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Due to the nature of most of the episodes, the creators of the channel encourage MWG about the episode.

The Birch and Mordeo are in the same universe
Possibly all of the shorts, but definitely at least those two (and if "Mayhem, Murder and Monsters: Bones Broken" is to be believed, also that one itself and The Look-See), because at the beginning of Mordeo there is a symbol that looks almost exactly like the symbol used in The Birch, only with the ring/circle missing. The same symbol (I believe the version from "The Birch"), as well as the Look-See's "If you yourself cannot release" note, appear in Bones Broken, as well, hinting at a greater universe.

The Look-See only targets people who either consciously or subconsciously want to let go
Going by the chronological supercut, we have:
  • A police officer who wants to let go of the death of a loved one behind her to focus on the case and get justice for him.
  • A woman who's already left her cheating husband and wants to let go of the last tie she has to the marriage.
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  • Said cheating husband's mistress, who is getting tired of only being on the side and wants to let go of being the side chick.
  • A man eating cake on his dead daughter's birthday who knows that he should move on and wants to let go of his grief.

It's very much a sink or swim type entity. It'll help you move past something, but if you don't 'accept' it's help, well... We've all seen what happens.


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