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     8 Mile 

     10 Cloverfield Lane 
  • In a scene where Michelle is wearing a shirt with the Eiffel Tower.
    Jeremy: Man, the placement of the Eiffel Tower on her—
    * *smack, smack*
    Jeremy: Ow! Ow, I can't help it, it's just refl—
    * *smack*
  • "John Goodman twerking."

     28 Days Later... 

     47 Metres Down 
  • At the opening logos:
    Jeremy: 40 seconds for five studio logos begs the question: how many production companies do you need to make a "woman getting eaten by sharks" movie in 2017?
  • During the opening credits:
  • A sin is added for Bob and Harvey Weinstein's names in the opening credits.
  • This bit:
    Lisa: Everything good I have, I always f*ck it up!
    Jeremy: Don't be so hard on yourself. You weren't THAT bad in A Walk to Remember.
  • Jeremy calls out the movie for being a ripoff of The Shallows.
  • This:
    Javier: Relax. You'll have the time of your life down there.
    Jeremy: It's just like "Dirty Dancing", only if a shark ate her when someone put Baby in a corner.
  • Jeremy ends up hating Kate so much, he starts rooting for the sharks.
  • This bit:
    Kate: My God. It's huge!
  • When a shark eats Lisa's camera:
  • Jeremy decides to Roll Credits when the shark cage actually descends 47 metres down.
  • Jeremy's comments on the cinematography:
    Jeremy: It's slow sloooooooooooow shots like these that make me think that the director was going for Kubrick but wound up with Manos: The Hands of Fate instead.
  • "Movie posits a world where Mandy Moore can't get a date, even for a little while."
  • This:
    Lisa: What would Stuart think if he could see me now?
    Jeremy: Um...mayday?
  • When Javier's corpse floats by:
    Jeremy: Even in death, Javier was a creeper.
  • This:
    Lisa: We're running out of time!
    Jeremy(sounding genuinely annoyed): Yes. We know.
  • Jeremy's remarks on Captain Taylor's stiff line delivery:
    Captain Taylor: They're sending a team that is fully equipped for deep sea rescue. They will be there in an hour.
  • "This shark is basically a post-it note, reminding us that there are sharks in the water."
  • At a demonic looking shot of the sharks:

     A Christmas Carol (2010) 

     The Addams Family (1991) 
  • Jeremy thinks the Creator Cameo of the director as a living passenger onboard one of Gomez's toy trains is Actually Pretty Funny and clever.
  • Jeremy recognizes the child actor who later played the kid from Jurassic Park who was disrespectful to Dr. Grant and nearly gets cut up by the raptor claw. He adds a sin just for the character.
    Jeremy: Anyway, here's another sin for that kid from Jurassic Park. What a dick. Actor's probably an OK dude, though.

     After Earth 
  • The last sin added: a sin is simply added when the credits begin showing "Directed by: M. Night Shyamalan".
  • In the credits, he dubs in Guy for the scene where the main character removes his mask after the crash.
    Guy: It's an alien planet! Is there air?! You don't know!
  • "But, who is camera?!"
  • The ultimate evolution of the "X is a dick to Y" gag:
    Jeremy: Will Smith is a dick to the human that came from his dick.

     Alita: Battle Angel 
  • At a shot of a robot eye being torn out:
  • When Alita first opens her eyes:
    Jeremy: Eh, the eyes are still too big.
  • This bit:
    Alita: What's that?
    Dr. Ido: Zalem. The last of the great sky cities!
  • Jeremy's comments on a robot:
  • At an establishing shot of the city:
    Jeremy: Alita: Blade Runner.
  • The Running Gag of Jeremy demanding Dr.Ido and Dr.Chiren to "JUST F*CK ALREADY" during their scenes together.
  • This bit:
    Romo: Thank you for leading the girl. That's going to save us some time!
    Jeremy: Boy, if this guy was copying Heath Ledger's Joker anymore, he'd ask Ido "why so serious".
  • This:
    Grewishka: RIP THAT FLEA!
  • Jeremy gets distracted from a sin by a cameo:
  • Jeremy turns out to be not such a fan of all the exposition:
    Jeremy: This is like having someone read a book to you on VHS.
  • This:
    Tanji: Aw, this can't be good.
  • This bit:
    Cyborg: What kind of screwhead would want to be a bounty hunter?!
  • This:
    Dr. Chiren: He doesn't want his eye fixed. He says he likes the pain.
  • When Alita watches Hugo sleep:
    Jeremy: Stalking.
  • Telling Hugo about the red flags of having a stalker.
    Alita: I'd do whatever I had to for you.
    Jeremy: Ah yes, the realization that you've started dating a cyborg killer who will let herself into your apartment through windows whenever she pleases. Start looking for warning flags, Hugo.
    Alita: I'd give you my heart. Take it.
    Jeremy: That's a flag.
    Alita: It's all or nothing with me.
    Jeremy: A BIG red one, waving in the breeze!
    Alita: That was pretty intense, huh?
    Jeremy: F*cking run, dude!
  • At Hugo's death:
    Alita: Noooooooooooooo!
    Jeremy: No.
  • The final sin has Jeremy upset that the film never showed a full game of Motorball, instead cutting directly to the end credits.
    Jeremy: GODDAMMIT.
  • One of the outtakes plays Scorpion over a Motorball contestant stabbing another one with a hook.


  • The credits showing "A Michael Bay film" gets a sin without comment.
  • "It's a Michael Bay film, so even the title has to explode."
  • "Director inserts himself into the movie like an unwanted penis inserting itself into your least favorite orifice."
  • "Here's French people doing classic French things: gathering around and listening to the radio at their favorite café. Even Gaston the Motorcycle guy showed up!"
    • Right after that: "Ireland!note  Asia!! This place!!!"
  • (After a long threat and off-colored remark) "That's racist." *ding* Then asteroids appear "Asteroids ... also racist. I can see why I spent so much time destroying them on my Atari 2600."
  • "In case you confused it for Houston, Maine."
  • "So you're saying it'll make a...Deep Impact?"
  • "Man, there are so many Aerosmith soundtracks on this song, I don't think they missed a thing!"

  • "Previously on 'Logos', a 55 second extravaganza of logos!"
  • When an alarm goes off and none of the people in the building react, we get:
    Jeremy:: These are either the calmest students ever in a disaster or everyone's SUPER high right now.
  • "If Denis Villeneuve removed all the pauses before dialogue, the movie would be 20 minutes shorter."
  • When a spaceship appears in the movie:
    Jeremy:: Man, Subway's REALLY gone too far with the ad campaigns these days.
  • One of the Stingers replaces the heptapods with the Martians from Mars Attacks!.

    Assassin's Creed 
  • When Cal tries to jump off a house and land on a shipping container, but misses and hits the corner.
    Jeremy: Dumbass.

    A Star is Born (2018) 
  • At the beginning of the film during the concert, Jeremy calls out all of the lens flairs and wonders if Bradley Cooper caught it from J.J Abrams.
  • When the title screen shows up:
    Jeremy: "Hey boss, do you really want the font this big?"
    Jeremy: "Does it take up the entire screen and pretentiously indicate my grandiose idea for the importance of my work?"
    Jeremy: "Uh, yeah?"
    Jeremy: "Perfect."
  • At a shot of Jackson standing in front of a poster with nooses on it:
  • Jeremy points out a Stan Lee cameo note  during the bar scene.
  • Jeremy laughs at a bar fight "suddenly becoming full on Road House."
  • This bit:
    Jackson: Met the farmer's daughter...she had just turned 18.
  • Jeremy is floored at Andrew Dice Clay as Ally's father.
  • The Running Gag about Jeremy's burning hatred of the song Shallow, culminating in him adding 15 sins for it.
  • Because of YouTube's copyright, Jeremy can't play the songs so instead decides to sing Shallow by himself. Poorly.
  • During a concert scene:
  • This bit:
    George: I saw your YouTube video. It was great.
  • This:
    Jackson You've been nominated for 3 Grammys.
    Ally: How'd you figure that out?
    Jeremy: Come on, it's 2019. Information is practically beamed into our brains.
  • At the Grammy Awards:
    Ally: I can't believe I'm holding one of these!
    Jeremy: And I can't believe I left my meat dress at home!
  • This:
    Ally: We can sing Shallow together.
    Jeremy: I'm pretty sure that, even in the fictionalised universe of this movie, people are sick to death of that f*cking song.

     The A-Team 
  • Jeremy's reaction to the Hummer going through the 3D movie.
    OK. I'm f*cking done. I'm walking out of here for a bit. I might retire. I'm not sure yet. I'm going to have go down an undocumented amount of vodka to believe what I just saw.
  • "Wait, was that a twenty-minute movie? Oh, thank God." *Beat. Movie starts again.* "Dammit!!!"
  • Any one of those 80 missions was probably more entertaining than the one we're about to watch."

     Atomic Blonde 
  • Reagan narration. Reaganarration?
  • On the cinematography of the film:
    Jeremy: This sh*t is so washed out, it may as well be in black and white. Actually, that might be the point. Ah, f*ck the point!
  • Jeremy realises that the film is going to be told via flashback and proceeds to list off a large number of movies that do the same thing include "That Natalie Portman SNL Rap video", "two Tom Cruise movies" (to Jeremy's clear delight) and Citizen Kane.
    • He also lists "Young Guns 2" at least three times.
  • This bit:
    Director: I want Sucher dead or alive. He's a black eye to our community.
    Jeremy: That's racist. Oh wait, he said black EYE. My mistake, carry on.
  • Upon noting that a version of "Die Kommissar" wasn't released yet during the scene's time period, Jeremy quickly adds that "I hate that stupid song".
  • During Spyglass's assassination scene:
    Assassin: I have him in sight.
    Jeremy: Then just shoot him already! What are you waiting for, a black 1961 Lincoln limo?!
  • The Running Gag about the Jack Daniels product placement.
  • One of the outtakes adds the X-Files theme to the "Trust No One" speech.

    The Avengers (1998) 

    The Babadook 
  • All three of these sins in succession:
    • When Sam shows one of his inventions:
    Jeremy: Child inventors.
    • When Sam does a magic show:
    Jeremy: Child magicians.
    • When Sam merely shows up:
    Jeremy: Children.
  • At one point, Jeremy considers that The Babadook was fired by Monsters, Inc. as his motive for killing.
  • At a scene where a clown juggles apples:
    Jeremy: The director said "let's have your character juggle three apples in this scene, it'll make you look more like a creepy asshole".
  • When Amelia burns the book on a barbecue grill:
  • "Sam sucks."
  • Jeremy gets confused at a clip of Skippy the Bush Kangaroo and refuses to believe it's real.
  • Jeremy notes that Amelia becomes a better parent after she becomes possessed by the demon.
  • When the Babadook is anti-climatically defeated:
    Jeremy: Aw, really? That's all it Babatook?!

    Baby Driver 

     Bad Boys 
  • From the very beginning, "Everything wrong with Bad Boys in F*ck Me minutes".
  • "Directed by Michael Bay" gets sinned without comment.

     Basic Instinct 
  • During the infamous flash scene, for the first time the Narrator refuses to take sins off.
    "You'd think we'd take five sins off for this, but my boner is too suspicious of that woman to allow it."
  • When Beth admits she went through a lesbian phase earlier in her life.
    Jeremy: Uh ... Any flashbacks about that particular time you'd like to remember for us?
    Jeremy: [makes a cliché "flashback sound effect"]
    Jeremy: ...No? Dammit!
  • Jeremy's commentary on Catherine's bisexuality in general. Especially this bit when Nick visits her and Roxy:
    Jeremy: Lesbianism. Wait, that's not a sin. But my cliche male interest in seeing two hot women kiss is, so... ding that shit!
  • Later in the same conversation, Beth calls Nick 'a good detective'. After seeing him in action the entire movie, Jeremy's immediate reaction is a Hahaha No.

  • As the alien ship blows up a battleship with launched shells, Jeremy pronounces the aliens "really good at the game Battleship".
  • "Okay, a model, an obvious real-life paraplegic military veteran, the director's uncle playing the cop, and Rihanna. Exactly how many real actors are in this movie?"
  • This:
    Cora Raikes: (blowing up an alien) Mahalo, mother– (BOOM!)
    Jeremy: Movie censors the word f*ck. I mean, who does that?!

     The BFG 
  • At the title card:
    Title Card: Roald Dahl's The BFG
  • This bit:
    Sophie: It was the witching hour.
    Jeremy: Narr-orphan.
  • "This postdate places the movie in September of 1983, yet somehow movie will stubbornly refust to place a single Rubik's Cube, Cabbage Patch Kid or Return of the Jedi reference."
  • When Sophie spots The BFG:
    Jeremy: If the Big Friendly Giant is this Big Friendly Careless, I'm going to go out on a Big Friendly Limb and say that his Big Friendly Ass would have outed many times before.
    • Immediately followed with:
    Jeremy: And of course, this works.
  • At the BFG's lair:
    Jeremy: OMG, this OTT BFG POV is NFG so PTSB ASAP.
  • When the BFG names the other giants:
    The BFG: Fleshlumpeater, Bonecrusher, Manhugger, Meatdripper, Gizzardgulper, Maidmasher!
  • This bit:
    The BFG: If those giants got ahold of you, they would eat you up like a piece of "frumpkin fry"!
    Sophie: It's "pumpkin pie", not "frumpkin fry"! And "jiggy-raffs" are giraffes!
    Jeremy: This giant warns Sophie about what would happen if she were to escape, but all she can do is correct him when he pronounces stuff wrong. Don't you hate it when you're trying your best but there's some asshole keeping score of everything you did wrong?
  • Jeremy's absolute horror at the Whizzpopper scene.
  • When the giants partake in their fights:
  • This bit:
    The BFG: There are some who call me the Big Friendly Giant!
    Jeremy: Ohhhhhhhhhh. I've been saying something completely different.
  • This:
    The BFG: It is the Golden Phizzwizard.
    Jeremy: "The Golden Phizzwizard" was the nickname I got in college for being able to piss in the sink without leaving my bed.
  • At the dream showing Sophie's face:
    Jeremy: John Lennon?
  • As Sophie chases the "dreams":
  • This:
    The BFG: It be a Trogglehumper.
    Jeremy: Guys, this was made in 2016. Can't we just call them Alabamaeans?
  • This bit:
    Sophie: Friendly Giant? I'm going to call you The BFG.
  • When The BFG blows dreams into people's mouths:
    Jeremy: People swallow at least 8 glowing balls of light while they sleep each year, and that just terrifies me.
  • Jeremy adds 10 sins for the movie wasting time with showing breakfast being served and eaten instead of progressing the story.
  • This bit:
    The BFG: I have a present for Her Majesty.
  • This:
    The BFG: Adventures will come and go. But-
    Jeremy: GIANT SKIP.
  • The final sin:
    Sophie: I could see the pages that The Giant left for me.
    Jeremy: And the giant who wrote the story turned out to really be...BILBO BAGGINS.
  • The sentence- "Death Pickle". The audio on top of it is the best part:

  • As Josh plays a video game:
    Jeremy: You've got to love a game that measures your health in raw numbers.
  • This bit:
    Billy: So, if you get real close to the board, you can see down to her flowers.
    Jeremy: Referring to [[Literature/Carrie Dirty Pillows]] as "flowers".
  • This:
    Cynthia: This is Derek. He drives.
    Jeremy: I say that all the time at parties. Like, when I introduce my friend Mike, I say "This is Mike. He drives." Incidentally, I don't go to that many parties.
  • This bit:
    Josh: I wish I were big.
    Jeremy: Not only Roll Credits, but roll those suckers with appropriate grammar! Not many 12 year olds would be doing the "wish/were" agreement this early.
  • When Josh tosses a coin into Zoltan's mouth:
    Jeremy: Let's see if Zoltan can put his money where his mouth is.
  • After Josh realises he's become an adult:
    Jeremy: Good news! You're big. Bad news! You can't ask Cynthia out...
  • When Josh returns to the abandoned carnival, Jeremy notes that there was no way they could have closed up shop that quickly.
  • This:
    Hobo: Kill her with a knife. Kill her with a knife!
    Jeremy: Penny Marshall's Taxi Driver.
  • After Jeremy removes a sin for Tom Hanks' performance while crying in his apartment bed, he soon adds one back because "in that bed, he's likely sticking his face in a pile of gonorrhea."
  • This bit:
    Josh: I'm going to be 30 years old for the rest of my life.
    Jeremy: Paul Rudd.
  • "Holy sh*t, does this roach motel have cable TV?! Last night, he was watching the French Connection and tonight he's on MTV. For Manhattan lodging, even in the 80's, that's not bad."
  • This:
    Mr. Macmillan: That's something you don't see on a marketing report.
    Josh: What's a marketing report?
    Mr. Macmillian: Exactly.
    Jeremy: Oh, this is just like Being There. Tom Hanks is Chauncey Gardiner. Gardiner/Baskin...the clues have been there the whole time!
  • Jeremy admits that, although Paul is an asshole, he's right that Josh has no reason to get such a huge promotion in such a short time.
  • Jeremy turns out to be a huge fan of the building/robot toy:
    Jeremy: Can you imagine the Sears Tower battling the Taj Mahal? The Washington Monument against the Capitol? Big Ben vs the Great Pyramids?! SIGN ME UP FOR THAT!
  • When Josh pitches his idea for a toy:
    Jeremy: What about a robot that can turn into a bug?
  • This:
    Board member: A prehistoric transformer?
    Jeremy: Grimlock erasure.
  • When Susan confesses her love for Josh:
    Jeremy: This is a sweet and kinda sexy scene...UNTIL YOU REALISE THAT HE'S 13.
    • Jeremy then spends much of the remaining video discussing how creepy the whole aspect of the film is.
  • As Josh throws a coin into Zoltan to make another wish:
    Jeremy: Hahahah, what if he misses?
  • One of the outtakes shows Fix-It Felix amongst the arcade machines.
  • Another outtake places audio of Forrest Gump over Josh sitting on a bench.

     Bird Box 

  • During the scene where the company people are applauding Ren:
    Jeremy: It ... never ... ends.
    • And then later when they are all shaking his hand, the sin is "Congratulations." *ding*
    • He also has scene of when Ren talks about the one billion as one of the stingers, replacing it with Dr. Evil's "100 Billion Dollars" line.
  • The fifth stinger makes the entire movie Hilarious in Hindsight, via adding audio from Angry Birds.
  • This exchange:
    Rod: The [phone] battery's dead.
    Jeremy: What, did you play too much Angry Birds last night or something? (ding) As a disclaimer, I promise that didn't start out as a pun when I wrote it, but ... f*ck it.


  • Jeremy loses it right at the opening logos:
  • At the alien probe crashing:
    Kyle: Oh my god, what is it?!
  • When Brandon surprises his mother by jumping out at her:
    Jeremy: The thing with these jump scares is that they forgot to add the "scare" part to them.
    • Since he would get tired of pointing them all out, he just adds 20 sins at once.
  • After Brandon throws a lawn mower into the horizon:
    Jeremy: Good aim, bad CGI.
  • This:
    Kyle: What did you say?!
    Brandon: I said GIVE IT TO ME!
    Jeremy: [[Understatement Brat.]]
  • When Brandon twists a fork:
  • The Tommy How's the Peeping gag returns, this time in the actual sins video.
  • Jeremy gets annoyed at the movie constantly shoving Brandon in red and blue for the Superman connection.
  • This bit:
    Brandon: Who am I? What is this? Where do I come from?!
    Jeremy: We just need a "why are you doing this to me" for a cliche movie question bingo! Don't let us down, Brandon!
  • This:
    Tori: You came here...arrived that.
    Jeremy: Why would you tell Young Sheldon this information?
  • Jeremy adds 10 sins for the [[Squick scene of Erica pulling glass out of her eye.]]
  • When a wounded Erica brandishes a baseball bat:
  • As Erica gets killed, we get a different twist on a running joke:
  • An unexpected CSI Miami reference:
    Jeremy: Now that Brandon has killed, it's time for breakfast for the...puts on sunglasses...serial killer.
    • And yes, Jeremy actually says "puts on sunglasses".
  • This:
    Radio Announcer: They are survived by their twelve year old son, Brandon.
    Jeremy: Sequel baiting.
  • The final sin of the video:
    Jeremy: Just because you have Michael Rooker in your post-story scene doesn't mean that I'll care about it.

    Boo! A Madea Halloween 
  • Jeremy completely loses it when the movie goes on for too long, culminating in this:
  • Later on, we learn that the movie is so terrible, Jeremy stops swearing and instead uses euphemisms.



  • "Oh, sure, give me a boner and then have your period. Just like my ex." (Jeremy is slapped) "Ow ... sorry." (He is slapped again)
  • "I wonder how many dislikes I can get with a Jerry Sandusky reference here."
  • The various "movie reinforces the idea that when a woman is on her period" sins.
  • "If she's doing to Billy what I think she's doing, she shouldn't be able to speak that clearly."
  • "Billy inspires Larry the Cable Guy's catchphrase." *ding*

    Cast Away 
  • Jeremy points out every instance of the Fed Ex product placement throughout the film.
  • This bit:
    Kelly: I got something for you for Christmas.
    Jeremy: Is it something on the nose like a watch? Boy, I hope it's a watch.
  • When a plane engine nearly hits Chuck on his way to the island, Jeremy cracks up at all the conveniences going on.
  • When Chuck goes through the wallet of the dead pilot:
  • "Goddamn it, Mother Nature, did you overdo it on the coconut security?!"
  • Jeremy throws up at the sight of Chuck's wounded leg.
  • Jeremy points out that, despite Chuck's struggle, he still does better than most contestants on Naked and Afraid.
  • When Chuck returns to civilisation and is greeted by his co-workers:
    Party Goer: Hey, Chuck, next weekend you and I should catch up on that fishing.
    Jeremy: Man, f*ck THIS guy.
  • The last sin:
    Jeremy: This movie is long and all but at least it's shorter than The Last Jedi.

    Charlie & The Chocolate Factory 

  • Jeremy can't let go of the fact Die Antwoord was in the movie.
    Jeremy: This scene makes me remember that "I Fink U Freeky" video, which incidentally, you can see us sin on our Music Video Sins channel. Anyway, that video is a human rights violation that famously brought Nelson Mandela back from the grave to stop it, only to have his zombie heart seize when he saw it, requiring a second and more somber funeral.
    • And a few minutes later:
      Jeremy: Chappie surveils the sleeping members of Die Antwoord and doesn't fink they're freeky.
  • When it's revealled that Ninja plays a character named Ninja, he wonders why they let him use his band name instead of something more random "like Watkin Tudor Jones".
  • In The Stinger, "Still" by The Geto Boys is played over Chappie getting beaten by gang members, referencing the photocopier scene from Office Space.

  • This exchange in the video's YouTube comments, between Max Landis (writer of Chronicle) and CinemaSins:
    Landis: Hi, it's Max. I wrote this movie. This is the modern day equivalent of a Friar's Club Roast. Feel totally honored. Can't stop laughing. Also, f*ck you. And thank you.
    CinemaSins: Hey Max! Thanks for taking this the exact perfect way. Oh, and f*ck you too.

     The Chronicles Of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe 
  • "Edward is such an annoying little bastard, always correcting and nitpicking everyone's- Hey, wait a minute!"
  • "Cricket."
  • Jeremy repeatingly pointing out how insufferable the children are.
  • This:
    Fox: Aslan has ordered me to gather more troops.
    Jeremy: Fox news.
  • At the appearance of Santa Claus, Jeremy wonders if a movie could jump the shark in the middle of a scene.
  • This bit:
    Peter: Whoa, horsey!
    Horse: My name is Phillip.
    Jeremy: If they just made these movies about Phillip the Horsey, we'd still be getting Narnia movies to this day.
  • As the kids lead the forces of good into battle:
  • As the forces of evil advance across the battlefield:
    Jeremy: I'm sure these three are supposed to be giants, but am I alone in thinking this looks more like three regular blokes and a bad case of Honey I Shrunk the Mythical Hordes?

    Citizen Kane 
  • First line:
    Jeremy: Welp, guess we don't mind being hated. (removes five sins)
  • "EVERY SINGLE ARTICLE in this newspaper is about Charles Foster Kane. I feel like even if Babe f***ing Ruth died young, the paper would still have something about a robbery or a satanic ritual killing on the front page."
  • "Also, how many times is this [newsreel footage] going to switch from text to narration? This is an expositional pretzel!... it's nine minutes of expretzelsition!"
  • Jeremy referring to one man in the newsreel as "This McCarthy-looking motherf*cker".
  • Over a shot of Kane standing next to Hitler:
    Jeremy: Charles Foster Kane, the evil version of Forrest Gump.
  • "Oh yeah, I forgot that what we were watching was being read from this unpublished Thatcher memoir. 59 pages of which apparently included a symbolic passage of time as a sled got covered in snow."
  • "These guys merely SEE some women and all penis breaks loose."
  • Over the famously impressive wide shot of Kane addressing the vast audience at the campaign rally: "Hey... um... where is microphone?"
    Kane: I make no campaign promises!
    Jeremy: Yeah, but you still have to have a platform, right? I mean, you can't expect an audience in 2016 to believe you can run for a major political office without any clear ideas, just reliant on brand recognition!
  • Over the now-ubiquitous shot of Kane clapping:
    Jeremy: Movie unintentionally inspires an overused Internet GIF, which it should totally have known it would do back in 1941. *ding*
  • "Without knowing you at all... if you build or live in a house with a fireplace you can f***ing stand in... you're an asshole."
  • Complaining about the "snow globe made me remember the name of my sled" scene:
    Jeremy: This is like me losing my Transformer collection as a kid and saying "HASBRO... " on my deathbed."
  • The reporter says he hasn't found out 'much' about Rosebud:
    Jeremy: Dammit, Jerry. This is what you come back with? What are they going to do with this, Jerry? Call the narration guy back in to say (imitates portentous narrator voice) "What do we know about who [Kane] was? Not much. And what of his last word? Rosebud. Do we know its true meaning? No."
  • One of the outtakes has the opera scene combined with Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation's opera fight scene.

    Clash of the Titans (2010) 
  • The first sin:
    Narrator: The first stories were written in the stars...
    Jeremy: Nebulation.
  • During the first appearance of adult Perseus:
    Jeremy: Ah, 2010. Back when studios thought that Sam Worthington was a leading 2018, more people know who Kevin Sorbo is.
  • This:
    Spyros: You have many questions. And I don't have many answers.
    Jeremy: I do know who Keiser Soze is, in case you need to know that.
  • This bit:
    Perseus: Who are they?!
    Spyros: Soldiers of Argo!
    Jeremy: Ar-go f*ck yourself.
  • Jeremy refers to Hades as "Aqua-Voldemort" several times throughout the video.
  • When we first see Zeus:
  • Upon realising that the movie reunited Liam Neeson and Ralph Fiennes, Jeremy laments that it couldn't have been something "more dignified, like a Fast and Furious movie", or something better like a "delightful rom-com where a hat store owner and a tie store owner hate each other but both are in love with the same woman who makes the best Toad-In-A-Hole at the local pub."
  • This bit:
    Hades: Kill Perseus for me...and I will kill Zeus for you.
    Jeremy: This movie just turned into Throw Zeus From The Train.
  • This:
    Io: No man has ever flown on a Pegasus.
    Jeremy: All he has to do is connect his hair-braid thing to him and he'll be flying with Zoe Saldana in no time.
  • At a shot of Perseus resisting the temptation to kill Calibos:
    Jeremy: Yep, that's my reaction to when I have to resist masturbating too.
  • When Perseus is writhing from the poison, one of the soldiers asks what's wrong with him:
    Io: Venom. From Hades.
    Jeremy: Oh, it wasn't that bad. Tom Hardy was kind of fun, and it was super ridiculous, but in the end...
  • This bit:
    Prokopion: We must pray to the one who showed us our sins!
    Jeremy: Nope. I'm not helping.
  • After Io declares that she knows the way to Medusa:
    Jeremy: Of course you do. Why does no one question Io just showing up, translating Djinn and knowing the answer to everything when they don't? Is it just boners? [resigned] It's boners, isn't it?
    • The subject of boners comes up again later, when Io is showing Perseus how to fight Medusa and the two end up in a suggestive position:
      Io: [places her hand over Perseus' heart] Ease your storm.
      Jeremy: Is this how they get those boners lasting for more than 6 hours to go away? It's not working!
    • "Solon the Great Cock Blocker." Made even more hilarious by the fact that Jeremy pronounces the name "Solon" (like "so long!") instead of "Solon".
  • Perseus' strategy for killing Medusa:
    Perseus: Trust your senses. Don't look that bitch in the eye.
    Jeremy: Perseus graduated from the Freddy Kruger School of Name-Calling.
  • "Hey look! It's Perseus on Pegasus! You go tell Pythagoras and I'll go tell the missus!"
  • One of the outtakes:
    Prokopion: Good news!
    Professor Farnsworth: Good news, everyone!
  • One of the other outtakes:
    Io: There are gods among us.
    Winston: Ray, when someone asks if you're a god...YOU SAY "YES"!

    The Cloverfield Paradox 

    Con Air 
  • This bit:
    Lawyer: You're looking at 10 years in prison time. With good behaviour, you'll be out in four.
  • Jeremy adds 300 sins for Nicholas Cage's accent as Cameron and notes that "he's getting off lightly."
  • Jeremy points out a creepy looking painting in Cameron's cell and wonders if his daughter painted it.
  • At a shot of a prison guard carrying an enormous amount of handcuffs:
    Jeremy: "Work at the 50 Shades convention", they said. "It'd be an easy 25 dollars.", they said.
  • This bit:
    Cyrus: What's the inflight movie?
    Guard: Oh, you'll like it. It's called "I'll never make love to a woman again"!
  • This:
    Cyrus: And if you ever tell anyone about this, the next wings you see will be the flies on your rotting corpse!
    Jeremy: I guess this line looked good on paper and Malkovich sells it pretty well but still...what the f*ck?!
  • When Cyrus hijacks the plane:
    Cyrus: I have the only gun on board. Welcome to Con Air!
  • When Poe throws Johnny 23 into a wall:
  • At one point, Jeremy doesn't say anything to sin the dialogue but merely replays it and lets it speak for itself.
  • Jeremy's reaction to the infamous line:
    Poe: Now why couldn't you just have put the bunny back in the box?!
    Jeremy: Um...Oh, I know this one! It was having a bad hare day!
  • This:
    Garson: I once drove through three states wearing a woman's head!
    Jeremy: Now how did that work?! Did he balance it on top of his head or maybe he took her...face OFF!
  • This bit:
    Cyrus: My own provocitivities are penal lore...
  • When Poe escapes an explosion by diving out a window:
    Jeremy: This movie gave reality the finger a few moments ago, assassinated it twenty minutes ago and right now is gleefully dry humping its corpse.
  • "Guns! Shooting! Explosions! Stuff breaking! Trucking! Excitement?!"
  • This:
    Baby-O: Pretty clever, right, bitch?!
    Cyrus: *shoots Baby-O in the chest* No, THAT'S clever!
    Jeremy: Twitter.
  • An unexpected reference near the end of the video:
    Jeremy: I haven't seen gun handling this bad since the policeman from Plan 9 From Outer Space.
  • At one point, the climax gets so stupid, it drives Jeremy to drink.
    • Jeremy cracks up when Cameron kills Diamond Dog by blowing him up with the motorcycle he’s riding on.

     Corpse Bride 

    Cowboys & Aliens 

    Crazy Rich Asians 

     The Crow 
  • The YouTube description:
    YouTube Description: The Crow is a movie that happened. I was there. Well, not there on set. But there in the theaters. Even then, so many years ago, I recognized how sinful it was.
  • The first sin of the movie? Miramax.
  • This bit:
    Sarah: People say that when a person dies, a crow comes to carry its soul to the land of the dead.
    Jeremy: Only five people, though. Also, Crowrration.
  • Immediately followed by:
    Sarah: And there will be an immense sadness until the soul can rest.
  • Jeremy's comments on Eric's last name:
    Jeremy: Draven? Really? Other potential names include Jack Escrow, Isiaha Crowell and Raven Symone.
  • When Eric is brought back from the dead:
    Jeremy: They should have sent him a note tied to this crow's feet. "Hey Eric! Welcome to the wonderful world of revenge! We sell three tiers of revenge packages! You want to kill Dave from the third grade? Because you can kill Dave from the third grade!"
  • When Eric steps down some stairs in an alleyway, Jeremy wonders if Kim Basinger and Mickey Roarke just had sex there.
  • As Eric puts on his makeup while The Cure plays, Jeremy declares the scene the birth of the Emo movement.
  • When Eric lets out a wicked laugh, Jeremy responds with one of his own which manages to be even creepier.
  • This:
    Sarah: I wish the rain would stop, just once!
    Jeremy: So do I, but this is sadly the norm for 90's thrillers.
  • At one point, Jeremy wonders if George R.R Martin stole ideas from this for Game of Thrones but then realises that the movie came out in 1994 while the first book was written in 1996. "He doesn't write THAT fast."
  • Jeremy repeatingly refers to Grange as Candyman throughout the movie.
  • At a shot of kids in Halloween masks:
    Jeremy: They should have just rereleased this movie into theatres as The First Purge instead of that movie we got last year.
  • The Running Gag of Jeremy counting how many poorly composited falling scenes there are throughout the film.
  • When Top Dollar talks about setting a bunch of fires and profiting off it, Jeremy starts wondering if the man sells insurance or maybe drywall if he's somehow profiting from doing nothing but committing arson.

    The Dark Crystal 

    Dark Shadows 

    Days of Thunder 
  • Jeremy questions how the defending champion in the movie is named Rowdy Burns:
    "Why didn't you just call him Hick Speed, or Huckleberry Swift, or Darty McWhitetrash?"
  • Jeremy questions the story credit in the opening credits: "Story by Robert Towne and Tom Cruise":
    "How is there a 'story by' credit in this movie? It's f*cking racing!" [ding] "Also, guy who wrote Chinatown teams with megastar to write a movie about racing." [another ding]
  • This:
    NASCAR Official: We ended up looking like a monkey fu*king a football out there!
    Jeremy: Having seen many, many monkeys fu*king many, many footballs, I'm going to have to disagree with you.
  • When one of the NASCAR bigshots is chewing out the two rival drivers for their stunts on the track:
    NASCAR Official: You two monkeys—
    Jeremy: That's racist. [ding]
    NASCAR Official: When the Japs—
    Jeremy: That's racist. [ding]
    NASCAR Official: You two monkeys—
    Jeremy: That's racist. [ding]
    NASCAR Official: I'm gonna black-flag the two of ya—
    Jeremy: That's... hmm... You know, just to be on the safe side, I'm going to go ahead and say that's racist. [ding]note 

    Dear John 

    Death Race 2000 
  • "Discount Sylvester Stallone" … when the actual Stallone appears on screen.
  • "Where's Annie right now? … Ohhhhhhhhh…"
  • (After a racer finally hits a man who'd been standing still) "He must've made the mistake of moving."
  • "In the name of humanity, let Operation Anti-Race begin!" "That's racist."

    Death Wish 

    Deep Blue Sea 

    Dirty Dancing 
  • "Foot fetish."
  • When Johnny asks what Baby is doing at the resort's dance floor and she answers that she answers that she is bringing in watermelons for the staff there.
    Jeremy: It was a plot device to get inside the sexy forbidden house. God knows why this party needs watermelons.
  • "Baby is being taken through a Disneyland ride of plot developments. Everywhere she goes, there's someone who just happens to be crying or yelling about something that will be important later."

  • "...Also, what kind of test do the other factions give their new recruits? Do they all have secondary tests? In Candor, are they like, 'What... is your favorite color?' 'Red-no yellow-aaaaagh!!'???" (*ding*)
  • Early on:
    Tris: But what was my result?
    Tori: Abnegation, and Erudite, and Dauntless.
    Jeremy: But not truthful enough to be in Candor, you lying whore.
  • This:
    Jeremy: Man, this movie is one "I am your father" revelation away from literally being the most cliché movie I've ever seen.
    Tris: Marcus had a son.
    Jeremy: F*ck!
  • At one point where the hero and villain are very close, Jeremy shouts "MAKE OUT WITH HER ALREADY."

    Django Unchained 
  • The Stinger.
    Django: How many niggers you think you've seen come and go? Seven thousand? Eight thousand? Nine thousand?
    Jeremy: The number of slaves Stephen has seen come and go is definitely over nine thousand. [DING!]

    Doctor Sleep 
  • This bit:
    Rose: You're wondering why I'm wearing a funny hat.
    Jeremy: No, I'm wondering why you're not at rehearsal with the other 3 Non-Blondes.
  • When the film reuses footage from The Shining:
    Jeremy: The Shining 2: Even Shinier!
  • This:
    Halloran: I want you to have this box. Keep it. Get to know every detail of it...
    Jeremy: Huh, my extremely detailed-oriented college girlfriend said the same thing on our third date.
  • Jeremy wonders why the bathtub ghost appears old and gnarled as "Daddy Jack got at least 90 seconds of hot supermodel action!"
  • At one point, Jeremy sins "talking at the movies".
  • When the cult appears out of nowhere:
    Jeremy: 80% of these assholes' job is to suddenly sneak up on their victims and stand in a semicircle.
  • "Shotgunning the essence of a little girl. Yes, it's as funky as it sounds."
  • This:
    Patient: Doctor Sleep?!
  • Jeremy cracks up at Ryan's path home in a dusty cornfield, wondering how he hadn't been captured already.
  • When the words "Baseball Boy" appear on a wall:
    Jeremy: Hey, I thought Rama already did that a couple of years ago in The Raid 2!
  • This bit:
    Abra: How's the book coming along?
    Dave: Pretty good.
    Jeremy: OF COURSE, he's a writer! This is a Stephen King story, after all!
  • This:
    Danny: When I was young...I didn't understand the Shining.
    Jeremy: Me either. I thought it was about a guy with an axe who threw a ball at the wall all day and was parodied on The Simpsons.
  • This bit:
    Halloran: It's good to see you again, Doc!
    Danny: Dick?!
    Jeremy: Dick, say hello to Doc. Doc? Dick.
  • At first, Jeremy feels sad for Grandpa Flick's death, then realises that Grandpa Flick is a child killer and adds a sin for the movie making him feel that way.
  • Jeremy wonders how the phone call about Brad's death went:
    Jeremy: Hello, officer? I recieved a magical transmission that one of your young residents was brutally tortured and murdered by a pack of wild ghost soul vampires, and then I found his exact location and partially dug him up. OK, bye.
    • Later, when Dave is found dead, Jeremy ponders another note:
    Jeremy Hey, Abra was taken by steampunk vampires and your husband's dead. Milk in the fridge is still good though. XOXO.
  • When The True Knot shoot at Danny:
    Jeremy Magical battle between the forces of good and evil somehow turn into a motherf*cking episode of 24.
  • During one of the driving scenes:
    Jeremy F***ck, I think the movie "The Road" had less footage of roads!
  • Jeremy thinks that the scene where Jack Torrance returns as the bartender is awesome, but gives it a sin for his appearance.
  • When the camera pans to Room 257:
    Jeremy I'm starting to think that's the only room in the hotel.
  • The Bonus Round which consists of everytime a character says "doc" or "doctor" in the movie, punctuated by Bugs Bunny.

    Dragonball Evolution 
  • The movie ends with 177 sins, but it receives a huge bonus round of "The things that pissed off the fans of Dragon Ball" (for once, breaking their "no research/citing the source material" rule), bringing the sin count to OVER 9000!
  • The very first sin of the video:
    Gohan: In a time before many can remember …
    Jeremy: I already know I'm going to hate this movie.


     Dr. Dolittle (1998) 



    Escape Room 

    E.T. the Extra Terrestrial 

    Ex Machina 

    The Exorcist 
  • When a small carving of Pazuzu is found at an archeological site:
    Jeremy: Man, this thing is totally going to ruin the Brady Bunch's Hawaiian vacation.
  • Although Jeremy loves the movie, he can't help but sin it for its very slow pacing throughout.
  • Jeremy, based on habit, immediately starts sinning 'Crash Course', the movie within the movie.
  • This bit:
    Chris: What's this? Dinner at the White House?
  • At a shot of Father Karras working out at a gym:
    Jeremy: I can't wait for Karras vs Pazuzu 2. I ordered it on Pay-Per-View and everything!
  • This:
    Burke: There appears to be a pubic hair in my drink.
  • Jeremy repeatingly compares Burke's bizarre mannerisms to Mr. Bean.
  • When Regan's bed starts moving on its own:
  • Jeremy is shocked at how casually the doctors smoke in front of Regan.
  • Jeremy's reaction at the famous head turning scene:
    Jeremy: HOLY F*CKING SH*T! 1 sin removed
  • This:
    Father Karras: What is my mother's maiden name?
    Demon Regan: vomits on Karras
  • This:
    Father Merrin: We need an exorcist.
    Jeremy: Roll Devils!
  • This bit:
    Jeremy: Rhetoric.

  • The entire "Smell my hand" unsinned bonus round.
  • "Face..." "Roll..." "Off." "Credits."

    The Fault In Our Stars 
  • In the scene at the cancer patient support group:
    Gus: My fears ? Oblivion.
    CinemaSins: Oh come on... the movie wasn't THAT bad.
  • The various moments of "We also probably missed a hilarious 'driving her back to her house scene' where he X 5 Y."
  • The small scene of Gus watching Aliens was a middle finger to every guy gone to see this movie.
  • Jeremy's response to Hazel's line "I'm a grenade".
    Jeremy: You could always date Steve Rogers. I hear he has no problem falling on grenades.
  • Hazel: "Everything is wrong!" Jeremy: "Hazel Grace would be excellent at CinemaSins."
  • "Folders named "stuff" contain pornography 95% of the time. Just sayin'".


    Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within 
  • This sin:
    Aki: She told me she was ready to die.
    Jeremy: That kid is f*cking hardcore. *ding*

    The Fifth Element 
  • Upon the first appearance of Milla Jovovich:
    Jeremy: I might remove a sin for naked Milla Jovovich, but...come THAT'S unique or rare.

    First Blood 

    Forrest Gump 
  • Upon realising that Forrest's narration plays out throughout the entire film, Jeremy adds 20 sins.
  • This bit:
    Forrest Gump: They called that man The King. And years later, he had himself a heart attack or something.
  • When the kids bully Gump when he gets on the school bus, Jeremy sins the kids, then Alabama itself for producing such brats.
  • This:
    Forrest Gump: The best part about meeting the president of the United States? All the food!
    Jeremy: It's true. I hear they serve delicious Hamderbers.
  • This bit:
    Forrest Gump: And after 5 years, I got a college degree!
    Jeremy: The NCAA.
  • When Forrest meets Bubba:
    Forrest Gump: My name's Forrest Gump. People call me Forrest Gump.
    Jeremy: I am not a smart man. But I know what Roll Credits is.
  • When Bubba and Forrest decide to go into shrimping during Vietnam:
    Bubba: And, hey, Forrest, all the shrimp you can eat.
  • When Forrest plays ping-pong:
  • This:
    Forrest Gump: Everybody knows it isn't true but momma just says they're like little white lies that don't hurt nobody.
    Jeremy: Advertising in a nutshell.
  • This, for only how simple it is:
    Lt. Dan: I never properly thanked you for...for saving my life.

    The Fugitive 
  • Jeremy lampshades how they take off sins for good movies at the beginning, before taking 5 off for how much they love this one.
  • At the opening titles:
    Jeremy: I've always heard that you sh*t your pants when you die, which I was dreading more than the act itself. Luckily, The Fugitive assures me that you only turn into a negative image of yourself, so gotta say that I'm already feeling better. Shame about Mrs. Kimble though.
  • "There's nothing that makes people donate to children's research more than a swimsuit fashion show."
  • This bit:
    Police Detective: There's fingerprints all over the lamp, the gun and the bullets. The good doctor's skin was found under her fingernails.
    Jeremy: Wow! That's compelling evidence that Dr. Richard Kimble...LIVES IN HIS HOUSE AND TOUCHES HIS THINGS! And his wife has his skin under HER fingernails! What kind of married couple ever has that kind of situation!
  • This:
    Helen: Richard, trying to kill me.
    Jeremy: I know you're dying, Helen, but...way to drop the ball!
  • Jeremy's confusion over the prison break attempt and how the prisoners thought it was going to work.
  • When Kimble escapes the train:
    Jeremy: Dr. Richard Kimble went to the Prometheus School of Running Away from trains.
  • When the local police believe Kimble to be dead:
    Jeremy: Jesus! Does anyone in Illnois ever do their jobs? He just accepts an "I don't think he made it" as the last word?! No wonder Michael Myers runs free around these parts.
  • This:
    Gerard: Our fugitive has been on the run for 90 minutes-
    Jeremy: First off, roll credits. Second of all, don't they want to keep this investigation reasonably secure. Gerard knows that there's a ton of press around here and if Kimble sees or hears anything about this search, he has a better chance of subverting the perimiter. So this speech, while iconic, is completely opposite to what the search is supposed to accomplish!
    • Followed by:
    Gerard: What I want out of each and every one of you is a hard-target search of every gas station, residence, warehouse, farmhouse, henhouse, outhouse and doghouse in that area.
  • "Oh yeah, every hospital has a 'treatment' room. You know, where you get treatment. It doesn't matter what kind, it's kinda like the Room of Requirment that way."
  • When Kimble escapes from the hospital:
    Jeremy: Look, I know he has to make a getaway but using an ambulance as an escape vehicle is the worst way to drive around incognito.
  • This:
    Gerard: Guy did a Peter Pan right here off of this dam! Right here!
  • This bit:
    Gerard: Why would Richard Kimble kill his wife?
    Lawyer: For the money.
    Gerard: He's a doctor, he's already rich!
    Jeremy: Gerard has already put forth a better defense of Kimble than his legal team!
  • "Jane Lynch is always a welcome addition to a film but did she have to bring her 30 pieces of flair with her?
  • "Oh cool. All the T Vs in this store are playing The Fugitive!"
  • This bit:
    Henry: So, you Irish?
    Gerard: Me? No.
  • "Tommy Leap Jones."
  • "Sneaking up on microscopers."
  • When Kimble mails evidence to the police:
  • When Cosmo gets hit with a beam:
    Jeremy: Luckily, Cosmo trained at the Wet Bandits Academy from Home Alone.
  • One of the outtakes splices in the helicopter fight from Mission Impossible Fallout with Gerard riding in a helicopter.

    Gemini Man 
  • At Marino's spy earpiece:
    Jeremy: Who ordered the most conspicious earpiece in the history of film?! You might as well be wearing huge headphones that say "Beats by Dre, Super Secret Spy Edition" on them.
  • This bit:
    Marino: That was the best ever. I'm impressed.
    Jeremy: Impressed? That shot was so good that I'm now convinced that this is a DCEU movie and it is actually a sequel to the Oscar-winning Suicide Squad.
  • This:
    Jeremy: So, you burn the pictures of your targets after killing them, which seems smart but you carry that picture all the way from Belgium to Georgia before you do it, which is stupid.
    • When the location title appears:
    Intertitle: BUTTERMILK SOUND, GA
  • This:
    Henry: I'm deathly allergic to bees.
    Jeremy: Well, I'm sure that won't come up later! Look, foreshadowing is fine when it's subtle but this random bee showing up, the over-the-top reaction AND spelling out the allergy with the line is what changes this sin from foreshadowing to FORCED-shadowing, and that's why the sin bell doth toll.
  • Jeremy's description of Jack Willis:
    Jeremy: This guy looks like if Will Ferrel cosplayed as John C. Reilly.
  • This:
    Janet: We'll clean up our own messes, thank you.
    Jeremy: I know that Linda Emond has several Tony nominations but I feel like every time she delivers a line in this movie, someone was shouting "LESS HUMAN, MORE ROBOT THIS TIME, LINDA!!" until they eventually got it right.
  • "Teaching your child to drown."
  • Jeremy gets increasingly frustrated at the dark cinematography.
  • This bit:
    Henry: You get on that boat, your whole life is going to change...
    Jeremy: Just like that speech in Men in Black that Tommy Lee Jones gave to...whoever that other guy was.
  • This:
    Danny: What scares you other than bees?
    Henry: Drowning.
    Jeremy: OK, so new leader in the clubhouse to come back in the climax...drowning barely edges out bees. One of those is sure to come back. Though if he somehow encounters bees WHILE drowning, I'll remove 5 sins because that's just rad.
  • This bit:
    Del: It's like the Hindenberg hitting the Titanic.
  • "Most of this movie's outdoor shots still look green-screened. And that's just weird."
  • This:
    Jeremy: Tom Cruise riding a motorbike cliche. Oh, wait. Hmm...I Robot, this, Bad Boys for Life...maybe we're building something up for Will here.
  • During a chase scene:
  • This bit:
    Henry: I need you to get me to Budapest.
    Jeremy: WHAT IS THIS MOVIE?! It wants to be Bourne, the Sixth Day and Taken at the same time! And it's watered down gravy next to any of those movie. Yes, even Sixth Day! AND Sixth Day is AWFUL!
    • Followed by this:
    Benedict: I know someone, let me give them a call!
    Staplers Button: That was easy.
  • This:
    Danny: Is it possible you could have had a kid without knowing it?
    Jeremy: One of ten questions my college girlfriend asked before having sex with me for the first time!
  • This bit:
    Intertitle: Budapest, Hungary
  • This bit:
    Danny: He's your clone.
    Jeremy: Here the movie tells us what the trailer told us in the first 30 seconds. And if there was a case for movie trailer reform, it's now.
  • Jeremy lets out an angry [[Series/Seinfeld Yada yada yada]] during some exposition.
  • This:
    Jackson: Everybody hates cilantro.
  • During the scene where Henry and Jackson meet, Jeremy lets out an "INTERSTELLAR SKIP", complete with a modified deep voice.
  • This bit:
    Benedict: It's not everyday you see a man get his ass beat on two continents.
    Jeremy: Clearly, you've never seen Rocky IV!
  • This:
    Henry: We have to shut it down. Both of us.
    Jeremy: I could write this script after one viewing of the trailer! None of these beats are exciting in the slightest.
  • This bit:
    Jackson: You were born in Philadelphia, right?
  • During a "they survive this" sin:
    Jeremy: This movie is a giant f*ck you to anyone who wants a little bit of realism in their action movies.
  • This bit:
    Del: We checked. There are no more clones.
    Jeremy: Ohhhh, you checked?! Good enough for me!
  • Jeremy stops the video after seeing the digital effects on Jackson during the final scene.

  • One of the first sins:
    Hannah: Everyone was warned. But no one listened.
    Jeremy: So we will keep making weather disaster films until YOU LISTEN... CONGRESS!
  • This:
    Hannah: The world came together as one.
    Jeremy: Man, I had NO idea that Geostorm was actually part of the Bill and Ted's Expanded Universe. What year was God Gave Rock & Roll to You broadcast to the universe? I always get the timelines confused.
  • Jeremy is horrified that, out of all the movies in the world, Geostorm was the one to get Andy Garcia and Ed Harris to work together.
  • Jeremy mentions that the movie takes place in "the not too distant future, next Sunday A.D.".
  • During a spacewalk scene, Jeremy notes that it looks less like Gravity and more like The 3 Stooges In Orbit.
  • "It really is incredible to see Gerard Butler's Scottish and American accents battling in real time."
  • When Rio freezes over, Jeremy hopes that Dominic Toretto got frozen to death while street racing there and ponders if "he gets frozen a quarter-mile at a time".
    • One of the stingers plays Frogger music and sound effects over said scene.
  • This bit:
  • When the DNC meeting is destroyed by lightning:

  • "Dramatic film hires Airplane! director and then expects me to take it seriously."
  • "Bad guys hire an assassin with ZERO stealth points."
  • Sam Wheat has been killed, and is offered a portal into a bright realm:
    Jeremy: God has room for bankers in Heaven.
  • Willie Lopez has been killed and is taken to the underworld by phantoms:
    Jeremy: Jerry Zucker couldn't resist throwing a little comedy into the film.
  • Carl Bruner has been killed and is taken to the underworld by phantoms:
    Jeremy: Jerry Zucker couldn't resist throwing a little comedy into the film.

    Ghostbusters (2016) 
  • Jeremy refusing to call Bill Murray's character anything but Dr. Peter Venkman.
  • When Slimer shows up:
    Jeremy: Worthless Slimer cameo is worthless. I can't believe they managed to get him off of his ranch in Montana to film this scene.
  • One of the stingers at the end of the video syncs up a living mannequin chasing Patty with "Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now".

    Ghost in the Shell (1995) 

    Ghost in the Shell (2017) 

    The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo (2011) 
  • The first sin of the video:
  • At a shot of the Millenium building:
    Jeremy: Oh, cool, Mikael works at that short-lived 90's FOX show that starred Lance Hendriksen!
  • This bit:
    Henrik: And what do you know about me?
    Jeremy: I'd remove all the sins from this movie is Mikael asked him if Kevin Spacey previously played him.
  • "Fjordshadowing".
    • Which is immediately followed up by "Swedesposition".
  • This:
    Mikael: I'm losing track of everything here!
    Jeremy: Mikael speaks for the audience and the movie immediately raises two giant middle fingers in response.
  • When Mikael discovers an evidence photo of a subject hiding behind a balloon, Jeremy immediately jumps to the conclusion that its [[Literature/IT Pennywise the Dancing Clown]].
  • This:
    Martin: Funny. I never had a man in here note  before.

     Gnomeo and Juliet 

    The Golden Compass 
  • At the appearance of Lord Asriel with his familiar:
    Jeremy: See, now I'd rather be watching a movie where James Bond fights crime alongside a leopard.
  • Jeremy makes an unexpected reference to EPCOT's Spaceship Earth during the long opening narration of the movie:
  • This bit:
    Coulter: In fact, I took audience with the great polar bear king!
    Jeremy: I offered him a Coca-Cola but he and his family wanted Pepsi. Guess you can't believe everything on TV.
  • Jeremy's questions about how the daemons work turns into a Running Gag making it seem like a textbook.
  • Despite all of the supernatural events in this movie, the thing that confuses Jeremy the most is the fact that people still use dirigibles in this world.
  • Jeremy gets pissed off at 3 Roll Credits moments in the first half hour and adds 33 sins for this.
  • At the colorful character introductions:
    Jeremy: I am Cinema Sinfliggia, head of the "go f*ck yourself, movie" clan!
  • "How much do you wanna bet Sam Elliot thought he was doing a Lonesome Dove sequel?"
  • Jeremy begins comparing the movie to Star Trek: Voyager, then, after talking about an episode at length comes to the conclusion that the scene's meaning is that Captain Janeway is a psychopath.
  • Jeremy is shocked at the violent conclusion to the climatic fight and adds a sin not for the movie but for "the MPAA's hypocrisy when it comes to these things."
  • This bit:
    Serefina: This girl will be of great assistance in the upcoming wars.
    Jeremy: You mean like in the sequels-ahahahahahahhahahah! This movie! Sequels! Hahahahahahaha!

    Gone in 60 Seconds 

    The Great Wall 
  • At the beginning of the movie, we get this:
    Jeremy: Movie should have given my 7th grade paper entitled "The Great Wall of China: The Mystery, the Majesty and the Legend" a partial writing credit. Maybe IT will ALSO get a C minus from my social studies teacher.

    The Greatest Showman 
  • "19th century dabbing."
  • Right at the beginning, we get:
    P.T. Barnum: Ladies and gentlemen, it's the moment you've been waiting for!
  • "F*ck! Even the flashbacks have musical numbers!"
  • The Running Gag about P.T. Barnum's real life compared to the film; virtually every sin gets a dig in at the awful things the actual man did.
  • Jeremy's rundown of the circus freaks:
    Jeremy: Let's see. We've got Teen Wolf, Slender-Man, fatter Jon Lovitz, Glenn Close with a sh*tty perm, Daniel Day Dracula, Lucy Who, a tattooed Colonel Mustard...
  • "Dog Boy Milk! Get your Dog Boy Milk here! Everyone loves milk named after a dog boy!"
  • The final sin:
    Title card: The noblest art is that of making others happy. - P.T. Barnum
    Jeremy: Also, "there's a sucker born every minute" but tomato, tom-ato, right?

  • At the very beginning, a young Atticus Shaffer makes a cameo.
    Jeremy: Apparently, before he was Brick, this kid who should probably be at school or something walks around sarcastically waking up superheroes. (whispers) waking up superheroes.
  • In honor of a random extra being excellent at CinemaSins, Jeremy proceeds to list several alternative ways Hancock could have stopped a train accident and counts them as sins.
  • "Non-buffering HD YouTube in 2008."
  • Some Self-Deprecation:
    Ray: It's not a crime to be an asshole, but it's very counterproductive.
    Jeremy: We beg to differ.
  • Jeremy throws up after a shot rotates too many times in a row.
  • This:
    • At one point, Jeremy refers to Mary as "Mary Mary Quite Expositionary".

     The Happening 

     Happy Death Day 

     Happy Feet 
  • Even though Jeremy thinks the movie is OK, he immediately adds a sin for this movie and its sequel delaying Mad Max: Fury Road from being made.
  • The Running Gag of Jeremy pointing out how blatantly dirty a lot of the jokes in this 'family movie' really are thanks to the music, starting with penguins courting to Prince's Kiss and... somehow only getting worse from there. "Let's talk about eggs, baby!"
  • "Hahahahaha, remember back in 2006 when we had polar ice? Good times..."
  • When Jeremy removes a sin for the musical numbers, he throws in a dig in at Website/YouTube's strict copyright policies forbidding him for playing them.
  • Between the famous voice cast, the numerous famous songs and the rights acquiring, Jeremy calculates that the movie must have cost "at least 72 billion dollars".
  • Several minutes into the sins video:
    Narrator: His mom and dad met in the usual way...
    Jeremy: Penguinarration!
  • This:
    Narrator: The mothers left for the fishing season while the dads stayed behind with the eggs!
    Jeremy: Ah, a reverse The Shape of Water.
  • This bit:
    Falcon: What are you doing here, flipper boy?!
    Jeremy: That's flipper-ist!
  • When Mumble and Gloria wind up in uncomfortable positions, Jeremy lets the puns fly:
    'Jeremy: Summer of 69. Doggiefish. Journey to the South Pole...
  • Jeremy cracks up when he finds out that Fat Joe voices a main character in the movie.
  • When the movie plays Queen's Somebody to Love, Jeremy hopes that "they aren't going to play the full Live-Aid setlist."
  • At Lovelace leaving with a flock of female penguins:
    Jeremy: Great, so now I have to explain group sex to the kids, too. Who produced this thing, Larry Flynt?!
  • When Mumble and Gloria dance:
    Penguin Elder: Now we have this...uprising!
    Jeremy: Movie somehow thought it could become webbed-Footloose without me noticing. Movie is way wrong.
  • This:
    Mumble: None of this makes any sense!
    Jeremy: Script margin note somehow made it into the final cut of the movie.
  • At a shot of a snow covered mountain-top:
    Jeremy: Get your Paramount out of my Warner Brothers!
  • This epic tongue-twister:
    Jeremy: Humble Mumble bumbles and stumbles then tumbles and fumbles through the propeller as it rumbles but somehow doesn't get jumbled or crumble and so, I shall grumble.
  • At the end, when all of the penguins are dancing:
    Jeremy: I don't care if they won 2 Stanley Cups in a row, this is way too much celebration.
  • One of the outtakes:
    Mumble: I'm a very particular kind of guy. I need my own space!
    Pee-Wee Herman: I'm a loner, Dottie! A rebel!

     The Hateful 8 
  • The "Racial Slur Bonus Round", where Jeremy sins each use of the n-word while dubbing over random words (usually words with "-er" at the end) in its place (climbers, loggers, etc.), using different inflections and Mario music in the background.
    John Ritter in Sling Blade: Well, that's a very offensive way to put it; you shouldn't say that.




     Hocus Pocus 

  • In a scene where the kids are sent to bed before eight:
    Jeremy: Is it not even 8 O'clock yet? Why is a kid this age going to bed before the next episode of "Dinosaurs" comes on?
  • Jeremy attempts to say "Roll Credits" only to keep getting interupted by Toodles repeating Hook.
    Jeremy: Damn. Well, you get the idea.
  • "Hook hookers".
  • "Slutty Scuba Mermaids". This wasn't a sin. Jeremy just wanted to say "Slutty Scuba Mermaids".
  • When Peter calls himself "Pan the Avenger".
    Jeremy: Oh Jesus, not another Avenger. We've already got way too many.

    House of the Dead 
  • The first sin of the video:
    Jeremy: Jesus, I can feel my face getting boxed in right now. *ding*
  • An colorful invitation to "Gathering" is displayed on a post card.
    Jeremy: This either a rave or an invitation into a volcano cult. 50/50 chance, but like I said, these people really love acid.

    The House with a Clock in its Walls 
  • At the beginning of the film:
    Johnathan: I look forward to meeting you.
    Jeremy: What is up with Jack Black's accent here? He's a warlock that lives in Michigan, not some gun-toting Buster Scruggs wannabe.
  • Jeremy points out a subtle reference to Back to the Future with a movie marquee showing "Spaceman from Pluto" before sinning it because "it just makes me want to watch Back to the Future instead."
  • A sin is added for Eli Roth's directorial credit without any explanation or even stopping the video.
  • During Johnathan and Florence's conversation, Jeremy adds a sin for "banter." When their conversation leads to them insulting each other, Jeremy sins it for "SEXY banter."
  • At a shot of the house:
    Jeremy: You could tell me that this shot is from this movie, Goosebumps or Miss Peregrine's Hogwarts for Gifted Youngsters and I would literally not be able to tell them apart. This sh*t really does roll all together, doesn't it?
  • When Selena shows up:
  • This bit:
    Lewis: Brave, brave, brave...
  • Jeremy refers to a scene of hanging portrait characters as being too PG: "and not the 80's PG, when you could get away with some serious sh*t."
  • This bit:
    Johnathan: The house likes you.
    Lewis: The house can't like anything! It's a house!
  • Jeremy refers to the titular house as "if Pee-Wee's Playhouse f*cked The Haunted Mansion" and isn't sure if that should count as a sin.
  • This:
    Johnathan: This house was once owned by another warlock, Isaac Izzard and his wife Selena.
    Jeremy: What about his son, Eddie?
  • This bit:
    Johnathan: He passed away and left a magical clock in the walls.
  • Jeremy sins a toilet humor joke twice, one for the joke itself and another for the effects department having to work on that joke.
    • Jeremy later recalls that "there was 100% less jokes about sh*t in the book".
  • This:
    Johnathan: Let me show you what a little bit of WEIRD can do...
    Jeremy: File this one under "things you do not want to hear from your uncle who you still barely know."
  • At a shot of Johnathan suspended in the air:
  • When Johnathan inspects a room with a stethoscope:
    Jeremy: Dude, it's not called "The House with a Clock in its Furniture".
  • "F*cking Tarby."
    • Later, Jeremy refers to Tarby as "Frank Underwood: Origins".
      • Later still:
  • Jeremy almost removes a sin for a badass gravestone before wondering who would order something like that:
    Jeremy: Maybe Lemmy?
  • This:
    Florence: Something is wrong. VERY wrong.
    Jeremy: Sorry, Cate, even though you and everyone else in the cast and crew said this to Eli Roth, we still got this movie.
  • Jeremy points out that a transforming effect "somehow looks worse than Men In Black, a movie made more than 20 years ago!
  • One of the outtakes:
    Johnathan: Isaac!
  • Another outtake:
    Lewis: I'm going to need some Ovaltine.

     How the Grinch Stole Christmas 
  • The Nostalgia Critic comes back one more time, to co-host this review in Seussian rhyme.
  • The Critic tells Jeremy that rhyming is easy, but at the very end, he admits that it was not easy at all, and agrees never to do it again.
  • At the beginning, when they learn that Anthony Hopkins is narrating, Jeremy and the Critic each take a swipe at him:
    Jeremy: Hopkins is in this? That wasn't too bright, his role's as phoned in as the one in The Rite.
    Critic: Also, is this such a holiday specter, your kids being soothed by Hannibal Lecter?
    • This is referenced later on, when the narrator says, "All the Whos were all dreaming sweet dreams without care."
      Jeremy: Did I mention that Hannibal Lecter's still scary? 'Cause he is, almost as much as Jim Carrey.
  • Two separate moments Jeremy and the Critic think are so long that they ask if anyone is in favor of skipping it. Cue a bunch of raised hands, followed by them saying, "Thank you!" and skipping it.
  • Throughout the review, the reviewers call out the film for deviating from the book and the cartoon so much.
  • As Cindy Lou Who falls through the trash tube, she is giggling, which prompts this remark:
    Jeremy: I'm not sure why falling to her death makes her giggle. Eh, maybe she's thinking...
    Critic: "Hehe, dying tickles!"
  • When the Grinch goes to the Who-bilation...
    Critic: How is it the Grinch hasn't blown up this town? I'd Who-nuke this Who-fest to the goddamn Who-ground!
  • In response to the Grinch's mistletoe-butt scene...
    Critic: Off to this family film you and your kids flew, but Jim Carrey's in this, so you knew it'd go blue!
  • When the Grinch is refused a ride in a taxicab, because he is green...
    Critic: A race joke, really? We're going there, folks? Actually, f*ck it, that was a pretty funny joke.
  • The only part in the entire review that isn't said in rhyme is Jeremy's response to the Grinch's heart growing three sizes, which is a blunt...
    Jeremy: Me? I'm still pissed.
  • During the Grinch's backstory, when he is shown as a child in school, the Critic spoofs the Muppet Babies theme song: "Grinchy babies, they make nightmares come truuuuuuuue!"
    • One clip in the post-review stinger replays the aforementioned scene, this time with the actual Muppet Babies theme playing.
  • This line:
    The Grinch: They'll crash on jang-jinglers and bounce on boing bounders!
    Critic: Against a green screen snorting uppers and downers.
  • The Critic's response to the Grinch "speaking in rhyme":
    Critic: Tricky, we know, and you can see why, but at least we're attempting. You didn't even try.
  • As the Grinch goes down to Whoville in his rocket-powered sled...
    Grinch: I'm going to throw up! AND THEN I'M GONNA DIE!!
    Critic: If that would mean ending this movie, please try! *ding*


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