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This is the only time the strip bothered to censor him.

"…in which a dorky white cop and a sassy black cop who uses the word "motherfucker" the same way most of us would use a comma…"

A character with a distinguishing characteristic of swearing noticeably more, or at least in harsher words, than the rest of the cast.

Keep in mind that this is relative; if everyone swears a lot, that's not this trope, unless of course, this character swears more loudly, more vulgarly, and more often than the rest of the cast combined. Conversely, in works where swearing is otherwise nonexistent, a character can be this even if the worst that comes out of their mouths would look very tame in other contexts. Not all works have one of these: a lot of the time most or all of the major characters use about the same amount of profanity, or if some do swear more it is not by enough of a margin to make it a noticeable aspect of the character. What matters here is that a character is set apart by swearing more than everyone (or nearly everyone) else in the same work.

The various circumstances of how or why a character swears also may say a lot about the other facets of their personality.

  • Someone who swears frequently as if it was punctuation may come across as irreverent and casual. If a character swears around their friends, it can (but not certainly) hint to a degree of trust that swearer has toward the other, not holding back their thoughts but being honest about their feelings.
  • If a character rarely swears but in profuse/intense vulgarity on those rare moments, then it might be a sign that the topic is either a Berserk Button or Serious Business issue for the character and/or that their stress level has reached a breaking point. It can also coincide with traits like Beware the Nice Ones or Stepford Smiler.
  • Another who uses slurs as a weapon to break people emotionally can say much about how insensitive or callous they are at their core and also hint exactly to the sort of failing they have. Someone who swears to a select group of people may be a racist/bigot. Casting slurs while in a position of power might be a sign of corruption of the person (or the entire institution!).
  • A character who swears at/around inappropriate targets (like their boss, an authority figure or a loved one) or times (solemn occasions, tender moments) might be carrying the Idiot Ball, Too Dumb to Live, or generally have poor impulse control.
  • For any of the above, the characters might have hidden qualities of Jerk with a Heart of Gold, Broken Bird, Broken Ace, etc., as fitting for the character if they have a Freudian Excuse, have a moment of Heel Realization, or otherwise act kindly/heroically outside those moments of offensive speech.

These characters are likely to drop Cluster F-Bombs where they're allowed to. Otherwise, they may be doomed to Gosh Dang It to Heck! or Angrish. Symbol Swearing or a Cluster Bleep-Bomb, too, is an often effective option. May also be subjected to The Swear Jar. Making them stop swearing for a while can have the same effect as a Precision F-Strike for other characters.

May be the wielder of a Weapons-Grade Vocabulary, though the two tropes are independent of each other. Contrast The Snark Knight. The trope's name is an example of Sir Verb-a-Lot.

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    Bitch ass piece-of-shit Comedy! 
  • Lewis Black on not being allowed to perform at the Kennedy Center because of how many times he'd dropped the F-bomb during his last act:
    "42 fucks is too many, I wonder what the line is, "40 would have been fine, but then, oh no! He's gone CRAZY!". But then the folks here at the Warner Theater were kind enough to pick me up, and I appreciate it. They have an 80 fuck limit here."
  • British comedian Roy Chubby Brown rarely speaks a sentence in his stand-up without swearing. It's noticeable that his stand-up is rarely aired on UK television, probably because it's a pain in the backside for the censors to edit.
  • Jimmy Carr has said that he is a big fan of swearing.
  • George Carlin is probably the Trope Codifier for this trope in comedy. He says fuck a lot.
  • Lee Evans swears a lot in his stand-up.
  • While he was always known for blue comedy; starting around the mid-2000s Bob Saget became more notable as this as a way of Adam Westing the family-friendly image he received from playing Danny Tanner on Full House.
  • Robin Williams was famous for constantly swearing in his stand-up comedy. On his Live on Broadway DVD, there is a hidden bonus feature that strings together all the instances he swears into a minutes-long clip.

    Bullshit fucking Comic Books! 
  • The title character of The Adventures of Barry Ween, Boy Genius rarely speaks without using "fuck", "shit", or some other profanity. His friend Jeremy and his love interest Sara also tend to be foul-mouthed.
  • The original four-issue miniseries of The Awesome Slapstick ended with Slapstick fighting the Neutron Bum, whose dialogue was 85% Symbol Swearing.
  • Everybody swears in Cazador, but Balrog, one of the recurring bad guys, takes it to the extreme: the demon can only say swear words, and he usually spews them out in long, uninterrupted strings.
  • Oyuki-Chan from Empowered cusses every third word, no matter what she's talking about and even when she's completely calm. Not for nothing is she referred to as "████ing Oyuki-Chan."
  • Jetta from Jem and the Holograms (IDW) frequently uses improper British terms.
  • Jessica Jones, at least in Alias.
  • In Lucky Luke, we have Hank the stagecoach driver and Calamity Jane. The latter is contagious, at the end of both stories in which she appears (Calamity Jane and Ghost Hunt), the other ladies who have been in her company are also swearing like sailors.
  • Maika, the Anti-Hero protagonist of Monstress, seems totally incapable of going a single page without cursing.
  • Zodon from PS238 is apparently a terrible pottymouth — which is especially bad given that he's an elementary school student. To keep him in line, he's been fitted with a brain chip which replaces his swear words with random nouns and verbs and turns entire rants of obscenity into show tunes.
  • The Punisher: Frank Castle tends to curse a lot; in his own series, this is common for most of the characters, but he also does it frequently when he appears in any other title. (Of course, he was once in the Marines…)
  • Christabella from the Silent Hill comics published by IDW. More jarring because the character is an Eldritch Abomination in the body of a little girl.
  • Spider-Gwen does a good deal of Symbol Swearing in her book. Same with fellow Spider Kaine, who actually swears even more.
  • Ultimate Marvel:
    • Ultimate Spider-Man at one point had Spidey fight a supervillain mother-and-daughter duo known as the Bombshells, who both swore like sailors. Pretty much every fight with them would have Spider-Man or another hero call the pair out on using strong language constantly.
    • Misty Knight filled Captain America with insults when he wanted to detain her. He said that in Iceland they had a bottomless well for dames like her.
  • Quite a few characters in The Unfunnies have filthy mouths, the most notable ones being Pussywhisker's adulterous wife Polly (who verbally abuses her husband with profane insults) and Chick-Chick Chickie (who has actually been forced to act crass and vulgar because Troy Hicks has threatened to kill him if he doesn't).
  • Negan from The Walking Dead, he nearly defines this.
    Negan: Shit fuck kid, calm the fuck down already! Jesus fucking Christ, damn.
  • Cassandra Igarashi of The Wicked + The Divine.

    Shittier piece-of-shit goddamn fucking Comic Strips! 
  • Darryl MacPherson in Baby Blues has a swearing problem (particularly when irritated or after injuring himself, with him once somehow managing to write a swear word on a note identifying a coffee table that was intended to help one of the kids identify furniture after stubbing his leg on it).
  • It is implied in one strip of Beetle Bailey that Sergeant Snorkel, of all the soldiers at Camp Swampy, was the absolute worst when it came to swearing. Basically, the resident minister of the camp was complaining to one of the officers about the amount of swearing going on at the camp and suggests Sarge teach them not to swear, to the officer's shock and exasperation. It then cuts to Sarge accidentally hurting himself with a tack that he was going to place on a bulletin board, and utters a long list of profanities (all censored), and the officer, telling the minister, who is covering his ears, that the long list of profanities he is uttering is only for a tack prick, implying that the list is even longer and far more profane with more serious injuries/more angering situations.
    • In one 2013 strip, he shows Beetle he has a degree in cussing. ("Master's in Maledictation".)
    • It's probably a carryover from the Drill Sergeant Nasty character, although Sarge isn't leading basic training and isn't particularly nasty otherwise. Other sergeants in Camp Swampy are the same—another company once challenged Beetle's with "our sergeant can out-swear yours!" (Snorkel wins).
  • Rat of Pearls Before Swine, whose swearing is censored with symbols.

    Motherfucking shitty ass Films fucking Animated! 
  • Incredibles 2: Evelyn Deavor is this, at least to a family-friendly degree. She milks the PG rating for all its worth, being the character who uses the mildest profanity (one "hell", one "crap", and one "I'll be damned").
  • Momo from Next Gen. Only 7723 can hear him, due to having an on board translator, and a lot of his dialogue is laden with bleeped out cursing.
  • Perrito did this in Puss in Boots: The Last Wish in a scene where he was captured by Goldilocks and the Three Bears where he went all out with the swearing. However, it's bleeped out so it's up to you what he said.
  • Pretty much everyone in Sausage Party, but Douche (just barely) takes the walking, talking cake.
  • Brutish from the adult animated film Tarzoon: Shame of the Jungle, rarely did he let a sentence go by without an f-bomb thrown in.
  • Superfly in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutant Mayhem does this. The film is rated PG so he uses "hell" and "damn" a lot in his speech. He is voiced by Ice Cube after all.
  • Calhoun is one of these in comparison to the rest of the Wreck-It Ralph cast. Being a Disney movie (and since she comes from a game aimed at kids), it's on the Gosh Dang It to Heck! and creative expletives level.

    Irritating bullshit ass Music for motherfuckers! 
  • The intro to Aphex Twin's music video for the track "Windowlicker" features around four minutes of this trope in action.
  • It's very hard to find a clean song by Azealia Banks.
  • Children of Bodom's Alexi Laiho. He writes the lyrics for nearly all of Children of Bodom's songs, and it's extremely difficult to find a song that doesn't have swearing in the lyrics. Ditto for his actual personality; if anything, he swears even more when simply talking.
  • Miley Cyrus, at least compared to a few years before, tended to lean on this trope at times in 2013. May be part of the reason her Bangerz album from that year was released in clean and explicit versions. Not in her music, but in Real Life.
  • Joel Zimmerman, A.K.A. Deadmau5. He's known to be especially bad whenever he gets enraged or enthusiastic, but even in a normal mooiand, he's quite the guttermouth. Read almost any quotes from his interviews and postings on Twitter and Facebook: odds are that the majority will have some sort of cuss word in them, if not plenty in some cases.
  • Halsey, both in her music and her interviews.
  • Liz Phair, in both real life and her songs, at least on her early records. "Supernova" was one of her first attempts at a pop crossover, and even that had a bleeped-out Precision F-Strike on the radio edit.
  • Rappers: It'd be quicker to list the ones that aren't this.
    • As Eminem summed up:
      Eminem: Will Smith don't gotta cuss in his raps to sell records. Well, I do, So fuck him and fuck you too!
    • One article in Playboy gave the number of cuss words in every interview they had published, and then said that more than half of them were in the interview with Snoop Dogg. Considering the magazine's more than fifty-year history, that's really saying something.
  • Many a musician in Real Life, even if the lyrics are normally profanity-free.
    • Bruce Dickinson swears more than a fair bit whenever he is live with Iron Maiden. Whereas Maiden typically doesn't swear that much in their songs proper, Bruce is very liberal with the F-word and has used the C-bomb onstage when particularly enraged.
    • Ozzy Osbourne is extremely profane onstage. It seems to have rubbed off on his longtime guitarist, Zakk Wylde, who swears as much or maybe even more than Ozzy does.
    • Pete Townshend. Between this and his general demeanor in interviews, he's possibly the most curmudgeonly rock legend alive.
    • Adele, as she says in an interview with 60 Minutes: "I love to swear!"
    • Lewis Capaldi swears a lot in TV chat show appearances, and is especially fond of the F-word. He has admitted he has Tourette’s Syndrome, though he’s never stated that he has the rarer coprolalia version of Tourette’s, that causes swearing as a tic, aka Hollywood Tourette's, so he may just love using swear words. His music however generally is absent of swear words.
    • Roger fucking Waters.
  • In the song To Keep My Love Alive, the narrator complains of Sir Ethelburg's profanity. So, as a service to the human race, she rids the world of him.
  • The Troggs' infamous "Troggs Tapes" bootleg was recorded in 1970 by singer Reg Presley and features Reg and his bandmates arguing about a song's recording. Sometimes, it seems easier to count the non-swear words than the swears in this 10-minute-plus outtake.
  • Frank Turner is a rare case in that he swears a lot both in his songs and when playing live. Tape Deck Heart in particular is filled with the word "fuck". This even extends to his interviews and chats, where he's a pottymouth even when in a good mood.
  • X Japan would like to present Yoshiki and Toshi, the latter being a subverted example. Yoshiki has a definite love of the Cluster F-Bomb and the random f-bomb, while Toshi is better known for the Atomic F-Bomb and the unexpected digressions into Too Much Information.
  • Zack de la Rocha of Rage Against the Machine was described by the band's 1993 European tour program as "A Gentleman Who Sayeth 'Fucke' A Lotte". His lyrics don't exactly debunk that claim.

    Motherfucking piece-of-shit Podcasts! 
  • Corin Deeth the III of Kakos Industries can't go very long without uttering a swear, "fuck" being his favorite. He does this a lot more when going off script for the shareholder announcements but even those are riddled with explicit language.
  • Both of the protagonists from Malevolent are known for cursing quite a bit, though The Entity/John curses so frequently that "Fuck, Arthur!" might as well be his catchphrase.
  • The Engineer in True Capitalist wouldn't count under most circumstances, except F-bombs are the only understandable ones he ever speaks.
  • Dot Harper from Unwell Podcast is responsible for most of the show's swearing.
    Mrrmarragharrgasawrra fuck you mrrgahrmrragahgrrahhh!

    Goddamn fake bullshit ass motherfucking Professional Wrestling! 
  • One of the rules frequently imposed on Jim Cornette during his active career was "no swearing". Those familiar with his shoot interviews as his career wound down know exactly why.
  • The Iron Sheik manages to be fairly cleaned mouthed when working a card or talking with younger fans. Otherwise, nothing seems to off-limits, verbally. Especially not if beer is involved.
  • La Rosa Negra was like this off ring a couple of years into speaking English. On the Milo Beasley show, she advised him to always start with the bad words when learning a new language.
  • Kevin Nash says "fuck" as much as we say "and".
  • Almost every Ole Anderson shoot can be guaranteed to be packed with profanity. If he feels strongly about something he rarely sugar coats it and he often has several points to emphasize.
  • Paige says a lot of profanities when she's not in a WWE ring. Even "Stone Cold" Steve Austin acknowledged that about her in his Stone Cold Podcast. Considering that Austin himself is a prime example of this, that's saying something.
  • After Sinclair Broadcast Group bought Ring of Honor, one of the first orders of business was to cut down on the cussing done in promotional videos, at televisions and on pay per view. Their biggest challenges on this front were Jay Briscoe (who tries to comply but kept slipping to the point they more or less gave up) and Frankie Kazarian(who cussed so much they fined him).
  • Scott Steiner once frustrated a censor to the point they stopped trying to bleep individual words and just held down the button until he finished speaking.
  • TNA ran an angle where company owner Dixie Carter tried to reign in Homicide after she learned exactly what his tirades in Spanish meant. This, of course, amused Homicide, so he just cussed more in Spanish.

    Shitty ass Puppet Shows for wimpy ass cocksuckers! 
  • Les Guignols de l'Info:
    • The puppet for Thierry Roland, the late soccer commentator. Mocked in a sketch suggesting that he is afflicted with Hollywood Tourette's, only to conclude he's just foul-mouthed.
    • The puppet for Nadine Morano also frequently uses crude language, and is nicknamed "the UMP's fishmonger".

    Fucking shitty bullshit on the motherfucking Radio! 
  • Lo Zoo Di 105: Although the show, in general, has plenty of swearing, the main host, Marco Mazzoli, is known to be the most... spicy of the group. Hell, even the official website's bio about him says it all:
    Censoring him? That task can't be accomplished.

    Bullshit ass Roleplay for piece-of-shit dumbfucks! 
  • Swearing actually isn't that commonplace on AJCO, but Kube is the exception. Shits and fuckin's are scattered throughout their dialogue in all the places another person might say 'um' or 'er'.
  • Dawn of a New Age: Oldport Blues:
    • Sebastian, despite being a Nice Guy, is also one of the most potty-mouthed of the cast, showing him to be an uninhibited person.
    • Dark Dragon, Simon's lewd, crude Superpowered Evil Side, is far more foul-mouthed than Simon is normally.
    • Zia and Nadine, both being self-styled punks, pepper their speech with swears more than most of the cast.
  • Deimos from the Insane Cafe Series swears far more than anyone else.
  • While many characters swear in Survival of the Fittest, there are a few that are… particularly notable. Adam Dodd, Kris Hartmann (in multiple languages!), Dorian Sanders, and Jimmy Brennan are such examples.

    Fucking bullshit ass goddamn Tabletop Games! 
  • Nockers have this as a kith flaw in Changeling: The Dreaming. And the kithbook offers the Foul Mouth flaw, which turns it up a notch.

    Bullshit motherfucking shitty ass Theatre! 
  • Hercules Mulligan of Hamilton certainly qualifies. The first time he's introduced, he makes a joke about having lots of sex with women and horses, and the next time he's relevant ("Yorktown"), he ends with the line "Hercules Mulligan I need no introduction when you knock me down I get the FUCK back up again!"
  • John Alex in Of Dice and Men. His swearing is not only profane but creative, sometimes managing to be filthy without using any of the classic four-letter words.

    Shitty ass goddamn piece-of-shit Visual Novels! 
  • Danganronpa: Traditionally each of the main games has a character with a huge potty mouth.
  • Daughter for Dessert:
    • The protagonist lampshades his own tendency to curse by saying that modern-day chivalry has more cursing than medieval chivalry.
    • Mortelli swears a great deal.
  • Doki Doki Literature Club!: Both Natsuki and Yuri warp into this trope in the second act.
  • Don't Take It Personally, I Just Don't Like You has Maria, who drops at least one F-bomb per minute she's on screen, counting nearly a hundred in the hour-long demo alone.
  • Several in Double Homework:
    • The protagonist. It makes one wonder if being a jock has something to do with it.
    • Tamara also takes up this mantle, especially when she’s upset about something.
    • Of all the girls in the summer school class, Morgan is the most foul-mouthed.
      • Although compared to her Uncle Tommy, her speech is prim and proper.
  • The protagonist of Dra+Koi was translated with an extremely foul mouth to get across his Only Sane Man attitude across. He's surrounded by crazy idiots, so the frustration is understandable.
  • Songs and Flowers has protagonist Jazz, who swears in every other sentence and in increasingly creative and bizarre ways, with phrases like "unfucktionately", sometimes leading to a total Cluster F-bombing of the text box. She does it so often that other characters wonder if something's wrong when she isn't swearing up a storm.
  • Dio from Virtue's Last Reward. While the other characters also swear, someone counted the number of times the word "fuck" has been used and made a (somewhat spoilery) pie chart. At 39.5 "fucks," Dio has dropped nearly as much F-Bombs as the rest of the cast in all three games combined.

    Bullshit motherfucking goddamn Web Animation! 
  • Anon has a LOT of potty-mouth characters, but Chelsea Clark is a whole other level to the point her children seem to inherit it, Kyle even outright states that "fuck" and "shit" are Chelsea's favorite words to use.
  • While few people in Camp Camp's main cast have what could be described as a "clean" mouth, the two worst offenders are Max (who drops the first F-bomb one minute in the series and continues from there) and Neil (who is the first one to drop Country Matters). Fittingly enough, Max is played by Rooster Teeth's resident swear-knight, Michael Jones.
  • Dick Figures: Lord Tourette's, who's tourette's syndrome pops up most of the time, causing him to be this with an added spaz in every swear.note  In a odd circumstance, "Lord Tourette's Syndrome" reveals that the syndrome is connected to his hat, as if he's separated from it, he'll lose his tourette's(but not the spazzing).
  • Dreamscape: Betty is a female example. She is by far the most foul-mouthed member of the cast. Her "The Reason You Suck" Speech towards Melissa in 'Confronting the Dark' is a perfect example, with her saying 'cocky-ass' between pretty much every word.
  • The abridged version of Fate/Zero, Fate/Cero, has Sir Lancelot, who, having been summoned in the Berserker Class, is angry all the time, and, having tired of Camelot's manners, swears a lot.
  • gen:LOCK has Cammie MacCloud, who is by far the most foul-mouthed of the team despite being The Baby of the Bunch. Then again, she is Scottish.
    Cammie: If they've tapped into the data center, aren't we fucked already?
    Dr. Weller: Cammie, we have got to work on your cursing!
    Cammie: Why? I curse pretty well already!
  • GoAnimate is common to profanity when it comes to Boris the Teeth Guy.
  • While Strong Bad from Homestar Runner never says anything worse than "crap" or "freakin'", he uses those particular two words a lot.
  • In If the Emperor Had a Text-to-Speech Device, it's hard to find fifteen seconds where the Emperor is on screen and doesn't use "fucking" in some way. It's probably because he's enduring constant, unending torment, which is Played for Laughs.
    The Emperor: So yes, sitting on this throne for an extended period of time is absolutely Grade A fucking awful.
    The Custodes: "No wonder you're using profanity all the time!"
    The Emperor: Shut up you fucking Cockstodes, and fuck my fucking nose is killing me fucking damn it.
  • Lobo from Lobo (Webseries) who spoke a variety of colorful profanities, from fictional to real.
  • The Mad Mad Mario series is basically what Mario would be if it was adult rated.
  • Dusty from Matt 'n' Dusty is one of the few characters on the show to swear.
  • The animated web short Mongolian Erectile Dysfunction, a raunchy parody of the classic Tootsie Pop commercial, has Mr. Owl portrayed as a potty mouth. His excessive use of profanity is especially noticeable because Timmy and Mr. Turtle do not use expletives at all.
  • If a top prize on this trope existed, Brittnay Matthews and Mrs. Zales of The Most Popular Girls in School would win it. And even then, given its World of Jerkass, you could probably count on one hand the number of characters who don't swear like sailors in their daily lives.
  • Red vs. Blue. Pretty much every character needs to wash their mouth out at some point, but by far the worse offender is Caboose's mental image of Church.
  • RWBY: There's very little profanity in RWBY, but by the standards of the show Yang counts. Her Image Songs feature blatant cursing. In-series, volume 4 has her yelling "Send me to Qrow dammit!" at her mother and in volume 6 she screams "That bastard!" about Ozpin after he retreats into Oscar's mind.
  • Sam & Mickey depict Barbie with a very foul mouth.
  • "Animate my life" YouTuber Tabbes is unbelievably foul-mouthed. Not a single video she's made has an instance where she doesn't swear.
  • Ultra Fast Pony is a (sort of) profanity-free series. Twilight Sparkle stands out for being the one character involved in the most Curse Cut Short and Cluster Bleep-Bomb gags to date. And her catchphrase is "Dammit!"
  • Hazbin Hotel; pretty much everyone in the pilot curses (except for Nice Girl Niffty and, ironically enough, Big Bad Alastor), but Husk takes the fucking cake.

    Shitty ass goddamn motherfucking Web Original! 
  • The Angry Marines are a fan-made chapter of Warhammer 40,000 Astartes from the imagination of 4chan. Not only does their vocabularly largely consist of swear words, they will also write said swear words on their armor as an expression of their rage. "Fuck" is the most common, though other cuss words are used frequently as well.
  • Eddie the fisherman from The City of Never can't seem to go two sentences without saying the word "fuck" at least once or twice.
  • In Engines of Creation, the characters of Sergeant Boone and Lily Rasmussen are exceptionally adept at throwing numerous swear words into their dialogue.
  • Gary: Landlord of the Flies: When aggravated, Gary tends to pepper his speech with F/C-bombs. It doesn't help that it takes little for Gary to get aggravated.
  • Several characters in The Good Advice Cupcake can be potty-mouths. This happens to include Cupcake herself.
  • The Jolly Roger Telephone Company is a web-based company which designs bots which are intended to waste the time of telemarketers and other unwatned callers. Recordings of the calls are sometimes placed on YouTube. Many of these callers unleash torrents of profanity upon the bots, hoping to get them to hang up and stop wasting their time. Unfortunately for them, the bots never get irritated about this because they're bots, nor will they hang up.
  • Knight in Shining Armor Sir Bastien becomes one of these around Rien in Tales Out of Tallis. Made funny by the fact he tends to use Antiquated Linguistics for his foul-mouthed rants and rarely repeats himself.

    Motherfucking shitty ass goddamn Web Videos! 
  • The Angry Video Game Nerd:
    • The Nerd, when compared with... just about everyone else, ever.
    • Super Mecha Death Christ 2000 as well, if not more so. However, he will not tolerate blasphemy.
      The Nerd: Holy shit!
      Super Mecha Death Christ: [blasts the Nerd] Watch your fucking language!
  • While Eurogamer isn't shy about swearing, Aoife Wilson is particularly notorious for it.
    Aoife: [cornered by Bloodborne enemies] Assholes! Assholes! Fuck off! Fuck off! Fuck off!
    Johnny: That was peak Wilson.
  • Atop the Fourth Wall: Inverted by Linkara, who swears a lot less than his fellow reviewers at Channel Awesome. When he does swear, he typically uses "lighter" profanities as opposed to F-bombs and such. Perhaps the only reviewer on the site who swears less than Linkara is That Dude in the Suede (he is Mormon, after all).
  • Let's player Azurite Reaction loves to say a swear word in just about every sentence, and often dumps Cluster F Bombs when he gets angry or frightened. It just serves to make him even funnier.
  • Cammy of A Couple Of Cunts In The Countryside swears more the more he drinks.
  • The Courier in Courier's Mind: Rise of New Vegas, often swears while in battle, when he hurt, when someone is a Jerkass when someone is not a Jerkass, but he acts like they are. Lampshaded in season two.
    The Courier: My plan involved a lot of shooting, a lot of swearing, and not a whole lot of anything else.
  • All the nerdy-ass voice actors on Critical Role are prone to cursing both in and out of character (particularly Laura Bailey), and Ashton Greymoore from Campaign 3 manages to out-swear all of them. On gaining an Info Dump from a successful history check:
    Taliesin: I relay this, much as Matt did, except with shits, fucks, motherfuckers...
  • If you see a Cr1TiKaL video without him uttering the word "nipples" or "fuck", you are not actually seeing one of his videos.
  • Both of the Hobo Bros curse a lot, but especially Luke. Notably, "Ooh, my ass!" is a catchphrase for him.
  • hololive is full of Lady Swears A Lots.
    • Kiryu Coco was the most notable, being a native English speaker in a company full of Japanese people. When asked why she won't do her news show in English, she shows an example of why it won't work.
    Good morning motherf*cker.
    • Sakura Miko is fond of saying "fuck you", often rendered as FAQ.
    • Amelia Watson tends not to curse when talking normally, but when she gets salty it flows out.
    • The same applies to Mori Calliope who tends to be quite a potty mouth when getting too excited with her games.
    • Takanashi Kiara is often cursing, likely the result of English being her second or third language.
    • Many of the Indonesian members are also known for their vulgar mouth, but mostly limit themselves to Indonesian swearings ("Setan", "Anjing", etc.).
  • Jenna Marbles occasionally lapses into rambling monologues which serve no purpose other than to give her an excuse to mention dicks as many times as possible.
  • Jet Lag: The Game: Adam swears the most in the show, including swearing over a dozen times while doing the Ōkaihau Express challenge.
  • EDP445. Pretty much 98% of his dialogue is nothing but profanity. In fact, a huge chunk of his videos ended up being age-restricted due to how profane he is.
  • Egoraptor on Game Grumps can be this trope sometimes, like in the early Jeopardy! episode.
  • Combine this trope with Hair-Trigger Temper and No Indoor Voice and you've got Michael Jones of Rooster Teeth and Achievement Hunter's Rage Quit.
  • MrRepzion swears in most of his videos.
  • The Mysterious Mr. Enter zig zags around this trope. How frequently he swears usually has to do with how bad the episode he's reviewing is and how angry it makes him.
  • In Noob, Master Zen is another case of Hair-Trigger Temper-induced swearing. Couette actually once called him something along the lines of "the guy who's using swear words all the time".
  • The Nostalgia Critic is... prone to getting worked up, shall we say, especially when the movie he's watching is at the calibre of The Neverending Story III.
  • In Nostalgia Ruined, numerous characters, including the children, swear like it's nobody's business, with Pat and Sam using F-bombs as frequently as prepositions.
  • Oxventure: In the Dungeons and Dragons campaign, Andy Farrant's character Corazón de Leon will drop at least one or two F-bombs in each of the pre-recorded sessions note . This gets pointed out when Corazón briefly attempts Gosh Darn It to Heck! in the "Quiet Riot" session (rationalised in character as not trying to upset The Heart and Morality Pet of the Guild), then drops the act when he realises it is unnecessary and then proceeds to drop a Cluster F-Bomb or two throughout the story.
  • Ozzy Man Reviews:
    • Ozzy Man's commentary is full of swear words and none of them is off limits, and it's hilarious. Some of them are used as terms of endearment, too.
    • Eddie Stark from Eddie Stark, Australian Dad works as an archery coach, but he gets fired because he swears too much and drinks too much. In front of children. He uses "fuck" or "shit" and variations in almost every sentence.
  • Matthew of Santoro Gaming swears a lot due to his rage from failing at video games.
  • While all of the main characters associated with The Slender Man Mythos (i.e: all the characters, but especially Evan from Everyman HYBRID, both Chris and Alex from Dark Harvest, Michael/Patrick and Shaun Andersen of MLAnderson0, and Stan Frederick of Stan Frederick, among others) are notorious for their harsh language, Noah Maxwell of Tribe Twelve probably has the filthiest mouth of them all, swearing in practically every single video that he uploads. Even versions of him from an alternate future aren't afraid to drop the F-bomb during their conversations with him.
  • Monica Ray from Strip Search is, based on not only her looks but her art style as well, the last person in the cast you would expect to tell you about her desire to fornicate with your mom, or her frequent rhetorical soiling of her own pants, or say "shitting dick nipples" in any context whatsoever. But there she stands. Quoth her Twitter:
    "An actual sailor came to my booth and said my cursing made him blush #stripsearch"
  • Most characters in SuperMarioLogan aren't exactly clean-mouthed, but Jeffy and especially Mr. Goodman definitely take it up a notch with almost every other word out their mouths being a Cluster F-Bomb.
  • The Tourettes Guy is entirely based around this. The primary offenders are Danny (the titular Tourettes Guy) and his father. Danny's ex-wife Shirlena also has quite the foul mouth at times.
  • The Unusual Suspect swears quite a bloody lot.
  • The Yogscast are generally a fairly rude bunch, but some examples particularly stand out:
    • Hannah Rutherford occasionally called herself out for swearing so much.
    • Hat Films isn't exactly the most family-friendly of the bunch, but Smith and Ross are known for swearing a hell of a lot. Ross, in particular, is quite fond of shouting "EAT SHIT" when playing Murder!.
    • While Zoey Proasheck rarely if ever swears, her girlfriend Fiona is much more vulgar by comparison, and frequently gets bleeped out in videos due to the (relatively) family-friendly nature of her channel. Livestreams will tend to feature several curses from Fiona, now allowed to cut loose because she can't be bleeped out.
  • Filipino TikTok user King Aniceto, popularly known as "Boy Ina", earned plaudits from Filipino netizens for the elderly Aniceto's profranity-ridden remarks (perhaps rivalling that of fellow expletive baron and former Philippine president Rodrigo Duterte) whenever his son subjects him to countless pranks, though the father-son tandem did explain in interviews that they nonetheless have a healthy relationship at home and has thanked their fanbase for laughing with them.

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