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At one point, CinemaSins will analyze We're the Millers, which does contain a lapdance.
And once they get to it, all of the movie's sins will be forgiven.
  • Kick-Ass was noted for having "lap dance plus intercourse", and still had 70 sins.
  • The "actually has a lapdance" joke goes as far back as Looper.
  • "Batman & Robin" has one, but no sins were forgiven. "This scene does not contain a lapdance... oh"
    • I recall it being "scene does not contain a lap- oh f*ck it."

The first animated movie analyzed by CinemaSins will be Frozen.
It's popular enough.
  • Screen Junkies even did an Honest Trailer for it, and it was their first animated one. It's not too far fetched that CinemaSins will do it as well.
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  • It's the first YouTube autocomplete result when you type in "everything wrong with". It's definitely popular enough.
  • June 5th, 2014 will have "the most requested sins video of all time". Since out of the top five highest grossing films of all time, they've done the top three and are already working towards the last Harry Potter movie, fingers crossed.
    • Confirmed, everything wrong with Frozen was the first animated sins video. However, the June 5, 2014 video was Dragonball Evolution, which was "the most requested sins video of all time" for much different reasons than Frozen.

Related to the Frozen one, CinemaSins is racist against cartoon characters
Ever notice how they keep saying "even in the cartoon world" when questioning the laws of physics, even though we all know it's clearly not that kind of cartoon?
  • That's racist. *ding*
  • In "Everything Wrong With Cinderella", they apparently don't think animated women can be as sexy as real women.

Eventually they'll do an "Everything Wrong With Signs"
...And one sin will be "the aliens from "Signs" have the same weakness as the aliens from "Signs""

  • Confirmed. You were spot on.

CinemaSins will do Small Soldiers, which had a young Kirsten Dunst
And when they find her tied up, they'll say ""Mary Jane is in some kind of danger" cliché"

Big Hero 6 will be featured in a video.

There will be a sins video for Wreck-It Ralph.
The creators have made it known they like the movie, and they tend to sin movies they like to add to the "No movie is without sin" theme.

Their "Everything Wrong With Avengers: Age of Ultron" video will include the following:

All Jossed, unfortunately. note 


There will be "Everything Wrong With Inside Out"
  • 44 seconds of logos. *Ding*
  • Narration *Ding* (confirmed)
  • San Francisco? Hope they bump into Hiro and Baymax.*Ding* (Jossed)
  • Joy is a dick to Sadness *Ding*
  • And Bing Bong's death will result in at least one sin being removed. (Jossed)
  • How did she not notice Riley taking her credit card? *Ding* (Jossed)
  • the Sentence will be the Circle of Sadness (All of the sadness stays inside of it.)

There will be "Everything Wrong With Descendants"

There will be "Everything wrong with Deadpool".
  • Deadpool would be excellent at Cinemasins.
  • Deadpool would be EXCELLENT at Cinemasins.
  • Deadpool would be - a f*ck it.
  • (At the beginning of the sex montage) Morena Baccarin isn't my girlfriend in this scene.
    • (At part of the sex montage involving pegging) Never mind.
      • So, would that result in them removing a sin for that scene?
  • The Deadpool video is so long in coming because Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool will be a guest narrator, and they're waiting for schedules to synch up. He did it for Honest Trailers, after all.

There will be "Everything Wrong With The Fifth Wave".
  • Starting with a Narration cliché.
  • "Aw, sh*t. They dragged poor Chloë Grace Moretz into this, didn't they?"
  • Five "Roll credits" gags in a row.
  • "Discount Independence Day."

  • Annoying off-key version of the theme song tries to match what the first movie did when it had the pirates singing it.
  • SpongeBob has been working at the Krusty Krab for over 15 years and he can't even memorize the formula? I call bullsh** on that. *Ding*
  • Kevin Seagull Richardson. *Ding*
  • "Secret ingredient is love" cliche. *Ding*
  • Trippy time-travel sequence is trippy. *Ding*
  • Dolphins with frikin' lasers attached to their heads! *Ding*
  • Unlike what the title promised, SpongeBob and his friends don't come out of water until the last 20 minutes or so. *Ding*
  • The majority of jokes in this movie are call-backs to jokes used in older SpongeBob episodes. *Ding*
  • Plankton-Hulk ex Machina. *Ding*
  • Sentence: SpongeBob laugh torture

There will be "Everything wrong with Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice
  • Doomsday looks exactly like the Trolls from Lord of the rings *Ding*
  • He will point that people expect him to sin Batman for being a psycho killer, but won't do so, and sin him for something else.

There will be "Everything Wrong With Gone Girl" for Ben Affleck's new film The Accountant
There will be "Everything Wrong With Zootopia"
  • Confirmed and released.

For the 10th Anniversary of the movie, there will be "Everything Wrong with The Happening

For the release of Wonder Woman (2017), there will be "Everything Wrong with Catwoman (2004)"
  • Jossed

For the release of Moana, there will be "Everything Wrong with Aladdin" or "Everything Wrong with Lilo & Stitch"
  • Aladdin because both that film and Moana are Disney musicals with the same directing team (John Musker and Ron Clements) that were first released in November.
  • Lilo & Stitch because that film and Moana are Disney films set in Polynesia, and that the description for "EWW Now You See Me 2" (mentioned below; released the week before Moana's release) says, "Next week: Alien sins and robot sins." (Lilo & Stitch being a sci-fi film that features an alien protagonist.) Also, Aladdin will celebrate its twenty-fifth anniversary next year (2017) and CinemaSins is going to wait for that to happen.
  • Also, if one gets chosen for Moana's theatrical release week, then the other will be saved for its home video release week.
  • Jossed; they went with "Everything Wrong With Pocahontas". Huh.

There will be "Everything Wrong with Now You See Me 2"

And the sentence, "Spin Around" with the audio of Dead or Alive's "You Spin Me Round (Like A Record)" playing.

There will be "Everything Wrong with Minions"
  • 34 seconds of logos *Ding*
  • Also, Comcast *Ding* *Ding* *Ding* *Ding* *Ding*
  • Sentence: Watch the Honest Trailers for this movie Instead (with the Audio of Jon Bailey saying "Try to undo the harmful messages the movie would drill into your kid's impressionable head"

And why not do the two Despicable Me movies?

There will be "Everything Wrong with Independence Day: Resurgence"

There will be "Everything Wrong with Hollywoodland"

There will be "Everything Wrong with Spotlight"

There will be "Everything Wrong with The Legend of Tarzan"

There will be "Everything Wrong with Doctor Strange"
The car accident will be sinned, because he survives it.
  • Confirmed!

Jeremy is an anti-Cassandra
Many of his predictions about the film industry (or in general, considering the 2016 election!) have been incorrect, even if they did sound plausible and well-reasoned at the moment. The one time he got his wish and there was a Bourne sequel starring Matt Damon and directed by Paul did not go well.

There will be "Everything Wrong with Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2"
He will sin the scene where Peter creates a giant image of Pac-Man for reminding him of Pixels.
  • Confirmed.

They will make "Everything Wrong with The Book of Life" this November
That's the month when Pixar releases Coco. Both animated films are themed on Mexico's Day of the Dead, and involve the protagonist whose dream is frowned upon by everyone being sent to the afterlife. Also, it will be released on either November 21st or 23rd, given that Coco's release date is on a Wednesday.
  • Jossed

CinemaSins will do Coco next on March 20, 2018.
  • Jossed. They did do on March 29, 2018, though.

There will be "Everything Wrong with The Shape of Water" eventually
  • Confirmed

There will be "Everything wrong with Avengers: Infinity War" eventually
  • There will be many cases of Thanos attacking someone, armed with the Power Stone (including that one scene of Captain America trying to stop Thanos' hand), that will be sinned because "s/he survives this".
  • Heimdall sends Hulk to Earth, specifically to Dr. Strange's house, without knowing him. [ding] And he did not use that power to teleport everyone to some other place when Thanos started attacking. [ding]
  • "Spider-Man violates his no killing policy." [ding]
  • Star-Lord tried to stop Drax from ruining everything with his vendetta, and then he does so himself. [ding]
  • There will be sins removed for Thor's badass arrival to Wakanda, the Downer Ending, and Spider-Man's death.
  • When the Red Skull appears, there will be a "Discount Hugo Weaving" sin.
    • All Jossed.

For one movie, Jeremy will trade videos with Lee

When they do Everything Wrong With Diary of a Wimpy Kid...
  • Aw, man, they dragged Chloe Grace Moretz into this.
  • When Greg says no one wants to see a movie about a kid in middle school with a bunch of morons, Jeremy will say, "Greg speaks for the audience."
  • Are these teenagers really so pissed off about a scratch on their car that they hold a grudge from Halloween to June? Also, why didn't they fix the scratch in that time?
  • He’ll bring up Jessie.
  • A LOT of sins for the body function jokes (e. g. Greg peeing on Rodrick, everyone in the church thinking the chocolate on Greg's pants is poop)
  • "F***ing Baby." For EWW Dog Days.

They will do an episode on The Little Rascals
  • With Trump alone giving it the all-time sins record.

They will do Disney's Sleeping Beauty and/or the live-action Aladdin the week that Maleficent: Mistress of Evil comes out
  • Considering they already did the first Maleficent years ago, those are the two most likely options.

They will do the first three Indiana Jones movies before Indy 5 comes out
  • And will remove many, many sins in Raiders of the Lost Ark.

They'll do the first two Ghostbusters movies in the week before Ghostbusters 3, or Ghostbusters 2020, or whatever they wanna call it.
  • Frankly, this troper is surprised that they didn't do those movies before the 2016 reboot.

There will be "Everything Wrong With A Christmas Story."
  • With the sentence being "soap poisoning" (with a clip of the Old Man crying "I told you not to use Lifebuoy!")

TV Sins will do the Disney+ Marvel shows

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