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Occasionally the usual Critical Role episode can't happen - maybe Matt is unwell, or some of the players are at a con, or perhaps they all just went to Burning Man. On these occasions the usual episode may be replaced with a one-shot special episode. Sometimes these are set in the usual Critical Role setting of Tal'Dorei, sometimes they are something completely different. Whatever they are, they're always funny.


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In-Universe One-Shots

    Critical Rejects (Part 1) 
  • While describing Snugglelord's background, Zac states that his power comes from the Overlord of Geek and Sundry. Matt deadpans that that would make it an infernal pact.
  • Overlord Zac's intro hints at what the viewers were in for.
    Matt: It has been decreed, here and now.
  • It should be noted here that this one-shot is more of a workshop, with Matt explaining the game mechanics and answering viewer questions while Liam, Orion and Marisha help out the guests with character creation - and they're done well before Matt is. They spend the remainder of his time taking as much of the piss as they can.
    Matt: So to get people to start roleplaying - for one thing I wanna mention, it's not necessary...
    Marisha: BULLSHIT! It's in the title!
  • Matt is showing how you could help players immerse themselves by putting them on the spot and does it to Liam who replies with a sort of whiny cartoony voice that sells it.
  • The party tries to get past a locked door. Ulfgar tries to break it down but Ify rolls too low and so he bounces off. Salty Pete tries to pick the lock but instead breaks his pick because Dan rolls a one. Snugglelord sets the whole house on fire, and when the occupant tries to flee the smoke, she can't because of the pick blocking the lock. Ulfgar tries to break it down again, with a headbutt and fails a second time. The door opens when the occupant opens it due to the headbutt knocking the pin out. This prompted comments about the door being a boss fight.
  • Dan wants his character, Salty Pete, to make an impressive acrobats roll to grab a treasure. He rolls a one, and so Matt narrates his "ninja-run" and how he jumps too high to grab the treasure. So he futilely stretches for it while overshooting it, lands in its moat, which is filled with acid, and then rolls against the far wall.
  • At the end of the one-off adventure Matt improvises, Ulfgar offers a female Halfling NPC to join their group. Matt immediately tells them to make a persuasion check... against her father.
  • Liam cut the twins' birthday cake with his dagger, prompting comments of it being a Sneak Attack.

    Critical Rejects (Part 2) 
  • Like the first part of this installment in episode 12, far too many moments to count. The main gimmick of the chat suggesting what happened next at any moment provided the majority of them. They run from shoutouts to Mobile Fighter G Gundam that lead to a party-wide sex change to Snugglelord receiving a shield in the form of a body pillow, of himself.
  • Matt's slow descent into madness over the course of the session, as a result of said gimmick. Particularly his "oh god no" reaction to Salty Pete getting a Deck of Many Things.
  • One chat-mandated moment needs special mention: Salty Pete looks at his hand to find his lost fingers are back. When he tries to touch them, they vanish, and he hears the laughter of the Pit Fiend hunting him (due to the Deck of Many Things) in the distance. The monotone text-to-speech voice that reads the chat messages makes it even funnier.
  • Snugglelord is the Chat Room's Butt-Monkey. Most of their jokes are at his expense, and Zac thinks that the moderators are responsible because they were in-jokes.
  • The Gender Flip curse everyone is hit by even extends to Ulfgar's swords, as "Linda" and "Regina" become "Larry" and "Robert".
  • Marisha revealing during the "Where Are They Now?" Epilogue that Edna was the old lady that got murdered at the hands of Tiberius in episode 25.
  • An accidental one. Right after Matt describes Ulfgar's killing blow against the Gibbering Mouther, there is a long silence before Dan's phone goes off. What is his ringtone? The MLG airhorn.

     Battle Royale I 
  • During the Q&A, Matt tells the story of Dork the Ox, an ox Vox Machina bought during the pre-strem days. He proved difficult to transport, so one day Grog tried to shove him into the Bag of Holding. After a few strength checks, he succeeded... and then the group found out the hard way that the Bag of Holding doesn't have an air supply. And that was the end of Dork the Ox. Then they butchered him and put the meat in the Bag of Holding... and learned that the Bag of Holding isn't refrigerated.
  • Mittens, the cat of divine destruction. Sending goliaths, tieflings, and air ashari to a graveyard near you.
  • Matt's disappointment that his freaky pit of skeleton hands sees absolutely no action during the fight. Despite the fact that the pit is quite sizable and in the center of the battlefield.
  • Keyleth rising about seventy feet into the air as a flying eagle, only to fall back to the earth like a sack of dirty laundry when Zahra very calmly and professionally hits Keyleth with a spell bolt, about three seconds later.
  • The lengths that Zahra and Kashaw go to take Grog out of the fight, from attempting to blind him, bind him, freeze him, dazzle him, and simply banish him, only for them all to fail spectacularly.

     The Goblins: A Pathfinder One-Shot 
  • The entire premise of Matt Mercer running a Pathfinder Oneshot with Critical Role regulars Marisha (Snizzler, alchemist) and Taliesin (Mezek, monk) along with guest players Phil Lamarr (Browntooth, rogue), Ivan Van Norman (Grizznak, sorcerer), and Ashly Burch (Piglet, barbarian) playing Chaotic Stupid goblins. Matt could barely hold it together as the party got into their roles.
  • All of the players have special Goblin Songs they've composed for themselves that allow them to reroll, provided they sing the song on the stream. All of them get to sing their songs, which are amazing. With the exception of Taliesin, none of their rolls improve, which is hilarious. Ashly's is to the tune of "Kiss From A Rose". Marisha's is about how much she loves blowing things up and ends with her greeting Homeland Security.
  • Grizznak and Snizzler both blow their Survival checks and lead the party, respectively, into a bramble thicket and deeper into the bramble thicket towards a tree that promptly gets struck by lightning. It's Mezek who leads them out despite (because of?) his perpetual state of drunkenness.
  • Taliesin decides to play in the mud. Ivan decides to start kicking mud in his face. The soundtrack picks a beautiful moment.
    Grizznak: What you gonna do about it, Mezek? What you gonna do about it?
    Mezek: Wait 'til you're asleep. (ominous crack of thunder)
  • At Snizzler's suggestion, they collectively pass a Stealth check by pretending to be garden gnomes. The guards passing by, unaware that they're goblins, make fun of them and call them "stupid gnomes," which the party takes pretty personally.
    Everyone: (grumpy muttering)
    Mezek: Two arms, two legs, one head. We'll find him again.
    Everyone: (enthusiasm)
  • The goblins, using a tree branch, try to build a boat. They end up with something rather more like (as Matt describes it) a pool noodle.
  • Snizzler manages to roll a negative one on a swim check, which turns into Snizzler trying to get away from the water by stepping on everyone else's heads.
    • And once Snizzler gets across the river, he throws up, and Mezek and Grizznak Ro-sham-bo for the vomit. Mezek wins, and later uses the vomit as a makeshift oil slick.
  • Browntooth is good at stealth.
    Matt: I need you all to roll stealth checks.
    Phil: 40.
    Matt: You vanish from time and space!
  • Sneaking into the grate after Browntooth's ridiculous stealth check produces this wonderful exchange, which puts Taliesin into hysterics:
    Browntooth: Sometimes it pays to be quiet.
    Piglet: I think we've all learned a valuable lesson.
    Mezek: That's a very fair point.
    Browntooth: Now, who's going to rip off this grate?
    Piglet: (screaming) ME!
  • The goblins spot a shiny thing and promptly fight over it. Piglet wins what turns out to be a human ribcage.
    Matt: You smell it. Marrow hasn't been tapped yet.
    Piglet: Can I eat it?
    Matt: You can.
    Piglet: I eat it.
  • Mezek makes an attack.
    Mezek: I have Stunning Fist.
    Browntooth: And lovely eyes.
    Mezek: One of them's mine!
  • Piglet screaming "I WANNA RAGE!" in a squeaky voice. Grog would be proud.
  • Piglet, while raging, takes a bite out of a Gelatinous Cube, and assures Snizzler that it's delicious as the acid is dissolving her face.
  • Taliesin wants to invent a cocktail based on the Gelatinous Cube called the "Numb Yum."
  • Snizzler stuffs a lit, fiery bomb into the Cube right next to Grizznak, who's been absorbed and paralysed by the Cube, and gives him a cheery thumbs-up before it explodes. Ivan mentions that he's screaming internally.
  • Snizzler shrinks himself so that the other can throw him to the other side of a gap, but before they do that, they make fun of him for being tiny and Grizznak starts playing with him like a doll. Marisha's sounds of goblin-y outrage are fantastic.
    Matt: You immediately regret this decision.
  • Taliesin bequeathing his "Golden Snitch" die to Ashly, due to her rolling a natural 20.
    Taliesin: Golden Snitch man, don't fuck with the Golden Snitch.
    • Almost seconds afterwards, Marisha (who is at times the anti-Taliesin when it comes to rolls) needed to roll an acrobatic roll to save herself, with everyone hoping her Snitch would work the same way. It didn't.
    Taliesin: I was about to say, "that Golden Snitch never rolls well, though..." (everyone breaks into laughter)
    • Marisha continues to make mediocre rolls to save herself, causing the party to laugh even more at her bad luck.
  • Matt realizes part of the way through explaining the flammability of wet feces what he is saying.
    Matt: We are having this conversation.
    Taliesin: No, I, I’m really excited that this is a thing that’s happening right now.
  • The five-goblin Totem Pole Trench, which is surprisingly successful... for a while.
    • Grizznak has the highest charisma, so he gets to stand on top. This leads to Voltron shoutouts. "You are the legs, you are the torso, and I'll form the head. Together, we are Globtron."
    • A drunken guy pats them on the back, causing their disguise to "take a knee" and Grizznak successfully bluffs the guy into thinking him a religious individual.
  • Mezek steals a pouch from a drunk man. It turns out to contain 8 gold pieces and a snuffbox.
    Mezek: Ooh! I eat all the snuff.
  • Grizznak tries a Flame Sneeze to show up the wizard adventurer, but rolls poorly. He sings his Theme Song Power Up for a better roll and gets a Nat 1. This results in him literally sneezes himself into unconsciousness.
  • The final battle, which veers straight into Black Comedy as Mezek and Piglet decapitate no less than three of the enemy PCs with blunt instruments. It's basically Looney Tunes directed by Sam Peckinpah.
  • Snizzler's last act before they leave the city is to throw a bomb at the church and cackle as the burning interior tapestries send a pair of hiding humans into the street, where they are immediately killed by other goblins. Taliesin is so proud.
  • At the very end, Matt reveals that the goblins faced off against and viciously slaughtered the main characters of the Pathfinder comics, Paizo's Iconic PCs, in their canonical first adventure. Marisha is delighted by the idea that somewhere in spacetime is a group of players demoralized because they got a party-wipe at level 2.
    Taliesin: Hey, guys, congratulations: we are the darkest timeline.

     Battle Royale II 
  • The battle royale's organizer is revealed to be... The Beyonder?
  • Keyleth's anguished declaration of love to Vax after she ruthlessly kicks his barely alive body into a lava pit.
    • As Vax sinks to his fiery death in the lava he raises his hand above the lava's surface and gives her the middle finger.
  • Vax sics his poisonous snake belt, Simon, on Keyleth in what should be a tense scene where Keyleth is trapped in an enclosed space with a lethal creature, only for Keyleth to totally misinterpret the vibes going on and courteously talk to the snake.
    Keyleth: Hello, Simon!
  • The Beyonder accidentally forgetting to restore the losers to full health after the battle.

     The Screw Job 
  • Sam's character, Obby the Rat, is a fountain of hilarity:
    • For starters, his accent is ridiculous.
    Sam/Obby: Obby the Rat is now realizing he must maintain accent for 3 hours. With limited accent capabilities.
    • His response to Dren's haikus
    Obby: I'm Obby the Rat/You know why they call me that?/Cause I hate haiku.
    • Related to the above:
    Dren: Do you guys wanna hear a haiku I wrote?
    Tarvis: A haiku?
    Delweth: What the fuck is a haiku?
    Obby: It is a 7-5-7 meter poem.
    Dren: Well, 5-7-5.
    Obby: Not where I'm from.
    • He attempts to use the blood sigils keyed to the Bluebottom bloodline, claiming he could be related as he has "a vast lineage."
    • When Devan finds a secret door, invalidating the need for the risky climbing Obby just did, Tarvis makes her hug the dwarf. While he is covered in pee.
    Obby: (spreads arms) It's okay, I am frequently used as punishment for everything.
    • His many reasons for why he is called Obby the Rat, including the aforementioned "I hate haiku" moment. They range from the expected: "Because I am small like rat"; to the absurd: "Because I hate art"; to the weird, but mundane: "Because Obby is actually short for Obenthal, it's a nickname".
  • Obby and Dren go to investigate the library. Obby rolls high for an investigation check on the bookshelves and finds amidst the books on history and magic... an erotic novel. He gives it to Dren. Which leads to this moment when the group meet up again.
    Obby: We found...
    Dren: (cutting him off) Nothing! There was nothing!
  • Liam describes The Shrew's magic room as "Taliesin Jaffe's wet dream".
  • Devan triggers a trap and is teleported inside a glass tank of water full of toxic fish. In a tense moment, the party rushes in to save her, hammering the glass tank with everything they have. Devan spends her rounds trying, but failing, to break her bound hands free (the rest of the party bound her hands earlier). For several rounds this goes on and the tank still holds, it seems like Devan is doomed... and then Laura remembers she has Misty Step and can just bamf out of the tank, rendering all that effort for nothing.
  • Delweth's explaining how she punishes betrayal by flaying and wearing the skin of the traitor. She goes into great detail how she could wear Devan's skin as a hat but wishes there was enough so she could make a skirt.
  • The Running Gag of Obby's name being said wrong to the point that Delweth says Obby should kill Dren just for getting it wrong the most.
  • Travis' character is just named Tarvis. Lampshaded by Liam in his narrated intro: "Yes, that's the name Travis went with." He later explains that Travis spent weeks putting off naming the character before finally choosing.
    • Tarvis is built up in the intro as this amazing assassin who The Clasp expects great things from. Travis then proceeds to roll low for pretty much the entire session.
    • He ties Wil Wheaton's Thorbir for the most Natural 1s rolled in a single session (6). He gets progressively more upset with each one.
  • Tarvis and the others yell at Dren for betraying The Clasp. Dren retorts that she never wanted to be an assassin, she wanted to be a poet.
  • Liam ends up having his own version of the Vax/Vex problem: Three of his players have names that begin with "D", and he keeps confusing them.
  • Liam describes a dead rat being smeared by a door. Travis and Mary simultaneously turn to Sam and say "Obby, your cousin."
    Obby: Not related.
    Dren: I thought you said you had a vast lineage?
    Obby: That one I knew particularly.
  • Dren and her haikus are adorably funny.
    • Speaking of Dren, her complete inability to hide how much she cares about Devan borders on Most Definitely Not a Villain territory.
      • One of her attempts involves loudly proclaiming they should use Devan as a human shield against a trap.

     Battle Royale III (Level 17) 
  • The sheer schadenfreude of Taliesin Jaffe, God of Dice, rolling multiple nat 1s and 2s and getting eliminated first of the PCs.
    • Opposite the above, the increasing surprise/exasperation the rest of the table expresses at Travis' consistently high rolls throughout the entire battle.
  • More moments of Black Comedy involving Trinket. First, when he gets set on fire, Sam makes a blink-and-you'll-miss-it "only you can prevent forest fires" joke. Then, on Vex's turn, she has Trinket jump in the pool to douse the flames. While this works, Trinket finds out the hard way that the liquid in the pool is actually acid.
  • Vex traps Grog in the necklace, so he attacks the interior of the necklace - and breaks out. Travis only did this because Grog is an idiot, the last thing he expected was for it to actually work.
  • Everyone's faces when they realize it's down to Tary and Grog.
  • With 1 hitpoint left, Grog decides to draw from the Deck of Many Things - five times. To everyone's increasing bewilderment (Travis included), not only does he avoid being horribly cursed, but he gets a nifty weapon, a knight companion to help him fight and extra hitpoints.
    • One of the cards he draws is Rogue (turns an ally against you), and Matt describes the hypothetical scenario of Grog returning from the battle to be backstabbed by Uncle Wilhand.
    • The knight Grog summons is expected to be a shortly-dispatched Red Shirt by everyone, Grog included. He not only survives Keyleth's attack on him but the subsequent electrical trap (making the save while Keyleth fails, no less), only finally going down when Taryon (literally) ices him with a Prismatic Spray. Everyone is reduced to hysterics at his increasingly-improbable survival.
  • Tary's plan for the battle? Use the Force Sphere made to imprison enemies on himself, suffering 5d4 of damage, and have Doty carry him around while the others kill each other. He doesn't even get his next turn before the sphere is taken from Doty and thrown around like a rubber ball. The fact that it actually worked might make it even funnier.

     Bar Room Blitz! 
  • Sam as DM is always ramping up the humor.
    • Notably, he put double-digit NPCs in his first map ever as DM. Not a smart move, but oh so funny.
    • The bar's name: Ass Sailor. The "C" and "R" fell off because this isn't Critical Role.
  • The very first interaction of the session is comedy gold.
    Gryffin: Do you have any scotch?
    Valerie [Sam's NPC]: I have a menu.
    Sam: [Out-of-character] I'm over-prepared. ...Oh god I've lost the menu. Oh god everything's gone wrong one minute into the show. Oh god...
    Valerie: [Back in character, seamlessly] We have ale.
  • Kingston spills his life story.
    Kingston: So I... left my family and the travelling circus and found myself a wife, Chloris. We wed, and together I wrote some of the best books the land has ever seen.
    Liam: Jayne is quietly digging her fingernails into her leg to stop from screaming.
  • Kingston's attraction to Clothesline leads to...unfortunate moments
    Kingston: I'm not saying I have a type, but my preferred terrain is a litter box.
    • Kingston also provokes the first attack roll by hitting on Clothesline
      Clothesline: You are this close from a claw in your goddamn eye Kingston. So choose the next few words carefully!
      Kingston: Catnip and chill?
      Ashly: Can I attack Kingston?
  • Kingston and Gryffin talking about Kingston's books. One of the most notables is Doors: The Idiot's Enemy.
  • Kingston, in his "Fuck the gods" speech, says "The Chained Oblivion took your mom to second base and never called her again!" to Jayne, who is, unbeknownst to him, a Cleric of the Chained Oblivion.
  • Frankfurt demanding his "one courier pigeon" and demanding to speak with his lawyer.
  • Mary has the best way of saying "kitty kitty kitty".
    • Mary switches from a posh speaking lady to a uncouth person from Joisey whenever Gryffin has a Wild Magic surge.
  • Brian doesn't care as long as he can hit Frankfurt - and Frankfurt's dice are blessed, making all the bard's spells miss.
  • The guy with no pants, the old man, is dead. One of the whores just killed him with a crossbow.
  • Jayne kicks Kingston in the ass... and casts the Light cantrip on his ass, sending him tumbling down the trap-door with light shining out of his butt. Which continues to shine for an hour. It's technically a legal move, since Light can affect anything the caster touches.
  • In the basement, Sam gives Gryffin the choice of checking something on the left, or the right. When she chooses left, Sam hands Mary a note and asks her to read it out loud.
    Mary: [Reads] Oh, there's a fucking snake on the left. Oops! The fucking snake just bit me. I take 1 point of damage and I make Con save vs 10.
    Ashley: It literally says "a fucking snake", by the way.
  • Jayne lights up the end of her whip.
    Gryffin: Oh, so it's finally useful.
    Jayne: [Creepy Monotone] You're not here, you bitch.
  • Upon hearing how many dice worth of damage she is about to receive, Ashly starts singing "Amazing Grace." Mary immediately joins in for the harmonies, and impressively keeps up even when Ashly improvises the lyrics:
    Both: I have three / hit points / Just three / hit points / I am / about / to dieeee...
  • The moment Liam brags about not having taken any damage the entire fight, Ashly scores two critical hits on Jayne. Liam's reaction to the second nat 20 is what sells it:
  • Kingston hates Frankfurt because he slept with his wife. Clothesline hates Jayne because she's crazy, dangerous and almost killed her. Frankfurt hates Jayne because she is a follower of the Chained Oblivion, and that cult wiped out Frankfurt's village, leading to him swearing an oath of revenge. When they reach the boss fight, they basically spent a lot of their resources and took heavy damage fighting themselves, and keep doing it and only Gryffin is actually fighting the boss. Sam lampshades it, then Liam follows it up later.

     Bunions and Flagons 
  • A game run by Travis playing as Grog running a game of "Bunions and Flagons" for Vex, Vax, Percy, and Scanlan. Grog is the "Bunion Master".
  • The first map that appears during the game is a literal cock and balls, and the second is a pair of breasts that the group initially perceives as an egg.
  • Scanlan's character voice for when he's speaking as in-game Scanlan.
  • Apparently, all the furniture in Scanlan's Magnificent Manson is made of bear skins. But only ever since he met Vex.
  • At one point Travis speaks as Grog speaking as Trinket, which causes everyone at the table to fall into fits of laughter. Sam in particular is laughing so hard he can't physically speak for about 30 seconds. As is so often the case, context here makes it even better. Scanlan engages in a bit of wish fulfilment and poisons Trinket with a meatball, causing the bear to take significant damage and nearly die. Vex heals the bear and casts Speak With Animals to figure out what happened.
    Vex: I go 'Trinket, what happened?!'
    Trinket: I had the worst stomachache! I dunno, I ate that meatball from Scanlan and I fuckin' died.
    (A pause as everyone frantically struggles to remain in-character, with varying degrees of success.)
    Trinket: I don't wanna make any assumptions...
    (Everyone breaks spectacularly)
    Vex: Scanlan! Did you kill my bear?!
    Scanlan: (incoherent squeaking noises, too busy sobbing with laughter to manage a response)
    Percy: (also through sobbing laughter) Did you perpetrate this grizzly murder?
    • Travis made the unfortunate mistake of taking a sip of this drink just as Sam attempted and failed to answer Vex's question, leading to him having to spit it back into his cup behind the DM screen to avoid a spit take after Percy asked his own question. Witnessing this only breaks Liam even further.
  • Vax spends most of the game complaining that he doesn't know how to play and trying to cast spells he doesn't actually know.
  • Vax tells the group how he had a weird dream about dying and spending the past three weeks as a dad to some kids he didn't know and driving around in a strange "horseless carriage".
  • Grog as "Bunion Master" keeps changing the rules to match how he feels about the playing characters. Scanlan gets away with turning invisible and generally having a... forgiving approach to his own effectiveness, but Vax's high Acrobatics roll to jump over a trap is arbitrarily inadequate, Grog rules his Perception roll resulted in "staring at the wall like a nerd," and even standing up to face the same direction as his teammates requires multiple turns and several Dexterity checks.
  • Scanlan turns into a dung beetle and attempts to fly through a metal hatch. Because he failed to realize the hatch was a solid metal slab (he thought it had bars) and was, despite being unlocked, still closed, Grog describes him ineffectually banging against the metal, and rules that he takes "5 points of Stupid Damage" for this action.
  • Everyone goes up against "perfectly picked" foes: Percy battles a mindflayer (which he utterly destroys), Vax a cambion, Vex a majestic unicorn (by all appearances just to troll Laura), and Scanlan "a fuckin' T. Rex" - a fight that he, for his own reasons, undertakes in the form of a gibbon.
    Taliesin: I have been waiting for gibbon versus T. Rex my entire life.
  • Grog has made his own adorably childish character art complete with horribly misspelled names for the group (except for Pike, whose name is spelled correctly and even has a little flower drawn over the "i" in her name).
  • Grog's favorite color is 6.
    • For added context, Grog is having the other members at the table guess his favorite color to see who "wins" the game. Their guesses, in order:
      Vex: Red.
      Percy: Six.
      Scanlan: Ale.
      Vax: Titties.
  • Percy is skeptical about how easy it is to open the doors in Grog's game and claims it's not realistic.
    Percy: So nothing happened when we opened the door?
    Grog: No.
    Percy: Are you sure you're doing it right?
    • Vax then goes on to mention that his bathroom door hits him for at least one point of damage when he uses it. Percy agrees because that is how doors are made.

     Trinket's Honey Heist 
  • When Trinket first meets the rest of the team, Peddy Tuxpin asks him if he's a boy or a girl due to finding his name non-indicative. Trinket gets upset and replies that he's a powerful member of Vox Machina, saviors of the land several times over...which didn't answer the question, so Peddy just checks his privates.
  • Waffle's role is the Hacker, despite there being nothing to hack in a fantasy world. Over the course of the session, Taliesin takes the word "hack" as far as he can, at one point even attempting to "hack" a sword with his claws.
    • Similarly, Liam Las Vegas is The Driver...which mostly amounts to carts and wheelbarrows. Keep in mind, he's also the smallest member of the cast, as a honey badger.
  • After Waffle, Cookie, and Liam Las Vegas get back from stealing hats, they find Trinket explaining to Peddy what it's like when he's inside Vex's magic necklace. Apparently he watches the outside like TV.
  • Who are the contestants in the honey competition? The Slayer's Cake (represented by Pike,) Reginald's daughter (whom neither Matt nor Marisha can remember the name of)... and Viktor, who added black powder to his honey.
    • Cookie and Waffle debate eating Pike. Trinket tries to explain that she's a cleric that can beat them all up...which gets Liam Las Vegas to assume he means she's poisonous if they bite into her. Trinket decides Sure, Let's Go with That.
    • Trinket later tries to warn that they need to keep the black powder honey away from fire. Because Waffle is carrying said honey in his fez, they initially think they need to keep any fezzes away from fire.
  • The bears encounter two cows named Bonnie and Cow. Trinket recognizes from their branding that they were among the cows Vox Machina saved from the Roc... and demands the group kill them.
    Trinket: Wait a minute... I know those cows. Those cows are assholes. Finish them off!
  • Peddy's continual checking to see if the other bears want him to "leave no witnesses." Taken up a notch once he gets a stick that can magically turn into a giant tree trunk.
  • One of the mechanics of the Honey Heist game involves invoking a flashback to manipulate your stats. At one point, Liam Las Vegas and Peddy Tuxpin invoke a flashback to the beginning of the episode.
  • Waffle, via hacking some "scrying mirrors" (read: security cameras) eventually gains the ability to teleport to honey he can see, an ability that causes a Psychic Nosebleed. The first time he does it, Trinket concentrates really hard and tries to do the same.
    Peddy Tuxpin: No, no, no, you need a nosebleed! [As Sam] I hit him in the nose!
  • The "code" for the door to the honey vault consists of a ticked-off letter and a South Korean singing fish game.
    Matt: I'm so proud that I married you.
  • Tova returns, working for a council of bears known as the High Bear Nation.
  • Liam Las Vegas saying to Tova "From one extremely high bear to another." And everyone just loses it.
  • Peddy Tuxpin wrestling with a really drunk Grog then speaking "Panda" to him and Grog apparently understood what he said. It ends with the two crying and hugging then Grog falling drunkenly back to sleep.

     Battle Royale IV (Level 20) 
  • Taliesin provides a master class in trolling with Silence and Spider Climb denying multiple effects Matt tried to make him roll for. Silent, deaf, and immune to Reverse Gravity is a wickedly funny combination.
  • Marisha's gleeful abuse of Unlimited Wild Shape is just as trolltastic.
  • However, they are both outdone by Liam repeatedly texting Matt his latest hiding spot, being completely unseen for 3/4 of the battle.
  • Sam making Scanlan's Major Image ice-skate across the water because he always wanted to.
  • Reverse Gravity Earth Elemental bouncing off the ceiling.
  • Sam's comment about "Feebleminded Keyleth being more effective".
  • Scanlan pulled off Irresistible Dance on Keyleth, and the result was a stomp-dancing Earth Elemental.
  • After succeeding on a Plane Shift against Grog, Keyleth asks him where he'd like to die. When he suggests the Feywild, she decides that's too nice and teleports him directly in front of the Kraken from Episode 88.
  • Sam, and eventually everyone, excitedly describing every successful attack as "First blood!"

     Honey Heist 2: Electric Beargaloo 
  • Why is Trinket being left home alone this time? Scanlan "accidentally" booked a casino in Dalen's Closet that doesn't allow bears.
  • Marisha's impression of an annoyed Vex calling for Percy.
    • Marisha's spot-on impression of Marlon Brando in The Godfather as Vinnie The Pooh. Which later causes her to break down, as she didn't expect to have to voice him for so long.
  • Liam reacts to one pun by nearly doing a Spit Take.
  • The group all gets new roles, except for Trinket who remains The Thief. His thief's tools? Silverware he stole from Whitestone's kitchen, including corn skewers and a meat cleaver.
    • Peddy is now The Driver, excused as having gotten lessons from Liam Las Vegas. He later invents a tandem bicycle.
    • Waffle is now The Brains while Cookie is the Face. Cookie somehow manages to pass himself off as a tourist without needing a hat. Which includes scenes of a bear trying to speak French.
    • Liam Las Vegas is overjoyed to be the muscle, as he is a honey badger.
  • When everyone rolls for hats, Trinket gets a cowboy hat. Matt's reaction to a passphrase being "It's high noon" is to glare at Liam.
  • The entirety of the section with the polar bears who want people to stop hammering their dicks.
  • Sam provides the group with fabric to put in their mouths to help keep them quiet. He refers to them as "mufflers", and Marisha collapses out of shot.
    • Why did they need "mufflers"? Peddy invented a multi-bear bicycle for them to ride in the hallways, in his role as the driver, but it only works if they blow raspberries while riding it.
  • The group tries to search through crates and proceeds to roll miserably for their attempts...except for Peddy, who decided to open the crates by sitting on them with his big panda butt. And finds a big gun.
  • The mysterious substance invented by Hatori Bongo? Balootonium, which the group constantly mistakes for blue-tonium or assumes must be blue. Hatori has to pause mid evil rant to correct them.

     Song of the Lorelei 
  • Sam decides to have Benicio speak in a significantly deeper voice then his normal voice, causing all of the table to burst out into laughter at Sam's attempts to sound more like Travis. He even jokes that he always talked this way.
  • Not to be out done, Travis' voice for Lawrence sounds so Camp Gay that it is just as funny as Sam trying to sound like Travis, since it sounds like Travis trying to imitate Sam.
  • Laura's freakout upon seeing Lucius spam Guidance and finding out it's a Cantrip. She really wishes Jester took it now. It gets to the point where after a tense moment following its casting, Laura brings it up again causing the table to laugh at the sheer Mood Whiplash she caused by it.
  • Laura assumes that the skeletons attacking the hired mercenaries are on their side because said skeletons are likely the risen remains of their family. She then decides to have Portia approach them, despite earlier some skeletons having already attacked them, which causes them all to turn to attack her. The table immediately call her out on what a terrible idea it was, though they do so while laughing about it.
  • After killing the Xhorhasian Drow in the final battle, Sam's character uses Curse of the Fallen Puppet to reanimate his corpse for one final act... giving his brother (played by Travis) a wedgie. Retroactively Crosses the Line Twice when Liam's ending monologue reveals that Drow was their grandfather.

    Honey Heist 3: Tova's Honeys 
  • The synopsis of this one deserves a mention; all the world's supply of Balootonium has been stolen, and it is up to Tova to stop the culprit, aided by the Hacker, the Muscle, the Driver, the Thief and the Face. All of whom are bears, except for the Thief, who is a honey badger.
  • Bearah Pawcett, the Hacker is given the Nerds Are Sexy portrayal by Krystina Arielle and she runs with it.
  • Mary Elizabeth McGlynn playing "Grizz Leigh Bayer" as a Southern-Fried Genius working on the vehicles, and part of the wardrobe she wears to get into character is a black cowgirl shirt and black cowgirl hat. When she rolls for hats and gets "the crown" Noelle (Tova) said it made her look like a "cool Southern Mom going out for a bachelorette party" while Marissa admits Noelle beat her to it—"more like going to a Taylor Swift concert at a bachelorette party."
  • The sheer Black Comedy of one of the villains being a dimension-shifted Crispin Glover, who ends up getting mauled and killed by the bears, who take his eye and use it to try and get past a security system (it didn't work, the scanner requires both eyes). And then they find out he was Good All Along.
  • At the climax, the Honeys have to disarm the Balootonium Bomb. How? Ker-Plunk.
  • Everyone being Disappointed by the Motive when the Big Bad Bearsley reveals their reasons for turning to villainy.

    The Search For Grog 
  • The episode might as well be called "The Roast of Grog", as the start of the episode has the entire group practically say Grog was Too Dumb to Live for pulling from the Deck of Many Things, in character mind you. All the while Travis sits there with what could be described as a look of shame.
  • Before the adventure, Sam says all of Vox Machina should be present. What seems like a setup for the return of the giant Trinket plush is instead a lead-in to a giant skeleton wearing a bird hoodie, representing the very dead Vax. Laura concludes Sam is a terrible person.
    Liam: I wish I knew how to quit you, Sam Riegel!
  • Crossing over with Nausea Fuel; while the audience may have loved the return of Sam's massive tankard, the entire cast reacts in shock and horror when he drinks from it. Why? Well, after the final episode of the Vox Machina campaign proper, the tankard (which was not empty) was placed on the Talks Machina set and not touched or opened in any way until this live show. Other cast members complained about the smell, and the bottom of it was even labelled "TOXIC HAZARD".
    Travis: There are smurfs living inside that thing!
    Sam: I have tetanus now.
    Laura: And many other things, I'm sure...
    Liam: Yeah, enjoy your botulism, great.
  • Bertrand runs ahead when they arrive in Pandemonium, causing Percy to rant about how stupid he is and how he's never met someone as egotistical as he is. Vex responds that she has met someone like that before.
  • Taliesin keeps forgetting that in Pandemonium, the wind is so strong that you have to shout to be heard. As a result, he spends a good chunk of time having people shout they cannot understand him. Liam even proceeds to joke about him needing more voice lines like you would tell a voice actor in a video game.
  • Percy does, in fact, lose an arm to a random pack of Bugbears. Apparently Sam had to convince Matt to actually let it happen. Everyone (except Liam) is completely deadpan for it.
    Travis: Are you serious!?
    Matt: Yes!
    (Everyone starts laughing)
    Travis: Mimes grabbing a sword and has Bertrand run off giving a battle cry
    • The following exchange between Keyleth and Percy.
    Keyleth: Don't you have, like, a gun? Isn't that fine?
    • Crosses over into Tear Jerker but Keyleth bringing back Percy's arm with "I'll bring that back I guess" being how she's coping with Vax's loss is as sad as it is hilarious.
    • Bertrand ends up retrieving the arm moments after they had regenerated one for Percy, which leads Matt to tell the party to write down on their inventory sheet: "Percy's arm". They joke they can use it to grow another Percy - which Taliesin writes off as a bad idea, prompting Laura to comment in-character as Vex that she likes that idea.
  • As the group makes their way up through the Howler's Crag, they encounter a balor... who has reverted to a childlike state, using a decapitated howler's blood to draw funny pictures on the wall while humming to himself.
  • Liam and Travis play new characters due to the events at the end of the last campaign. Neither expects their character to live very long, and Liam's character does indeed die, which he plays for much Black Comedy for the audience.
    Liam: [Rolls his last Death Save, looks at it, and simply makes a Throat-Slitting Gesture]
    • Meanwhile, Travis' goes unconscious several times in the final fight but barely survives. When Grog returns, Sam trolls him by healing his new character just to force him to play two people at once. Fortunately (?) for Travis, Bertrand Bell immediately goes down again.
  • Travis's character deserves special mention in this category for having most of his personality based on Gilderoy Lockhart. Bertrand Bell lies about his many, many trips to Pandemonium and his vast expertise on the plane, down to his collection of pressed flowers native to the place.note 
  • Lieve'tel flirts with Bertrand, while stating she needs the entertainment. The cast's reaction is to jokingly accuse Liam of trying to make a Caleb/Fjord AU happen.

     The Orb of Generosity (aka Red Nose Day 2019) 

     The Search for Bob 
  • Travis is Acting for Two, often forgetting that Bertrand is still around.
  • The running gag of someone apologizing for forgetting how an ability works by saying "it's been a while" (since they played as these characters), whereupon the other players burst into singing the Staind hit single. Despite no one wanting to be the victim of this, this happens eight times, as virtually everyone (including Matt) says it at least once due to nervousness.
  • When reviving Lieve'tel, Keyleth and Pike implant a fossil in her forehead. She is not amused, and Regenerates it out.
  • Grog's part of the ritual to revive Lieve'tel involved him politely talking to her... then screaming in her face about how she better come back. Natural 20.
  • Scanlan's part... was smearing poo on her. It only works because of Lv 20 Scanlan's stupidly high Persuasion modifier.
    Sam: [After being told to roll Persuasion with Disadvantage] I rolled a 2, so that's 20.
  • Lieve'tel brought Bertrand to her room to "show him the wisdom of the ages". When he asks if she means some kind of meditation, she drags him along by the beard to her room.
    Matt: [In a southern accent] This is a house of sin. Oh my...
    • During the followup Talks Machina, Liam claims that this was so he could mock Laura for bedding one of her husband's characters before she could.
  • Keyleth's Animal Shapes turned everyone but Percy into a small bird, and Percy pocketed all seven of them. When dropping it out of necessity, Percy's coat is shredded. Then Laura notes that Vex was in his pants pocket, so Percy lost those as well.
    • The Brick Joke landed at the end of the episode when Cassandra saw the state of his clothes and waved off his threat of "I know where you sleep" with the satisfaction of knowing how she caught her brother with his pants down (rather literally).
    • On an additional humorous note, the animal shape of choice was that of small birds of different varieties, including Grog in the form of a pidgeon. While they are trying to give Percy instructions, they cannot be understood stood while in bird form, so the players begin chirping. They now are literally a bunch of Metagaming Pidgeons.
  • Scanlan's Cutting Words to the giant (which saves Keyleth's life) is "Your virginity breeds mites, much like a cheese!" The funny part is Sam quickly reveals that line comes from Shakespeare!
  • Liam relishes in using Sentinel at Death's Door.
    Matt: [As the giant attacks Pike] That's a Natural 20.
    Liam: Uh, no it's not: Grave Cleric. [Fart noise]
  • A few users on Reddit noticed that Matt's use of the Lady of Pain statue contains a few amusing mythology-gags to the first campaign: she's the guardian of the city of Sigil (the same word Matt constantly mispronounced)... which is also known as the City of Doors.
  • Upon returning to Whitestone, Bertrand retires. Lieve'tel eventually runs after him, confident that she can keep him around.
  • Keyleth collapses on the ground after teleporting the group back to Whitestone because she still has 1 hit point, so Pike rolls across the ground quite some ways to cast Cure Wounds on her.
  • The end of the episode implies Vex and Percy are going to engage in some Power Perversion Potential while he still has Foresight active.
  • When discussing the setting for the next VM one-shot, Marisha mentions that it was billed as a summer reunion episode at Dalen's Closet. Taliesin's reaction to her next two words is pure gold:
    Marisha: ...Destination wedding?
    Taliesin: Oh my god, they are those assholes, I'm so in!

     Dalen's Closet One-Shot (Vex and Percy's wedding) 
  • With six of the people at the table being married (and four of them constituting two wedded couples) in real life, the episode begins with a very honest look at what wedding planning is like.
  • Keyleth brings her bodyguard Derrig (played by Liam) as her plus one, all of Vox Machina believe that there is something going on between them and start interrogating him only for him to reveal he has been married for 47 years and has four kids, three of which are triplets.
  • Laura-as-Vex inisiting they need to find Taryon before going through the sun tree, which leaders to her and Marisha calling out for him while Sam has a hilarious deer-in-the-headlights look on his face before catching on and playing along that Taryon has just run up and claim he was "casually wandering about" before asking who Scanlan is and then going on a monologue for Doty.
    • Doty is, by the way, the fifth Doty. Doty Four "had a little glitch. He tried to kill us all."
  • Percy and Vex ask Grog to be the flower girl for the wedding. Grog being Grog, he thinks this means he has to throw whole flowers at people as hard as he can. Upon being told he has to throw petals on the ground instead, he begs to keep his job and then spends hours practicing.
  • Scanlan's daughter Kaylie trying to scam Percy with cryptocurrency. Every word of that sentence is true.
  • Grog finds out there is no ale at the rehearsal dinner and starts to get angry only to burst into tears.
  • The episode closes with Grog tackling Scanlan for the bouquet.
    Scanlan: Pike, look! I caught the bouquet!
    Grog: The fuck you did! *football tackles Scanlan*
  • A case of Black Comedy occurs while Laura is rolling her death saving throws for Vex'ahlia while she's drowning. She has to roll after each player's turn, just to see how long Vex can survive before she's rescued, but each time before she rolls, Liam tempts fate by assuring her she just needs to roll 10 or above. She fails each roll, with her final roll before Vex drowns being a Nat1.
  • The wedding is held the night of the rehearsal dinner once the battle is over, partially because they realize they might just get attacked again the next day but instead during the wedding, and because Vex's dad won't be there to see it.
  • Vex uses her blessing of Pelor to create a blinding light to help kill the remaining vampires. Unfortunately, it remains active for nearly an hour, meaning once combat ends, she turns to face the party, and nearly blinds them all.

     The Adventures of the Darrington Brigade 
  • The entire brigade is a complete joke, with each one of the Ragtag Bunch of Misfits more absurd than the last.
  • Taliesin's character is nothing but a giant Captain Ersatz of Batman called The Owlbear. Complete with gravely voice and terrible one-liners about "Justice."
    Taliesin: I haven't even gotten to the 'Bear' jokes yet.
  • Marisha has created a bard named Hazel who is a one-woman band, as well as Tal'Dorei's first recording artist, having invented wax cylinders for analog sound. She voices her with an over-the-top 1940s radio voice, often adding extra syllables to words for over-pronunciation. Marisha's even wearing Victory Rolls in her hair.
    • Marisha also recorded an entire radio play introduction, a retelling of Vox Machina facing the kraken way back in their early adventures... all from Tary's perspective and with him as the hero, of course.
    • As Marisha's recording plays, she continually pretends to turn a hand crank to operate the audio device. She does it for so long, the entire cast starts doing it too.
    • It becomes a Running Gag throughout the show that Hazel is making constant noise wherever she goes due to her get-up. note  Nowhere is this funnier than when The Owlbear fails a stealth check that everyone else succeeded, at which point Taliesin points out that he's less stealthy than a One-Woman band.
  • Doty does not like Hazel stealing his thunder as Tary's biographer.
  • Marisha actually brought an armful of props to make timed sound effects for Hazel's recordings.
    Liam: And thus, Foley was invented.
  • Ashley's Noo Yawk accent from the CritMas one-shot returns.
  • Liam's character is an enormous ogre named "Buddy" who speaks with a slow, rumbling voice. Travis is a tiny companion Halfling named "Mac" (short for Macaroni) with a high-pitched squeaky voice.
    • Mac's full name is Macaroni Samsonite. Travis must have been in a hurry when he realised he had not named his character...
  • Taryon claims he looks decades younger than he is, thanks to "bovine toxin".
  • In order to join the Brigade, the recruits have to complete the "initiation ritual". That is, fighting one another. Which Tary learned from his initiation into Vox Machina. Laura is quick to blame Liam and Travis for this.
  • This happy little coincidence:
    Matt: Roll initiative.
    Liam: ...Six.
    Marisha: Nine.
    (Sam gets up to show that his custom Dallas Cowboys football gear actually carries the number 69 - crowd goes crazy)
    Marisha: Nice!
  • In the fight between Hazel and Buddy, she casts "Confus-i-on" on him, leading to this gem.
    Buddy: I'm already confused!
  • Tary's ugly crying returns. Apparently nobody wanted to join a "non-profit" adventuring guild, and the original members all left after Tary kept giving their spoils away. Even the new recruits were unaware that this was a non-paying gig and seem reticent to join.
  • Buddy, with newly prescribed goggles, observes everything is "Pretty." Even hideous abominations with too many eyes that can regrow torn off limbs.
  • The following exchange, set off when Ashley accidentally bumped into her microphone.
    Liam: You just hit that like Marisha Ray striking an Irishman.
    Marisha: I hit you ONE TIME when you were leaning over MY SPACE, motherfucker!
    Liam: (Gesturing to the audience) You've all watched the show, how many times has she come close to smacking me in the face?
    Audience: Calls out various numbers.
    Marisha: I'm watching all of you all, right now. You're all in my line of sight.
    Liam: Yeah. Careful, 'cause she'll hit you.
    Sam: (seated directly next to Marisha) Why do you think I'm wearing pads today? *dons football helmet*
    Marisha: *takes out tambourine and smacks it near Sam's face*
  • The final boss of this session? A giant mutated tentacled duck called "Quackthullu". The best part is the mini: it's literally a painted rubber ducky with tentacles glued on.
  • Sam asks a pertinent question:
    Sam: Matt, why are you so cruel?
    Matt: *Only gives an Evil Grin*
  • After spending so long as a Squishy Wizard (and before that, a somewhat squishy Rogue), Liam’s unrepentant joy at finally being the tank is both Heartwarming and hilarious.
    Liam: It’s like I’m Grog!
  • A number of Brigade members are paralyzed by Quackthullu, including Farriwen. However, she had been hasted beforehand. Thanks to a quirk in the rules, the paralyzed condition does not negate the hasted condition, which also grants a bonus to AC. This leads Quackthullu to miss its attack roll to her. Matt is utterly dumbfounded, and has to find a way to explain the miss.
    Matt: As it goes to strike towards you, as you're paralyzed... I don't fuckin' know, it doesn't make any sense but there you have it... you toot a little, and it's just enough of an air buffer from all of the muscle constraining of being in this paralyzed state, just deflects it out of the way. Cool.
  • As Tary offers his post-battle Rousing Speech...
    Hazel: [cranking her audio recorder] -This direction, please.
    Tary: [turning towards Marisha] -Oh, sorry!
    Hazel: Thank you...
  • At the end of the adventure, Tary not only hires the group as full members of the Darrington Brigade, but also declares them all honorary members of Vox Machina, and wonders whether he's allowed to do that. Now remember who this group is comprised of. The rest of Vox Machina is probably going to have some words with Tary when they find out...

Other One-Shots

     Liam's Quest 
  • The concept of the episode is hilarious in itself: Laura, Travis, Taliesin and Sam are playing themselves as the world falls apart in an apocalyptic time warp.
  • Laura spends a solid seven and a half consecutive minutes at the start of the episode hula-hooping during the pre-show announcements.
  • At the 23:29 mark, you see Sam lift his giant tankard and on the bottom there is posted a note saying "I Need Money Bad."
  • The voice actor Slice of Life section at the beginning, where Liam mentions that Sam arrives 10 minutes later than everyone else, Travis spent the morning working out, and Taliesin spent it writing.
    Liam: Well, 'cause it's Anime and that goes deep with you. Somebody's gotta adapt that shit.
    • In the second take of the dialogue they're recording, Sam cuts himself off to say "pickup!" and start his line over four times. His line is two sentences long.
  • The fact that Taliesin, in Real Life, is apparently Crazy-Prepared for the apocalypse:
    Taliesin: If I can get to my car, I think I have a kit for this...
    Travis: That does not surprise me about you one bit.
    Taliesin: I had six extra arrows in the trunk of my car...
  • The Running Gag of Liam trying not to copy Mercer's catchphrases:
    Liam: You can certainly...have at it.
    Liam: You may indubitably give it your best go.
    Liam: In what manner would you like to kill this?
    Liam: Is it the day before Friday yet?
  • Travis is displeased with his character sheet:
    Travis: My intelligence sucks, you motherfucker!
    Laura: Look how strong you are though. You're so strong baby!
  • Sam constantly pesters Travis about whether he's getting paid more for their VO jobs. After the world has already started falling apart.
  • Taliesin mourning the fact that he has to burn a few pages of his copy of The Wicked + The Divine to make a torch...added the fact that Liam included the book on his character sheet.
    Taliesin: If this is the last copy on earth...I will kill you.
    • In the Q&A after the game Talisin was asked what he actually had in his car. The list did in fact include the arrows (borrowed), the book, a frock coat...
  • Sam is a ranger. His favoured terrain? Recording studios.
  • Travis panics at the apocalypse:
    Travis: It's The Last of Us, dude. It's all over. I think we should just eat Taliesin and move on.
    • Taliesin is stung over getting declared the first to be eaten.
    (later) Taliesin: I'm still a little upset that we talked about eating me before the dog.
  • Liam's spot on impression of Ashley Johnson's speech patterns, if not her actual voice.
  • Travis refuses to give a piggyback to his wife Laura, but agrees to piggyback Taliesin because he says "please." This receives an amazing Call-Back later, when Taliesin is slapping Travis to break him out of a stun state:
    Taliesin: SAY PLEASE!
  • Liam sets up the villain to sound like a super-powered lich Marisha. It's not. It's Conan O'Brien.
  • Travis trying to chop Sam's arm off after he's frozen solid by Conan O'Brien.
    Travis: He was never very good in the cold reads.
    • Laura getting upset with him.
    • Taliesin lamenting this turn of events.
    Taliesin: It just took Conan O'Brien for us to turn on each other.
  • In the impromptu Q&A afterwards, the other players start asking Travis why he tried to kill Sam:
    Travis: It said on the bottom of my character sheet, "Kill Sam".
    Everyone else: (looks at Liam)
    Liam: (looks confused)
  • Once Travis realizes that the Apocalypse just went down, he immediately starts making plans to acquire wealth in a cashless society. These plans include throwing his wife under the bus.
    Travis: "I will sell you and be rich in the post-apocalyptic world!"

     Liam's Quest: Full Circle 
  • The entire premise of the episode: it's a sequel to Liam's first apocalyptic episode, but due to the time warp, the cast is playing as themselves as children of varying ages, from teenage Marisha to seven-year-old Taliesin (who is still a warlock). There is character art.
  • Liam's opening narration describes Sam having a dream within a dream, in which he feels uncomfortable as something is prodding at his back. Sam can't keep a straight face, and has to reassure everyone that it's not a dick.
  • Laura's first reaction, without missing a beat, when she and Sam find each other and discover that they're children:
    Laura: Your face is smaller, but your teeth are the same size!
  • Although in theory they still have their adult minds, Travis apparently reverts to childlike terror and runs from every possible conflict, completely abandoning his friends and wife.
    Travis: (bawling after seeing something gory) I haven't seen an R-rated movie at this point!
    • After Laura sees Travis get killed and decides to make a break for it, Travis approves.
  • When Taliesin finds Matt and Marisha, he makes a brief Running Gag of Comically Missing the Point.
    Taliesin: [On hearing Liam describe a teenage girl with long red hair] Matt, is that you?
    Taliesin: [On hearing Liam describe a teenager in a Hawaiian shirt and hair like Matt's] Liam! I'm coming to get you!
  • It sadly doesn't last into actual combat, but Teen!Matt picks up Child!Taliesin and attempts to wield him as a weapon.
  • Matt's response to rolling a Nat 20 for initiative:
    Matt: I just realized that I'm sitting in Taliesin's chair.
  • After seeing her take damage, Matt casts Healing Word on Marisha. Laura, having suffered really bad damage earlier, asks if Matt can heal her. Matt claims he's really spent, and Laura gives him a nasty Death Glare for several seconds.
  • Ashley's attempts to intimidate their opponents veer rapidly from teenage rebellion into hilariously horrifying madness, from picking up a dead demon-cat and tying it to her belt, to taking a bite out of said (raw) dead demon-cat, to responding to Marisha's death by wearing her ribcage as a hat. Made more funny when Marisha drapes herself limply over Ashley's shoulder.
    • Taliesin's reaction to the cat-biting:
    Taliesin: (fondly) We so would've hung out.
  • Matt is in perfect form as his Adorkable teenage bard self. While he doesn't sing, his inspiration lines are just as memorable as Sam's.
  • Taliesin has apparently been face-to-face with a throng of hellish monstrosities in the past, and says what he said last time.
    Taliesin: Mr. Satan, dude, we are totally ready to serve you!
  • Sam's habit of Gallows Humor character deaths returns.
    Sam: [As his head is being split open by the Demogorgon's spiked tail] I can work with this.
  • The second half of the session opens with another mock-VO session. Sam repeats the "pickup!" gag from Liam's first one-shot and constantly starts his line over to get it right...except this time, his entire line is a scream of agony.
    • During the entire VO session, everyone is still in their child forms, but no one acknowledges it. Even better is that they're playing the crew of a spaceship that's just been damaged in battle.
    • Since Laura went home sick during the break, Sam takes this opportunity to make fun of her accent acting.
    • Before each take, everyone does a T-pose to set the motion capture. The last time they T-pose, Travis starts playing with Taliesin's ear, leading Taliesin to attempt biting Travis' fingers.
  • In the battle in the recording studio, real-life Naughty Dog creative director Neil Druckmann is an NPC...and dies tragically. Sam leaves his picture and resume on his body.
  • When Marisha is not sure about one of her class abilities, Matt immediately jumps in, taking the manual, in full DM mode, to help her. Travis lampshades it yelling "no DM-ing", and Liam replies he's not actually complaining about a little help.
  • Liam's Speak & Spell robot voice has the entire cast, but especially Travis, paralyzed with laughter for over a minute when it's first revealed.
    • Matt does a commendable job fending off the Corpsing; at one point, he looks at Liam with eyes full of empathy and says:
      Matt: Liam, how do you spell 'farmhouse'?
  • Ashley's character profile gives her name as Ash-O-Lee.

     Deadlands One-Shot 
  • This is a charity game, so there are donations coming in often in line with the game itself. Every time a donation arrives, there is a notification sound that says "All right!" in a Southern American accent... which Matt and the players try to work into their sentences as if it were totally normal.
    Marisha: (as a gypsy fortuneteller) I just walk off yelling in my native language...
    Notification: Alright!
    Marisha: (maintaining the accent) Alright...
  • The game starts with every player blind-drawing three chips from a bowl, leading to everyone reaching at awkward angles so they don't see what colors they get. Then Laura has to draw a secret backstory card from a deck, so she's reaching at an awkward angle again despite the cards being face down and in front of her:
    Laura: Where's that deck?
    Travis: Where's that what?
    Laura: That deck. (beat) Shut up!
  • Matt mentions that one thing donors could win is a chance to name a new NPC for the Vox Machina campaign. Liam immediately figures out what it means.
    "Welcome, I am Skizzbucket Tatertaint!"
  • Matt's narration is funnier than usual, with him integrating various elements of Sophisticated as Hell into his usual calm expository voice, beginning by ending the initial introduction to the inn as people "getting shitfaced."
  • Note that some donations come with a suggestion on the direction the game goes, which means that someone out there wanted all the player characters to wake up in bed together. If that's not enough, it leads to this:
    Matt: It becomes obvious that you've all slept in for a bit, because (beat) It's High Noon.
    (all players go nuts)
    • They follow up on it later, with Stinky Jules (Laura) going into very uncomfortable detail about what Reverend Alton (Liam) ended up doing to Sudas (Marisha, who even goes into a victory dance) and Sydney (Travis).
  • The Non-Player Character examples Matt picks for this one-shot are all characters from Deadwood. Eventually, Travis catches on and starts cracking up.

     Shadow of War One-Shot 
  • Sam's description of a stunning strike is amazing.
    Sam: Knowing my medical knowledge that I know so well, I hit him where I know it will hurt the most—the wang!
  • The initial attack is over, and our "heroes" look out for any additional threats:
    Travis: It's real blurry - does anyone here have any good, yknow, eyeballs?
    Laura: I dunno if they're any good, but I got some eyeballs...
    Sam: Some of those aren't eyeballs by the way.
  • It leads into a Brick Joke when the actual quest begins, and Skak (Travis) suggests that Arby (Laura) install two of those eyeballs in the severed human head provided by Moozu (Special Guest Darin De Paul), after which Sam points out that "one's a wolf eyeball and one's an acorn, so I dunno how that's gonna work..."
    Skak: The beast and the land speak through me!...
    Moozu: See, an acorn is really a seed... and you can't spell "seed" without "see".
  • Laura attempts to make owl noises to distract an orc watchman. After a horrendous performance check, Travis pitches in that he would like to aid her using Minor Illusion in order to make it sound like a two-headed owl.
    Laura: Do I get advantage?
    Matt: Because it's a two-headed owl? ...No.
  • As Moozu tries to stealthily Misty Step behind a guard and rip his throat out, Laura's character yells: "Rip it out quietly!"
  • In one of their rare genius moves, the trolls come across a sleeping uruk mob and opt to use sleeping powder on them to put them deeper in sleep - and then massacre them. It finally comes to an end with Arby splattering the second last one in his sleep, so that his bits land all over the place and one hand ends up on the last sleeping one. Who just takes it and sucks on its thumb like it was his own. Cue even more squick.
    • Why leave one alive? Because the trolls planned to interrogate him, using a harebrained intimidation tactic of booming the same words all together - without really deciding what to say first. At some point Sam reverts to growling all his lines in time with the others.
    Matt: SOMEONE make an intimidation check!
  • It turns out that all the uruks were the troops of Saruman himself the whole time, as indicated by the hand print symbols they wear. Arby gets the idea to put handprints on themselves to infiltrate Isengard - by slapping Mozuu in the face.
  • When the next battle starts, the uruk hostage escapes in the chaos, but Ur-Eden (Sam) catches up to him and manages to talk him into stopping without incident - and then the other trolls, too far away to hear any of that, elect to kill the hostage. They nail him with a crossbow. Even better, it turns into an In Medias Res moment when Sam and Matt redo their previous lines, only now ending with the hostage Killed Mid-Sentence.

     Thursday by Night (Part 1) 
  • Evil people don't pinkie swear. They use their middle fingers. (Marisha and Laura demonstrate.)
  • Travis smashes open Laura's coffin to find her with her face covered in blood.
    Laura: (immediately) I ate a rat, baby!
    Travis: You ate a rat? It wasn't because I just punched through the floor?
    Laura: No!
    Travis: You could've lied and I wouldn't have known that! Ugh, god.
    Laura: I was really hungry. I'm sorry.
    Travis: Is there any left?note 
  • Taliesin's DM description takes a turn for the Lemony Narrator early on with the line: "Something is wrong... including the sign on the wall written in blood that says 'Something is wrong'." Travis in particular cracks up at that.
  • After Matt and Marisha both die, Liam begins worrying about what to do the present he bought them for their wedding: tickets to Hamilton. This causes a bunch of the people in the room to stand up and try to attack them over it, shocking Liam.
  • As things get weird, Laura stops even reacting much to some of the bizarre happenings, culminating in her telling Travis that Ivan Van Norman, who has her in a Deadly Game, is "made of electricity now."
    Travis: ... that’s fun.
  • Much like the Conan O'Brien reveal in Liam's one-shot, Taliesin vaguely implies the "Father" everyone's alluding to might be himself as a vampire. It's not. It's vampire Gary Gygax.
  • Matt feeling compelled to look outside and immediately turning to dust? Horrifying and a little funny in its abruptness. Matt having warned them all about sunlight beforehand? Actually Pretty Funny. When it turns out Gary Gygax turned them all into vampires so they could keep doing Critical Role forever, and he's really pissed that Matt is gone? Hilarious.
  • Sam brings Liam a person to snack on.
    Liam: You do love me!

     Thursday by Night (Part 2) 
  • The gang meet an underground society of lizard people living under L.A. One of them is a Critical Role fan. Apparently they get excellent internet service underground.
  • In the Hollywood graveyard, Liam attacks and completely drains some poor guy in a porta-potty. Only afterwards does he look and see that it's Will Friedle. Liam is completely unapologetic. He then stuffs the body into the porta-potty cistern. The group debates whether it's possible for someone to be shoved down the cistern. Taliesin reassures them with a big grin he knows for a fact it is, but not to ask how he knows this.
  • Travis needs to distract the bouncer at a vampire club so Laura can sneak up to the VIP room. He does this by breaking his finger while staring directly at the guy.
    • Sam, claiming he's watched a lot of True Blood, tries to heal Travis' hand by biting it, but bites too hard and bites the finger clean off. Then he tries to smear his own blood on it, which also doesn't work. At that point the bouncer pushes them upstairs because this is too weird for him to deal with.
    • After discovering Travis' blood seems special, Sam sucks on the severed finger. When asked if he gets anything out of it, Taliesin says "just some really, really awful fanart".
    Laura: Stop sucking on my husband's finger!
  • All of the players have an intelligence of four (out of a possible five), except for Sam who has an intelligence of three. Sam does not react well to this revelation. Taliesin tells him to blame his brother, who was the one to decide on their stats.
  • It turns out nearly all the Geek And Sundry showrunners and regulars (that weren't seen in Part 1, anyway) are vampires. The group is surprised by most of the reveals, but everyone agrees Satine Phoenix was obvious in hindsight.
  • They never found Taliesin again in the game. GM Taliesin says his in-game self is currently in a cage because he has "done a bad thing."
    • Later revisited on Talks Machina a couple weeks later: Vamp!Taliesin was in a cage because a) he was responsible for a lot of the mess that was once the LDN offices, and b) he went on a killing spree as soon as he got out. (The only reason they didn't just kill him was because they needed information on what all had gone wrong)

     Once Upon A Fairytale Cruise 
  • Sam messes up the opening monologue
    Sam: Once upon a cruise, somewhere in the seven seas, a peaceful three-masted ship sways towards...fuck.
  • When they unveil the character art, Goldilocks is the only one Flipping the Bird for some reason. Also she's got brunette roots growing out.
  • Amy Vorpahl's Queen of Hearts is a laugh a minute. Oh, and she's a Barbarian.
  • Yuri Lowenthal's (Mad) Hatter attacks the chocolate bar when his first target dies.
  • Noelle Stevenson makes the evening's best pun by saying that her Peter Pan is "Pan"-sexual.
  • The Scarecrow sees Hansel's head get blown off, so he immediately tries a pickup line on Gretel.

     Kobolds and Catacombs 
  • Matt's opening narration often reminds the players about their mismatched armor, Rainbow Pimp Gear being a fairly infamous trope of World of Warcraft itself.
  • Everyone's accents are fantastic - special props to Liam's (who also voiced a few Draenei in World of Warcraft), which he doesn't drop even when completely out of character until after the break (when he accidentally switches to Vax's voice).
  • Laura's character is a big fan of Jaina Proudmoore (who, in World of Warcraft, is voiced by...)
  • Travis's character being all vain and narcissistic.
  • Liam's character hero-worships Leeroy Jenkins.
    • Liam's character then gets a sword that is Leeroy Jenkins incarnate. Naturally, said sword is the death of him.
  • Matt gives the kobolds a Gollum voice.
  • The resident Night Elf (Special Guest Jennifer Hale) makes the assumption that "kobold" is taken from Reporting Names and potentially like the N-word to actual kobolds:
    Aerwin: How many people are with the king?
    Kobold: People? No people...
    Aerwin: Sorry, how many more of your kind are with the king?
    Kobold: King is not very kind either, but is good king!
  • Stoned troggs who had way too many mushrooms (probably from the black market mushroom salesman kobold in a trenchcoat). The team easily manipulates and confuses their way through the encounter, Liam (who plays a space alien) topping it off:
    Quazi (Liam): Good news, my brothers. We come from both the future and the past... (aside to the party) I have been this fucked up before.
  • Matt briefly forgets the kobold suffering Draenei torture, and it looks like he was faking injury the whole time... (They don't bother to roll with it.)
  • Dance emotes against the Magma Rager(fire elemental armor thing).
  • Matt's descriptions of the failed stealth rolls against the dragon. Laura's character gained a burnt bun, Travis's armor was clanky, and Jennifer rolled a Natural 1.
  • Taliesin's various reactions to his poor dice rolls, mostly ending in asking for the Golden Snitch back (Matt says no).

     Crash Pandas 
  • Sam gives a disclaimer at the beginning of the episode: he doesn't know anything about cars. Or tires. Or racing. This first comes up when Sam describes Travis' character prying open a car's Back-Hood.
  • When the raccoons are tossing car parts out of a pit in the junkyard to steal, Sam represents this by putting a paper bag (with a raccoon face drawn on it) and monster paws on Matt and requiring him to blindly catch ping-pong balls thrown at him by the rest of the cast. He gets a few solid whacks to the head.
  • Izzie throws her broomstick like a spear out the back of their ice cream truck at the exterminator's van behind them and rolls so well that she kills the driver, somehow causing the van to explode shortly after.
  • The raccoons' vehicle gets a bonus in the end by setting up a sail and using the wind for a speed boost. This entails Sam setting a 1 minute timer and requiring everyone to gather around and blow the car across the finish line.

     Critical Role and the Club of Misfits (Laura's One-Shot) 
  • The entire premise of the campaign is a Writing Around Trademarks for a setting that is basically Harry Potter, to the point where Laura has to find ways around calling them by their original name in the heat of the moment, such as "Defense Against the Dark Farts" and "Care of Magical Screatures". This in addition to it being a thinly disguised Whole Plot Reference to The Breakfast Club.
    • Because of the two lengthy combat sessions and various small comedy bits, the cast get zero meaningful interactions between their characters. When they realize they need to wrap up the game with some sort of "heartwarming" resolution (as in the original film), they all half-assedly pour out their basic motivations to each other, sending everyone into hysterics. Note that Sam doesn't remember much about The Breakfast Club.
    Claire: Oh, by the way, I'm a virgin. I read that on Wikipedia.
    • Brian's ending narration. All of it.
  • Travis' character, named Bunder, decides to argue with the classes teacher shortly into the episode, resulting in her threatening him for a full semester's worth of detention, because he kept arguing against her, resulting in a Serial Escalation of how long he will be in detention.
  • Laura introduces a house-elf named Beetle, who requests the players' help. Unfortunately, Laura ambushes herself with her own phrasing.
    Beetle: Beetle needs help down belo-
    Laura, breaking character: That sounds really dirty...

     The Night Before Critmas 
  • On a failed roll at making toys, Liam rules that Matt's elf made a Caleb figure but forgot the "crippling guilt", without which it just isn't Caleb.
  • Sam is about to play reindeer-whisperer to Blitzen at a pivotal point - which veers into Mood Whiplash when Liam somehow misreads "Blitzen's snout" into "Blitzen's nut", leading to a ton of jokes from the guys, like Travis imagining a huge Newton's Cradle with just two bearings, Sam miming bopping the speedbag...
  • Why has the North Pole never been discovered? Matt's elf has killed every human that gets close. 634 people to be exact (and three elves for unrelated reasons).
    Chutney: I always thought the December red snows were a natural phenomenon!
  • The elves discover a grove of trees with doors leading to other holiday worlds, leading to Travis joking that the one with the green leaf (actually St Patrick's Day) goes to 4/20-ville.
  • Chutney (Travis) distributes "field rations", as in actual candy canes he brought for everyone - and Ashley can be briefly seen bopping one like it was a pack of cigs.
    • Taliesin sharpening a candy cane to a point.
  • Matt's elf explaining that there are three lists: the nice list, the naughty list, and the naughty list.
    Bundlestein: Be honest with us. Is the naughty list a hit list?
    Klaus: Well there's the nice list, there's the naughty list and there's the naughty list.
    Nutmeg: So there's two naughty lists? How do you know which is which?
    Bundlestein: What if you make a mistake?
    Klaus: That's only happened twice. There are precautions in place now.
    Nutmeg: Mistakes were made...
  • After Ellory (Julie Nathanson) executes a spiritual attack by just putting a real fruit cake on the board, Cranberry (Marisha) executes his own spirit attack - in the form of the head of a brawny man "with his rolls of paper towels".
    Matt: (singing) It's the quilted, quicker fuck-you-upper...
  • Matt proceeds to take 5 attacks on one turn - Marisha immediately questions why no-one in the group plays a Fighter in their regular campaign.
    • Similarly, Taliesin takes his first round of combat and immediately realizes how good Rogues are. He now regrets never having played one.
  • The oneshot nearly goes Off the Rails at the end when Travis' character, Chutney, pulls a Mistreatment-Induced Betrayal and stabs Santa in the chest with his chisel! Everyone at the table can barely contain their laughter.
    Chutney: He told me... to make Voltron... out of wood. No one wanted it!
    • And then, moments later, Travis realises that someone will tell his son about it.
    • Made even worse as Matt had just conducted military field-style first aid on Santa by stuffing marshmallows in his wounds to stop the bleeding. At least Santa survives it...
  • In the spirit of Christmas, all the players spin the ending into a framing device, like they were retelling it to their children the whole time.
    And remember, Chutney will come after you if you don't have at least one wooden toy!

     Tails of Equestria 
  • In general, everyone's attempts at horse puns.
  • Roger Craig Smith plays Whirlypoo... a name that probably sounded better in his head. He usually insists others call him "Whirly".
  • Liam O'Brien plays Tomeytime, who's something of a ponified Caleb... except Liam is quick to clarify that he didn't kill his parents. He's obsessed with self-help books, and step one he learned: "keep your parents alive".
  • Ashley runs with her character's Honesty element by frankly telling Captain Summer Harvest that yes, everypony in the castle does find her terrifying.
  • After Peaches fails at moving some clouds, Countess Pi tries to use her magic to do the same... and rolls a 1. So in instead of clearing the clouds away, she somehow makes it start snowing.
  • "Whirly" gets barfed on by a bear due to a failed plan by Trixie and Tomey. After the others deal with the problem, he interjects.
    Whirly: I'm covered in vomit.
  • Whirly's Suspiciously Specific Denial regarding starting an Earth Pony uprising in Zirconia.

     Call of Cthulhu: Shadow of the Crystal Palace 
  • The setting is the 1890s, and all the players are upper-class hobnobs attending a cat convention - and Travis is the one guy who didn't plan that part out well enough.
    Travis: Mine is Ahchoo... I found it outside... with a little bit of cheese.
    Phil: You're not really a cat person, are you Captain?
    Travis: What gave it away?
  • At the beginning of the oneshot we are given a very dull and slow speech by the organiser about news of this Cat tournament. It's eventually cut short when all the characters decide to leave.
  • Worth noting at this point is that all six player characters are roughly modelled on the Cluedo characters - Travis and Special Guest Phil LaMarr are clearly Colonel Mustard and Professor Plum, and instead of Reverend Green, Liam is a "spiritual consultant", with his Vax accent tacked on for flavor:
    Travis: Out of curiosity, Mr Septimus, what will these "spirits" do...
    Erika: What have they done to you? Have they hurt you?
    Liam: They have never hurt me... if one is open and willing. (beat) They wish to talk, in their way. (another beat)
    Erika: Consider your words heeded, sir.
    Ashly: Oookay, lights or not?
    • And later on the English accent suddenly turns Irish when he's revealed as a Phony Psychic.
  • They finally get the lights to work (electricity being a very recent innovation at the time), and Travis is the first to bring up how the cats in the cat convention will react.
    Taliesin: Yknow, there's enough white noise from the fountains that the cats don't go 'what the fuck has happened'; also being cats, if you just turned on the lights I think they all did this in unison. (Eye Roll)
  • It should be noted at this point that the players get an incredible number of physical props to play with, from working ones like electric "gas lamps" to completely mundane ones, like a copper key:
    Ashly: Does anyone with... more knowlege of this kind of thing know what this is?
    Travis: It goes in a lock.
    Ashly: Thank you, does anyone have any more insight than that?
    Liam: Thanks, Grog.
  • Septimus payed off the judges so his cat would win.
    Septimus: Why do you think I took that bet?
  • All the other players having great fun over the thick sexual tension between Cpt. Badger and Hanako.
    Phil: If you're looking for a heat source...! (points his thumbs at Travis and Erika)
    • Phil's incredible facial expression when Hana thanks Badger for his "discretion".
  • Taliesin reacting to Liam putting the red jewel stone on his eye like a monocle. "I've been waiting to say this my entire life: you're just an asshole with a ruby on his eye."
  • Everyone's reaction when Ida Coswell is dragged into the shadows. Marisha and Erika's combined Jaw Drop are a work of art.

     Feast of Legends 
  • The setting, Freshtovia, leans hard into the ridiculousness inherent in a fast food inspired campaign, and Sam Riegel leans into the ridiculousness by adding things which aren't already there, and most of the cast (minus Matt) leans into Sam's ridiculousness, so the whole thing is basically a CMoF.
    Sam: How do you want to chew this? (Matt just slumps into a double Face Palm while everyone else melts down)
  • The sheer amount of fast food puns the players manage to slip into their dialogue, which nearly breaks Sam by the end of it all.
  • Special Guest Ify Nwadiwe is having way too much fun as the Macho Camp Hogg Wyld.
    • When our heroes bid farewell to their families, Hogg's words to his children aren't nearly as encouraging as they really should be, even ending with telling them that a neighbour of theirs will be their legal guardian if anything happens to him. Next up is Snaxx (Liam), who has instead five siblings since they're all based on chicken nuggets:
    Snaxx: If anything happens to Hogg, I want you to look after his children, they're kinda messed up...
    • Ify rolls a crap intelligence check of 1, because he's too busy staring at his own chest. Sam curiously asks if he can Pec Flex. He can.
    Liam: I roll a 6 because I'm too busy staring at his chest... (as Snaxx) What were we doing again?
    Tweezle: Look at that, it's like a choppy shoreline... it's mesmerising...
    • While Tweezle is a Friend to All Living Things who can calm two spooked horses, Hogg buys a pet snake that immediately tries to kill him.
  • After trekking through the fast-food-based environment, our heroes reach a fast-food Mordor of sorts with the trees tainted by underground chilli veins, and Marisha dubs it "Char-nobyl". And immediately regrets it.

     Un Deadwood 
Part I: Stay Close, Reverend
Despite deliberately going for a Darker and Edgier approach, it doesn't take very long for the zaniness to kick in.

  • Al Swearengen's commentary on the Rag Tag Bunch Of Misfits as they introduce themselves is rather amusing, but his talk to Aloysius Fogg is a stand out. Khary Payton nearly chokes on his drink after hearing it.
    Fogg: My mother named me Aloysius.
    Swearengen: A sin I hope you’ve forgiven her for.
  • It's a meta-humor moment, but Matt was seated near an A/C vent that made his hair move as though he were constantly in a dramatic breeze. Viewers just assumed this was intentional.
    • Travis is wearing a makeup scar intended to foreshadow his Dark and Troubled Past. Not so intended, his real tattoos peeking out from his sleeves.
  • Shortly after the meeting with Swearingen, Miriam tells Arabella she is sorry for her being forced into marriage, but asserts their own power as women. Aloysius immediately dissuades the audience of this being a Feminist Fantasy without missing a beat.
    Fogg: Ain't that the damn truth. It's a shame. I'm sorry about that. Dan, you said there were women available?
  • After being employed by Swearengen, our party is offered their choice of all the whores of The Gem, and Aloysius picks one... and two more volunteer. All while Reverend Mason is practically clutching his crucifix for support,
    Aloysius: I love this town!... Reverend, I got three of 'em in here, are you sure...?
    Reverend Mason: No, I have my own three... the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.
    (everyone loses it)
  • Travis' Oh, Crap! look when Marisha asks if she knows where they are in the moon cycle, his mind clearly jumping to werewolves.
  • Realising that the snake-like creatures are frightened of fire, Fogg suggests to the Reverend that he quote some "Bible shit" at them.
    Reverend Mason: The Lord is my Shepherd; I shall not want-
    Miriam: Talk about fire!
    Reverend Mason: For He burns fuckin' serpents with fire!
  • Matt Mercer is known to get a little exasperated with people who want him to repeatedly spout McCree's catchphrase out of context, but Brian gets an I Always Wanted to Say That moment when Marisha asks about the lunar position when they wake up:
    Brian: It's HIGH MOON!
    (Everyone at the table cracks up laughing except for Matt, who struggles mightily to keep a straight face.)
    Brian: I knew I got one.

Part II: God Don't Play Cards
At this point it's safe to assume that the trademark CR zaniness isn't going anywhere, and just move on:

Part III: I Got My Wish
It's Black Comedy out the wazoo (literally!) as a NPC death forms the central plotline this week.

    Cinderbrush: A Monsterhearts One-Shot 
  • Right off the bat, Taliesin's outfit, which can best be described as "vampire Boy George".
  • Just the fact that the Running Gag of using Sending in the main campaign has been unofficially turned into texting.
    • When a group text is sent to specific characters, Matt shows all of them what it looks like, using an old-fashioned overhead projector like you'd find in an actual school (when Matt was in school, anyway). This doesn't prepare the guys for Matt reading it out in Valley Girl mode.
    • Naturally, the projector later breaks down.
  • AF (Ally Beardsley), real name Abigail Flowers, has been trying to shake off that name for a while. They overreact in a huge way when the teacher taking rollcall calls them by that name, by which we mean they physically throw something at Matt. Their excuse is they saw a bird, which Jamie immediately backs up for seemingly no reason than compulsive lying.
  • The zaniness finally kicks in when the Jerk Jock attacked by AF finds them and stomps up to them... and then takes a surprisingly civil approach to resolving conflict.
    AF: Yeah, well, you seem pretty big and pretty intimidating, and... I just wanted to show that, so am I.
    Jason: Well I feel that there are more constructive ways than y'know, just decking someone... (all players meltdown)
  • AF "T-1000 sprinting" away after asking if Sasha is single.
  • Everything about Amanda, the adorable horse girl NPC, who AF makes wear fake glasses to help trick their parents into thinking they have a huge project worth 90% of their grade due.
  • Cameron (Ashley) is supposed to lend an ascot to AF, and ends up just grabbing a napkin off his dinner table.
    AF: Oh cool, it comes with this wooden ring thing... (puts it on)
  • The Running Gag of Sasha turning on absolutely everybody.
  • Matt asks Ashley how long Cameron spends kissing Sasha outside the warehouse.
    Ashley: I do not know time in this moment!
  • AF's LSD-induced ramblings, and Jamie's attempt to put up with them, which of course, ends up with them making out.
  • Jamie hexes one of the cloaked figures who kidnap Amanda.
    Taliesin: What's the technical term for hallucinating insects crawling all over you, crawling inside of you and unable to scratch them off?Note 
    Matt: Weirdly, don't have that information!
  • Sasha, flirting with a police officer, ends up making plans to redesign the local PD's social media strategy.

     DOOM Eternal One-Shot 
  • Laura Bailey is the big, slow, not-too-bright Mancubus. Whose name is... Mancubus.
  • Sam Riegel's Archvile has a moment where he asks the Hell Priest if he can take a selfie before they go and do his bidding, and rolls a 20.
    Hell Priest: Only if you have the right filter.
  • Anjali Bhimani's Pain Elemental takes the name of a horrible mortal she once heard of... Phyllis. She uses the souls of dead celebrities, such as Johnny Cash and Shakira.
    Phyllis: [with her shrill, raspy demon voice] Her hips don't lie!
    • It should be noted: Phyllis does not actually know what a celebrity is at first. She just liked Cash's Ring of Fire song and Shakira's hips and happened to take their souls for it. A few good rolls later, though, she decides her celeb souls are "lucky" and demands any "celebrity" move to the front of the soul sheild because of it.
    • Also at her disposal is Summon Magic, but summoning other demons has an unexpected drawback:
    Phyllis: ...Esther?!
  • Jasmine Bhullar not only plays a Revenant, but also carries a kazoo so she can "DOOT DOOT" for emphasis.
  • They hit an unforeseen snag when the lovingly painted demon figures turn out to be too big to act as minifigs. Matt eventually settles for using just the Pain Elemental, ironically the slowest moving one, to represent them moving as a squad.
  • "How do you want to rip and tear this?"
  • Whenever an audio recording is played with one of the Critical Role cast's voices, Sam and Laura completely lose it.
  • After taking another scientist hostage, Jasmine mentions as part of her interrogation, "I breathe in her face... and I had tuna salad for lunch."
    Taliesin: [to Anjali] It is Hell.
    [Taliesin and Anjali crack up in silent laughter]
  • The first half of the session ends with the arrival of The Doomslayer himself, sparking a Mass "Oh, Crap!" from the demons... Except Riva, who has a bit of a different opinion of the Hell Walker.
    Riva: Oh my god, it's Doom-senpai!
    Ichibod: (after the Slayer levels his Chaingun at them) GET US OUT OF THIS ROOM!
    Riva: Step on me!~
  • After the break, faced with the goddamn Doomslayer, the party rolls initiative... and their highest roll is Mancubus with a 10. Given the Slayer rolled a 19, the party's immediate reaction to his high rolls contrasting their pathetic ones is well justified. Making matters worse is that two of the party's strongest units, Taliesin's Marauder and Sam's Archvile get 4 and 0 respectively.
  • Faced with the Doomslayer, they drop a smoke bomb and flee expeditiously. Except poor extremely slow and lacking any special movement abilities Phyllis. All she can do is putter along 20ft each turn and top up her soul shield. The hilarity comes with the in character panicking, and because of some lucky rolls she actually manages to survive a long while as his only visible target.
  • Mancubus tries to help by summoning a Hell Hound... only for the Doomslayer to get a Nat 20 chainsaw attack on it that results in a "Glory Kill", which heals him and recovers his ammo. Oops.
  • Matt's response to Jasmine's Revenant trying to move stealthily: "It's gonna be hard to stealth with rocket boosters. Just saying."
  • As the group decides to split the party when the Doom Slayer arrives, Sam's Archvile is absent from most of the fighting. It takes several rounds for him to get back to the group, during which time the Mancubus and Revenant both die. But Sam's character doesn't know that, so he milks the Black Comedy by yelling that he's coming to save them.
  • Sam doesn't let being hunted by a demon slayer stop his pedantic callouts (also a Call-Back to an identical joke during the Call of Cthulhu game):
    Matt: Samuel Hayden, is gonna go ahead and make a dexterity saving throw...
    Sam: Please, Matthew, Doctor Samuel Hayden.
    Matt: Sorry.
    Sam: He didn't go to fake medical school for you to-
    Matt: You're right, Sam. You're right.
    [everyone laughs]
    Hayden: I just want you to know, I'm a doctor of... well, why would I ever tell you that?
  • Sam is the last to fall...and Matt allowed the Archvile to take a selfie of his own demise.
  • Darin De Paul's trash talk as Dr. Samuel Hayden is absolutely brutal, and he declares the one-shot canon.
  • Who finishes off Hayden, completing the demons' mission? A really hot floor.

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