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    Campaign 1: 2015- 2017 

The last barrel on The List is for Percy

Both the fans and Liam O'Brien have speculated that the unmarked barrel on Percy's pepperbox is for himself. Once he gets his revenge, he might be planning to rejoin his family.
  • Jossed as of Episode 29...Maybe. Scanlan explicitly asks Percy if the barrel is for him, Percy says no, and Matt doesn't call for any Deception checks. Then again, even asking for a Deception check would spoil the answer for the players, and the next words out of Percy's mouth are "even if it was, would I tell you?"
  • Fully Jossed in Episode 30. Percy explains that the unmarked barrel represents all the casualties that will occur as a result of him inventing his guns.
  • Jossed yet further in a different way: Percy/Taliesin was guessing. Cassandra's name appears on the last barrel when she betrays Vox Machina, though it's unclear whether she'd always been a target but only revealed at that moment, or the barrel was "to whom it may concern" until her betrayal marked it.
  • An even simpler explanation, he just might not have had any other names to add. The significance to the number of rounds a revolver can have is just ergonomics. Depending on the size of the rounds used, the cylinder has to get progressively wider and taller to accommodate.
  • Jossed with prejudice in the After Campaign Q&A. Matt reveals that Orthax would've kept Moving the Goalposts, and add six more names to The List, and then six more after that, and it would continue indefinitely. The last barrel was never meant for anyone in particular, and Orthax could have put any person's name on there to try and further his goals of corrupting Percy and absorbing souls.

The last barrel on The List is for Percy's sister

Another theory proposed by Liam O'Brien - this time, speculating that the last barrel on The List is for any remaining de Rolo family members who may have been turned traitor by the Briarwoods. Most likely, this would be Percy's sister, who was the last person Percy saw alive.
  • Jossed in Episode 30. See above.
  • And then un-Jossed and confirmed in Episode 34 - Cassandra's name is added to The List after she betrays Vox Machina to the Briarwoods.

Cassandra de Rolo is still alive

In the Feast, Percy mentions that his younger sister Cassandra freed him, and that she was the last of his siblings he saw alive. In the same episode, the Briarwoods casually mention that something in the forest around Whitestone is making it difficult for them to export timber, and Vox Machina offers up their services to help deal with it. It's possible that it's Cassandra, or another living de Rolo, hassling the Briarwoods in any way they can.
  • Confirmed in Episode 30 - Cassandra is living in the castle, feeding information to the rebellion. However, she was also in league with the Briarwoods until they were defeated, after which she became one of the good guys again.

Percy's memories of his family's death are not accurate

Either Percy is traumatized, being manipulated by the odd smoky creature who offered him revenge, or just insane, but he describes his memories of the murders as "fuzzy." It's possible that Percy was either somehow culpable, or that the Briarwoods were not the actual villains, but either way, what happened to the de Rolos was not so simple.
  • Jossed. Percy may not have known why or how the Briarwords tricked his family into the position to be massacred, but he was traumatised, not delusional.
  • His memories may be inaccurate though not regarding the Briarwoods' culpability. The dream narrated by Matt indicates Percy saw the bodies of at least some of his family, but that's a dream and he does interrogate Desmond the carriage-boy to find out if any of his family still live, suggesting he's not certain and/or wants external confirmation of his memories - meaning he perhaps doesn't trust his memories, or is simply holding onto hope. Due to time and trauma - he's described as wandering in a haze after the attack - and that he was tortured, it's likely his memories of what happened are hazy and imprecise, or even that he's forgotten. Percy says as much: "There are some things you just forget."

The Briarwoods are vampires/demons/etc

It's pretty clear that they're not human, what with them calling Vax "delicious" and all. The most obvious consensus is that they're vampires, but succubi and glabrezu have also been suggested.

The second Horn of Orcus is beneath Whitestone.

So Sylas Briarwood is a vampire, and Delilah might either be a Lich or a necromancer - at the very least, both of them are very well acquainted with the undead. The carriage driver's story indicates that the entire de Rolo property has been covered in a strange green mist, and that undead servants roam the halls. We also know that the Briarwoods have been feverishly digging for artifacts beneath Whitestone, as well as interrogating the family members - in Percy's words, "asking questions about the castle." If the second Horn is a long-guarded de Rolo family secret, it would make sense that Percy wouldn't know anything about it; he's the third child, and explicitly says that his brother and sister, Julius and Vesper, handled "matters of court." Not to mention there's the smoky entity that offered Percy vengeance for the deaths of his family - perhaps it is one of Orcus's godly opponents, attempting to stop the Briarwoods from accessing the horn.
  • While as of Episode 34 there's been no sign of the horn, the Briarwoods seem to have constructed a temple to Vecna in order to summon some dark force into the world. Vecna, being first a necromancer and eventually a lich (and in some planes an actual god), it is possible this theme of undeath will link back to Orcus in some way.

Keyleth's vision was not of her death, but of the final part of the Aramente trials.

It's not likely that Matt would just kill someone from Vox Machina as a part of the plot, but it is likely that he'll find a way to make Keyleth's vision come true. There are plenty of spells of varying power that could forcibly turn someone into a tree, like Tree Shape, Polymorph, or True Polymorph. Note that True Polymorph is not a druid spell, but it would be easy to make an exception in Matt's world when they've built entire classes from scratch. The last part of the Aramente involves proving Keyleth's worth, as it would with any other trial, but this one is specifically for the worth of the bonds she has made on her travels. She may be forced into a tree shape, with the rest of Vox Machina called to her defense. That would also explain why the members of Vox Machina were shouting "for our Princess" in her vision.
  • In addition, this could be why Keyleth's mother failed her Aramente; there was nobody there to release her from her tree state. True Polymorph is permanent if concentration is maintained for one hour, so Keyleth's mother might still be out there somewhere as a tree.
  • Alternatively, the vision could be referring to a particular significant tree. In particular, it could somehow relate to the "cancerous tree" that supposedly conceals one of the Vestiges of Divergence in the Feywild.
    • Jossed in terms of the cancerous tree. The party confronts a different trial within in the form of Fenthras' wielder, Saundor.

Vax is a Death Seeker

It's pretty clear he's Not Afraid to Die, but his risks have become increasingly reckless as time goes on. Episodes 23 & 24, if you squint, read like Vax's bucket list. He gets a tattoo, plays pranks on Vex and Grog, tries to talk Kainen out of following him, tries to repair that relationship when it goes south by leaving Kainen a gift, confesses everything about K'varn and the Horn of Orcus to Gilmore (and even greets him with what could be both a First Kiss and a Last Kiss - on the cheek, mind.) He pays off the servants at the keep and repays his other debts. He apologizes to Gilmore for not being able to uphold their deal of spreading the word about Gilmore's glorious goods. He's getting his affairs in order. He even develops a sudden interest in religion and receives a symbol of Sarenrae from Father Tristian, i.e. preparing for the afterlife. And of course, to top it all off, he makes a series of incredibly stupid mistakes that get him trapped with the Briarwoods, which could easily lead to his death. Aside from depression or trauma - the latter of which could be very possible, considering how shaken up he was by the time in the Underdark - the only major thing we're missing is a clear reason as to why Vax would want to die.
  • Jossed during a Q&A. Liam O'Brien confirmed that Vax does not have a death wish.

Gilmore is Affably Evil

Sure, he's charming and charismatic and friendly, but it's pretty clear that his first priority is his business, and we don't know how far he'd be willing to go for it. Even when the Ho Yay with Vax gets intense, he always circles it back around to the business. It's also true that he has a lot of insider knowledge on Vox Machina, particularly now that Vax has told him about the Horn of Orcus. He'd have a great grasp of their strengths and weaknesses based on their purchases.
  • More specifically, some people suspect he's working with the Briarwoods, as both of them seem to have an interest in trade.
  • seemingly Jossed in episode 41 where it is revealed that he faced down and was nearly mortally wounded by an Ancient Red Dragon to save Sovereign Uriel's family, as well as Seeker Asum and Tofor Bratoris
  • possibly confirmed in Episode 56, although the exact details are still unknown
  • Jossed again: Gilmore was only replaced by Hotis the Rakshasa very briefly. He's still glorious and has been all along.

The Slayer's Take Characters will come back, probably as Big Damn Heroes

People adored Zahra, Lyra, Kashaw and Thorbir, and it would be a shame not to see them again. More importantly, they left behind a few interesting plot threads, such as Zahra's creepy father, Kashaw's creepy god, and, of course, The Big Damn Kiss. Also (except for Kashaw, whose whereabouts are unknown) they're a band of monster hunters, so they're ideally suited to show up just in the nick of time when Vox Machina is fighting something nasty. And Kashaw is a cleric - now that they no longer have Pike around, he might be the ideal person to call should they ever need a resurrection performed.
  • Confirmed in episode 43.
    • Well, Kashaw and Zahra do at least, after a Noodle Incident brought the two of them together, while Thorbir had an NPC cameo (losing at games of chance). Lyra has as of yet not made another appearance.

Kynan will come back as a villain or rival

As Travis put it, "Dude, don't be mean to the kid — you've seen The Incredibles, right?"
  • Partially confirmed. Kynan came back under Dr. Ripley's sway when Vox Machina encountered him again, but seemed to change sides when Vax persuaded him.

Kynan will not come back, because he's dead

Vax's suggestion that Kynan train himself resulted in Kynan seeking out something he couldn't handle and meeting an untimely end. This is supported by the fact that Vax couldn't find Kynan in the city in Episode 24. It's also compatible with the theory above - Kynan may come back as a spectre or other malevolent undead.
  • Jossed. Kynan is alive and well.

Kynan is now working for the Briarwoods

It's possible that the boy who was at the feast that Vox Machina thought that maybe they kind of recognized, is indeed Kynan and is already under the thrall of the Brairwoods, possibly even before the Briarwoods ever came to Emon.
  • Jossed: The boy in question is named Desmond. Percy likely recognized him because his father was a messenger for the de Rolo family.

Kynan will come back as a hero

He's probably even more ideally situated for a Big Damn Heroes moment than the Slayer's Take members. If Vox Machina gets into a particularly hairy situation in Emon, (which they are, as of Episode 24), he's in a perfect position to rescue them out of the blue.

Tiberius Stormwind will return to Vox Machina after he's been accepted by his family as a true Stormwind.

Once Tiberius has gained the full acceptance of his father, and the backing of the Draconian Council, Tiberius will rejoin Vox Machina, if only temporarily. He will find that his quest to find his missing artifacts less important than fitting in with both of his families (Stormwinds and Vox Machina).
  • Brutally jossed as of Episode 64: Tiberius Stormwind never got the chance to do either as he was revealed to have been killed in the attack on Draconia by Vorugal the Frigid Doom.

Gilmore is a dragon.

Yes, a literal dragon - specifically a silver dragon, since they're known to have shapeshifting abilities, and enjoy the company of humanoids. Matt has already hinted that there's more to him than meets the eye, and now with the arrival of the Chroma Conclave, Critters understandably have dragons on the brain.
  • Seemingly Jossed. Gilmore himself, when asked by Scanlan if he was a dragon simply said, "If you could make me one... that would be sexy." However, this could simply just be a ploy to throw off anyone from their suspicions.

The Chroma Conclave with collapse upon itself, with indirect help from our heroes.

Let's face it, Chomatic Dragons are very selfish and territorial, and it's clear the Red Dragon, Thordek is their boss due to dominance, and almost seem to subjugate the other three dragons. It could be reasonable that the smaller (yet still ancient) dragons could be persuaded to try to take dominion of the Conclave for themselves.
  • Partially confirmed. Raishan, the Green Dragon, is set on killing Thordak in order to discover the cure for her corruption. She does need Vox Machina's help to overthrow him, though.

The one that Pike loves is... Grog.

Ashley Johnson has said that Pike left the Broken Howl for the one she loves, that it is someone from her backstory, and it isn't Scanlan. While her playlist seemed to indicate that the pair were Like Brother and Sister, she does go out of her way to try to impress the Goliath, such as when she cut the throat of the duergar with her mace, or (after he'd shown appreciation for Lady Kima's badassery) when she ran back to fetch torture implements for him. She risked her relationship with Sarenrae to try to get his approval...
  • This one seems likely. Though this may end up being a case of unrequited love, unless Pike spells it out for Grog. Because as well-meaning as Grog may be towards Pike, which is true considering that Grog and Pike would always have each other's backs no matter what anyway, most men don't really answer to subtle hints from women, much less a Goliath with an intelligence of 6.
  • Jossed, actually. The post-campaign Q+A revealed that Pike fancied Percy for a time (as some fans guessed from her giving him the Amulet of Life Saving).

Vex'ahlia will face an existential crisis stemming from the events near the end of Episode 44 due to her greed.

Because of the events at the end of Episode 44, it is likely that Vex'ahlia will temper her greed, and go through a crisis. This in turn will help her Character Development.
  • Given that in the very next episode, she steals a magic broom (from a guest party member, no less), her greed is getting less tempered if anything. Her alignment even shifted to Chaotic Neutral because of it, so her character may be developing in the opposite direction.
    • This could still lead to a temperance of her greed, after working out the crisis portion of her ordeal. Though it is likely, her death has made her even more jaded, and less heroic.
  • Partially jossed. She's facing a different existential crisis from her encounters with her father as well as Saundor. She's questioning her self-worth and wondering if the choices she made over the course of her life were the right ones.

Kynan Leore still has a part to play in the Chroma Conclave Incident

Out of all the allies that could have possibly helped in Emon, everyone is accounted for, except Kynan, who probably left the city long before Thordak and Co. arrived.
  • Jossed. Kynan reappears in the employ of Anna Ripley, and is thereafter taken to Whitestone to help protect it. He doesn't seem to have any significant ties to the Chroma Conclave incident, except that Ripley used it to convince him to turn on Vox Machina.

Orthax was an agent of the Raven Queen.

Orthax, the big, scary beak-faced shadow monster that haunted Percy's dreams shares a frightening number of similarities to the Raven Queen in the current arc. For example, the way that they approach their charges via confusing dreams, appearing as shadowed figures. While this could simply be imagery on Matt's part, I think it goes deeper. Think about Vex's summary of the Raven Queen's beliefs in episode 48. She hates those that cheat death, even especially listing Vampires as a subject of her ire. Who was the major driving force in creating "The List" and driving Percy to kill said vampires? Orthax's motivations for using Percy as an instrument of vengeance was extremely unclear. Did it simply seek to corrupt a man into falling to the dark side or was it something more? With this in mind, let's get a little deeper. From what we've seen, it takes significant effort for it to manifest in physical form, and even then it was still bound to Percy's shadow. It's possible that Orthax simply couldn't manifest physically without some kind of conduit or summoning, so it'd need a vessel to manipulate into doing his dirty work. After all, if it was a servant of the Raven Queen, what better way would one of her champions behave if not like its patron? This isn't even getting into the fact that it had a bird-like face, something extremely odd for a shadow demon in D&D lore (though perhaps not in Matt's setting). The Raven Queen is a Neutral-aligned deity, so she can have worshipers and servants that are both good and evil, so it's not a far cry from this being possible.
  • Jossed. Orthax is a demon that later made a pact with Dr. Ripley to help refine her gun work in exchange for killing Percy. Her gun was even a pepperbox, and it functioned just like The List. Also, the Raven Queen took her position as a deity to ensure that souls would reach the afterlife undeterred. Given that Episode 69 confirms that Orthax is consuming the souls he steals, the Raven Queen would be repulsed by Orthax.

Raishan will try to "collect" Percy as one of her trophies for her horde.

Covered in more detail here, but the long and short of it is that green dragons enjoy controlling people of great influence and status. Percy is not only a member of Vox Machina and a noble to boot, but he's also impressed Raishan with his intelligence. In Episode 74 he seems to think Raishan even trusts him to a certain extent, implying that she would let him cut off a piece of her to send to Thordak. Foe Yay inclusive, these two have a very interesting relationship of conflict and mutual respect, and at this point Raishan might see Percy as a magnificent prize. Time will tell if she can craft a deal powerful enough to tempt him.

After the Chroma Conclave is defeated, the next arc will focus on the ramifications of the "spinning orb of death"

A pretty obvious guess, here. The magic-draining orb has ties to Vecna, an arch-lich who aspires to be a god, and it hasn't been moved, stopped, or even explained since it was created. It's the only major lingering plot thread the characters have left to solve (besides the personal side quest of Keyleth's Ara'mente), especially now that they have gathered all the vestiges but one.

Cenokier's wife was killed by a dragon, maybe even Thordak himself.

When asked about Thordak Cinokier's first reaction is to ask that Vox Machina keeps him away from the fire plane. He states that he "doesn't trust dragons" and ask Vox Machina to take care of his wife's funeral arrangements. He also knew where Thordak spent most of his time while on the fire plane. It could be that the mention of the Cinder King bought those memories back to the forefront of his mind, and he decided to do away with his wife's ashes now that a group of heroes unknowingly said that they would take down something that, if not his wife's actual killer, would have been something of a reminder of her death.

The Chain of Returning is just... a chain.

Grog can attach the Chain of Returning to one of his weapons, and this allows him to throw the weapon and then pull it back to him, letting him make multiple attacks a round. How is that not something an ordinary chain can do?
  • Jossed: In the fight against K'Varn the chain stops functioning magically as it is thrown into the beholder's anti-magic field. While a regular chain could do the same thing, the chain of returning just makes doing so easier.

Taryon Darrington is interested in guns, and will butt heads with Percy over them.

There's a decent chunk of evidence towards this:
  • The group finds him in Ank'harel, the last location of Dr. Ripley - the only non-Percy source of guns in Exandria - before her death at Glintshore.
  • It seems likely that he is an Artificer, an Unearthed Arcana class with two archetypes... one of which is a Gunsmith.
  • While it could just be a slip-up from Sam, Taryon mentions guns while talking to Vox Machina before correcting himself to refer to swords instead. If that's in-character, it seems suspicious.
  • A bit of a stretch and unlikely to be intentional, but "Darrington" is not too far off of "derringer", a type of pistol. "Remington" is an American firearms manufacturer.
  • Sam has previously had Scanlan carry a gun, and though he never did anything with it, it does show that he's already interested in them. And he's definitely proven himself willing to fuck with the party.

The next major antagonist will be the Elder Brain from underneath Kraghammer

After killing K'Varn, Vox Machina did a sizeable chunk of physical damage to the Elder Brain, rather than just focusing on fleeing. If the Elder Brain also decides it wants to eliminate firsthand knowledge of it and its colony from the world at large, that puts another set of crosshairs on Vox Machina's back.
  • This may depend on how quickly VM deals with Hotis and some other dangling threads (e.g. Scanlan or Raishan's research), since it is this troper's belief that the Final Boss will be Vecna.

Scanlan Shorthalt will not make another appearance in Critical Role

Scanlan's story is pretty much done. He came from nothing, he had parental abandonment issues. His father is either not alive, or just left him, and his mother died in a goblin attack. He abandoned Kaylie, but reunited with her. He has accomplished all that he set out to do, and gained a daughter in the process. What else is there for him to do while with Vox Machina? His life has come full circle.
  • Jossed: Scanlan does come back in Episode 99, with a new character arc for himself, how to win the trust of his former companions.

The Spinning Orb of Death doesn't just suck up magic and objects, it sucks up information.

When she brought it forth, Lady Briarwood was working on behalf of Vecna, God of Secrets. Since the arcanist NPCs's research shows that it doesn't so much suppress or negate magic as absorb it and send it... somewhere, it would seem likely that that "somewhere" is "wherever the heck Vecna is". Being the God of Secrets, could learning things, especially things people want to keep hidden from others, help him as much (or more!?) than absorbing magical power? And if so, what perceptual powers does it have? Can it hear? Can it see? Can it read minds?

The Deathwalker's Ward armor was originally intended for Percy.

Most of the vestiges found by the party are pretty obviously aimed at a specific character: Fenthras is a bow, and Vex is VM's only archer); Mythcarver boosts two staple abilities of Bards (such as Scanlan); the Plate of the Dawnmartyr is heavy armor which (at the time) only Pike used; the Spire of Conflux boosts spellcating, can cast elemental magic, and has a history heavily associated with Druids, tying it at least thematically to Keyleth; the Titanstone Knuckles boost strength and size, which Grog relies on more than anyone; Whisper is a throwing dagger and describing tossing daggers is literally a catchphrase for Liam/Vax.

This leaves Cabal's Ruin and Deathwalker's Ward: the former might have been originally conceived with Tiberius in mind, since its absorbs magic for the wearer to use and Tiberius was pretty cavalier about about using his magic.

That leaves Deathwalker's Ward and Percy. Matt may have intended for it to set off story elements involving Percy's Nay-Theism, possible atonement for empowering Orthax, and his having invented a new and exciting way to kill people in general.

Percy's carelessness with that trap may have drastically altered not just the twins' story arcs, but his own. (And probably saved Cabal's Ruin from the cutting room floor.)

Vex'ahlia was a changeling

Fae are well-known for being obsessed with making deals. Vex'ahlia is also extremely secretive (and secrets are considered a form of currency in the fae realm), very closely connected with nature, and often seems uncomfortable with the world, as though she doesn't quite fit right.

K'ryyn wasn't the drow's real name.

Campaign 2 has made much about the drow Empress Leylas Kryn in eastern Wildemount's Xhorhas. K'ryyn showed up hired from Wildemount (specifically Deastok, in western Wildemount's Dwendalian Empire), and the name is similar enough that K'ryyn is likely an agent of the Kryn either under a false name or a highly corrupted spelling.

Casting for the eventual Live Action Adaptation

    Campaign 2: 2018-ongoing 

Fjord is not really a half-orc. He's part Yuan-Ti.

The official art for Fjord shows him with slit-pupiled eyes, a mottled green skin tone that gets lighter over his face and front, vaguely claw-like fingers and a distinct lack of the prominent tusk-like teeth common to half-orcs. Several of these features are more common in the snakelike race of the Yuan-Ti. Also, in the first Talks Machina session of the new campaign, Travis ducked a few questions regarding Fjord's race (including a question about the lack of tusks) saying those details would need to be revealed in-game.
  • Alternatively, his non-orc half is Yuan-Ti instead of human.
  • Interestingly, in Episode 3, Fjord was knocked out by an Imp. Half-orcs have a fun racial ability that Travis would be very familiar with that keeps them standing at 1 HP once a day - and Travis went right for "I'm out".
    • Jossed. Travis just forgot.
    • Doubly Jossed, when he uses the racial ability in a later episode. Liam even jokingly points out the Jossing to the "Freemasons" in the audience.
  • Potentially Un-Jossed, as episode 37 reveals that Fjord's patron, Uk'otoa The Great Leviathan, is connected with The Cloaked Serpent, the patron god of Yuan-Ti. Fjord also was an orphan, who doesn't know who either of his parents were.

Nott will choose Arcane Trickster for her Rogue specialization.

Intelligence is her second-highest stat, and she's mentioned Caleb teaching her a few tricks.
  • Confirmed as of episode 5.

Nott is some kind of goblin noble.

In Nott's character portrait, you can see that she has nose rings and ear piercings. Most Dungeons & Dragons guidebooks reference both of these as being potential attributes to show off status in goblin society.

Jester's mother is the madame of a brothel.

Jester has talked about her mother when in need of funds, either personally or to bestow upon someone else, implying she is quite well-off. While this alone leaves open a number of occupations, Jester's claim that she has "seen a lot of dicks", as well as her reaction to Bryce mentioning syphilis seem to imply a degree of familiarity with the prostitution scene. On top of this, Jester recognizes the gnome in charge of Alfield, with the conversation between Laura and Matt implying that it is because he frequents brothels.
  • Confirmed in Episode 8, Jester's mother is a very famous courtesan known as "the Ruby of the Sea".

Jester is either a copper dragon, or was raised by one.

Jester is CONSTANTLY pulling pranks and mischief, a core personality trait of copper dragons. She also loves engaging in conversation about seemingly inane topics, and dragging said conversations on as long as possible. Her parents are apparently rich enough to bankroll her adventures without question, as when she runs out of money, apparently all she needs to do is send a letter to her parents in order to receive funds without question.

Some...thing is behind the threats they've faced. Something hungry.

Both of the major arcs they've gone through and "bosses" they've faced have been motivated by hunger: the frog-demon triggering a zombie attack by his feeding too much, the gnolls suddenly stepping up their meat-gathering to feed an escaped manticore... it fits thematically, considering their origins, but the recurring theme is hard to ignore.
  • The spider in the Zadash sewers might also count towards this? Catching and webbing up and eating those people unlucky enough to venture into the sewers at all...
  • Sith Duthar's journal clearly talked about the Crawling King, an ever-hungry deity that waits for a convenient time to reemerge.
  • After that, we had hungry crocodiles in a swamp. And then a hungry troll.
  • Then after that they have to deal with a oni, who may have been part of a slavery ring for the sole purpose of snacks.
  • And then there is Algar Dyomin, who could be said to have a sexual hunger for Marion Lavorre.
  • Possibly Fjord's patron, as one of the key words used in Fjord's dreams is consume.
  • Possibly confirmed. It looks like the BBEG for season 2 is Tharizdun, the Chained Oblivion, who is described as being eternally hungry.

Caleb and Jester will become an Official Couple eventually

While it's still early days, Jester has had a lot of Ship Tease with him, even calling him "beautiful" after Enchanter Pumat Sol magically cleans him in Episode 8. (and she tried to do this earlier in Episode 4, before being reminded that Caleb didn't wash his face in the baths) She also gets along very well with Nott, who Caleb already considers like family.
  • It's pretty clear she's into Fjord, given how jealous she is every time a woman tries to hit on him. But it also seems possible that Caleb is crushing on Jester — she's made him blush several times now, including when she gave him "mouth-to-mouth."

The Ruby of the Sea does not have fiendish blood, nor is she human. She's a siren.

The first thing Jester says about her mother, apart from what she does for a living, is that she has a beautiful voice. The Ruby of the Sea also lives in Nicodranas, on the Menagerie Coast, so she is close to seawater. Her title, "Ruby", may be a reference to her hair color, rather than her skin color. And, Laura likes mermaids A LOT.
  • Potentially Jossed by Laura in Talks Machina for Episode 16 when she claims that "the tiefling body had always been considered attractive" in the environment that she grew up, implying her mother is a tiefling.

The Traveller is actually Artagan

In Episode 9, he seems to appear physically before Jester, which actual deities shouldn't be able to do since they are sealed behind the Divine Gate. Mercer has, however, explained that there are individuals with god-like powers, who may lend their favor to people who worship them (Vesh and Kashaw are one such example). We know that Campaign 2 takes place 20 years after the end of the first one - plenty of time for Vox Machina to build a portal for Artagan, linking the Feywild and the Material Plane, as they promised they would. Perhaps, in order to hide his presence, but still spread his reputation, Artagan decided to don a new persona? Him helping Jester wreak mischief is just part of his nature.
  • Seems more and more plausible, given the shape of the Traveler's holy symbol - a doorway with a triangular road leading out.
  • Jester said at one point: "The Traveller tells me many stories, even from the Feywild". Curiouser and curiouser.
  • What is Artagan known for doing? Drawing humorous and exagerated pictures of events and people around him. What has Jester been doing since minute one of campaign 2? Drawing humorous and exagerated pictures of events and people around her. With all the evidence piling up I would say if the traveler is not Artagan, they have a lot of explaining and fast talking to do.

Caleb has done something terrible to his family.

He has PTSD triggered by flames, feels fraternal towards Nott and belongs to the wizard school of Transmutation. By his own words he "dabbled in magic, left it for a while, and only picked it back recently". Moreover, when the group discovers a Scorching Ray glove, he immediately decided not to trust anyone with it, deeming it "too dangerous". All of this suggest a backstory similar to the one of another transmutation master.
  • Confirmed in Episode 18. Caleb killed his parents under orders from his magic tutor, who had implanted him with Fake Memories of his parents planning to overthrow the empire.

Fjord used Crown of Madness on the guard that kicked Frumpkin.

Really, just for the Catharsis Factor of having the guard whose day (and possibly career) was ruined be the one who already proved that he had it coming. Not as likely since it was a different part of town, but still an outside chance that makes this editor grin.

The person now known as Mollymauk was not the original soul that inhabited that body.

Since the only known facts about Molly are that he was Buried Alive and that he was an entirely different person before waking up in the ground, it's possible that some resurrection magic went awry and that his body used to actually belong to somebody else. This would not be the first time in a Critical Role game where resurrection magic does not go as planned.

Nott has a child.

When asked her age, her first response is that she's of childbearing age. And in Episode 16, she mails some money and a collection of pretty trinkets and baubles to... somebody.
  • The trinkets can be meant as a retribution for all the wrong things her clan has done to the people of the village, but that wouldn't explain the maternal instincts she shows towards Caleb.
  • Confirmed in episode 49.

Either King Bertrand Dwendal, Empress Leylas Kryn, or both, have one of the evil Vestiges from the Critical Role Campaign Guide.

As both are being built up as potential Big Bad candidates, this would make them a more epic encounter, both in story and gameplay. It's possible Kryn has the Circlet of Barbed Vision, which is described as being associated with the Spider Queen, goddess of the Drow. As for King Dwendal, either Agony or Condemner (not an evil Vestige, but has smoke and shadow powers) would work.

If/When the party fights Trent Ikithon, Nott will get the HDYWTDT.

To be struck down by Caleb's self-appointed new Mama Bear would certainly be fitting, given Trent's role in the death of Caleb's parents.

Calianna is a descendant of The Hope Devourer

She mentioned being a descendant of an ancient dragon (and black dragon blood is the cause of her abilities as a sorcerer). She also mentioned being brought by the cult to Port Damali from somewhere far. Tal'Dorei, possibly?

Yasha is a Manchurian Agent for Trent Ikithon.

That roll Matt had Ashley make while Yasha and Beau were talking with him and that she rolled low on? That was Trent placing the spell on her.

Caleb is a Manchurian Agent for Trent Ikithon.

Why recruit a bunch of teenage child soldier spies and executioners and then not put measures in place to keep them from slipping through your grasp?

Fjord's patron is a Kraken

They're roughly equivalent in challenge rating to some of the other things that can act as warlock patrons, are gigantic in scale, have an association with water and storms, and the illustration in the MM has yellow eyes. Also, they're ancient enemies of the gods, which might explain the merrow bringing all those holy symbols to the eye thing in the well.
  • What about The Chained Oblivion, always hungry for power, and whose other name is The Elder Elemental Eye?
  • Episode 37 reveals that his patron is the deep-sea leviathan Uk'otoa, connected to The Cloaked Serpent.

The Allfield Starosta gave Jester and Fjord a condemning letter, instead of a recommendation one.

Because he is a slimy and shifty individual, the Starosta could have had written something like: "The bearer of this letter is a traitor to the Empire".

Lorenzo is not in fact a human, but is actually an Oni/Ogre Mage.

There's a number of things that happened in the episode 26 fight that strongly hint at this possibility.
  • He wields a glaive, particularly noted to be extremely large, and gets two attacks with it per attack action.
  • The only spell he casts in combat is Cone of Cold, a very nasty 5th level spell, which would require him to be at a very high spellcaster level despite Keg saying that he was a physical fighter - but it's also the only damaging spell for the MM Oni, with a casting limit of once per day.
  • There's the fact that Oni are said to kidnap and eat humans, and find children especially delicious - what better way to stock the larder and make a profit at the same time than becoming professional kidnappers and slave traders?
  • Oni have the innate ability to Polymorph themselves into Medium or Small humanoids at will to better infiltrate their victim's homes - hence why Keg wouldn't have known about the other tricks up Lorenzo's sleeve.
  • The complete lack of reaction to being lit on fire by Beau, which did 1d6 damage a turn, seems very odd - but Oni regenerate a flat 10hp per turn as long as they're still alive, more than enough to ignore any damage from the fire.
    • Confirmed in episode 29.

If and when Mollymauk returns to the land of the living, he will do so with Lucien/Nonagon's memories as opposed to (or alongside) his own.

It would be an intriguing complication on the Nein's resurrection ritual, and would likely mark an even more serious character shift for Molly. It's also a great way of keeping the character in the story while maintaining long term consequences for things like player deaths at low levels.
  • Alternatively, he will be completely amnesiac again.
  • Heavily implied by Taliesin noting he wasn't sure Molly could be resurrected as himself.
  • In addition in Episode 57, we learn that anyone "consecuted" who dies within a certain radius of a Beacon is reincarnated. When Mollymauk died the were carrying the duodecahedron. There is a chance Mollymauk could be re-incarnated because of this.

Taliesin's new character will be either a Paladin, a Druid, or a Bard.

They're classes that aren't already used by members of the Mighty Nein, and are adept at giving healing and support, which the three Nein who haven't been kidnapped or killed need badly.
  • Jossed. His new character is Caduceus Clay, a Firbolg Grave Domain Cleric.

Beau is a Replacement Goldfish for a dead/missing older brother.

Her comment of "What if you had a childhood, but it was meant for someone else?" and her name being because her "father wanted a son" lead to this theory.

Ophelia Mardun is a vampire.

A couple of details suggest she is a vampire tiefling.
  • Her general presence, when we see her in her mansion, is similar to how vampires were portrayed in old movies.
  • She travels in a closed carriage (for privacy reasons, but still).
  • She draws blood from the Gentleman.
  • When Caduceus uses Eyes Of The Grave, Mercer is quite specific about the range - within sixty feet, there are no undead. Maybe because Ophelia already wandered further than that?

There is another Hexblade in the world (quite possibly Vandren, Fjord's old captain), that consumes swords.

The party has already found two swords (one from the merrow, the other bought at Pumat's), which used to be enchanted. Both swords have missing blades.
  • The party in Episode 37 is suspecting Captain Avantika of this.
  • Captain Avantika reveals that Vandren had the exact same sword that Fjord now wields. It would probably have had the same powers then, so... Confirmed?

The Dodecahedron has some connection to the Raven Queen

Both the Dodecahedron and the Queen's domain feature a vast network of interconnected threads that represent people's lives and decisions.

The highway man, whom the MIX passed along the way in E32 was Vandren, Fjord's old captain.

The way Mercer described them - tanned skin, salt-and-pepper long hair (and mask, covering their mouth) - got Travis concerned. At the time, Fjord was obscured by the illusion of the cart, so the highway man couldn't have seen him.

Mollymauk will return... as an NPC

He'll wake up in his grave again, either (as speculated on above) with Lucien's memories or with no memories, like last time. Either way, if it were no longer Taliesin Jaffe playing the character, then it would confirm what Molly said about him being a totally different person after he woke up in the ground.

The Beacon has something to do with Lucien's revival into Mollymauk

The Beacon is said to have the power to allow populations to sustain themselves and live again, just like Molly did. Could Lucien's old crew have been messing with that kind of magic, even if unaware?

Caleb's apparent desire to turn back the past will come into conflict with Caduceus's belief that there's a natural order to life

At the very least, it doesn't seem like something Caduceus would approve of. Maybe Caduceus would show a more aggressive side if he knew Caleb was attempting to reverse someone's death or change the course of life.

Dairon is actually a double agent, working for Xhorhas

She disobeyed orders not to go behind enemy lines, and is staying there for much longer than anticipated. Seems suspicious.
  • Her apparent hatred of "Cricks" could very easily be an act — she prides herself on self-control, so she would probably be good at deception.

Marian Lavorre can cast Disguise Self

A bit of Fridge Brilliance here, as this spell would have allowed her to keep performing while pregnant with Jester and her audience would be none the wiser. She'd simply turn away all clients at the time to keep the illusion of her chastity going. Plus, it was established that she can cast Thaumaturgy like her daughter.
  • She might also use this spell to maintain her relative youth and famed beauty.
  • It's worth noting that per 5e rules, all tieflings have the ability to cast Thaumaturgy as a racial thing. It's not necessarily a "magic user" thing as much as it is a "Tiefling" thing. That being said, this WMG could still work.

Caleb Widogast isn't his real name

A guy who's on the run, makes deliberate attempts to hide himself by looking like a beggar, and casts an alarm around his sleeping area every night wouldn't be stupid enough to use his real name. He gives his name freely even to clearly suspicious people, indicating that he doesn't care who knows it.
  • Confirmed in episode 49.

Caleb's escape from the asylum was actually planned by Trent Ikithon

Trent could have easily killed Caleb after his breakdown, but he kept him alive, presumably because he felt he could use Caleb again in the future. But he couldn't trick him the same way twice, so after letting him stay in the asylum for a couple years, he had someone surreptitiously heal Caleb, then let him escape. He sacrificed one of his own men (Trent has shown that he doesn't mind sacrificing those loyal to the empire) so that Caleb could kill him and acquire the amulet, which doesn't protect Caleb at all, but keeps tabs on him from far away. His intent is to let Caleb become strong again and overcome his fear of fire, before once again manipulating Caleb into joining his side.
  • Given the reveal in Episode 49 that Trent is training proteges in dunamancy, it's even possible that Trent wants Caleb to figure out how to bend time. Maybe that's why he had Caleb kill his parents in the first place.

Yeza gave Nott the title "The Brave"

It doesn't seem like she was particularly respected in her goblin clan, so why would they have given her that name? Yeza seems like the most likely contender.
  • Alternately, the title was given to her by the other goblins, but they meant it sarcastically.

Astrid is/was a transmutation wizard

And transmuted food into poison when she killed her parents.

Astrid was the woman in the asylum who cured Caleb

What if she secretly went behind Trent's back, disguised herself as a patient, and cured Caleb?

Lady Briarwood worked with Trent Ikithon

As speculated here. Lady Briarwood “worked at an Academy [in Wildemount]," which may have been the Soltryce Academy. Both are evil and manipulative.

Captain Avantika was the mage who assisted in Lucien's ritual.

If Molly/Lucien's tattoos did, in fact, have something to do with Uk'otoa, then this would be another connection point between Molly and Fjord.
  • Unlikely, due to Avantika's timeline of piracy predating Lucien's ritual by at least 8 years.

Nott will multiclass into gunslinger.

She's shown a strong interest in black powder, guns, and mechanics, and is intelligent and dextrous.

Caleb was an Evocation wizard under Trent Ikithon

... And only started focusing on Transmutation after he left the asylum (or possibly, after he met the Mighty Nein, since wizards choose Arcane Traditions at level 2).
  • He often uses Evocation spells/cantrips when he’s in stressful situations, almost as if that’s what he reverts to when he’s stuck.
  • His early cantrips included Dancing Lights and Fire Bolt, which are both Evocation cantrips, and while that doesn’t necessarily mean anything, it could be a hint that this was the most basic magic he learned when studying, and therefore what he remembers years later.
  • It also makes sense that a future war mage would train in Evocation, while someone who’s decided to bend reality would train in Transmutation.
  • confirmed in Talks Machina.

The third Cloven Crystal of Uk'otoa has already been used.

  • The traitor who blew up Fjord's ship (Sabien) stole it, and was the third Chosen, as hinted to in Fjord's dream. Therefore, at the second temple, Fjord will have the choice of accepting his powers and releasing Uk'otoa right there in front of Captain Avantika, or choosing not to and provoking her wrath.
  • Jossed in Episode 44, when the Cloven Crystal was found.

Vandren is alive.

He's at the bottom of the sea, pinned down by his own ship. And he's either using the Gift of the Depths invoication, or he's casting Water Breathing on himself every day...
  • Seemingly Jossed when the M9 found the ship but not Vandren there..
    • Seemingly Jossed and not-jossed. Vandren is alive, but not ocean-bound.

Captain Avantika is alive, and the one executed was Vera - using either Disguise Self or Seeming to look like Avantika.

Following Episode 43, and given what we know about their skilled with magic, blindly trusting followers, it stands to reason this happened:
  • Avantika disappeared under deck at the end of the battle.
  • Vera is a potent spellcaster (Mass Suggestion means she's an 11th lvl spellcaster, or using powerful magic items).
  • The very first thing Avantika says during the trial is not with her usual French accent.
  • The intelligent, high Wisdom and Charisma Captain wouldn't have kept their mouth shut, and would at least try to twist their words, as to not speak a deliberate lie. Instead - silence.
    • Actually since Disguise Self is concentration and would have faded with death this doesn't make sense. That said, Vera could be alive and a future problem.
    • Disguise Self and Seeming are NOT Concentration spells. The jig would be up as soon as someone touched the features of "Avantika", though.

Gustav is actually Vandren in disguise.

During episode 47 after Fjord's disappointment in not seeing a vision of Vandren after unlocking the second seal keeping Uk'otoa at bay, Caduceus speaks with the Wildmother to ask her about Vandren. She responds that he's laying low and trying to make amends. Now who else does Caduceus know for a fact is also trying to make amends for past mistakes? Gustav.
  • Unlikely, because Gustav was running the circus for two years before the start of the story, and Vandran only "drowned" six months before.

The circus performance in Episode 1 was all foreshadowing for the three demi-gods on the mural in the Temple of the False Serpent

  • The first act depicts "a teacher in a mystical serpent," who bestows "gifts" on two people, who "tangle and wrap like two battling snakes." This is very reminiscent of Uk'otoa, and the two people could be Gustav and Avantika, who both got Uk'otoa's gives before eventually turning on each other.
  • Gustav then explains: "In a flash, beyond the ash, the gods all went and gone. The darkness came to grasp, reclaim, and suffocate the dawn." This is exactly what happened to with the demi-gods after the Divergence; they were left in the darkness by the gods that created them.
  • The second act depicts a fire-creature, portrayed by a woman waving "a pair of metallic fans, alight with flame." This is reminiscent of the fire-bird.
  • The last act portrays terrible crawling beasts from Xhorhas. What else crawls and is from Xhorhas? The worms, both in Yasha's dream and that attacked Felderwin. What's the last demi-god on the wall? Oh yeah, a worm.
  • If it's truly foreshadowing, then maybe Gustav knew something he shouldn't. Maybe that's why he's so guilty, and maybe he's trying to put out hints to the world.
  • Confirmed at a con event by Matt Mercer himself!

The fire-bird on the mural in the Temple of the False Serpent is Luxon

  • Luxon is the deity worshipped in Xhorhas that and "they seek to bring all under its burning banner." Given that the fire-bird in the temple would be a semi-deity and is burning, it's a possible correlation.

Fjord is a Deep Scion.

  • As outlined in this theory, when a shipwrecked person is about to drown, they're offered a deal with an undersea eldritch monster in exchange for their life - becoming a Scion. Fjord could've made this deal during his shipwreck backstory.
  • Scions are shapeshifters that “wear the mind and body of the person it once was as a sort of mask”, so Fjord could still retain some half-orc traits and most of his memories. Maybe his different accent is a remnant of his previous life? His weird dreams could be the psychic link manifesting between him and Uk'otoa that commands him.

Claudia Sheed and Lauren Schvine are the same person

  • Claudia is either using magic to change her appearance, or is a changeling of some sort. She miraculously had a buyer for her property hours after the Arch Richter's house exploded and the Beacon was stolen, and had to double check the name of the buyer even though she claimed it was an old friend. Additionally, her makeup is always described as being perfect, even in the middle of the night when the city is in a panic. This may not be the first time 'Claudia' has done this either, she may have killed the poor soul who's body is hidden in the basement of the Leaky Tap and taken their identity as well.

Caleb's "ultimate plan" to rewrite reality is causing a Grandfather Paradox

  • His self-loathing is so intense that he sees the only guaranteed path to avoid killing his parents is killing his younger self (or similarly preventing himself to be born) instead.
  • He might find that any other plan results in negligible changes or Rubber-Band History, so he turns to drastic measures.

Any Time Travel Escape requires an Equivalent Exchange of lives

  • Death in this universe is highly regulated by the Raven Queen, who doesn't tolerate cheaters. If Caleb manages to travel to the past with dunamancy, he would have to sacrifice two other lives to die in his parents' place.
  • One of those lives might be his own (given his self-hatred), but the other life would be an innocent party.

Alternatively, the cost of changing fate is much more than Equivalent Exchange.

The woman who 'killed' Lucien and Caleb's old flame Astrid are the same person

  • The woman was described as a 'spell slinger from the capital' very interested in some strange tome that Lucien had. Maybe it was Astrid after some artefact that Trent Ikithon wanted.

The woman who 'killed' Lucien is the unknown spell caster who turned Veth into a goblin, and/or possibly the unknown woman in the asylum who removed Bren's false memories.

  • Three separate characters have a mysterious figure who is critical to their backstory and set them down the path that lead to them meeting and traveling together. Maybe their fates are being guided by a third party.
    • This theory takes it Up to Eleven: The mysterious woman is actually Jester, who a future Caleb sent back to the past after mastering dunamancy. She does this to ensure that the Mighty Nein meet in the way they did, as any deviations from the "canon" timeline resulted in reality falling apart, or something equally horrific.

Crack Theory: Frumpkin is Artagan.

  • He just hangs around the Mighty Nein for the fun of it.
  • Maybe Caleb calling him "the Fey King" was genuinely out of respect?

Caleb will have to choose how to use Wish as a climatic event.

  • In a tense emotionally conflicting moment, Caleb will learn to cast ninth-level 'Wish' and has to choose between changing the past to save his parents (which would erase all of the Mighty Nein's deeds together), and using the spell to save the Mighty Nein from an impossible/unwinnable situation.
  • Maybe an option is to use 'Wish' to permanently restore Nott's body into being Veth the halfling.

The "Mighty Nein/Nine" Running Gag will be unintentionally resolved when the group actually ends up with nine members.

  • With the occasional appearance of several different Guest Star Party Members, perhaps one of them will become a full member (relatively speaking, given their scheduling).
  • Or Kiri will come back with a massive Took a Level in Badass.

Fjord will go through the whole campaign without getting into any permanent romantic relationship...

  • And then offhandedly mention that he was married and had a spouse back home the whole time.

Beau's younger brother will be kidnapped and/or used in some economic/political negotiations.

  • He could be kidnapped by human traffickers or a rival wine-making company or something, and Beau's parents reach out to hire the Mighty Nein to track down the culprits. Beau would have to confront whether her brother is worth having a connection to, even if her parents aren't.

Part of Beau's character development will be taking The Leader position.

  • Beau's history (distrusting authority, cutting off ties to her family) contrasts with her attachment to the Mighty Nein and looking out for everyone's safety while on missions. This could eventually develop into her being the person that the other members look to for overall direction.
  • Fjord and Caleb have higher Charisma, but Fjord's long-term strategic difficulties and Caleb's lack of trust in the team still need time to be sorted out.

Alternatively, The Leader position fluctuates through the whole campaign according to different arcs.

  • The Mighty Nein are too chaotic to really adhere to one singular authority, even amongst themselves. Whoever takes the lead in the moment is based on whoever has the most convincing strategy (or whoever acts first).
  • As certain arcs pertain to specific characters on a personal level, that character will be more involved in determining the team's approach (i.e. a Jester-heavy arc will have her calling more shots).

Beau's father was told bad advice by a fortuneteller, which negatively affected his relationship with Beau

  • Beau's dislike of Molly's fortunetelling and general "card-reading" tricks; in episode 1 she asked Molly if he ever gives bad advice, sounding concerned for the clients following his every word.
  • When discussing her father, Beau says "he's not a bad man, more like he had bad... direction". Beau's father was so sure that he would have a son when Beau was born - perhaps unreasonably so? Perhaps he'd gone to a fortuneteller for advice, and was maybe told something like "your son will be a blessing for the family" or "a son will bring you success, a daughter will bring you failure."
  • Whatever the fortuneteller told him, Beau's father might've believed them to the point of neglecting Beau and focusing on producing a male heir for the company instead.

The original Molly's soul is in the Beacon.

He was taking a part of a ritual of consecution, and whatever soul occupied the Empty Body afterwards was the Molly we came to love. This, of course, means Molly (the original, at least) may come back.

The Cerberus Assembly was also kidnapping the Empire kids who remember their past lives as consecuted Kryn Dynasty souls

  • The Assembly was experimenting on the stolen Beacon to try and learn more about dunamancy, when a bunch of nearby adolescent kids started acting weird (not all of them would be able to keep 100% quiet about experiencing strange new memories and knowing a completely foreign system of magic).
  • The Assembly takes interest, and tried to take these kids in for further study/questioning/experimentation; to learn more about dunamancy, and also to learn more about the Kryn Dynasty's strength and movements.
  • Some kids are kidnapped in secret, some are handed over by their parents (freaked out by their behavior), and some might go willingly (if they're also freaked out).
  • It became a race between the Empire kidnapping these kids for study, and the Dynasty kidnapping them to return them to their old lives.

Caleb, Astrid, and Eodwulf are already reborn consecuted souls, and their memories of past lives were wiped by Trent.

  • Beacons store consecuted souls coming from bodies that die within their ranges, and the Cerberus Assembly was experimenting on a Beacon within the Empire. What if three Kryn spies in the Empire (or just three consecuted souls) died within the Beacon's range, and were reborn into those three kids?
  • The Cerberus Assembly might've tried to get access to reborn Kryn souls more subtly, by scouting out kids with strange affinities towards magic and recruiting them into a regulated environment for study and testing - like enrollment in Soltryce Academy.
  • Once the three kids begin recalling memories of their past lives, Trent would've questioned and interrogated them for knowledge about the Kryn Dynasty, as well as any knowledge of dunamancy they might have. Afterwords, the three kids could be experimented on (like imbedding crystals in their arms to try and access dunamancy). Finally, after wiping their memories of being Kryn entirely, they could also trained to be Empire-loyal interrogators and executioners in order to take down the Dynasty they once served in previous lives.

Dairon's personal hatred of the Kryn came from someone close to her being a reborn consecuted soul

  • Perhaps the "many lives lost" she experienced at the hands of the Kryn was a Xhorhassian "kidnapping" gone wrong. Maybe a young kid close to her started remembering their past lives in the Dynasty, and Kryn operatives sent to retrieve them ended up killing several innocent Empire citizens in the process.

Beau's younger brother will be kidnapped, and it will be because he is a reborn consecuted soul, and some members of the Kryn Dynasty will try to get him back into Xhorhas.

  • If one of the Beacons within the Empire was being held somewhere near Kamordah, it would be within range for a consecuted Kryn soul to be reborn into the body of a human boy, specifically Beau's brother.
  • Beau's parents would likely try to get their son back at all costs even if he might have willingly gone with the Kryn once he remembers his past lives, so they may reach out to hire the Mighty Nein to track down their son. If Beau finds out why her brother was kidnapped, she would have to choose whether his life would be better off with their parents in the Empire, or living in Xhorhas as a reborn Kryn.

Nott's son, Luc Brenatto, is a reborn consecuted soul

  • Being around 5 years old and living in Felderwin, he might have been born within the range of one of the Beacons within the Empire, and gained a reborn Kryn soul.
  • His distant reaction toward his mother returning home is likely trauma from the Xhorhassian attack, but on top of that he could also be getting strange memories of his past lives that he doesn't understand.
  • While Yeza Brenatto was working with the Cerberus Assembly to study the Beacon, perhaps Vess DeRogna noticed something in Luc that caught her eye... If the Mighty Nein return to Felderwin, they might find that Luc has been kidnapped by the Cerberus Assembly for "further study" of reborn consecuted souls and their connection to Dunamancy.
    • That last part is Jossed, at least for now. Luc and his caretaker Edith have been safely escorted to Nicodranas by Shakaste.

The Cerberus Assembly is using the Soltryce Academy as a full-blown School for Scheming

  • Along with Trent using Soltryce to scout out kids for his covert executioner training, Vess De Rogna comments that "the Academy’s eyes for talent proves itself again" in regards to coercing Yeza into studying the Beacon. Perhaps Soltryce's acceptance rates cater specifically to finding magically talented individuals willing to do their bidding.
  • Perhaps if Fjord's application letter had been sent like intended, he and his powers would be at their mercy...

The Traveller is not a god yet, he is a demi-god.

  • In episode 31, the Traveller encourages Jester to make lots of friends, and he specifically says we need more friends. He is seeking to become a god with Jesters unknowing help.

Yasha's dead wife Zuala is secretly Not Quite Dead.

The entity/organization responsible for the demon rifts originated from outside Wildemount entirely.

  • Wildemount has been connected to some Campaign 1 villains (namely the Briarwoods and Ripley) in the past, so perhaps the demon rifts are actually masterminded by something from another continent like Tal'Dorei, Issylra, Marquet, or the Shattered Teeth, rather than any forces within Wildemount itself.

The rifts are being caused by the Cobalt Soul, specifically Dairon, on the orders of the Cerberus Assembly or King Bertrand Dwendal.

  • Beau's certainly suspicious and hoping that this isn't the case, but the facts line up too well to discount the possibility:
    • Dairon's in deep cover within Xhorhas, and she was physically in Aserius when the Nein disabled that rift.
    • Dairon's robes are multiple shades of blue.
    • Dairon was keeping her mission really secret.
    • Dairon has some grudge or prejudice against Xhorhas.
    • The Cobalt Soul would have the information to build weird magical devices.
    • The Cerberus Assembly, knowing who could build what (on Dwendal's orders or without his knowledge), would want to try something untraceable, so they would use a third party, specifically a spy who would not lead others to her true mission...

Fjord and Jester are related.

  • Jester's dad has had many exploits.
  • Judging by his appearance, Fjord is not a typical half-orc, and has a connection to the sea.
  • It would be freaking funny, with all the flirting between them.

Fjord is going to have to get a new patron.

  • Uk'otoa is very clearly an evil god. At somepoint he is either going to have to find a new patron, or become an evil NPC. More then likely he will find a new patron with the same pact, and his arc after that will be trying to reseal Uk'otoa. Possible deities/entities include:
    • The Traveler. Given that the Traveler is a fey entity (and as previously speculated, possibly Artagan), maybe at Traveler Con Fjord will take interest and make a pact of the Archfey with the Traveler.
    • The Luxon. Fjord's already asked around Xhorhas about how the Kryn Dynasty worships the Luxon, and is familiar with the Beacons from using the dodecahedron for Fragments of Possibility. He might be curious enough to try anything.
    • The Wildmother. While Caduceus embodies her domain over the wilderness, the Wildmother is also the goddess of the sea; guiding passage for ships and preventing people from washing away in storms. This might be a good fit for Fjord, although whether he can make a true warlock "pact" with her is unknown.
      • Honestly that is up to the DM and the player. I have played games where warlocks have formed pacts with elementals, primal spirits (so spirtual embodiments of animals, plants and forces of nature), and archangels. Its just going to come down to where Fjord takes his decision, and how homebrewed Matt Mercer wants to get.

Shadowhand Essek is (more or less) genuinely trying to be helpful to the Mighty Nein.

  • His actions do come across as very suspicious, like being skilled enough in Dunamancy to work at the Bright Queen's court, wanting to know who Yeza worked for and report his experiments, and suddenly presenting the Mighty Nein with a free Rosohnian house (that could easily be bugged with magical listening spells/devices). However, Essek could possibly just have a benign interest in the group, or could be unaware of the manipulative intentions the Kryn Dynasty might have for them.

King Bertrand Dwendal is involved in secret military experiments for the Empire, and has been from the beginning.

  • From Campaign 1, Dr. Anna Ripley developed military technology for the Dwendalian Empire before she was caught doing illegal human and biological experiments, and King Dwendal ordered her arrest. However, it's possible that she was not working alone, and in fact was part of a larger network of political corruption. When certain experiments were uncovered by an outside source, King Dwendal made her the fall-guy for whatever was revealed, and continued the rest of them in secret.
  • Now in Campaign 2, the possibility exists that King Dwendal personally orchestrated the creation of the "Scourgers" (royal assassins, or "Vollstrecker") in order to carry out covert political missions for the Empire. Given the close ties of the Cerberus Assembly to the royal Dwendalian house, he might actively be involved in their schemes rather than merely a Puppet King.

Gustav was the previous leader of the Gold Chain Mercenaries.

  • He could be trying to "make amens" for killing people for money, and went with a travelling circus so he could make money by bringing people joy instead. He felt responsible for the Trostenwald killer as he wanted to avoid causing any more deaths in his new life.

The Tide's Breath was illegally smuggling stuff (like stolen goods or slaves).

  • Fjord could feel guilty about following Vandren's orders when the ordinary merchant crew started breaking the law. Sabien could have blown up the ship to hide the evidence, or he was payed off to sabotage the ship by other competing smugglers.
  • Alternatively, only Sabien was using the Tide's Breath for smuggling, and Vandren caught him - so he took the whole ship down to silence any witnesses.

The drow are responsible for the Ghostlands and the Greying Wildlands.

  • The first Luxon Beacon was likely found on the site of Rosohna/Ghor Dranas and another may have been found in the Savalierwood. The Dynasty's removal of the Beacons from their original locations (and subsequent use of them to "perfect" themselves) has disrupted the normal passage of souls through Exandria, leaving countless restless spirits trapped in the mortal world.

Both sides are being played. At some point we are going to find out the Kryn Dynasty and the Dwendalian Empire are being manipulated to fight each other.

  • At some point rifts will start opening up in the Dwendalian empire as well. At that time we will find out that a third force has been playing both sides against each other so that demons can assault the prime material plane.
    • Rifts have already been opening in the Dwendalian empire as per Dairon's information exchange with Beau. It's looking more likely there is a third side profiting from the war.

Yasha's "missing time" involved a Deal with the Devil to kill her entire tribe.

  • The fiend she's seeing in her dreams could be someone she made a pact with after running away from her wife's execution. She returned as a Crusading Widower / Vengeful Widow, then went on a Roaring Rampage of Revenge and slaughtered her whole tribe. The "missing time" could be either the fiend's price for her deal, or it might've been the Stormlord's way of saving her from a complete mental breakdown so she could eventually redeem herself. Her moniker of "Orphan-Maker" could've come from this moment of slaughter instead of given to her by the tribe.

Fjord's backstory is true, except for one thing: he was the one who blew up the Tide's Breath.

  • While working for Vandren, he could have actually been the jerkish figure that he described Sabien as being, and got into a situation where he decided to blow up the boat (whether being paid off to do it, or hiding illegal goods, or something else). He was caught in the act by Sabien, who tried to stop him and may be currently hiding from Fjord or hunting him down for revenge.
  • Since then, Fjord had a change of heart and is trying to find Vandren to come clean and make it up to him, as well as finding Sabien to explain and maybe end his quest for vengeance. Fjord could've twisted the truth out of guilt or shame for who he was back then, and is trying to reinvent himself into a better person by putting himself in Sabien's shoes.

Fjord will become an Oath of the Ancients Paladin of the Wildmother

  • Fjord wants a way out of his pact with Uk'otoa, preferably in a way so that he doesn't lose his powers. The Wildmother has already offered him some degree of protection from Uk'otoa's wrath once, and it seemed to also affect how his spellcasting feels for him, implying that she could help maintain his Warlock power level once he finds a way to cut off Uk'otoa. A multiclass would be a good way to reflect the change of patron. Cleric and Druid are off the table, as his Wisdom is way too low to meet the minimum threshold for the multiclassing requirements for those classes, but Paladin would only require that he use his level 12 Ability Score Increase to put a couple more points into Strength, after which point he could take his last eight levels in Paladin. He'd go Oath of the Ancients, probably, because the natural trappings of that Oath mesh pretty perfectly with the tenets of the Wildmother's worship. From a game mechanics standpoint, it meshes well, since his already maxed-out Charisma can also be used for Paladin spells, and his weapon strikes already run off Charisma due to being a Hexblade. And it wouldn't be the first time that a Critical Role protagonist found religion and multiclassed into Paladin halfway through the campaign, either.
    • Fjord does not even need to do that. Plenty of GM's have bent the rules to allow someone to multiclass if the scores are close enough. Nothing is stopping Matt from ruling that an 11 strength is good enough to multiclass. Alternatively Matt is a creative GM, and it would not be that hard to come up with a warlock variant that has a pact with the Wildmother herself. Remember the basic idea of the warlock class is just making a pact with a being of power, that being could be fey, eldritch, or fiendish. But they could also just as easily be divine, elemental, arcane, celestial/angelic, druidic/nature based, or even draconic. Would honestly just be changing the flavor of some spells, an example would be armor of agythys would be bark or coral wrapping around him as protection and dealing radiant damage now, and maybe altering some pact abilities to have more of nature feel and effect.
    • Half confirmed! Fjord has indeed cross classed into Paladin, though what Sacred Oath he will take once he reaches Paladin level 3 has yet to be seen.

Dwueth'var is an evolving magic item

  • The reason Travis has not shared the information is because a lot of the abilities will unlock as he earns more paladin levels. Possibly strong enough to count as a Holy Avenger sword.

The Traveller is not Artagan, as was speculated. It's The Demon Prince Graz'zt.

  • He is:
    • A fiend, prone to concubines, so was naturally drawn towards The Ruby of the Sea,
    • An excessive magical powers user, which he tends to "lend" to others,
  • The problem with this theory is that Artagan has been confirmed to be an Archfey. Wich means he can not be a demon, fiend, celestial, or anything that is not tied to the feywild. As per D&D rules you can only be an Archfey, or a demon, or a devil, or a celestial. Not some sort of combination, the exception is if you are a mortal being. However beings of power equal to Artagan can only be one, and it has been confrimed by Matt Mercer that Artagan is an Archfey.

Zadash will be the epicenter of a powerful magic ritual.

  • It is in equidistance from Nicodranas, Uthodurn and Rosohna. Those are three cities that mirror the three old deities we've seen so far (Uk'otoa, The Luxon and the third one). So, in a fashion similar to what Uk'otoa wanted to accomplish (undo three locks, so the one in the center can be released), a ritual will cause a calamity there.

Nott really is a Goblin.

  • She isn't a Halfling who was drowned and turned into a Goblin. She's a goblin who had a halfling's memories and persona magically grafted onto her as part of some sick joke.

Part of Vollstrecker training/graduation is forced sterilization.

  • Ala The Red Room from Marvel comics, for the same reasons as in said comics. Can’t get a higher commitment than the mission if you can’t get (someone) pregnant. It’s possible this came after the official ‘Graduation’, hence why Caleb hasn’t mentioned it, but I don’t think it’s a huge stretch to imagine Ikithon training the kids as honey pots for information gathering purposes.


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