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As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

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    Episode 24: The Feast 
  • As with Keyleth's personal goals and backstory, Vox Machina is definitely behind Percy in his time of crisis, immediately and without question. Taliesin is so touched he actually starts crying.
    Percy: You don't have to get involved with this-
    Vex: Oh we are so involved in this!
    Grog: Yeah we do, you said you wanted them dead!
    Vex: We've got your back, darling!
    Vax: Percival, you don't really have a choice in the matter.
  • Scanlan and Tiberius's relationship has been somewhat rocky since the K'varn fight, but they finally bond again when Tiberius humbly asks Scanlan for help with Allura. Tiberius eventually scores a kind-of-date with her, and Scanlan gives him a high-five.
  • Scanlan sings a ballad to Sherrie, Gilmore's serious and beleaguered assistant...and she's actually really flattered!
  • Similar to Episode 14, there's some Played for Laughs Ho Yay will Gilmore...and then he and Vax depart to have another heartfelt chat, where Vax apologizes for not representing Gilmore's Glorious Goods better, and summarily tells Gilmore everything that happened in the Underdark, including the incredibly secret parts involving the Horn of Orcus. There's also the fact that Gilmore drops everything and teleports in from god knows where just because he hears Vax is around. They're clearly starting to care for each other quite sincerely, beyond the flirtation and the business relationship.
  • Vax buys three +1 Masterwork Daggers and goes to try and visit Kainan to give them to him and be true to his promise to train the boy when he's ready, only to find that he's run away from home and it's not the first time.
  • In the meta, it’s really sweet of Laura (not Vex but Laura) to try and dissuade Vax from pranking her husband’s character, because everyone knows how excited Travis/Grog was to finally grow a beard, and the VERY FIRST thing Vax/Liam does when Matt describes it is get shaving cream and shave one side while Grog is sleeping. Laura argues vehemently for the DM to deny this while Travis, having broken his mechanical pencil just stews because he knows it’s gonna happen. It’s funny, sad, and heartwarming all at the same time.

    Episode 25: Crimson Diplomacy 
  • When Vax falls unconscious to what he thinks is his death, he thinks about his friends he spent so much time with, but specifically Keyleth and Vex'ahlia.
    • He thinks specifically of Keyleth as "beautiful, walking under the trees" and of Vex as a child, as an adolescent, and as a strong woman as they explored and hiked together. His best friend. He also prayed to Sarenrae to keep his friends safe. Marisha and Laura were in tears after Liam explained Vax's thoughts.
    Vax: I think of my friends that I spent so much time with. I think of Keyleth, beautiful, walking under the trees. I think of my twin sister as a young girl, folding linens with our mother. I think of my sister as an adolescent in lessons, smarter then me. I think of the woman that she grew into, hiking over many, many, many miles together. My best friend. My best friend... Vex'ahlia. And before I can think no more, I say a prayer to Sarenrae to watch over my friends and keep them safe.
    • The moment Vax goes unconscious Vex (who along with the rest of VM are still separated from Vax) immediately feels a sense of dread and urgency to find and save her twin. She immediately quickens her pace. What makes this scene heartwarming is that Grog notices the sudden shift in Vex's movement and emotions and he instantly goes into a rage. He knows that Vex is in emotional pain which in turn means something has happened to Vax; the bond between each member of Vox Machina is strong enough to move a viewer to tears.
    • It may be coincidental dice luck but it is very fitting for Vex to land back-to-back critical hits on enemies moments away from killing her twin brother.
    • In the middle of the fight, after Vax comes back to consciousness after some healing, Percy shoots Sylas Briarwood who leans over him and almost killed him. Vax mutters smiling "Hi Percy"
    • Later on, he sincerely apologizes to the entire team for being a Fearless Fool, and apologizes in particular to Percy. Percy then gives him a heartfelt thanks for his risk.
    • In this same scene Grog manages to make an Offhand Backhand sweet.
    Grog: No one kills you but me.
  • Even though they barely know her, Vox Machina is immediately willing to help Lillith with her situation and invite her to stay the night at the keep.
  • Lillith tells the group that Zahra (her cousin) speaks quite fondly of them.

    Episode 26: Consequences and Cows 
  • Everyone is very kind to the captured carriage driver, vowing to protect him from his previous employers. Grog is particularly nice, going so far as to share his ale and give the kid a quick pep talk:
    Carriage Driver: No one's supposed to get away.
    Grog: There's always a first time.
  • Keyleth tells Tiberius that she's worried about his violent actions in the last episode asking if Tiberius is still "with them." And he responds, wholeheartedly, that he is, launching into a long speech about how he has sworn his loyalty to Vox Machina, and will not compromise on it.
  • Keyleth, Scanlan, Grog, Tiberius and Vex each comfort a BSODing Percy in their own way. In particular, Keyleth asks him if he needs anything while he works, and Vex lets him know that Trinket is outside to protect him (or to pet, if that will make him feel better).
    • Scanlan tries to joke that Percy should build a stepladder for the window to the workshop (so Scanlan can see in, without having to climb on Grog) and Percy, without a second thought, adds it to his list.note 
  • Meta-example: Taliesin Jaffe was sick for this episode, and there was an outpouring of get-well-soon messages on Twitter for him, while Taliesin watched the stream at home.
  • The entire roc side plot. The members of Vox Machina, spearheaded by Keyleth, are trying to make up for the violence of the previous evening. So they refuse payment for helping the farmers, they refuse to kill the roc or its druid protector, and they manage to come up with a solution that works for everyone with minimal sacrifice. With all that's going wrong for Vox Machina right now, that was a well-earned happy ending.

    Episode 27: The Path to Whitestone 
  • Percy and Keyleth's conversation in the makeshift cave is a little tense - Percy isn't telling Keyleth everything, although Keyleth's not aware of it - but it ends very sweetly, with a big hug between Taliesin and Marisha.

    Episode 28: The Sun Tree 
  • Orion is absent from this episode, but the cast wishes him a happy birthday (it was the previous day). The "happy birthday, buddy" from Travis is particularly heartwarming, given how bored and frustrated he was by Orion's player choices in the previous session.
  • Liam thanks a critter for sending him a stealthy-cloak and to a larger group of critters for the video they made to support him for a personal thing.
    Laura: We have the best fans.
  • A meta example but the entire end of this episode warms this tropers heart. Taliesin Jaffe thanks both Matt for letting him add his own interpretation of the titular sun tree as well as expresses his love for the group.
    Taliesin: I love you all so much! I love you so much.
  • Marisha has so much fun playing that she wants to keep going.

    Episode 29: Whispers 
  • Percy's exchange with Keeper Yennin is one of the only spots of sincere hope in a very dark episode. Not to mention it's a Moment of Awesome for Taliesin Jaffe's roleplaying skills. It's hard to believe it isn't scripted, that's how good it is:
    Percy: I have a prayer to give. I pray for a day to come when outside forces can rally the people of Whitestone again. That strangers may come and bring with them salvation, and that the people will seize it.
    Keeper Yennin: You speak with strange confidence for a traveler.
    Percy: (*handing him the symbol of the revolution*) Look for signs, Keeper Yennin. Look for signs.
    Keeper Yennin: Signs of what?
    Percy: Salvation.

    Episode 30: Stoke the Flames 
  • When Grog is trying to think of a code word, both he and Laura think of "Dorito" at the same time, and they high-five.
    Travis: Hah. Married.
  • In the middle of Vox Machina's tense conversation about Percy's smoke demon, Vex kisses Percy on the cheek to reassure him that they will take care of him. He has a pretty Adorkable stuttering reaction, too.
  • The fact that even though everyone in Whitestone has their own problems, Patrick cares about the abuse Scanlan-disguised-as-a-child pretends to have suffered, and tells him to come speak to him if his "father" hurts him again.
  • Percy manages to reunite with one of the very few surviving friends of his family, Archibald Desnay, who was his father's chancellor. The old man sheds Tears of Joy complete with a Dramatic Drop. He was skeptical of another uprising moments ago but just the sight of the long lost De Rollo son immediately gets him on board. The heartwarming continues as Archibald Desnay tells Percy that his sister Cassandra lives, too. Both Laura and Marisha are nearly crying, to say nothing of the look on Taliesin's face.
  • Sam's mom Lenore (affectionately known on Twitter as "Momlan") flew out from New York to watch the recording.

    Episode 32: Against the Tide of Bone 
  • Pike is back, and this episode really showcases how much of The Heart of the team she is.
    • Scanlan's first greeting to Pike is actually really sweet, too.
    Scanlan:Hey, let's kick some ass together, shall we?
  • Pike healing a wounded insurgent, who thought she was there to be the harbinger of his death. When Grog tells him to run, the soldier does... back into the battle! Grog mentions that he likes that guy!
  • Keyleth apologetically touches and heals Vax's hands that she had accidentally burnt with Heat Metal, and then Vax holds her hands in his. Vex, of course, kills the moment by walking between them.
  • At the end of his talk with Vax, Percy shows brief excitement over Cassandra's survival.
  • As the party feasts before marching into the manor, Scanlan of all characters makes a little It Has Been an Honor speech stating how much he loves the rest of the group (particularly Pike), acknowledging the justice of their mission and expressing a genuine hope to Percy that he finds redemption in it.

    Episode 33: Reunions 

    Episode 34: Race to the Ziggurat 
  • Laura leaving an event she was at early in order to make the session. She walks in wearing a stunning silver dress and heels just before they're about to start, everyone cheering, and the look on Travis' face says it all.
  • In the midst of perhaps the darkest episode of the show thus far, Keyleth tries to get through to Vax after he was charmed by the Briarwoods.
    Keyleth: You are stronger than this. You are stronger than them. You are not a Briarwood, you are Vox Machina, and we can't lose you... (beat) I can't lose you.
  • When Vex is on death's door due to Finger of Death, Vax immediately rushes over to give her a healing potion which doesn't work. With the help of the others he gets her to Pike to heal her which also doesn't work, then they get her out of the room and the entire time Vax is panicking like crazy and terrified he'll lose his twin sister and once she regains consciousness he's able to relax a little. We already knew how much the twins loved one another, but it's always really heartwarming to see how far they'll go for one another.
  • At the beginning of the episode, Vax asks if Percy would rush in to danger to save Vex, if necessary. Percy immediately replies that he would, which is sweet enough on its own. But in the scene described above, when Vex is unconscious in the ziggurat, Percy not only knocks out Lady Briarwood immediately after Vex falls, but also leaps off the wall of the temple to save her and takes a handful of damage in the process. He kept his word.

    Episode 35: Denouement 
  • The entire awkward moment between Vax and Keyleth at the base of the Sun Tree after liberating Whitestone.
    Vax: I wore a mask for a long time where I grew up, and I'm not going to do that anymore. I'll wait.
    Keyleth: Wait?
    Vax: For you. [...] Don't do anything. Don't change anything. I haven't lied; I've told the truth. If you'll have me, I'm yours. If you don't want me, I understand. And that's all there is to say. (to Matt) And then I actually walk off.
  • Although he barely reacts to it, there's something sweet about the fact that Vex remembers Percy's full name when he's in danger of being possessed by Orthax. (And it's simultaneously pretty funny because Vex remembers it, but Laura's reading it off a cheat sheet.)
  • Percy making sure Grog would knock him out if he went too far and Grog agreeing. The trust between Percy and the others shows through here.
  • Percy finally being free of Orthax for good once Pepperbox/The List was thrown into the acid and Orthax was slain. It takes a Running Gag of "Scanlan trying to burrow Percy's gun" and turns it an expression of friendship, by using "Friends". It's also a funny moment because Taliesen is complaining about how much that gun cost Percy to make while Percy has been afflicted with Hold Person. Keyleth cast it to keep him from hurting himself.
  • Doubles as a CMOF, but Percy and Cassandra returning to some semblance of normal siblinghood at the end of his pepperbox being disposed of and Cassandra slapping her brother.
    Percy: You were never Mother's favorite! She told me!
  • Everything that happens after VM leave the castle qualifies. To wit:
    • Seeing a group of humanoid shapes coming up the path. The party is convinced they're the undead army, only for Matt to reveal they are the victorious villagers, who have succeeded in their revolution.
    • Keyleth turning into an air elemental and clearing the clouds away so people can see the sunlight for the first time in 5 years.
    • Keyleth talking to the Sun Tree and realizing that- while not fully alive- it's starting to wake up.
    • Vax affirming his love for Keyleth, and telling her that he'll wait for her until she figures things out.
    • Keeper Yennin thanking the party for their contribution to freeing the people of Whitestone and pledging to protect the Sun Tree.
    • The reveal that Whitestone isn't such a ghost town as they thought. And that people are, for the first time in half a decade, coming out onto the streets, bringing their food with them, and throwing an impromptu party under the Sun Tree.
    • Percy decides to show mercy to the last of the "new nobles" working for the Briarwoods. Orthax is no longer whispering in his ear and he is no longer driven by revenge.

    Episode 36: Winter's Crest in Whitestone 
  • Grog spends the weeks leading up to the festival doing all the heavy lifting for the reconstruction. Then he refuses payment for this and his part in liberating Whitestone, instead asking for the townsfolk to simply refill his cask of ale. He then insists on sharing this ale with everyone.
  • Keyleth revitalizes the farming district, leading to the best harvest the people have seen in over five years. While doing so she notices a dead raven. She cleans it up and makes it into a Winter's Crest gift for Percy.
  • The team get a pair of Gate Stones from Lillith and Zahra. Percy later decides to give one of them to Cassandra in case of emergency for either of them.
  • A subtle one, but Scanlan wishes to use part of the party's gold to build a library for the people of Whitestone.
  • Turns out Vex had found Vax's Serpent Belt offscreen before Vox Machina went to Whitestone. She returns it as a Winter's Crest gift. He gives her a hug and tells her loves her and will always be with her.
  • Percy gives Cassandra a You Are Better Than You Think You Are when she expresses doubts about running Whitestone in his absence.

    Episode 37: A Musician's Nostalgia 
  • Matt found out his parents watch the show, and the way he says "My parents are Critters."
  • Everyone's return to Greyskull Keep and returning in Sarenrae's temple and finding a sleeping Pike. Everyone is just so happy to see her and Grog hugs her super tightly.
  • Everyone seeing Tiberius off is this as well as a Tear Jerker about ten episodes in the making.
    • The first thing Scanlan does upon seeing Tibsy? Hug him from behind.
    • That Tiberius's last scene in the series includes the perfect sendoff of one of his most beloved Running Gags. When he says he's returning to Draconia, Scanlan gives a mock-shocked "Are you from Draconia?" Tiberius is surprised for a moment, then chuckles. Awww.
  • Uriel offers his heartfelt apologies for the whole Briarwoods mess, putting Vox Machina back on the Council.
    • Percy suggests that the reason Uriel has had his mind corrupted twice now is because he's good at heart.
  • Scanlan has a surprise reunion with his old performance troupe on Vox Machina's way to tracking down Daxio, and later lets Kaylie win their flutist duel even though he could have won.

    Episode 38: Echoes of the Past 
  • Grog and Pike matching shots is this, just watching two best friends having a few drinks together.
  • Scanlan manages to gently talk down a vengeful Kaylie (who had just revealed herself to be his daughter), helped by a very timely natural 1 on his potential opponent's end.
  • Vax admits to Gilmore that he's in love with Keyleth, and for the most part he takes it pretty well.
  • The honest joy (from both characters and players) at the unexpected encounter with Gilmore, and Gilmore's delight (played through Mercer) in return. Followed by Gilmore happily blowing the cost of a Heroes' Feast just to celebrate the "special occasion" of the chance meeting. Even aside from Gilmore's crush on Vax, the two parties have long grown past mere business partners.

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