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Here's where you can find the theories on RWBY that do not fit into other categories.

There is a reason why everything that is killed disintegrates.
Has anyone else noticed that every time life is taken away in the series, the thing without life disintegrates?
  • The Grimm disintegrate after being slain.
  • Yang's arm disintegrates after being cut off
  • Pyrrha disintegrates after dying
The 'corpses' that we may see throughout the series are merely people who are unconscious. Perhaps there are consequences to bodies or body parts that do not disintegrate fully, besides the Grimm, maybe there are reasons why (so far) the bad guys always disintegrate the bodies of their victims? (Cinder could easily have let the arrow kill off Pyrrha without disintegrating her, or could have finished her off with a blast instead of full disintegration)
  • Jossed: At the beginning of Season 4, a guard/hunter dies of his injuries and doesn't immediately vanish. She was most likely just being thorough, or maybe her Semblance improves as she turns things to ash/cinders.

Dust applications and Semblance
Seeing that Semblances are able to be changed with Dust such as Blake's shadow clones and Weiss' glyphs, it might be able to augment other people's semblances as well.
  • Ruby can use dust to make contrails of a certain element.
  • Weiss, in addition to her normal application, can also use dust to give her summoning ability an elemental charge.
  • Yang can make use of her Full-Contact Magic to make anything that touches her during her Unstoppable Rage get affected by the dust type.
  • Sun, like Blake, can make his clones have a certain element. However, they will be more offensive.
  • Nora can change the electricity she channels into any element.
  • Pyrrha could have added a charge to the metal she manipulates.
  • Ren could use dust to not only hide from the Grimm, but also discourage them from coming near them. As seen as early as season 1, Grimm can die in inhospitable conditions. Therefore, they'd want to avoid them so that they can live another day.
    • However, the more "cold" elements make her slower. So using ice makes her a Mighty Glacier who hits like a truck, but incredibly slow.
  • Qrow can use dust to make his bad luck semblance stronger towards a certain element.
    • For example, if he is fighting in a wooden building during a fire, he can augment his semblance to make the fire spread in very inopportune ways for everyone inside.
  • Emerald doesn't really have a need for dust augmentation, as her semblance in near omnipotent on the subjects she manipulates.
  • Velvet can copy all of these abilities.

Dust and dust-based weaponry are only lethal against the Grimm
The girls' weapons demonstrate varying degrees of lethality, and I theorize it's because Dust isn't as harmful to humans as it is to Grimm. This may have to do with the prologue stating that "Man was born from Dust". Here's my breakdown:
  • In the Red Trailer, Crescent Rose is capable of dicing up Beowulves into sashimi and delivering rifle shots that decapitate in one shot, demonstrating the "high velocity" part of HVSS. In Episode 1, Ruby incapacitates Roman's mooks by striking them with the blunt backside of Crescent Rose. She fires at Cinder with Crescent Rose in rifle mode, but her shots are blocked with Dust magic.
  • In the White Trailer, Myrtenaster deals no visible damage to the Knight when striking with just its blade. It is only until Weiss starts channeling Dust into the blade that Myrtenaster is able to repel and ultimately slay the Knight.
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  • In the Black Trailer, both Blake and Adam are blasted by the Spider Mech, but suffer no real damage. Assuming that all advanced technology is powered by Dust, the Spider Mech's beam weapon is also Dust-based, and is apparently not lethal to neither Blake nor Adam.
  • In the Yellow Trailer, Yang is VERY clearly blasting Junior's mooks with Ember Celica's shotgun blasts. Even Junior still appears to be alive after being on the receiving end of Yang's Megaton Punch.
  • Then there is, of course, Ruby's exploding Dust sneeze, which doesn't appear to damage Ruby nor Weiss, save for a coat of soot.
  • This is true to a limited extent - creatures of Grimm are described as soulless, and the protagonists are able to use the manifestation of their souls - "Aura" - as a defensive and offensive augmentation. This explains their Made of Iron state.
  • The opening sequence says "Man, born from dust," but it also later says "in time, Man's passion, resourcefulness, and ingenuity led them to the tools that would help even the odds. This power was appropriately named 'Dust.'" The dust that Man was born from is not the same Dust that gives one Elemental Powers.

It's Aura that cannot kill people.
  • It is life itself. If you were, for example, to use Aura to augment an attack that sends someone flying through the roof to land minutes later, the Aura used in the attack will bolster the person's body for both the attack and the landing. They might be knocked out though. (A non-Aura user using a dust-"burning" method instead of Aura channeling may not have that problem.)
    • It is possible to knock someone out using Aura and then stop using it and stomp on said person's neck. But to do this, you have to be able to completely retract connection to other living things completely, and it takes a very cold killer to do it. (Mercury, Neo)
      • Yang "broke Mercury's leg" because it was an artificial prosthesis, thus not protected as "alive, nevertheless, this is why it was so horrifying to "see" from the audience, harm through Aura is basically The Dark Side.

The Headstone in "Red"
I can faintly make out the writing; it says, "Summer Rose; Thus kindly I *something*". Thoughts?
  • Scatter. It's from a poem, The Last Rose of Summer. Although now that we're on the subject, does this mean that- with the reveal of Ruby's surname, Rose- "Summer" was their name?
    • Actually, I think it refers to a town. "The Last Rose Of Summer" could refer to the fact that Ruby's family may be dead, with a family member being the one that the grave is dedicated to (widely believed to have been the "Last Rose"), and their town (called "Summer") having been razed to the ground. It's at least a possibility!
    • The credits show a ghostly figure in a white robe and hood hovering over it while Ruby pays her respects.
    • Summer is a woman's name. An uncommon one to be sure, but this troper has met girls named that before...
    • Building off the presumption that "of Summer" implies a name, the "of" would actually imply that Summer was the surname. Nowhere in history are names given as "surname of given name". There are cultures that have the surname precede the given name, but this continues the implication that the given name is "of" the surnamed family. Another possibility is that Summer is a place, as in a city/realm/land/town/ocean/island etc., as in Robin of Loxley.
      • The presumption isn't that the tombstone is dedicated to "The Last Rose of Summer", but to a woman literally named Summer Rose- perhaps Ruby's mother or grandmother, given the hints of adoption- whose robe is similar to Ruby's but in white (shown in the OP). Perhaps a woman who Ozpin knew, with silver eyes...
      • Confirmed to be Ruby's mother and Yang's stepmother.

The Atlas military cyber-warfare was not run by human, but by an AI.
So that is why Ironwood did not check to scan his computer system of virus. Nornally the AI will take care of all of that-who can defeat an AI in hacking? Which blew up in his face when the Red Queen virus does. So it's Law of Diminishing defense effort applied to Ironwood, which, again, blew up in everyone's faces.Note: Fridge Brilliance: who can defeat an AI, which is a LOT smarter and faster than humans? A. Anotger, much smarter AI, B. It's creator, and C. Magic. Either option is as worrying as the other.

The train Blake attacked was carrying Weiss' luggage.
From Weiss' Twitter account we see an entry showing her luggage and mentioning that she's all packed for her trip. It'll turn out that the train Adam and Blake attacked was purely for transporting that and it's disappearance got Weiss angry, so she hired Yang to find Blake.
  • Except that Yang was confirmed to be inquiring about the Transient Princess, not Blake.
  • It might not have been her luggage, but if you look closely, you can definitely see Weiss' (and by extension, the Schnee family in general) sigil on the packing crates and such. Yes, Blake and Adam were robbing a Schnee Dust train.
    • Weiss does mention a train of Dust being stolen to which Blake responds very apprehensively.

Some of the 'guns' do not use bullets.
Especially Yang's gauntlets, instead what we are seeing are little packs of Dust that get depleted over time. This is why she didn't have to reload for a while, because each 'shell' gave her a number of shots, and the entire thing allows her to use them in different fashions. In addition, it allows the show to have people being shot with them without being 'shot' in the process.
  • Sorta accurate. Yang's Ember Celica channels kinetic energy through the dust crystals into a focused blast. It's not a stretch to say other weapons can do something similar with different types of energy.

The cookies Professor Ozpin gave were part of an interrogation technique.
The table, the lighting, Ozpin and Glynda playing Good Cop/Bad Cop. It was an interrogation as much as an interview. We only see her Motor Mouth tendencies after she ate them all. They weren't "drugged" per se; but the amazing jumps and flips she's shown are partly enabled by a Hyperactive Metabolism. Introduce a lot of sugar to that furnace, and self-restraint goes out the window. Is she too young and immature for Beacon? Let's load her up with sugar and kindness after she's been scared and see what comes out!

Blake will be able to disguise herself as one of the black student figures nobody pays attention to.
And will suddenly pop up out of "nowhere" surprising everyone. (Being a nice reference to Ninja Noh Theater.)
  • As of Volume 2, there are no more "black" figures.

Theoretical Japanese dub voices
Pretty much just for fun since it would be hard for this to happen. I just gonna start with Team RWBY, maybe someone else will step up and add more:

Then one for JNPR:

Professor Port can only be voiced by EMPEROR WAKAMOTO!!!

Aura is NOT a force field. Rather, it is much like Mana, as in, an energy that, with training, can be used in various applications.
So far, we've seen the members of RWBY, Jaune, Ren, Cinder and Glynda utilize a special ability in one way or another. It seems like they each have a unique ability. For RWBY, I'm guessing that...
  • Ruby's Aura provides a slow Flash Step, and increased speed. -> Flash Step, Super Speed
  • Weiss's Aura allows her to summon Instant Runes for whatever application she deems necessary. -> Instant Runes
  • Blake's Aura is an upgraded version of Ruby's, with the Flash Step, but that is all she has, due to her status as a Faunus. WMG Theory on the relations between Faunua and Aura  -> Flash Step
  • Yang's is obviously Playing with Fire, and a Super Mode that manifests when she is stressed or angry. -> Playing with Fire, Super Mode

As for the rest, it's a little more difficult, given how little we've seen of them utilizing Aura. But if I had to hazard a guess...

  • Ren's is increased perception, a makeshift shield, and a strength booster, as he was able to sense the King Taijitu, block one of their strikes with his Aura alone, and was able to tear the fangs of a Taijitu with his bare hands. -> Spider-Sense, Deflector Shields, Super Strength
  • From Jaune's, given that he has a lot of Aura, which was able to instantly heal a scratch. This may be a hint that he is Unskilled, but Strong, as he could use a multitude of abilities, but not immediately. -> Healing Factor
  • Glynda might be along the lines of controlling forces of nature, as in, summoning storms, and manipulating debris by controlling gravity, much like biotics. -> Weather Manipulation, Gravity Master
  • Cinder is presumably control over fire, and force field generation. A lot of her attacks seemed to look like they were made of fire. -> Playing with Fire, Deflector Shields

So far, Aura can manifest in the following forms in alphabetical order:

  • Sorry to be a killjoy, but the only guy who said "it's a forcefield" is Jaune, who only knew about Aura that very moment. Obviously it's far wider than that. And Deflector Shields counts as a "force field".
  • Pyrrha reveals that Aura has a "Semblance", i.e a specific power that is special to one person. Ruby's is Super Speed, Weiss' is Instant Runes and hers is Selective Magnetism. I guess your theory is fairly well confirmed.
  • However, a lot of these power guesses were wrong. Blake's Semblance is not Super Speed like Ruby's, it allows her to create shadow copies of herself. Yang's Semblance "charges" by tanking hits, and she can then unleash the stored energy against her opponent, she's not actually on fire. Glynda's Semblance is Telekinesis, and Cinder's fire powers are probably not aura at all. Additionally, there is zero indication that being a Faunus has any impact on aura or Semblance. If that were the case, it would certainly be part of anti-Faunus discrimination.
    • Furthermore, Ren's motion sensing is a passive ability granted by his actual Semblance - his tranquility cloak. Literally a means of shielding himself and/or other people from the Grimm's vision, he is seen in the Volume 4 finale casting it through the ground and into Jaune and Qrow. Therefore, he is able to detect people by sensing emotions through the ground, as demonstrated with the Taijitu, Tyrian and the Nuckleavee - the last two of which were detected by him well before the rest of Team RNJR did.
  • For what it's worth, the CRWBY have described Semblances as being "fueled" by Aura. Therefore, Aura functions both as hit points and mana.

Jaune is the RWBYverse's Izuru Kamukura, who is normal and desperately wants to be something special. He is admitted into Beacon Academy, the RWBYverse Hope's Peak Academy, despite the fact that he doesn't actually belong there, in hopes of becoming someone that does. Ruby is the "SHSL Hope" that Makoto Naegi has, and also has his SHSL Luck since she was able to get into Beacon despite being young. Pyrrha would serve as the Kirigiri (of sorts), except helping Izuru rather than Naegi. The Faunus (or Roman's faction) are the ones who kick off the Worst, Most Despair-Inducing Event in Mankind, with Cinder as the Mastermind Junko Enoshima, SHSL Despair.

Faunus are somehow connected to the Grimm
Also, this connection doesn't affect the faunus in any direct way, it's just their origin (or something), and potentially the origin of the prejudice against them.

Faunus are related to the Shapeshifters.
There only a few "pure" shifters left, most of them had children with humans and their children were stuck inbetween forms.

Ozpin knows that Jaune faked his way into Beacon
And because he's a Sink-or-Swim Mentor he's let Jaune continue figuring that his inexperience will result in him flunking out or the same drive and determination that allowed him to fake his way in will get him to succeed in spite of his handicaps.

Rooster Teeth is using Gender-Neutral Writing by not using the word Hunter.
See the word "Hunter?" It's scattered across the fandom. Everybody uses it; to refer to both the plural and Huntsmen and Huntresses; as well as a synonym for Huntsman. Except....the word is never uttered in the series itself. Ever. Huntsman, Huntress, or "Huntsmen and Huntresses" is used...every...single...time. Tell someone this; and their eyes cross. That's not true. Someone had to use that word somewhere. But..."never" is a strong word. All it takes is one counter-example to break it. Nobody can give that counterexample.
  • What's going on? Well, as the manual for Wizardry put it; "Wizardry is not a sexist game. English however is a sexist language." Well, RWBY is not a sexist series; and it would appear to be trying very hard to create a world where men and women are literally equal; gender has never been an issue in Remnant's history. (Aura trumping physical muscles helps in that regard.). If Hunter referred to both the plural of Huntsmen and Huntresses; and if Hunter can also refer to masculine Huntsmen; then the word "Huntress" is the odd duck out. It denotes Hunters who are different from the norm. "But that doesn't mean they aren't equal!" The term can be separate but equal. ....uh oh.
    • Is this Serious Business? Should people who use the term be chastised? No. But it is difficult to avoid the terminology. It's hard to recognize the distinction is even being made. The fact that RWBY's script consistently and clearly avoids it means that this avoidance is intentional.

There will be a Ten Commandments-like weapon sometime later in the series.
Just remembered this awesome manga and realized how well Haru Glory's Ten Commandments would fit in this universe. For those who don't know, imagine if Weiss's Myrtenaster changed its form in accordance with the type of Dust she's currently using. Maybe a character inspired by this manga's protagonist could be a love interest for her?

Semblance usage is powered by the Dust in Remnant's atmosphere.
  • As this blogger theorizes. The abbreviated theory states that 1) Dust is a renewable resource, which mages such as Cinder and Glynda can gather rapidly from the air and shape into magical effects, and 2) Aura is "the internalized Dust energy" that humans have within themselves, being born from Dust (as the prologue says).
    Sunwukong-stoaway: So there you have it. This power is the backbone of the ecosystem in Remnant. It's in the air, the planet, and in living creatures. Grimm are the exception, and they have none to speak of. We can use it, we can manipulate it, and it will all go back into the planet with us. By using the power we have been given from our birth, we are using Remnant�s lifeforce to light our world against the darkness.

Taken together "This Will Be The Day" (and "Time To Say Goodbye") is basically saying Be Careful What You Wish For
  • The lyrics of TWBTD are mostly about finally getting a chance to prove yourself, but as the song goes on you get the lyric:
    You want a romantic life; a fairytale that's full of charm
Followed up with the verse
Beware that the light is fading;
Beware if the dark returns.
This world's unforgiving, even brilliant lights will cease to burn.
: And this naturally carries on into the whole of TTSG. Overall this can be taken as; "Good news! You're a badass and now you can prove it...unfortunately this means that you're a Badass and you've proved it."

Androids have a limited ability to puncture Aura-based defences.
  • In the White trailer, Weiss is able to defend against the force of the Knight's punch, but not the sharpness of its armor- so she gets a cut and avoids a bruise. Given that Aura is apparently an all-purpose shield, and she was already using it, this seems odd.
    • Semi-Confirmed: Penny is the first android to be able to generate it, so she's probably more capable of penetrating it.

The Paladins aren't really that much of a game changer... on their own
When Ironwood introduced them, he noted that battles need a "human touch". As the battle with RWBY showed, a hunter or huntress has much more offensive power; piloting a Paladin would be a downgrade for them (since they can't use their Impossibly Cool Weapon or aura), however it does a great job of protecting the usernote . They're basically armor to protect a human (or faunus) commander rather than a weapon in their own right. When the White Fang start using the remaining ones (Torchwick said he'd stolen more than one) in conjunction with foot soldiers (maybe they'll steal some of the obsolete androids?), RWBY et al are going have a much harder time.

The Schnee family, Rose family, and Cinder are all related.
They all have a seasonal theme.
  1. Weiss has a sister named Winter.
  2. Ruby has a deceased relative named Summer.
  3. Cinder's last name is Fall.
So now, we need a Spring.
  • Perhaps not biologically, but I would assume that Ruby and Weiss at least are related if only because of Rose Red and Snow White. One thing is certain, they are not connected through a single team. Summer was not on a team with Winter or Cinder. But, it's possible that Winter and Cinder are a previous generation of Huntresses who worked beside team TQYS (Summer's team).

Natural animals have a "Primal Aura" that helps them survive in a world where Grimm dominate the food chain.
Zwei, the dog Ruby unexpectedly now has to take care of, and the world of Remnant series has proved that the world has more than just humans and Grimm in it. However while humans have magitech to defend themselves in the form of dust being weaponized the animals have no such luxury. How then do they compete with these seemingly apex predators that Grimm have become? They have their own version of Aura that they use for survival. They use it to fight the Grimm in their territorial disputes and avoiding predation. The evidence is that Zwei was used by Oobleck as an improvised cannonball when fighting. Although this could also be Oobleck controlling it so as not to harm Zwei it is more likely that Qrow taught and nurtured Zwei's Primal Aura to make sure he wasn't harmed
  • Animals may also have their own auras, but canon directly and explicitly says that Grimm only prey on humans and never attack normal animals for food. They do not eat animals and they are not eaten by animals. Literally the only time Grimm and normal animals come into conflict are when it's over physical space.

Ruby will start getting copious amounts of Les Yay with other girls.
It will all come from the other girls doing things like glomping her or kissing her on the cheek, which will just embarrass Ruby or freak her out.

Qrow, Ozpin and Roman Torchwich are strongly connected to each other
The 3 have some "clock" motif surrounding them (Ozpin and Qrow specifically in the opening). It has brought up on occasion whether Roman is Oz. However, Qrow was sent to "spy" on the enemy. I doubt Cinder would just let any mook know the details of their plans.Either Ozpin and Qrow take turns pretending to be Roman or Ozpin helps cover for Qrow as he spies on Cinder's group.

That video game in Volume 3 Episode 4 was actually a "scroll app" meant to be played on a TV
Let's be perfectly honest, if there were an actual video game console that used touch screen smartphones as controllers, it would fail mightily, infinitely, and forever. Virtual touch-screen buttons on a controller you aren't looking at would never work, and there's absolutely no merit to them over normal controllers (which are cheaper, hold more space for buttons, are more comfortable to hold, are more durable, the list just goes on) if indeed normal controllers are even an option. So the only explanation is that they aren't, and that this is a scroll app game that can be streamed on a TV, not a console video game that is played using scroll-ish controllers.

The characters will follow who they're based on.
  • Pyrrha, who was based on Achilles, dies to an arrow, so Jaune who is based on Joan of Arc will most likely, be burned to death.
    • This would mean Nora is killed by a snake and Ren suicide after being forced into marrying someone.
      • You should take this with a grain of salt, but Mulan supposedly said she wanted to be with her father right before killing herself. Ren won't be saying that exact thing for obvious reasons, but if his only remaining family is gone...
      • Alternatively, Ren gets kidnapped by the villains and threatened with death if he doesn't give up something important, which leads to him refusing violently.

Most of Remnant doesn’t know that there are people with the power to create complex illusions.
Notice that whenever an illusion is at play, no one seems to be able to connect the dots. Even Cinder asked how Emerald was able to take that ring without anyone realizing when they first met. The reason for this is simple: Barely anyone knows it’s possible to have this kind of ability. Whether it’s a Semblance or something else entirely, there are probably very few people who are able to do it. Of course, these people would use this power to their advantage and wouldn’t want anyone to know they have it. Therefore, it’s not widely known that those people can do it. “Stress-induced hallucinations” is the most commonly accepted explanation for these illusions.
  • So far the only characters that have deception based Semblances are Emerald, Neo, and Blake, all of which have criminal pasts. This is in contrast to characters like Ruby and Yang, who have more overt powers. It would make sense that people that had hard lives like Blake and Emerald had to have such powers to survive. As for why these kinds of Semblances aren't well known, it's because criminals either never train to develop their Semblances, or they stick to crime and no one ever sees their powers in action.

The reason for the apparent Culture Chop Suey present in Remnant is...
It's likely that before the war with the Grimm, the world of Remnant had many nations and cultures, but with humanity (and the Faunus) pushed to the brink of extinction, culture was given a back seat to basic survival. By the time peace was established and the four kingdoms had been built, they had become a hodgepodge of previous cultures.

Faunus have more identifying traits than just their animal part
Sun was (apparently) able to tell Blake was a faunus just from looking at her and the crowd at the rally was able to tell Torchwick was a human (note that "Dearie" said "a human"; she didn't recognize him as an infamous criminal), although some of them might have just seen him on the news.
  • Oobleck has also mentioned that they have exceptional night vision.

All shops in Vale (possibly all of Remnant) are references to films
So far we have:It's possible that this theme will extend to other businesses in town.

The humans (and humanoids) of Remnant are taller/more physically powerful than Real Life humans
Since the second World of Remnant video has made it clear that Remnant's practically a Death World (which needs a dedicated force to keep urban areas safe), it would make sense. This would explain why so much of the cast is pushing 6'.
  • There's certainly plenty of evidence to support this in the series. Roman has taken blows that would kill a normal person and gotten right back up. So has Yang (though that might have to do with her semblence/possible Super Sayain connection), and the opening section of initiation into Beacon consists of being launched into a forest. Even Jaune, lacking in Aura and semblemnce, has taken blows that would cripple a normal person.

Humans & Faunus are both non-native to the planet of Remnant, and they arrived here on the moon.
So, we know that the Creature of Grimm are found all across Remnant and that they DON'T eat animals as food. We also know that the moon is cracked apart on one side, has a rotation, and otherwise looks just like our moon. Here's where the two collide as a theory: Humans fled Earth due to war/conflict/disaster/something that rendered the planet uninhabitable, and we fled by turning the entire moon into a spaceship. Perhaps we had advanced gravity control tech or something. We fled across space, arrived at Remnant because it had liquid water, and then we proceeded to begin the process of terraforming the planet to be more habitable by our species. The planet's native life: Grimm. The creatures of Grimm come from Remnant and the reason they attack humans is because they know, on some level, that we are the cause of their current situation. The faunus were themselves created by genetic engineering on the moon to create a species that could exist on Remnant without needing to wipe out said Grimm, which led to further conflict within the ranks of humans that ended with the moon exploding and the survivors fleeing to Remnant and losing their advanced Tech. Dust could be a byproduct of Grimm life overall.

Dust comes from dead humans.
When Yang's arm is cut off and when Pyhrra is killed by Cinder, we see small particles flaking off of Yang's severed arm, and Pyhrra's whole body turns to ashes and is blown away by the wind. This could easily be where Dust comes from. Furthermore, humanity discovered Dust during a losing fight against the Grimm, according to the first episode of season 1. A high casualty rate means that large amounts of Dust would have been produced, thus improving the likeliness that mankind would have discovered Dust at this age.
  • Given that it's been noted that all life excepting the Grimm can produce an Aura, it's possible Dust is similar in origin to fossil fuels; the crystallised aura of fossilised animals.

RWBY Chibi is canon as Pyrrha's Dying Dream
.Everything shown is just somewhat exaggerated comedic behavior of the group's original behavior. And as Pyrrha is dying she's focusing on the silliest and most enjoyable elements and stories she heard for last moments.

RWBY was inspired by Kill La Kill.
Think about it. In this interview, Monty states that his all-time favorite anime is Gurren Lagann and Kill la Kill was hyped as being made by the same people. Monty also has a strong affinity for female fighters and Kill La Kill has no shortage of these. As well, the numerous comparisons of Neapolitan and Nui Harime is because Neo is an Expy. Plus, they were both released around the same time so maybe the show snuck it's way into Monty's head as he was making RWBY. Just some food for thought.
  • A much more obvious inspiration (whether it was intentional or subconscious) is Naruto; most of the major plot elements and plot arcs up to the end of Season 3 map to it directly. Some of this might be because they're natural plots for a series that starts in an Academy of Adventure, but there are a lot of parallels:
    • A school for people with magical powers, which is one of many, each sponsored by a different nation. The story begins just as the main characters advance into the "serious" ranks of training.
    • After a few smaller stories, the first major plot arc is the characters being assigned a mentor and going on a mission with him.
    • When they get back, there is a major tournament arc across different village-academies, with national tensions building up and evil villains secretly manipulating things from behind the scenes, leading to an invasion that ultimately disrupts the tournament and eliminates the Big Good.
    • Also, the villain's schemes are to steal a power that passes from person to person for themselves and to break the system that the students have been trained into. Right as this is revealed, it's revealed (or at least heavily implied) that the main character holds this power as well.
    • Following this arc, normal schooling ends, and there is a large Time Skip.

There will eventually be a "From Shadows part 2" and "I Burn part 2".
To follow the trend of the girls' theme songs getting a second song with more character related information. "Red Like Roses part 2" discussed Ruby's feelings of abandonment with her mother's death, and "Mirror Mirror part 2" was Weiss re-evaluating her life up until this point and affirming what direction to take. "From Shadows part 2" could be Blake's new mission statement, now that she's left Beacon and all of her friends, she could be seeking to destroy the White Fang "from shadows". "I Burn part 2" could alternately be titled "I Burn(ed out)", focusing on Yang's depression following the events of volume 3.
  • Confirmed for From Shadows. Thanks to the V5 soundtrack, we have This Time (From Shadows Pt. 2).

Should Professor Peach appear, she will be voiced by Jen Taylor
There will be a RWBY fighting game in the future.
Arc System Works, the makers of Guilty Gear and BlazBlue revealed in an interview they're fans of the series and want to make a RWBY fighting videogame.
  • And if this happens, Ragna and Sol would be guest fighters as they would fit into the RWBY universe.
  • Sort of confirmed. Ruby IS in a fighting game with Ragna, but as of the moment, we don't know if she's the only RWBY character yet.
  • Confirmed twice over. We have RWBY: Grimm Eclipse (featuring teams RWBY and JNPR), and we also have BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle, which features Team RWBY along with characters from Persona 4, Under Night In-Birth, and the BlazBlue series.

The Red trailer takes place after the events of Volume 4.
That could explain the way she acts in it. In Volume 4, Episode 2, Weiss's father mentions a charity concert as well. Perhaps that's from the White trailer?

The Wizard who created the seasonal maidens
is also the original creator of the Grimm.Given the recent reveal that silver eyed warrior powers are effective on maidens as well as Grimm, they could very well have the same creator.

Oscar is the amnesiac Spring Maiden
Following the Wizard of Oz theme found with multiple characters (Ozpin, Glynda, etc), Oscar will be a reference to Tip/Ozma, the lost princess of Oz who was put under a spell as an infant and turned into a boy. Oscar has already been tied implicitly to spring via farming, and the Spring Maiden is known to be missing. The use of "Oscar" (the true name of the Wizard) as a name is either a Red Herring to make viewers think Oscar is Ozpin, or, assuming the Oscar segments take place in the present, a red flag indicating that the name is a false one (no color association).
  • Jossed. As of Volume 4 Ep. 7 "Family," we learn that Oscar and Ozpin's aura's have combined and the two are now involved in one hell of a Fusion Dance.

Qrow's misfortune Semblence isn't real
  • Essentially, because his parents where dickish enough to name him after a cursed bird, Qrow believes bad things will always happen around him, thus causing him to act in subtle ways that cause these things to happen. His Semblence is just morphing into a crow and everything bad that happens is just life being life.
    • The part about morphing into a crow being his Semblance has been jossed. He and Raven got that ability from Ozpin.

The last King of Vale was named Ozymandias
Ozpin's Semblance is implied to be some kind of Fusion Dance, as his mind merged with one Oscar Pine. If Ozpin originally fused with the King of Vale, it's likely the king had a name that sounds similar to Ozpin and Oscar. The name Ozymandias alludes to the famous Percy Bysshe Shelley poem as well as a character from The Watchmen. There's no doubt that the writers are familiar with the name.

After Oscar joins JNPR as the new P, JNR will die…
Because Monty Oum “JK Rowling’d” his work laying the groundwork for buildup and payoffs, we might as well be adding a hundred or so bodies on top of that.
  • Jaune will die killing Cinder, fulfilling his forerunner Joan of Arc’s burnt at the stake tradition.
  • Nora will die defeating a sea monster Grimm because World Serpent of Ragnarok anyone?
  • Ren, due to grief at loosing Nora, will perform a heroic sacrifice falling in line with Mulan’s death due to a lover (killing herself rather than be raped by her enemy.)
    • Thus without a team Oscar will be joined by Sun, Neptune, and a resurrected Penny to form Team OSPN (OZPIN as a giant FUCK YOU to Salem, like Dumbledoor's army to Voldy!) with Team RWBY to defeat Salem which justifies the extensive focus on Sun, Neptune, and Penny despite these characters having no real purpose in the story so far, and adds to RWBY's prominent displays of RED AND GREEN colors. Yellow and Blue make green, and copper turns green thanks to chemical reaction.
      • Bonus points! After RWBY become the Four Maidens Team OSPN will gain control of the four relics. Sun will get the Vacuo Sword of Destruction due in no small part to being badass Monkey King. Oscar Pine will get the Ax of Creation because he’s the Woodcutter to Ruby’s Redcap. Penny will receive Atlas’ Scepter of Knowledge because of technological advancement, and Neptune will get a shield that functions as a surfboard as what less would Beachboy do with a shield? He uses it to SHIELD him from the water!

the Atlesian King was the Wizard.

Or at least, until his decision to cast aside his Humanity arising from the 'solution' given by the Relic of Knowledge effectively 'killed' him as a person, and the Wizard Mantle then jumped host to the next suitable candidate, the King of Vale. Somehow, the Ko V managed to acquire the Relic of Destruction from the Ko A before the man could single-handedly win the war (maybe in that 'little skirmish' that started the Great War in the first place.) And the rest, as they say, is history.

The King of Vale, after winning the Great War, now knew first hand how power corrupts and that not even him is excluded. Thus, to prevent something like that from happening again, he separated the Relics, established Huntsmen Academies and disbanded the monarchies.

  • Jossed: The King of Vale was the incarnation of the Wizard prior to Professor Ozpin.

The Old Wizard is the God of Creation

As one of the Two Brothers who created the Four Relics, the God of Creation has the power to naturally create anything. After retiring after creating his masterpiece with his brother, the god was eventually visited by four humans who showed him how successful their creations truly were. As a gift, he gave them some of his godly power to become the Four Maidens and connected them to the Four Relics he intrusted to humanity.

  • Jossed. Ozpin reveals that he was the one who created the Four Maidens with the magic he was granted by the gods.

Semblances start off as one basic ability, but more training and experimentation with Semblance will reveal different ways to use them.

Every Semblance can be boiled down to a simple concept; glyphs, speed, shadow clones, and so on. However, we see numerous times that these basic abilities can be altered to fit the situation. Weiss’s glyphs grant a whole slew of different abilities, like propulsion, deflection, projectile attacks, summoning, etc. Ruby not only has a basic dash, but as seen in her Character Short, she can split apart and reform, and turn into a whirlwind. Blake can augment her Semblance with Dust to give her shadow clones elemental properties, she was able to cast an illusion that looks identical to both her and Yang to get away from Adam, and by Volume 4, the clones are capable of movement and grabbing Blake. Just as a person would typically need to undergo training to discover their Semblance, additional training will uncover more ways to utilize that Semblance. This is why Weiss’s Semblance is one of the most versatile in the series: Being a hereditary Semblance that every Schnee has, they’ve had entire generations to figure out all of the different ways it can be used. Theoretically, every Semblance could be just as versatile, but one lifetime isn’t long enough to learn every ability a Semblance can grant.

The Branwen twins are not human by default anymore.
Qrow and Raven's shapeshifting powers were bestowed upon them by Ozpin years ago. Given how Raven says that this was the catalyst for her absconding and rejection of Ozpin's goals, it's strongly implied that the process wasn't pleasant. What if, instead of them being human normally and changing into their avian forms when they need to, Ozpin permanently turned them into birds and taught them how to shapeshift into human form? It would explain a great deal about Raven's character.

The Relic of Choice at Beacon requires the other three Relics in order to find it.
Not only that but each must be held people that have absolute faith and trust in each other. And none of the three that hold a Relic will actually be able to claim the Relic of Choice meaning you need at least four people that have unwavering faith in each other. This will be a Spanner in the Works to the villains because they can barely tolerate each other much less have faith in one another. This will especially upend Cinder's efforts since she and her team won't be able to claim the Relic and might just be enough for Salem to decide You Have Outlived Your Usefulness.

The Relics hidden within each Academy are indicated by the logos of their respective Kingdoms.
It's been noted by a few keen observers that the Lantern of Knowledge looks eerily similar to Mistral's logo - and it contains a glowing blue sphere, akin to the representation provided within Qrow's tale in A Much Needed Talk. Additionally, the three other Kingdoms have circular elements to their designs, and those Relics could likely contain similar spheres. What if the logos of each Kingdom are indications of the Relics hidden within those Kingdoms? For example:
  • We already know that Vale has the Choice Relic. The only circular part of that Kingdom's logo is a laurel wreath; going by this theory, Beacon harbours the Crown of Choice. It could also be the crown that Vale's last king wore when he reorganised Remnant's governments after the Great War finished.
  • Vacuo's logo has a sword with a circular element within the crossguard. Going with this theory, Shade Academy would house the Sword of Destruction. It could even have been wielded by the King of Vale when he laid waste to Vacuo in the Great War.
  • And finally, Atlas's logo prominently features a shield. By elimination, that would mean Atlas Academy is home to the Shield of Creation. This makes even more sense when one factors in how Mantle (and Atlas) was formed. The earliest settlers needed to invent many new technologies to survive the harsh climate; therefore, creativity is strongly associated with that Kingdom. Additionally, Mantle was responsible for many military advancements throughout the Great War; the King of Vale giving them the Shield of Creation was a means of making sure Mantle would never be entrusted with more destructive potential than they already possessed.

    • As of Volume 6, this is confirmed, but with one difference - the creation relic is a spear instead of a shield.

Taiyang's Semblance is a Recoil Boost or a Flash Step, and Ruby and Yang are imitating him
Even though their weapons are completely different, Ruby and Yang both have the Recoil Boost in common. They probably learned it from Tai.

We aren't seeing same Shopkeeper each time.
At the very least, the proprietors of A Simple Wok and From Dust 'Till Dawn are probably different, though possibly related people, as an homage to Nurse Jenny and Officer Joy from Pokémon.

Lionheart's Start of Darkness was causing the fall of Oniyuri.
  • While the length of time that Lionheart had served Salem is still unknown at this point, Lionheart could've been cornered by her years before and forced to kill a number of his own people in return for his life. The richest members of Mistral then decide to create Oniyuri, and he sees his chance to get out of the crosshairs ... for a moment.

The last time the Relic of Knowledge was used ...
... was when the King of Vale wanted to know how to safeguard the Relics from Salem's grasp. Given that the Relics are Grimm magnets, it's quite possible that the idea of the Maiden Vaults came from the Relic. After all, it hardly seems likely that the King could've created them without outside help of sorts.

The lack of magic will prove to be humanity's salvation.

In "The Lost Fable", we find out that only Ozpin, Salem, the Maidens and Branwens can use magic, due to the God of Darkness stripping that ability from humankind when they turned on them. As a response to this, humanity learned to harness Dust and Aura to create Semblances. If the Gods return to judge humanity unfavourably, all three of these could prove to be enough to kill the Gods if they decide to destroy humanity, given that humanity developed these things on their own.

The Gods will be the final bosses of the story instead of Salem.
If the Gods return now, there is a good chance they will judge humanity irredeemable, and will sentence them to death. Eventually, they will be summoned, and will attempt to exactly that. The heroines will then decide to pull a Screw Destiny, and try to fight them.

The location of the Choice Relic isn't at Beacon.
Given that the Choice Relic is confirmed to be a crown, it seems likely that it was worn by the King of Vale. What if, instead of the Choice Relic hiding within a Maiden Vault, it's instead located within the King's tomb, and can only be unlocked with the use of the other three Relics.

Dust was created when the God of Destruction shattered the moon.
When the Gods departed Remnant after Salem's failed rebellion, the God of Destruction (who also gave the first humans their magic) departed in a beam of magic that clipped the moon, shattering it. As can be seen when it cuts back to Salem, several pieces of the moon are falling down planetside. When the God of Destruction's beam broke the moon it imparted some of his magic into the broken pieces, and those pieces that fell to Remnant became the first Dust deposits (hence its magical properties in a world that the Gods explicitly removed magic from).

Summer Rose was more like Yang
While many fanfics paint Summer as "Previous Gen!Ruby", it's just as likely that Yang takes after "Super Mom", due to her influence. And while Raven did say Ruby at Haven sounded like Summer, the resemblance might just be superficial.

The Gods are already in Remnant and we've met them
The God of Destruction killed off every human on the planet aside from Salem before he left. Even so, there are humans around, and the God of Creation gave Ozma a chance to make things right. What if they've already returned, and are waiting for the Relics to be united while watching what happens from the ground? They're both shapeshifters, so they could easily hide as regular people or animals; alternatively, their powers and memories could be sealed by the Relics or by Salem. And the best candidates for them are:
  • Taiyang Xiao Long, whose name basically means Sun Dragon (as does Yang, but she's the Dragon's Daughter); loving and nurturing father figure; lack of silver eyes could be explained as him giving them to humanity, or even just wearing contacts/trying to pass for regular
  • Zwei (German for Two; the Grimm take their name from the Germanic Brothers Grimm; he's able to be lit on fire, which means he's either mastered his Aura or he can't be harmed; may or may not be an expert crime-fighter that even Grimm fear; quadruped)

The Maidens are Ozma and Salem's four daughters
Kind of shocked no one else has mentioned this. It seems pretty obvious to me. Ozma and Salem are the only remaining sources of magic in the world. Their four daughters could use it, and even had a four-seasons color scheme. They also received an ability somewhat akin to their father's — they can pass on their powers to another girl or woman, but not their souls or memories. And since Ozpin is heavily implied to have been the old wizard in "The Four Maidens"...

Summer faked her death.
After all, they Never Found the Body. Not because a Grimm ate it, but because Summer was able to convince everyone, even people who should be on top of things like Ozpin, that the Grimm killed and ate her.

Why would she fake her death and abandon her daughters? She's the Summer Maiden, and she had to fake her death so Salem wouldn't know where to find the new host.

One day, she will come back. And Ruby, Yang, Tai, and Qrow will be pissed at her for abandoning and misleading them, but will come around once they hear her reasoning.

Salem isn't the one killing off Silver Eyed Warriors
Though there are good reasons to assume she's the one behind it - as SEW are the biggest threat against the Grimm - her reaction in the present to knowing about Ruby is to order her captured alive. It does leave the big question being who wants the Silver Eyed Warriors dead...and if they are still around since it's been decades since the "last" one was taken out.

Grimm aren't what silver eyes respond to.
As we learned in Volume Six, the silver eyes come from the God of Light. Maria explains that they should only do anything when in the presence of Grimm, and should only effect them, but Cinder is harmed by them even before she had her arm replaced with a Grimm one as the thing she used to start stealing the Fall Malden's power was clearly summones in some way rather than a part of her. At the same time we learn the source of the silver eyes, or rather, very shortly after, we find that magic was a gift from the God of Darkness. Salem also mentions Thad Cinder's vulnerability is related to her new powers, and aren't Grimm related, therefore the eyes don't react to the Grimm alone, they react to anything sourced from the God of Darkness, including magic, which though it was taken from everyone else, Salem and Ozma's reincarnations still have it, and from the original source. This means that Qrow and Raven (entirely aside from her being a maiden) would be adversely affected as well.
  • Jossed: Pure Maiden, Raven, is unaffected by silver eyes, and Cinder got Grimm symbionts to steal maidens' power.

The older the fairytale a character is based on, the more powerful/important to the plot they are
Okay so I’m probably way off with dates here (thanks Wikipedia), but hear me out. The Grimm Fairytales (or at least the ones Team RWBY is based on) were all written in the 1800s except for Little Red Riding Hood, which dates back to the 10th century. Now, who’s the most powerful member of the main characters and the most important by way of being the protagonist? Ruby, with her silver eyes power. Meanwhile, Team JNPR’s members are Phyrra (who’s based on the Iliad from 7-8 BC), Ren (based on Hua Mulan which is from at least the 5th century), Nora (based on Thor, which going by the Poetic Edda could be from the 13th century), and Jaune (based on Joan of Arc, who lived during 1412-1431).
  • Phyrra is the most powerful by virtue of being based on the oldest story (and her death kicks off the Maiden plot), while Jaune is the weakest and is based on the most recent story.
    • The reason Cinder is able to take on Phyrra despite how powerful she is is because Cinderella, the story Cinder is based on, comes from the tale of a Greek girl in Egypt (the oldest known record of the story) from 7 BC, making her story also ancient (just like Phyrra’s tale, The Illiad).
    • Thus, they are evenly matched.
  • ”But wait! What about Ozpin and Glynda?” you may ask. “Wasn’t The Wizard of Oz written in the early 20th century? And what about the other teachers?” And you would be right. But that’s where the importance the the story part comes in— how crucial to the plot have any of the teachers been? We don’t see Port and Oobleck again for a while after season 1, and even before he was forced to share Oscar’s body Ozpin wasn’t seen doing much in the way of fighting or being useful. Hence, it’s because of the relative newness of his story.
  • Furthermore, this explains why Salem is so powerful once we learn her backstory. Her entire arc is focused around bringing her husband/lover back to life— essentially, saving him from the underworld.
    • Now, there are several underworld myths (including that of Hades and Persephone and Orpheus and Euridyce, both Greek myths that are ancient in their own right), but the oldest one is a Mesopotamian myth about the goddess Ishtar traveling to the world of the dead to bring back her husband, and being cursed by the goddess of the dead for her attempt. (Sound familiar?)
    • This myth is from around 3000 BC, older than Phyrra or Cinder. No wonder Salem is immortal— her story is the oldest of all!

Changing eye color isn't tied to semblance in all cases
At the very least, we've seen Qrow's eyes turn red, but we know it's not tied to his semblance (which is passive) or the shapeshifting powers Ozpin gave him. Klein's personalities are, per word of god, actual dissociative identity disorder, meaning that they are not a semblance, so his eye's may not be either. Neo's eyes change color a lot, but it seems unlikely she would waste energy using her semblance on such a tiny detail. Even Yang's eye color seems to be only tangentially connected to her semblance, throughout volume 5 we see her eyes change color without the pyrotechnic display and glowing associated with her semblance, they might just turn red when she's angry. It's entirely possible that changing eye color is just something some people on Remnant can do, like how some people on Earth are double jointed.

The Gods intend for Ruby and Oscar to rule Remnant
The two brothers have been watching Remnant since their departure but will not return until the Relics have been brought together. They do want humanity to thrive and continue on but they don't want to openly intervene because it defeats the purpose of what they tasked Ozma with if they just show up and magically wipe away all of the problems that have happened. They are running a Long Game and have somewhat stacked the deck to achieve what they want. The God of Light created the Silver Eyed Warriors to harness a small part of the divine magic he possesses to be used for the sake of humanity. The God of Darkness on the other hand did something both smaller and more drastic. He reincarnated Ozma's body as Oscar's and sent Ozpin's soul on to it's next reincarnation earlier than is normal. Having watched Remnant since they have left means they seen Ozma's triumphs and failings, choosing to create a plan that will see humanity continue on through their judgement. Arranging for Oscar, who has Ozma's reincarnated body and soul, to meet with Ruby with the idea that the two of them will watch over Remnant and guide it forward. They will reveal all of this when they are summoned and offer it as a choice to them, noting that their union will be the beginning of a new age.
  • For bonus points they were inspired to take this route from seeing Salem's actions. Not only would it be a fitting punishment for her, to see the plan that drove Ozma away from her, endorsed by the Gods who cursed her for eternity but she would have to see her once beloved Ozma do so with someone who was chosen and blessed by the gods while she was only condemned.
  • Alternatively, they want a different combination of people to become their representatives.

There will be a huntsman based on HowToBasic
The violent, over-the-top destruction he causes in his usual anti-instructional videos is worthy of being used as a combat style. Examples of application include:
  • His 'weapon' is a camera drone that carries around all of his stuff; eggs, chickens, oil, frying pans, knives, gasoline, raw sewage, a homeless guy...
  • His semblance is the power to increase his arms' speed at the cost of arm strength. This allows him to throw 'hundreds' of eggs in a single second.
  • He makes comedic videos humiliating and torturing the Grimm he kills, then spreads them across the terminals. He's in a rut since the internet is down.
  • He's just as unhinged and psychotic when doing the actual cooking so his 'friends' tie him up and try to make dinner without his interference, usually in vain.


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