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Being a Dungeons & Dragons campaign, Critical Role is bound to be full of these.

Campaign 1: Vox Machina (2015-2017)

Campaign 2: The Mighty Nein (2018-Present)Others

    In General 
  • Anytime Matt Mercer says his Catchphrase, "How do you want to do this?" It's going to be awesome. At least one fan project actively keeps track of these moments.
  • The Critical Role intro that has the players as their characters and then ends with Matthew Mercer casually looking up from his handbook and throwing his dice with a confident smile as they freeze in place as he closes it.
  • Whenever Grog goes into full-on barbarian mode.
  • EVERY TIME someone rolls a Natural 20!
    • Even better: The very first roll in the first episode was a Natural 20!
  • In general, many pieces of art drawn by fans of the show are simply amazing.
  • This opening video, featuring the players as their respective characters performing various acts of badassery, from Travis's barbaric war cry to Sam casting spells with pelvic thrusts.
  • Critical Role sourcebooks have been announced for the world of Exandria. The first one is set in Tal'Dorei and there are plans for other parts of the world.
  • Despite starting as a one-shot birthday present, and despite simply being more or less a bunch of friends playing make-believe, Critical Role has become a successful and surprisingly far-reaching show. Critters write in with stories of the show or the players helping them in dark times of their lives, and everyone on the show seems equally touched and inspired by the fanbase.
  • Matt Mercer's talent as a Man of a Thousand Voices is always on display as he voices every single non-player character (and sometimes absent player characters). Over the course of the first 99 episodes, he's voiced five-hundred and fourty-four NPCs.
  • For Campaign 2, one of their sponsors (DnD Beyond) is donating $100 to 826LA, their favorite charity/educational organization, for every Natural 1 rolled. Cue Episode 16, with about 10 of them rolled - the players' misfortune benefits the kids around them.
  • With the announcement of a 45-day Kickstarter campaign to fund a Critical Role animated special featuring Vox Machina early on in their adventuring days, the overall goal of $750,000 USD was met in 40 minutes with the first stretch goal of $1 million USD being completed after 56 minutes, and their "ultimate" stretch goal of $3 million knocked down in 7 hours and 20 minutes. It really goes to show just how much love and passion this community has for these nerdy-ass voice actors. This is completely Awesome and Heartwarming, and the cast's sheer disbelief and reactions cross it over with Funny as well.
    • The amazing animated opening contributed to a lot of the hype; adding an electric guitar to the song and introducing each character with style.
    • Just one full day later, the total amount raised reached over $4.3 million USD.
    • Less than 48 hours after the Kickstarter launched, they raised so much money that they decided, rather than make a single 88-minute animated special, they'd turn it into a full on animated series, with more stretch goals announced including animating the Briarwood Arc.
    • By day four the total had reached $6 million which, in addition to passing the $5.75m USD stretch goal to begin the Briarwood arc, made them the highest-funded film/video Kickstarter surpassing the Mystery Science Theater 3000 reboot which previously held this record.
    • In just over a week, the total handily crested $7 million USD, managing to edge out the #9 all-time most-funded slot, still gaining about $100,000 USD per day with over 51,000 backers.
    • On April 4, one month after the campaign launched with two weeks left to go, the Kickstarter reached its final stretch goal of $8.8 million USD—allowing for ten episodes to be produced, including an adaptation of the fan-favorite Briarwoods arc! In the process, the Kickstarter has attracted over 65,000 backers and reached the #7 most-funded slot.
    • The campaign closed on April 18 at $11.3 million USD, making it the fifth highest funded Kickstarter project ever.
    • Arguably the best comment on the above-mentioned animated opening, from user MadAsTheHatters: "After years of free, weekly, wholesome content, we can finally give something back to Critical Role. So Matt, how do you want to do this?"
    • The show has been picked up by Amazon for two seasons.
  • An official D&D supplement mentions Arkhan obtaining the Hand of Vecna from his journey to Exandria, meaning that Matt's world is now an official, canonical part of the D&D multiverse!
    • It gets better—in January 2020, Wizards of the Coast announced The Explorer's Guide to Wildemount, an official 5e supplement!
  • While it's a given that Narrative Telephone will lead to the players forgetting details from the story, every now and then a cast member tells a story with phenomenal recollection and gets a well deserved round of gratitude from the panel.
    • Liam’s retelling of Jester’s Tall Tale is spot on with few details lost, complete with a convincing Jester impression. He isn’t even daunted by Jester herself screwing up. Talk about Keen Mind.
    • Travis' story in the first round is entirely improvised, yet it manages to do something that not even the carefully crafted and pre-written stories could do: make someone straight-up forget the ending!
    • Speaking of Travis, he was in the second spot after Mica Burton told her story. He gave what was perhaps the best retelling of the original story of any to date, getting every major detail correct and nailing the ending. He only got the names wrong, and the Elvish (which he understandably turned into Simlish).
    • And then Liam, who followed Travis, gave perhaps the best third retelling. It broke the "third spot curse."
  • Mary Elizabeth McGlynn gets a turn at being the Woman of a Thousand Voices on the audiobook for The World of Critical Role! She manages very creditable impressions of all the cast members (main and guest), gender notwithstanding.

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