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As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

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     Episode 39: Omens 
  • Scanlan and Kaylie having a father/daughter moment in breaking out of jail.
  • An easy to miss one, but after Vax and Vex argue about what their purpose is, Laura pours some Pepsi from her can into Liam's cup and Liam drinks it. It's like they really are siblings. It's a great little moment.
  • While it is also quite the tearjerker the fact that as soon as Vox Machina realizes Gilmore was standing next to them when the dragon attacked, they immediately start rolling perception checks to see where he is. It just goes to show how much they truly care.

     Episode 40: Desperate Measures 
  • While also played for Laughs, Pike using Grog as cover also is heartwarming to see more of their friendship relationship play out. Like they've done this more than once in their lives.
  • A meta one for Laura and Travis when Matt describes the results of Pike's high Insight role on Grog as "a simple mind looking for a simple solution to a complex problem." They never show favoritism towards each other while the game is going, but Travis being naturally a good sport about the burn mimes patting out flames on himself, and Laura breaks character long enough to hug him while laughing her butt off. It's really just one of several times to see how close everyone really is in reality.
  • There's a lot of subterfuge and douchebaggery in the scene where Percy and Grog are fighting over the skull, but Percy does give one plea to Vex that comes across as sincere.
    Percy: Vex - trust me. Or pick who you trust. I trust your judgment.
  • Doubling as a Tear Jerker, in the midst of a rather painful scrying ritual when Keyleth and Allura discover the village of Pyrah utterly destroyed due to Thordak escaping the Plane of Fire and Keyleth thinking that it was her fault, Allura calms her down and reassures her that it was not solely her burden, but rather it was now a shared burden now between Allura and Vox Machina.
  • Also doubling as a Tear Jerker, Vax and Vex reaffirming their bond with each other and promising to take out Thordak as revenge for their mother being murdered and their hometown Byroden having been destroyed by the Cinder King.
  • After the vicious attack on Greyskull Keep by Vorugal the ancient white dragon, it's good to see Vox Machina and the keep's staff bringing what survivors they could save inside and tending to their needs.

     Episode 41: In Ruins 
  • Vex'ahlia showing herself to be a Benevolent Boss who gives Jarrett 300 gold to look after the place since he's gone above and beyond the call of duty and to use the gold to help as need be. She then tries to give him 100 gold that's personally his which he declines, but admires the generosity.
  • The moment Vox Machina and Garthok see Gilmore's Glorious Goods being looted, they immediately tell the looters to fuck off because it's Gilmore's place.
  • Gilmore's alive but badly wounded. Pike, Keyleth, and Vex'ahlia help heal him and Vax cradles his head. When he wakes up, all of Vox Machina is just so happy to see he's still alive as he tries to make jokes and show the best of him.
  • Uriel's wife and children are alive and as well as they can be and it turns out Gilmore got them to safety before he passed out. They're offered a place of rest at Greyskull Keep and happily accept.
    • Sherry's loyalty to her boss Gilmore as she protects him and Uriel's family the entire time they're underground and when they're heading to Greyskull Keep.
    • As Vox Machina is discussing whether or not to use a secret passage, the children offer a moment of levity by excitedly asking if they can see it. Keyleth can't say no, and that's what ultimately makes the decision for them.

     Episode 42: Dangerous Dealings 
  • Vax reveals to Vex how far he's gone to protect her when they were back in Westruun. Some creep wanted Vex'ahlia for some reason (Fridge Horror gives the obvious answers) and in exchange, Vax put himself at the beck and call of the Clasp and had some pedophile used in her place to make sure his sister was safe. She is shocked and creeped out that someone wanted her, but incredibly grateful that her brother went so far for her.
  • Depending on how you view it, after cutting ties with the Clasp, Vax asks Keyleth to burn off the mark of the guild on his back. She does so, and Vax insists on keeping the mark of her hand there. It's most likely symbolism that she'll always have his back.
  • Almost immediately after an argument with Percy, Keyleth fails a stealth check and attracts the attention of a wyvern. Despite the fact that there was still tension between them at the time, Percy is the first to react, and he jumps in to hide her with an illusion.
    Percy: One day you're going to stop being afraid of me, by the way.
  • Percy and Cassandra see each other before he returns to Greyskull Keep and have a moment where Percy reassures her that everything will work out and she asks him to stay safe because he's all she has left.
  • The night before the party vacates to Whitestone and then to Vasselheim in search of allies, Vax heads to Keyleth's door and after hearing him admit that he does not want to be alone, she more or less tells him that she feels the same and lets him inside her room.
    Vax: I don't want to be alone tonight. Do you?
    Keyleth: I haven't been wanting to be alone most nights. (to Matt) And I let him in.
  • Vax and Percy's reactions to Vex not wanting to abandon Grayskull keep.
    Vex: This is the first time we've had a home in forever and we're leaving it...we can go, it's nothing, it's nothing. It's just stone.
    Vax: We've done it once before, we can do it again.
    Percy: It will be built back better than before. That's what we do.
    • Bonus points for Percy instantly realizing why Vex was upset before anyone else and assuring her "We'll be back."

     Episode 43: Return to Vasselheim 
  • The group reuniting with Kashaw and Zahra is actually very sweet, with all the comedic introductions passed back-and-forth.
    • At some point between the Vasselheim arc and this episode, Zahra saved Kashaw's life, and now the two of them share a really sweet friendship with a touch of Undying Loyalty.
  • A very quick one between Vex and Percy when they go shopping for black powder, and Percy needs to ask Vex for coin:
    Percy: Two hundred and fifty gold, if you'd be so kind?
    Vex: That much?
    Percy: I'm going to make you something lovely.
    Vex: (singsong) I love you!
    Percy: (grinning) You're welcome.
  • Vex, in her own way, trying to encourage Keyleth to let someone know (namely her brother) if she's interested in him. Doesn't help that Zahra is also confusing her due to talking about Kashaw as well in the same conversation, which was only confusing Keyleth even more.
    Vex: I'll give you a helpful hint: if you're interested in someone, make sure they know. And if you're not... then stop fucking dragging them along because it's not fair.
  • Lady Kima, upon rejoining the party, immediately hugs the main group as soon as they're out of the Platinum Sanctuary. She also shows immediate concern for Allura (or "Allie") when informed of the situation.
    • Beforehand, when High Bearer Vord is scolding her for being foolish and impulsive, who is the one who stands up for her? Keyleth, the same druid who had animosity towards her back in the Kraghammer Arc. Just comparing how she treated her back then to now shows how much Kima had earned her trust.
    Keyleth: Oh, I think [Lady Kima's] foolish impulses are exactly what Vox Machina is looking for!
  • Kashaw apologizes to Keyleth for stealing her First Kiss. Keyleth, in turn, says that he doesn't have to, and that she never wanted to hurt anyone physically or emotionally.
    • The second part rather ruins it for some, given that he hadn't asked her consent for the kiss, he was just one-sidedly "planting" the kiss on her, and then he didn't even stay around to see if she'd react pleased or angry, thus making this scene come across like a guy just taking a sexual reward he thinks he is entitled to from a woman whose feelings about the matter he doesn't care about at all. (And he insulted her right before, coming across like a "pick up artist" negging to undermine a woman's sense of self-worth so she will do what he wants.) So while Kashaw's apology is a long-overdue Author's Saving Throw (and this plus his solicitous behavior towards Zahra makes it look like the guy went through some serious character growth in the meantimenote ), in this context Keyleth's reply seems like a naive girl apologizing for "leading on" a guy who sexually harassed her because her upbringing brainwashed her into blaming herself.
  • If you had the above described reaction to the kiss Kashaw planted on Keyleth, the guys' (especially Vax's) insistance on flirting with Kashaw during this episode or making him uncomfortable by treating him like he's gay, can serve as a series of Crowning Moments of Heartwarming - even if it probably wasn't intended that way by the players. It kind of comes across like they're trying to say "Let's see how you like being sexually harassed by someone you haven't actually indicated any interest in."
  • Grog choosing Vax and Scanlan, his closest companions besides Pike, to fight by his side against Groon.
    • The fact that Grog chose Pike anyway as one of his 3 companions, even when the other players pointed out that she wasn't there to physically help him in the fight against Groon.
    • And then Grog coming to the realization that the point of the fight was The Power of Friendship!
  • In the aftermath of the fight, Keyleth runs up to Vax, hugs him, and gives him a peck on the mouth. And hugs him twice for good measure. Perhaps she's no longer making him wait...
    • It's also the first time she ever kissed anyone of her own volition.

    Episode 44: The Sunken Tomb 
  • Turns out Zahra was telling the truth when she drunkenly mentioned last episode she'd made a hammer for Grog. She also made an extra Arrow of Dragon-Slaying for Vex, which she gives to her after the Ranger was brought back from the dead.
  • While the scene where Grog thinks he squished Vax with his new hammer is mostly played for laughs, it shows that Vax's earlier fear that Grog hates him really is unfounded. The two genuinely do care for each other, even if they have incompatible ways of expressing it.
  • Percy and Vax's conversation during their watch, where the two have a genuinely touching conversation about finding direction and becoming better people through their friendships with the members of Vox Machina, culminating in Vax reminding Percy that they are all his family, if he wants them to be. Becomes much Harsher in Hindsight to an almost prophetic degree when Percy's carelessness gets Vex killed later in the very same episode.
  • After Vex takes an exploratory dive in the lake, Vax casually starts wringing out her hair after she returns, and then later sits her down and redoes her messed up braid. It's the deadpan, un-asked-for way he does it that sells it, as it implies he has helped his sister with her hair so many times before that he doesn't feel even slightly self-conscious about the "unmanly" aspect of doing so.
  • When Zahra takes an exploratory dive in the (freezing cold) lake, Kashaw stays by the lakeside anxiously and then throws his cloak around her the moment she's back on land, even before she turns back from her alligator form.
  • Vax was willing to sacrifice his own life to save his twin.
  • Kashaw's talk with Keyleth after he revived Vex, where he talked about his relationship with Zahra, how she saved his life and for the first time he knows what it's like to have a sister and a family. He also mentions how he didn't know much about family until he saw Vox Machina for the first time.
    • The fact that he went through with casting Revivify despite his fears that it could release Vesh also says a lot.
  • Doubling as a Funny Moment, we have Scanlan's inspirational limerick celebrating the first anniversary of the series.
    Friends, I don't mean to sound bitter,
    But a year ago, life was a shitter,
    'Till I picked up some dice,
    With some friends, it was nice,
    And now, ah, I'm a Critter.

     Episode 45: Those Who Walk Away... 
  • Percy's apology to Vex. He makes her a siege arrow, and she kisses him on the cheek.
    Percy: Never forget that you're my favourite, and I'm so sorry.
    • And his apology to Vax, mostly because of this:
    Percy: That is a mistake I'm going to be thinking about for a very long time... and she especially, I couldn't-
  • Vax asks Scanlan how he can be so cheery all the time, and Scanlan responds that no matter how bad things get with Vox Machina, it's always better than what they had before, when they were alone.
  • Vax falls asleep outside Vex's door, and the two share a hug and a genuinely heartfelt moment when she finds him there the next morning.
  • It's a small moment, but when going over the party's to-do list, Scanlan adds that he wants to look for his daughter Kaylie at some point.
  • Keyleth meets up with her father, Korren, who hugs her, and tells her that he's proud of her.

     Episode 46: Cindergrove Revisited 
  • Korren's continued pride in Keyleth and how he tells her that she's his hope and that he wants her to teach her all the wisdom she's learnt from her Aramente when she returns.
    Korren: The road before you, Keyleth, is hard and fraught with loss and sadness. To live is to struggle against the void, but it's those moments of darkness that define the joy of the world around them. Learn from the loss, and push forward as a beacon of perseverance, of hope for life after pain.
    • He also looks over Vax and quietly approves of him.
    Korren: Stay safe. For her sake.

     Episode 47: The Family Business 
  • Scanlan reserving two rooms down at the end of the upstairs hall. One being for Pike, and the other for Kaylie.
    Scanlan: When you have a daughter you can worry about her as much as I do.
  • Grog not wanting to fight against his Uncle Kevdak, mostly because he wanted Pike to be with him.
  • Grog's trusting Scanlan with the secret of Craven Edge since they've always had each other's backs.

     Episode 48: Into the Frostweald 
  • Vex'ahlia laying out how much she appreciates Vax'ildan, trying to tell him not to be afraid of the Raven Queen or of Pike, and telling him how much she loves him. Vax tells her that even though he's unsure of what the bargain he made entails, he'd do it again, because he did it for her.
  • Vax and Keyleth interacting with Simon, one of the children they saved in a pre-stream quest.
  • Pike and Grog reuniting, complete with Tears of Joy on Grog's end. He tries to play it off as allergies.

     Episode 50: Best Laid Plans... 
  • Grog is genuinely sorry, and feeling guilty about hurting Pike, and Pike forgiving him unconditionally.
    • Grog's genuine gratitude and making no secret of how much he loves Pike as a friend and all the times he and Pike hug.
  • Percy and Vex working on the broom together. Taliesin rolls a Natural 20 for his tinkering check, Matt explains that it goes well because Vex is surprisingly helpful, and it all ends up sounding like a first date.
    Percy: You're quite good at this. We should do this again sometime.
    Vex: I would love that.
  • After being killed by Craven Edge, which is subsequently banished to another dimension, Grog is back to using the Firebrand Warhammer. Matt describes the feel of the weapon and warmth of its flames as "like an old friend."
  • The ritual to revive Grog which shows how much the party knows and loves him. Pike holds onto the remaining wisp of his soul while Vex pours ale down his throat and Scanlan uses a potion of Fire Giant's Strength. And Vax goes far enough away to speak to the Raven Queen and ask her to help him save his friend. Scanlan also inspires Pike by saying that he loves Grog as much as she does and asks her to save him.
  • Throughout the episode, members of the party refer to Vox Machina as a family. When dealing with Craven Edge Percy insists they deal with it as a family, Grog refers to Vox Machina as a family and that his old family (His herd of goliath barbarians) left him to die.
  • After Pike casts Speak With Dead on the unfortunate Reginald, they can ask him only five questions. Scanlan uses the last question to ask him if there's anything he'd like them to tell his daughter.

     Episode 51: Test of Pride 
  • Vox Machina putting enough faith into Grog to allow him to face Kevdak in his own way, yet at the same time being close enough to him in the event he calls out for help.
    • Grog also saying that he knows his strength is in his friends and that they all have their own strengths and he respects that.
    • The entire party helping buff Grog but most adorable is Pike telling him "Be safe, I can't lose you twice in one day." as he gives her his trusty saltlick rock and he assures her he won't.
  • Scanlan and Kaylie somewhat reconciling some more as they work together and combine their Bardic talents and Scanlan praises her the entire time as he guides her. Later he tells her that he loves her and he understands that she hates him but he will still be there for her and they're family, which she seems to accept.

     Episode 52: The Kill Box 
  • After the battle, Grog and Zanror reconcile.
  • Vox Machina saving a child killed during the fight by raising him from the dead.

     Episode 53: At Dawn, We Plan! 
  • The child (Theodore), that was resurrected, reuniting with his mother and just being super cheerful the whole time. Pike gives him a doll to remember them by and name whatever he wants. He names it Pike and kisses the real Pike on the forehead.
  • Pike and great-great-grandfather Wilhand reuniting. He's really proud of her and of Grog and also plays Shipper on Deck for Pike and Scanlan.
  • As funny as it was, Scanlan asking Wilhand for Pike's hand in marriage.
  • Pike and Scanlan talking about the letter that she read behind his back, the cleric admitting that she loves Scanlan and her feelings for him were growing "in a weird way" despite loving someone else, and promising that she will honor the bard's wishes as depicted in the letter should he die.

     Episode 54: In The Belly of the Beast 
  • When Vax asks Scanlan how current events are better then the past, Scanlan asks him if he prefers being a sullen loner to having a group of friends who care about him.
  • Vax kisses Keyleth just in case they die tomorrow and they have a talk.

     Episode 55: Umbrasyl 
  • At the end of the episode, Shale and Zanror discuss the future of what remained of the Herd of Storms, with Zanror deciding that the herd was no more and that they should consider joining the Rivermaw Tribe to live in peace.

     Episode 56: Hope 
  • After spending a good portion of the series being resentful of their relationship, Vex finally becomes a Shipper on Deck for Vax and Keyleth so they can be happy.
  • After burying Reginald, Amelia comforts Vax by giving him a big dose of You Are Better Than You Think You Are by telling him that he's done a lot of good and shouldn't be so sad all the time.
    • And much like Vax, Keyleth also gets this, courtesy of guest character Kerrek.
  • Scanlan reunites with a relieved Kaylie and gives her his old longsword and the ring he was going to propose to Pike with and says that Kaylie is the one he's been looking for his whole life. He also tells her that if he survives saving the world and killing the Chroma Conclave, he'll be whatever father she wants. She makes him promise not to die and that when he comes back, they'll talk then.
    • Upon meeting Pike, Kaylie also asks Pike to make sure Scanlan keeps his promise which she promises she will.
  • Vax sitting with Vex, braiding her hair for her and saying how their mother would be proud of her and that he is too. His being proud means more to Vex and that she loves him too. The two just sits together agreeing to handle everything one day at a time together.
  • Pike gently consoles Vax after he reveals what he's been hiding from her as well as telling the rogue that he deserves happiness, mirroring what Vex was trying to tell Keyleth.
  • Percy constructs a memorial of all the people that died in the dragon attack along with the Goliath herd, Matt has a small child come up to Percy and Keyleth who begins drawing figures on the memorial. At the end it turns out he's drawing Vox Machina (which Vex adds a Trinket to)

     Episode 57: Duskmeadow 
  • Percy giving Vax his mask before Vax goes in to the temple of the Raven Queen. It's a surprisingly supportive gesture, especially because things between Vax and Percy have been tense since Episode 44.
  • Vex and Vax's bonding and speaking to one another as she supports him in his role as the Champion of the Raven Queen and the episode makes it just how much the twins love and need one another.
    • Vax playing Cool Uncle to Trinket in the episode too.
  • Vex, Keyleth and Pike all standing by Vax (Vex doing so from outside) as he speaks to the Raven Queen.
    • Keyleth telling Vax that no matter what the Raven Queen or fate say, she thinks he's a good man and always has been.
  • The Raven Queen speaking to Vax fondly and teaching him what his role is as her champion and praising his determination and willingness to toe the line with death. She speaks to Percy later and says that yes, he and the world are broken, but he has lots of hope for becoming who he wants to be and can make the world a better place for the current generation.
  • Grog's bonding with Kima and saying she looks way better in armour then in a dress and it makes her happy to hear.
  • Vax'ildan's character growth after speaking to the Raven Queen and being happy for the first time in ages. He bonds with his sister again and plays a prank on Grog after Grog tries to prank him. Things seem to be finally going alright for Vax.
  • Percy earns yet another kiss on the cheek from Vex after he asks Zahra to create a secret shrine to the Raven Queen in Whitestone for Vax's sake.

     Episode 58: A Cycle of Vengeance 
  • Vax and Gilmore reassuring one another that they'll be friends even if they can never be more.
  • Scanlan's I Want My Be Loved To Be Happy moment with Pike as he's starting to understand through bonding with his daughter that he loves the ideal of Pike and not Pike as a person and is sincerely apologetic about this and retracts his offer of marriage and will be her friend. She appreciates this and says if something may happen down the line she'd be happy for it to happen.
  • Vex and Vax's moments bonding with one another and
  • All of the Pike moments with other party members in this episode.
    • Pike encouraging Keyleth just to be happy and have fun with her life and enjoy the time she has with Vax.
    • Percy telling Pike how she makes everyone try to be the best they can be and gives her all the resources she needs to keep Whitestone safe for him and she asks him to stay safe too.
    • Pike calling Grog her big brother and asking him to be safe while he's gone.
    • Vax calling her an inspiration and that he feels like he's following in her footsteps.
  • Cassandra saying to Vox Machina that they don't realize how much they've improved the lives of so many people who are staying in Whitestone right now.
    • This is also true in real life due to how much Critical Role has made the lives of viewers so much better too.

     Special Episode: Liam's Quest 
  • Liam received a huge amount of support from Critters and players alike when he decided to DM during Matt's absence. Twitter and the Twitch chat were constantly cheering him on, and Liam did a fantastic job.
  • Liam reveals during the Q&A that he asked every participant, including Matt and Marisha for their cameos, what class they would see themselves as. The only person he didn't ask was Ashley, meaning that Liam decided what her cameo would be like all on his own. Meaning that he thinks of Ashley as a literal angel, and judging by the looks of the players when they encounter her, they do too.
  • Travis and Laura, who are married in real life, roleplaying as themselves during an apocalyptic scenario. Usually, their interactions are Played for Laughs, but it's also pretty clear how much they love each other:
  • Laura is clearly a sweetheart in real life, too. She feels absolutely awful for killing the little Liam fragments, and when the group nearly abandons Sam to die, she runs back for him.
  • At one point, Travis gives Taliesin a piggyback while Sam carries Laura (and Laura carries Bixby).
  • The in-universe reason as to why Sam plays a Beastmaster Ranger is because he promised to dogsit his neighbours' pug, Bixby. And he won't break that promise (even when the other players suggest eating Bixby).
    • It's also pretty satisfying for Trinket fans when Sam admits that playing a Beastmaster Ranger is actually really tough, and he has a whole new respect for Laura...not for Trinket, though.

     Episode 59: Into the Feywild 
  • Vex learns Speak with Animals from Keyleth and uses it to speak to Trinket. The entire conversation is a Trinket sized ball of undying loyalty and love between the two and reminiscing about past events.
  • Vex is incredibly nervous about being judged by the nobility in Syngorn, to the point where it brings her to tears in front of Percy, and his response is incredibly sweet.
    Percy: I've known a lot of people with money, and they are definitely not worth you.

     Episode 60: Heredity and Hats (LIVE) 
  • Lady Vex'ahlia, Baroness of the Third House of Whitestone and Grand Mistress of the Grey Hunt. After the amount of fear she showed in the last episode, having Percy surprise Vex with her new noble title by rubbing it in her father's face is one of the most gloriously sweet (and hilariously vindictive) things Percy has ever done. The audience cheers uninterrupted for a full fifteen seconds.
    • After Syldor leaves, Percy confirms that the title is in fact a real title, and Vex gives him a giant hug and a kiss in thanks.
  • Despite the mutual enmity and dislike that Syldor has for Vex and Vax, he does admit that some part of him is proud of how far they've come and encourages them to keep going and to show their sister how anyone can become great.
    • Followed by the rest of Vox Machina's attempts to boast to Syldor about the prowess and badassery of Vex and Vax in the fight against Umbrasyl to help with the tension.
  • The twins' interaction with their little half-sister Velora are too precious for words.
    Vax: You're not our half-sister, you're our sister.
    • Their love for Velora and wanting her to be safe and happy is one of the few things Syldor and the twins agree wholly on. Syldor also clearly dotes on her, and her antics with the twins draw the only genuine laugh we see from him.
  • Trinket's Undying Loyalty to Vex shines when he stands up to a bear spirit to protect her.
    Bear spirit: She is your charge?
    Trinket: She is everything to me. You take her, you take ME.

     Episode 61: Denizens of the Moonbrush 
  • Travis is so excited to meet the lycans that his eagerness is borderline Adorkable.
  • Keyleth - after some teasing from the party - burns a 7th-level spell slot to heal Vax of petrification.
  • Percy and Vex's increasingly ridiculous streak of Like an Old Married Couple behaviour continues: Percy calls her "dear" over the earrings, Vex wakes him up with a teasing "Hi, grumpy", and they start counting the number of pixies they kill out loud, Gimli-and-Legolas style.

     Episode 62: Uninviting Waters (LIVE) 
  • One for Marisha when she kills the crocodile and the entire audience starts chanting Keyleth's name. She suffers a lot of criticism from the fans, but hearing an audience of a thousand people cheer for her is so touching, and in that instance, and well-deserved.
    Marisha: That's like the coolest thing that's ever happened to me.
  • Garmelie helping pull Vex out of the river, and Vex giving him a kiss on the head when he leaves.

    Episode 63: The Echo Tree 
  • Vex rejects Saundor's advances and his offer of power through affirming her love for someone else.
    Vex: My heart is someone else's.
    • This gets an amazing Call-Back in Episode 69 when we finally discover who has her heart.
  • Following the battle with Saundor, Vex is still upset by his words and wondering if she made the right choice. Upon hearing this Percy walks over and, along with Keyleth, pulls silly faces and mocks Saundor to make her laugh. Given the harrowing events just prior, it's a moment of much-needed levity.
  • Artagan, true form of Garmelie the satyr, holds no ill will towards the party and even enjoyed his time with them. Even when Scanlan and Keyleth both cast spells to hold him in place for questioning he remains cordial and friendly. It's nice to see that not everything in the Feywild is out to get them.

    Episode 64: The Frigid Doom 
  • Scanlan, in his own way, trying to help Percy cope with losing his memory of the Feywild by casting Modify Memory on him. And later on, when Pike casts Greater Restoration to restore Percy's memories, the gunslinger becomes aware of the false memory and thanks Scanlan for the attempt but not before reminding him of something.
    Percy: (to Scanlan) I know where you sleep.
  • After Vorugal passes by the city and the party is able to breathe easy, Keyleth goes over to Percy feeling guilty for almost seemingly giving away their presencenote  and tries to apologize. Percy, however, asks her to shut up and hugs her.
  • Vax and Percy patching things up in regards to the tension between them since Vex died and came back in the Sunken Tomb. Percy showing Vax the shrine to the Raven Queen that he had made for him and explaining to Vax how he understands how Vex feels about her issues.
  • Basically everything after The Reveal of Tiberius' body is a CMOH and Tearjerker combined.
  • At the end of the episode, Keyleth goes to Vax's room, intent on being with him for the night. And he lets her in.

     Episode 65: The Streets of Ank'Harel 
  • Picking up where Episode 64 ended, inside Vax's room, after having been terrified of losing him to many potential outcomes, Keyleth admits to Vax that she was foolish to be afraid of a future that wasn’t set in stone yet, that they have "nothing to lose". With that, she finally summons the courage to confess her love for him. Vax, in turn, replies that he loves her as well. They accentuate it with a high-five and a tackle-hug into the bed.
    Keyleth: I love you, Vax. I have for a long time. And I'm sorry for being me and that it took me this long to say it.
    • What's also heartwarming was Marisha's smile just as the scene began, as if she was thankful to Liam for the window of opportunity.
  • Vax giving Vex a much needed You Are Better Than You Think You Are speech and how she is the strongest person he knows. She also finally tells him the story of how she acquired Trinket.
  • Vox Machina meets Gilmore's parents as he has a sigil in their home and after the initial awkwardness welcome the party to join them for a meal and speak fondly and proudly of their son.
    • It also says a lot about how much Gilmore trusts the party to let them enter his parent's home like that.
  • Vex asks the soothsayer if she made the right choice in refusing Saundor's offer. She's given a rather positive reading of the cards to signify that she did indeed make the right choice.

    Episode 67: The Chase to Glintshore 
  • As Percy is having a massive breakdown about Dr. Anna Ripley having gotten Cabal's Ruin ahead of him, on her way to find Whisper, and fretting about the fact that all of this was his fault for sparing her in the first place, the twins and Keyleth are there to reassure him.
  • While shopping for potions, Vex insights Scanlan as to why he's begging for money and sees a crack in his demeanor, suggesting that she figured out what exactly is wrong with him. She comforts him as he laments that he'd been having the worst time overall in Ank'Harel, telling him that "everyone has off days." She even gives him 50 gold pieces as a consolation.
  • Vax and Keyleth teaming up to sink Ripley's boat is heartwarming and awesome in itself, with the druid clinging onto Vax as he's flying above the boat. She even blows him a kiss as she begins to free-fall and transform into an earth elemental.
  • Meta, because this entire scene isn't really spoken in-character: When Matt reminds Marisha that she has an item that she can use to scry without first needing to sleep to get her spells back, she exclaims "Oh my god, I have that thing you gave me! I have a ball." Travis then turns this statement into a sexual innuendo and everyone starts piling onto that joke. While everyone treating the idea that Keyleth has just come out as intersex/transgender as inherently hilarious is... somewhat problematic, Liam manages to save the scene. When Sam gives him the perfect opening to make a "gay panic" joke, he not only remembers that this kind of reaction would make no sense for bisexual Vax, but he also goes out of his way to avoid being transphobicnote  and makes a rather sweet, accepting statement instead. As Taliesin, the only actually non-straight person at the table, says, probably speaking for many LGBTQIA people in the audience: "Bless you."
    Liam / Vax: You have been holding out on us!
    Marisha / Keyleth: I have a secret...
    Sam / Scanlan: Vax's face!
    Liam / Vax: *blushing* It's not necessarily a bad thing. Anything is workable.

    Episode 68: Cloak and Dagger 
  • During the incredibly intense battle with Dr. Anna Ripley, Percy does something that the party once thought unthinkable: he forgives her. By doing so, Percy sheds the last remnants of his lust for revenge and redeems himself... which makes what happens next all the more tragic.
  • Meta, but: Taliesin comforting Marisha with hugs and hair-kisses after Percy’s death. Everyone took it hard in- and out-of-character, but Marisha was visibly devastated so the display of affection was clearly needed.
    • Also meta, Ashley immediately calling and offering to be bamfed in.

    Episode 69: Passed Through Fire 
  • The resurrection ritual to save Percy's soul. Firstly, Vex offers her biggest diamond worth 1000 gold for Pike to cast Resurrection, even though the 500 gold Raise Dead would have also worked. That she gave up such valuable treasure without a second thought says a lot, given how she used to act. And then, Keyleth using Greater Restoration to save his soul from Orthax's grasp. And best of all, due to their actions, Taliesin was convinced to allow Percy to come back. As for the contributions to it:
    Vex: Percy, I don't know if you can hear me, but... that day in Syngorn was one of the best moments of my life and not because of what you think. It wasn't because of my father or the title. It was because of Whitestone. It was because of you. You allowed me to be a part of the thing that you hold dearest, and I was so proud. But I don't want to be here if you're not. Whitestone still needs you, darling. I still need you here. (as Laura) And I lean down, and I kiss him. And I say, (as Vex) I should have told you. My heart is yours.
    • Pike sings to Percy, bolstered by Sarenrae's power, and rolls a Religion check of 28 (18 plus a 10 from Scanlan's inspiration).
    • Keyleth's speech to Percy and Vax assisting her by lending his wings to him like a cloak. This grants her advantage on her Charisma check. The challenge in itself was also one meant specifically for her to use her strength of character to attempt to appeal to Percy as a person to another through sheer force of charismatic persuasion... and she rolls a 19.
    Keyleth: Percy, we had many conversations about life and death. And in many ways you were my total opposite, but you were also my best friend. And even though I told you that day that I gave you [the bird skull around your neck] that we're all going to die and that you can still be saved from yourself, it was clear the journey was far from over and it still isn't. (casts Conjure Woodland Beings to create a murder of crows surrounding her) As much as you might think your journey is now over, just because yours might be, ours isn't. Because we need you, and I need you.
  • Vax, Jarett, and the other members of Vox Machina talking Kynan out of his funk, forgiving him even though he betrayed them.
  • The footnotes in Percy's goodbye letter, which address each member of Vox Machina to various degrees of heartwarming.
    Percy: Scanlan, thank you for destroying my gun. Do not let the weight of life's consequences destroy your bravado, it is your greatest weapon.
    Grog, remember that your compassion has brought you this far, not just strength. And for the record, I would have wiped the floor with you that time.
    Vex you often remind me of myself and that is the highest of compliments. (Vax: True to form, Percival.)I hope you free yourself of whatever voices haunt you. Also since I'm gone you're the clever one now.
    Keyleth don't let the world break you, learn to forgive it for not living up to your standards. We promise to try harder.
    Pike it is wonderful to have you home, you bring everyone closer to their best selves. I can only imagine what a burden that must be. Allow yourself some vice and failure, we'll still love you just the same.
    • And how Percy ended his letter.
    With eternal gratitude, Percival of Vox Machina.
    • Later, when she returns his goodbye letter, Vex whispers to him "I'm glad you're back" as he sleeps.
  • Cassandra and Percy reuniting after Percy's resurrection ritual.
  • Mixed in with funny, as Scanlan often is, but when the group finds a Gate spell scroll early in the session, Scanlan's first thought (and really only thought; he never quite agrees with everyone else) is that they use it to save Percy's soul. Everyone, particularly Keyleth/Marisha, shoots the idea down due to the spell's intense power and more certain uses. Later, while it crosses into Funny, he still seems a little annoyed by it. Just goes to show how far he's willing to go for a friend.
  • The letter that Keyleth receives from Kerrek has her crying by the end. But Taliesin is also tearing up, probably because the themes of the letter (sometimes breaking is making, even iron can start anew, and there are many things which pass through fire and find themselves better for it) resonate strongly with Percy's resurrection from death and ongoing quest for atonement.

    Episode 70: Trust 
  • Percy is incredibly supportive to Keyleth during her 'conversation' with Raishan, especially when the latter attempts to bait Keyleth. The parallels between his quest for vengeance and her fury on behalf of the Fire Ashari are brought briefly to the forefront as she admits she never understood how difficult it was for him to not kill the Briarwoods on sight, while he gently assures her that she did much better than he did.
  • Vax expressing to Keyleth that he was so scared to have almost lost her recently, and that he needs her. Wanting to ensure that she survives to live her full life, he then gives his Cloak of Displacement to her.
    Vax: You know, I'm so used to you smashing across our enemies shoulder-to-shoulder with Grog, I get complacent. You're so strong. I know that. So much more powerful than I am. Kind of lulled me into a false sense of security. I can't have you gone; I need you here. So, you know, anything we can do to stack the deck in your favor. When you fell yesterday, it shook me.
    Keyleth: Seems to be a trend, watching all of us fall.
    Vax: Kiki, will you wear that?
    Keyleth: Okay.
    • And then after his talk with the Raven Queen:
    Vax: (to Keyleth as he's adjusting her cloak) Here's to a thousand years of you.
  • A rather small one, but touching nonetheless. Vax talks to Percy in his workshop, officially thanking him for the shrine he built to the Raven Queen and then asking his advice in translating her cryptic words. It shows how far their tense relationship has come since the rather awkward exchange in the Raven Queen's shrine several episodes ago. It seems that after Percy died Vax realized how much he meant to the team and his sister in particular. After being angry at Percy for so long, it looks like Vax is finally ready to forgive him and at least begin making steps towards repairing their relationship.
  • The conversation between Kynan and Vax, especially as Vax bequeaths two of the three daggers he had bought for him in addition to his Keen Dagger, telling him that he now deserved his second chance.
  • A sweet moment of support from everyone's favourite tree:
    Sun Tree: When you're around, Keyleth, nobody can be lonely.

    Episode 71: Vorugal 
  • Ashley flew all the way from New York to be a part of the episode! That there shows just how much she loves her D&D family. Even better is that the party most likely knew this would happen, thus why they wanted to hold off a day so that they could retrieve Pike from Whitestone.
  • Vex spends the half-hour before the fight with Vorugal fussing over the camouflage on Percy's sniper nest. She is clearly so determined not to lose him again.
  • After tearing Yenk in half like a wishbone, Grog holds up the two halves to Kima and asks which one's lucky. Her response:
    Kima: You are!

     Episode 72: The Elephant in the Room 
  • Scanlan requests from the Ravinites a memorial be made for Tiberius. And with that memorial, Scanlan also requests that below the statue be the message, "I encourage peace."
  • Grog finds a beautiful platinum sword in the dragon horde, and is immediately smitten. When he takes it to the others, however, it's revealed that it's decorated with holy symbols and religious text in the Celestial language. First, immediate thought after that? Give it to Kima. Turns out it's Holy Avenger, one of the best weapons for paladins in D&D. Grog also declares Kima an associate member of Vox Machina.
  • Vex takes Percy out for a walk in the forest to ask him how he's recovering from his death. Vex tells him to forgive himself for everything he's done. Percy thanks her, and it looks like that's going to be the end of the conversation. Then Percy gives her a Big Damn Kiss just before he walks away, and the episode ends.
    • Just as Heartwarming is the brother/sister conversation that led up to it. Vax takes Vex aside, they drink, and he pushes her to confess her feelings, basically pulling the same conversation that she did on Keyleth that life is short and saying point blank that she deserves happiness.

    Episode 73: The Coming Storm 
  • At the very start of the episode, Matt and Marisha announced their engagement which was tweeted by Marisha the preceding Monday.
  • Liam O'Brien once again demonstrates amazing roleplaying in conversations with Gilmore and Kynan. Anticipating death in the upcoming fight with Thordak, he apologizes again to Gilmore for hurting him and tells him that he loves him nonetheless, and he asks Kynan to forgive himself, to look out for Whitestone and Cassandra, and gives him Simon (his belt that turns into a snake, which he's had since before the campaign began airing).
    • The conversation with Gilmore is this on both sides; Gilmore tells Vax there's nothing to forgive, and when Vax tries to say goodbye refuses to let him leave until he amends it to "until next time".
  • There's also the conversation Vax has with Keyleth in regards to what they should do about Raishan and that he convinces her that they can't deal with the Diseased Deceiver alone; they need the others. And as Keyleth expresses her misgivings about how the longer they wait, the more opportunities they give Raishan to learn enough about them before the inevitable backstab, Vax presses his forehead to hers and tells her that they won’t have to wait too long before that.
  • Speaking of Keyleth, there's her conversation with Grog regarding how he manages to keep his rage under control, and his answer is rather surprising: it's because he keeps it in check until he knows it is needed, that his family (Vox Machina) is his strength. He also assures her that she will get a chance to kill Raishan one day but she has to be patient and wait for that time to come.
  • It's adorable how excited Percy gets when Vex comes up with the plan to fake Raishan's death. After the Big Damn Kiss in Episode 72, it reads like a version of In Love with Your Carnage - In Love With Your Battle Strategies, maybe?

    Episode 74: Path of Brass 
  • Vox Machina is in a perilous situation, trying to escape two efreeti that are trying to enslave them. Thanks to Scanlan's dominate monster spell, the two are fighting but the controlled one gets a save every time it takes damage. The spell could be gone any second, and what does Scanlan do as everyone else runs?
    Scanlan: I stay, until I know my friends are safe.

     Episode 75: Where The Cards Fall 
  • Pike attempting to teach Grog how to read. He learns half of his own name.
  • Vex witnesses two Aasimar boys being sold in a slave market and can't bring herself to leave them alone, convincing Scanlan to rescue them by purchasing them for fifteen thousand gold. As a result, Matt shifts her alignment back to Chaotic Good.
    Percy: You're an idiot and I'm proud of you.

     Episode 76: Brawl in the Arches 
  • Percy burns his action surge to drag Vex away from the Pit Fiend. Considering that she falls unconscious the next round and ends up a single roll away from permanent death, Percy dragging her closer to the healers probably saved her life.
  • Grog cradling the unconscious Pike and sobbing when she wakes up.
  • The reason why Mythcarver awoke: because Scanlan chose to honor his promise to Kaylie to stay alive, because bards cannot tell tales if they don't survive. Matt also confirmed that it was awakened due to Scanlan's character development reaching a specific point.
  • Vex, Keyleth and Percy comforting the Celestial children they rescued. When they start begging for Vox Machina to take them along, Percy instantly suggests taking them to Whitestone:
    Percy: How do you feel about snow?
  • Vax planting a kiss on Scanlan to congratulate him for defeating the Pit Fiend.
    • Equally heartwarming was his mid-battle kiss to Keyleth while casting Heroism at the same time. Even if there was no reason to do so since Keyleth already saved against the pit fiend's Fear Auranote , it was a perfect in-character choice. Also, Keyleth/Marisha's reaction to the kiss was adorable. It's diminished, however, due to Scanlan's illusory magic still making her look like Vex, but the intent was still there.
  • Meta, because this entire scene isn't really spoken in-character: Right after the realization that Keyleth's disguise as Vex was still intact and what that would mean for Vax kissing her during the battle, Matt points out that Scanlan also still looked like an Azer when Vax gave him a congratulatory victory kiss. But once again, Liam refuses to be drawn into "gay panic" jokes - and even points out that this isn't just because Vax is bisexual. Taliesin, while red with contact embarrassment, quietly gives him two thumbs up.
    Matt: You totally kissed your sister. And then right now, just planted one on a flaming, dark-skinned, bearded fellow.
    Liam/Vax: Yeah. Hey, guys, that's your hangup, not mine.
    Marisha/Keyleth: I feel like I'm learning so much about you, Vax.
    Liam: My name is pronounced "Liam."
  • Vox Machina choosing to honor Senokir's favor of burying his dead wife's ashes in Vasselheim.
    • Crosses over with Tear Jerker, but Senokir remembers the exact number of years, months and days since his wife's passing.

     Episode 77: Clash at Daxio 
  • Thanks to taking the Oath of Vengeance as a Paladin, Vax can use Hunter's Mark now! The twins share a hug when he first reveals it.
  • After multiple hints and much raised eyebrows both from the fandom and the players alike, Kima and Allura kiss following an attempt on Allura's life.

     Episode 78: The Siege of Emon 
  • Keyleth takes Vax and Allura to her hometown of Zephra to enlist the Air Ashari's aid in fighting Thordak's armies. The sheer glee on her face as she is back home for the first time since she departed for her Aramente is simply adorable.
    Vax: You're a good man.
    Korren: Prove to me you are as well.
    • And as they leave to return to Whitestone, Vax's response to Keyleth regarding seeing her home for the first time:
    Vax: I can't wait to come back.
  • Zahra and Kashaw drop a few hints that they've had a Relationship Upgrade offscreen, with Zahra referring to him as "my love" and "darling".
    • While it's easy to miss, it becomes less ambiguous when you see that they at least slept in the same bed on the night before the battle.

    Episode 79: Thordak 
  • The twins do the bulk of the damage to Thordak, with Vex being the one to break Thordak's previously-thought-unbreakable Soul Anchor, using the arrow Zahra originally gave her in Episode 44 to do so, and Vax pursuing a fleeing Thordak and landing the HDYWTDT, successfully taking revenge for the death of the twins' mother nearly two decades prior. And after the final blow, Vex, who was the only one to witness it, swoops in on her broom and hugs Vax, with the two of them exclaiming "We finally did it."
  • Percy, understandably unsettled by fighting Thordak, loudly announces that he "regrets everything", only to immediately point to Vex and reassure her that he doesn't regret her - and, by extension, the night they spent together before the battle.

    Episode 80: Raishan 
  • Pike resurrects both Vex and Scanlan during the episode, and as Matt doesn't allow anybody else to assist with mid-combat resurrections she essentially brings both of them back herself; her love for her family is just that strong.
    • Through Laura, Ashley - and by extension Pike - confirms episodes upon episodes of fan speculation on the nature of Scanlan's request in his letter with a heartfelt announcement as she revives him:
    Pike: Scanlan, your letter to me was wonderful. And I want to do what you've asked. But I can't raise Kaylie alone. I need you to come back!
  • Scanlan's response after being revived is nothing short of sweet, either, showcasing Scanlan's character development in the complete lack of lewd jokes:
    Scanlan: Hey, don't cry... I'm just a little cold.

    Episode 81: What Lies Beneath The Surface 
  • The look of utter joy on Vex's face when she discovers a new Carpet of Flying within Thordak's hoard.
  • Vax and Percy trusting each other again, with Vax saying the gunslinger is like a brother to him.
  • Percy and Cassandra share a well-needed hug while Percy is covered in soot, dirt, and gore.
  • Vax cutting Keyleth's burnt hair, the rogue telling the druid that he sees the growing strength within her and that everyone has faith in her. Keyleth replies in kind that everyone in Vox Machina were her first and longest-lasting friends, as well as her family.

    Episode 83: The Deceiver's Stand 
  • In a meta-sense, when Keyleth lands a clutch Feeblemind on Raishan, thus neutralizing her spellcasting and robbing the dragon of her very identity and intellect, there was so much cheering from many viewers that even people that normally thought negatively of her or Marisha cheered. It was a Scanlan-level clutch moment, and the praise was very well-deserved.
  • Laura, having previously been responsible for rolling Pike's failed Revivify on Scanlan, understandably seems distraught at the idea of having to roll for Percy's as well. Liam and Travis immediately pick up on this, with Travis asking if she'd prefer to have Matt make the roll, and Liam taking the d20 out of her hands to roll it for her. Thankfully, it succeeds.
  • Doubling as a Tear Jerker, Grog initially doesn't even enter the Raven Queen temple, thinking that he won't be able to help bring back Scanlan simply because of who he is. And it's Keyleth who notices and later tells him that he's got such a strong connection with Scanlan, that he should try regardless. It's her supporting Grog much like how Grog supported her, a testament to their strong friendship.
  • Also doubling as a Tear Jerker, Keyleth being so worried about Allura and Kima that she "uselessly scans the ocean". Just another testament to the strength of Matt's NPCs that the players are willing to invest in them so strongly. It wasn't useless in the end. A dramatic Natural 20 plus 11 bonus meant that Keyleth somehow saw them, letting Vex and Percy fly out and rescue them.

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