gives four women unimaginable magic powers. Something that no other character in the series apart from them have.

Since the maidens themselves are real that likly means that:

1. this character is real as well.

2. this character was capable of empowering four people to be strong enough to basically become the embodiment of the season, and this is not likely human.

3.he likely possesses similar powers.

4.he may be still alive as he might not even be human- since human didn't have magic before him only dust.

Someone like that would completely be capable of giving Cinder what she needs to steal a maiden's power, and would seem like the only character the cinder might work for. added to that roosterteeth seem to enjoy playing down the importance of character un till they reveille it. ex Cinder is season 1, Adam and Raven season 2.

as for a motivation to have cinder steal the powers for him, and not say empowering cinder himself. well he might not have expected the maidens to pass down their powers when they died. He might have expected to get what he had given back eventually, if he really is a immortal of sorts then a few decades aren't so much to him. But however many hundreds of years since then might have worn down his patience. this might have made him more reluctant to empower Cinder in case she decided to take the power and run.

  • I was thinking the same thing, but I was honestly afraid to post anything because I felt like I might be ruining a big reveal if it was true. But since someone else has put this here anyway, I think I’ll go ahead and offer my thoughts on what his motivations might be. Like Ozpin and his group, the man from the story also knows that if the Maidens were ever revealed to the public, it would cause an uproar. He initially trusted that the Maidens would keep their promise to share their gifts with the people of Remnant, but now that they have to be kept a secret aside from a few individuals, there’s no real way for them to do so. As such, the once-callous old man has decided to take the powers back and let this legend stay a legend, for the sake of mankind. However, due to the precise set of rules to inherit the power, he cannot take these powers himself. Instead, he has to depend on a woman, and for whatever reason it may be, the only woman he can depend on is Cinder.
  • Alternatively, given the propensity for stories and fairy tails to change over time until they sometimes become almost completely different from their original versions, it's entirely possible that the "old man" of the story never actually gave those powers to the Maidens willingly. I find it most likely that the original Maidens actually stole their powers from him. Given that Cinder herself has shown that it's possible to forcefully steal the power from their current host, it's not such a stretch that the original Maidens did the same thing with the power's original host. Hence why Cinder's dialogue in referring to stealing Amber's power as "taking something back."

The Final Battle will take place on the Moon
There has to be a reason why its broken, as well as specifically mentioning that Dust doesn't work in space. Maybe our heroes will be flung from Remnant to the Moon somehow, forcing them to ditch their dust-based equipment and abilities, leading to a very basic and primal final battle to contrast the rest of the series. It'll be like the finale of most MGS games, which ditch the fancy guns and whatnot to have a Fisticuffs Boss instead.

The "wizard" who gave the original four maidens their powers was one of the silver-eyed warriors of legend.
  • When Ruby uses her power in End of the Beginning, the light coming from her eyes looks similar to when Amber and Cinder access the fall maiden power. It's possible that Ruby's power is a more powerful version of that of the maidens, as hers hasn't been split four ways. The Four Maidens episode of World of Remnant seems to have been a telling of the fairy tale of the four maidens, rather than a literal account of actual events. Details may have been distorted as the story was passed down, hence why the wizard isn’t portrayed with silver eyes. This theory makes a lot more sense than taking the legend at face value, as while things like aura, dust, and the power of silver eyes are established in the world of RWBY, wizards and magic are not. It’s understandable that as the legend became distorted over time, an exceptionally powerful aura user might start to be remembered as someone with magical powers by people who wouldn’t yet know better.

    Volume 4 

Ruby has a plan for the dragon.
As noted in the trailer for the Volume 3 finale Ruby's got a plan. With the situation as bad as it is and Beacon for all intents and purposes being destroyed her plan will be appropriately over the top: she's going to Colony Drop the entire Colosseum into Beacon in an attempt to destroy the attacking Grimm and the dragon that is spawning them.

The title RWBY will become an Artifact Title as the story focuses on the real heroes of "Team RNJR"
In essence, Weiss, Blake, Yang and Pyrrha were Crutch Characters for Ruby, Jaune, Nora and Ren due to their distinct backgrounds. Now that they're out of the picture in some form, the story will focus on four underdogs who are way in over their heads trying to make the world a better place.
  • Nope. Volume 4 has so far been covering all four members of Team RWBY, they're just no longer all together or doing the same thing.

Each Volume corresponds to a Season.
Essentially, each Volume of the show reflects a different Season in tone.
  • Volume 1 - Spring: A new beginning for our characters. Moving to a new place, meeting new people and encountering new challenges.
  • Volume 2 - Summer: Generally a fun and easy time. Some bad things happen and are resolved without much difficulty, but there is a looming threat of worse to come. A recurring point brought up by Ozpin in the volume is to 'enjoy the good times you have, because they won't last forever'.
  • Volume 3 - Autumn: Events start out nice and fun but eventually become dark and cold. 'Fall' is a recurring Arc Words for the volume; the name of the Big Bad, the power that is being fought over by the heroes and villains, the Volumes Anime Theme Song 'When It Falls' and a general tone of of the volume by the end.
  • Volume 4, thus, will represent Winter: Events will be generally dark and cold, and things will not be easy for our heroes. Possibly a good chunk of the story will take place in Atlas, the northernmost Kingdom and the Winter Maiden may be an important plot point.
  • Volume 5 in turn will go back to Spring: Likely focused on the reforming of Team RWBY, either the process or the aftereffects if they come together at the end of Volume 4.

One of the Maidens will commit suicide.
They will do so either to help a main cast member out of a desperate spot by transferring their powers or to stop a villain from stealing their powers.

Volume 4 will have split storylines.
Since all the characters are split up—Team JNRR, Weiss back in Atlas, Blake running away, Yang out of commission, etc.—Volume 4 will likely have all sorts of split storylines to tell the story of each of the major characters. We're probably going to follow Team JNRR and their adventures to Haven, Weiss and her deciding if she wants to defy her father again and run away to find her friends, Blake hiding from Adam and the White Fang, and Yang getting her shit together and going after Ruby in Haven (or investigating Raven's whereabouts because she CLEARLY knows something everyone else doesn't). All plot lines will accumulate at the end into one big storyline, probably when everyone has to face the Big Bad of Volume 4. We're also going to get at least some hints about Ozpin's whereabouts, what happened to Cinder, etc. and lots of character development and bonding.
  • Seems confirmed. So far we have Team RNJR's journey, Weiss' familial conflict, Blake heading home to Menagerie, and Yang grappling with PTSD from the fall of Beacon.

Salem would eventually learn about Ruby's silver eyes from Cinder, then she will try to make Ruby blind
Cinder has already witnessed what Ruby's silver eyes are capable of, and if she really is working for Salem the entire time, then Salem would eventually learn about it. We don't know much about her yet, but judging from her monologue, she doesn't seem to be the type of 'kill them all' villain, but rather 'make them suffer as long as possible first, then kill them' villain, so instead of trying to kill Ruby, she would try to render her silver eyes useless instead, and let her live until she wins. That is of course assuming the source of Ruby's secret power really come from her eyes, and not from inside her body and that the silver eyes only represented that she possesses that power.
  • Salem and her underlings don't seem very concerned about Ruby having silver eyes. Hazel even says that they've "dealt with" silver-eyed warriors before, in a very dismissive tone.
  • Tyrian did try to blind her for Cinder's sake. However, Ruby managed to slice off half his tail, thanks to a last-minute save from Qrow.

Team RNJR will happen across Blake on their journey.
As noted on The Friends Who Never Hang entry on the main tropes page, Ruby and Blake are the only members of Team RWBY that haven't had any shared experience. Not only would this fix that, but it would also be a great opportunity to explore the two characters and their differences. Blake is fearful, while Ruby is determined. Blake is plagued by self-doubt and can have a hard time trusting others, while Ruby never doubts herself or her friends for a second. Blake has become a drifter with no idea of where to go or what to do, while Ruby is on a mission with a set destination. Blake likely feels guilty for leaving her friends and won't easily be able to talk to them, while Ruby can look past it and just be happy to see her again. A discussion between Ruby and Blake about everything that happened in Volume 3, what's going on now, and what the future might hold would be an interesting way to highlight these differences, have some interaction between them, and potentially give Blake some Character Development.
  • Seems unlikely. Blake is heading straight for Menagerie by boat.
  • However, given that Adam is on his way to kill her, it's likely that Blake and Sun will flee Menagerie and decide to head to Haven, where Sun can guarantee some safety.

Volume 4 will have one or more flashback episodes.
During the RTX 2016 Q&A Ruby constantly avoids questions relating to the past, be it describing her training with Qrow or how she discovered her Semblance. It's pretty clear she wants to avoid spoilers. So naturally Volume 4 will dedicate an episode or two to Ruby's training under Qrow before the Dust shop incident, the same way that "Beginning of the End" showed us Cinder gathering her forces.
  • "A Much Needed Talk", which reflects on the events and supernatural stuff from before, serves as a hybrid between this and a standard exposition piece, leaning hard towards the latter.
  • "Kuroyuri" contains two lengthy flashback sequences, which depict how Nora and Ren met in the face of their hometown getting destroyed.

There will only be four volumes. Volume 4 will be the last one of the series, or at least for this particular story arc.
  • Considering how central the number four is to the series (four lead characters, four-man teams, four seasons, four kingdoms, etc.), Volume 4 will be the biggest and last of the series.
    • Why would they do that when they’ve written Volume 5 already?
    • Especially considering that Monty's plot overview alone is said to have about 20 volumes of story in it?

Vol. 4 introduces the cowardly lion as another ally/agent of Ozpin.
  • Following the trend of The Wizard of Oz characters being the powerful old guard of the series, there is a distinct lack of candidates for the Cowardly Lion's position. While Taiyang Xiao Long would tangentially fit (blonde hair, teammate of Qrow, another old guard), he doesn't have the right motifs (his name refers to dragons, not lions), and a Cowardly Lion in remnant would probably be a Faunus anyways. As such it's highly likely that we are going to be introduced to a powerful but passive lion Faunus in vol. 4, possibly as the headmaster of either Haven or Shade.
    • Confirmed in the finale; Haven's headmaster is Prof. Leo Lionheart, and he is Salem's informant that Watts meets with.

Vol. 4 will involve Graying Morality.
There is a lot we don't know about Cinder, Salem and their little revolution, and I mean like a lot of lot. It's not unreasonable to assume they're not as monstrous as they seem to be so far, and Ozpin and his little conspiracy might not be as white as they seem to be. There are hints to it already like Glynda saying "desperate times call for desperate measures", and Cinder while willing to go to ANY lengths to achieve her goals(whatever the goals are) doesn't seem to be wanting to kill when she doesn't have to. When infiltrating the tower in "Dance Dance Infiltration" she dealt with guards seemingly non-lethally and blink and you'll miss it but the White Fangs were still moving when she kicked their asses, even when she fought Pyrrha she didn't seem to be aiming for kill until Pyrrha asked about destiny(after all she only shot her heel after Pyrrha's aura broke). Those are small details, not enough to call any side of the story "grey", but details that are still present. Then there are songs like "Time to Say Goodbye" involving lines like "were we born to fight and die sacrificed for one huge lie? Are we heroes keeping peace or are we weapons pointed at the enemy so someone else can claim a victory", "Divide" which could be Victim Blaming or could be foreshadowing that Ozpin isn't exactly saint, and extremely ambiguous "Sacrifice".

The Stinger of Vol. 2, in which Yang visits Raven Branwen in Beacon at night-time, will be explored again, as it wasn't touched on in Vol. 3.
It could have a Once More, with Clarity! moment, as the scene could be repeated as a dream that Yang has, which will motivate her to snap out of her Broken Bird status after the events of Vol. 3.

Penny will be repaired.
And join RNJR. Team RWBY will eventually regroup again, while Penny could fill Pyrrha's slot for JNPR team.

Church's SOS from Season 13 will reach Remnant.
Chances are RWBY and Red vs Blue will never have a proper crossover. But, just to tell fans that the shows co-exist, the SOS message will play at some point, with the video being distorted. Bonus if it plays when Ruby reaches her lowest point, and the SOS inspires her (which makes sense since Church and her dad share a voice actor), which somehow helps thwart the villains. As Tucker put it "We're the champs at fucking shit up!"

Grimms will get infused with power of Fall Maiden.
In the volume 4 trailer shown at panel Rx T panel (here) Grimm Ruby is fighting have orange glow around their eyes, similar to one of Fall Maiden. Maybe part of plan, to make Grimm deadlier, is to infuse them with Maiden's magic?
  • This appears to be Art Evolution, as the show has moved to a new animation engine.

Ruby got infused with the small amount of Fall Maiden power Pyrrha absorbed.
The last person Pyrrha saw was Ruby.

There will be an arc dedicated to 'normal' human characters who are not strong enough to make use of the Aura effectively like Huntsmen do.
Maybe there will even be a new major character introduced who simply isn't strong enough to make use of the Aura, and the arc will focus on his or her perspective of how they live in a world full of huntsmen and monsters, and they will most likely be a Gadgeteer Genius who can create tools or weapons that helped them reaching Huntsmen-level abilities in order to substitute their inability to use Aura effectively. If that person is an ally, then they will be instrumental in upgrading weapons for the good guys They might also even help build a brand new robotic arm for Yang and rebuild Penny. If that person is a villain, then perhaps they will be a Big-Bad Ensemble along with Cinder and Salem, who once has a tragic past that involved Huntsmen, or is jealous that they cannot become Huntsmen themselves. After the events of Volume 3, this person then lost faith in the Huntsmen (Cinder's propaganda speech back in PvP also helps) and attempts to use their own cutting-edge weapons to take the Grimm matter into their own hands, maybe even trying to eradicate the Huntsmen themselves for reasons given above. Also, seeing that the main villains introduced seems to have accomplish everything they planned for so far, I think it'll be nice for us to have a Villainous Underdog for a change.

Once Yang is mentally back on shape...
She will made Self-Deprecation puns for her own condition, making all the joke regarding her arm as some sort of ascended fanon.

Yang's Heroic BSOD will end with her defeating Neo
Because what better way to show her growth and show that she's back than having her defeat the one person who undisputably mopped the floor with her.

Tyrian will succeed in capturing Ruby and Salem will have No, Mr. Bond, I Expect You to Dine scene with her
Let's face it, Salem wants Ruby alive for a reason. Cinder had already established herself as Magnificent Bitch and Salem doesn't seem dumber than her underling, she wouldn't break Evil Overlord List point 78 for no reason. Remember point above about Greying Morality? A good way to show that the bad guys aren't so bad would be to show their side of the story about conflict between Ozpin and Salem to one of the good guys in civilised manner. Bonus points if it will involve chocolate chip cookies.
  • Jossed so far. Tyrian fails to capture Ruby this volume, though Salem avoids the You Have Failed Me mistake and just expresses disappointment in him for failing,

The reason why Summer Rose is a Missing Mom to Ruby and Yang is because she met an Almost Dead Maiden, which may or may not be related to the mission she never came back from, and will at some point require/provide backup from/to Team RNJR.

Let's review what we know about Summer Rose and the Maidens. Summer Rose went on a mission and never came back, making her Missing In Action since they Never Found the Body. She was, according to Yang, a dedicated and loving mother. According to Red Like Roses Part II, she "made a sacrifice but forced a bigger sacrifice on [Ruby]". Now, the Maidens' power transfer to a new host when the current host dies, and goes to the last person in the maiden's thoughts if that last person is a young women, to a random young woman otherwise. Maybe the maiden was attacked by someone or something, and Summer tried and failed to save her, in a similar fashion as the meeting between Team RNJR and the hunter explaining the demise of Xione village. Maybe Summer Rose's last mission was to be part of the escort detail for said maiden. Now, the existence of the maiden and their powers is kept secret. So Summer Rose would have to be placed in a Witness Protection, only instead of being a witness, she would be a high value target for Salem and Team WTCH to steal those powers.

Whitley is NOT a traitor
A lot of people expect Whitley to turn out to be evil, largely because Weiss noted that he seemed different and he just seems kinda creepy. And Cinder and/or Salem definitely have a mole at Atlas, otherwise they probably wouldn't have been able to hack Ironwood's fleet so easily. From first impressions alone, Whitley seems like the obvious suspect.

A little TOO obvious, in fact.

Maybe that's what we're supposed to think, in order to throw us off the scent of the real traitor. Winter seems like a possible candidate- she's got General Ironwood's ear, and unlike Whitley, she has a reason to resent the way things are now (because of her father). And these are, after all, the same writers who gave us Felix.

  • He doesn't seem to be a mole for Salem, however he is most certainly not on Weiss's side when it comes to dealing with their father.

The mark found in Shion Village
The circular symbol Ren and Nora discovered in Shion Village is actually a hoofprint. A great and terrible Grimm, old and powerful, joined the attack in Shion Village. It's also a Grimm that robbed something great from both Ren and Nora. The Grimm itself will likely be modeled after some kind of Horse or Bull.
  • Confirmed to be a Grimm known as Nuckelavee, with horse-like features and a HUMAN part that has horns.

Whitley hates Jacques as much as Weiss and Winter do.
The difference is that Whitley decides to play along with his father instead of rebelling against him, both to avoid the abuse that would result, and to make Jacques think he's loyal enough to inherit the company.

The symbol found in Shion is the calling card of one of Salem's faction members.
And it will turn out that said member killed Ren's parents and/or caretakers from before he met Nora.
  • Jossed. It's the symbol of the bandit tribe which Raven leads. However, given Ren and Nora's recognition of the symbol, the implication is still there.
    • Jossed on both counts. It is revealed to be the trakcs of the Nuckelavee Grimm.

Either way, the symbol in Shion is related to Ren and Nora's pasts.
It seems fairly obvious that they're both having a less-than-objective reaction to seeing it. Whether it's a hoofprint or a bandit crest it probably has something to do with how they lost their families, if whoever the mark belongs to isn't directly responsible for their deaths.Confirmed. Ren was orphaned by the Nuckelavee attacking Kuroyuri, an attack both Ren and Nora survived.

Raven murdered Ren's parents.
  • At the very least her tribe is responsible for it and Nora is aware of it though wasn't involved. She seems to be from a different region than Ren going by their over all attire and naming so likely not present when he encountered Raven and co.
    • Jossed. They were killed in a Grimm attack.

Raven's tribe will be slaughtered by Salem.
  • While Raven is aware of Salem. she seems to be keeping out of the fight against her. However, at some point Salem will get angry with the bandit tribe and kill them all. As for the motive, one possibility is that she'll save Ruby for some reason and, because no one save the villains knows that Ruby is Salem's primary target, will incur Salem's wrath. Another possibility is that Raven will reveal Salem's existence to Ruby. Salem's plans rely on the public being unaware of her existence, which Ozpin and his group preserve to prevent a panic, and if someone's going around doing otherwise than there's a risk that humanity would unite. As a bonus, as Raven gets more screen-time, she'll be fleshed out more and become more sympathetic.

Ghira is not going to make it to the end of series
If not the end of the volume. Not only is he Blake's father, he's the previous peaceful leader of the White Fang AND the leader of Menagerie. His death would be a huge morale blow and could lead to two possibilities: The Faunus on Menagerie pledge their allegiance to the White Fang out of fear, or it fully turns them against the White Fang.
  • Additionally, if the behaviour of Ilia is anything to go by, she was being used to bait and lure Blake (and Sun) away from her house. With the two huntsman out of the way and waylaid, it would be child's play for Adam to slaughter both Ghira AND Kali.

Shit's about to go down.
Much like "Fall" in Volume 3, episode 6 will cause the "Holy Shit!" Quotient to go through the roof. And as of episode 5, Adam knows where Blake is, Tyrian is in Higanbana and close to Ruby, Yang is training to fight people, and we may finally get some clarity as to just what the hell this relic is. And judging by Raven's concern over Salem having it... It can be nothing good.
  • Confirmed. Tyrian met with Ruby, only for Qrow to intervene and break his Aura, followed with Ruby slicing off half of Tyrian's tail. However, Qrow's Aura was also down, and he has been poisoned pretty badly. To make his situation even worse, Ruby and Jaune are unwittingly leading a delusional Qrow into bandit territory. Weiss has managed, after significant abuse from her father and her brother, managed to get her summoning under control and seems ready to escape imprisonment with Klein's aid. And after chasing down a White Fang spy, Sun got badly injured, and the last thing we see of this is Blake desperately calling for help.

Ghira was ousted as the leader of the White Fang
As the extremists began to take hold within the higher ranks of the White Fang, their propaganda and deception tactics became more extreme. So they formulated a plan: a secret smear campaign against Ghira. This leads to his ouster, which would be sanitized in the media as a resignation. This also explains why Blake had to run away from the organization altogether — the reputation of her father was disgraced.

Salem's direct servants are enhanced by supernatural means.
If Cinder and Tyrian are any example to go by, her direct followers are extremely powerful in their own right. Cinder could be enhanced with Grimm in some way, while the others could be empowered by other means (Tyrian could be enhanced in a way relating to faunus, Hazel could be enhanced through his aura's link to his body, and Watts could have a special way with weaponry in his brain).

Whitley will poison Jacques to inherit the SDC more quickly.
With Weiss now having her heiress status revoked by her father, and Whitley being next in line to inherit the Schnee Dust Company, Whitley might get overambitious and arrange his father's death.
  • And then frame Weiss for it, leaving him completely uncontested as the sole heir of the SDC.
    • Alternatively, Whitley will leave Weiss alone to rub his victory in her face. He's already shown he's arrogant enough to brag about his achievements.

The volume will end with an invasion of Haven Academy
Only this time Team RNJR and the rest of Team RWBY's presence will turn it into an overwhelming defeat for Salem's faction. Some ways this might go:
  • Because of Salem's confirmed interest in Ruby, Qrow will contact Ironwood to come to Haven and he will bring Weiss, Yang, and Taiyang with him.
  • Capturing Tyrian will cause the White Fang to plan an attack on Haven, which will result Blake, Sun, and Blake's parents arriving at Haven to warn them and to help.
  • Ironwood will use new Atlesian technology on Tyrian to read his mind and discover Salem's plans.
  • During the invasion Raven will appear with the bandit tribe for a Big Damn Heroes moment and lead the fight against the White Fang.
  • Possible matchups:
    • Yang vs Adam to get even with him for cutting her arm off and hurting Blake.
    • Blake vs Adam, where she finally tells him off for his madness and gets even with him for everything he's done.
    • Taiyang vs Adam where Tai delivers a Curb-Stomp Battle for Adam maiming his daughter.
    • Qrow vs Adam, same deal as Taiyang.
    • Ironwood vs Watts because Watts is the one that created the virus that enabled so many of Cinders plans.
    • Taiyang vs Hazel because Hazel is the one who killed Summer.
    • Qrow vs Sienna Kahn because of Qrow's fight with Tyrian.
    • Ghira vs Sienna Kahn because of Ghira finding out what the White Fang have been up to since he stepped down.
    • Raven vs Sienna Kahn because of the latter trying to attack Qrow because of his fight with Tyrian.
    • Weiss vs Emerald where Weiss will master summoning, which will give her victory because Emerald's semblance won't work on the summoned creatures.
    • Yang vs Mercury to get even for the tournament.
    • The Grimm that wiped out Oniyuri will be drawn to the conflict, just as the Grimm Dragon was drawn to Beacon.
  • Whilst it didn't happen this season, it is revealed that Adam Taurus intends to lead an attack on Haven Academy after killing Sienna Khan, with implied assistance from Dr. Watts and Professor Lionheart, the headmaster of Haven. Therefore, Haven's invasion likely will happen - but at the end of Volume Five.
The final two episodes will be Team RNJR vs. the Nuckelavee Grimm
, and Blake vs. Adam
  • And hopefully they'll squeeze in Weiss leaving Atlas and Yang and Taiyang setting off after Ruby.
    • Mostly confirmed. The exceptions are that Taiyang remains behind to teach at Signal Academy, and that Blake doesn't fight Adam - instead, the last we see of her, she vows to stop Adam from killing Sienna Khan and leading the Fang to destroy Haven Academy, along with her parents and Sun Wukong.
Oscar will meet Team RNJR and go to Haven Academy with them.
  • Ozpin is urging Oscar to go there but even if he gives in, he still has to go through places teeming with Grimm to make it. Oscar doesn't seem to have any combat training (unless he's been practicing with his farm tools) nor can he be using the powers Ozpin had (yet). RNJR is already traveling through Mistral, so there's a chance that they'll stumble upon the farm and Ozpin will make an even bigger push to get him going.
    • Alternatively, they meet at Haven Academy.

Oscar will develop a crush on Ruby
Once they inevitably meet Oscar will be smitten with the young Huntress. Her influence will help him come to terms with having Ozpin in his head and lead him to embracing his role. The scenario will be Played for Laughs with Ruby being oblivious to his obvious attempts at flirting with her or meeting an overprotective Taiyang and Played for Drama with him using his developing powers to show off only to wind up hurting her by mistake.

The White Fang Sun saw was Adam
That's more me trying to be genre savvy than anything that show implies, but if Blake threw away Sun's scroll without looking at the photo then it probably means looking at the photo would've spared everyone a lot of headaches in the future. Sun never met Adam, so he doesn't know just how significant that person is, and doesn't know his name, so he couldn't just tell Blake who is this guy. And if Blake didn't know who is the white fang in question, then wha's the point of not looking at the photo?

The Vale King's Weapons were ...
... Two of the four relics. In the WOR episode "The Great War", the King of Vale led the deciding battle personally against Mantle and Mistral's armies, in defense of Vacuo's dust mines. The sword he wielded was orange, indicating that it was given to him by Vacuo's leader. The scepter he wields alongside it, however, is his own. His efforts lay waste to both armies, in what was the deadliest battle of the whole War. At it's end, the other three leaders were all willing to bow down to his rule.

However, he decided to instead found the Huntsman Academies. As we now know thanks to Qrow in "A Much Needed Talk", Ozpin's predecessor was responsible for building them to house the relics. It's likely that he had possession of at least two of them. The sword, in this case, was likely the relic of destruction; after all, how else could the King have killed as many troops as he had? And as for his scepter, it may be the relic of choice; his actions after the battle were essentially giving the other kingdoms a choice to work together, fight the Grimm, and keep humanity united.

Ozpin's previous incarnation was the last King of Vale.
Ozpin tells Oscar that he founded the academies personally. With the events of the Great War, we learn that it was the last King of Vale who actually founded them. Given that the Fusion Dance of Ozpin and Oscar was preceded with one between Ozpin and someone else ... then that someone else must have been the King of Vale.

Volume 4 is not being told in chronological order
The show wants the viewer to believe that all stories are taking place six months after the fall of Beacon, but actually each of the plotlines the show follows(except for Salem's and possibly Oscar's) all take places before what is currently happening with Ruby, justifying a reunion of them all during the finale in Haven.
  • Weiss' story happened about 2 or 3 months before Ruby's.
    • Oobleck and Port mention that Goodwitch was getting Beacon back in order, while Salem tells the orb grimm to reinforce the school in the previous episode.
  • Whatever the case may be, it's likely that any chronology issues will be resolved in Volume 5.
    • Indeed. The Menagerie storyline, as of V 5 C 4, is taking place a month before those of team RNJR, Weiss and Yang.

Oscar will get powers during the battle of Haven
He will fight against Hazel and turn out to have Ozpin's Barrier Warrior powers.

Jacques will try to have Ironwood assassinated.
Given that Ironwood has closed Atlas' borders (which will cost the SDC millions in lost profits), and given Jacques' "let nothing stand in my way" attitude, it's very possible that he might hire someone to try and kill Ironwood. This will be a definite if Jacques thinks Ironwood had a hand in Weiss' escape.

There is something off about Qrow's story.
Qrow's story about the two brothers who created the world explains that the second brother created the Grimm as the ultimate enemy of all living things...which is for one major inconsistency. If we go all the way back to the WOR episode, Grimm, all the way back in Volume 2 (narrated by Salem no less), we have an explicit statement that the Grimm specifically target and attack humans (and presumably faunus) and that their only conflicts with various animals are largely territorial in nature. This flies completely in the face of Qrow's story about the two brothers, which means one of two things. Either the story is inaccurate in some fashion, having been changed as it was passed down and retold throughout the ages, which, when it comes to legends, is something that happens a lot in real life. The other possibility is that this is an accurate story of where the Grimm came from and something about them changed over the course of time.

    Volume 5 
Ruby and Cinder will fight again
At the climax of the season. Salem's followers are going to keep focusing on capturing Ruby, while she starts learning how to use her powers given by the silver eyes, or wherever they come from. Paralleling this we see Cinder learning how to use her powers as one of the maidens. After Salem has enough of the failed attempts bring her Ruby, she will send Cinder back after her. Cinder will by this point do some massive Kick the Dog in response to the possible sympathy drawn up for her.Also Cinder will become a Silent Snarker, getting some payback at the other villains for mocking her.

There will be plenty of foreshadowing for a serious confrontation with Jaune and Cinder, but it will be subverted at the last minute.
What could happen is that plenty of hints will be dropped about Jaune wanting to murder Cinder, as she killed Pyrhha, someone he loved. However, when Jaune finally encounters her, he may be knocked out by Ruby at the last second, with her deciding not to let Jaune suffer the burden of taking a life, deciding to end Cinder herself. "Remembrance" contained her having nightmares about arriving too late to save Pyrhha, so she may feel truly responsible, and hence, have a greater need to end Cinder's life than Jaune.

Adam Taurus will serve as the biggest immediate threat for most of the season
  • At the moment Salem only seems to be focusing on just setting up for another plan, so the biggest danger will be Adam become the leader of the entirety of the White Fang.
  • Since the heroes need to be given some victories, Yang will meet Blake and Sun and their arc will eventually lead to them killing Adam, since Yang's song was hinting she was going to find Blake and kill Adam. Killing him won't stop the activities of his branch of White Fang, but it will likely cause them to break off from working with Salem since they were listening to Adam, not her.
    • Additionally, Watts and his "informant" will likely have a role to play in all this. Especially when one considers who the informant actually is.
  • Jossed so far. Adam took leadership of the White Fang in the second episode, and Salem appears to be keeping him on a leash until she finds the Spring Maiden.

Oscar will join Team JNPR as the new P.
  • Given that Oscar's last name is Pine (and that last names are used to make team names, like Sky Lark of CRDL and May Zedong of BRNZ) and that he's got Ozpin's cane, he seems to be a likely candidate for Pyrrha's replacement.
    • More evidence to this theory is that Oscar would be based on the character of Ozma. Ozma was first introduced in the orginal book series as a boy named Tip who got an involuntary sex-change by the Wicked Witch of the North to keep her from ascending as the rightful ruler of Oz. Ozma succeeded the wizard's rule just as Oscar is the successor of Ozpin's legacy. It fits with JNPR's theme cross-dressing mythological heroes.
      • Both Pines and Junipers are evergreen trees. Oscar's last name isn't revealed until the V4 finale. The late reveal might have been an attempt on RT's part to keep the fanbase from making this assumption before the season was over as theme naming in RWBY sure as hell ain't ever a coincidence.
      • Well, Team JNPR, doesn't use their last names for their team, so why would they use Oscars last name to maintain the P? Seems rather disrespectful to Pyrrha honestly. They would stick to using given names if he joined them, which would make them Team ORNJ, or Team Orange. Not quite as catchy, but it still fits for the how the naming convention works.
      • They use Ren's last name.
      • Even so, one time does not state anything for certain and Ozpin himself could have done it for pragmatic reasons. Regardless, this theory is currently on hold, as Oscar has shown no interest in joining Jaune, Nora, and Ren in Volume 5, but that does not indicate he won't in later seasons.

There will be a Breather Episode that revolves around a dinner in Haven Academy.
All of team RWBY, the remnants of team JNPR, Qrow, Sun, Blake's parents and Professor Lionheart could be there. And that episode will be a very humorous and heartwarming episode overall, in the same tone of the dinner sequence in Logan, which was a happy scene in an otherwise grim film. Although it may seem out of place for a show like RWBY, it can establish the high stakes that the heroes are fighting for, for themselves and others, before the villains initiate attacks on Haven Academy. It can also detail Lionheart learning more about the heroes for blackmail plans, as he is working for Salem. This can lead to...
  • Confirmed, except for the location. Weiss and Yang have a catch-up dinner with team RNJR in Chapter 7, at their safehouse.

More than one ship will be confirmed with a First Kiss, or any other declaration before the Haven Academy invasion.
Among with all the potential shit that could erupt in Mistral, the other quiet moments may create true developments for multiple characters, from platonic to romantic. Potential confirmations include:
  • Ruby and Jaune. From Ruby and Jaune having the same grief from losing Pyrhha, to Jaune's Rousing Speech for Ruby in "Kuroyuri." It not only shows Jaune's growth as a team leader putting his friends first but it reinforces how emotionally close and dependent on one another they've become making a first kiss all the more likely. Bonus points if Jaune feels guilt for moving on from Pyrrha and Ruby's survival guilt rears its ugly head.
  • Ren and Nora. "No Safe Haven" slightly leaned towards this, but it may be definitely confirmed in this Volume.
  • Blake and Sun. Blake is already recovering from her post-Volume 3 guilt, and Sun and her are headed off to the same conflict, so...
  • Blake and Yang.
  • Bonus points if there are Did They or Didn't They? moments, as RWBY is clearly getting more adult and mature...

The body count in this volume will be higher than Volume 3's.
Three people died in Volume 3 (Torchwick, Penny and Pyrhha), and no one of significant importance died in Volume 4, so it may escalate in the worst way. As a bonus, it may also satisfy and horrify Volume 4 haters, who complained about the low stakes and the minimal amount of death. Possible candidates include:

Oscar will fall in love with Ruby, and it will become a critical to the storyline
It’s not just a coincidence that Ozpin’s personality just HAPPENED to end up in a boy close to Ruby’s age (at least from the writer’s standpoint). Oscar is going to go through an Identity Crisis with everyone seeing him as Ozpin and his refusal to fully submit to the identity. Ruby will be the only one to reassure Oscar that he’s not Ozpin, he’s Oscar Pine, and it will not be unlike Ruby seeing past Penny’s robotics to know she has a soul. This will cause Oscar to fall in love with her “simple and honest soul” which will drive Salem to hunt Ruby to destroy his “faith” in humanity and leave her age-old enemy broken.

Volume 5 will end on a cliffhanger.
Given the last few volumes this is starting to become routine.

There will be a subplot where a MacGuffin (possibly the Creation relic) is discovered, which has the power to resurrect only one person.
And it will be a choice between Pyrrha or Qrow after his bad luck finally catches up with him personally. This will put Jaune and Ruby into conflict dividing them in a way that furthers Salem's plans.
  • A sadder alternative could be that Jaune finds this, after getting together with Ruby. Since he knows that this could bring back Pyrhha, he may neglect to tell everyone else about it, for fear of straining his relationship with Ruby. Later on, Ruby may end up dying by Salem or another of her goons. In her last words, she can reveal that she knew Jaune had this MacGuffin all along, and encourages him to bring back Pyrhha, to make Jaune happy. He instead uses it to bring back Ruby herself, as he believes that Pyrhha would want him to move on from her death, and find someone who loved him like she did.
    • This would be really, really tearjerking if it happens. Bonus point if it shows that he had finally moved on after it. Bonus more point if they... did it after the mess.

Based on the above, if the relics can resurrect people...
We still don't know what relic was at Beacon. If it's knowledge, Salem could use it to see for herself what happened the night Beacon fell and realize that Pyhrra's death was a huge blow to Ruby and Jaune. She could use it in tandem with the Creation relic to put Ruby and/or Jaune in a Sadistic Choice: If Ruby surrenders, she'll use the relics to revive Pyrrha. In fact, if it's Jaune who's faced with this decision even he could point out that the relics would allow Salem to simply copy Pyhrra before Salem counters that, copy or not, it would still be an innocent life that Jaune's gambling with, not unlike Ozpin: if Jaune doesn't go along, he'd be condemning an innocent girl to death. Of course, even if Pyrrha comes back, it'll be Played for Drama: is this really the same Pyrrha, or did the relics just copy Pyrrha?

Dust or rather the lack of it might be a plot point whether in this volume or future volume
This kinda happened with Roman stealing all of the Dust in volume 2 and Ironwood did enacted the embargo on dust imports in Volume 4.
  • There is a possibility of the Dust mines drying up at an inconvenient time we might end up seeing the characters fight melee mode only.

If Adam Taurus is going after everything Blake loves then who is protecting her parents?
At the end of Volume 4 her parents did suggest that she go to Haven Accademy to deal with Adam which means leaving Menagerie.
  • Then again a bodyguard might be redundant as this may ensue.
    • Also he might focus more on his extremism.

Salem will try to use the Knowledge Relic to give all Grimm Sentience
While we know that older Grimm gain intelligence so as to become better killers, even the most "Intelligent" of them (the Nuckelavee for one) still don't seem to come anywhere near that of Human intelligence, their main strategy is still Zerg Rush, and even that is only one in a thousand who live long enough to reach that level. The Knowledge Relic could give them the ability to act with strategy, working in groups, and setting traps, and better yet, it coould do this en masse.
  • Even better would be if this caused some of the newly sentient Grimm to do Heel–Face Turn thanks to their new intelligence.

Whitley will have Jacques arrested to secure his succession to CEO of the SDC.
He's not above screwing over family members for his own gain and might see it as a form of respect. He'll do it by doing nothing more than leaking every illegal act that Jacques has done since becoming CEO.

Raven and Yang will finally reunite this volume.
While Raven would initially be on the fence about Yang, she would eventually warm up to her. The catalyst to this would be less heartwarming: finding out that Qrow's pulled Ruby into his little crusade, and that uncle and niece alike haven't mentioned everything about Cinder's goons: that one is a cyborg (Qrow saw Mercury's legs) and one casts illusions (Ruby spotted Emerald). The fact that Qrow kept all this from Yang, meaning he basically wrote Yang off too despite his insistence that Raven see her, will cause Raven to disown her brother and take Yang under her wing. While her tutelage will be Brutal Honesty, she will answer all of Yang's questions.
  • Alternatively Yang abandons Raven when she learns more about her mother, especially that she could have stepped in and saved her from losing her arm and didn't because of her Social Darwnism.

Professor Lionheart is a Red Herring for the identity of Salem's informant.
Note that all we see is an outfit at the end of Volume 4, his face hidden. That could still be Lionheart in that scene, but it could hint that he isn't actually what it makes him out to be. Doctor Watts's line could be construed as him pretending he isn't part of Salem's faction and manipulating Lionheart into thinking he's an ally. The true informant will be a character we've known much longer, who no one seriously even thought of looking at for one reason or another. Perhaps an friend of the team is actually Evil All Along, and playing the long con to get information for Salem. The show could make is seem like it is Lionheart throughout Volume 5, but will then give us The Reveal of the real hidden enemy.
  • Jossed, though he doesn't seem to be a willing informant for Salem.

Shit's hitting the fan in vol 05.

Alternate title, a recipe for tragedy.

  • Vol 04 have us the Belladonna family (and Sun) enrout to Mistral, to 'take back the Fang.' Yet we know that the loyalty of a good chunk of the organization is loyal to Adam, and not Ghira. (ex. A: the twin faunus brothers, lying to their ex-leader in his face and plots to report everything to Adam. Ex. B: Illya, a WF member close enough to gain Blake's trust is on Adam's side. May change. And ex. C: the WF hardliners in vol 02, 3 and how they so happily shout 'kill all humans/traitors.' Aka radical nuts.) This means that 'taking back the Fang' would not be so easy as to simply walk there and talk some sense into the hardliners.
    • To make it worse, we have the upcoming WF hardliners' coup: when that goes down, whom do you think the Mistrali defense force (or any similar organization) would target? A 'Captain' of, alledgedly by the WF, its hardliner movement, or its (ex-)frickin' leader? Combining that with the growing distrust and annimosity toward Faunus and especially the WF movement, the Mistral Council would most likely go for the 'big' prize.
      • To make things even worse, remember Lionhart. You know... the one with Dr. Watts whispering into his ears? Even if he was not truly on Salem's side (as the 'fooled' WMG above), his position merits great weight in the Mistrali Council, if we can deduct that from Ozpin's own. And as the control of the Haven Hunters, he might simply ought to not wait for the Council's decision on whom to go after. And even if they don't, Adam sure would...
      • Ghira would be dead, Kali would be dead, maybe even Blake, with Yang arriving a single second too late. And to add in the tearjerking, a heel-face turn too late by Illya, failing to prevent all this to begin with.
  • Tyrian returns. He's a scorpion. Remember whose character is inspired by a God that died in a mutual kill with a great poisonous beast? (It was a sea serpent, admittedly.)
    • Even if Nora does not die, Tyrian is out for blood. And there is no guaranteeing this time Qrow would be there, so either JNRR must defeat him themselves and prove that they'd grown/progressed... or they lose.
  • Qrow's a mentor. Mentors have high death-expectency.
    • As an experienced webweaver as he were, he ought to smell something fishy with Lionhart. As to not drag anyone 'unnecessary' into it... he might ought to go and confront Lionhart alone... This is supported by his deep distrust of the Council, hence he wouldn't simply expose Lionhart out (to whom without blowing the Conspiracy out?)
  • Cinder would master her power, and go to Mistral to reap her next Maiden. Or at least, make the maiden comes to her. (Repeat of Vale.)
    • OR, she could be trying to secure the Mistrali Artifact, which was presumed to be the Artifact of Life. Maybe, only with that can she fully master her stolen maiden power and stabilize her own soul.
      • AND, she would enter the Vault as Qrow and Lionhart was showing off. A three-way battle ensues, and Qrow shows us his real power and badassery. Or Lionhart does. Or Cinder.
  • Raven is not as she seems: maybe the 'tribe of bandits' might not be so much as that, but her own faction. Kinda like how the WF in vol 01 and 02 resorts to Dust robbery to fuel their war effort. In Wo R, it was said that the Council was throughly corrupted and decadent, often ignoring the needs of the 'lower class citizens.' Maybr Raven's tribe is a group of individuals trying to overthrow the corrupted Mistral Council, and seeking for a chance... a chance that might comes from the Uprising by Adam Taurus.
    • Raven seems to have her own plan in this game. Maybe, as Qrow, Cinder and Lionhart was duking it out, Raven would comes in. But not as reinforcement.
      • Somehow, Raven gives me a Lady Maria vibe with her blood-red katana...

And like a House of Cards, it all crumbles down.

Adam will kill Jacques Schnee.
And Whitley will have to beg Weiss for help in getting back at Adam.

Raven won't play a huge role in Volume 5, despite the Volume 5 poster having her on it.
Miles Luna and Kerry Shawcross would want to maintain the suspense of her character.

Ruby will emotionally break down over a traumatic event or death in this Volume.
As a result, this could descend into her expressing her full and complete grief post-Volume 3 as well. This moment can make people who were disappointed at Ruby not expressing any grief in Volume 4 both pleased and sorry for themselves for wanting this to happen. But we can only hope. Emphasis on "hope".

Team RWBY will reunite at the end of the volume.
Angst and joy abound.

Volume 5 will end in the happiest way.
Interviews have stated repeatedly that this Volume is more about hope, and doing the right thing. So, team RWBY, and all of Mistral's forces, can beat the White Fang, and no one on the good guys' side will die or be mortally wounded.

One of the relics will be used by the end of the volume, likely by a hero
The show has been talking about how bad it would be if Salem got a hold of the relics, and how dangerous Cinder is with the Fall Maiden powers, but actual showings suggest otherwise. Amber was beaten by a three fighter squad and that Salem would send Tyrian to capture the Spring Maiden suggests even an experienced Maiden can be bested by the right opponent. Even Cinder's two battles at full strength are open for debate: Ozpin was off-screen and Pyrrha was too big of a power gap. Since this volume is supposed to be about hope, see the above WMG, a Relic will be put to use, the result depending on which one is used:
  • Creation: Make monsters that counter the Grimm by protecting people and feed off positive emotions.
  • Destruction: Destroy the Grimm, taking away Salem's minions.
  • Freewill: Change the perception of human and faunus alike, freeing them of their mutual indoctrination and hatred so that they can treat each other with a clear mind.
  • Knowledge: Make everyone aware of Salem and where she's hiding.

Ghira will sacrifice himself to save Sun.
Ilia warns Blake that she needs to leave Menagerie, and that she's likely going to suffer somehow if she doesn't. It seems likely then that Adam's people will try to assassinate either her or someone she cares about. My guess is that they're going to try and kill Sun, but Ghira will take the bullet for him.
  • This theory gains further traction when Adam orders the Albain brothers to kill Ghira and Kali while Ilia lures Blake away from her home.
Qrow will fight Raven over the spring maiden.

Weiss will break out her imprisonment at Raven's tribe, either with Yang's help, or by using her knight summon as a mecha
  • Completely confirmed.
Salem's master plan involves ...
  • ... Cinder stealing every Maiden's powers and acquire and unleash all four relics. Let that sink in for a moment and wear earthen-coloured trousers.
    • Just to add fuel to the fire, Salem will use whatever she's using to heal Cinder as a means to possess her and use the relics directly.
  • Confirmed as of chapter 12. Cinder tries to suck the power from Vernal using her new Grimm arm whilst mere steps away from getting in.

The Spring Maiden will be revealed to be Dead All Along and her murderer is Raven Branwen.
  • We know about the circumstances surrounding The Spring Maiden's disappearance and we know that Raven is a Social Darwinist, those Social Darwinist ideas could have led to Raven murdering the inexperienced Maiden on their first meeting to gain her powers. The setup for Raven being a total scumbag has already been happening since Volume 4, this Reveal could act as the final nail in the coffin to show how truly monsterous Raven is. Also, it gives Raven a reason to be killed off by either the heroes (who could decide that she is too much of a threat) or the villains (who want the Spring Maiden's powers.)
    • This might indeed be the case; every time we see Vernal, the supposed Spring Maiden, use her powers, she does so without the tell-tale flicker of energy around her eyes that the Fall Maidens Amber and Cinder produce. Whilst that effect could be just isolated to the Fall Maiden, it's also telling that, during her meeting with Cinder and Watts, Raven specifically orders Vernal to bring her helmet, which she only removes after Vernals demonstration of power, perhaps to hide that Raven really is the Spring Maiden and Vernal is just a decoy. It would be a pretty good twist, especially since Cinder and crew don't seem to even consider the possibility and Raven is planning on stealing the relic right out from under them, a nice little Bait-and-Switch. It's even further telling that none of those in the know about the Maidens, like Qrow and Lionheart, ever mention Springs name being Vernal, even amongst themselves, keeping even the audience out of the loop. Of course, for bonus points, this might then lead to a Maiden vs Maiden battle with Raven and Cinder, which would be epic.
    • The only hiccup here is that the Spring Maiden ran away 10 years ago, so Raven would've been 30 years old; 5-10 years too old to inherit the powers. Of course, this could be explained that since the Maiden and Raven's shape-shifting powers have a common source, she would be the exception to the rule.
      • Was there ever a Word of God on how old a person had to be before they’re too old to inherit a Maiden power? Nothing on the official wiki specifies a cut-off point and the only mention to age is simply stated as “a young woman” which is pretty vague. We also don’t know Ravens exact age. For all we know she had Yang pretty young, like 20 maybe, which would put her at 37 today, meaning she could have acquired the power at age 27, maybe even younger depending on when she actually had Yang. Neither Qrow or Raven look anything past 40, so we can probably assume they’re not that old yet. So it might still work.
  • While the second half of the question is still in the air, the first half has been confirmed as of Chapter 12; Raven is the Spring Maiden.

Salem intends for the White Fang to become symbiotic with the Grimm.
The White Fang members hate humans to the point of it becoming religious. The worse they get, the more the Grimm will be drawn to the misery they cause. Eventually it will reach a point when the Grimm recognize the White Fang as fellow Grimm and begin to see them as humanoid Grimm instead of Faunus. This will cause the Grimm to learn to fight in conjunction with those who can fight like Huntsmen and Huntresses. Salem will naturally take advantage of the situation.

Weiss will discover that Raven is Yang's mother...
...and she'll get under Raven's skin by mocking her in comparison to her daughter. When Raven kicks Weiss while she's already restrained, Weiss will coldly tell Raven that she hopes Yang never meets her, because even Yang's lowest expectations about her are better than what she is.
  • And to further rub salt in the wound, Weiss will make the comparison between Raven and her father, and regardless if Jacques pays the ransom or not, Weiss will boldly state how he at least had the decency to be there as she grew up, and that for everything wrong with him, the White Fang's attacks against the SDC influenced him.

Raven will try to hold Weiss ransom for money and dust from Jacques
She'll end up pissed when she discovers that he doesn't care and would like to see her dead. Weiss will then manipulate Raven by claiming she has a fiancé in who will pay handsomely for her to be brought to them safely, essentially tricking the clan into taking her to where she was heading in the first place.
  • Or she won't realize that Jacques is friends with General Ironwood, Winter's boss, who will respond with an aerial bombardment once Weiss is rescued by her sister.

Raven's clan will be slaughtered by Grimm
Which will allow Weiss to escape and find help.
  • Jossed.

Adam will pull a You Have Outlived Your Usefulness on Ilia
Before he kills her, he'll say something to the effect of "It is so sad that the traitorous Blake killed you, Ilia. I tried so hard to save you...but at least your death will show the citizens of Menagerie that the Belladonnas and all who they love must die. Tomorrow is when I'll say, 'Ilia's last request was that you all show the same loyalty to me as I, her dear leader and friend, did to her in her final moments.' Hahaha! They'll eat that fucking shit right up."

Team ABRN will show up
After all, they were from Haven.

By the end of the season team rwby will be criminals on the run
Yang(and therefore Ruby)are connected to Raven and her tribe, Weiss is connected to Atlus and Blake is a former member of the White Fang. Lionheart could use these reasons to blame team rwby for the upcoming White Fang attack and season 6 will pit them against the students of Haven academy.
The season finale will result in a Gambit Pileup of epic proportions
So far we have;
  • Cinder's team, who have ostensibly allied/coerced Raven and Vernal into helping them steal the relic from Haven, utilising their inside man Leo to get inside, and coordinating their attack alongside the White Fang. They also plan to kill Qrow in order to get Raven's help and as a secondary objective, scratching a known enemy off their list of targets. Cinder also wants revenge on Ruby personally for taking her eye, which may cause Cinder to go off-mission to do so.
  • Raven/Vernal, presumably working alongside Cinder's team to steal the relic and kill Qrow, they ultimately plan to steal the relic themselves and Raven is clearly running a counter-gambit to achieve this. She may not actually want her brother Qrow dead at all and may have just said this to throw off Cinder and force her enemies into a direct conflict with his team so she can steal the relic herself. She then informs Leo of the plan, who in turn contacts Qrow about a meeting, tipping him off that something is up. If suspicions that it is Raven and not Vernal who is really the Spring Maiden, then they have a nice little surprise they can pull off that nobody seems to be predicting.
  • Qrow/Ozpin/the students, who want to protect the relic and Haven academy and now may be expecting to walk into an ambush thanks to Raven getting Leo to invite them to a meeting. This is the group that is most in danger and is the most predictable since Cinders team at least knows who’s with Ruby in Mistral, but they don’t know that Yang and Weiss have also recently joined them, only Raven knows that. None of their enemies yet know that Ozpin is also back with them, and Cinders team don’t know they know they’re being lured into an ambush.
  • The White Fang/Adam/Hazel, are planning an attack on Haven. They don’t know about the relic or any of the other groups interests, except for Hazel, who has been out of contact with the rest of his own team for a while. Adam only wants to see the academy burn and kill as many people as possible, especially any surviving members of Blake's team, such as Yang. Any encounter between these two could be disastrous. If Raven has any semblance of motherly affection left in her, this may interfere with her own plans as she tries to keep her daughter safe, despite her claiming she wouldn’t help her again. Furthermore, if Adam starts pushing things too far, Hazel himself, who already seems to have misgivings over working with him, may turn on him himself, claiming he’s more trouble than he’s worth.
  • Blake/the Menagerie Faunus, who are now on their way to Mistral to protect Haven. A possible Spanner in the Works to the White Fang's plans at least, since Adam is not expecting a force of his own kind to turn up and oppose him, much less one being led by the Belladonna family, whom he ordered killed. They will undoubtedly come to the aid of Ozpins side, though they are basically just acting as The Cavalry in this situation.

So ultimately, we have Cinder's group who want to pull off 3 objectives; stealing the relic, killing Qrow and Cinder's personal vendetta against Ruby which might screw them over. It’s likely that second objective is just part of Raven's gambit to keep them busy so she can screw them over on their first objective and Cinder is almost certainly going to come into conflict with Ruby during all of this as well. All of this hinges on the attack on Qrow's group being successful, but Qrow and Ozpin are already on their guard and suspect something is up, and the White Fang attack, whilst initially used to cover up the real objective, will itself be thwarted by the Menagerie Faunus counter attack, allowing the main characters to not have to split their focus on trying to save Haven OR the relic, and instead safeguard the relic itself. At some point in all the confusion Raven pulls out her trump card and reveals herself to be the real Spring Maiden, snatches the relic and tries to portal her way out, only for Cinder to engage her in a full on Maiden vs Maiden battle. Enter Ruby, wanting to both protect the relic and get her own revenge on Cinder for Pyrrha's murder, and seeing the battle erupting around her, with possibly her sister or Blake in danger from Adam's vengeance once again, begins suffering flashbacks to the fall of Beacon and inadvertently activates her Silver-Eyed powers again. She engages the Maidens in their battle, being a significant threat to both.

How it all turns out is still up in the air, but the result doesn’t look great for the villains. They’re underestimating Raven's Wild Card tendencies, are out of the loop with regards to exactly who they’re up against amongst the main characters and aren’t expecting an entire army of Faunus to turn up on the heroes side to stop them. The heroes may still suffer losses and either Raven or one of Salems agents may still make off with the relic, but overall it seems the good guys might just pull off a win this season.

  • Updated predictions as of episode 12; Largely things have progress as expected thus far, aside from Weiss getting seriously injured, though it looks like Jaunes newly unlocked Healing Hands Semblance has her covered. As I predicted, Raven really is the Spring Maiden, not Vernal, and now we’re gearing up for a full on Maiden Vs Maiden battle. Advantage here has to go to Raven, not only is she an older, more experienced warrior still in her prime, but she’s also had years to perfect her Maiden powers, whereas Cinder has not. Cinder has also been extensively using her powers thus far, so is already lower on energy anyway. For the other individual fights;
    • Ozpin vs Hazel seems to currently be going in Ozpins favour, and now Ren is freed up to assist it seems they should have the upper hand. Note that Hazel is still probably the strongest fighter on the villains side still fighting upstairs, but if Weiss can be healed quickly enough then that might also free Nora up from her protection detail to aid Ren, and since Hazel is currently using lightning dust, she could very easily negate his attacks entirely should these two clash again right now.
      • Qrow vs Lionheart should be pretty clear cut; though both have already taken a good few hits, Leo himself admits he’s no longer in his prime at his age and his weapon is a combination of shield and dust caster. He’s currently engaged in a close range fight against resident Badass Qrow, who is now understandably pissed at his betrayal. Qrow should be able to finish him pretty quickly, freeing him up to assist whoever most needs aid next, either his nieces or Ozpin, or perhaps he’s first to go after Raven before she can steal the relic, since nobody is currently opposing her to his knowledge.
      • We then have the double team up of Mercury/Emerald vs Ruby/Yang. This could go several ways, but from what we’ve seen so far Yang has been holding her own against Merc the entire time and doesn’t seem too winded yet. Considering the last time these two fought Mercury let her win and this time has no reason to hold back, the fact she’s still standing at this point bodes well for Yang. She has also yet to employ her Semblance and now would be the perfect time to call back to Taiyangs advice from last volume about not over-relying on it and finding a way around her problems, showcasing her Character Development. Then we have Ruby, who has in her own words, gotten angry over Weiss’ injuring, implying she’s no longer holding back and is about ready to really go all out against the pair. Emerald has been seen using her Semblance quite a bit thus far to keep them both off balance, but we know she can’t mess with both their minds at once without it giving her a headache. So, between Yangs character development coming to the fore and Ruby’s new resolve, they could easily work together to disrupt Em and Merc enough to find an opening. Perhaps Emerald tries to illusion them both at once and pushes herself too hard in doing so, leading to her being taken out suddenly, Merc then has to contend with two pissed off sisters as Yang unleashes her Semblance at just the right time, taking him down as well.
      • Weiss; Her situation is largely dependent on Jaune right now, but if he can finish healing her quickly and she can regain her Aura enough then she will finally be free to summon her knight without someone trying to kill her. If she does, it’s game over for the villains. Her giant knight inside this confined space against a group already outnumbered will definitely be the final nail in the coffin.
Still no sign of the White Fang who we know are planting explosives on the CCT outside and Blake and her forces have yet to arrive. They will likely do so next episode, leading to a full blown Faunus battle outside the building as the main fight inside is just about wrapping up. Hearing the commotion and with their enemies taken down, the group splits up, some going outside to stop Adams White Fang and join up with the unexpectedly arrived Blake, whilst others head to the vault to stop Cinder and Raven, who are now tearing into each other. Ruby will almost certainly be in the group heading down, potentially giving her the chance to now fully use her Silver Eye powers on Cinder. All of this is pretty bad for Cinder, who is already outmatched against Raven. Meanwhile, Yang will likely be in the group who heads off to stop the White Fang, allowing for a potential encounter with Adam and a reunion with Blake.

Raven will kill Cinder, and Emerald will become the next Fall Maiden.
Cinder sees herself as having no equal. She’s killed many powerful and skilled fighters, including the previous Fall Maiden, the most talented student at Beacon, and even the reincarnation of the wizard who gave the Maidens their powers. It makes sense for Cinder’s downfall to be at the hands of someone who proved themselves to be better than her, and that person could very well be Raven. Raven is older and likely more experienced. Raven’s probably had years of practice with her Maiden powers, whereas Cinder has only had months. Given that Raven was able to trick Cinder into thinking Vernal was the Spring Maiden, while Raven never believed for a second that Cinder would let them go free by the end, Raven is clearly smarter and more cunning. And while we have no way of knowing how Raven fights with her powers, we know that Cinder severely limits herself by mostly sticking to fire, only resorting to other elements when she needs to. Not to mention Raven would be more than willing to kill Cinder after what she did to Vernal. This could very well be where Cinder dies.

If Cinder does die, her power is going to go to the last person she thinks of. The two most likely candidates are Salem and Emerald, but it’s hard to say whether Salem would even be able to have the Maiden powers, so that makes Emerald more likely. While fighting Ruby and Yang, her newfound powers will suddenly kick in. Upon realizing that she’s the Fall Maiden, she’ll come to the conclusion that Cinder is dead and be driven off the deep end. She’ll try to use her powers to slaughter everyone in sight, but because she just obtained the power, the heroes will find an easily exploitable weakness in her attack pattern and defeat her. What Emerald does after this will remain to be seen.

  • Alternatively, Raven and Cinder will perform a Mutual Kill. And their maiden powers will for Yang and Emerald respectively.
  • Jossed for Raven killing Cinder. Not for lack of effort though.

Raven will relinquish the power of Spring Maiden and return it to Ozpin.
There is a method to transfer magic that has been granted to someone back to who bestowed it but it requires the possessor to do so willingly, hence why such a method wasn't considered with Cinder. Raven will return the Spring Maiden magic, and possibly that which allows her to shapeshift, to Ozpin because it fulfills everyone's goals. Raven and her tribe won't be a target for Salem anymore and she can walk away from the war she doesn't want to be part of while Ozpin recieves a much needed power boost that also presents more options to the heroes.

Raven and Vernal planned on ambushing (and killing) Cinder in the Relic chamber as part of the attack on Haven.
Raven knew that there was little hope of her tribe ever being safe from Salem, especially since she was the Spring Maiden that Salem was after all along. She also knew that Cinder was the Fall Maiden, and that having the powers of two Maidens at her disposal would have made Raven nearly unstoppable, which meant that when Salem inevitably continued to try to hunt her down, she'd stand a much better chance of triumphing over whoever she sent, all the while ensuring that her tribe would be relatively safe. Therefore, she conspired to create a scenario in which Cinder would be separated from her entourage, trapping her in the same room as herself and Vernal, with the presence of the alleged Spring Maiden (an accomplished fighter in her own right) turning the fight into a 2-on-1 and helping tilt the odds in her favour. Unfortunately, Cinder beat her to the punch and removed Vernal from the equation, ruining her well-laid plan.

There's something wrong with the Vault of the Spring Maiden.
When Raven opens the door, the inside of the vault is a large, open desert with only a few stone platforms that lead to the relic, and the platform themselves are visibly disintegrating. Raven herself is also surprised when she sees this. Even if it's the first time she steps into the vault, it's likely the inside of the vault isn't what she expected. After all, if the vault of the Spring Maiden shows nothing but a vast desert devoid of life, then it's clear that there's something wrong with it.

The real reason behind Raven leaving.
With the revelation that she's a Spring Maiden: a lot of new theories are in the air, and now Raven's aloof personality to her family now makes more sense. Cinder theorizes that Raven had inherited the power from the previous Spring Maiden, but what if it wasn't by her choice? Remember that in Volume 3, Ozpin has a machine that could forcibly transfer a maiden's power to another person, which he tried to do to transfer the Fall Maiden powers from Amber to Pyrrha. What if Ozpin had done the same with Raven? If Raven was forced to inherit the Spring Maiden's power against her will, it now suddenly makes more sense why she hates Ozpin so much. He didn't just turn her into a bird for espionage purposes, he turned her into a dangerous living weapon with a big crosshair painted on her back, which proves to be the last straw. Being a maiden means she would turn from 'just another enemy' to 'a priority target' for Salem, and thus those close to her would also be in danger. That's why she leaves her family behind while despising Qrow for continuing to support Ozpin, the man who ruined her life.
  • None of that supports what we’ve been told of the Spring Maiden thus far though. We know Raven left right after Yang was born, which is around 18 years ago now. We were also told that the last Spring Maiden was a girl who ran away and went missing around 10 years ago. So the timeline doesn’t match up. Raven being the Maiden also seems to have thrown everyone for a loop, including characters who would have known it was her, like Ozpin. You’d think he’d be a bit more forthcoming with this info at this point, especially after Yang made it very clear she’s fed up with secrets and half truths. I also seriously doubt the aura transfer tech is anything other than extremely new, experimental tech, that wouldn’t have existed all those years ago.
  • Ah, you have a point. I hadn't considered much about the timeline. Still, the only one who have a knowledge that Raven is the current Spring Maiden is only Cinder, though, as Raven revealed herself to be inside the vault, away from other combatants and even Ozpin/Oscar. Perhaps even Ozpin doesn't realize that Raven is now the Spring Maiden, maybe he too believes that it was someone else who had ran away and gone missing, whose identity isn't revealed yet. The most likely scenario is that the previous Spring Maiden encountered Raven while she's on the run and Raven, through fair or foul, acquired the powers from her because she's the one the Maiden thought of when she died. Being a Never My Fault person that she is, she also blames Ozpin (and Qrow as well for supporting him) for this as she's now one of Salem's targets. Still, if we believe that she still has at least a little care for Yang, it makes sense for her to stay away and be detached from her as much as she can (even if she had already abandoned her at birth). If something were to happen to her, the person she would most likely thought of before she die could be her daughter, which will result in Yang becoming the next Spring Maiden and therefore under danger of being attacked by Salem's forces.

Raven did not actually murder the previous Spring Maiden in cold blood
My guess is that it will be a From a Certain Point of View kind of deal. Perhaps she was mortally injured in a fight and was given a literal Mercy Kill. Why would Raven lie about that, then? Well, the scenario just reminds me too much of the "Euphienator incident" from Code Geass, which also featured the resident master schemer outright claiming to have mercilessly killed someone when in actuality, it was an unfortunate accident. Lelouch did this out of guilt and because he felt not doing so would be dodging responsibility for his actions. Raven has also shown to be self-deceiving, plus if she views it as the result of her own actions, that fits perfectly with her delusions of power and being in control, while if it was an accident in her mind, it would make her feel powerless. Lastly, they're evidently trying to show she has regrets already anyway, what with the tears and all.

    Volume 6 
Volume 6's events.
This volume will have at least three distinct story arcs for the heroes; the reformation/replacement of the White Fang, the reconstruction of Haven Academy, and Qrow's mission to Atlas. The former will likely see Team Belladonna unite the remaining cells under their banners, having them replenish Mistral's dead Huntsmen population. The latter two will likely be intertwined; not only will Ironwood need to be brought to his senses (which could happen either by Qrow bringing Oscar/Ozpin to him or by gaining insight with the Knowledge Relic), but also because the doomed faculty of Haven Academy needs replacing, and Atlas has plenty of Huntsmen to go around. If Ironwood's trust issues persist, then Winter will likely get promoted to Headmaster of Haven Academy (or be amongst the staff if Qrow gets chosen instead), and sent there to train teams RWBY, SSSN and JNPR (assuming Oscar joins the latter as Pyrrha's replacement) for the upcoming war against Salem.

As for the villains, there will be some repercussions. Adam will likely be forced to take the fall for losing the Haven battle and the White Fang, very likely resulting in his death by Salem's hand. Watts will then relay everything he learned about Atlas's isolation and Ironwood's paranoia to Salem, who will most likely turn to Watts to expedite her schemes, given his Atlesian background and prowess as a scientist. Tyrian and Hazel will likely assist when Watts creates an opening to cause harm to Atlas Academy. As for Mercury and Emerald, their fates depend on two variables - whether Cinder was smart enough to think of Emerald while she died (thereby giving the Fall Maiden status to Emerald), and whether Emerald recovers from her Semblance overload.

Emerald will have a feud with Yang assuming Cinder doesn't come back.
Emerald failed to stop Yang from running past her into the vault, and when she comes back up, Cinder isn't with her. Since Vernal is dead inside the vault and Raven is nowhere to be found, it's most likely that Emerald would assume that Yang is responsible for defeating all of them in the vault somehow. In her eyes, Emerald would think that Yang is the one person who singlehandlely ruined their plan and killed Cinder because she didn't know about Raven's betrayal in the vault, and thus in this volume she'll have a personal grudge with Yang.

Volume 6's B plot will focus on Raven and Taiyang and their backstory as members of Team STRQ

Team ABRN and the rest of Team SSSN will return, and there will be romance drama therein
Now that everyone is in Mistral, there’s a good chance that Neptune and the others will turn up again, as they’re all from Haven Academy, and with the immediate crisis over, this will be the perfect opportunity for the Weiss/Neptune romance to pick back up.

However, since those two haven’t seen each other in about half a year now, and their budding relationship didn’t really go far past volume 2, it will instead be revealed that Neptune has moved on with a new girlfriend, namely, Reese Chloris. This makes sense for several reasons; 1) Neptune is a massive flirt and is unlikely to change his Casanova Wannabe ways after a single talk with Jaune, 2) he knows Team ABRN already, since they’re from the same school, 3) Reese is the most well known of Team ABRN to the FNDM and so the most likely to have a larger role in the story, 4) both Reese and Neptune are self styled “cool” characters and likely have personalities that synch up nicely and may have some common interests, 5) in the wake of the Fall of Beacon, they probably spent some time together, maybe even traveling via airship back home, not to mention dealing with their shared trauma after fighting alongside during the battle.

Understandably, Weiss will be rather disappointed by this development, since she still has feelings for Neptune, and Neptune will be awkwardly apologetic to Weiss. With that ship effectively sunk, this then opens the possibility for Weiss to go on and develop feelings for Jaune, who already had an interest for her back in Beacon. Back then, Weiss dismissed Jaune because he came on rather strongly, was seen as rather weak, and because she had issues with boys chasing her because of her perceived fame. With Jaune now much stronger, not actively pursuing her and him having just saved her life, he becomes a much more interesting prospect in her eyes. Unfortunately, Jaune is still too caught up in his own feelings for Pyrrha, which he now realizes were much deeper than those he had for Weiss, leading to much confusion and heartache once Weiss opens up to him.

Finding the Winter Maiden will be a significant part of the plot
Now that it's clear that Cinder is incapable of helping her gain the Spring Maiden powers for her faction, Salem will set out to find and recruit the current Winter Maiden to make her more powerful than Cinder and kill Raven. The heroes will also seek out the Winter Maiden in order to either have her help them fight Salem or protect her from her. Raven will also try to find her in an effort to find an ally, if only because another Maiden is strong enough to kill her.

The villains will head to Vacuo.
As of Volume 5, the heroes next stop is Atlas. Salem will recognize this and advance on Vacuo for the Summer Maiden/Creation Relic. Tired of being confined to a desert while the other three could enjoy other climates, and not even being able to use her powers to try and rejuvenate the continent's environment, the Summer Maiden will willingly side with Salem's minions.
  • Technically Jossed, since it was revealed that the Winter Maiden handles the Relic of Creation. On the other hand, this plot could work, but with the Relic of Destruction instead being the focal point, and maybe even being the source of Vacuo's state if Relics can affect the environment passively.
  • Confirmed. Salem's first order after reprimanding the other villains for the failure of the Mistral campaign is that they press on and head to Vacuo to retrieve the Sword of Destruction, before Hazel's bombshell that Ozpin has returned causes Salem to shoo her subordinates from the room as she flies into a rage.

Yang will have heated chat with Blake in Volume 6
After all of the emotional turmoil she's been through, Yang likely isn't going to just let Blake go without telling her how badly she was hurt when she ran away.

Ruby will suffer a mental breakdown in Volume 6
The writers and Lindsay have hinted that they've been planning on having Ruby suffer a mental breakdown eventually, and now that the team is back together and they have some room to breathe, it would only make sense that she could finally let her emotions loose.

We will finally get a Summer Rose/Team STRQ flashback episode
This sort of ties in with the above WMG on Ruby’s breakdown and with another WMG this troper has regarding Summers death. To whit; the heroes have now recovered the Relic of Knowledge, but it is unclear exactly what powers it possesses or how it operates. Presumably, it does exactly what it sounds like, and grants knowledge to the user, perhaps in the form of flashbacks.

Ruby will inadvertently activate the Relic and be granted one such flashback; a vision of her mother and Team STRQ in their younger years, during which she will see her mothers final ill-fated mission and discover the Awful Truth; that it was Qrows bad luck Semblance that distracted her at the wrong moment and cost her her life. This would explain a lot about why Qrow keeps himself isolated from everyone, why he drinks and why he took so much effort to look out for Ruby specifically, as he blames himself for her mothers death.

Of course, he hasn’t told Ruby any of this and probably hoped she would never find out, so Ruby discovering all of this, that her uncle lied to her and was, at least indirectly, responsible for Summers death, will finally be Ruby’s breaking point. We know that Ruby and Qrow have a very deep bond, so seeing it strained by such deceit would highly traumatic for both characters, and seeing how they work things out from there would be interesting to see to say the least.

Ultimately this also fulfils several goals; we get our much desired Summer Rose flashback episode, we learn more about Qrow and possibly the rest of the team and we get much, much needed character development for Ruby.

Atlas has already released the relic of creation.
We already know Atlas encourages a military mindset in it's hunters, which means that the Winter Maiden is likely under direct control of Ironwood for security, unlike the other three kingdoms who let their maidens roam free without protection and then wonder why things like Cinder happens.

We know that after the great wat, Atlas became a technological superpower practically overnight. Now, the official story is that they did so because of abundant dust and because it was neccesarry to survive. But, if they had the relic of creation, then all of their technological advancment makes for a much more interesting dynamic between Qrow and both Ironwood and Winter.

Jacques Schnee will attempt a coup of Atlas by siding with Salem in Volume 6 (7 at latest), both to spite General Ironwood, but also to further satiate his Control Freak tendencies.
If his relationship with Ironwood in Volume 4 is any indicator, he's not exactly too happy with what's going on, and finding out that Weiss has escaped his clutches might cause him to do something drastic in an attempt to reassert control over his two daughters, or to spite Ironwood later on, perhaps even going so far as to help Salem retrieve both the one relic Qrow is bringing and Atlas' own relic. Considering the fact that Salem has yet to find the Winter Maiden (quite a few people think it's Winter), she'll probably be searching for her somewhere in Atlas, which may put her in contact with Jacques Schnee. He ends up deciding to essentially side with her, under the delusion that he can somehow control the situation, or him not really understanding that Salem doesn't care about things like social standing or money, all the while Salem pulls his strings like a puppet while taking advantage of his Dust Company to arm her group or disarm her opponents of a vital weapon/resource, and possibly getting closer to finding the Winter Maiden.

This would end up resulting in several things:

  • 1) Weiss and the team having to go back to Atlas to confront her father once and for all, since it's pretty clear that not only would this hypothetical Jacques be a threat to the world, but it's also a major conflict that would decide whether the Schnee family name will go down in infamy for treachery, or be reborn under Weiss.
  • 2) It also acts as a parallel to the current arc with Leo Lionheart, in that while Leo is a good man being essentially blackmailed/forced to cooperate with Salem, and who is under no delusion that he's in a bad situation with little likelihood of emerging unscathed, Jacques' alliance with Salem would be that of a bad man who allies with a greater evil willingly, but is under the delusion that he's in control of the situation and that he can emerge smelling like roses.
  • 3) It could potentially reveal Winter being the Winter Maiden (although considering how on the nose the naming conventions of the other Maidens shown so far, this is pretty obvious all things considered)
    • But now that we know that Vernal was a decoy for the real Spring Maiden (Raven) and that Cinder chose her last name on purpose, this one seems unlikely.
  • 4) It could also potentially expand on Whitley's character, and validate the WMG as to whether he's just as bad as his dad, stuck on the fence, or potentially good but under severe pressure and abuse from his Dad.

A minor character will be revealed to be a Maiden
Someone like, say, Ciel, Penny's partner. The heroes will search for the next Maiden, only for it to be revealed to be someone they already know.

Penny will join Team JNPR in Volume 6
Think about it. The protagonists are bound for Atlas in the next volume, Team JNPR's lacking a member after Pyrrha's death, Penny starts with a P, and she's a robot that can be rebuilt. Most likely, Penny will be rebuilt as sort of a "2.0" version, and join Team JNPR as the new "P", and become a permanant main character.
  • This could then go one of two ways. Either:
    • Penny will have no memory of Ruby, thus adding to the latters' problems, or
    • Penny thought ahead and made a backup of her memory just before her match with Pyrrha. Learning of her destruction at Pyrrha's hands will make her slightly bitter at first, before being told the exact circumstances, at which point she breaks down crying.

Winter is Not the Winter Maiden....yet
The Current Winter Maiden is elderly and nearing the end of her life. Winter Schnee is being groomed to be her replacement by Ironwood.

Neo is or will become the Winter Maiden
In episode 10 of the third season of RWBY Chibi, we see Cinder following a trail seemingly leading to the Winter Maiden... only for her to find a snowman resembling Neo. This might be just a gag... or it could be a clue that the creators dropped on who the Winter Maiden is or will be in the main show. The creators have all but stated that Neo will return to the show eventually, and that she will do something that will make the audience hate her, so who's to say that this "something" won't be her murdering the current Winter Maiden for her powers?

Volume 6's reputation will end up just as bad as Volume 5.
Miles' and Kerry's claims about the writing process are very similar to the previous volume, in that it wasn't always successful. This season could (Emphasis on 'could') end up a hapless attempt that veers too closely to damage control, to appease disheartened fans.
  • Not looking too likely, given the warm response to the first episode. After all, both Miles and Kerry started writing V6 a week after the V5 finale aired and sought feedback from Gray, Yssa and others on each scene, and the show's looking better off for it.

Volume 6 will start with the death of a major character
Early info has shown that the season is starting on a train. The trailer has RWBY, Qrow, Oscar, and a currently unknown character traveling alone in the Atlas wilderness. The only time we see ANY members of Team JNPR is either in a short clip at the train station, or on the train, and the trailer seems to suggest that the train gets wrecked.

It might be a leap to assume all three remaining members of the team are going to be killed, but things might not bode well for one of them, especially considering Ruby's final line in this trailer occurs during a battle on top of the train:

"Don't let anyone else die."

  • Team JNPR may be on the train itself dealing with whoever is attacking. Ruby probably said that because she's sick and tired of the people she loves always dying, and is adament not to have a repeat of Penny and Pyrrha.
  • Officially Jossed. None of Team JNPR dies, they're merely separated from Team RWBY by a Grimm attack at the train station. Ruby said "Don't let anyone else die" in response to the stupidity of one of the train's bodyguards resulting in him falling off the train to his death.

Team JNPR is put out of commission early
Alternatively, no deaths, but the events on the train could lead to some of them getting injured and taken out of the story for the early parts of the volume.
  • Jossed. RWBY and JNPR are separated by an untimely Grimm attack. JNPR manages to evacuate all civilians within the station using Ren's Semblence.

The reason Salem wants the Relic of Knowledge
Now that we know what the relic is and does, (specifically, you can use it to ask any question you want and it will provide an answer) the question becomes; what will Salem ask if she ever gets hold of it. How about, "How do I permanently kill Ozpin?"

Ozpin is responsible for turning Salem into what she is now.
Ozpin seemed absolutely desperate to stop Team RWBY from asking Jinn what he's been hiding from them, and the image we see of Salem in the past shows she's human. It's possible that he might've been responsible for turning Salem into... whatever she is, and thus the gods cursed him for it. If that were indeed the case, it'd explain why he's so desperate to keep that information from everyone: no one would dare trust him if they knew that he created the world's greatest threat.
  • Jossed. The Gods of Creation and Destruction are more-or-less responsible by making Salem immortal as punishment for disrespecting the balance of life and death. Later on, Salem threw herself into the God of Darkness's pools of annihilation in an attempted suicide, but all this did was transform her into the Salem we know today.

Ozpin used to be Salem's lover.
In addition to the above, Salem might have been Ozpin's lover. We're revealed that the golden-haired woman who's staring longingly at the statue of who is implied to be one of Ozpin's past incarnations in the opening is actually Salem before she became a Grimm. There's a very high probability that she fell in love with that incarnation of Ozpin, but then after he turned her into the monster she is today, she grew to despise him with every fiber of her being.
  • Confirmed and jossed, actually. They were lovers, even after Salem became a monster (which he had nothing to do with). Their break-up was more based around their view of the god brothers leading to a painful conflict.

Volume 6 will have a heavy focus on Ozpin, his past, and Oscar's Character Development.
Now that the second episode shows Ozpin in a light that we have never seen before, plus the Volume's intro seems to put a lot of focus on Ozpin and his past, there's a reason to believe that Volume 6 will explore Ozpin's character (that hopefully does not overshadow the titular heroes). Namely, his and Salem's shared backstory and what leads to the Remnant being a Crapsack World that it is. It might even be Ozpin's own fault that results in the Moon breaking into pieces as shown in the intro. The rest of the volume will be spent with characters calling out Ozpin for what he did, and Ozpin and Oscar battling for control of the body. Either the Volume's gonna end with Oscar finally breaking the hold Ozpin has on him, or something happens that leads to Ozpin relinquishing the hold on him somehow.

We won't just get Salem's origins from the Relic; we'll get a whole episode of flashbacks to scope out Ozpin's lives.
  • The opening sequence shows us four specific incarnations of Ozpin; the King of Vale, the figure being worshipped in the trailer, a casual character known colloquially as "Dad Ozpin", and the professor we all know. It's a fair guess to say that Salem's backstory will involve one of them (either Dad Ozpin or the cult leader), and we'll see the regrets/dark secrets of the other three - such as the King of Vale wrecking Vacuo, and the death of Summer Rose (and maybe Gretchen Rainart) for Ozpin.
  • Confirmed as of The Lost Fable. All three incarnations appeared.

Jinn knows how to stop Salem, but Ozpin didn't ask the right question.
Ozpin specifically asked Jinn "How do I destroy Salem?", to which Jinn answered "You can't." However, just because Salem cannot be killed does not mean there isn't a way to permanently defeat her. The Gods decreed that Salem would remain an immortal until she learns the values of life and death, "so long as this world turns".
  • Alternatively, the answer could be more along the lines of you can't, meaning that Ozpin is not the one who will defeat Salem.
    • Cue a fight where Ruby's the only one to inflict lasting damage, or just pain, on Salem.
  • Another option is Jinn simply meant Ozpin couldn't defeat Salem right at that moment. Remember, her infinite knowledge is limited to past and present events.

Maria Calavera is the daughter of one of Ozpin's previous incarnations.
Specifically, she's one of the silver-eyed kiddos seen in the flashback where that guy with the glasses goes off to fight the Grimm. She recognized the cane when she spotted it on Oscar's person, and followed him out of curiosity.
  • I'm not so sure about that. We have no idea how long ago that was. It this is true than is hundreds of years old.

The Ozpin that asked how he can destroy Salem... actually Nicholas Schnee, as a very young man.
  • I don't think so. The King of Vale (who is implied to be an incarnation of Ozpin) was around when Nicholas Schnee was born, and going with the above point, there's no way to know for sure when that version of Ozpin asked Jinn those questions. So I doubt it.

The daughters of Ozpin and Salem...
Keep reincarnating like their father, but as new lives entirely. Only problem is that they never learned to tap into their magic before reincarnating. The last question from Jinn would reveal who they are. Ruby would be one of course, but not her teammates. The other three would be Velvet, Penny (but Jinn would use her name from before she was turned into a robot), and Pyrrha (who awakened her powers and teleported out at the very last second and has been amnesic since volume 3).

That wasn't a hallucination that Blake saw on the train..
Qrow mentions that the staff entrance to the caboose of the Argus Limited was left open, and insinuates that the two bumbling huntsmen Dee and Dudley were responsible. However, both deny having done so; unless they were both trying to avoid blame, the only explanation would be that someone snuck onto the train through the staff entrance and forgot to close it, and the only ones who would have cause to sneak on to the train would be villains. Since Cinder Fall is incapacitated at this point in the timeline and Hazel and the others are likely back at Salem's keep planning their next move, the most likely culprit would have to be Adam. Adam not only has the reason for stowing onto the train (he's an international criminal and therefore a wanted man), but also the motive (he wants to make Blake pay for his failure at Haven). It's possible his next move at this point is to focus his undivided attention on destroying Blake and all that she loves, starting with a train full of passengers that include some of Blake's best friends.

Continuing on that, Adam will be the Final Boss of the season once everyone makes it to Argus.
Once Teams RWBY and JN(P)R and co. reunite at Argus, Adam will make his presence known and attack the group. After they put up a valiant fight against him, Adam will swear revenge, only to be arrested by the Atlesian Military. Since Argus' port town is a know Atlas military port, the military will be passing through and just happen to witness the fight, at which point they will promptly arrest Adam for trial and imprisonment at Atlas.

The next season will then have one of the subplots focus on his trial, where one of the many crimes he will be tried for is the attempted attack on Haven Academy. Adam, in an act of spite towards the growing unity between humanity and the faunus, will reveal Leonardo Lionheart's involvement in the attack. Since Leonardo was not only a faunus, but one put in charge of one of the four major Huntsman academies throughout Remnant, the news will set human/faunus back to where they were before, if not further back. This will make the Belladonna family's efforts for naught.

Jinn left out some crucial details in her exposition, which will play later on
Like where the second generation of humanity came from and origins of silver-eyed warriors.Because they were totally irrelevant to the asked question.But they will be plot relevant.

Ozpin had a plan to defeat Salem, and it still can work.
After the Great War ended, the King of Vale founded the four Academies and created the Maiden Vaults within them to keep Salem's hands off the Relics. After that, the creation of the CCT system and the Faunus Rights Revolution, both the King and the Professor that followed him worked tirelessly to promote cooperation between the four Kingdoms, as well as try to placate the Faunus. Arguably, had Salem never caught wind of the Maiden Vaults and Adam never committed to Cinder's cause, Oz would've achieved the world peace he needed to bring the Gods to humanity's side fairly easily.

After the events of the last three volumes, the first thing the heroes must do after handing Ironwood the Lantern of Knowledge is to repair the Vale CCT Tower, and broadcast about everyone under Salem's employ as well as the Belladonna's efforts in Mistral. This will unite humanity and faunus in a way that it hasn't been before, and give the heroes reason to unite the Relics, recall the Brothers, and achieve victory that way.

Based in what we are told about Salem’s origin, Ruby will use her Silver Eyes on Salem...

...not as a means to destroy her due to her immortality, but to purify her of her Grimm side instead, and then try to reason with her while her Grimm side is either gone or greatly weakened.

Think about it; it's established that the Grimm are innately desiring of destruction, something that is also emphasized in how the recent episodes notes that Salem has this innate trait from her dip into the bath tub of the Dark God. We also know that Silver Eyes can destroy Grimm easily, but what if that was not the limit of what it could do/what if it isn't the actual purpose of the Eyes? What if it turns out that the Eyes' true purpose is not to destroy Grimm, but to purify beings of the Dark God's innate desire to de lstroy? That would make sense for why the Grimm are decimated by it; because they're made of nothing BUT this innate desire, and thus cannot sustain themselves when purified. And considering how much of Salem's current twisted behavior is the result of her Grimm side twisting her desires, purifying that side might make it easier to reason with her.

Now why Ruby? Well besides her being the protagonist, she's arguably the best suited for it since she's a simple honest soul, someone with relatively few pretensions or notions about things that would make her views complicated, condescending or manipulative, like Ozpin, Qrow and so forth. This is important because when you take Salem's personality in "The Lost Fable" into consideration (and TV Tropes' Fridge Brilliance section), she's got the emotion maturity of a child due to her years of isolation and a mix of abandonment issues and fear of manipulation, and she hates being condescended to (regardless of intent). Having Ruby be the one to relate to her and convince her of the error of her ways is arguably the best possible solution since she is relatively unburdened by complicated beliefs or zeal, she's not trying to manipulate or condescend like many people in Salem's past, and being a relative child herself (thus possibly reminding Salem of her daughters) would probably be able to get to Salem's long buried innocence and compassion. —-A New Enigma

Ozpin will cut his ties with RWBY and begin work to unleash the gods.
Ozpin's past, setbacks, and news that Salem can't be ended by mortal hands have been exposed to not just RWBY, but his right-hand man. He's spent centuries trying to achieve what the gods ordered him to do (bring harmony to the world so that it'll be ready for the gods if they're summoned back) only for his efforts to be undermined by the same world he's assigned to protect. He sees no end to his mission in his sight since humans and faunus act how they do and Salem can not be ended by him. RWBY and Qrow's actions in Volume 6 Episode 4 will be the last straw. He'll decide he's done playing babysitter to this hopeless world, make off with the relic in the night, and begin his last resort plan of summoning the gods to not just smite Salem but so he can finally rest.

Team RWBY of course will not allow this once they figure out what Ozpin's up to. This will lead to a three-way race between Team RWBY with their allies, Salem's faction, and Ozpin with his (like Glynda, who should still be loyal to him). Plotwise, this would provide a breaking point in RWBY's alliance with Ozpin. Will put Ruby in the position to be savior the world needs. Also, having a Omnicidal Maniac villain with a sympathetic backstory is a rather known JRPG tradition and who better than Ozpin in light of all we learned about him?

  • Alternatively it's OSCAR who will try to bring back the gods, just to finally be Rid of Ozpin.

Yang's own secret keeping will blow up in her face.
In either this volume or the next, the rest of Team RWBY and Qrow will learn how Yang really got the Relic of Knowledge and that Raven is the Spring Maiden, either though Yang telling them or some outside factor like Raven. Obviously, after Yang's constant harassment of Ozpin for his habit of secret keeping, the other will call her out.
  • Why would they do that, those situations aren't remotely the same? Yang demanding that Ozpin not lie to them (which he responded to by lying) was because he was in charge and it was one of her conditions for staying. It's understandable to be want to be able to trust the person leading you on a dangerous mission, and to want to be in the know about potential dangers. Yang keeping Raven's identity secret endangers exactly no one and is wrapped up in her own issues with her mother and abandonment, and so something she can keep private because it doesn't effect the mission (a mission that she is not leading). People are being really aggressive in wanting to demonise a traumatised teenager for getting understandably frustrated at a lying old wizard who has had plenty of time to get his act together and failed to do so. Consider the contexts for their actions and the consequences - Yang lying has hurt no one, Ozpin's lies get people killed and he just blows it off. Ozpin isn't remotely a sympathetic party in this.
    • No, Ozpin's lies didn't get people killed. All of Ozpin's secrets were to protect people. He didn't tell them that the Relic slightly attracted Grimm because it would have just made them anxious; those negative emotions would have attracted the Grimm. Ozpin keeping that a secret didn't get anyone killed; the Relic's attraction would be so weak it was negligible compared to the stress of knowing that it caused the train attack. It is baseless correlation, not causation, and Ozpin was never the heartless monster people make him out to be; he has always cared about the lives lost. Ozpin's secrets hurt no one; in fact, revealing them hurt people. Ozpin's secrets about Salem being immortal hurts no one. In fact, it protects people for the same reasons that Qrow gave about not telling people Salem existed. Watch the reactions to learning that Salem was immortal; they lost hope and panicked, used Ozpin as a scapegoat, and wanted to give up the fight. See the following counter-argument.

Qrow will die, and Ruby will kill the Lovecraft Grimm with her eyes, before suffering a breakdown.
During the sheer Paranoia Fuel of episode 5, Ruby opines that the abandoned bar should be closed up, in case Qrow decides to hit the bottle over what he'd learned earlier that day. The last sound we hear is something rousing itself within the cellar of that bar - likely the Lovecraft Grimm from the opening sequence - and we also know that Qrow gets taken by it after having a drink. It's a fair guess to say that Qrow will stumble upon it, get drunk, and decide to break into the cellar for more booze, with terrible consequences.

Given that Yang and Weiss are getting drowsy, Maria's elderly, and Oscar's without a semblance, Ruby will then ask Blake to watch over the others while she searches for the Grimm in a race against time. She'll discover that Qrow got murdered quite nastily by the Grimm, and she'll unleash the eyes on the Grimm and kill it. Of course, she'll break down afterwards (as hinted by Weiss helping her up in the sequence), thereby filling something that the CRWBY and Lindsay have wanted to do for some time. It could even lead to another piece of the trailer getting expanded on by Jaune losing it after learning of Qrow's fate and blaming Ozpin for putting him in danger in the first place.

  • Semi-Confirmed; Ruby manages to kill most of the Grimm in the cellar with her silver eyes before Weiss burns the rest alive as everyone escapes. Jossed with Qrow dying though.

Oscar decides to leave Argus and heads back home after getting sick how WBY, JNR and Qrow treats him as Ozpin's vessel.
  • In Episode 8, after Jaune assaulted Oscar, who believes it's Ozpin pretending to be him, he decides to go back home and returns to his normal life as a farm boy. There's a chance he will whether take a train to Mistral to somewhere in Anima or he has a long walk back home awhile avoiding Grimms along the way. It will also be too late for Team RWBY and JNR to find in him.
    • Jossed. Oscar just went to buy combat clothes and he never leave Argus.

Qrow tries to commit suicide out of depression and his shapeshifting powers will transfer to someone else
  • After a fail attempted to get to Atlas, Qrow gave up on finding a way get in to Altas and decides to commit suicide by consuming several drinks of alcohol in the bar he found. It makes senses that he will rather die then continue living without a purpose and don't want to bring misfortune closest to him. It will also mean that's his shapeshifting ability will be transfer to someone close to or returns to Ozpin.

Ruby will lose one of her eyes by Neo and someone makes a heroic sacrifice to save her
If Ruby faces off with Neo and Cinder alone, there's a chance she will lose one of her eyes to Neo due to Cinder told her about SEWS in the Volume 6 finale or semi-finale. The one who protects Ruby from Neo will be someone she cares deeply is either by Jaune, Oscar, Qrow (excluding her team) or Maria.

Cinder and Neo will rescue Adam
If Adam ends up on the ropes against Blake and Yang, they'll rescue him once they realize RWBY's on their way to Atlas. Adam will coaxed along saying that he'll have a shot at the Schnee family. Depending on much of a pile up the season finale is, the trio will run into Tyrian and Watts, sort out the Haven incident, and split into two groups: Three to sow chaos, and two to find the Relic(s)
  • Jossed. Adam was killed in the battle with Yang and Blake, with no sign of Cinder or Neo.

Team RWBY will use the last of Jinn's questions in the finale
With the Argus mecha crippled and Argus under seige from a horde of Grimm and one giant Grimm, Ruby will ask Jinn what they can do to save the city.
  • Partially Jossed - Ruby summons Jinn, but only to use the resulting time stop to prepare her counterattack.

    Volume 7 
Atlas will fall this volume
With the majority of the villains converging on Atlas, including Salem breeding a new army of flying beringel Grimm and finally taking to the field herself, it seems like the threat level has taken a step up. The villains also haven't had a solid victory since the Fall of Beacon either, so this would be a good way to raise the stakes, especially with the Relic of Knowledge out of its vault and the Creation Relic being located in Atlas already, it's possible Salem could grab one or both AND take down one of the largest remaining threats left in the world.

Not helped by the fact that we now know Atlas is a gigantic flying island, held up by gravity dust somehow, either natural deposits or a hover system. Right now dropping it would damage the continent, but raise the power output enough and it rises enough for a Colony Drop.

Alternate fates for Atlas
Instead of it being dropped:

  • Destroyed by somehow igniting the dust. Alternatively, there's a giant Grimm in their too somehow, and freeing it rips the island apart.
  • Captured by Salem as a mobile base, likely to launch it at Vacuo for the last Relic.
  • It's simply reunited with the continent. Judging from the reveal image, the raised portion fits into the hole next to the city.
  • Rather than try and cause chaos in Atlas through out-and-out destruction, Salem will use the winged Beringel to kill specific people in Atlas, like captains of industry and military leaders, in order to spread fear and destabilize the region. The increasing lack of faith in the citizens and those who rely on Atlas will spread negative emotion for the Grimm to feed on, leading to conventional invasions.

Ironwood and Qrow will die in this volume
In The Wizard of Oz the flying monkeys destroy both the Scarecrow and Tinman, who Ironwood and Qrow represent respectively, when they capture Dorothy, who Ruby represents.

Maria's eye specialist is Doctor Watts
... and that will cause her to trust him, only for Watts to destroy the chance to secure the Haven Relic within Atlas, once he discovers whom Maria's aligned with.

Yang's arm was originally a prototype for an upgraded version of Penny's arms.
Penny's arms were rather slim, whereas Yang's arm has armor plating shaped like a real arm and a built-in cannon. If Penny had survived volume 3, she would've been upgraded.

Penny will be back in Volume 7
Probably just in time to pull a Big Damn Heroes at a key moment.

Penny will be back... sort of.
A robot named Penny will appear, but her AI came from a backup made before the original Penny went to Vale, meaning that, as far as she's concerned, Ruby is just a stranger.
  • Alternatively, the backup was made before she went to the tournament, meaning she still remembers Ruby, but doesn't know what has transpired since her death.

Blake and Yang come out and enters a romantic relationship in Volume 7
Since their were many hints on their relationship from Volume 6, it’s they either tell their friends they are in a relationship, confesses their love for each other before upcoming battle against Salem or Yang or Blake kisses each other for the first time.

Ruby will come out as a lesbian or bisexual in Volume 7
Since Ruby has a different hair style than previous volumes, it’s possible she might confessed she is a lesbian or bisexual and she may fell in love with Weiss for a long time.

Oscar confessed his love to Ruby before Ozpin takes fully control over his body in Volume 7
Since Oscar doesn't have much time left, so in the middle or at the end of Volume 7, he will tell Ruby how he feels about her. Ruby will either accepted Oscar's romantic feelings for her or rejected him since she fell in love with someone.

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