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     Common Running Gags 
  • "This is exactly what I said to my college girlfriend before _____" note 
  • "This movie steals all the ___"
  • The end of each episode, when the movie is given a "sentence". In earlier episodes, they all shared one sentence: "hell". In later episodes, the sentence became more appropriate and, inherently, more hilarious.
  • The "biggest beneficiaries" in the What'$ the Damage? videos are based off of a summary of what gets destroyed the most regularly.note 
  • "(#) seconds of logo(s)." note 
  • "Scene does not contain a lapdance." note 
    • In Iron Man 3, the sheer quantity of "Scene does not contain a lapdance" moments submitted by fans gets a bonus round.
    • Inverted in RoboCop, when an attractive female scientist at an office party playfully kisses Murphy who, at this point, is just a brain and various organs hooked to a computer.
      Jeremy: Scene does not contain a lap.
    • When there's actually a lapdance, Jeremy removes a sin.
  • "(This Actor) isn't (this role or doing this thing from another movie they're in) in this scene." Reoccurring ones include:
  • "And I'm okay with that. (And I am not okay with that.)" note 
  • Jeremy has a tendency of referring to specific characters in movies (and themselves) as "assholes" whether the character is good or bad.
  • "That's racist." note 
    • This loosens up over time, giving us such gems as "that's just all sorts of -ist."
  • "Unnecessary orders." note 
  • "Unkeepable promises." note 
  • "What?!"
  • "Ah! Sudden (actor name/thing/other)!" note 
  • "DC Comics." note 
  • "I believe in [impossible thing]. I really do. But I don't believe in [stupid, unlikely, or implausible thing]."
  • "(Object)-ex machina."note 
  • It's common for Jeremy to say that demons and ghosts in horror movies are dicks, since they more fuck with the people they are haunting than actually taking what they want.
  • "Reading." note 
  • "Narration." note 
    • Jai Courtney narration. *ding* Also, Jai Courtney. *ding*
  • "Exposition."
  • "Narreading."
  • "The Prometheus School of Running Away From Things." note 
    This is exactly how Shaggy and Scooby would try and run from this thing.
  • "In case you confused it with (famous city/location), (random country)." note 
    • More recently, naming a random location such as Cadiz, Kentucky and finding out said location actually exists.
  • "The director/animator said, 'Let's have (character) take a bite out of that apple. It'll make him/her look like even more of an asshole." note 
  • "(Character) plays the pronoun game so other character has to ask who the hell they're talking about." note 
  • Whenever a particular sin is repeated many times in a movie, when he gets to the third time describing the sin, he'll either cut himself off and go "Ah, f*ck it," or the third time the audio will slowly mute.
  • "Well, this beats my fan-fiction all to hell" note 
  • "Director had obvious disagreement with the prop-master over the definition of 'enough X'" note 
  • *Title Drop* "Roll credits." note 
  • "They survive this" or "Yeah, no. He's/she's/they're/<name>'s dead." note 
    • "Some bullshit." note 
  • "Polite debris." note 
  • "Skip!" note 
    • "I was about to say skip but [enter character here] said it for me!" note 
    • Occasionally the drama will go on for so long he'll have to skip again because he didn't get through all of it.
  • "This goes on for some time." note 
  • <Any type of movie> cliche.
  • Everytime a movie character, in a misunderstanding, tries to shoo someone they know away emotionally, Jeremy points out that they are ripping off Encino Man.
  • "(Adjective)(noun) is (same adjective)." note 
  • "Movie unintentionally inspires (other movie)" note 
  • "THEN DO IT ALREADY!" note 
  • "Well, someone needs a sandwich." *ding* note 
  • "Aww, man. They dragged poor <actor> into this, didn't they?" note 
    • Inverted in Tarzan with "Aww, man. Rosie O'Donnell dragged the movie into this, didn't she?" Similarly inverted with Shia LaBeouf in I, Robot.
  • "(Character)" would be excellent at CinemaSins. note 
    • Subverted in Hotel Transylvania 3, when Jeremy says that, despite having a point in questioning how Johnny's able to carry his DJ equipment with him, Dracula would suck at Cinema Sins just because of how much he hates the movie.
    • Taken Up to Eleven in The LEGO Batman Movie where Jeremy starts wondering if the movie is actually a fan of CinemaSins.
    • Inverted in Avengers: Infinity War, in which he says that Okoye is worse than CinemaSins for questioning something that was already explained In-Universe.
  • "X have the same weakness as the aliens from Signs" for weakness to water.note 
  • "The power of boners is stronger." note 
  • "Earn that paycheck, Tyrese!" note 
  • "Bad" Directors' names are sinned without explanation. Same goes for writer Nicholas Sparks.
  • "Discount ______". note 
    • Occasionally redirected as "Discount ______ oh shit!" note 
    • Parodied in Terminator: Genisys, which gets dinged twice for replacing Arnold and Bill Paxton. The joke being that the young Arnie is CGI, but Jeremy doesn't notice this.
    • And again in Friday the 13th, where he counts a pre-fame Kevin Bacon as discount Kevin Bacon anyway.
  • "We interrupt (the movie) to bring you (another movie)" or "Well...somebody saw (another movie)" note 
  • "It's not a (type of movie) if (cliche from said type of movie)" note 
  • "Doctor Who is that?" note 
  • "<sigh>" note 
  • "&#**&@^$@@!!" note 
  • "This (object)."
    • "This guy", for any extra with an annoying trait that catches his attention.
  • "No one who (does occupation) for a living notices (what is happening)." note 
  • "Comcast." note 
  • Whenever Anna Kendrick is in a movie, he gushes about her every time she's on screen.
    • Also, expect narration interrupting or preempting her lines to be heavily sinned.
  • "SHOUTED WOOOOOOOOOOOOOORD!!" "Shouted word." note 
  • "Hahahahahahahaha. [beat] HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA." note 
  • "(Character) is a dick to (other character or thing)." note  Examples include:
  • "No one will be seated during the (X) scene."note 
  • "We're not made of stone, dammit." note 
  • Counting seconds. e.g. "we have 5 seconds to disarm that bomb!" Jeremy: "1... 2... 3... 4... 5... 6... 7... 8... 9... 10... 11... 12... 13." *ding*
  • "Aw, shit. There goes HBO again." note 
  • "'All bad guys are pervy rapists' cliche." note 
  • "This scene is an orgy of evidence that X." note 
  • "I don't know what my problem with [whatever is happening] is, but it's probably because it looks fake as shit."
  • "Tommy, how's the peeping?" note 
  • Adele's Skyfall note 
    • Taken to its perfect conclusion in Everything Wrong With Lara Croft: Tomb Raider, which already had a scene in which Daniel Craig's character falls into water.
  • "U-S-A! U-S-A!" note 
  • "You did not hear that!" note 
  • "Let's talk about [Big Bad's] plan..." note 
  • The Wilhelm Scream. note 
    • "Doghelm Scream" is a variant that pops up when a generic dog yelping is heard.
  • "Nants ingonyama..." note 
  • Mario "coin collect" sound / Sonic "ring collect" sound. note 
  • Sarah McLachlan's song "Angel". note 
    • Also, "When She Loved Me" note 
  • "F*cking New York, man." note 
  • "Movie thought it was getting a sequel." note 
    • "Maybe it'll be explained in the sequels. (Beat) Hahahahahaha. Sequels." note 
  • Whenever the Sealed Evil in a Can trope is used, he always compares it to when Parallax from Green Lantern was sealed away.
  • "Visionary [genre] director rips off [other work in the aforementioned genre]". note 
  • "Guess I won't be needing this any more." note 
  • In the stingers, any scene with an old fashioned pocketwatch is inevitably dubbed over with Christopher Walken's "uncomfortable piece of metal" speech from Pulp Fiction.
  • In TV Sins, Jeremy will make comments praising a character that will die or go away shortly, saying "good thing he/she/they are not going anywhere", such as Eddard Stark, Barb and Jesse.
  • Any time a Gigantic Moon appears, he gives it a sin for being a Bruce Almighty moon.

    Movie/Franchise Specific Running Gags: 
  • 2012: "Wow. This scene with the (vehicle) escaping the (disaster) is exactly like that other scene with the (vehicle) escaping the (disaster)... you know... (#) MINUTES AGO!!"
  • Alice in Wonderland (2010): "Voice of X further proof/evidence I'm watching a Harry Potter movie", which later gets turned into "Voice of Stephen Fry further proof I'm playing a Harry Potter Game" and "Voice of Christopher Lee further proof I'm watching a Lord of the Rings movie."
  • Alice Through the Looking Glass: Jeremy will accept any level of bullshit if it makes the movie end faster.
  • The Babadook: Jeremy constantly making puns based on Babadook's name.
  • The Blair Witch Project:
    • "Nearly one minute of darkness."
    • Saying "Josh" calmly whenever a character screams his name as a variant on the "No" gag.
  • Cinderella (2015): Constantly wondering if Tim Burton directed the movie, especially once Helena Bonham-Carter shows up.
  • The Conjuring: In the Annabelle video, there are many jokes about Evelyn's near omnipresence in the plot and how convenient is her every appearance.
  • The Dark Knight Trilogy: Pointing out Bruce Wayne's "nipple bed".
    • (Bane says something) "What?"
  • The Day After Tomorrow "Yeah, shut up, only black guy I know!!"
  • Don't Breathe: Jeremy pointing how terrible the thieves are, particularly repeating that they're robbing a war veteran who lost his daughter.
  • Elysium: "This movie is just like [some other movie], but with more robots."
  • Face/Off: One that was cut off for The Stinger: "Smell my hand." note 
  • Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them: Fuck this suitcase and everything it represents.
  • Fast & Furious: "(Character) survives this." (during scenes where the characters survive in a situation where they should have died; the movies are notorious for the lack of physics)
    • Others include: the lack of police and/or traffic until it's required, drifting when it'd make more sense to turn normally, every time the racers should have killed someone, and in the fifth movie that they're pulling off a massive dangerous job to rob someone they don't really have any history with.
    • "Earn that paycheck, Tyrese!"
  • The Fault in Our Stars: "We probably also missed a hilarious 'driving her back to her house scene' where he ran over _____." note 
  • Fight Club: "No wonder this movie lost to [other 1999 movie] at the 1999 domestic box office."
  • Friday the 13th (1980): "They kill the prettiest girl [X] minutes into the movie."
  • Halloween: Jeremy brings up ridiculous events from the sequels as hypothetical situations then says "Thank god, that never happened".
  • Harry Potter:
    • "Hermione isn't old enough to be hot yet." note 
    • Pointing out that the existence of magic should negate several of the issues / problems characters encounter (such as the Weasley's poverty).
    • Pointing out in the start of several movies that Harry gets sent back by Hogwarts to live with his abusive uncle and aunt, rather than someone take him in to a better home.
    • When an earlier introduced bit of magic makes what's going on currently not make sense. (Such as Molly Weasley doing the dishes when we've seen her have self-scrubbing pots, or people acting as decoy Harry to fly away from his house when Portkeys and Floo which would allow him to travel undetected instantaneously were introduced earlier).
    • Pointing out all the times Muggles should notice magic.
    • Specific to the spinoff Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them: Jeremy's beef with Newt's suitcase.
  • Home: Jeremy's hatred of Oh knows no bounds.
  • Home Alone 2: Lost in New York: Jeremy continuously points out indicators that Kevin is clearly a serial killer in the making, such as throwing bricks at Marv and Harry from the top of a building or making them climb down said building on a kerosene soaked rope that he sets on fire.
    • Jeremy also points out how often Kevin doesn't use a Mundane Solution like call the cops on Marv and Harry, or (when Kevin moans about wanting to go home) go to the cops who'd help him get home.
  • Ice Age: Jeremy's constant irritation with Scrat.
  • Indiana Jones: "Indy casually references an adventure that would have made a better movie than this one."
  • Interstellar: Jeremy sinning the film for Hollywood Science only for him to reverse it after Neil deGrasse Tyson points out the validity.
  • Jumper: Jeremy pointing out how easily the Jumpers could beat the Paladins if they didn't act like idiots (i.e. teleporting around the area when confronted instead of teleporting to a different country).
  • Jupiter Ascending:
    • "Let's try and figure out why this movie bombed. I'm thinking it might have been (some stupid thing)."
    • "Meanwhile, in (similar place but from another movie)."
  • Kung Fu Panda:
    "Dammit, Kung Fu Panda, stop trying to make me learn!"
  • The Maze Runner series gets multiple sins for the fact that no one will give any of the main characters a straight answer about anything they ask.
  • Moana: Jeremy removes a sin every time Heihei the chicken is shown, since he's voiced by Alan Tudyk.
  • Moulin Rouge!: "We interrupt this lavish musical to bring you (something else based on the scene in question)."
  • 9½ Weeks: "X minutes into a movie notorious for it's sex scenes and I have yet to see any unusual or groundbreaking sex scenes."
  • Oculus: "Choking in 5..4..3..2..1.."note .
  • Ouija: Jeremy calling out the characters for breaking the rules of the Ouija board, both in-universe ones (never play alone) and real world (never play in a place someone tragically died).
  • Paranormal Activity 2:
    • Jeremy's getting fed up with the movie devoting itself to having long shots of surveillance footage where nothing happens, especially related to shots of the family's pool, where nothing ever happens except the pool clear running along the bottom.
    Jeremy: Cleanest. Pool. Ever!
    • From 2 onward, the Demon Prankster's Home Videos.
  • Pete's Dragon (1977): Jeremy repeatedly getting angry at Chris for making him watch and sin the movie.
  • Resident Evil: Apocalypse: Yuri, the greatest character to ever grace the silver screen. note 
  • The Ring: Jokes made at the expense of Rachel's lousy parenting and Aidan being creepy even for the standard Creepy Kid standards.
  • The Room: "Who the f*ck is this guy?" every time a new character appears with no introduction and "God, Denny is a creepy bastard!"
  • Saw II: Jeremy constantly ripping the police apart for how incompetent they are, from the tech team taking an hour to arrive, to letting the main character destroy evidence and beat up John, to not bothering to search or secure the building after two hours.
  • Spider-Man Trilogy: "Mary Jane is in some type of danger cliche."
    • "And with great power comes great respons- oh, dammit!" note 
  • Star Wars:
    • The franchise having a weird obsession with cutting off limbs.
    • Stormtroopers being bad shots.
    • The fact that Luke and Leia are siblings is brought up whenever they do anything that would be considered inappropriate.
    • "I'm surprised ____ didn't shoot Han first," in reference to the infamous "Han Shot First" controversy whenever Han is the first to open fire on something or someone.
    • The CGI added to the Special Editions of the Original Trilogy being stupid and/or unconvincing.
    • In the A New Hope video, guest-commentator Kevin Smith jokes about how several Fridge Logic moments were caused by people being on their first day on the job.
    • In the Phantom Menace videos, Jeremy frequently remarks that Anakin still hasn't cleaned the racks like his owner told him to.
    • In the Revenge of the Sith videos, Jeremy continuously rags on Yoda for not being the badass he was in The Empire Strikes Back.
  • Transformers: The Last Knight: "Just why is the movie 150 minutes long?" This is questioned numerous times.
  • Twilight: "Previously, on all the Twilight movies," when Bella and Edward are sharing a romantic moment.
  • Warm Bodies: Pointing out how the narration constantly makes some claim about the zombies (they can't communicate, they're slow, etc.) only for it to be immediately proven wrong.
  • Zootopia
    • Jeremy wondering how the animals of various size live together, like a mouse car navigating the city.
    • Jeremy pointing out that no one in the movie understands how being a cop works, especially a rookie cop.


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