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"It's a jungle in Boston!"
Michael imitating Randy Newman's ''It's a Jungle Out There'' during an Assassin's Creed video

Michael Vincent Jones (born July 24, 1987) is an American actor from Woodbridge, New Jersey who works for Rooster Teeth Productions, mainly for their Achievement Hunter division.

Jones first gained attention on Reddit for a video of him getting frustrated at Crackdown 2, which led to his employment by Rooster Teeth. From there, he started Rage Quit, a series named after the trope in which he complains about frustrating video games until he, of course, quits in rage.

In Achievement Hunter, he is the de facto leader of Team Lads, which includes himself, Gavin Free, and (until April 2015) Ray Narvaez Jr, the last of whom Michael was already friends with well before their employment. Within the rest of Rooster Teeth, he appears in Immersion (as a test subject alongside Free), Ten Little Roosters (as a fictionalized version of himself), Camp Camp (as Max), RWBY (as Sun Wukong), Lazer Team and Lazer Team 2 (as Zach) and X-Ray & Vav (as Mogar).

Outside of Rooster Teeth, he runs a podcast called the Internet Box (which other Rooster Teeth members appear on), provides his voice as Sting Eucliffe for FUNimation's dub of Fairy Tail, and made appearances in The Fine Brothers' YouTubers React.

He is also married to fellow AH employee Lindsay Jones (née Tuggey). They had their first child on May 24, 2017, a daughter named Iris Elise Jones; their second daughter, Luna Claire Jones, was born on February 18, 2019.

Michael Jones's works provide examples of:

  • Accentuate the Negative: In Rage Quit, he does this quite a bit as part of his "eternally pissed off" image, though occasionally the game is so frustrating that it just speaks for itself.
  • Adventure Duo: With Gavin Free whenever they play as Team Nice Dynamite. Michael is the serious, straightforward, sarcastic one with a firm grip on reality (though rather prone to rage) and Gavin is the goofy loon who tries to liven things up (albeit one who has more knowledge than normal).
  • Atomic F-Bomb / Cluster F-Bomb: So, so frequently.
  • Angrish: Lapses into this occasionally when he's especially frustrated.
  • Attack! Attack! Attack!: His default answer to problems in video games is to punch/stab/shoot his way through them. Partly because it works a lot of the time and partly because he's often too impatient to try something else, which gives him trouble when the game requires more finesse. He's getting better about it, though.
  • Badass Decay: In-Universe. During Let's Play Minecraft episodes 47 and 48, the guys believe Mogar has decayed as he ran from Ryan when the two met up. Gavin and Ryan no longer fear Mogar as a result of this.
  • Batman Gambit: When he was chasing Gavin in Let's Play Minecraft episode 14, he saw a Creeper following Gavin, so he slowed down and watched for the Creeper to kill Gavin. It worked.
  • The Berserker: As Mogar, he tends to rush right into melee with more focus on beating his opponents down than his own survival. Gavin remarks that he hasn't ever seen him flee from a fight until Let's Play Minecraft Episode 47.
    • Leeroy Jenkins: He has gotten better about this though, as he can now at least differentiate between types of armor/swords and judge whether it's a bad idea to pick a fight with someone or not.
  • Big Eater: He's usually the one who takes on eating quantities of food as bets, though sometimes it proves too much and he ends up vomiting.
    • Just a brief list of what he's consumed; 12 lava cakes, a giant gummy bear, a bottle of barbeque sauce (twice), the Monster Mac,, a spoonful of cinnamon, and a crapton of saltines.
    • During the infamous Biscuits vs. Breadsticks argument, he got so worked up over the superiority of Red Lobster's cheddar biscuits that he screamed about it into Miles's face. Naturally, a terrified Miles conceded.
    • Michael loves eating and talking about food so much that he hosts Face Jam, a food podcast where he drags Jordan Cwierz and Eric from Broadcast with him to eat limited edition fast food items and they discuss it at length. One episode revealed that he had eaten Whataburger's barbecue bacon cheeseburger five times, with three in 36 hours, in the week leading up to that episode's recording.
  • Boke and Tsukkomi Routine: He and Gavin have this dynamic in Rage Quit. To what extent Gavin's stupidity is genuine or deliberate to try to get under Michael's skin is unclear.
  • Book Dumb: Kinda, he rarely scores first in game show Let's Plays. Case in point...
    Michael: Who the fuck is Eisenhower?!
    • However, he does mention in the second "On a Rail" Minecraft episode that he was a very good student in school; he just didn't care at all.
  • Brains and Brawn: The Brawn of Team Nice Dynamite. A good example is their alliance in the Potions Let's Play Minecraft episode, where he teams up with Gavin (who, as the Brains, knows how to make a potion and navigate the Nether) but he has to do the heavy lifting by (attempting) to protect Gavin and prevent them from getting lost.
  • Breakout Character: The only one to have his own mini show and co-host his own podcast, independently of RT (besides Gavin and his The Slow Mo Guys show), and is the first Achievement Hunter other than Geoff or Gavin to get a Wikipedia article. This is also a reason why he's the second Hunter (after Gavin, again) to have a Creator page here.
  • Brooklyn Rage: Of the Joisey variation—he sometimes jokes that his temper is pretty over-the-top compared to Texan standards but is pretty much normal in New Jersey.
  • Brutal Honesty: His blunt and straightforward manner of speaking, combined with his Hair-Trigger Temper means he has no issue calling someone stupid for what they've said or pointing out holes in their statements.
  • Bullying a Dragon: One time he thought it would be a good idea to attack Geoff- who had a diamond sword and full set of diamond armor- while he himself was under-equipped. The result was rather predictable.
  • Butt-Monkey: Sprayed with ketchup, forced to do the cinnamon challenge, repeatedly aggravated by other people and games? This trope is pretty much inevitable.
  • Calling Parents by Their Name: He does this with his mother.
  • The Cameo: Had a voice in Season 10 of Red vs. Blue as one of the Gatling Good Insurrection members. It's hard to tell, since they only communicate through giggles and weeps.
    • He also played Ghanoush, one of the rebels who edited the footage from the Reds and Blues training sessions in order to help them with future ones.
  • Catchphrase:
    • "Shut up, Gavin".
    • "Suck my wee-wee!"
    • "Booyaka Booyaka 619!"
    • "Yid Army!" (This one originated with Gavin, a Tottenham Hotspurs fan.)
    • "Bye, Gavin!"
    • "COME ON!!"
    • "Come here, you [insert choice of expletive here]!"
    • "Son of a whore!"
    • "Damn, dude." Usually said when an insult or quip is particularly sharp.
    • "MOGAR, BITCHES!". Usually said when getting pumped up or after slaying someone.
  • Captain Obvious: Oftentimes can be heard describing the very things that the audience just saw in a video.
  • Chewing the Scenery: Almost literally. He has confessed to breaking headsets or denting controllers from time to time. There is even an RT Life about him disrupting everybody's work by shouting loudly. According to Ryan, Michael can defeat any form of sound-proofing if he wants to. It can be assumed Rage Quit has something to do with it.
  • The Chew Toy: In Let's Play Minecraft episode 37, right as the Tower of Pimps is within reach, he gets royally screwed over by Ryan and Ray. Or by falling just before he could get to it.
  • Close-Range Combatant: Close-quarters combat seems to be his gameplay specialty among the Achievement Hunters, as he regularly holds his own in Minecraft melee duels and usually dies to getting attacked from the side/behind him or dies to his own devices. During a few Let's Plays Geoff refers to him as the "fighting guy" or the "combat guy". Depending on the game it can be Crippling Overspecialization since others (especially Ray) definitely have him beat in the ranged combat department (as seen in gameplay of 'Halo 4).
    • When Gavin and Geoff contemplated appropriate Minecraft Christmas presents for everyone, they decided on an enchanted diamond sword for Michael.
    • He's also rather good with a shotgun. See Let's Play - Gears of War 4 - Multiplayer for Michael rinsing... about 3/4 of the enemy team.
  • Cloud Cuckoolanders Minder:
    • Is definitely this for Gavin whenever they partner up as Team Nice Dynamite or Team Lads (along with Ray). In the Potions Let's Play, Michael is basically Gavin's bodyguard and babysitter as he tries to keep Gavin out of trouble long enough for them to win.
    • He also has this dynamic with Lindsay, because she can be just as odd as Gavin and can bring up just as bizarre tangents on podcasts and Let's Plays.
  • Commonality Connection:
    • Team Betting Buddies with Jack Pattillo, because they always place a maxed bet on themselves in GTA Online races. Once invoked this under the Battle Buddies name during a Destiny raid; Geoff promptly yelled "DON'T GAVIN ME!" after Jeremy invoked Battle Buddies with Ryan once Michael clarified he was invoking it with Jack.
    • The Dynamic Dumbasses with Geoff Ramsey.
    • Team Crazy Mad with Ryan Haywood.
    • Team Short Temper with Jeremy (marking one of the first official teams with the new members).
  • Crouching Moron, Hidden Badass: He's pretty damn badass at combat-related games, like Minecraft or Halo 4. Everything else... well, it'd be kind to say average.
    • Despite the fact that he is mostly incompetent at non-combat games, he managed to complete a round of Achievement Horse on his first attempt with one hand and even won the first official Achievement Horse tournament. He came third in the next.
    • He also pretty much carried the rest of the team through Mari0, despite falling into portals a lot of the time (Gavin's portals in particular, the Brit being a bit Trigger-Happy with them).
    • Similarly, in Cloudberry Kingdom, Michael regularly outperforms Jack, Ryan, and Gavin, sometimes breezing through stages solo while the others die horribly.
    • He's also quite competent at 3D Ultra Minigolf, being the only Achievement Hunter besides Ray to have gotten all the achievements in it, and frequently playing Mr. Exposition for the rest of the guys by explaining how to get the hole in one on most of the holes.
  • Dark Horse Victory: In the last round of "Let's Play WWE '13", Michael's relatively small character, dizzy and near defeat, is one of two wrestlers in the ring, other than Ray's much bigger character. Long story short, Spidey successfully takes down Ray Narvaez, Sr. on his own. They had gotten rid of Geoff's Corpirate earlier on, as the corporate pirate won both of the previous two bouts.
    • In Let's Play Minecraft "Cloud Down" (episode 46), you need to land on the Tower of Pimps three times, and live, in order to win. Michael spent the first 24 minutes without even getting on the board. Everyone else, including Gavin, had already scored at least once, with Ryan as the frontrunner with two. In the final six minutes, Michael wins the final three rounds and takes the Tower of Pimps from Jack, putting him just one win away from tying Ray.
  • Death by Materialism: In YDYD 3, his insistence on staying in the Nether, even after losing Fredo, to retrieve an enchanted sword results in the party getting swarmed by pigmen and him being killed in the escape.
  • Didn't Think This Through: As shown in the Achievement Hunter video to Busch Gardens in Florida, Michael didn't bother to eat or drink while in the terrible humidity heat of the Sunshine State and ended up getting temporarily laid up while he recovered.
  • Disproportionate Retribution: More than once.
    • In Let's Play Minecraft episode 2, he physically tackles and beats Gavin for stealing the minecart and riding it.
    • In Game Night: The Flood, Michael covers Gavin's mouth to prevent him from screaming his trademark "What is Game Night?" Geoff and Caleb fail to talk about Game Night, and, instead, watch Michael.
    • He also had a role in another case, even though he himself was one of the Achievement Hunters working alongside the schemers of the original plan. Chad James had declined a Michael-offered taco and his desk was subsequently stolen by most of AH while Chad and Michael were working on the Great Microwave Heist.
  • Endearingly Dorky: When away from video games. As one YouTube comment put it:
    (Michael's) not scary, he's like the world's angriest teddy bear.
  • Exact Words: A running gag on Face Jam is that he always refers to Lindsay as his "ex-girlfriend", which is technically correct: she's his wife, not his girlfriend.
  • Face of a Thug: He's a nice guy, but his normal facial expression is intense enough alongside his Hair-Trigger Temper to intimidate some people. In fact, his Face Jam Animated avatar is always drawn scowling, even if he's laughing. Blaine has admitted on the RT podcast that he's terrified of him and is convinced that Michael hates him, to which Michael naturally takes advantage of for trolling.
  • Formerly Fat: He was apparently fat at one point, but not so much anymore. Though he will still call himself fat.
  • Freak Out: One of his best moments happened during Let's Play Minecraft episode 24. Michael's team had issues trying to stack the Tower of Pimps, so Gavin (his teammate) slipped behind it to mine it so he can stack it better. However, Michael hadn't noticed Gavin at all, so when blocks of the Tower start disappearing, Michael's reaction was...
    • He's done it earlier as well. In episode 3, when he triggers Plan G for the first time, he flips out.
  • Free the Frogs: In Let's Play Minecraft episode 60 Michael breaks into Ryan's house to free Edgar the Cow. He spends 4 minutes and 53 seconds due to Edgar having Stockholm Syndrome.
  • Friend to All Living Things: He loves Joe the Cat and cats in general. And dogs too- his tweet that came after his dog died.
  • The Good King: In stark contrast to Mad King Ryan, when Michael won the throne for an episode, he was surprisingly benevolent and generous to his subjects. Moreover, none of his challenges involved making everyone fight each other and were relatively tame, since he is clearly not impressed by Ryan's Ax-Crazy tendencies as the king.
  • Hair-Trigger Temper: Part of the job description for Rage Quit, though he's prone to raging even outside the show, especially when Gavin's involved. Lampshaded by Jack:
    Geoff: Apparently Endermen make Michael yell and scream.
    Jack: Everything makes Michael yell and scream!
  • Healing Shiv: Works against him in the final round of Worms 2: Armageddon, when he hits Ray with a lightning bolt in sudden death... and Ray gets healed for thirty points of health. Michael is not amused.
  • Heterosexual Life-Partners: With Gavin. Ignoring the Vitriolic Best Buds moments they have, if Michael is paired with anyone, more often than not, it's Gavin. This extends outside of videos as well, as Michael notes on an episode of the Podcast their tendency to throw "drunken dance parties".
  • Hulking Out: When he and Gavin discuss how "Mogar" works, Michael describes it as a transformation into a berserker-bear. The bear part might be related to using Banjo as his Minecraft skin.
  • The Hyena: Not to the extent of Geoff or Gavin, but when Michael is not angry or tense, he has a distinctive and raspy cackle that can be more or less described as the personification of "HAHAHAHAHAHAHA". He almost always breaks into a laughing fit on Face Jam, usually due to the bizarre turns the show takes.
  • Hypocritical Humor: "You guys are loud". Really, Michael?
  • Irony: In the beginning of Let's Play Minecraft episode 39, Michael filled up the pool at the top of his monolith, to avoid flooding himself when he started mining for gold ore. He ends up flooding himself anyway.
  • Ironic Allergy: Despite his well-known love of McDonald's and fast food, he's lactose intolerant and cannot handle cheese and other dairy products without lactose supplements. During the filming of Hardcore Mini Golf, he was in misery because he kept eating cheese, much to Lindsay's annoyance until he managed to get some lactose tablets.
  • Laser-Guided Karma: He and Geoff took some stuff from Gavin's house in Minecraft. Both were promptly burned alive by the lava that Gavin poured on their house.
    • In "Let's Play Far Cry 3 Part 2", when Ray heard barking, he sprinted away. Michael taunted him by saying that the dogs "know who the Puerto Rican is". Guess who the dog attacked first?
    • He and Gavin turned on Ray in episode 16 when Ray had actually managed to steal the Tower of Pimps from Geoff. Michael then killed Gavin, then got a little ahead of himself and tried to kill Geoff as well.
      • To clarify, Michael had only had an iron armor set & sword to Geoff's Diamond armor set & sword. Michael was dumbfounded when he lost (Although to be fair, he only just found out how to use materials that weren't wood a few episodes ago).
    • Michael was the one guy actively screwing Gavin over in the wool episode, and he did so successfully. In the next episode, Caleb screws him over at a chance to get the Tower of Pimps, allowing Ray to get the win.
  • The Load: To an extent in The Gauntlet. Michael takes a while to finish his course, setting the team back a bit, although they eventually recover.
  • Man of a Thousand Voices: He frequently does impressions of Gavin and his fellow Internet Box podcasters.
  • The McCoy: Of Team Lads. He is the most aggressive and loud one of the group, though usually reined in by Gavin and Ray (when they aren't the reason he's complaining).
  • Mood-Swinger: In his Let's Do Laundry! and Burger Time! vlogs, he constantly snaps from being extremely calm and collected, to screaming and crying at the drop of a hat.
  • Motor Mouth: He tends to dominate conversations on podcasts and during Let's Plays. Burnie once described him as a guy who likes to talk (to the point of being one of the few people at the company that could talk on-camera indefinitely) and is used to being the only one in the room talking. It's quite fitting that episodes of Off Topic that he's absent from are usually about an hour shorter.
  • Mugging the Monster: Fairly often in Minecraft and other games when he doesn't know any better. Sometimes it's an honest mistake (like attacking a wolf to get food, only to provoke the entire pack) and sometimes it's a serious miscalculation on his part (his reaction to pissing off an Enderman is to rush it, fists swinging).
  • Neat Freak: He really hates dirt and often mentions in Podcasts that after messy segments as soon as the cameras are off he breaks out his cleaning kit.
  • Nice Job Breaking It, Hero: He just wanted Edgar the Cow to be free. Considering how Edgar (probably) got unwittingly killed by Geoff a few minutes later and how Ryan claims that he was going to make the pen bigger, but is now just going to keep a new Edgar in there every time, it's safe to say that Michael succeeded in making things worse.
  • No Indoor Voice: He is without a doubt the loudest Achievement Hunter and the most prone to shouting. In an RT Life video, this is taken up to eleven as nobody else in the nearby rooms can work without hearing him rage. On an episode of The Patch, Burnie noted that despite being several rooms away, they could hear him screaming. Ryan mentioned that Michael can overcome sound-proofing.
  • Not Quite Saved Enough: In Schooled: Season 2, the battle for last place in the final challenge came down to Gabriel (Michael's kid) and Aashir (Ryan's kid), meaning that either Michael or Ryan would end up getting the season's last-place punishment. Geoff ended up declaring that Gabriel finished his task a handful of seconds before Aashir, making Ryan the ultimate loser and relieving Michael immensely. Cut to the start of the next episode, where Geoff decides that, since the ruling between them was so close, he would enforce a punishment on Michael anyway and made him eat 6 Ghost Peppers. Michael was not pleased.
  • O.O.C. Is Serious Business: If the comment section can be believed, then Michael being calm and happy during his RageQuit video of Rage (2011) freaked more than just a few out.
  • Out-Gambitted: At the end of Let's Play Minecraft episode 61. Michael had freed Edgar from Ryan's house in the previous video, but Ryan had silently returned a cow to his Achievement City barracks and repaired the damage to his house. Then he reveals that "Edgar is the one in the hole." Michael goes berserk.
  • Overshadowed by Awesome: He's pretty good at close-quarters combat in Halo 4, but Ray tends to make him look like a scrub by comparison, especially at long range.
  • Professional Butt-Kisser: To Geoff, some of the time. Again, Played for Laughs. On one episode of Off Topic, he drunkenly flat out admits this during a screaming match with Jack over Michael bringing food into the office.
  • Promoted Fanboy: He now works on the Fairy Tail dub as the voice of Sting. Michael is such a fan Lindsay revealed he wants to name his first cat Lector after Sting's cat.
  • Rage Quit: To the point of it being the name of his show.
  • Real Men Wear Pink: He's a fan of both My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic and Miraculous Ladybug.
  • Red Oni, Blue Oni: The Red to Gavin's Blue.
  • Rhymes on a Dime: During AH's streams of Sea of Thieves, Michael was commonly seen using his Concertina and spontaneously creating and singing poems about the group's adventures. All the while talking like a pirate (in his defense, Sea of Thieves is about pirates).
    Michael: Four little mateys went out to sea
    they got some gold and went on a spree
    they sank some ships and got some bips
    and swashbuckled swords that hung from their hips
    we killed and we slaughtered and got us some booty
    and now we are done with this stream, toot-a-looty
    • He also often makes up songs on the spot during Play Pals, with Gavin chiming in, but mostly just to make sounds. Michael meanwhile while often improvises lyrics based on the title theme of the game they're playing.
  • The Rival / Worthy Opponent: Has become this to Jeremy. Many of the fiercest battles in Achievement Hunter are between those two.
  • Roaring Rampage of Revenge: Michael chases Gavin with a rocket launcher at the end of the Let's Play Grand Theft Auto V episode, "The Dump Jump", after having him and his car thrown into a pool, killed three times with a helicopter and finally knocked down with the high-pressure hose.
  • Rule of Funny: He really does get frustrated easily, but he's admitted that a lot of his rage and loudness is cranked up for comedic effect. In his Rage Quit videos, he takes minor consternation over the game's difficulty or stupidity and just goes to town with it.
  • Running Gag:
    • Minecraft doors randomly slamming in his face when he tries to go through 'em. That of Geoff's house in Achievement City in particular.
    • His inability to learn the basics of Minecraft (from inventory/menu features to creating items), even after hundreds episodes and thousands of hours playing the game. The rest of the crew constantly tease him about this.
    Geoff: "Michael is, uh... (pauses) Michael is, uh, mining, uh, smooth stone with his hand."
    Michael: "Oh, is this smooth stone?" (stops mining and looks closer) "Oh yeah, it is smooth stone!"
    Geoff: "Keepin' it real. Yeah... Michael is, uh, continuing his refusal to learn how to play the game."
  • Screw This, I'm Outta Here: In the Rage Quit episode featuring "Uproar!", the game suddenly crashes, leaving Michael utterly dumbfounded - it was the first time a game rage quit on him.
  • Self-Deprecation: Likes to post comments under his personal YouTube account just to insult himself for laughs.
  • Shipper on Deck: Has been one for Gavin and Meg from the moment they started dating.
  • Sir Swears-a-Lot: The living embodiment of this trope.
  • Sure, Let's Go with That: At the end of "Lava Wall", Team Lads is seen celebrating their victory. As they do, Jack asks if that means Gavin's back on the team. Michael responds that, sure, it was only a temporary thing. GTA IV episode 'Cops and Crooks Part 3' had seen a number of bad moves by Gavin that got him kicked off the team.
  • Take That!: He played the entire State of Decay Lets Play with a backpack inside his backpack, taking up space. This had many MANY commenters constantly telling him that he was an idiot, and trying to tell him to take it out. At the end of the Lets Play, he reveals that he knew about the backpack, and had left it in on purpose the entire time just to fuck with the people who were bothered by it.
  • Team Killer: He pretty much offed all of his Worms team, with Gavin and Ray only killing a few.
  • Technician vs. Performer: In spite of his Red Oni status he is the technician to his playpal Gavin's performer.
  • Tempting Fate: Confused Gavin for a real Creeper in Let's Play Minecraft episode 30. Immediately thereafter, an actual Creeper shows up, which Michael confuses for Gavin. Justified in that Gavin's Minecraft skin is that of a Creeper.
  • Took a Level in Badass: Got much better at Minecraft as time went on, to the point where he often poses a legitimate threat to the others who have been playing the game much longer than he has. Compare with his performance in the earlier Let's Play's, where he stumbled around for ages trying to figure out which blocks were iron ore while everyone else was earnestly looking for diamond by that point.
  • Those Two Guys:
    • With Gavin, during Achievement Hunter's beginning years. As time went on, with the addition of more members and the two of them becoming more known, this dynamic became less seen onscreen. Gavin becoming far more busier with other projects and being in the office less has allowed Michael to develop new dynamics with the other members of AH.
    • With Matt Bragg, thanks to their Mario Kart rivalry and randomizer gameplays. He usually spends a lot of time berating Matt for the bizarre turns the randomizers take.
    • With Alfredo, thanks to their joint Twitch streams in Fall Guys and other co-op gameplays. Michael also apparently has a habit of trolling Alfredo by sending him small portioned/kids' meals to his house during streams.
  • Trademark Favorite Food: The McRib, if the two Youtube videos dedicated to it are any indication. He really loves McDonald's in general, as he frequently talks about how much he loves their food on Off Topic. It's gotten to the point that he once launched into a furious drunken rant over McDonald's merchandise.
  • Tranquil Fury: Yes, even Michael Jones is capable of expressing anger without screaming or shouting. When Gavin presses one of his Berserk Buttons and throws a dirty entendre Lindsay's way, he just gets up from his desk and stares Gavin down, helpfully illustrated for the audience.
  • Troll: He indulges in it from time to time, stating that his primary motivation when he does is to make himself laugh.
    • He tackled Gavin in real life to try and stop him from gaining an achievement, and still failed, though Gavin did end up with a scar on his hand for a while. Loves it on Diablo as well.
    • In episode 21, he helps Gavin to seal Geoff into the well (drowning him). Even better, Michael is the one who lays down the last two blocks, but he yells "Gavin, NO!" so that Gavin gets all of the blame (and subsequent retribution from Geoff).
    • His YouTube comments when people don't realize its him commenting on Rooster Teeth videos.
    • Shortly after getting hired by Achievement Hunter, Michael stole Jack's gamertag and made everyone on Jack's friends list think that his account was the real one. Apparently Jack was such a Butt-Monkey at the time that this won him the instant respect of the other Rooster Teeth members.
    • In the Red Dragon Inn Let's Roll episodes, he quickly crafts a rather unique Extreme Omnisexual personality for his Gerki character, mainly to creep out Jeremy and Ryan. Especially Jeremy, who is usually the one who brings it up a lot.
    • During Alfredo's Elden Ring crowd control streams, Michael spent an inordinate amount of coins just to invoke the game credits at every opportunity, just to drive him crazy, as seen in this compilation.
  • Unpleasable Fanbase: Accuses the viewers of this in part 2 of his Let's Play of Grand Theft Auto V's campaign, after receiving numerous complaints about the slightly shaky camera while driving and talking over cutscenes during the first episode. Specifically, he remarks that he'll get complaints if he keeps his mouth shut (because people come to hear his commentary) but they'll also complain if he talks (because they also want to hear the cutscene audio).
  • Vitriolic Best Buds: With Gavin. Emphasis on "Vitriolic" in their earlier videos, slightly more emphasis on "Best Buds" in the later ones. At times, the two of them acknowledge how their relationship mellowed out a lot as time went on:
    (During Episode 4 of their playthrough of Telltale's Game of Thrones)
    Gavin: (going through his phone) What do you think is the first thing you ever texted me? Like, you text me first...
    Michael: Probably like an insult, I would guess. I probably yelled at you about something.
    Gavin: You text..."Buttery."
    Michael: (snickers)
    Gavin: And then I said, "Hello."
    Michael: Did you say "Hello" or "'Ello"?
    Gavin: I said, "'Ello!"
    Michael: Okay, that's what I thought.
    Gavin: And then you yell at me a lot, for, like, a year.
    Michael: (laughs) I did. I'm sorry, Gavin.
    Gavin: Oh, you know. It didn't get— it didn't get to me. That was fine.
    Michael: (turns to the camera, smiling, and starts to whisper) It got to him a little bit.
  • Vocal Evolution: His Joisey accent used to be even more noticeable in earlier videos; compare his earliest Rage Quit videos to how he sounds now. Michael invoked this when he realized how incoherent he could be and purposefully went back to his old recordings to learn to enunciate certain words better.
  • Vomit Discretion Shot: Played with. When he successfully eats a dozen lava cakes during a charity event and has to throw up afterwards, he asks that he camera show him doing it. All the vomit was censored as rainbows and unicorns.
    "(panting) ...For the kids. *spits out a rainbow piece* "
  • Vomit Indiscretion Shot: When he fails to eat a five pound gummy bear, not that you could blame him of course. He's not actually shown throwing up, but the camera immediately goes to the disgusting remains.
    • In an episode of Immersion. But seeing how he was force-fed Cheetos and milk twice on top of being slung around in a car zipping around at 100 MPH in the Texas heat...while playing a racing video game independent to how the car is moving.note  Played for Laughs when he constantly shoves his bag 'o barf into Gavin's face.
  • The Watson: Gavin has remarked that it's convenient that Michael generally doesn't know the complex mechanisms of Minecraft like Enchanting, Potion brewing, Redstone, etc. since it gives them an excuse to explain things for the audience's benefit without having to repeat stuff that everyone already knows.