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Drinking Game / Critical Role

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You must have either ale or grog to play the Campaign 1 version of the game.

  • Take a sip...
    • Whenever Laura (or someone else) references her dice jail.
    • Every time Matt says "you watch as".
    • Whenever the cast start “making their way” or remark how “it’s been a while”.
  • Take a drink...
    • Whenever Laura puts one of her dice in dice jail.
    • Whenever Liam shouts something at Matt right before the stream starts.
    • Whenever one of the cast members shamelessly plug their sponsors or merch. (2 drinks if it's not Sam or Liam)
    • Every time one of Matt's descriptions makes you flinch or cringe.
    • When Matt describes a saving throw as "shrugging off" the effect.
    • When the players successfully cause Matt to Face Palm.
  • Finish your drink...
    • Whenever you hear Matt say "How do you want to do this?"
    • Every time a player character dies. Another if they're successfully resurrected.
    • If the players manage to get Matt to Double Facepalm

    Campaign 1 
  • Take a sip...
    • When one of Percy's guns jam.
    • Every time Keyleth misunderstands the social context of a moment.(2 sips if there's a sexual subtext that she doesn't get.)
    • Every time a member of Vox Machina uses one of their catchphrases:
      • Vax: "Dagger, dagger, dagger!"
      • Tiberius: "I am Tiberius Stormwind from Draconia!"
      • Ashley: "I'm a monstah!"
      • Grog: "I would like to rage."
      • later: "I go into a FRENZIED RAGE!"
    • Every time the Raven Queen or Sarenrae is mentioned (2 sips if it is not Vax, Vex or Pike)
    • Whenever Keyleth attempts to use Gust or Druidcraft
      • Two if Matt doesn't tell her the spell isn't powerful enough for the effect she wants.
    • Whenever someone Forgot About Their Powers such as Vex's Hunter's Mark damage, Grog's rage damage reduction or Scanlan's Handcone of Clarity (of course).

  • Take a drink...
    • Every time Pike fails a stealth check.
    • Whenever Matt receives applause from his rendition of an NPC. (2 drinks if the NPC in question is Victor the Blackpowder Merchant.)
    • When someone says "I pull [character] to one side."
    • Every time Scanlan sings a D&D-ified version of a pop song. (2 drinks if the rendition leads to the other party members corpsing or singing along. 3 if they do both.)
    • When someone ends a conversation with "and I walk away." (2 drinks if it's Vax.)
    • When Percy rolls a Natural 20.
    • Every time someone mentions that one time Keyleth killed a kid.
      • every time someone alludes to that one time Keyleth killed a kid.
    • Whenever Liam and Laura behave like real-life siblings.
    • When Percy uses his full name. (2 drinks if immediately followed by another Vox Machina member saying "You can call him Percy.")
    • Any time one of Matt's NPCs uses one of their catchphrases:
      • Victor the Blackpowder Merchant: "Learn from my mistakes!!"
      • Shaun Gilmore: "Vax, darling..." (Usually followed by a long hug)
    • Every time Tary references his book. (2 drinks if it is prefaced with "my name is Taryon Darrington. Perhaps you've heard of me.")
    • As the players eventually end up suggesting themselves, every time they start singing a Hamilton song.
    • When Travis mentions Grog's six intelligence points.
    • When Scanlan flirts with Pike.
    • Whenever someone asks "where (are) you at" after someone else takes a bad hit.
    • Whenever Tiberius casts Light unexpectedly and it blinds someone.
    • Whenever Vax acts confused when someone breaks the fourth wall by metagaming or mentioning modern things.

  • Take a sip
    • whenever someone hypes subscriptions to Geek and Sundry.
    • a catchphrase appears
    • you see a hashtag, such as "Keep Mary".
  • Take a drink
    • whenever someone says that the cast are playing D&D fifth edition.
      • Take two drinks if the comment includes the fact that it is a homebrewed version that includes Path Finder content
    • when someone mentions mechanical information that is relevant to the situation.
    • someone criticizes a member of the cast.
  • Take a big gulp if the comments are too fast to read, because one or more of the above definitely happened.

    Campaign 2 
  • Take a sip...
    • Anytime a NEIN is called. (Just a sip, we don't want you to die too quickly...)
    • Anytime an NPC comments on the party only having 6/7 members after learning their name.
    • Anytime Jester casts Thaumaturgy and opens or closes all of the windows.
    • Anytime Nott fails a charisma based check of any kind.
    • Anytime Molly's Devil Tongue fails.
    • Anytime "You can reply to this message" is uttered.
    • Anytime someone starts a "breakin the law" style chant.
    • Anytime someone is incredibly awkward in a social situation.
    • Anytime Caduceus finds something "charming" or "nice".
    • Anytime Caduceus/Taliesin says to “add a d4”.
    • Anytime someone's response to a plan is "I'm into it" (2 if it's not Talesin or Marisha)
    • Anytime someone whispers "Uk'otoaaaaaaa..."
    • Anytime Jester casts ‘’Sending’’
      • Take two whenever she goes well over her word limit.

  • Take a drink...
    • Anytime Beau completely misses her primary attack, only to connect on the bonus attack.
      • Take two if she uses a Flurry of Blows in response to the miss.
    • Anytime someone meets Pumat Sol for the first time. Be careful the first time the party gets to Zadash!
    • Anytime Jester pervs on a party member or tries to play matchmaker for one.
    • Anytime Molly's Devil Tongue succeeds.
    • Anytime someone asks who’s on the Tal’Dorei Council.
    • Anytime the Mighty Nein inquire about the title of a book someone else is reading.

  • Finish your drink...
    • Anytime a party member gets knocked unconscious.
    • Anytime the party is told to leave the table, aside from one individual.
    • Anytime any party member except Fjord or Caleb rolls a Nat 20 on a Charisma based skill check.
    • Anytime someone references Tusk Love. (Don't do it in the episode where they buy the book, you'll kill yourself.)

     Campaign 3 
  • Take a sip...
    • Anytime FCG "Smiley Day to ya!" or any variation there of
    • Anytime Luadna's Whispers get the creepy echos
    • Anytime the cast plays "rollies"

  • Take a drink...
    • Anytime Ashton and Fearne steal from each other