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    One-shot and Other Adventures 

Casting for the Call of Cthulhu Live-Action Adaptation

Casting for the UnDeadwood Live-Action Adaptation

UnDeadwood II brings back the Deadlands one-shot characters like Stinky Jules

Just becase it'd be interesting to see Laura Bailey bury herself in the Darker and Edgier setting.

There's an unofficial Feast of Legends follow up, except...'s a multi-fast-food-mascot crossover akin to Once Upon a Fairytale Cruise. Possible Captain Ersatz characters include:
  • Marisha Ray as "Wendy"
  • Laura Bailey as "Dairy Queen"
  • Sam as "Ronald Mcdonald"
  • Liam as "Burger King"
  • Travis as "Colonel Sanders"
  • Taliesin as "Big Boy"
  • Ashley as the Starbucks mermaid
    • considering all the backlash and issues they had with the first one, I would not expect any follow up any time soon.

There's a Crisis Crossover one-shot

AKA Crit-sis of Infinite Roles, with characters from different one-shots with remotely similar play systems randomly assembled by Artagan for shits and giggles. Like say...
  • Jester is an obvious choice
  • Aloysius Fogg making it a Stealth Prequel as the bad roll that takes away his empathy is revealed to be the result of a Deal with the Devil here
  • Ida Codswell pulled here from the Shadow realm by Artagan for a chance to win her way back to her home world... but with no control on when she gets back
  • Jamie Wrenly, who just stumbled into all this during one of his acid trips
  • Hazel Copperpot, when Artagan was intrigued by her recording technology and decided that she could chronicle the adventure
  • Hogg Wyld, because why not
  • Vax'ilidan, here to win the chance at returning for Dalen's Closet, but ends up destroying Scanlan's Wish for future use
  • Ichabod for the Wild Card/Token Evil Teammate of the lot

Campaign Three will feature more than one Artificer

For no other reason than they're new and shiny.
  • Liam and Taliesin will be particularly intrigued at playing the mad tinkerer.
  • Liam will troll us all by building an Artificer with a dark past, making us all think immediately of Percy, and then play him as cheerful as Jester.
  • Travis will troll Sam by playing Luc Brenatto.

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