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As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

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Campaign 1: Vox Machina (2015-2017)

Campaign 2: The Mighty Nein (2018-Present)

    In General 
  • When asked about Tiberius' siblings on Twitter, Orion explained that they all happen to have metallic colors, while Tiberius is a chromatic color. While that might be expected to cause some tension to the usual assumption of metallic = good and chromatic = evil, Orion says the siblings get on very well. We even see a touch of this in episode 10, where Tiberius sends a magical letter to his brother Jerahd asking for any clues about K'Varn, and Jerahd replies as soon as he can and is sincerely sorry when he can't help his brother out.
    • Tiberius' love for his siblings is only emphasized in episode 21, where a threat upon them is the first thing in the show to drive him to legitimate rage.
  • The sheer outpouring of love and support from the fandom. For instance, doubling as a Funny Moment, when the initial run of t-shirts was announced live on the stream, they sold out before the announcement finished.
  • Ashley making a surprise appearance for the San Diego Comic-Con panel — as far as everyone else knew, she was in New York recording her show. Tears of Joy all around.
  • Starting June 19th, most of the cast and crew were away at E3, or recovering from it. During the rebroadcast marathon, viewership at times still reached 1500+ people. That shows that the fans are so dedicated to Critical Role. It's safe to say that Critter Love runs deep.
  • This piece of fanart showing Tiberius and Keyleth's friendship by Kit Buss, who provided the official art of the characters.
    • ...along with this one with Grog and Pike.
  • Clarota's journey with the party throughout their journey deeper into the Underdark was heartwarming in general. The team doesn't assume Always Chaotic Evil and were willing to ally with him, they stood up to Kima for his sake, and they were fully intending to keep their deal with him. Likewise, Clarota seemed to have opened up more, and while he was hardly friendly it's not a stretch to say he was far more comfortable. And then it all came crashing down the INSTANT K'Varn was slain and he decides to kill Vox Machina once their role was done.
  • The fans rallying around Orion when he revealed that he'd been diagnosed with cancer and was undergoing treatment. Similarly, support poured in from all corners for Liam when Critters found out that one of his family members had the disease. Orion has expressed his gratitude multiple times, and Liam did the same in a few very touching tweets.
  • After Orion announced he was leaving the show in Episode 29, he received a mass outpouring of support from the fanbase.
  • The Critmas videos that show all the fan stuff that the Critical Role fans send them and all the heartfelt letters and how much each gift and letter individually means to the entire group. The Critical Role players love every little thing they get no matter what it is and someone usually ends up so touched they cry and often say they don't think they're worthy but they love it all.
  • At Christmas in 2015, Liam surprised the entire cast with a gallery of fanart from various volunteer artists on Twitter. Everyone was very touched and shocked...and then he did it AGAIN for Valentine's Day.
  • It was revealed in a Q&A that Liam asked Matt before he revealed that Vax had feelings for Keyleth if it was alright since Matt and Marisha were dating and he didn't want it to be weird. Naturally, Matt was fine with it and it shows how much everyone trusts one another.
  • Honestly? The relationships between the entire group absolutely count as this, particularly when they occur in the background. From the blink-and-you'll-miss-it moments between Travis and Laura to the way Taliesin and Marisha cling to each other throughout the streams, the players behind Vox Machina are never shy about how much they adore each other. Everyone should have a gaming group as loving as this.
  • Before/during Momo Con 2016, there's this example of how much Matt loves the community.
  • Matt's reassurances to the fandom after they express concern for Gilmore in the wake of Episode 57. He just asks them to have faith and trust that he wouldn't resort to the tired Bury Your Gays trope. And he rewards that faith in a BIG way in the following episode.
  • This Periscope with Matt sharing the story of how he proposed to Marisha.
  • The Critmas episode of Talks Machina, especially the video of all of the Critters talking about how much Critical Role has meant to them and changed their lives for the better.
  • On Talks Machina, Liam noted that the only times he doesn't wear the Deathwalker's Ward is when he is asleep with Keyleth, as he feels safe with "a tank of a druid" next to him every night. And after Hotis was vanquished in Episode 93, he noted that now Vax feels safe enough to not have to wear the armor all the time.
  • According to Matt in the Campaign Wrap-Up, he made Vax Fate-Touched because he knew Liam was going through hard times in his life and wanted to give him something special.
  • Scanlan's letter to Pike to be opened upon his death, revealed post-campaign. In it, Scanlan professes his love and entrusts Kailey to Pike. According to Ashley, the letter was what caused Pike to start taking Scanlan's feelings seriously.

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