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    In General 
  • True to form, and both in and out of character, Liam and Sam play up their Heterosexual Life-Partners relationship all the time.
    Liam: Nobody touches my man wife!
    • During the Fireside Chat edition of Talks Machina, Liam goes into the relationship between Vax and Gilmore and reveals that he pulled from his own experiences, having "kissed guys in college", to which Sam immediately assumes the role of betrayed partner, much to the amusement of the others.
      Sam: Give me his name, and where does he live?! I will burn his house down!
      Liam: His name was Kevin Harris, it was on the-
      Sam: (dramatically) Did you like it?
      Liam: (laughing) A little bit?
    • And then there’s the Presidential Election. Oh, the Presidential Election...
      Liam: Sam Riegel, you’re adorable, you’re quick witted, you’re clever, you’re good in bed, but this is the adults table!

Campaign 1: 2015-2017

    Episode 04: Attack on the Duergar Warcamp 
  • Sam realizes that, with Scanlan and Vax both invisible while infiltrating the camp, they can't talk to each other, signal each other or know of the other's location. Solution: they hold hands.
    Sam: This is so romantic.
    Liam: It's just like the day we met, Sam.

    Episode 13: Escape from the Underdark 
  • After Pike gives Scanlan a peck on the cheek, granting him inspiration, Vax tries to replicate this by kissing one of the others... Does he go for fellow half-elf Keyleth? Maybe a chaste kiss on the forehead for his sister? Nope! He goes for Percy. Percy is disappointed he doesn't get inspiration, as Mercer says they'll have to play that out a bit more.

    Episode 14: Shopping and Shipping 
  • The reunion between Allura and Kima is so heartfelt that the cast quickly cottons onto the "strong friendship" between the two women. Tiberius, who had shown some interest in Allura, is none too pleased about it.
    Tiberius: Story of my life...
  • Gilmore's introduction and subsequent interactions with Vax are rife with UST:
    Vax: I would love to take a stroll with you around the city [...] Can you take the afternoon off?
    Gilmore: For you, of course.
  • During their "man date", Vax takes Gilmore's hands and sincerely thanks him for the goods with which he has provided Vox Machina, saying that they played no small role in their survival. The two proceed to get lost in each other's eyes for a minute, before indulging in a fair bit of wine and subsequently returning to Gilmore's shop.

    Episode 24: The Feast 
  • Gilmore, showing he has absolutely no chill when Vax is concerned, teleports in from another continent to catch up and do business with him. Vax kisses Gilmore on the cheek in greeting, and tells him everything that happened in the Underdark, including the highly secret parts about K'varn and the Horn of Orcus.
    • After Vax and Gilmore return from their private chat, Scanlan quips:
    Scanlan: How'd it go in there? You're walking straight, so it couldn't have gone too well!
  • Vax also purchases several daggers from Gilmore, which Taliesin describes as "so sharp they can cut the sexual tension".

    Episode 25: Crimson Diplomacy 
  • Vax has a go at pretending to be charmed by Lord and Lady Briarwood:
    Vax: What can I do to help? I'm pretty meager a servant, but anything you need, whatever you need. Gosh, you guys are good-looking.
  • Tiberius licks everyone on the face while his mind has been reduced to a primal state. At the end of the episode, long after he's restored, Scanlan licks him back.

     Episode 43: Return to Vasselheim 
  • Kashaw and Zahra have a private discussion and agree to accompany Vox Machina, before the conversation rapidly switches topics when Kashaw brings up Keyleth's attractiveness:
    Kashaw: Was I wrong, by the way? Did you see how hot Keyleth is?
  • Later on, a drunk Vax goes on a rambling, but quite flattering speech to Kashaw, who is rather confused about the attention he's suddenly receiving from women and men. Percy humours him by saying he is "very attactive".

    Episode 71: Vorugal 
  • A little bit of Ho Yay between Pike and Kima occurs when Scanlan and Pike go to retrieve Kima before the battle. Kima is downstairs doing one armed push-ups and eating chicken, and Pike is... very impressed.

    Episode 72: The Elephant in the Room 
  • Grog and Vax indulge in a bit of Ho Yay:
    Grog: I feel like the mask is making me fall in love with the first person I- Vax!
    Vax: You don't wanna fuck with this.
    Grog: No, you're right. I don't.
    Vax: Well, maybe just a little bit.

     Episode 76: Brawling in the Arches 
  • Vax and Scanlan share an upside-down kiss (Scanlan being the one held upside-down by Vax) after their extended fight with Ghurrix.
    Scanlan: That's... not the first upside-down elf-man kiss I've ever had. But it's probably... top three.

     Episode 82: Deadly Echoes 
  • When faced with navigating through a pitch-black tunnel where neither Kerrek nor Percy can see, Kerrek agrees to Grog's offer to 'cuddle', and apparently Grog's arm around his shoulder is "one of the most comforting things [he] has ever experienced".

     Episode 83: The Deceiver's Stand 
  • Following on from their interaction in the last episode, a semi-in-character remark is made by Kerrek about how his "new boyfriend", referring to Grog, seems to be handling himself in combat.

     Episode 109: The Ominous March 
  • The Ho Yay reaches its peak with some love potion shenanigans. Instead of using Tary's gift to prank Grog, Vax decides to offer him the potion as a truce, in a conversation so rife with innuendo it has to be seen to be believed. Eventually, it turns out Vax is actually suggesting they use the potion to prank Scanlan, leading to even more Ho Yay when he magically falls in love with Percy.
    Liam: (to the laughing live audience) I could say “turducken” and you people would turn it into sexual innuendo!
    Vax: (to Grog, 30 seconds later) I’m not offering you this thing, but I’m offering experience.

Campaign 2: 2018-present

     Episode 1: Curious Beginnings 
  • Beau seems to very quickly develop an interest in Yasha: when Beau tries to get into the circus with her staff by pretending it's a walking stick, Yasha offers to instead carry her into the circus. Beau immediately and enthusiastically accepts.

     Episode 4: Disparate Pieces 
  • A blink-and-you'll-miss it moment between Beau and Yasha occurs when the idea of Fjord arm wrestling Yasha is off the table:
    Beau: How about boulder parchment shears?
    Yasha: That's something that kids play. I have a better version of that game, we can play it later.
  • Beau complains to Zeenoth about Expositor Dairon looking shifty, leading Dairon to pull back her hood and reveal herself to be a woman. Beau quickly backtracks on her comment:
    Beau: Sorry, you're super covered. Literally saw no features until right now... you're very attractive though.

     Episode 5: The Open Road 
  • Laura manages to turn what seems to be a perfectly innocuous conversation into this when she can't keep a straight face while Fjord and Caleb are talking about inspecting the former's sword.
    Caleb: I don't even need to touch it, but would you trust me to study it for a moment?

     Episode 6: The Howling Mines 
  • At the start of the episode, the group gets into a discussion about unspoken agreements, with Jester arguing that "usually when you agree to something you have to say it out loud." She demonstrates her one exception to the rule, though, by holding intense, suggestive eye contact with a confused Beauregard for several long moments before gleefully declaring that they just "agreed to it."
    Nott: What did you agree to?
    Jester: I can't tell, it's a secret.
    Beau: (flustered and bewildered) Um...
    Jester: (pointing and giggling) Oooh, but she's serious about it, I can tell!
    Molly: You're so good at this.

     Episode 7: Hush 
  • Liam semi-in-character says, "Oh, that's hot," when Fjord casts Armor of Agathys on himself, coating his body in a layer of icy armor. Then crosses into funny when Fjord makes his Incredibly Lame Pun:
    Fjord: Everybody... chill.
    Caleb: No, you ruined it!
  • In general, Molly is quite concerned for Caleb throughout the latter half of the episode, even putting himself in front of the wizard as a shield during combat. He also puts out the burning corpse of the gnoll priest that causes Caleb to go catatonic, gives Caleb a kiss on the forehead in an attempt to calm him down and, aided by Beau, later guides a still somewhat frazzled Caleb out of the gnoll mines.

     Episode 8: The Gates of Zadash 
  • When the group is providing details about Yasha to Bryce, Beau is not shy about showing her appreciation for the barbarian's physique, describing her as "very in shape".

    Episode 9: Steam and Conversation 
  • Les Yay ensues with the return of Yasha, whom Beau is still quite thirsty for. During the party's time in the bathhouse, Beau offers to dry off the "hard-to-reach places" on Yasha's back, and she is also the last person to leave the bath, just so she can get a good view of Yasha's backside. This leads Sam to quip:
    Sam: Roll for perv.

     Episode 10: Waste and Webs 
  • Before the group starts burning through walls of webbing, they opt to split into two groups on opposite sides of the tunnel so they aren't clumped up. Yasha goes to one side, while Fjord goes to the other. Beau chooses to join Yasha, to which Fjord jokingly cries "betrayal".
    Beau: Look... there's a new girl in town.
  • After Caleb loots the bodies in the sewer, Molly chastises him for skimming off the top and not doing it smartly... by pinning him to the wall, making sure to put his face as closely to Caleb's as possible.

     Episode 11: Zemnian Nights 
  • During the group's discussion about Yasha's tendency to disappear, Beau describes her as being "a little creepy... in a hot way". Molly gives her a bit of a side-eye in response.
  • When Molly buys himself a Periapt of Wound Closure and immediately shows it off, Fjord is quite appreciative:
    Fjord: It looks incredible. It's found a place.
    Molly: I feel - it's right [next] to my heart. Right there.

     Episode 13: Lost & Found 
  • The party is undecided as to whom Thuron's sword should go to. Molly decides to hold on to it for Yasha, prompting this exchange:
    Fjord: Although that great sword she has is miiiighty fine.
    Jester: So is Yasha.

     Episode 14: Fleeting Memories 
  • Kara describes her work for the Gentleman as being a kind of middle man between contacts, to which Beau says that that makes sense since she has "a nice face". When Fjord questions the comment, Beau defensively insists she meant it as a compliment.
    • And then there's this closing remark from Kara:
    Kara: You know where to find me, or at least ask about me now. Looks like we're in bed one way or the other.
    Beau: (smirking) I mean...
    Fjord: Leave that one alone.
  • Given her flirting with Fjord, you'd expect Jester to ask Fjord who he finds "super attractive" while Zone of Truth is active, but she poses the question to Yasha instead. She could be doing it for Beau's benefit, but, taking into account her remark from the previous episode, it could also be a sign of Jester's own interest in Yasha.
  • After Fjord finishes attuning to his new sword, he summons the blade, which is covered in barnacles and dripping water much like the falchion did. Having witnessed this ritual, Molly gets into Fjord's personal space, puts his hand on Fjord's chest, and very seriously says the "power was in [him] all along", before merrily skipping off to have breakfast.
  • Towards the end of the episode, the party rows down an underground river in two boats. At Fjord's request, Caleb casts Dancing Lights so they can see a little better. One "how romantic" comment from Marisha is enough to send the players into a rendition of "Kiss the Girl", with Beau in the role of Eric and Yasha in the role of Ariel.

     Episode 16: A Favor in Kind 
  • After Fjord explains why he doesn't have visible tusks like other half-orcs, he asks the group whether or not he should let them grow out, prompting this response:
    Jester: You look good without [the tusks] and you would look good with them.
    Caleb: Co-signed.

     Episode 17: Harvest Close 

     Episode 18: Whispers of War 
  • While the group is joking about how dubious Jester's offers of 'physical and mental release' sound, the tiefling admits to Yasha that she's actually "really shit at giving advice". Yasha protests, saying that Jester would be great at providing support. In response, Jester very sweetly and excitedly offers her 'services' if Yasha ever has any problems, which touches the barbarian and causes her to blush.

     Episode 19: The Gentleman's Path 
  • Naturally this ensues between Beau and Yasha when the two are on night watch together, albeit perhaps not quite to the level some of the other players were hoping. Ultimately, most of the flirting ends up being pretty awkward, but they're trying:
    Beau: We could like, huddle together for... warmth. Like body warmth.
    Yasha: Sure, but, I mean... Frumpkin is keeping me warm... I... I have like a very warm shawl... Do you want--?
    Beau: My robe is good. It's thin, but it's like... it's high thread count.

     Episode 23: Have Bird, Will Travel 
  • Beau fails a perception check for first watch so badly Marisha doesn't even bother reporting the number. The party, out of character, is quick to conclude that she got lost gazing into Yasha's eyes—which Marisha rolls with, and they have another phenomenally awkward flirting session in which Beau, trying to mimic Fjord's charming "Did anyone ever tell you your eyes are the color of the sea?", bluntly tells Yasha "Your eyes are like the swamp. Super muddy."

     Episode 24: The Hour of Honor 
  • Beau makes a comment about liking it when Yasha does her imposing, arms crossed stance, because it makes her muscles look good.

     Episode 25: Divergent Paths 
  • Caleb, battle-worn and slightly delirious from nearly dying in the fight with Tinkertop's death machine, does a Detect Magic at Mollymauk's request, but finds nothing of magical nature in the vicinity.
    Caleb: (to Mollymauk) The only thing magical here is you, friend.
  • Beau "faints into Yasha's arms" and "has to be carried"...dramatically enough that Mollymauk gives them both a fondly skeptical side-eye and Taliesin cheerfully Insight-checks them both.

     Episode 27: Converging Fury 
  • Beau thinks it's hot when Ophelia Mardun talks down to her and calls her "little girl."

     Episode 30: The Journey Home 
  • Beau's... appreciation for Ophelia Mardun continues.
    Fjord: what the hot fuck is going on with her?
    Beau: Uh... I think "hot fuck" is appropriate on a number of levels.

     Episode 31: Commerce & Chaos 
  • Beau seems very interested in meeting Jester's mom at some point.

     Episode 33: The Ruby and the Sapphire 
  • Sure enough, Beau wastes no time in flirting with Marion Lavorre. She crosses her arms to show off her muscles and after being introduced mimics the way Marion flirtatiously held Fjord's hand during their introduction.

     Episode 37: Dangerous Liaisons 
  • Early in the episode Fjord gives Beau an order which she interprets as an excuse to smack Yasha on the ass.
  • In character, the (very heavy) sexual tension between Fjord and Avantika is purely heterosexual, but out of character...
    Sam: Oh my god, Matt and Travis are going to make out!

     Episode 39: Temple of the False Serpent 
  • Travis plays Yasha as significantly more flirty towards Beau, including winking at her.
    • Travis also makes Yasha defend Beau against a Yuan-ti warrior, saying "Don't touch her!".

     Episode 43: In Hot Water 
  • Fjord spends a lot of the fight with Avantika's crew looking out for Caleb, first casting Thunderstep to teleport the both of them out of the fray. Then, when Caleb is knocked unconscious by a long range crossbow bolt, Fjord immediately prioritizes getting him back up again, at one point even slipping out of his usual Texblade accent when calling to nearby guards for help. Likewise, after the ordeal with Avantika has been settled, Caleb privately expresses his concern for Fjord to Beau and Nott, worrying that the half-orc's interactions with Avantika have negatively affected his well-being.

     Episode 44: The Diver's Grave 
  • Fjord, ensorcelled by Dashilla, is made to attack Caleb, but (thanks to Travis rolling a Natural 1) sees through the Sea Fury's illusion and realizes it's Caleb, allowing him to veer away at the last moment.
  • The pact Fjord and Caleb make certainly has some shades of this, especially the following interaction:
    Caleb: I am always curious. Can I count on you to return the favor?
    Fjord: Always.

     Episode 45: The Stowaway 
  • When Caleb expresses his intent to have a chat with Twiggy and make sure they are all on the same page, Caduceus remarks that he does have an "air of authority". Caleb doesn't quite know what to do with the compliment, and his silence leaves Caduceus feeling a little awkward. They end up so flustered that they break off the conversation with excuses of tasks that they have to get to.
  • Caleb chooses to join the search for Fjord over investigating the library. Considering how focused Caleb usually is on books it's significant that he's able to pull himself away when Fjord's in trouble.

     Episode 47: The Second Seal 
  • When Nott calls Caleb stinky, Caduceus' remarks on the matter are quite different.
    Caduceus: I think you smell fantastic.
    Caleb: You are a nice fellow.
    Caduceus: Thank you. No, but, really, I think you smell better than nice.
  • Caleb also gives Caduceus a book specifically tailored to his interests on the corruption of plants and a jade leaf which can grow into a 60ft tall tree which was found in the temple, and tells him he is glad Caduceus is travelling with them.

     Episode 48: Homeward Bound 
  • At one point, Nott tries to dissuade Caduceus from bringing Beau with him into the wizard's tower, being quite critical of the monk's social skills and even appearance. Jester almost immediately tries to shut this down, claiming Beau is beautiful, but gets flustered midway through her sentence because of Beau winking at her.
    Jester: You're also... really... nice.
    Beau: (genuinely) Thanks, Jester.

     Episode 49: A Game of Names 
  • This line:
    Jester: (joking) to Beau: Are you in love with me?
    Beau: (smiling) In a way.

     Episode 52: Feral Business 
  • While Yasha is grappling with the stinger of a demonic scorpion/cat/dog thing Beau asks her if she's :vhasing tail".

     Episode 56: The Favor 
  • The group decides the best way to get the humans into the Bright Queen’s castle is to pass them off as slaves. This leads to Beau being used as Jester’s footstool, and Caleb polishing Fjord’s boots.
    Liam: I’ve had this dream.

     Episode 57: In Love and War 
  • Laura gets an early start on the Caleb and Fjord moment with this comment:
    Liam: When Fjord re-enters the room, Caleb is—.
    Laura: Naked.
    Liam: Pulling his silver wire around the room.
  • Afterwards, as Fjord is dozing off, Caleb admits that he appreciates Fjord, before attempting to do a callback to a previous conversation they had. Due to the lack of context, the wires get a little crossed, however:
    Caleb: Sometimes you have to get a little bit crazy.
    Fjord: ...What do you mean, right now?

     Episode 62: Domestic Respite 
  • With a newly-acquired house on their hands, the Mighty Nein need to choose their respective bedrooms. Despite there being enough rooms for all of them, Jester and Beau pretty much immediately decide to continue rooming together (the only other people to share a bedroom are Nott and Yeza).
    • Fjord chips in by saying he needs a roommate too and looks towards Caleb with intent; ultimately though, he and the rest choose separate sleeping quarters.
  • After Beau's attempt at inviting Essek to dinner failed, Caleb's persuasion check succeeds despite rolling a (comparatively low) 12. Caleb's wizarding skills impress Essek enough to teach him two Dunamancy spells (for an unspecified favor in return), and Caleb looked very invested in the exchange.
  • When Caleb wants to have a frank private talk with Fjord, he waits until Fjord is out, then goes to Fjord's room and waits in a chair. That's a very intimate setup, and the discussion is quite personal. The two end their conversation by holding hands, echoing their previous handshakes, as they affirm their friendship.
    Fjord: Thank you for... I was gonna say "caring".
    Caleb: That's accurate.

     Episode 63: Intervention 
  • Beau fears that Dairon will turn on her if she finds out that the Mighty Nein has established a tentative alliance with the Kryn dynasty, but Jester reassures her that she has nothing to fear since she is "so powerful and strong".

     Episode 64: A Dangerous Chase 
  • After finishing off one of the Sorrowsworn in spectacular fashion, Beau brushes the hair out of her face and shoots Yasha a flirty look, leaving the barbarian flustered and stuttering for a moment.

     Episode 65: Chases and Trees 
  • Beau and Yasha take watch together, and have a talk about the recent reveals about Yasha's past.
    Yasha: Thank you for not judging me, Beau.
    Beau: Oh... Have you seen me? Who am I to fucking judge.
    Yasha: [quietly] I've seen you. I've seen you a lot.
  • During the same watch as the above, Beau speculates that Jester made the grass grow with her mere presence.
    Beau: She does have a radiating glow wherever she goes.

     Episode 66: Beneath Bazzoxan 
  • While feather falling and being pursued by a roc, Beau reaches out to Jester to try to pull her out of the way, but Jester tells her not to and just holds her hand.
    Matt: So you hold Jester's hand, that's your action?
  • After Beau gives Yasha the ring of protection that she found in the roc's nest:
    Jester: [loudly whispering] Hey Yasha, Beau just gave you a ring!
    Yasha: [jokingly] Ohhh, does that mean what I think it means?

     Episode 76: Refjorged 
  • In the midst of planning the heist for the ring, Jester brings up the time Beau nearly died via a rug. But little does Jester know that for Ms. Lionett, rugs come in all shapes and sizes.
    Reani: Okay, no carpets for Beau.
    Beau: Well...
    (Entire table cracks up)
  • At the beginning of the heist, Fjord and Caleb are left outside and must sneak closer to the building in order to get Nott's Message. Cue Caleb turning them invisible, and Fjord immediately freaking out about it and asking for Caleb to hold his hand so they don't get separated. Caleb does so without complaint, and the two of them continue holding hands to navigate for the entirety of their invisibility.
    Fjord: Hold my hand! Where are— where—?
    Caleb: [comfortingly] I am still with you, Fjord.
  • Caleb gives Fjord the coveted book he retrieved during the heist, saying it's more his style, and telling him that he's free to give it to whoever else in the party he thinks would like it, but that Caleb thinks it suits him best. It comes across as very much like giving your crush something and hoping they'll like it while trying to play it cool, especially considering that it was a book from Caleb Widogast.

     Episode 79: Through the Trees 
  • Caleb puts his hand on Essek's arm whilst persuading him to teleport the Nein again when they gave him the wrong instructions. When he agrees to teleport them again, Caleb gives his arm a squeeze.

     Episode 86: The Cathedral 
  • Caduceus uses up the party's diamond and his last 5th level spell slot to save Fjord by offering his hand to Fjord and guiding him out of the circle.

     Episode 97: The Fancy and the Fooled 
  • Beau and Yasha visit the fish market and proceed to make several innuendos aimed at each other. Then, when Yasha says wears monochromatic clothing and only likes color on flowers because they're pretty, Beau affirms that Yasha is beautiful too. The best part? Fjord is also there as a very uncomfortable Third Wheel.
    Fjord: "Maybe I should just excuse myself?"
  • When Essek claims to be irredemable for having betrayed the empire, Caleb gives Essek a kiss on the forehead like Molly gave him in Episode 7 and urges that, although they may both be damned, they "can choose to do something and leave it better than it was before."

     Episode 106: A Fog Lifted 
  • Yasha takes Beau flying after catching her in a scene reminiscent of Superman and Lois Lane from the 1978 film. The scene is thick with homoeroticism.
    • Jester tries to look at Beau's face afterwards to figure out if she just had sex.
      Marisha: Probably hard to tell.

     Episode 110: Dinner with the Devil 
  • During the extremely tense dinner with Trent, Caleb takes the time to check if Eodwulf’s arms 'are as amazing as they always were'. They’re even more so, as it turns out.

     Episode 122: Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained 
  • Despite the tension in the air when the Tomb Takers enter the Nine-Sided Tower for the first time, we got this gem:
    Caleb: If you're a good boy, we can do this every night.
    Lucien: I like it when you're condescending. It's attractive.
    Caduceus: He's always condescending.
    Veth: He's always attractive.
    Lucien: That's dangerous.

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