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    Critical Rejects, part 1 
  • Lily, a cute little halfling girl, gives the three adventures a hug at the completion of their quest, and thanks them for saving her and her family.

    Special Episode: Liam's Quest: Full Circle 
  • Matt and Marisha finally get to play D&D while sitting next to each other. Throughout the one-shot, they are consistently being so cute together.
  • A minor one, with a bit of funny in it, but Liam consistently describes Matt's Thunderwave as having effect by being a resonance of Matt's pure soul. No one objects.
  • When they realize they've reverted to their childhood selves, Ashley notes one crucial difference: this time around, they have friends.
  • The ending of the one-shot is one massive love letter from Liam to everyone in the group, combined with being a massive Tear Jerker.
    • And the group returns it; when computer!Liam tells them the only way to survive is to kill him, they decide it's better to stay and die as a family.
    I have been alone for thousands of years, and there are things I have wanted to say.

    Will you indulge me for a moment longer?

    Taliesin. My friend. At a time when I knew many fascinating people, you were easily the most
    fascinating of all. Somehow, a heart knocked around by the industry that birthed you, came
    out a tender one. I was richer for having known you. Thank you, friend.

    Ash-O-Lee. My friend. I never met a person quite like you. There is an openness and an
    honesty to your soul. The very real sense of humanity you brought to every encounter.
    It was inspiring to me. Always learning. Always humble. You always struck me as an
    intricately layered, yet you offered friendship with ease and simplicity. I was richer for
    having known you, friend.

    Travis. My friend. You were always a solid constant in my life. Of all the people in our
    little family, you were always the one who most had his shit together, in ways I never
    seemed to. You were a reassuring presence to me, for which I was grateful, and for
    your loyalty as well. I was richer for having known you, friend.

    Marisha. My friend. Last to meet, but true as any other. You were my ally, at a time
    when I have fallen by the side of the road. You saw and helped me back on my feet.
    I will never forget that kindness. The good you did was... immeasurable. I was richer for
    having known you, friend.

    Laura. My friend. Bless that game for revealing to me, my sister. What started as
    a running gag, led to one of the most rewarding friendships in my short little life.
    I trusted you, leaned on you often. My buddy. My twin. There are not enough words.
    I was richer for having known you, friend.

    Sam. My friend. What is there to say? I knew we were meant to walk the same path
    together, the very first moment I met you. A companion, a brother, a great light in my
    life. All of the laughter you gave me... again, the words are insufficient. I was richer
    for having known you, friend.

    Matthew. My friend. You gave so much of yourself. The current of creativity that
    poured forth from your mind was always an inspiration to us all. But, more than that,
    your empathy Matthew, your empathy... no heart is bigger, or more tireless. You are
    a good man. I was richer for having known you, friend.

    Thank you, all. It was ever a pleasure.

    Special Episode: Battle Royale III 
  • Even if they are in a non-canonical episode for a battle royale, and if there MUST be only one left, Percy doesn't want to be the one who kills Vex.

    Bunions and Flagons 
  • Among the minor background characters at the bar are a half-orc and a blue tiefling with a baby. Travis revealed much later that this was in fact a hint at not only his and Laura's characters for the second campaign, but that they were having a baby.

    Thursday by Night (Part 2) 
  • Laura stops Travis from killing someone. This unknowingly stops Travis from breaking Vampire Society rules and later saves him from being executed. Travis then argues on Laura's behalf, saying that if either of them should live it should be her. They both end up surviving and becoming part of the LA Camarilla.

    Honey Heist 2: Electric Beargaloo 
  • Trinket refers to Percy as "Papa-in-Law".

    Critical Role and the Club of Misfits 
  • When Brian fails an athletics check on a jump, Sam, as Claire uses her ability to switch places with her ward to save him.

    The Search for Grog 
  • On a Meta level- the show was held the same day as Taliesin's birthday. Cue the entire audience and cast singing Happy Birthday to him.
  • Vox Machina heading off on their most dangerous mission yet to Pandemonium to rescue Grog's soul. While planning to leave Trinket behind and transport Grog's body in her necklace, Trinket instead offers to carry Grog's body on his back. Nearly the entire cast and audience nearly break down in tears.

    The Search for Bob 
  • At the end of the episode Vox Machina manage to take "Bob" back to Whitestone with them, where Pike uses Greater Restoration to restore his mind. After all he put the party through, his true self turns out to be a complete Nice Guy, and he's immensely grateful to the party for helping him. He asks Pike what she "loves most in her heart", and she says "this family". He uses his powers to create statues of all Vox Machina in Whitestone.
  • As Vox Machina heads into Whitestone for dinner, Scanlan holds Pike's hand. She squeezes it three times.

    Red Nose Day 2019 (aka The Sphere of Generosity) 
  • A good amount of this one-and-done charity special is actually Special Guest Stephen Colbert talking about his early experience with D&D and other similar tabletop games of the time, circa 1977, making this his first legit game in decades.
    Stephen: I haven't heard the word ichor in over 30 years!
    Matt: Welcome back.

     Dalen's Closet One-Shot (Vex and Percy's wedding) 
  • Prior to the one-shot's airing, several past guest stars Tweeted in-character congratulations to Percy and Vex. Check out messages from Shale, Tova, Zahra, Kashaw, Lyra, Sprigg, Garthok, and Lillith!
  • Percy and Vex's wedding vows, as well as the speeches at the rehearsal dinner. While Taryon's is, predictably, a little cheesy and full of self-glorification, it's still a heartwarming take on the difference between science and love.
  • Scanlan didn't bring a gift for the happy couple, so instead he casts Wish to allow Vax'ildan to return for a few minutes and speak with his sister on her wedding day, which the Raven Queen granted, as well as a chance for Keyleth to finally gain closure for her loss. Keyleth insists that there is nothing to forgive and that she will continue to live and never move on from him. And finally, she promises to look after Vex and Percy and their children. Compounding that, Sam rolled a 17, so Scanlan may never cast Wish again, so his final Wish was a selfless one from his heart.

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