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Being a Dungeons & Dragons campaign, Critical Role is bound to be full of these.

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    In General 
  • Anytime Matt Mercer says his Catch-Phrase, "How do you want to do this?" It's going to be awesome. At least one fan project actively keeps track of these moments.
  • The Critical Role intro that has the players as their characters and then ends with Matthew Mercer casually looking up from his handbook and throwing his dice with a confident smile as they freeze in place as he closes it.
  • Whenever Grog goes into full-on barbarian mode.
  • EVERY TIME someone rolls a Natural 20!
  • In general, many pieces of art drawn by fans of the show are simply amazing.
  • This opening video, featuring the players as their respective characters performing various acts of badassery, from Travis's barbaric war cry to Sam casting spells with pelvic thrusts.
  • Critical Role sourcebooks have been announced for the world of Exandria. The first one is set in Tal'Dorei and there are plans for other parts of the world.
  • Despite starting as a one-shot birthday present, and despite simply being more or less a bunch of friends playing make-believe, Critical Role has become a successful and surprisingly far-reaching show. Critters write in with stories of the show or the players helping them in dark times of their lives, and everyone on the show seems equally touched and inspired by the fanbase.
  • Matt Mercer's talent as a Man of a Thousand Voices is always on display as he voices every single non-player character (and sometimes absent player characters). Over the course of the first 99 episodes, he's voiced five-hundred and fourty-four NPCs.
  • For Campaign 2, one of their sponsors (DnD Beyond) is donating $100 to 826LA, their favorite charity/educational organization, for every Natural 1 rolled. Cue Episode 16, with about 10 of them rolled - the players' misfortune benefits the kids around them.

Campaign 1: 2015-2017

Campaign 2: 2018-present

    Episode 1: Curious Beginnings 
  • The first roll of the new campaign? Natural 20, courtesy of Travis.
  • Matt's description of the circus performance, which can only be described as verbal Scenery Porn. A real testament to his storytelling abilities.
    • Notably, when describing the Dwarven girl's act, he begins describing her song just as the singing comes through on his music. Even the players are impressed by his perfect timing that only enhanced the enraptured atmosphere.
  • Just as it becomes clear that combat is incoming, Fjord gives a very calm one-liner amidst everyone's panic: "Yasha? We're gonna need those weapons back."
  • Despite rolling a Natural 1 on Initiative, Beauregard manages to get the first HDYWTDT of the campaign, her uppercut caving a Zombie's brain in with its own jaw. She gets a pretty good Pre-Mortem One-Liner too.
    Beauregard: I thought you didn't allow the sick!
  • The moment Ashley reveals what class her character is by yelling "I would like...To Rage". Travis' reaction would be best described as a proud father watching his diminutive and sweet kid growing into a badass savage.
    Episode 2: A Show Of Scrunity 
  • Fjord really shows off his smooth-talking and ingenuity this episode: first managing to convince the Crownsguard to release an imprisoned Beauregard (after she made an obvious escape attempt, and after Beau and Jester throw a massive monkey wrench into his cover story), and later using a quick-thinking Disguise Self to evade detection by a guard patrol and talk his way into the building where the body of the victim is being kept.
  • Nott's sticky fingers happen to find a flask made of platinum. To put this into perspective, the party is currently dealing in silvers and single-digit golds; this single item is likely worth several times their total party wealth.

    Episode 3: The Midnight Chase 
  • We see Fjord's full Hexblade powers on display in this episode, as Matt describes his falchion becoming encrusted in barnacles and seeping magical water, implying a pact with a Cthulhu-eque creature. He manages to make the episode's boss frightened of him, which turns the tide of the battle in the party's favor. And he gets the HDYWTDT.
  • Nott; seeing Caleb endangered by the Devil Toad; demonstrates incredible bravery by leaping onto the gigantic Toad with her shortsword and later covering his unconscious body; despite having only 4HP herself.
  • Travis' amazing senile old man impression when Fjord tricks the Crownsguard with Mask of Many Faces.
  • After the battle at the circus, Jester very quickly comes up with the idea of using the horses and cart to get the bodies of the zombie guards out of the circus and dump them somewhere so nobody connects the circus with the deaths of the Crownsguards. Just shows that, under all that ditzy cheer, she's actually a pretty smart cookie.
    • Connected to that, Beau also has a good idea in how to cover up the tracks they make with the cart. Even Molly, who greatly dislikes Beau, is impressed with her idea, noting he's surprised she came up with it.

    Episode 4: Disparate Pieces 
  • During her scuffle with Expositor Dairon, Beau manages to put up a decent fight: taking into account that the Expositor is at least 9 levels higher than Beau (as she used Preternatural Counter, an 11th-level ability), the fact that Beau was able to do as much as she did during the battle is seriously impressive. She even rolls 2 Natural 20s consecutively, causing her to legitimately take the Expositor off-guard!
  • When the party buys a map of the Dwendalian Empire, Matt surprises the group with a full, hand-made map he had made specifically for the campaign.
  • Liam rolls a Natural 20, allowing him to sell his book back to the Burnished Bibelots after using it in the last encounter.

    Episode 5: The Open Road 
  • Matt's vivid nightmare descriptions strike again, this time when Fjord has a vision of his otherworldly patron.
  • The party puts their new Level 3 abilities to use in the Gnoll fight.
    • Molly reveals his chosen order: Order of the Ghostslayer, by sensing undead in the vicinity and imbuing his weapons with radiant damage.
    • Beau uses her Deflect Missiles ability to catch an arrow in midair and throw it back.
    • Fjord charms a Gnoll with Crown of Madness.
    • Jester summons a Spiritual Weapon... in the shape of a giant lollypop. Which then lands them the first kill of the fight. She later finishes off the laughing Gnoll with a Natural 20 Inflict Wounds, turning it into a withered husk.
    • Caleb blasts one of the Gnolls with three Scorching Rays for 17 points of fire damage. (Impressive for this level!)
    • Nott uses her new Arcane Trickster abilities to summon an illusion to distract the Gnolls and inflict Tasha's Hideous Laughter on one.
  • Despite being the target of multiple attacks from both close range and long range, Beau was able to utilize the Dodge action (and the aforementioned Deflect Missiles) to minimize the damage she took during the battle and cause the enemies to miss her often. That, and some unlucky rolls on the DM's part also helped.
  • One for the gnoll pack leader: it knocked out not only a severely wounded Nott but also knocked out Mollymauk with a critical longbow hit.

    Episode 6: The Howling Mines 
  • Nott rolls a 24 Dexterity save against a trap, and later a 21 Dex roll to pick a lock, despite having Disadvantage from being drunk.
  • More badass Vicious Mockery one-liners from Molly.
    Molly: [In Infernal] You will feed the dogs in hell!
  • Via his Armor of Agathys spell, two enemies attacking Fjord end up turning themselves to ice and shattering.
  • Beau manages to perform a Wall Run (6 levels before she formally gets the ability from Unarmored Movement)!
  • That. Fucking. GNOLL! That refused to die. Took a long time for them to take that Gnoll down. Had a good run indeed.

    Episode 7: Hush 
  • During the climatic fight against the manticore, Nott runs up to the creature's newborn child and murders it. This creates a distraction effective enough to save a paralysed Fjord from certain death and allows the manticore's remaining captives to flee. Nott the Brave indeed!
    Nott: (yelling to the manticore) You wanna save this thing?! (stabs a baby)
  • Shakäste gets the HDYWTDT on the manticore: as Matt notes, it seems to be a tradition for their guests.
  • This whole episode is one for the party. They managed to get through multiple fights, including two boss encounters, without any deaths, and with only one short rest to recover spells. They even killed the manticore, something they could've easily just fled from.

    Episode 8: The Gates of Zadash 
  • Jester manages to get Fjord a letter of recommendation from the Lawmaster, blackmailing him with the fact that he visited her mother, a famous courtesan. It's so effective that Matt doesn't even ask Laura to roll for it!
    Jester: The Ruby of the Sea says hello.
  • After leaving Alfield, the party is attacked by a group of brigands, who try to intimidate them into giving up their valuables. One bout of trickery (involving syphilis) and a single round of combat later, several of the brigands are either dead, unconscious, or have the shit intimidated out of them to the point they start stripping just because Jester orders it.
  • Matt introduces a firbolg shopkeeper that provokes instant love and adoration from the cast. That there are four of him only ups his cool factor and causes instant comparisons to Gilmore.

    Episode 10: Waste and Webs 
  • With a Natural 20 on her Constitution save, Yasha flexes off the brunt of the Phase Spider's poisonous bite attack.
  • Molly gets the HDYWTDT against the Phase Spider that's been killing guards and citizens... by boiling its blood via Vicious Mockery. Even he can't really believe that just happened.
    Mollymauk: I've never seen it do that before.
  • Beau tries to convince a halfling man to tell them about The Gentleman, but he refuses to budge or tell them anything. Enter Nott with a Natural 20 Persuasion roll: speaking to him in Thieves' Cant, she gets him to tell them what he knows.
  • A rather meta one: throughout the campaign, Sam has been wearing the same shirts he wore for the corresponding episode in the first campaign. So how did he take it Up to Eleven? He set an alarm so that he could take off his jacket at the EXACT SAME TIME that he took it off in Episode 10 of the first campaign.

     Episode 11: Zemnian Nights 
  • Fjord suggests an even better plan than the one the Knights of Requital came up with: frame the corrupt noble they're targeting as the leader of the Knights of Requital, ensuring she goes down and throwing suspicion off the group at the same time.
  • To let the party sneak into the sewers, Fjord casts Crown of Madness on a crownsguard and compels him to attack another guard as a distraction. The guard manages to fail 3 different saves against it, giving the Mighty Nein enough time to slip past.
    Fjord: Kick his ass, sea bass.
    • The party hits a brief snag when Nott is unable to pick the lock on the sewer door. Before she can try again, Jester steps in and breaks off the lock with her bare hands.

     Episode 12: Midnight Espionage 
  • When deciding how to forge an incriminating letter, Sam (in character as Nott) has Laura (in character as Jester) copy a sample of his handwriting. Laura manages to do a pretty good job out of universe - good enough that Matt decides that he's not even going to have her roll for it.
  • Beau uses Step of the Wind to leap onto a rooftop, and later rolls a Natural 20 and finds a single brick in the fireplace that unlocks a safe! This prompts Nott to excitedly send a message.
    Nott: We are the fucking best! You can reply to this message!
  • While infiltrating the High Richter's house, Caleb finds a scroll case containing something implied to be extremely valuable (possibly a higher level spell scroll). The infiltration is already going south, so Caleb attempts to pocket it to gain something of value. Fjord notices and tells him to put it back, as anything missing jeopardizes the frame-up mission the Mighty Nein is trying to accomplish. Caleb refuses, so Fjord summons his falchion right to Caleb's throat. The resulting standoff is both INCREDIBLY tense, and a testament to both Liam and Travis' acting skills. Fjord states, under no uncertain terms, this is Caleb's ultimatum- he's either with the group, or he's on his own (again). After a few tense moments, Caleb drops the case and leaves.
    • Once the room is empty, though? Nott slips in and steals the case anyway.
  • Matt ends the episode on a cliffhanger of nearly Chroma Conclave proportions. The heist of the High Richter's house goes horribly wrong and Ulog has to pull a Taking You with Me on her... but as the group is fleeing, the Zauber Spire explodes and Zadash seems to be under attack from Xhorhas.

     Episode 13: Lost & Found 
  • The group manages to steal the drow's artifact from under the noses of both a large number of Crownsguard and a large group of onlookers, and do so with a plan that was entirely improvised! Both Fjord and Molly are stunned that they got away with it, and for good reason.
  • The epic verbal beat-down Sam Riegel delivers to the rest of the party as Nott that not only refutes a lot of the issues against Caleb grabbing the High Richter's scroll case in episode 12 ("leave no trace" isn't very feasible when you've already destroyed a rug, taken evidence against a dwarven women wrongly accused, etc.), but completely does away with the idea that, to Nott, the relationship between her and Caleb is that of a big brother and a little sister.
    Nott: Caleb and I have a very special relationship. It is that of a parent, and a child. But I am the parent, you DO understand that, correct? I protect HIM. He is MY boy, and I keep him safe. I want him to thrive, and get better, and better, and more powerful, and stronger. Because he can achieve great things. When I found him, he was nothing. He was a scared little boy in the corner of a jail cell. And as we have gotten... more comfortable, HE has gotten more comfortable and come out of his shell. It's MY job to protect him, because I love him, and I am his protector.

     Episode 14: Fleeting Memories 
  • Mollymauk deserves props for managing to have a conversation with Cree about his past as Lucien despite not remembering any of it, never once letting on that he has no idea what she's talking about.
  • Fjord agrees to a card game with The Gentleman in order to prove the groups skills to the man. The game itself involves both Travis and Matt rolling a D8, D6, and a D4 without sharing it, then placing bets in gold. Fjord matches the bet made with 300 gold, which as he comments out of character is pretty much all he has left. The end result? Fjord wins by four points thanks to rolling better than The Gentleman, who quickly concedes his joy at how lucky the group is. For bonus points, neither player cheated at all, and Fjord is not as good at gambling as Jester is.
  • In a bid to prove his trustworthiness, Nott has The Gentleman pick which alcohol-filled vial out of three also contains acid. He picks correctly... and then proceeds to drink the acid anyway. The party is generally shocked and impressed by this power move.
  • Jester casts Zone of Truth when the group is about to begin grilling Molly about his past. Molly, Nott, Yasha, and Caleb all fail their saving throws, so Molly decides to put all his cards on the table and spends the next 30 minutes revealing what he knows of his past and that he doesn't care to know the rest. The truly awesome part about this is that Laura was absent due to illness and texted that direction in.
  • On a meta example, Liam manages to do a surprisingly good impression of Jester at one point.

     Episode 15: Where The River Goes 
  • After the fight with the will-o'-wisps, Fjord unwittingly activates a trap that causes the ground to open up beneath him, sending him plummeting down a deep hole. Nott reacts quickly, however, and casts Feather Fall to stop his hasty descent.
  • The gelatinous cube's appearance is definitely this for the players.
  • Caleb makes the most of being first in the initiative order by casting Maximilian's Earthen Grasp, restraining the cube with a giant cat paw and giving the Mighty Nein an entire round of attacks with advantage. It also ensured the cube never got to use its Engulf ability.
  • Yasha's HDYWTDT on the cube has her slowly push her greatsword up into the monster before bisecting it, spilling its innards all over the cavern. This ends up saving Jester, who would've been devoured by the creature.

     Episode 16: A Favor In Kind 
  • Molly's HDYWTDT on Siff Duthar. As the creature tries to phase into the floor to safety, he provokes an attack of opportunity from everyone in his vicinity, but only Molly manages to hit (Caleb misses, while Yasha and Beau are both still stunned from Siff's previous attack). It proves to be enough, with Molly pinning the being to the floor with one of his enchanted scimitars, before it disintegrates.
  • Marisha rolling a natural 20 on her Deception Check against the Gentleman, convincing him that they've handed over everything they found in the research facility and allowing the Mighty Nein to walk away with an enchanted greatsword and a spellbook.
  • The scene where Caleb peers into the Beacon is both touching and very evocative visually, thanks to Matt's description.
  • The ability granted by the Beacon is described as "a fragment of possibility". Essentially it allows one person to reroll one d20 roll a day, acting similarly to the Luck feat, though it is more akin to actively changing fate rather than just being lucky.

     Episode 17: Harvest Close 
  • After failing at the archery game with her first 3 arrows, Nott buys 6 more. She hits the bullseye on the far target, shocking the guards, before yelling that she isn't done. She then proceeds to hit the middle and close targets twice each in quick succession, winning every possible prize from the game. For bonus points, Sam intentionally did this with one of the dice from Laura's dice jail.
  • Yasha challenges Zadash's finest soldier to an arm-wrestling match, and he seems to realize she's from Xhorhas due to his experience on the battlefield. She tries to slam his arm down before he's ready and rolls a Natural 20. So does he. And after a pitched struggle that leaves the crowd spellbound, Yasha emerges victorious!
  • Though The Last Line fall in the second round of the tournament, the same soldier Yasha arm-wrestled, two warhammers in hand, takes on both Minotaurs at the same time. He manages to take down one of them before succumbing to the other.
  • During the tournament, Yasha gets two Natural 20 HDYWTDTs and one more Natural 20 for 41 damage, utterly destroying two of the three enemies. Bonus points for one of them being while she's double her size thanks to Caleb's Enlarge/Reduce spell.

     Episode 18: Whispers of War 
  • Caleb, out of desperation, casts Sleep on the Giant... and it actually works, buying the Nein time to revive Yasha and Molly.

     Episode 19: The Gentleman's Path 
  • After watching a bar fight, Jester starts a punch-up with Beau for fun, leading to a Beau vs Jester fight in the ring! The fight quickly escalates with Jester casting Inflict Wounds, Beau going for a Stunning Strike, and Caleb secretly casting Haste on Beau.
  • During the battle, after Caleb is heavily injured, Nott runs to the goblins and yells "Modern literature!" She then runs to the enemy goblins' side and shoots at Caleb with her crossbow... aiming for a book Caleb keeps under his armpit that only Nott knows about. This could've backfired badly... but Sam rolls a Natural 20! This allows Caleb to play dead, avoiding enemy attention.
  • The battle with the ogres and goblins allows some of the party to bust out their new abilities from reaching level 5. Fjord definitely gets a point for using his Booming Blade to carve into one of the enemies and explode it (before throwing his Falchion through one of the ogres for a finishing blow), but the biggest moment of the fight goes to Yasha pulling out Necrotic Shroud to sprout wings from her back.
    • After the fight, the party asks Yasha if she's an angel, which she denies... until Caleb asks her in Celestial.

     Episode 21: Stalker in the Swamp 
  • Sam's D&D Beyond song from earlier was made into a full animated intro!
  • Guest character Callie saves an unconscious Beau from certain death through creative use of the Levitate spell, floating her out of the troll's grasp and into the trees above.
  • Yasha tries her Magician's Judge's Dispel Magic ability on Tiamat's communion bowl, rolling a modest 13 - which is enough to shatter the Scaled Tyrant's artifact. Even Yasha is in disbelief at what she did.
    • The description Matt adds makes it more awesome (as well as him showing some damn good improvisational skills to adapt to a surprising event like this); lightning is seen wreathing her arms and her Storm Lord talisman is glowing, implying the Storm Lord stepped in to work through Yasha to deal a blow against Tiamat.

     Episode 22: Lost Treasures 
  • Fjord's tying the rope off in the Merrows' chamber, and rolls a 2 for stealth - but Matt's Perception roll for the Merrows is a Natural 1.
  • Fjord casts Blink during the fight with the Merrow, and uses it for an incredibly badass kill: he emerges behind one of them, decapitates it, then turns to wink at Molly, says "peace out" and blinks out. (Complete with a Natural 20 roll on the spell)

     Episode 23: Have Bird, Will Travel 
  • Caleb's Slow spell ends up saving Fjord's life against the troll, preventing it from getting two attacks against an unconscious Fjord.
  • Molly rolls a Natural 20 Arcana check to see if he has any idea who or what Fjord's patron could be, resulting in Matt giving him more information that he should've gotten. It's still vague, but Molly at least knows Fjord's patron must be something ancient and somehow beyond the known world.

     Episode 24: The Hour of Honor 
  • The drinking contest tilts decisively in the Nein's favor, with only Beau failing. Three Natural 20s were rolled by the Nein, with one from Caleb and two from Fjord. The leader of the other group was mad that he didn't get to drink, so he challenged Nott for the double-or-nothing, and Nott drank him under the table with the help of the dodecahedron.
    • Special mention goes to Caleb, who the group was genuinely concerned for drinking. Not only does he roll a natural 20 to win the last round, he does it with full trust the group to help him.

     Episode 25: Divergent Paths 
  • Teamwork is on display for the "Death Machine" battle, as Caleb's catspaw, Jester's Guiding Bolt, and Beau flanking with Yasha all allow multiple attacks to be made at advantage.
  • Yasha puts up a good fight at the end of the episode. Matt has her roll multiple Wisdom saves to shake off a Hold Person, and she succeeds twice despite her penalty.

     Episode 26: Found & Lost 
  • The new studio has a lighting setup that can change according to when the group is in battle or not.
    Matt: I've wanted to have a setup like this since high school. And now I can!
  • Beau rolls a Natural 20 to cut out an ankheg's acid sack, resulting in "an almost beautiful display of surgically-precise knife-work", as Matt describes it. Keg is aroused.
  • Keg rolls a double Natural 20 on her disadvantaged stealth check, shocking everyone.
  • Villainous example: Dwelga the druid resists three crucial status effects in a row, as Caleb's Slow and Beau's two Stunning Strikes all fail to affect her.
    • Similarly, Lorenzo, leader of the Iron Shepherds makes an extremely memorable first impression, with an intimidating persona, devastatingly powerful Cone of Cold spell and, of course, killing Molly.
  • Beau and Molly both shrug off a Level 3 Hold Person by rolling a total higher than 20 on their saving throws.

     Episode 28: Within the Nest 
  • The Iron Shepherds' Barbarian gets a villainous one for using Yasha's Magician's Judge to dispel Keg's Haste and leave her stunned. If she hadn't been taken out shortly after, this could have ended very badly for Keg...
    • On the other hand, Caleb burning said Barbarian literally in half is brutally satisfying after the tragedy of the previous two episodes. Brace yourselves, Shepherds: the Nein are coming.
  • Nila, rolling over 20 on a Strength Check, pulls open the bars of her son's cage wide enough for him to fit through. Mama Bear indeed. She later helps her mate pull the rest of the bars apart, with a total above 20 again.
  • Frumpkin gets one for surviving a crossbow shot in owl form. 4 damage taken, but Liam rolled the maximum 5 health.
    • Spider form Frumpkin does just as well, living through a 1-damage stomp.
  • The plan to take out the wall guards goes perfectly. Both guards killed silently in one combat round.

     Episode 29: The Stalking Nightmare 
  • Meta-ish and also on the Funny subpage: Sam's outrageous outfit is actually outdone by Matt, of all people, wearing a shirt of Sam's face.
  • Keg conquers her fear of Lorenzo to defiantly shout vulgarities back at him as she breaks a door down.
  • Clay managing to save Beau and Shakaste after they were both knocked out by Lorenzo’s Cone of Cold, casting Spare the Dying on Shakaste and a healing spell to Beau, bringing her back with 21 hit points. Both are specifically from features from his Grave Domain; being able to bonus action cast Spare the Dying with a 30 foot range and heal someone at 0 HP at full potency.
  • Beau takes full advantage of Lorenzo's single tactical error: When he ends one round on the ground instead of floating in the air, Beau spends all her remaining ki points to get up from being knocked out, get up in his face, and successfully Stunning Strike him so he ended up taking no more actions in the battle.
    • This moment was so awesome that the audience started chanting Beau's name, much to the delight of Marisha and the rest of the cast.
  • Caleb gets the HDYWTDT on Lorenzo, blowing open his skull with a Fire Bolt and turning him to charcoal. Matt even admitted that he was supposed to get away, but the dice -and his tactical error in making Lorenzo land-took him out.
  • In the span of a single (in-game) night, the Mighty Nein successfully infiltrated the Sour Nest and eliminated every remaining member of the Iron Shepherds before finding their missing friends. The most feared faction in Shady Creek Run was basically wiped out in a matter of hours, all with minimal outside help or even planning from the party. In the words of Beauregard, "You do not fuck with the Mighty Nein."

     Episode 30: The Journey Home 
  • Laura and Travis return!
  • With a small bit of retcon, due to the live show ending being slightly rushed, the team finally loots the Sour Nest. Beau's investigation roll of 15 while looting Lorenzo's room finds the team a magic item familiar to the players. Yes, the Mighty Nein finally got their hands on a Bag of Holding. The look on Travis' face as Matt describes the item and they experiment with it is fantastic. Even more awesome is when they turn it inside out and a ton of platinum and other treasures come flying out of it. Matt even does something he normally never does, actually show the players his DM notes for the session, just to hammer in that they wouldn't have found that if they hadn't rolled so high.

     Episode 31: Commerce & Chaos 
  • Nott, during her downtime, successfully disassembles the gun she stole and rolls high enough to figure out how the detonation mechanism works, with Matt allowing Taliesin to give the explanation. She uses this knowledge to create a possibly-working explosive arrow.
  • Beau's Training Montage is actually very cool, especially as she puts to use her Mind of Mercury to use in catching three arrows shot at her.
  • Despite a snowballing comedy of errors, Nott and Jester successfully escape from a chasing group of Crownsguard without revealing their real forms. Their little prank-the-statue-of-Bahamut escapade was even repeated by multiple town criers.

     Episode 32: Beyond the Boundaries 
  • While on the road back to Trostenwald, Taliesin rolls a natural twenty. This lets him discover a hidden catch of gems worth 500 gold that the party eagerly takes.
    • He then rolls high again with an insight check on Gustav, getting a 27 total. Exactly what he got from that whisper Taliesin refuses to reveal, but it downright makes Clay look psychic in ability with how he's able to read a guy he just met.
    • And then once again he rolls high as they are entering the Menagerie Coast, resulting in him spotting the Ettin waiting to ambush them. Since Firbolg speak Giant, he's able to know what they are doing and saying. He follows it up by casting Calm Emotions on the visible Ettin, which results in the other one yelling in confusion at his ally.
  • Caleb casting Fear on the second Ettin. It let them get further along and fully ruined the ambush planned. As a result, both ettins combined land a single attack (Caleb sucked up the 19 damage).
  • Swoleregard returns! Including a mini that they manage to track down and bring to the table just in time.

     Episode 33: The Ruby and the Sapphire 
  • By offhandedly mentioning The Gentleman to Marion Lavore, it was soon revealed that The Gentleman is quite likely to be Jester's father (a charming water genasi who wears a lot of rings). Matt mentioned at the end of the episode that it was a late-game reveal, but they asked the right questions...
  • As in Episode 1 of this campaign, Matt timed his description of Marion's performance so that she began singing on the actual music playing in the studio when he said so, and the song ended when he said she finished singing. Are we sure he doesn't have any Bardic magic?

     Episode 34: Encroaching Waters 
  • In the latter battle this episode, Fjord was on fire (metaphorically). He cannily used both of his spell slots for a Misty Step - Thunderstep combo and a Hunger of Hadar that shut down the fleeing enemies. He finished it off by striding up and slicing off Algar's hand in order to release the control bracelet.
  • Thanks to the Fireside Chat, Matt worked on his Cajun accent for Orlie, and threw in some of the Louisiana Creole dialect as well as managing a stutter. The fans gave him a challenge, and he rose to it brilliantly.
  • Caleb used Suggestion on Nott to temporarily erase her fear of water, letting the goblin dive through the water on Beau's back with little complaint and no need to be fully drunk to do so.
  • Jester and Yasha cleared the way through the drainpipe by removing both metal grates that were there to prevent just such an entry.
  • The Lollipop (now with a razor sawblade edge) hit and killed a dwarven bodyguard when Jester couldn't see them.

     Episode 35 
  • Caleb cast Expeditious Retreat for the first time, and it lets him have a movement speed of 120 feet per turn (20 feet (about 6m) per second) should he do nothing else. That makes him the fastest member of the party save for a Hasted Beauregard using both of her actions to dash.
  • The captain is killed on Turn 1, and doesn't get to attack thanks to Jester's Hold Person. Matt ruefully noted that "He was the nasty one".