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Drinking Game / CinemaSins

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There is a drinking game based on the many sins of films. *ding* Drinking game for CinemaSins.

  • Take a sip for each sin added. note 
  • Take two sips every time more than one sin gets added. No one needs to take many sips.
  • Take a shot if a sin is removed.
  • Take a shot each time a racist remark is said and Jeremy says "That's racist".
  • Take a shot for every discount person/object/place described.
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  • Take a number of sips for every second of logos, and for every second that has a number added by a variable of 10, take a shot. Example 
  • Take a shot when a sin is added because "(insert name here) doesn't get killed in this scene."
  • Take two shots if there's reading or narration.
  • Take three drinks if Jeremy (or another narrator) says that someone in the film would be great at CinemaSins.
  • Take a shot whenever the stingers contain a reference to Monty Python and the Holy Grail.
  • On videos with bonus rounds, chug during a bonus round, and stop when it ends.
  • Down a bottle if the final sin count is higher or lower than what you expected it to be.

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