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CinemaSins, being what it is, has so many hilarious moments, sins, and stingers that we had to divide them into different sub-pages.

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    Sins and stingers across multiple movies 
  • At the start of almost every movie: "X seconds of logos", noted with frustration directly proportionate to how absurdly extended the sequence is. Disney/Pixar in particular gets ragged on mercilessly for still insisting on using two distinct logos despite being the same company.
    • Taken Up to Eleven with the Harry Potter movies: "X seconds of LOGO."
    • How did Monsters, Inc. become the first film to start off with negative sins? Because the logo-showing was mercifully short, and a sin was taken off for that.
  • Movie has text that must be read by the viewer:
    Jeremy: Reading.
    • Similarly, but generally more exasperated, when an offscreen narrator is heard:
    Jeremy: Narration.
    • And when movie displays text that's being read in voiceover:
    Jeremy: Narreading.
  • After a Big Word Shout, Jeremy calmly repeats the phrase.
    Jeremy: Khan. *ding*
  • "Playing the pronoun game"—that is, omitting proper names from dialog to force another character to ask "who is he/she?" Also its "second cousin" in which references are made to "it" or "that incident", forcing another character to ask what they're talking about.
  • Any time someone does a Title Drop during a line of dialog, Jeremy exclaims, "Roll credits!"
  • During most romantic, but not sexual scenes: "Scene does not contain a lapdance." Needless to say this goes into meta-territory during Showgirls, which has several scenes of lapdancing.
    • "(Attractive actress) isn't my girlfriend/wife in this scene." Frequently strays into Chivalrous Pervert territory, particularly when Anna Kendrick is involved.
  • "X cliché."
    • "'You better come look at this' cliche."
    • "Tom Cruise on a motorcycle cliché." (Comes up so often in Tom Cruise movies, it got its own sin.)
  • "X isn't Y in this scene/movie." Whenever an actor or actress isn't doing their usual schtick.
    • "Liam Neeson is not killing anyone in this scene."
    • "Sean Bean isn't dying in this scene."
  • "That's racist." Covers not only implied racism but any kind of bigotry, sexism or homophobia, simultaneously acknowledging the problem and parodying the knee-jerk response.
    • In the first episode of Stranger Things, when Lucas, Mike, and Dustin confront some bullies:
    Bully: Midnight, Frogface, Toothless.
    Jeremy: That is racist, amphibist, and dentist. *ding*
  • "X is a dick to Y."
  • "Awww, they dragged poor [actor] into this, didn't they?" whenever a well-respected actor ends up in a movie distinctly below their pay grade. Reaches an apex of sorts in the Super Mario Bros. movie video, given its inexplicably all-star cast: "Awwww, they dragged everybody into this movie, didn't they?"
  • "Discount [better-known actor or character]".
    • Subverted hilariously in the Jupiter Ascending video. "Discount Channing Tat-HOLY SH*T! What the f*ck did they do to him?!!"
  • "[Sarcastic/nitpicky character] would be amazing at Cinema Sins."
    Jeremy: Dr. Grant would be amazing at Cinema Sins. What a freaking buzzkill this asshole is.
  • Any time a character is seen eating an apple, Jeremy thinks that the director told them to eat the apple because "it will make you look even more like an asshole."
  • Any time a character flees from danger on a needlessly direct line (instead of, say, throwing themselves to either side of a road) Jeremy quips that the character must have attended "the Prometheus School of Running Away From Things."
  • Whenever a movie puts up a gratuitously detailed location subtitle, Jeremy cracks something like 'In case you mistook it for London, India.'
  • The Wilhelm Scream is duly called out whenever it turns up, usually with a movie-specific reference to yet another branch of that 'sad family'.
  • Any time the sun or a sunrise is shown during a stinger, "Nants ingonyama..." plays in the background.
  • In the stingers, when there is a scene of a character looking in on the opposite gender secretly, the following audio said by Philip Seymour Hoffman's character from The Talented Mr. Ripley may be played (starting in EWW Back to the Future Part I):
    "Tommy, how's the peeping? ... Tommy, how's the peeping? Tommy, Tommy, Tommy, Tommy."
    • They even use it in Mission: Impossible III when Owen Davian (played by Hoffman) sees Ethan Hunt disguised as him in the mirror.
  • During a Bonus Round, any time a sin is added on, instead of a ding, it plays either the Mario "coin collect" sound or the Sonic "ring collect" sound (typically with Mario or Sonic music playing in the background).
  • Also in the stingers, any time a character falls into water in a lingering shot, Adele's theme song for Skyfall will inevitably start playing.
  • Also also in the stingers, many times when a character jumps from a high location, they play Tommy Lee Jones' line from The Fugitive: "GUY DID A PETER PAN RIGHT OFFA THIS DAM, RIGHT HERE!"
  • Whenever the video points out a particularly hoary or worn-out cliche, the narrator devolves into wondering why said cliche was included and then shrugs it off with "Oh well, I guess movie's gotta movie." <ding>
  • "[Villain/Monster] has the same weakness as the aliens in Signs." Gains a whole new level of funny when they used it in their actual review of Signs.

  • They show they can make fun of themselves and cite sins on themselves.
    "We wear our sins like a badge because that's the motherf*cking point!"
    • Similarly, Jeremy admits that the narrator's voice is annoying. This is immediately followed by the "most annoying sound in the world" scene from Dumb and Dumber.
    • "The sins have no real value, because we feel that if they did, they'd lose their real value."
    • "We often sin while making our own videos"
  • "Even some of the things in this video are not true."
  • The bonus round is how many fanboys/fangirls they pissed off. It starts counting going into the millions/billions/trillions until it caused a system overload. The end tally of sins was ∞/Infinity.
  • Why is "This Scene does not contain a lap dance" considered a sin?
    Jeremy: F*ck you, that's why.
  • "We're not reviewers, we're assholes."
  • "We're idiots."
    Brian Fantana: "Sixty percent of the time, it works every time."
    Ron Burgundy: "That doesn't make sense."
  • "At least one of us retires to a sex dungeon at night and gets spanked by a dominatrix while cry-reading Dr. Seuss books."
  • "People who tell us to get a life are correct, because we lost our souls long ago." Cue Shang Tsung saying, "Your Soul is Mine!."
  • Twice, the reviewers rag on the Twilight series while "praising" Battleship. First:
    "At least two of the movies that we've sinned have been in our personal top 10 lists, even #1. And no, let me stop you right there: it wasn't motherf*cking Twilight. It was Battleship."
    • Second:
      Jeremy: Those who don't think we read the books...
      Wayne Campbell: (crying) I never learned to read!
      Jeremy: ...are going to be really pissed off when we tell that we read the books.
      Howard Beale: I'm as mad as hell, and I'm not going to take this anymore!
      Jeremy: Except for Twilight, because f*ck Twilight. We did, however, read the Battleship instruction manual from which the movie was adapted.
  • Jeremy admits that he and Chris are each a Know-Nothing Know-It-All:
    "One of us was actually paid to sit in a comic book store, selling comic books, Magic cards, action figures, and other nerdy items without having any knowledge of any of those things, while the other once taught two semesters of web design at a Junior College without knowing a single thing about web design."
  • "One of us had seen The Room five times before we did our sins video on The Room. The other one still hasn't seen it."
  • "We have never made a movie but we still make fun of movies … because f*ck movies."
  • "We do not live in our mother's basement because we do not deserve that kind of luxury. And there are spiders down there."

    White Olympus House Has Fallen Down 

     CinemaSins Hotline 
  • Marley "The Gardener" ringing up while completely stoned.

    Music Video Sins 
All Star
  • An outtake has "Last Resort" play over the fish-eye lens scene.


  • [about a pink Beats Pill held in the jaw of a skull] "I see the Beats Pill finally reached its target audience."

Can't Feel My Face

  • "The worst is yet to come..." "What, are you opening for Justin Bieber?"

Can't Hold Us

  • "This is the last we see of Macklemore, before a tsunami came and washed him away. May he float in peace."
  • "Macklemore and his merry band of pirates went on to terrorize the South Atlantic for years, raping, pillaging, and taking no prisoners, growing their legend with each assault. The most mysterious part, of course, to this day, no one knows who the f*ck Ryan Lewis is."
  • "And behold, after the flag was flown, the city of Seattle was thus beholden to the tyrannical reign of Macklemore for the following three years. When will it end? When will they finally identify Ryan Lewis?"


  • Immediately after taking off three sins for Sia's singing, Jeremy adds ten more after learning that Maddie Ziegler was paired up with a half-naked Shia LaBeouf in Sia's Elastic Heart music video.

Dangerous Woman

  • Jeremy mishearing "nothing to prove and..." as "left them to poopin'".

End Game

Everything Wrong With Music Video Sins

  • Just like they did with CinemaSins, they turned the tables on themselves. Highlights include:
    • "We're still white."
    • "We intentionally sometimes miss references to drugs because we don't do enough drugs."
    • "We think Ariana Grande is a genius cyborg that has the poor ability to enunciate the English language as her only flaw."
    • "Adele's people pulled the Hello video, probably because they hate us for some stupid reason that we can't think of..."
      [Cuts to the part of "Everything Wrong With Skyfall" where they sin Adele]


Hotline Bling

  • Jeremy coming up with names for Drake's dance moves in the video, such as the "Aggressive Fart Clear".

Last Christmas

  • "Also, the amount of white powder up here reminds me of something else that was popular in The '80s, but I can't quite put my nostril on it."
  • George Michael: Last Christmas, I gave you my heart, but the very next day, you gave it away♪
    Jeremy: She gave it away the very next day? That's pretty epic post-Christmas buyer's remorse.
  • Ever wondered what happened to Andrew Ridgley? They come up with a suggestion:
    "Then they disappeared into the chilly wilderness, presumably to enjoy the holiday together. However, all but one of them embraced a pagan celebration that demanded annual human sacrifice, and that is why Andrew Ridgely was never heard from again."

Little Talks


  • Meghan Trainor: My name is "No", my sign is "No", my number is "No"♪
    Jeremy: Your choreography is "No".

7 Rings

  • Not once does the song's audio play during the video, with Jeremy claiming that since it's an Ariana Grande song, it makes no difference.
  • "Sheee iiis sleepin and sleepin and sleepin and sleepiiiin..."
  • In the outtakes, a clip of Toulouse as the Taco Bell dog.

Shape of You

  • "Ewwwwwww."


  • "This poor guy dancing by hims— Holy s*it! Look at that sky! What the hell has happened that the last remaining people are a British pop group and their background dancers?! Is this because of Brexit?"

Where Are Ü Now (feat. Justin Bieber)

  • The video uses a pretty cool effect of combining fan-submitted drawings over still images of Justin Bieber dancing to create motion with the art on and around him. They also apparently didn't filter out the more vulgar submissions, which Jeremy has a field day with.
    Jeremy: Yes. Yes, that is Justin Bieber being gored by an erect penis, as one would expect.

    TV Sins 
  • The fact that in every video there's a border resembling a Samsung TV, with the bottom saying "Sinsung"


  • In TOW The Prom Video, Jeremy actually gets into a fight with the Sin Counter, who he has dubbed "Sinny", when it removed sins for Ross and Rachel's kiss, siting it as the start of the arduous and infamous Will They or Won't They? plot.

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